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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.   Let’s talk about what is going on.  We find ourselves in a very interesting place right now especially with the Labor Day holiday coming up this Monday, September 3rd.  The 1st is going to be Saturday and we are hearing we supposed to wrap this thing up at the end of the month which is tomorrow.

It is still quite possible that will happen.  It is possible.  Whether we get notified or not to get started, we may end up starting exchanges and redemptions start on Tuesday, but there is an off chance, possibility that we could get started over the weekend.

​I just want to give you that up front of what I heard.

​Bruce:  Now what is going on in Iraq is very cool.  There are several pieces to this.  The first part is there is a super freighter I believe from China that at least 24 hours ago was 8 miles from the port off of Iraq.  There are only two ports in Iraq that could take this super freighter. 
It is that big, huge.  It is full of goods from China pact full, and it is waiting to be delivered to Iraq tomorrow at midnight Iraqi time.  They are waiting for the Bill of Lading would be utilize in conjunction of payment coming from newly revalued new Iraqi dinar at midnight tomorrow night Iraqi time on Friday night.  That is pretty big that a whole huge super freighter is packed full of goods from China is about to make port and disembark and off loaded maybe starting at midnight tomorrow night.  It is cool they are using new Iraqi dinar at the revalued rate to pay for this freight coming from China.

Bruce:  What I find to be very interesting about this is that there is also a super tanker maybe two that are coming from Iraq full of 100,000 barrels of Arman oil and another one with 200,000 barrels that might be on 3 separate tankers coming from Basra full of oil.  That is on its way to China and it is to be delivered on Sunday in China.  The form of payment is to be made in Chinese Petro Yuan. It is interesting that China and Iraq have a deal going on almost simultaneously.  One freighter full of goods from China, and Iraq sending oil for China.  I think that is a cool deal using the Chinese Petro Yuan which is gold backed for payment for this Iraqi oil happening in a couple of days of each other. That is very cool.  That is part of what is happening.

Bruce:  The other thing we are hearing that the new Qi cards have been issued throughout the citizens of Iraq.  Those will be activated on Tuesday. They will be available to be utilized and paid the oil revenues that are paid to the citizens, a certain percentage.  They have that set up I believe those payments will be available after those cards are activated which will be September 5th, Wednesday.  I just heard first hand that was the timing that we were getting from the people we know that are Iraqi citizens.  It is happening.  It is really going on.  There is a lot happening with their Qi cards. What is amazing is the amount that will be on their cards.  It is substantial. You realize that Iraq has in their budget approximately 10% of their budget is to be paid out to their citizens which is wild.  That is something that is cool and surprising.  I am sure the citizens will enjoy that.

Bruce:  From Iraq’s point of view, I know that we have conversations that will be going on from the United States at the highest level and our Secretary of State and Representatives from Iraq working out final negotiations, talks on the final deal of the Iraqi dinar to the world.  We have that going on and I think that is a major deal and very important for us to have that under way.

Bruce:  Trade deals we had the one with Mexico that was pretty much put together on Monday. We had good word yesterday about Canada making progress and working very closely with our trading government on putting that deal together.  Supposedly they worked through the night last night and I believe they did. I believe they are making progress and they have until tomorrow in principle to be part of that agreement.  Instead of making it a bilateral agreement, they can make it a trilateral agreement with Mexico, Canada, and the US being partners in that agreement.  I am looking forward to that.  I am looking forward to possible news of that tomorrow, and that agreement would go to Congress for 90 days to be tossed around and hopefully approved and watched and not modified too much before it becomes law. That is something that is happening that is very positive.
Brue:  Also, I am getting a feeling that once this GCR with the RV of these currencies gets underway and it could go by the weekend.  If that happens I think it will make China happy and therefore China will come right back to the table to work on trade agreements with the United States. Also I would just think it would be a very positive thing to occur because it could also contain something where China could really begin to help North Korea and that whole denuclearization scenario that we need a little bit of help from the Chinese. It is 95% to 96% of goods that Korea receive they do get from China.  It would be good to get China back to the bargaining table to work thru some of these issues and get with North Korea to work on those things as well.  I think that would be wonderful... I think the tipping point for me looking at all this would be the RV moving forward, us getting started.

Bruce:  We know some of the Tier 3s were not through yesterday on being paid.  We know there are some other people maybe some of the Chinese elders that have not been fully compensated, made liquid.  I think they will be looking at that. I am hearing that is done whether we have to wait for that to occur before we get notified, I am not sure. I have heard it both ways.  I am going to say this is the time for everybody to pray this in, the possibility of going through the weekend. Maybe not having to wait until Tuesday.

Bruce:  We are right down to the wire.  There is a new and final agreement that is in place that we are hearing from various Treasury sources and I believe there is an actual schedule.  Maybe the schedule will change, add certain aspects to it, make certain adjustments, all of that is fine, but I believe they haven’t and we been told all is ready and we could get started immediately.  We could.  Let’s see what occurs and pray this in.

Bruce:  I want to thank the Big Call team Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob for the number of hours of volunteer time and love we have had for the community at large.  I appreciate the willingness to do this call for 6.5 years. Thank you Big Call Universe for the last 6.5 years for listening to this call. I do appreciate the fact you have been faithful and continue being faithful. We should have a great weekend.  I think we will have a positive time for it, and I am excited for it. Thank you Big Call Universe for being an important part of this adventure. Just stay in touch with us and we will let you know by email what the plans are going forward. You know we have big plans for Rebuild America and also helping our veterans through the Veterans Retreat Network, and we have also plenty of other things and projects that we will get into. Enjoy this.  Take some time and do a little of forest bathing or nature bathing.  Get out. Meditate and enjoy the time that is coming this weekend for us. Everybody have a great night tonight.


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