Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"UNSC lifted Sanctions and released frozen Iraqi assets", 3 JULY

Article: “Iraq officially exits from list of countries subject to monitoring and follow-up by FATF” More shackles came off.. UNSC lifted Sanctions and released frozen Iraqi assets, HM Treasury released frozen assets. No more OFAC list and now this from the FATF.. Fairly sure with Alak getting the Banking Award for 2018 shows that everything is in place to finish up the reforms.. imo. Now it seems to me that Commercial Banks can do business inside and outside of Iraq. They don’t say which ones, but, imo that would be BIG BANKS Globally too
Quote: “This trend will be positively reflected on Iraq by facilitating foreign remittances, which will be carried out without international supervision or the US Federal Reserve, so that remittances will arrive more quickly and facilitate the process of trade with the countries of the world,” …That “Iraqi traders will feel the usefulness of this decision as well as commercial banks clearly during the coming period.”

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