Monday, July 16, 2018


Skipper2:  Hard to tell if rioters are local people tired of poor living conditions, lack of jobs, economic hardship... or if some were imported from Iran to create unrest within Iraq’s borders - so media can have a field Day destabilizing from within (let’s call it the Crimea M.O that Russia Used before outright seizure of another valued country)

Fullsail:  Squeeky wheels get the grease... maybe the upset citizen's behavior can help Expedite the completion of their long awaited and expected (per their own gov through their tv & public communication methods) publicly acknowledged international revaluation of their currency.... we continue to be hopeful for the sake of the Iraqi citizens and ours. Many are hurting and are in need, we can provide that help on a much larger scale once healthy resources become available....

Dedar:   All I know is that it will pop out one day and surprise us ….in the meantime there is nothing we can do to make it happen…. I honestly don't think it will be much longer when you look at the facts of everything that has already happened.
I think it has to do with worldwide politics and the right time to release it.


Tishwash:  The return of Internet networks in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / A local source said on Sunday that Internet networks in the capital Baghdad have returned to work after a break for more than a day. The source told "Iraq Eye News" that "the Internet has returned to work in the capital Baghdad after a break for more than a day." Finished  link

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