Saturday, June 30, 2018


Cutebwoy:  GM room Iraq manual election recount to begin Tuesday ,now stated on Iraqi tv

Briona:  There is no excuse for Iraq to wait until next week to start the recount, this should have been done by now. Secondly, why wait until the Parliament is fully seated, they are usually out of session for lack of Quorum or a holiday of some kind. They work and govern like Sloths, with no sense of urgency. Let's hope the CBI acts independently, and gets it done now.

Debritt:  Briona I agree they should have started the counting already. But maybe they wanted the corrupt Parliament out first.

AL:  All preparations and laws have been passed and put in motion for economic reform. Plus the CBI has the authority to move on its own to increase the exchange rate. Let’s not get to upset until we get more info.

Yada:  AGreed AL, the vacuum is the time between governments. And now the maliki types are out of power. And yes, the cbi’s condtion Of stability is being achieved….Release is in the air. Get ready folks

Skipper2:  If the CBI wanted to make the RV a non-partisan event = they could release it when there is no active Parliment, no active Prime Minister... (just a random thought)
Ffismitty:  Like a wise man always says lisen to what they say but watch what they do

Mangelo:  at 4 pm central time it will midnight in Iraq...... anything should happen after that of before then....

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