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GreatlyBlessed:   Iraq's broad banking participation at the 2018 Arab International Banking Summit in Paris

Economy News Baghdad

The Iraqi government and private banking sector will participate in a high-level delegation at the 2018 Arab International Banking Summit to be held in the French capital Paris for the period from 28 to 29 June.

Among the participants at the summit were the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Aalak, the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Al-Hanalal, as well as a number of government officials and bankers from the public and private sectors.

The broad participation of Iraq in the summit mentioned the keenness to strengthen cooperation between Iraqi banks with foreign correspondent banks, and open channels of direct communication with them in order to allow the Iraqi banking sector to move towards global prospects.
The International Arab Banking Summit, held under the patronage of French President Emmanuel Makron, is attended by ministers and governors of central banks in Arab and foreign countries, as well as banking leaders and decision-makers representing the public and private sectors from around the world.
The summit, in accordance with the Union of Arab Banks, addresses a number of issues of interest to Arab and international banking and economy, particularly the evaluation of Arab-Mediterranean banking relations and the formulation of joint public-private initiatives to strengthen these relations.
The Summit also examines the potential for investment in human capital by educating future generations on the need to build mutual economic relations, as well as the impact of global industrial and economic activities on the world's climate change problem, which is putting increasing pressure on the health of all mankind.
The Summit is expected to focus on security as one of the most influential factors in the progress of cross-border cooperation, as well as ways to address wars, extremism, terrorism and solutions to the refugee and humanitarian crisis.
The agenda of the summit includes discussion sessions for participants focusing on Mediterranean banking relations, regional security, education and the environment, as well as areas of fruitful cooperation to enhance the financing of medium and large companies, including companies operating in the gas, oil and water sectors.
The summit will also discuss the strategies of Arab-European cooperation to enhance banking relations, bilateral trade and investment relations, develop a global regulatory framework for correspondent banking relations, and finance medium and large enterprises through public and private sector financing mechanisms.
The annual summit meetings discuss working papers prepared by senior government officials, bankers and experts from the financial and economic sectors in the Arab region and around the world, as well as in-depth discussions conducted by senior bankers and businessmen.
On the sidelines of the summit will be an exhibition of products of sponsoring institutions and companies


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