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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. When you get down to where we are in this thing, we are like coasting in. It is almost like our fuel is gone and we are coasting in on fumes. We are coasting in.

What we are seeing now with many of our sources which we have 15 or 20 main sources that feed information from time to time. What we are primarily getting is a lot of crickets, a lot of quiet from people we normally hear from.

Some people are under gag orders. Some people are under NDAs. Some people are under just black out and not able to communicate. However, the ones we are talking to and getting to are bringing it very strongly.

Bruce: We have heard since Tuesday call or possibly since Wednesday we had activity starting in the Far East. We had activity moving forward. We had confirmation that a lot of Tier 3s being handled.
Remember a week ago or so I said there were 151,000 Tier 3 people around the world. That is a lot of people. We had about 30,000, a little less than that, here in the United States. There is a ton of people that are being paid out or being made liquid. That is still continuing. That is still going on, but they are reaching sort of a crescendo.

It is true out west and it is also true for the Far East. More and more activity as these are completing. What is interesting is we do not have to wait for the Tier 3s to totally finish before we go. I know I mentioned that on Tuesday. I think the Tier 3s are just about wrapped up. I do believe that.

However, there are some core groups and some other groups that will not see their money until we get our toll free numbers and we get our appointments started. There is some timing to that, but it doesn’t seem fair that they have to wait till we get started. It sounds like our shot gun start. All we can say things are moving along nicely.

Bruce: We have heard that all codes have been released and banks have entered their codes. We are getting word that money is flowing beautifully around the world. People are becoming hydrated.

Some of these large funding sources are being told they are just about ready. There is one particularly that you guys know that they are just about ready to disperse funds. It is like every day or so they get pushed back a day or so later. However they can’t go out until we get started.

People have said Prosperity Packages have gone out. They have not gone out yet, but they will get started once we get started with our toll free numbers.

Bruce: Now let’s go to some of the Redemption Centers situation. Redemption Centers are ready. They are well practiced. They are ready to go. The Exchange Locations the only differential that I can make between those two is the Redemption Center is en exchange location specializing in the Zim. They will take the other currencies as well, but they are keening on the Zim.

Because the value of that currency is so great and we know it is actually a gold back bond, not a currency totally, it is a bond and it is treated like a bond. That what brings it a very high value. The Zim is going to be redeemed whereas the other currencies are being exchanged. There are those two terms: Redemption Center for Zim and Exchange Locations for the other currencies.

Bruce: What we are hearing is that the Redemption Centers have been tested, adjusted around with personnel, and they have been and I am not going to call lock down, sort of gag orders. Some people needed to be told to be completely quiet. That is what they are doing. They are exactly that. They are ready and ready to go.

They have schedules that have taken some of them to be 24/7 schedules for the first week or so. Some of them will have early morning to dusk schedules. They don’t want them open completely thru the night. That is all really good.

I think the evaluation even my our Security of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin. The evaluation of their readiness has been looked into. Are they ready? Are they ready to go? We have heard we have the proverbial green light from the Pentagon. From a security point of view, we are ready to start.

Bruce: There has been people that have put out dates. We heard the 11th. We heard the 13th. I am telling you I have not hearing anything beyond the next couple of days. I try to go too far out when I know that we have information that is pointing to something closer than that.

We heard for example today that early in the afternoon from a very good source that we were within 36 hours of the exchanges being fulfilled, getting started. That was from early this afternoon. That is really good. I feel like the timing on that is very close and really good. It comes from other information from other sources equally strong or stronger.
Bruce: My inclination is to think we are right there and this will take place with the timing working out well possibly before the G7 meeting which starts tomorrow. President Trump will fly out to Quebec. The meetings are in Charlevoix. That is where I understand the G7 meetings are going to be.

I am sure all that is lined up. It is good timing if we do get this before things get too far underway with the G7. That would be very interesting, very cool we have the follow up visit to Singapore. They are all ready there. Security is lined up to get that thing started. That will be Tuesday over there in Singapore. The President will head over there to get that done. He met with Prime Minister Abe today from Japan and that was very positive.

Bruce: There are things that are sort of being last minute signoffs that really are for everybody’s benefit is taking place. We had a situation where we were having some difficulty with Germany, Belgium, and France not being real happy about the tariffs along with Canada, but believe they settled those yesterday morning with Europe and also yesterday afternoon with Canada.

Will there be more meetings as the President is up there in Canada tomorrow? Yes. I really think it is going to all work out for us beautifully. Believe me I think this is cool. The fact China is cool with it. China is like yes, they will they will knock down our trade deficient by $70 Billion by agreeing to receive additional goods from us.

I believe that was from 5 different categories. That is very positive. That knocked down 1/5 of our trade deficient with one swoop that the President put together. Twenty percent reduction with that $70 Billion dollar deal. That is really good.

Bruce: I understood there was the inception of something called the Gold Trade Certificate, Gold Trade note. It is designed to sort of replace our petro dollar with a gold back note that is going to be used for oil. It started its conception yesterday and tomorrow when it begins to take effect with the petro Yuan and what was the petro dollar will be used for exchange for oil as a gold back instrument. That is new. That is happening.

Bruce: I got word from a friend of mine that HSBC has a recording on their number to let everybody know, their customers know that starting tomorrow they are going to do sort of a major computer upgrade that supposed to go from tomorrow thru the 11th which is Monday, Friday – Monday.

I am not sure it if is tied to what we are looking for in any way, but it sure seems coincidental in terms of a major computer upgrade. It could be sort of to keep some of their regular customer business which is only my opinion. It might be sort of a way to help keep some of that online business off the computers so the bandwidth can handle some of these transactions that we would be involved with in the meantime. It is only a thought that I had, but it is interesting in the timing of it.

Bruce: We did hear that some of the Iraqi citizens had access to their Qi cards, the Visa they got. The rates are slightly higher than we had before. Everything is running along with that as far as we can tell. I did mention a rate a month ago. We are at a rate higher than that now. You guys will be very happy with whatever the rates would say. It is all over the country all being good. You are not going to have to worry about that at all.

Bruce: We covered a lot on Tuesday. I think you guys are prepared as you need to be. Just come in with any projects realize that you have been in this thing for a long time if you have been listening to the Big Call the last 7 years. You are aware of it a lot.

You know it and breeze through the Centers protocols. Everybody will be fine. I want you to let you know you will be able to talk about the rate of return, ROI, for your structure payout should you choose to use one. You can get an interest rate that you can be very happy with. The amount you are starting with especially if you are a Zim holder, is so large it doesn’t take much of an interest rate even 1%, 2%, 3% per year, That interest rate applied to a huge principle like whatever it is you get started which is hard to do with a calculator.

You almost have to do it in your head. The amount is so big even with dividing it up. For example if you had a 4% interest rate per year, that is 1% per quarter. That is 1# of the mother lobe provided you haven’t pulled anything out. That is 1% is 1/100. 1% of that you figure that math out very easily. You better have projects before you try to get a private negotiable rate. You will really use the money for years for at least 20 years. Maybe 100 year for your project. .
Bruce: We are going to need some help. We are going to need some help with schools, clinics, whatever we will be doing. In the rebuild state, we do not have enough builders, plumbers, electricians, crane operators, etc. We do not have it. Our unemployment is so low. The lowest unemployment rate is the lowest in years. It is less than 4%. We talk about full employment is 4.5%. We are at a 3.8 %.

What it is going to be like to hire people for projects that are brand new. We are going to do it. We are going to do the very best we can. We will need some trade schools, kick out some people to help in those various trades. We will need mentors, apprenticeship leaders. A lot of people will be required to do this special thing.

I ask originally for 5000 Big Call listeners to partner with us on the Big Call in 50 states. Some states we can easily make a difference with 100 cities, 100 towns, and 100 communities being rebuilt in the 50 states. I am excited about it. I am excited with Rebuild America and working with our Veterans. We will have some cross reference with those with Rebuild America and helping the Veterans.

Bruce: We are as close as we can be so far without having received the toll free numbers. I am looking forward to them. I will put them out as quickly as I can and we are all set in terms of that.

Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and thank all of you throughout this globe that is listening to the Big Call either live or by replay or by various links on various sites. I know it gets out. I appreciate that. Thank you, Pinkroses very much for your very faithful transcribing of the Big Call and anybody else who is transcribing it also that I am not aware of. Thank you for that.

We appreciate you very much and look forward to everyone essentially walking thru that finish line together, arm and arm, hand and hand. Thank you everybody. Have a good night. Let’s see what the weekend brings us. I am very excited about it and looking forward to it. Good Night Everybody.


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