Sunday, June 24, 2018


[via sunny]  ...During Eid, the CBI went through a campaign of passing out cards.  Cash advancements via E Dinars to the citizens...The citizens are being introduced IMO, to purchasing power – PP.  During that same process they were introduced to International cards and guided to POS (point of sale) for the introduction of LD’s to come once they lift the restrictions on their currency MC’s an Visa’s were passed out during Eid.  Qi cards were distributed for pay and retirement via E Dinars...All of this was done “inside of Iraq,” ...for the citizens because the RI is about the citizens and all of the citizens...will be introduced to a 1:1 PP...  ...Then, there was an article that came out a couple of days ago telling you about the CBI and a “partial convertibility of their currency”  soon to come. But where...is the PCC going to land?  (PPC – Partial Convertibility Currency)   This is your golden spike...

...the PCC is landing outside of the borders of Iraq...While the CBI and her BB’s (baby banks – merchant outlets) were in the process of issuing cards inside of Iraq for the citizens to purchase with, they made these cards to purchase with outside of Iraq too.   IMO, Iraq is nearing a partial convertibility of their currency.  Inside Iraq at 1:1 for the citizens and now outside of Iraq on an International level electronically as well...At low volumes that will be traded on the FOREX ...to test the global markets for the supply and demand need of the IQD.

At the present program rate there is very little interest for the global markets to buy, sell and trade with the Dinar at a penny stock return. But the key is that IMO, the PCC started a while ago and is in a position to receive a rate change that would cause great interest in the global market, because at the program rate, the CBI cannot measure supply and demand for their currency...Outside of Iraq an RV will evolve because inside of Iraq the RI was successful with the citizens.  ...Many tools are now in positions electronically to distribute the LD’s. Notice everything we share is now being targeted to a bullseye – the RI! ...our faces are pressed up against the RI wall, the final phases of the RI roll out!

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