Thursday, June 21, 2018


CBI has had been 100% compliant within the 2% range for 90 days.  Dr. Shabibi said in 2014 the dinar could go at $1.19.   ...CBI needs over $3.+ 20%.  When Obama pulled all the troops out of Iraq, ISIS moved in and that delayed the RV...   

 Looks like we are very, very close!! Banks now linked with merchants through the POS (point of sale).  Next is the release of the small bills (lower denominations).  They are 100% ready to pull the trigger...June looks very solid...  In Iraq, Dinar will be 1 to 1 with USA. 

 Internationally the rate will increase, climb and be capped later in 2018.

Article quote:   "...used outside Iraq and via the internet ..."  [...today's articles on the MC (MasterCard) makes one go (crazy).  Better than a knock out punch!  Everyone should be seeing stars!!!]  CERTAINLY NOT AT A PROGRAM RATE!   GREAT STUFF...


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