Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Column1:  Just Tweeted... The Cabinet held its weekly meeting in Baghdad. The Cabinet discussed energy, housing and financial reforms and agreed measures to accelerate transition to electronic payment of salaries    https://t.co/dcN2PXM1jR

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Indonesia Raises Key Rate for Second Time This Month to 4.7​5% https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-30/indonesia-raises-ke​y-rate-for-second-time-this-month-to-4-75

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iran Is Clamping Down on Online Freedoms https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2018-05-29/as-u-s-pressure​-mounts-iran-clamps-down-on-online-freedoms

Harambe: Reuters: Iran's oil exports fall in May, when U.S. quit nuclear deal: Petro-Logistics https://reut.rs/2Jg8Bxm

Harambe:  AP News: Zimbabwe sets 1st post-Mugabe elections for July 30 https://apnews.com/ce7f327fe060497dbe18e96d5ffd72c8

PrayitForward:  Positive Affirmation Time? I should read these things daily, but just ran across this: "I am powerfully protected and I am Love, Kindness, Healed and Filled with Energy to Accomplish My Dreams. I am making my dreams come true. I am so Grateful, Highest Love and Goodness and Universe as well for having my back!"

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