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TNT Call notes 30-May-2018

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, May 30 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! There has been a lot of chaos in Iraq. They still haven’t announced the official results of the national election, but it still hasn’t happened.

Bank’s dates are the 29-31; some of them got notifications on Friday, and they are upset today because they thought this was finally over, and the public would be in next week. However, nothing is going to happen until the Iraqi vote has been ratified! That was supposed to take five days. Nobody knows what is going on. We still don’t know who got the votes and therefore who has the strongest coalition. I’m not mad at the people who are trying to get the whole election kicked out, because they are fighting for their lives – once this is official, they can be prosecuted, and they will be. Their names are on the list, and they are trying to get their positions (or secondary positions) so that they can maintain their immunity. That is how it is; nobody expected anything different. Iraq is trying to become a democracy when they still have too many crooked politicians who go by their clan rather than their credentials or positions. They are saying that they are only accepting complaints up to tomorrow, so there will not be ratification until after that. Some say we will have the ratification within 48 hours, but I don’t see how when the voting places in Kirkuk are under attack and they haven’t go the ballots down to Baghdad, and they are protesting the results in the Kirkuk region. There has been regional fraud, but not nationally. So far the only part they have discounted is the region of Kirkuk.

The banks are waiting for their timetable. The dinar rate is over $4. Other than that, we wait.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: If there are structured payouts on the Zim, what is a reasonable interest % to expect on monthly or quarterly payouts? Also, any monies left in the bank & compounding for negotiating purposes.
A: As I don’t run the banks and don’t know how much money you have, it depends on what you are holding, and how long you are willing to leave in the bank. Call the banks now and ask them the questions directly. Call up, say you want to deposit X million, and ask how much they will give you as interest.

Q: Can you please tell us what the projections are for the Dong? I know it is currently at .47..
A: It’s been 47 cents for a long time; my sources project twice that rate.

Q: The elections were held May 12th, with I thought, a 90 day period to fill all of the Government positions. Frank just said in the notes posted that their 90 days were up on June 10th. I guess he is referring to something that happened in March…?
A: That refers to the IMF making the dinar rates more stable. The 90 days to make up the government won’t even start until the election is ratified, so we haven’t even started that.

Q: How do the banks and others keep coming up with windows of opportunities of when to expect it when there is only one person in Iraq that knows for sure when he will give the word to do it?
A: I got that window of opportunity back on 1. May, before the election. The banks get one thing, and the dealers get another. They were given the plan based Abadi winning the election, so that it would be ratified and Abadi would be putting his government together by now. None of that went as planned. They are supposed to come up with a new plan after the election has been ratified; then they will come out with a new window.

Q: Any news from the mosques or Iraqi television?
A: Nothing from the mosques, plenty on the television. There is a lot of fraud going on, and quite a bit out about Maliki. One of the newspapers says that one million votes have been cancelled and that displaces 20 seats. It’s all a bunch of confusion, which is how they do business.

Q: Do Iraqi store owners have ATMs in their stores?
A: No, and they are all depressed because of the chaos. Like us, they want to move on.

Tony: Some members have said that they are hearing rate changes over there, but we have not heard anything about that from our sources, apart from minor changes on Forex – we did hear about that.

Live questions

951 caller: Abadi said he would complete the reforms after the election, but the CBI could do it anyway, right?

Tony: The CBI said that they could do it before or after the election, when they were satisfied that Iraq was stable and secure. If they had done it before the election, Abadi would have won and we wouldn’t be in this chaos.

Caller: Do we have to be concerned about the 90 days after ratification?

Tony: That is to put the government together; If Abadi is the PM, they already have a government in place. They want all the people giving money to actually give them the money to rebuild Iraq. They don’t want to have to wait another 90 days to do that! I am told that IF the vote is ratified tomorrow, then we may have a new window by Friday.

904 caller: If Abadi is not the PM, and the US wants him to be, what are the implications?

Tony: They still want it to be Sadr and Abadi; they don’t want it to be someone run by Iran. It don’t think they are going to say “No, you can’t do it as long as Iran is in the picture”. I think it will change the dynamic, but not necessarily the RV. All these companies want to invest in Iraq IF they can feel sure that Iraq is going in the right direction. They are more likely to support Abadi than Maliki, given the latter has stolen millions from the government and let ISIL in just to stay in power. I think the election was fraudulent, because there were all sorts of manipulations and also discouraging people from voting. There was fraud on both sides, I have no doubt. Is it okay to double count to get those bad guys out of power so that then we can prosecute them? Yes, given that the bad guys are corrupt and have been threatened by Maliki and his guards. That’s why there is a voting commission, so that the people can decide who they want, not being political. So now Parliament wants to change the laws for the Integrity Commission!

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509 caller: Are the US delegates still there? [Yes.] Which way are the Kirkuk votes going – towards Abadi or Maliki?

Tony: I don’t think they are leaning either way specifically – the complaints are about fraudulent throughout the region.

Caller: I saw that the rate changed at the CBI… what does that mean?

Tony: If they can have a steady rate, the we don’t need to wait the 90 days. The US banks are upset because they were told it would be today, and here is yet another delay. If the vote had gone like it was supposed to, and the ratification had gone through, then today would have been the day. The timing was thrown off, and again we wait.

631 caller: [blether]

Tony: He could release the RV today, but that doesn’t solve Abadi’s issues around being the PM or the Electoral Commission. I imagine there is already an agreement in the back room, but we won’t know until the vote has been ratified. That could well happen tomorrow, or within a week. From that point, Sadr can say ‘the government is completed’; he said that last Sunday, but he couldn’t announce until the vote is ratified. Maliki is still trying to mess with that. Once it’s ratified, Sadr can say “this is the future”. Meanwhile it is a mess, but this is their first time being a democracy, and they have to sort it out for themselves. Abadi cannot release this in the middle of this squabbling and confusion. This will happen sooner rather than later, and certainly before July. The only thing we’re waiting for is for the voting to be ratified; it will be handled step by step after that.

865/404 caller: After ratification, are you saying that the RV will just happen, without further announcement?

Tony: They have to ratify the votes, and make the formal announcement of the numbers. After that, they will announce the next PM, and everything after that should be smooth.

Caller: Anything on today’s session?

Tony: I will only get intel on that after this call. I will post that if relevant.

Caller: What’s the status on the billboards, lower denominations, and so on?

Tony: We haven’t seen any billboards; there were some around the country during the election process, but those were taken down. We know the banks were educating everyone and explaining what the bank is doing. I imagine they are still doing that, because the Iraqi banks say they need at least another million people to get accounts.

718 caller: I heard a Trust call a few days ago and they don’t expect the RV to happen within 60-90 days.

Tony: I think they’re wrong; I’ve said when I expect to see it. They do not have to wait for the full government to be in place before letting the RV happen.

305 caller: My cousin has currency; she is flat on her back. Her daughter who was going to exchange for her has died. Can I exchange for her with a Power of Attorney?

Tony: I don’t think that would be a problem. Call the bank and ask what you can do.

281 caller: Do you think that Maliki might be backed by the cabal? If so, and if M gets in, then they could hang this up for another four years!

Tony: If Maliki were to get in, he would still release the RV. However, he would take every dime he could take, like he tried to four years ago. He wouldn’t be sharing it with the people, he would take it from more places than he could have before. Last time Maliki was in charge, four billion dollars per month just disappeared. That’s what he would do this time – he’d gladly tell them to back up the truck, but he wouldn’t share with the people, he would do what Iran wants him to do. The US put him in there, not realizing he was working for Iran. Yes, this was scheduled for January, and yes, it is nearly June… but we are nearly there. If they ratify the election and the CBI is changing the rate, then this could be the perfect storm for this to happen. Nobody knows what the CBI article is about that they were supposed to put out yesterday, and now is coming out next week. The CBI is saying that everything needed for the economic reforms has been completed. That’s all I can give you.

678 caller: The dinar contract rate of $28.50 is being paid by China, right? [Yes.] How risky is it to sign an NDA with a communist country?

Tony: The group rate with China involves a contract with the group, and with China. The contract rate at the bank involves a contract with the US Treasury, not with China. IN any case, the NDA is with Homeland Security, not with the bank or with China. The groups are selling their dinar to China, and they will all sign NDA, but the NDA is not with China. Even if it were, it would still be an NDA under US law.

Caller: What tier are we at?

Tony: Tier 1 got paid ten years ago; Tier 2 was paid maybe eight years ago. Tier 3 exchanged for SKRs that are still sitting there. Those groups exchanged at discounted rates, and they are still waiting for actual fluid cash. Tier 4 is the informed internet group, and we will be paid immediately at the full rates. I know for a fact that thousands of people exchanged years ago, and we will exchange as well. I know someone who just got paid last month. It’s about who you know; that’s just a fact of life.

818 caller: Who or what decided that Iraq would be foundation of the RV.

Tony: You’re asking the wrong question. The RV means ‘revaluation’ of the Iraqi currency. The better question is ‘who/what decided the Iraqi RV would be the foundation of the GCR?” The US, Britain, China, and other financial powers set this in motion. The US, UK and a few other countries believed that Iraq would pay for the war in Iraq; they decided to forgive the Iraqi war debt in exchange for dinar, and then to bring up the value of the dinar to compensate the powers for going to war in the first place. Read the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman; every war is about making money. There was a pretext for going to war in Iraq, and every country gets to share in the rebuilding and in the money.

Closing Statement

Tony: All I can tell you is that everything is moving along. We are waiting for them to ratify the election and appoint a PM. We should have a new window by Friday or Monday. The CBI and the banks are doing just what we are doing: saying “let’s go!” and get on with our lives. Most importantly, in the end we win.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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