Thursday, May 24, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 24 2018

Compiled 24 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The following is a compilation of information from the Internet. It is up the reader to decide whether or not it is valid.

A. May 23 2018 TNT Call

1. Iraq: They will announce the final results of elections tomorrow, Thurs. May 24: Sadr will announce the coalition and Abadi as PM.

2. Tiers 1 and 2 were paid years ago. Tier 3 is being funded with SKRs, and they will be hydrated when this goes. We are waiting on tier 4 now.
3. When the RV/GCR happens, it will go everywhere at the same time. It will happen in two minutes around the world, when it actually takes place. This IS happening.

4. We know that Dinar, Dong, Zim, Rupiah and Afghani are in the first basket, and possibly Iranian rials – the latter might not be because of sanctions.

5. A humanitarian plan was never a requirement for the Dinar or Dong Contract Rates, but it is a requirement for contract rates for the Zim.

6. There was a Contract rate for the Dong, and still may be, so ask for it! You can negotiate the rate based on how much you have. The international rate is supposed to be 47 cents, and the Contract rate might be $2? I think both will be higher, in fact.

7. The Contract rate for the Zim was supposedly 11-22 cents, though currently is about 16 cents.

8. Right now is the window I got from the US Treasury about three weeks ago.


B. May 23 2018 12:29 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: Geopolitical GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 23, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. All sources have been told to stay quiet as the Alliance finishes wrapping things up.

2. The Cabal have 3 states in which they operate out of.
Washington D.C. (Military)
London (Financial)
Vatican (Spiritual)

3. Over the years, the Alliance has successfully infiltrated the states and their ranks.

4. Washington D.C. now belongs to the Alliance under Trump. The Deep State/Shadow Government is being exposed.

5. Operations in taking London was nearing completion. The Royal Family's bank accounts have been frozen.

6. The Vatican was being exposed regarding their Satanic rituals and pedophilia.

7. Over 8000 Cabal individuals involved in shadow banking have been taken out/apprehended by Alliance Ghost Operators.

8. The Cabal's world or the "real world" as they like to call it, was collapsing before their very eyes. This is our world, not yours, it never was.

9. The RV release was now underway.


C. May 23 2018 12:04 am EST, The Big Call, Bruce, PinkRoses: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-22-18

One of our contacts with HSBC London said that we were in a very good 24 hour window as of 1:00pm this afternoon EST May 22.


D. May 23 2018 2:45 am EST,: "Standing Straight" -- The Office of POOFness - 5.22.18

1.We are at the very edge with the first transfer coming now. It is not here yet until another couple of days.

2. Before the weekend arrives, so will the funds.


1. 5-22-18 We are told that we are now on Red Alert status on this RV.

2. A friend of a friend exchanged his IQD for $3. They gave him a receipt to exchange in the USA on Tues.

3. Fri. 1:15 am EST reset timer

Sun. 5:15 pm EST revealed

Mon. 9:15 am EST seen in US

Mon. after 2 pm EST when all world banks are aligned, anything goes.

4. Screens are changing to green any moment now! Folks, I see everything green at this hour and time! EXCITED!!!!!! to the utmost. There are only 3 colors folks and yes, it will go green on all bank screens first.

5. I still will maintain my silence since I want all in this investment to finally get their monies.

6. I encourage all intel providers on all sites to do the same until we have the codes in our hands we shall not be saying anything whatsoever and yes, we now await for the phone calls.


F. May 23 2018 9:54 am TNT Bank Story: "Ups and Downs" - Wed. AM TNT Thoughts/News/Bank Story

My son who banks with Regions was at the bank today and was asked about his Dinar and Dong currency. The banker told him he would be paying off his car loan soon: “Just give it a couple of days and I'll be seeing you again.” She then asked if she could list his name and number to have their wealth mgr. call him at the appropriate time and he said "sure"!! He asked her if she had any currency and she got real quiet and said, "Yes, but not until recently because they've been telling us it was a scam until a few weeks ago." He left very happy and she walked him to the door saying, "See ya soon!"


G. May 23 2018 10:16 pm EST, Bonnie B: "Re: Operation Disclosure Intel" by Bonni B - 5.23.18

The world has unleashed a force to be reckoned with. Nothing more scary than poor people with a boat load of money.


H. May 23 2018 10:35 am EST: RV-Workbook Guy: 9-Stage Exchange/Redemption ProcessView Training Video Clip: https://youtu.be/u-Kcf5JbA6s

Looking To Negotiate the Screen Rate? It is well known by many that the Screen Rate, the rate above the International rate, will be available for those who present a Humanitarian & Job Creation Plan and exhibit a level of preparedness to execute their project plans. The tools needed to accomplish the above goal do not have a final exact requirement. However, we do know enough to develop a strategy that will accomplish the objective. The 3 Keys To A Successful Exchange/Redemption are:

1. Presentation Workbook materials
2. Sample Humanitarian & Job Creation Project Proposal
3. Statutory Grantor Revocable Trust established by RV attorneys.


I. May 23 2018 Pedophile Pope Francis Resigning (video):


Cardinal Pell (Australia) major pedophilia and trafficking hundreds of children

Francis announced he may resign.

CIA gun running Bengazi, Syria


J. May 22 2018 11:22 pm EST, (Video) X22 Report: (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1574b: The Countdown Begins, the Hammer is About to Fall

New McCabe emails shows FBI shared info with CNN, the hammer is about to fall. Maduro expels US diplomats. Foreign journalists arrive in North Korea to witness the destruction of the nuclear facilities. Deep State sends Trump and the patriots a message at Trumps golf course. Q drops more bread crumbs and lays out the plan. The countdown has begun. The hammer is being swung at the Deep State.

K. May 22 2018 Deep State Takedown Begins at Vatican (videos), Michael Trimm Before It’s News: Deep State, Illuminati Takedown Begins at the Vatican +Videos

Michael Trimm breaks-down the latest Q-Anon posts and discusses the pedophilia around the world by Bishops and Priests.

1.The crackdown on the “Deep State” and those within, known as the “Illuminati,” are ALL involved with Pedophilia and Child Trafficking in-order to Blackmail politicians and law enforcement while worshipping a dark force being the mainstay of their obsession(s). HRC and Podesta emails found on Weiner’s laptop, revealing a host of pedophilia activity, are about to be released.

2. 34 Bishops in Chile under investigation for child abuse. “We, all the bishops present in Rome, have tendered our resignation to the Holy Father so that he may decide freely for each of us,” the bishops said in a statement after three days of intense meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican.”


3. Where does one begin the takedown? Right at the top…..The Vatican. The Pope and many others are under investigation.

4. Q-Anon NOW COMES THE PAIN! Q-Anon is posting for us to watch for the “Pain” tomorrow the 23rd. Q analysts are saying there will be significant information released tomorrow concerning Trump’s latest order for an investigation against the “Deep State.” Keep your eyes open for a false flag event (23rd) to divert attention.

5. Q-Anon also posted this past week, (basically) watch for the one that complains the loudest, he is the most guilty. (Brennan ???)

6. Note: Friday the 18th was suppose to be the day Trump was to summon Sessions and Rosenstein to the White House, according to Q-Anon, and what happened that day which could have been the main diversion? The Santa Fe school shooting.

7. Q-Anon evaluated in other videos, wants (us) to focus on the Obama Birth Certificate, directing us back to when Ms. Loretta Fuddy (Dept of Health) of whom died in a very strange plane crash in Hawaii, where she was the only passenger that died, while it was being video recorded by very calm passengers. She was about to verify Obama’s real birth certificate. Q-Anon directs us to YouTube videos that show scuba divers coming out of nowhere, 20 minutes before rescue showed-up. “Obama vacationed in Hawaii 10 days later. Had Dr. Fuddy indicated to the wrong people that she would like to “talk” to him about “things” i.e the fraudulent birth certificate she personally signed off on?”


8. It’s interesting that Q-Anon is suggesting that President Trump and the (Military) “Good Hats” do in-fact want to bring-up the Obama Birth Certificate scandal, which we know would cause Obama some very bad karma.


L. May 23 2018 9:38 am EST Hillary, Comey, Lynch Investigation (video): (Video) Republicans Announce Investigation into Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and Others for Crimes


M. May 23 2018 10:02 pm EST: Final Wakeup Call: The Global Power Hierarchy

The 8th layer of the Global Power Heirarchy is formed by the banking cartel controlled by the Knights of Malta, a military order whose members are the top of the Western elite, and must obey given orders. The member list includes enough senior U.S. military officers and agency officials to control the military-industrial complex (MIC). Initial members include George Bush Sr. and Jr., Jeb Bush, Prescott Bush, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, King Juan Carlos of Spain, the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Joe Biden, Tony Blair, Pat Buchanan, James Buckley, William F. Buckley, Jr., Frank Capra, William Casey, Bill Clinton, William Colby, Cardinal Terence Cooke, Kenneth Copeland, Senator John Danforth, Roy E. Disney, Allen Dulles, Archbishop Edward Egan, Rudy Giuliani, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Sir John Gorman CVO, Thomas K. Gorman, J. Peter Grace, Alan Greenspan, William Randolph Hearst, Baron Conrad Hilton, J. Edgar Hoover, Daniel Imperato, Lee Iacocca, Alex Jones, Francis L. Kellogg, Joseph Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy, the late Nelson Mandela, Rupert Murdoch, Oliver North, Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill, Dr Ron Paul, President Ronald E. Reagan, William Westmoreland, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Amschel Mayer von Rothschild, Rick Santorum, Antonin Scalia, Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater), televangelist-pastor Robert Schuller, Frank Sinatra, Cardinal Francis Spellman, Ted Turner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gen. William Westmoreland and President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick.

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