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chattels  " ............ for the first time in many decades there is real hope for Iraq."

chattels  " ............ the optimism about Iraq is not baseless. It is always good to have an optimistic outlook, but there are genuine indicators that the hope about Iraq’s future is realistic."
​chattels     " The first indicator is that regardless of Iraq’s current situation, Iraq had and still has a lot of potential. "

chattels     " The second important indicator is that for the first time, there seems to be a direction the country is moving towards, and it is not downwards."

chattels      " The third important indicator is that Iraq is showing leadership."

 chattels     Government of Iraq

@IraqiGovt    Eligible Iraqi citizens overseas will be able to exercise their democratic right and cast their vote in Iraq’s parliamentary elections at 136 election centers in 19 countries


chattels     The results show a number of key findings:

chattels     Some 60% of people overall support a second term for Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. His popularity is highest in the three liberated provinces of Ninewa, Salahadin and Anbar. Even in the Kurdistan Region, Al-Abadi enjoys support from over 50% of those interviewed.

chattels      The popularity of Haider Al-Abadi’s Victory coalition consistently ranks highest among the competing lists with 24% of the vote share, while there is a close race for second place among Moqtada Al-Sadr’s Sa’iroon coalition and Hadi Al-Ameri’s Conquest alliance.

Meanwhile, Nouri Al-Maliki’s State of Law appears to be far less popular in Baghdad than it was in the 2014 elections, and will likely pick up most of its seats from the southern provinces including Karbala and Basra, where Maliki still retains a strong support base.

chattels     The popular vote as to a favored coalition is decidedly for Abadi's Victory list. Three to one as to Sadr and Ameri and almost 5 to 1 as to Maliki / State of Law.

chattels    Six (6) days remaining until the election.
chattels   Abadi will win, it's just a matter of how many seats. Being PM and forming a government is another issue though Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad


chattels       " Being PM and forming a government is another issue though "

xyz     Iraq closes all its land and air borders for two days


Security sources revealed that Iraq will remove all its land borders with neighboring countries and stop its flights for two days.

"The closure will begin from 12 pm on the night before the elections [ie, Friday] until 12 pm on the night following the elections [next Sunday], all roads and air routes will be closed," the sources said.
​Iraq is preparing to hold parliamentary elections on 12 May, competing with 320 political parties, coalitions and electoral lists distributed as follows: 88 electoral lists, 205 political entities and 27 electoral alliances, through 7367 candidates, less than the candidates of the last 2014 elections, 9 thousand.

24 million citizens are entitled to cast their ballots in the elections out of 37 million.

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xyz     The IMF expects non-oil GDP to grow in Iraq's economy


WhitelionsUnion of Arab Chambers: Iraq fertile ground for investment and economic growth


The President of the Federation of Arab Chambers, Iraq is fertile ground for investment and economic growth, adding that Iraq needs to promote investment in human potential.

The head of the Federation of Arab Chambers, Al Ain Nael Raja Kabariti said in a press statement read by "Economy News", "Iraq is fertile ground for investment and economic growth, and this is based on two factors are essential and important, the first factor is the Iraqi people love for evolution and modernity and keep up with what the world The second factor is the laws and procedures provided by the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives, including the investment law and amendments made during the last period in the presence of an Iraqi readiness to facilitate our mission in Iraq . "

"We are all concerned today, from our Arabism and our Islam, in the battle of development and building alongside our Iraqi brothers, so that the Iraqi economy can rise after the stalemate, by establishing giant national projects that benefit and benefit not only the Iraqis but also the other Arab peoples, History and geography . "

"The productive economy is the economy of brains and brains, not wealth that exceeds the wealth of thought and reason. On this basis, the Arab world and Iraq are an important part of it, and it needs to promote investment in human resources, whether in education or health or in supporting promising youth.

Is the most important wealth ever, whose creative and creative energies must be exploited in order to advance and move forward for a promising Iraqi and Arab future for all of us and for our future generations .

xyz     @Zig hahaha my word is my bond, promise

Whitelions     Al-Nahrain Islamic Bank launches Islamic Murabaha financing transactions for 2018


Economy News _ Baghdad    Al-Nahrain Islamic Bank announced Sunday the launch of Murabaha financing transactions (real estate, projects and cars) in its 2018 plan.
"Islamic Murabaha financing will be granted according to the regulations and instructions set by the General Administration and through the Studies Department, which is implemented by the Investment Department and distributed to the branches of the Bank in Baghdad, Najaf and Basra to work under them," the bank's statement said.

He added that "the bank started to promote transactions for citizens, provided that the maximum limit of financing the real estate is 150 million dinars at a rate of Murabaha (38)% for 10 years, as well as financing the cars to the upper limit of 30 million dinars and the rate of Murabaha (24%). Million and 500 thousand dinars at a rate of Murabaha (24)% for 3 years. "

xyz      NEXT MEAN THE 9TH ....

2018-2020 Iraqi development plan next Wednesday, Ministry


Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Planning Ministry reported that the government will initiate the
National Development Plan 2018-2022 next Wednesday.

xyz     NEXT MEAN THE 12TH .... Iraq closes air, land borders for two days


Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Security sources reported that Iraq will close its air and land borders for two days.

The closure will start from Friday night to Sunday following the elections which is due on Saturday next.

320 political parties and blocs will participate in the coming elections with 7367 candidates.

24 million Iraqis are illegible to vote, out of a population reached to 37 million people.

Chattels    Sunday 6 May   BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The dollar against the Iraqi dinar rose gradually on Baghdad's Central Kifah Stock Exchange and local markets on Sunday (May 6, 2018).

Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad 120.200, while prices for Saturday was 120.100.

Selling and buying prices in the money market Selling price of the dollar = 120.750 dinars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 119.750 dinars.   LINK

chattels    LINK

rockstar   why even bring that crap up??it is totally irrelevant
rockstar    baghdad stock exchange...wt

Zig     We have people who have interest in different things here....just skip what doesn't interest you....Simple.... 
​Dave     chattels chattels Selling and buying prices in the money market Selling price of the dollar = 120.750 dinars.
The purchase price of the dollar = 119.750 dinars...they have been keeping the spread within 2 % ..sorry I just do not know what Kap is talking about....

blackgold     Thank you dave exactly what i've been saying
blackgold     2%
blackgold     i'm just about mathematically illiterate but i could see that at least

KJWayne    Elections May 12. Results ,they say, electronically ,2 hours after the polls close. Others say it will take TWO DAYs to find out WHO won ! IT IS IRAQ ! I guess it makes sence to wait and be sure who is control before any rate increases occur. IMO !

KJWayne     Back to the DINAR, I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things. Middle east can handle themselves.

chattels    Compliance with the 2 % began about 45 days ago and has remained so arguably depending upon which news article one reads or the bourse one follows. There are anomalies and there is no "official " parallel rate sourece.

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