Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we come here tonight requesting guidance and protection form those people who are trying to mislead us into believing that their opinions are right so as to throw us off track as we continue in our faith that this will happen at a time of Your choosing thus reducing our spirit and causing disbelief to enter into our hearts. Protect us from those who speculate

Dear Lord God Almighty, at times we feel that we are stuck in a briar patch with the thorns of disbelief surrounding us and causing pain in our spirits for those who do not wish us well in this endeavor. Continue to watch over us Lord as we continue the battle between right and wrong. Thank You Lord for giving me the strength to sing Your praises in two church services today. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends as we continue down the never seeming to end road to the completion of our goals. The dark one walks beside us throughout the day. Be aware and on guard against the forces of evil. Continue with your prayers knowing that the Lord is with you and listening to every word. God bless us all as we go through this day, week, or month. “Our Destiny Awaits”

adminbillShould nothing be forthcoming by the 25th we will have a WSOMN call at 6:30PM Pacific Time for WSOMN members. So far as I can tell my laying low for the past 3 months as requested has not made one bit of difference.

Perhaps something before the 30th. Perhaps. My schedule may force a later date for the call.

AdminBill do you think dr. Clarks post about Iran needing contained has anything to do with the holdup?

I don’t believe in gag orders. This thing will happen when it happens.

Wiz I agree with you on gag orders. Why one person staying would help the RV when other sites are blabbing about dates rates committees and their Intel I’ll never know. All sounding rather ominous to be now but I hope I’m very wrong

Good morning wsomn...Thanks Ted. The mis-info people in dinarland have done a good job. That is why I like this site! I wont give up...Put my shoulder to the wheel, push along!

Good Morning all. IMO it sounds and looks like maybe next year we will be blessed. I don't see much movement anywhere just kicking the can down the road common sense goes along ways. Just IMO.

Certainly hope we get some good news this week. And I hope that Grandma is wrong about next year. The thought is so depression

kingdom warrior76
Read Dr. Clark for some cheering up grandma!!

Where can one access Dr. Clark's information?

kingdom warrior76
Can we share Dr. Clark links here?

we are now in total justification mode it seems over at TNT as to why it will be before the end of April and before the elections in May........... they want us spending. It's like the black friday spin we always get every Christmas

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