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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Intel wise it comes and goes in waves. On Sunday I got 11 calls from one of my main sources. Just call after call of information, a nugget here and a nugget there, indicator of things are moving along. Then there times as today things move along slowly. Then it picked up speed this afternoon.

Now let me tell you where we are with the IMF meeting. You heard there was an IMF meeting in Washington this past weekend. It was supposed to end about 3 or so in the afternoon on Sunday. They are still meeting and it is Monday. It goes all day into the evening still going on today which is Today, and still going on till 8:45 pm tonight with the last speaker starting at 7:15pm to 8:45pm time slot. We are going What? It is interesting because they needed the meeting to continue.

​There were some issues that needed to be solved regarding Iran primarily that didn’t get solved until 6pm this evening East coast time. Where it looked like we had a major issue and we could have had a major issue with Iran regarding the sale of oil in the petroyuan as opposed the petrodollar. That got cleaned up and restored back to the petrodollar. I don’t have the absolute proof on this, but my understanding is the dollar did go back overnight.
Bruce:  We have the USN released last night as a gold back dollar. That to me is a reason why Iran could take our petrodollar gold back as oppose the petroyuan which is gold back. That part made sense to me. The question was Is Iran going to go in the first basket. We believe it was in question for awhile, and we believe it is in the first basket. That is our latest understanding.

Bruce:  Let’s talk about where Iraq is. Iraq did release their lower denominations in their ATM machines. ‘They have an in country rate that is known in country. They have a rate that has been flashing on our bank and Redemption Center screens and it is a front screen rate. We know that rate has been flashing meaning it is not quite locked in yet. It has been trading and had a good trading rate like didn’t it was in good price points. But about 1pm this afternoon, the rate came off the screen and the word pending appeared. We just have the fact we think pending is a good sign since when we see pending it means it is about to change and we are looking for a solid rate for Iraq to come into play on the screen. We don’t know when exactly. It could be anytime now. It could be tonight or tomorrow. We do not know. It looks like that is what we are really waiting for. That seems to me what we need to get everything kicked off.

Bruce:  The IMF meeting finished up by now. They voted and settled on a Go about 6pm EST. That is a very positive thing. For awhile it was looking sketchy there, and now we think we are in good shape with the IMF. Everybody is in agreement. Things are being done.  Iraq has a week starting tomorrow which is a finance education week that starts tomorrow. They need that done to educate their people about banking and the banking system that is in Iraq. We understand that the ATMs were turned on and the Fintech System which is one of the new parts of the Global Transfer System, the CIPs Systems. That is up and running and connected in Iraq. That was partially connected Sunday and by now it is completely connected, up and running, and functional. So Iraq can be basically part of the world stage for banking transfers and so on. That is a very positive thing.

Bruce:  My understanding is tomorrow there is a new conference that is starting in Iraq. I am making the assumption it is in Baghdad. I am not sure where in Iraq it starts, but it is the IBBC which I believe is the International Banking Business Conference. That is going on. The countries attending are countries that attended before and have quite abit of investment in the country of Iraq. These countries said they would not be attending unless Iraq had their international rate out. So I think that conference will be a big deal and I think Iraq would take advance of it with the timing of it. They probably should have their rate known so they can have their conference at its full potential. It suppose to start tomorrow. You got a lot going on over there now.

Bruce:  Also the Qi cards which is a debit card in Iraq that the people have. They have had two separate cards. They had a Master card tied into the Rafindain Bank and Chase Bank. Those banks have sort of partnership for that debit card. The citizens are getting their retirement pay on that Master card. Also they have a brand new card that has been issued which is a Visa card. That card is the one where the citizens will receive their profits from the oil revenue sales on.  So you have one for retirement and possibly salary being paid on the Master Card, Then on the new Visa card that is the one for oil profit sharing that comes from the sale of oil from Iraq.  That card today was supposed to be utilized and accessible for the citizens in Iraq for that purpose to pick up those profits that were allocated to the citizens as of today. I don’t have full confirmation yet at the time of the call whether or not that occurred, but that was supposed to happen today. Iraq is moving along pretty nicely.

Bruce:  They have the Finance Education week which starts tomorrow and goes through Tuesday. That was something that was part of the IMF protocols that they needed to do, but it appears because they have set that with a start tomorrow, that satisfied the IMF. That is why they were able to move forward with a vote at 6pm to have a Go decision for this whole GCR to begin. That is really good news for us.

Bruce:  What else we have? We understand tonight right after the Big Call maybe over night we expect the Tier 3 to pay out. That is what we are hearing. There suppose to be funding that is supposed to be moving from Pay Master accounts. We think this is Tier 3 finally being paid. Some of the other Tier 1 and 2 have been paid, but they do not have access to those big funds yet. We are believing that is coming, but in a true feeling of a Gun Shot start, they may not have access to their funds before we have access to our 800 numbers and the start of our appointments. We know that the Prosperity Packages are set to go out 2 to 4 hours after the 800 numbers are released or after the first appointment is made, in that range of 2 to 4 hours afterwards. WE are haring Tier 3 are supposed to be paid overnight tonight. That is a positive thing moving in the right direction.
Bruce:  The big thing is there was another large trench that was coming in tonight. We believe it is one of the major funding sources that you may recognize as a funding source. I believe after that they will be able to release funds and distribute funds to various project participants shortly after we get started. That is coming up in the very near future, meaning shortly.

In terms of us and what is going on. I know that HSBC have informed their Redemption Center people about how the various rates would apply to certain people based on their projects, a number of criteria. That was done yesterday all over the country. That was a very positive move. It was just like clockwork. IT happened just the way it supposed to. All we are waiting for is we need for the Iraq dinar rate to go solid. My personal belief is that rate will show solid the same time we get the release of the toll free numbers. That is just what I think, and our shot gun start will start approximately when that happens.

Bruce:  That is basically what we need to say in terms of Intel tonight. I feel we are in really good shape. I was sure earlier this afternoon, but I am feeling much better with the latest bit of information this afternoon and this evening. All in really good shape and we are in a good place. Thank you everybody, Thank you Sue and everybody else. We will see you on the other side. Good Night.


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