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Summary of KTFA Frank26's CC by TNT Sunny 4/23/18 , 25 APRIL

Frank26 Update, "Get On Board"

Summary of Frank26 CC, Monday, April 23, 2018

Due to the length of Franks Monday CC I am condensing my understanding of what he said and giving you a summary of his call.

It seems the CBI plan was to call for the three zero notes, TZN, to be turned in just so they could distribute the smaller denominations. 

[Frank]: IMO, they printed just the small notes and the others (three zero notes) are being collected, and they will not be replaced. The three zero notes and the small denom’s are going to co-exist together. They don’t care about the three zero notes.

And even though the CBI gave the banks and exchangers the plan several weeks ago, the banks and money exchangers are refusing the TZN’s. Therefore,

[Frank]: The citizens are now applying pressure. Complaining to the government, the CBI. You told us to bring in the three zero notes and the banks don’t want to accept them. . . . ‘If they (banks/money changers) do not allow the citizens to bring in the three zero notes, we are screwed!' 

CBI issued a statement and said, “STOP refusing the three zero notes.” The CBI is listening to the citizens and addressing this issue. Telling the “banks, money changers, don’t mess this up! We told you the plan through the memo we sent you weeks ago.”

No ripping off the citizens. No mistakes. The CBI was pissed off. Angry. Yelling and screaming at vendors. . . .The CBI, for the first time ever, came out yelling and screaming, declaring their official position on their currency. Isn’t that powerful? Didn’t that impress you? 

Jimminy Crickets! They are so close. They are ready. They are not about to do this unless it’s exactly as the three headed monster, the CBI, IMF, WB and for that matter, President Donald Trump wants it done.

The CBI has fired a warning shot. Please we need a level playing field with our currencies. 

They have always been a dual currency country. They did not give a darn. They do now. 

They are being very forceful. The CBI does not want any citizen to be cheated and the article said that . . . This article is a command of a new currency and new position of the CBI. If you do not accept these notes by law, we will come after you. 

The CBI is warning banks and vendors that an avalanche of three zero notes are about to pour into you when we RI and they must, they MUST accept those.

(It appears the hold up on the RI/RV has been due to Pres. Trump creating a “level playing field” for currencies and trade. Getting other countries off the USD and on their own currency.)

[Frank]: We, the USA do not want Iraq to continue this program rate. . .need to ween you off the USD. An RI in Iraq would be a level playing field for the IQD, not a program rate. 

[Delta]: . . . Pres. Trump wanted no one to take advantage of that. . . He’s willing to punish any country that is trying to use their currency manipulatively . . . they could pull the trigger at any moment.

[Frank]: President Trump told Zimbabwe “Get your own currency.” Our president is no longer going to allow you to suck off the dollar. 

. . . latest one to come on board is Cuba. They have a new President and going to change their currency. We want to be with you President Trump.

China, huh, no, we’ll be against you. North Korea, we’d like to give up our nuclear weapons to play with you Mr. President. Everybody wants to talk to Donald Trump. My name is Putin . . . This is rocketman, I’d like to talk to President Trump. Iran, ring a ding, ding. Ring a ding, ding. Hello Iran. We de-pegged from the American dollar because they told us too. We pegged to the Euro. 

Even Christine Legard, . . . telling 189 members of the IMF that trade should be well functioning. You mean a level playing field and she said, “Yes!” 

. . . sit down and watch a businessman. . . Get on board or get the hell out of the way. And they are getting on board.

I think an ROI will be very, very soon. (ROI = rate of return) A 100% level playing currency field first. Who the hell do you think told Alak to say, “suitable environment?”

. . . Iraq is frustrated because they too want the RI of their currency right now. An RI in Iraq would be a level playing field for the IQD, not a program rate. ​

The Turkmenistan article is your blueprint. CBI is following it to the letter. To the “T.” The only difference is where Turkmenistan revalued Iraq is reinstating. . . . They could reinstate at 1:1 and then revalue later through a controlled managed float.

IMO large amounts of money are moving . . . through hubs. Go and see what Shanghai . . . Hong Kong is doing. Moving way more, than normal volumes. That requires big banks . . . private banks. Why would this money be moving? In preparation of something.

Iraq is doing their part. Bombing the hell out of the border with Syria. To secure their borders. Abadi is looking to lock down their borders. Abadi needs to know who and what is going in and out of his country. To control (his) country. To control (his) currency.

Donald Trump is in control of the USD and the Iraqi dinar. We know where every IQD is now because of the electronic strip. We know where every USD is in Iraq. Why, because the USD has been supporting terrorism. No more. 

Iraq was basically handicapped by the USD. This whole reinstatement has been in the hands of the President and that’s why when it was in the hands of Obama there was nothing but the testing of the economic reform’s all those years.

Abadi is no dummy to the financial situation. He was once the finance minister.

. . . I don’t want to make a. . . we are at the end of the 1st quarter. IMO, we are extremely close. Extremely close! EXTREMELY CLOSE! 

Do they give a date? No, and that is how they control the speculation. . .A suitable environment is their currency. Beautiful, isn’t it? Amen and AMEN!

Do you remember back in 2004 when DeLaRue was commissioned to print the notes? That is exactly what they are doing now. . . It’s the same campaign.

Walkingstick wants to tell you the chatter of the 24 hour period they’ve been telling you about is coming soon as it (the chatter) is getting louder and louder. . . . They are about to settle the 24 hour period when they activate the ATM machines. 

Why do you think they are about to give you the 24 hr time frame? Because they are ready. The CBI needs this but Donald Trump wants it done correctly. 

Walkingstick says there is a massive media campaign. The RI of the small notes is coming.

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