Tuesday, April 24, 2018

RayRat98 "It's Confusing", 24 APRIL

It’s confusing when we are getting different information from different sources.  We heard that North America was ready to go from Friday evening, while Iraq is officially saying something different… and our sources in Iraq are saying something else again.   Reportedly from Sunday...Demonstrators took to the streets in Baghdad demanding fair pay. Rafidain Bank is underwriting 5-year loans to the citizens for vehicles.  Abadi leads Sadr in the polls.  Abadi and Maliki are being discussed on TV strongly contesting each other.   Monday Reports from Iraqi TV...UDB Bank has announced acquiring the necessary licensing to issue Vista International Credit Cards to the citizens of Iraq.  Abadi is paying the farmers in Erbil back pay to the amount of 41 billion dinar.

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