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Make sure you have your NDA editing tool with you at the RV by JOBSJOBSJOBS, 25 APRIL

Editing the NDA and other contracts @ the RV.

Make absolutely sure you have black SHARPIE’S with you at the RV, this is your NDA EDITING tool.
You will need both thick and thin SHARPIES. 


Redaction defined:   Edited or censored version of a document, The change or changes made while editing. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/redaction  

Redacting with a black SHARPIE is to EDIT the document (NDA) by covering those portions, provisions, statements in black ink making them unreadable, these are contract provisions the bank wants you to agree to for their benefit that may NOT benefit you and may, in fact, be to your detriment.  READ THE NDA VERY CAREFULLY before redacting.

General Rule:

  • If you don’t understand a particular portion of the agreement REDACT it.    (Edit it out with your SHARPIE.)
  • If you cannot comply with that particular portion of the agreement REDACT it.
  • If you cannot agree with a portion of the agreement REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement does not benefit you REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement is NOT in your best interest REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement does not make sense to you REDACT it.
  • If you don't understand a word or phrase REDACT it, it is probably written in LEGALISE by the banks attorneys which uses English words but do not have the same meaning as the common vernacular, the other possibility is to define the word as you understand it, when you add your definition it becomes the definition of that word in that contract, this is why they have a dictionary of word meanings in the NDA so they set the meaning of the words (so what is stopping you from REDACTING their definition and adding yours??)  this is where some WHITEOUT may come in handy, you can change the legal definition to whatever you want or (as defined in Webster’s dictionary).
  • BEWARE of hidden contracts within the NDA:  REDACT provisions that refer to other unseen documents that the bank has not seen fit to provide for your scrutiny.  If you do not have that referenced document in front of you, REDACT all references to it. (they are hiding something)
  • There other reasons to REDACT be creative in your editing.

The "A" in NDA is AGREEMENT, Do not sign the NDA until you fully understand and can agree to abide by ALL conditions outlined in the UN-REDACTED portions of the NDA.

Banks are not your friend, they are in business to make money even if it wipes you out, every contract the banks place before you were written solely for their benefit by their attorneys.  they will f*#k you at every opportunity to benefit their bottom line,     so be careful.

Your absolute right to CONTRACT is provided in the Constitution
This means you have a right to contract, and on the reverse side of that you have a right NOT to contract, you cannot be forced into a contract against your will.

Don’t forget to use BRACKETS [   ] where necessary, the dictionary meaning of brackets is this "Any writing held within brackets are not part of the document".  this is why you will find bracketed comments in articles etc where someone wants to further explain something in a writing written by someone else.  Brackets are a means to tell the reader that whatever writing is held between the brackets are not part of the document and are invisible to it. 
Brackets have a similar effect to redacting, but redacting leaves no doubt as to your intent.

Every legitimate contract has places for two signatures or two parties in agreement if the bank will not sign the NDA than why would you sign it as the only signatory??  there have to be two parties to fulfil an agreement if the NDA has only room for your signature but not for the bank where is the agreement?? what is the bank's portion of liability in the agreement??, especially if they refuse to sign it in agreement with you??     AGAIN BE CAREFUL

Never let another party sign the contract below your signature, whoever signs at the lowest point in the contract is the controlling party and can alter the contract after you have signed, this is why your attorney always insists on signing below you. Take control of the NDA and sign it again at the very bottom right hand corner so another cannot sign below you.

I suspect that the NDA will be placed before you ONLY AS AN OFFER TO CONTRACT which you have a right to refuse.  CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS ANY PROVISION ON THE NDA THAT MAKES IT MANDITORY?? IF NOTHINS SAYS IT IS MANDITORY for the contract rates THAN IT IS VOLUNTARY. Go ahead and ask for the contract rates without the NDA and see what they do?    They may attempt to compel you to sign by intimidation, bluff, threat, duress, or other means. JUST BE READY FOR THEM but be nice so you don’t get cut off from your RV. And ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

I am not an attorney so run this past your attorney before you RV, and if possible take your attorney with you.

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS THAT WILL HELP EVERYONE AT THE RV, PLEASE INCLUDE THEM. Also Please send it out on your social media and help everyone to NOT get   f*&ked by the banks. 


Make sure you have your NDA editing tool with you at the RV

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