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A few Monday Night call Highlights

Adeleon4: HOLY FRIJOLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     THANK  YOU  TEAM KTFA
1000 % .....state of implementation....


 CBI official position on currency....

they will do it.....
they have no choice....

 the month of April is very solid....
let the investors have freedom to move their capitol.....

clarity w/CBI ;World Bank ,US Treasury,IMF   ..... 
That is a good cup of TEA  !! Lets have another......

The Iraqui environment is suitable ......and ready  .......... !!!!!!!!  W     A     R   !!!!!!!!!

Abadi is pro reinstatement

The chatter of the 24 hr period is getting loud...

The football has been passed !!!

Do not have a mioptic view ....(not now!)


Monday Night KTFA CC 4-23-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#


Sunkissed:  Frank -- Great Call tonight!!

Nearing the end the information is getting more and more exciting! And more "out there" for all of us to see!

I've learned that we can't just look at this as a RI of the dinar -- this is a GLOBAL affair -- and boy is it ever FUN seeing this from the "inside" because THIS is history in the making. We are watching a metamorphosis of Global Trade and Economic Relationships forging from even ancient times!

It is utterly FAN-TASTIC!


Samson:  Oil prices rise after fears of US sanctions on exporting countries

2018/4/23 23:36

The price of black gold rose again on Monday evening as traders feared new US sanctions against a number of major oil exporters. At 22:02 Moscow time, June delivery of Brent crude was up 1.34 percent to $ 75.04 a barrel. June delivery for June delivery rose 0.83 percent to $ 68.97 a barrel.

While the price of crude oil, "WTI" for the contracts that occurred in June next, a rise of 0.02 percent and the price of this brand of oil to 68.41 dollars a barrel.

As expert Jane Magellan said in Traditions Energy, the ambiguous position of the administration of US President Donald Trump over sanctions against Iran and Venezuela could cause further volatility in the oil market. 

Earlier, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the price of oil in April may reach $ 80 a barrel, but so far this price is not justified.  LINK
Samson:  Basra Council votes to transfer the first phase of the metro at a cost of 35 million dollars

18:08 - 23/04/2018 

Basra Governorate Council announced on Monday its vote on the Basra metro project at a preliminary cost of design and feasibility study of up to 35 million dollars.

"The governor of Basra presented a draft to the Council for the purpose of studying and voting on it to establish the Basra Metro," council member Ahmad Abdul Hussein told Al-Maaloumah.

He added that "the project of the designs and the idea and feasibility study of two French and other Egyptian," noting that "the project passes through the entire Basra to ease the traffic momentum within cities and areas in preparation for the passage of parties."

He pointed out that "the provincial council voted on the first stage submitted by the French company with regard to plans, feasibility study, designs and areas in which it passes and future plans for the development of the project at a cost of 35 million dollars and paid on time."

"After completing the first phase, the council will discuss the possibility of referring the project to the implementation, joint operation or investment," Abdul Hussein said.  LINK

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