Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Wing's Up", 25 APRIL

Well someone in Heaven must have been listening today, I got a second and now third call today saying “... global funds were released,” suggesting we could see the 800#s anytime each nation had checked into Beijing via their President / Prime Minister or King / Queen as being ready to start.

Wasn’t expecting that so quickly. But ok. I still think it’ll release on a weekend for travel and general safety reasons, but whatever. 

I’ll be ready tonight if it pops. 

Will you?

That means they must have settled the Gaza, Golan Heights, West Bank territory issues. Which I don’t have intel on yet. And honestly, whatever was agreed to is ok by me. So not my circus.

Which also means the Iran nuclear deal must also be put to bed as well. Syrian reconstruction too for that matter.

And just like that, the world moves on after an invisible 17 year post 9/11 covert economic / Middle East war, into a seamless transition brining forward a new 1,000 year era of love light.

Incredible. Hard to stop fighting though. Harder still to relax and let this all be real and just wash over me. We must have looked absolutely mad and dangerously obsessed to anyone with eyes to see, following so blindly an invisible storyline that pressed well beyond all logical or visible measure.

But now, finally, we will get to receive our most miraculous blessing and go about the business of healing the soul of the world as philanthropists and mercy workers. 



Wings up Human Angels! The time for backing out is longggggggg over!!!!! For the record, I always saw this moment coming. When and how and how much was always a little fuzzy. 

But like you, I knew in my bones. Please, please, please do not send your currency to anyone—especially Zim holders—and no more gifting!

Keep all assets in hand and take them to your redemption appointment at one time.Thus, redeem all of your currency at one appointment sitting, and casually settle up with those who missed the RV at later dates.

It’s way too hard to explain era transition in under an hour right before someone has schedule a sovereign wealth redemption appointment with zero prep time. Might be flat out immoral too at this late stage. I have to pray on that. I do know it’s intellectually and emotionally unfair to ask someone who didn’t have the proper time to train for such a grueling money marathon to actually run one in less than a week. After all, we can’t can’t all be as psychically thin or spiritually nibble as Bewdah in Oahu!

Also, I want all the Human Angels to review their redemption appointment checklists and simplify it to down to five items or less.Remember, less is more, less is more, less is more. Trust me on that. 

Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

Save the bulk of your transactional asks for the second and third wealth management appointments. The first appointment should almost exclusively be focused on the physical asset exchange and hard terms assignment to your principal for investment. 

That’s it!

Think in terms of 30 minutes or less like a Domino’s pizza delivery. And no long winded chit chats, JJ. These bankers could careless about your heroic journey through the Alabama gauntlet of impossibility and synchronicity.Less JJ is more payday.

So to review: Let the initial redemption appointment be exclusively about depositing currency / bonds, negotiating an exchange rate and a structured payout contracts, seeding a few accounts with cash, maybe sending a few wires or cutting a few cashier checks, scheduling a wealth management appointment, then heading straight home to process what the hell just happened.The RV boat is finally docking, and things are going to start moving extremely fast, we just don’t know exactly when. Most likely the middle of the night, we just don’t know which night. 

I would not leave town for a weekend trip if at all possible. 

And make sure your currency is pre-counted, with written totals for each denomination and country strapped to each neatly counted stack, as well as have your “redemption checklist” ready so both you and your redemption banker are look at the same thing.Also, have written information ready on your personnel checking, savings, trust account numbers. Include bank routing numbers clearly typed out, double and triple checked to guarantee accuracy. All of this will help in the transaction aspects and allow for easier flow through.

Call me crazy but I believe in knowing exactly what I’m doing before I do it. Doesn’t always work out that way, but at least I walk in feeling good knowing that I adequately prepared.

Look, you can always do more and in greater detail later on.You just don’t want to be a deer in headlights and slow the line down.In and out. Another fast food reference. That’s two. One more and I hit my monthly quota.

So keep it simple sexy (KISS). Enjoy the process. 

And most of all, know we all have been chosen to serve humanity’s greatest good and thus given this blessing by the perfect Grace of God.

God is with us

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