Saturday, March 31, 2018

"5 GCR/RV Intel Updates from Yosef?" by TJ

On the surface these look like an answer to our prayers. However, these describe a plan based on continuing with a debt based economy where governments, businesses and people must continue to borrow money and pay interest, so that interest may be paid to the new rich at 8-10% pa on their new huge bank deposits and bonds.

The end result would still cause all who borrow, including nations, to eventually become bankrupt and have to give up all they own and become slaves again, just like the current situation.

The new economy is supposed to be beyond this, with no need or way to get into debt again. Abundance forever, even to the point of not even needing any money in the future.

The best way forward is for each nation to print it's own money backed up by its own assets, and not borrow. People shouldn't need to borrow either, and in fact it should not be possible to borrow and then be required to pay interest on the debt.

Debt is slavery. The new masters would be those who plan to own the proposed new one-world currency. As pointed out by several people before, same players behind this, just relocated from Wall Street to Shanghai. Africans will not gain freedom by this plan.


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