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Bank Story Continuation from CC/UPDATE 1-23-18 through UPDATE Feb 7th, 2018

7). Update February 7th, 2018.

I made contact with the same WF branch today and spoke to the senior woman foreign currency teller. I inquired about a little more dong, she said "we still have not got the system change yet Mr. ___________", and yesterday she said we couldn't order any. 

I asked, when will they get it done? She said, I don't know, but they say this month now

! She said, I'll check and get back to you on the order.. I told her I was working (driving ) and if I didn't answer, leave a message. She called back 4 hours later and asked me how much? She said I'll get back with you in a few days. 

​I was driving, so my headset was still on my ears when we said goodbye. Some how her line was inadvertently left open; and I was driving on I-95, going about 75mph, so my cell phone base was in my cup holder, and I couldn't push the end button immediately.

Anyway, I heard her talking to a male not the male teller, I know. I could not make out the entire conversation, but I did hear her say... Mr. __________, said "to much confidential information is getting out", then something about a document came out of a bag. I don't know if that was relevant at all to what we seek, but I thought it was interesting. I hope I'm not punished for listening....

I'll update as I get more...stay TNT strong!

Previous Updates:

6). UPDATE February 4th from WF Bank experience Feb 3rd, 2018. Well guys yesterday Friday I went in to pick up the couple of million more dong I ordered, when I was their Tuesday. My Male teller was waiting. After we got into the transaction, I asked well " how is the new foreign currency system coming along, are things still on track for the 6th? He said " yes, as far as I know, no changes. He added, "the 6th or 7th, if they don't postpone it again, which they've done several times". As he continued with the transaction I said, my friends and I are expecting some exciting things with this system change over. He said really? I said yes, one of the reasons why is they seem to be so secretive, for just a software change. He said, "well they don't tell me nothing, I just push buttons". After a little chatter and my receipt , we bided each other farewell.... I left the bank feeling like this is it, our week is coming, they've been saying this 6-7th thing for over 2 1/2 weeks now....of course I'll make contact by the 7th if warranted.

5.) UPDATE January 30th, 2018. Well I finally made it in to pick up the dong order. The male lead and foreign currency teller was in and ready to transact. The bank was relatively empty which was nice for uninterrupted conversation. While he was transacting my purchase, I asked about the new Foreign Currency system change over. He said, it was still not activated and then turned to the only other person (woman) behind the teller line and asked her " what's the update, on the change over"? She said, the latest memo says, "it's the 6th, so all foreign currency transactions need to be completed and out of queue the night of the 5th". She then volunteered, "I hope they complete it this time, they've tried this at least 3 times since late November". 

I responded, boy I wonder if you guys are going to have a steep learning curve, with this new system? Then the male teller who was waiting on me said, they said "it will be easier because it integrates into our general banking system"!...I then asked, do you think I can get a few million more dong? He said, if we get the order in, you would have to pick it up, no later than Friday.. 

Folks , I truly believe we are, in the moment.... I will keep you updated... Fuze

4.) UPDATE: January 26, 2018. On January 24th I became a little antsy so I called again to the WF rather than wait 2 days. This time I was able to speak with the original foreign currency teller who first mentioned they were waiting on a system change over to process orders. She said, she was working the drive thru, but she was sure the change over still had not happened; however she wanted me to hold a minute because there might be away to order my dong. 

I heard her talking to a male about dong, then when she returned she said: Mr. ______ although the system change over is not complete, I was just told by Male foreign currency Teller, (whom I've also purchased from), that I can do a " fore stall temp command" (what ever that is?) and get around what they are doing and get your order. I said please do, so she did and placed the order. 

Well this morning the Male foreign currency teller called me to inform me that my order came. After telling him I was at work and would be down Monday morning to pick it up; I asked, had the system change over been completed? He said no, it has not and now they are saying it could take as long as another week the 6th or 7th. I said wow! What are they doing? His exact words were: there just telling us a system change over, but whatever it is they have been working on it since late November; folk here are getting suspicious... I told him, I'll see them Monday. 
I hope the 6 or 7th was just a head fake!

Stay tuned, I'll update long as we're here or is useful. 

3.) UPDATE: January 23, 2018. I followed up as I said I would by calling the same WF this morning, to have a order processed for vnd and rupiah. This time I got a third foreign currency teller; whom I also have had to process orders for me. She said I'm sorry, Mr. ______, our systems are still being converted over. She ask me to hold for a second while she inquires about the system being ready to process. When she returned, she said please call back in a few days. I then asked, how long have you been trained in processing foreign currency? She said 2 years. I then asked have you ever seen anything like this before, with your foreign currency system? She said NO! Never! They just keep telling us "the system software is being changed over"! I told her thanks, I'll check back in a few days. 

Guy's, when you factor this lead bank local level activity in, with all of the surrounding Intel, I'm getting more excited by the hour. 

2). Well I called today, she was out on break so her manager took the call. The manager informed me they were notified last night that bank wide the systems will be back up, this coming Tuesday. She then apoligized and said teller should have notified me.

Has anyone else had this experience, with WF. Remember one of the bank stories from last week, where a member was told by some rather obscure branch manager in a Walmart Store, who said to the member, I'll see you on the 24th? Is it possible, the little guy got it right? The 23rd, 24th? Time will tell..

1). Hello TNT...on Tuesday of last week, I called my local foreign currency branch, of the "lead bank", I'm in the southeast USA. I called to inquire about purchasing a little more vnd and rupiah. The foreign currency teller who is very familiar with me as a customer of previous purchases; explained that she could see the current rates (same old rates, she's a foreign currency teller only), however, she said we can't transact any exchanges due to a "system change over". She said we should be back up and running Friday the 19th, so call or come in and I'll place your order. Of course I asked is it just your branch? She said no, it's bank wide. She then volunteered, "but i don't think it's a rate change".???

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