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1-5-2018  Guest Guru Dahl68  ...It was interesting to me that no one had mentioned this yet since this includes the IQD.  Under EO 13303, all of these financial instruments (including the IQD) and execution thereof, were regulated as "null and void."  Under EO 13668, these prohibitions and protections were removed.  IMO, the federal regulations associated with Iraq are now caught up and current.  Considering the recent lifting of UN Sanctions, and also the UST's connection to the IMF, it looks like a green light to the IMF and CBI to proceed, understanding that the UST has significant influence over the IMF.  [Post 2 of 3]

1-3-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana 
  [... it's been 12-13 years and Iraq seems to be dragging their feet!]   Regarding them "dragging their feet", I care not one iota how long they have been building up to this... all that matters is the direction it's going and the final destination. 

1-5-2018  Guest Guru Dahl68  Yesterday, I contacted the United States Treasury (UST), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Assistant Director for Sanctions Compliance & Evaluation.  Essentially, the OFAC office responded that the amendment simply codified and implemented Executive Order (EO) 13668, which was signed back on May 27, 2014.  Transactions with Iraq are allowed; …There were, and are, a number of EO's that have been promulgated since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the 1990's.  These include EO 13303, 13315, 13350, 13364, 13438, and 13368.  All of these EO's are codified and implemented by the UST at 31 CFR Part 576,The Iraq Stabilization and Insurgency Sanctions Regulations.  The last EO signed by President Obama (13368) in 2014 removed the prohibitions put in place by EO 13303. Specifically, and of interest IMO, is 31CFR 576.206(a)(3), which refers to, "Any accounts, assets, investments, or any other property of any kind owned by, belonging to, or held by the Central Bank of Iraq, or held, maintained, or otherwise controlled by any financial institution of any kind in the name of, on behalf of, or otherwise for the Central Bank of Iraq." 
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1-5-2018   Intel Guru Bruce
   We had information that was indicating we were pretty much there and ready to start yesterday [Wednesday]. I think there are several fractions that are involved in this. Subsequently, the timing for this is looking good for early next week. I hate to be somebody to put this off. I try to look at things day by day. Things do change.  Our Treasury has released Iraq for them to post their new dinar Iraqi rate tomorrow [Friday] evening our time in the United States. That would be Saturday early am in Iraq. They should have the new rate posted. They need that posted by then because we have 17 different nations with companies representing those countries coming to Iraq to sign off on their contracts at the new rate for the dinar. The CBI website everything should show early Saturday morning Iraqi time.

1-5-2018  Newshound Guru tman23  They can't pass the budget because it is in violation of the constitution........AND THEY CAN'T GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY......IMF TOLD THEM KURDS 17% OF THE BUDGET........YOU WAITING ON SOMEBODY IT IS ABADI !!!!!!!!!! He right now is the delay to progress ............ BUT so many will praise him as being the good guy LOL...STILL WAITING ON THE GOING AFTER THE CORRUPT........BLA BLA BLAH .......ONLY IF THEY ARE NOT SHIITE....... Abadi is the problem !!​

1-5-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  There is an article out there from one of the gurus talking about how the US Treasury in conjunction with Iraq and the reason there is a delay in the revaluation is because the UST is working with the CBI so they can put the Iraqi dinar on the FOREX.  No.  Unfortunately the UST has nothing to do with the FOREX and neither does the CBI.  The FOREX is not regulated by the United States of America…There are only 8 currencies traded on the FOREX…I guess they can post the value on the FOREX, but you can pull up the value anywhere.  So it’s kind of ridiculous…it doesn’t fit.  It just doesn’t work this way.  The UST has noting to do with it what so ever.  The UST doesn’t even control the value of the US dollar…so that doesn’t make any sense

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