Thursday, January 4, 2018


I went to the local branch of Wells Fargo yesterday (Tuesday) in Tucson Arizona with 4 Dong bills to "test the ability to exchange"

The dong I exchanged yesterday locally was a very small amount to use as a test case. There were three tellers who could work with foreign currency. I was dealing with a young woman at her teller cage behind a thick glass window who was having to simply relay information she would get over a telephone. She could then deposit it in my account.

While she was very friendly and pleasant to deal with, the situation was not conducive to negotiating. The rate was very low which I expected but I proved (IMO) that foreign currency can be accepted locally which was my goal for the day. If I had a large amount and/or I would want to do this often I would do it with one of the financial assistants available at various stations in the lobby. They can not make transactions with the Zims

I believe for the average individual who is not in the financial business involving foreign currency... the best thing is to consider the current situation is a "one time good deal" and wait and exchange when the Tier 4 begins. If a person also has a Zim by all means do them both at the same time for the highest rate.

Regarding the Zim, I believe there will be no acceptable conversion offers except through the special exchange stations .. with which we will make an appointment with as soon as we get the telephone numbers.... and "personally" ... I strongly expect that to be within two weeks. 


Desert Jim

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