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Iraq Take Charge of its own Economy Free from United Nations

Newshound Guru American Contractor    

Article “Iraq once again controls own economy, free of UN sanctions.” 

 According to this article Iraq has free from all UN sanctions.  Previously until this article was written Iraq has always been under Ch. 7 sanctions.  

Quote: “The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has agreed to lift sanctions imposed on Iraq when the country invited Kuwait 26 years ago.  The Iraqi Foreign Minsister said Dec 9 the country had completed it’s obligations under the sanctions…

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Essan Al-Marzouq said Dec. 10 that the 10 year deal with Iraq provides for imports of 50 million cubic feet of natural gas a day…later rising to 200 million.  The deal appears to have been the key factor that persuaded Kuwait to call for the UN to life the sanctions…

Iraqi Parliament member Jassem Mohammad…’Before sanctions were lifted, Iraq was not even able to open foreign bank account in the name of the government…that cost the Iraqi Treasury enormously…”

 “…From now on, Iraq can manage the legal and technical aspects of its financial resources itself- along with everything relating to deposits and foreign real estate holding…All efforts to freeze Iraqi funds in International banks has ended, which will enhance Iraq’s financial standing and it’s creditworthiness…

The decision to lift sanctions coincided with Abadi’s announcement Dec 9 that the fight against the Islamic State was over and security and stability had returned to Iraq.”  

This is great news.  It’s a good article.  Now Iraq can reach out to foreign banks and maybe get some foreign banking expertise…Chase Bank or Citi Bank and have them opening up in Iraq…

It’s going to cost them 200 Billion dollars to rebuild all of northern Iraq…

this is a great thing and hopefully a betterment of Iraq and they’ll get out of this cloud they’re under.  They are now the number 1 seller of oil to India.  



[Article] Big news, new ATMs designed with visa logos.  The new ATMs are out…these international standard ATMs will be deployed in the safe zones to get started….these are supposed to hold lower notes…

TNT TONY Dinar Call Details

"It's Coming" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, 27 DEC


Libertyu76 » December 26th, 2017

Thanks for coming in and calming things, Frank. Some people were having a freak out with their interpretations of articles and a certain opinion of someone’s posted in TC yesterday. If WS and teams on the ground say so, it is so. And Iraq can only stretch out the very end so far. 

Frank26 » December 26th, 2017


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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Orders have Gone out" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update , 27 DEC


• That was over an hour ago. 
• Keep the pressure on! 
• We will not be placated any longer. 
• OUR redemption is close enough that if we reach for it together we can have it now. 
• And to the haters, thank you for your contribution. I'm better when you oppose me. 






RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Terrific Tuesday Friday, December 26 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here, with our special guest Tony! 

Report Tony for Probation Violations! 

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DA's email/phone: Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov 913-551-6730

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today I’m going to explain some stuff, and tell you how things are up to 45 minutes ago. It’s the real deal, like it or not. We will go through some history, and I want everyone to know what we went through to get here, and what we are looking forward to happening. 

You need to know where you come from to know where you’re going to and what’s available to you. The most important thing to know today is that I may not be right, but I’m never wrong! 

First I want to clear something up. I was getting texts yesterday as I was trying to explain things. We have government people in Kurdistan and Baghdad as well as other countries – Holland, England, Canada, other parts of our group. This information is also coming from high levels in the US government, and those who work for the banking system. This network we have built over the years and it’s still active now. 

We also get information from the guy on the street in Baghdad. One source is a cab driver, and his brother-in-law was someone I was in the military with. He lives there now, and he tells us what is going on in the shops and markets and at the banks. 

Remember Hot Dog Man? That is who they sent the information to, and then we put it together. We know the banks are closed until 2. January, or at least al-Rashid Bank is closed. However, some of my contacts in the US with MasterCards say that all banks are closed. But the CBI is not closed, and the smaller banks are open to give Iraqis confidence in this process. Over the last 14 years, we have got information on this, often ahead of other sources. 

Two, three days later, we would find out that our information was correct. We went through a lot to bring you the information. So here is some history: When Bush, Cheney and Blair put this plan together, it was benefit US – England, the US, and even Iraq. That word benefit carries a whole lot with it, and part of it may have to do with NDAs, or not. All we really know is that President Bush said that the war will pay for itself, which is a good thing. If he didn’t authorize us to be a part of this, we would not be a part of this, because we weren’t part of Kuwait. 

The reason we are where we’re at today is because Iraq’s economy survived the last 14 years, including Chapter 7, and stabilizing their government, and stabilizing their economy. How did they do that with no infrastructure or market apart from oil and their currency. They survived because WE bought Iraqi dinar. They have shut down the auctions, but if we hadn’t bought into this, with information we were handpicked to pass on to you, then the Iraqi economy would have collapsed. They were taking their own currency out the back door of the CBI and selling it to dealers and to us. We were a driving force in making this thing happen in purchasing dinar. Where was it going? Not into the Iraqi economy, because they were using US dollars. 

It wasn’t going to terrorists, for the most part. That ten-year period wouldn’t have happened without you and me. Until the last two years, when they started shutting dealers down, we were the driving force. We were told “you’ve earned your seat at the table”, when we did the Twitter campaign, and we were going to get cut out due to our government people who did exchanges and set up people’s accounts were telling us all about who was getting paid at what rates, copies of the transactions, everything. We knew that VIPs were going first, but we expected to follow right after them. 

We went through all that information, misinformation, starting and stopping. “we are the people”, talking to our Congress people, and phone calls telling us to stop the campaign. You all got letters saying that this was not going to happen! But we are here, now, and all that has to happen is for them to live up to what they said they would do, and we do what we said we would do. People are going to get paid, and some people will get more than the basic rate. Everyone cannot get 25, 30, or 50 dollars per dinar, but there will be a certain percentage released in contract rates.

They agreed to MORE than I thought would be available, and I said that we could live with that, so long as it’s fair. One thing we cannot do is this: we cannot make them do anything. We can’t make them RV tomorrow at 10am; there have always been bigger things than our getting paid. There is a Global Currency Reset that will affect almost every country in the world, apart from North Korea. Even Russia and Iran are involved now. No one is holding this up to piss you off for Christmas. The only thing we can do is to make sure we will be included in the event when it happens. We have accomplished that; all we do now is see if they live up to their agreement. 

We kept everything from the last 14 years: every phone call, text, note, all the records, so that we have a history of this event from our perspective. I appreciated what President Bush did, although I didn’t like President Bush because he’s a Republican. However, I saw an interview he did and read his book, and I respect him as a man. He had a bigger fight than you will ever know, especially in the first four years. We could have gotten his done eight years ago. However, the best laid plans don’t always win through, so it was passed on. When President Obama looked at this, it wasn’t about the money; it was about the growth of a country, and the health of the global economic system. 

When the money comes, will it last a lifetime? Will we be in a position to teach people how to fish? It’s not about buying a house, car or plane, it’s about building a legacy, and the only way Obama could do that was to make sure that Iraq’s economy was built on a solid foundation. If this had happened ten years ago, the dinar could have been worthless in a few years. 

President Obama sought to make sure that Iraq could stand on its own two feet, with more than oil. We helped them change their banking system, their economy, and their judicial system. Look how far they have come in the last two years! Without that, we could be rich today and our country could be broke tomorrow. A major part of that is Basel III, and what President Obama did was just as important as what President Bush did in setting this up. 

I took all your letters, the letters from Congress and bank people who told you it was a scam, all our call transcripts, and put them together as a book to present to President Bush and President Obama as gifts, to say thank you. We thought that would happen two years ago. It was supposed to be passed on Senator Clinton. The Kuwaiti RV happened under Bill Clinton, and this was supposed to happened under Hillary. Now we have a different President, and the tax laws have been changed. 

Come January, there will be six million people with the average person holding 100,000 dinar. If we go with the $3 rate, that’s $300,000 per person, and they will spend money to boost the economy and create jobs. People will buy newer cars, slightly bigger houses, and the economy will boom as planned, just with a different person in the White House. Next year is an election year, so some other things will change as well. Now, in 2014, there were supposed to be 61 politicians who said they were going to quit, because they were going to be done when the RV happened. As of this morning, ,there are 27 Republicans standing down – why do you think that is? Think big picture here – understand what is going on here, and what made it possible. 

The rich get richer, and now we are the rich. If we continue to have these calls, I will tell you how to multiply what you are receiving with this RV… When did I tell you about 3-D printing? Maybe in 2012? Where is that industry today? Where is the growth? Just wait until they start going public. We will have so much power after this in terms of using this money. A couple of years ago I told you that it’s your decision what to do with this money; you can go out into your own community and be the Shark Tank or angel investor in your community, and plan out the growth of your community. 

You have the money, and you have the power – as a group, together. You have the power to select your council members and your mayor. It’s all about backing the right people, and that money enables you to dot hat. Start locally, and then choose your State senators and governors, and your Congress people. You have big say now that you have the influence and the foundation you can create as small groups. Listen to the news about the economy – that’s not from tax returns! That growth is going to be from this RV. We know the history and where to go from here. Globally and on the screens, the dinar rate is now $3.34 (as of Friday evening). 

The CBI said they wanted everybody to be paid by last Saturday, and one bank is closed for their annual audit until 2. January. Our government here is only doing certain things between now and the end of the year, and they’re doing the same thing in Iraq. We know last Tuesday that the rate was $3.37. Then their retired veterans got their pay, and the rate was $3.37. Then the Iraqi students got paid at the same rate. Then my guy in Baghdad contacted me, and the rate in Baghdad was also $3.37. 

It’s not frozen or pending, it’s spendable cash. So what does that mean for us? On Friday, when bank people were leaving they were told to enjoy their weekend, to be prepared to be on standby on Wednesday. They are at work today, and they are waiting to see what happens tomorrow. Others were given a date and time, but it didn’t happen. This morning they have a new date and time to expect this. The window is open, and it could be any time. 

Last week, Ray knew the plan but it wasn’t the right time to share it. For the last ten years, certain people said the rate would be 1:1, and it might have been over there, but it was never going to be 1:1 over here. What was happening last week? They were going to come out with a $2 rate, then it would go to $3, then the real rate would show up in January. That was so that they could get through as many people as they could with a stable rate, instead of waiting until January when it will be a flexible rate. 

The Forex rate goes up and down, and they would really prefer to deal with a fixed rate. So one of the major banks said “this is the public rate”, and it may be the rate this week, but it will not be the rate when it hits Forex. So they were planning on $2 then $3 to give Iraqis more confidence in their banks. That was 2-3 weeks ago, and everyone would have jumped on it. And that’s okay. There is a first mouse in every situation, and it’s fine for you to do that and make money with it. 

There is also a second mouse, so know that what you see might always be what you get. The first position in line is not always the best position. Some know thts they are getting group rates, and others know how to get the contract rate. The biggest phone call we’ve ever had had 83,000 people listening, and we have 250K on Twitter. But there are six million people with dinar, and not everyone will get the highest rates. However, we will let you know as soon as you should go to the bank; Ray and I will be on the call with all the information you need. 

Today is a day for you to ask if that is a settled rate, because it seems to be going up and down on the screens. Today through the end of the month, if the banks are smart, they will open it open while they have this fixed rate to work with. I’d get as many people through while I can, without having to check the rate every two minutes on Forex. Will taxes apply until the end of the year? According to our guy at the US Treasury, the new tax law supposedly removes all possibility of a supplemental tax on these exchanges. 

If I find out I need to wait until the 1st, that won’t bother me. If there is no tax, we’ll just have to clarify that, and then people will do what they do. There are other possibilities of how to handle this before the first, but we will wait until this goes live to give you those strategies. The rate at this minute is $3.47; the rate has been fluctuating at two of the banks. I want you to understand and look back on this, so that you know what to look at in the future when you look for advice. Everyone has been saying that we need Article 140 for this to go international, or the banks to do that, or HCL, etc. “They” say we need to wait for this to go international. I told you last April that dinar was international for over a year. If you get on a your phone this minute, you have a list of 63 banks and three credit unions that handle dinar in the US. 

You can go in today and buy or sell Iraqi dinar at those banks. CitiBank has dinar listed; pick up the phone and call them, or walk down there with one dinar note. They will examine the note and tell you the rate. It is international already, and for the last two years. What we have been waiting for is a better rate. One of my guys just texted me – he just walked of the bank, and the rate was $3.47. RayRen: Iraqi sources contacted me last night, and the rate on their cards is $3.34. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Tony mentioned (I think…it’s either my interpretation or what I WANT to hear ) that the TNT’ers will be taken care of. How do “they” know who is part of TNT? 

A: I know people who work at the exchange centers. They exchanged someone a few years ago, and sometime they have an agreement with ‘points’. You might say “I don’t want to pay those points; you’re already getting all that money in your bank.” I suggested he do something that he hadn’t thought of, and it worked. That’s what we’ll be talking to you about as this goes more public. 

Q: When we exchange will it be asset backed USN? Or USD as we have now Federal Reserve notes? 

A: It’s going to be digits on a screen! It’s not going to be in a vault with your name on it. It will be the same digits on a screen as everyone else gets. Years ago, my UST said to put your dinar exchange in a separate account, because it might be taxed differently. I will do that, because better safe than sorry. You will never see ‘treasury notes’, physically in your hand. They would have to change all the ATMs and vending machines; I don’t see them doing that. Treasury notes are used between countries, and they are valued differently than the dollar bills you walk around with in your wallet. When we went onto Treasury Reserve bills, people didn’t walk around buying bread with one rather than the other. It’s just BS.

Q: On last night’s call you stated that five or six currencies will come out now, that five more will come out in six months and then nine more after that. Since leverage is the name of the game here, can you tell us which five or six currencies are the ones that are revaluing now, the five or six in six months, and then the other nine and when that might be? Could you also include the potential rates so that we know where we get the biggest bang for our bucks? 

RR: I wouldn’t talk about the future ones, but it’s up to you. 

Tony: I’d say the first ones are the dinar, dong, Zim, Rupiah, and rial… let’s got with those five. For years, the best deal has been the Zim – if it goes at the rate we are hearing. The rate is there, right this minute; we saw it on the screen 20 minutes ago. HOW it will be paid out is in question. Otherwise, the best deal is the Vietnamese dong, in my opinion, because of the rate of return. Also, the dong has always been a legitimate currency, and all we need is the new rate. Some have been scared of the dinar and the Zim, but they look at the dong and say ‘okay’ because they can always take it back if this doesn’t happen. 

If you guys are not billionaires tomorrow, it’s because you didn’t pay attention. When I get off the phone, I’m going to buy as much currency as I can before this goes public! 

RR: What about the guarantee implied by the dinar having already changed on the cards? Tony: As of right this moment, we know that Iraqi dinar is now at $3.37 on their cards. If you can still buy dinar at 1160, then buy it! The rates and plans for the Zim, dong, and rupiah have been pretty consistent apart from Zim, which keeps changing in the last 90 days. Because it’s so much money, they are trying to figure out how NOT to flood the economy [with Zim exchanges]. 

Q: Do you think, believe, or know for a fact if contract rates will be available for any of the other currencies besides the dinar? Also how long those contract rates may be available? 

RR: In know in the past two years, I’ve addressed this numerous times. Maybe they want to here you address this! Tony: I do know there are only two currencies that might have rates with a dollar or more between the high and low rates. Whether that is a ‘rate’ or a ‘contract rate’, there is a difference, and they are still available to certain people. They have street rate or public rate, then a premium rate, and then a contract rate. There you go. That’s what I have been told, and I’ve been given some different levels of those rates. We will talk about how to get those rates on the RV call, once they have been announced. 

Tony: We will go to live callers. I will attempt to answer the other posted questions later, and post my answers on the Questions page. 

Questions from live callers 

865/404: [Greetings and appreciation] Years ago, algorithms were explained, and we were told that once it got beyond a certain point, it wouldn’t be stopped. Was that a fairy tale to keep us in the game? 

Tony: Iraq has tried to push this through five other times within the last 18months. They are ready, they want their money, and they didn’t make the qualifications of IMF, BIS, and US. It actually went through the process and everyone agreed, but when it came to the point, they didn’t let it go. Things constantly changed, so they had to start again from the beginning. We know that this played a part in catching people in frauds, taking dinar across the borders, money-laundering, etc. Unconsciously, we took part in some of those traps. 

Caller: We know that Iraq is focused on corruption; how many politicians and ex-politicians need to be brought to justice before this happens? 

Tony: This is ready to go; that will be months down the road. It’s the same with Kurdistan; if we waited for that to settle down, it could be a couple of years. Those guys are going to be under investigation for months. They are tracking the money through the banks and other records. It’s all documented, the same way we do it over here. However, they need to make a deal with those other countries to get their money back and make agreements to deal with those money movements.

Now that Iraq has changed its laws and judiciary, we know that it won’t happen again, and that gives us the confidence in Iraq and their currency. Remember, we will have a Day of Giving ten days after the event. 

Put TNT or super-fantastic on your gifts, and we will post it all over Facebook and Instagram. I will come up with some kind of reward for those who share the most. And I will definitely be going to Vegas to celebrate, no matter what. OR 

callers: Could you tell me what the Heritage Fund is, please? I haven’t heard that phrase before… 

Tony: I’d love to, but Ray sent me a text saying NOT to talk about the Heritage Fund. If you put that question in the forum, someone will tell you. 

Caller: About the level to be qualified investors for the next round – any news on that? 

RayRen: You will need a net worth of ten million dollars to do that. If we are still doing the calls, I will tell you how to qualify. I was given a list of nine currencies, but I’m not supposed to give that out, so I won’t give it out on a call or in public. 

243 caller: You said that there were two dates, and we’re already past those. Do you believe it will happen this year? 

Tony: They are not on standby, but I’m pretty sure it will happen anywhere from tomorrow to next Tuesday, which is 2. January. I know the plan was to get as many of us in as possible before they go public on Forex. They could start tomorrow and go up to New Year’s Eve. I know they wanted to give us ten days; we are in the window because Iraq has the new rates all the way down to street level. 

The banks were authorized to release it ten days ago, but they didn’t want to do it until Iraq went. The banks will make a ton of money on this, and they might want to bring that in before they have to deal with the volatility of Forex. The foundation bank is going to go first, and then the other banks will go. They are all in competition for your money. So far as I know, the lead bank is still Wells Fargo. 

Caller: I bank at Regions, and when I called last week, they said that dinar is not on the screen, and they will call me when it does go. 

Tony: Several contacts at various banks ARE seeing dinar on their screens, so that will change. If they haven’t seen it before, they may start seeing it today. But they can’t do the exchanges until they are given the green light. They were given authorization ten days ago, but they chose not to go. 

919 caller: Can you tell us the other rates besides dinar? And do you know what’s happening with the Zim? 

RayRen: The rates are still consistent with what we’ve shared for the last six months. 

Tony: The Zim process has changed so many times in the last 2-3 months that I don’t want to confuse anyone. Let’s wait and see what happens, and then we’ll go through this step-by-step. That plans I’ve been told make no sense at all to me. 

RayRen: We’ve been giving different scenarios based on different realities. It seems to be changing again, so let’s get confirmation and then we’ll work out strategies. 

312 caller: [Appreciation] You said the rates on the cards are live in other countries. Are other countries exchanging the dinar already? 

Tony: I don’t know of any countries doing actual exchanges. The cards are held by Iraqi citizens –students, veterans, retired politicians – and their cards are active. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

501 caller: Are there still going to be 800 numbers? 

Tony: The last information I had said that there were five people who would have the numbers and hold calls just like this to get the information out as quickly as possible. Earlier this year, I was still on the list. Last week, I was told that it wasn’t finalized, and they were thinking of having each bank use their own 800 numbers and people to spread the word. That doesn’t make sense to me. Some banks want there to be a national 800 number, but you can’t have one for each bank – there are two many. 

Wells Fargo is supposed to be the foundation bank; WF has call centers and exchange centers set up, and some of those exchange centers will deal with multiple banks. If there is a not a centralized system, they are just asking for chaos as people call banks just to get information. Remember those people showing in buses in front of banks? If they don’t put out 800 numbers, they can expect that all over the country, and I 

Closing Statement 

I appreciate you all hanging on for two hours. We’re now down to the end, so I’m going to say goodbye. Years ago, when I was asked to start doing this, it was only supposed to be for a week… and that was nine years ago. We got caught up helping people, and we have done everything we can to make sure people receives a fair share, how to protect it and how to make it grow, helping as many people as we can, and make it last for generations – if you do the right things, and invest it for you and your family. 

We’ve told you everything we know, so that you can make good plans and choices. Be ready! 

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Report Tony for Probation Violations! 

Judge's email/phone: ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov 913-735-2340 

DA's email/phone: Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov 913-551-6730

RayRat Update , 27 DEC

Chat Capture RayRen98





December 27, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas and we do look forward to a great New Year. But remember the Christmas season on not “officially” over until the 5th of January (12 days of Christmas).

Ok so I need to address some vented stress-out over my last couple newsletters. There are some comments made on my FB site that are totally unnecessary. I even had to ban a couple people which I never want to do. But when you express your anger at me for something I can control or what I said and YOU misinterpreted, then I ca not help you. But let’s be positive today…okay?

First of all, we all know by now the RV did not happen prior to Christmas. I told everyone to relax there was not sufficient enough to warrant all the hype and, as usual, these so called intel ”gurus” take the news and try to exploit it into something it is not.

Secondly, EVERYONE should be celebrating and so I am. This has little to do with the holiday season or drinking the egg nog…lol…lol…. Also this has little to do with an expectation of an RV prior to Christmas. But remember I said not by Christmas but shortly thereafter. The Financial Ministry wants the RV prior to the beginning of the new financial fiscal year for Iraq.

In fact, I am still celebrating and jumping up and down over the news from the last couple weeks, as I believed it will lead to the RV very, very soon.

Thirdly, folks- we are in the BEST position EVER to get the RV in all the waiting of 27 years of the news and the 10 years that I have been in this investment. Get it?

Forth, the conditions were then forming favorably for the re-instatement of the currency. There were multiple articles about this past week on Floating the dinar with the program rate. The CBI told us this simply would not work and explained why. So this was great news to us and showed us something was up. The CBI and the Finance committee knew they had to do something and do it soon. So they made their move and now it’s up to the Feds in the USA to complete the process. But how long will it take, you might ask?

Yes – the timing is the big question. Who knows for sure? Then what pops out just after Christmas? See news below….

See full articles in the article section below.

More news….

Here is recent news from PM Al-Abadi –

“After a tough but successful military campaign our counter-terrorism efforts need to focus on security and intelligence measures to protect gains made against Daesh. The professionalism of our security services and the cooperation of our citizens will help achieve lasting peace”. 

Sounds like there is still work to do to me but is this going to hold up the re-instatement of the currency? 

I did say I was so happy in my past newsletters because I read all the recent news and I know where it’s going to ultimately lead us. I did not think or say it was going to RV right away. I projected a possible EARLY January 2018 change in rate and I showed you the type of rate change on my timeline. Did you read it. This already happened folks.

Just like with Chapter VII and getting out of sanctions. How many times did I tell everyone that Iraq needed to get out of sanctions “fully” prior to having any chance of the RV? I screamed it loud and clear. I included this in just about EVERY newsletter since. Did you listen to me? So, why are you now questioning the re-education program that needs to take place? Are you listening to me now?

So please everyone get off my back and relax. I am only bringing you what I know. I can not make up the news or make the RV happen anytime sooner by lying to you (I leave the lying to the other idiots out there).

So where are we now on Dec 27th? (3rd day of the 12 days of Christmas)

Question: Are the ATMs in Iraq really turned on?

Mnt Goat - Yes and I am presenting an article today to prove it. See full article section below. How many times must we hear this stupid rumor but now it is TRUE. I told you it would be like the crying out the sky is falling over and over again and no one wants to hear you anymore and ignores you. Then when it does actually fall they still ignore you. So now the Iraq really made their next move and so we wait. We know the ATM machines have been set up to go for a very long time and when they are turned they are designed to launch the new lower denomination notes. Also, they couldn’t turn them on until they launch a new rate to coincide with the newer notes. Also the citizens needed to have money in their bank accounts to use the ATM. This could not be done until the government paid them electronically and forced them to use and trust the banks. So, you can conclude for yourself what must have just happened. It now official and no more stupid rumors.

Question: Did the CBI announce the RV in Iraq?

Mnt Goat - No not to my knowledge. It just showed up. Like I said there would be no big fanfare and it would just show up ……and it did. But unless you are watching and knew what to look for you would miss it.

According to my source in the CBI, the CBI released the new polymer notes these past few days and along with it re-instated the currency. They are doing this via the ATM machines. As I said to everyone this would probably happen first in Iraq and we would not yet see it on FOREX. However, they can’t wait to long for FOREX since exchanging thru the ATM in a foreign country relies on FOREX thru the banks to get the new rate to convert the dinar to whatever currency of that international country. So I still do not believe anyone is using these cards outside of Iraq right now.

So, let me explain what just happened. As we know the CBI has wanted to re-instate their currency way back in EARLY 2017. We read the articles this was their goal. Then they postponed it due to SECRRITY reasons. Going back even further the other time they wanted RV was back just a year earlier in EARLY 2016 but the USA and the IMF held it back due to the needed banking and other necessary anti-corruption and financial reform laws (just as I have been telling you were needed). Fast forward again to Dec 9th and the IMF finally releases Iraq from Chapter VII and they are now a sovereign nation and can do what they want with their currency. This week they did just that and when forward with the re-instatement.

We have also had enormous amounts of signals from the financial sector of the GOI that they wanted this in place for the 1st of the year to coincide with the beginning of their new financial fiscal year. Incidentally this matches up to all the other four (4) attempts at the RV in the past just like I have been telling you all along.

Question: If the currency was just re-instated then what is the new rate?

I really don’t want to give out a new rate at this time. For now this move is only showing up in Iraq and they don’t care about a rate since they are dealing in dinar and will stay on dinar. It is difficult to get a rate from them. However when the rate does show up on FOREX (I believe in the next week or two) it should be the FULL re-instated rate of around $3.71 ish. This is what we care about.

Question: How long will the USA and Europe have to wait to get the new rate at the banks and we are allowed to exchange our dinar?

Mnt Goat – the new rate is NOW at the banks but the banks are now reorganizing and strategizing how to roll out the exchange process but only after the Feds release it to the global currency exchanges and then have to put it on a float (off the de facto peg with the US dollar). We have been told it is then planned to be pegged with an SDR basket of five other currencies each with different weights. This will all come shortly so relax and let’s watch it play out. I have a feeling this is going to be the longest 12 days of Christmas we ever experienced …. lol ….lol ……

Question: Does passing the US tax reform law on Friday Dec 22 have anything to do with the recent news of the RV activation?

Mnt Goat – I really don’t know if there was politics behind Trump signing the bill ahead of the announced timeframe in December (which was announced as EARLY Jan) but you should be very happy in USA since the Trump Tax reform just lowered your capital gains rates on this investment.

Question: Will the USA be paying taxes on this exchange?

Mnt Goat – I am not a tax advisor but I will say I heard it will be subjected to the normal capital gains rate for anything over a $250.00 gain.

Question: Why is the CBI closed until the end of 2017?

Mnt Goat - It is very normal for financial institutions to take off for a long Christmas break since they work very long extended hours at the end of the year to get all the accounts balanced and ready for the next fiscal year. Having said this I don’t believe the CBI is closed since I was able to call over to Iraq and talk to someone directly at the Baghdad office.

Question: We have been hearing lots about the Iraqi Finance Ministry wanting all ministries to close their debts by last Saturday Dec 23rd. This coincides with intel of an RV prior to Christmas.

Mnt Goat - The end of the fiscal year in Iraq is Dec 15th. The Finance Ministry simply told the monitories they wanted to have all accounts balanced and closed for 2017 by Saturday. They typically give them 7 days from the end of the Fiscal year to do this. So this is very accurately stated according to policy. The Finance Ministry also told us in an article that they wanted to go on a vacation and close down until the end of the year, thus wanting all ministries to cooperate in this end of year closing date of Dec 22nd. So I do not believe this had anything to do with the RV and was just normal financial accounting practices that had to be done on time. Maybe there was an extra plug to get it done this year because this is their first year of totally controlling their budget and fully out of the DFI fund process.

Question: We are now hearing the we will be at the banks by Jan 2nd or Jan 12th at the latest.

Mnt Goat – Yes, this is not just rumor anymore but we must wait for the FOREX rate until the banks can legitimately and legally let us in to exchange with the new rate. We are simply waiting for the Feds to make their next move like a game of chess. We know what the move will be. I have always told you that the new rate will NOT automatically show up on FOREX and we might have to wait a week or two. Let’s just wait and see.

Incidentally China, the Galactic space ships, madden Wooooo Woooo and the New Republic gang…lol…lol…lol… had NOTHING to do with the Iraqi dinar RV process. Get it? All this was bullshit and has just been proven to be nothing but bullshit. No “new republic” has been announced either but we got the RV anyhow and so we can see this was all nothing but phony and fake intel. Let’s see what fake spin they put on it now to tell you otherwise…lol…lol….


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


(Mnt Goat – three articles came out on this topic. I only presented one)

Baghdad Mawazine News

Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday the launch of ATM service in Iraq through the completion of the payment card held by the citizen to withdraw his money in any place.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by Mawazine News that "THE OPENING OF THE ELECTRONIC BANK ATM IN IRAQ THROUGH THE COMPLETION OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT CARD (MASTER CARD AND OTHER PAYMENT CARD), WHICH IS HELD BY THE CITIZEN TO WITHDRAW HIS MONEY ANYWHERE. Which is applicable internationally to provide excellent banking services to citizens and employees for the purpose of withdrawing his funds when needed.

The statement said that "this step also limits the risk of exposure to various segments of citizens to the thefts that the money they carry through this card will not be visible."




Brigadier General Murad Badai from the right of the picture, and on the left Brigadier General Sherzad Aziz / Photo edited by Kurdistan 24, citing accounts in Facebook

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has ordered the appointment of a commander of an army contingent based in Kirkuk since Iraqi forces and the popular crowd took control of the disputed city about three months ago, a senior Kurdish military commander said.

The decision comes after Kurds complained of a wide- scale crackdown involving officials from their own tribe since Iraqi control of oil-rich Kirkuk. 

After the removal of the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim Ammar Abadi, the appointment of Deputy Governor Rakan Jubouri, an Arab, the post agency.

Security affairs in Kirkuk are now managed by Arab military officers, especially the Kirkuk operations chief and the security chief in the province in general.

Kirkuk, home to a mix of Kurds, Arabs, Turkomans and Christians, is one of the most sensitive disputed areas between Baghdad and Kurdistan.

The site (Kirkuk Nao), based in Sulaymaniyah, Brigadier General Sherzad Aziz said that Abadi "ordered" the appointment of the commander of the 20th division of the Iraqi army deployed within the borders of Kirkuk .

Brigadier General Bader Badai was commander of the 20th Brigade. Kurdistan 24 was unable to reach him as Iraqi authorities banned the work of its correspondents in Kirkuk and the rest of Iraq.

Neither did the Office of Abadi or the Ministry of Defense any official statement clarifying this or setting a date for the Kurdish officer to lead the band 20.

Aziz said Abadi's decision had reached the Iraqi army chief of staff to complete legal procedures.

Aziz, who took part in many battles against Da'ash in Iraq, said his appointment as commander of the 20th Army division was "not on a national basis." He said he was seeking " reconciliation " among the people of Kirkuk. Shirezad Aziz, 46, was born in Kirkuk and took over several positions in the Iraqi army after the fall of the former Iraqi regime in 2003.


Baghdad responded violently to the Kurds' right to self-determination.


Sources told Al-Hurra channel Monday that judicial orders issued for the arrest of 48 senior cadres in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense on charges of financial and administrative corruption.

The sources also revealed similar court orders against dozens of employees of the Ministry of the Interior on similar charges.

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, called Monday in press statements TO DROP THE HARSHEST PENALTY "SPOILERS TO BE A LESSON FOR OTHERS." Jubouri stressed the readiness of the House of Representatives to cooperate with the judiciary to arrest "spoilers."

(Mnt Goat – this needs to be done in the USA too to clean up the crocked politicians in their government…. Can they take the example from Iraq?)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi recently renewed his government's keenness to eliminate corruption in state institutions. HE SAID THE BATTLE AGAINST HIM WOULD NOT STOP AND "WE WILL WIN IT AS WE HAVE WON THE BATTLE AGAINST TERRORISM."



December 22, 2017

BAGHDAD — The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has agreed to lift sanctions imposed on Iraq when the country invaded Kuwait 27 years ago.

(Mnt Goat – remember these sanctions just lifted go back to 1990. So even if after the 2003 war, the sanctions remained but are now “fully” lifted. We can see in this article they are finally confirming that the Kuwait repayments are taken care of Iraq made a gas deal with Kuwait, notified the UN to lift the sanctions. Remember most of these gurus were telling you none of this mattered and they would remain in Chapter VII for very long time. It was I who stood up and shouted to everyone this was wrong thinking, as I knew positively these sanctions had to be cleared prior to any RV. How many times did I tell everyone that? I was just not giving my “opinion”. I knew this by knowledge of the process and FACTUAL basis from my CBI contact. Boy – did I take lots of bashing for telling everyone this and going against the grain of these idiots, but now its over and who was right again?)

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry SAID DEC. 9 THE COUNTRY HAD COMPLETED ITS OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE SANCTIONS, which were imposed in 1990 when dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The UNSC levied the penalties after naming Iraq a threat to international security and ordered it to pay reparations to states and other parties that suffered as a result of the invasion.

Some 27 years later, Iraq is still suffering the effects of the invasion. Hisham al-Rukabi, the head of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki’s press office, told Al-Monitor that the Iraqi people welcomed the recent UN decision.

Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the move is “an important event in Iraq’s recent history and the closing of a painful age that lasted a long time, during which the Iraqi people suffered reduced sovereignty as well as political and economic sanctions that damaged the country’s institutions as well as individuals.”

Lifting the sanctions, he said, “will make Iraq more able to develop and achieve prosperity for its citizens, AND RESTORE THE WORLD’S TRUST SO IT CAN DEAL WITH IRAQ AS A FULLY SOVEREIGN NATION.”

He predicted the decision will allow Iraq to play a greater political and economic role in the Middle East, experience an economic recovery and attract new investment.

Iraq has long suffered the consequences of the sanctions, which were enforced militarily any time Iraq posed a threat to international peace. The country was economically cut off from the world, and its sea, air, land and communications links were severed. Its diplomatic relations with other states were cut, and it lost control of its financial resources and oil exports, which were placed under UN supervision under the oil for food program. A significant proportion of its revenues were used to pay states harmed by its Kuwait invasion.

“Iraq paid reparations to the states that were environmentally and economically harmed by the war, including Israel and Jordan," but its

-- REPARATIONS STALLED IN 2014 BECAUSE OF THE FALL IN OIL PRICES, according to legal expert Tareq Harb. “THE GOVERNMENT’S DEAL WITH KUWAIT TO PAY THE REMAINDER OF REPARATIONS IN THE FORM OF GAS EXPORTED via Basra prompted Kuwait to report to the UN that Iraq was fulfilling its obligations, resulting in a resolution in Iraq’s favor.”

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Essam al-Marzouq said Dec. 10 that the 10-year deal with Iraq provides for imports of 50 million cubic feet of natural gas a day in the first stage, later rising to 200 million. THE DEAL APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN --THE KEY FACTOR THAT PERSUADED KUWAIT TO CALL FOR THE UN TO LIFT THE SANCTIONS.

Iraqi parliament member Jassem Mohammad Jaafar, who is close to Abadi, gave Al-Monitor more details on the deal. “Before the sanctions were lifted, Iraq was not even able to open foreign bank accounts in the name of the government, and its economic and financial contracts and commercial activities were conducted through intermediaries in order to avoid lawsuits. That cost the Iraqi treasury enormously,” he said.

“From now on, Iraq can manage the legal and technical aspects of its financial resources itself — along with everything relating to deposits and foreign real estate holdings — and dispose of its own affairs," he said. “Other countries will no longer hesitate to invest in Iraq, and foreign firms will be encouraged, as Iraq is an oil-rich country and also has major gas reserves and swathes of agricultural land that could be very profitable.”

Iraqi writer and analyst Wathiq al-Jabari, a member of the Tanmiya Center, told Al-Monitor that the resolution will have “positive social effects."

“All efforts to freeze Iraqi funds in international banks have ended, which will enhance Iraq’s financial standing and its creditworthiness,” he said.


He also played up the country’s investment climate now that it can once again work with international firms and banks. WITH ITS VAST OIL RESERVES, IRAQ CAN LOOK FORWARD TO AN ECONOMIC REVIVAL, providing the government is able to bring stability and work fast to stamp out violence and terrorism.



(Mnt Goat – this article does not mean Chapter VII is not “fully” completed. What it is saying is that even though legally sanctions are lifted, Iraq still has some work to do to rid Iraq of some of the issues associated with the sanctions from Cahoter VII like terrorism and corruption. Its all interconnected.

What I need everyone to do is read this article slowly and carefully. It is giving us a flavor of what they are thinking in Iraq. It is not so black and white as many want to believe. But we can get a flavor and try to understand. Perhaps this is the holdup to the RV right now? Abadi first wants to clean up the corruption to come extent and clear Iraq of these terrorist gangs and militias. So have I also not said no RV until these militia gangs are gone and the Iranian threat is taken care of? Now we see this all playing out. Does anyone listen to me? )

Abadi added that Iraq faces "great challenges in the fight against corruption, which IS NO LESS DANGEROUS THAN TERRORISM, stressing that Iraq can achieve political stability and activating dialogues to solve problems with real and serious will of politicians, to provide a safe ground for international companies."


In April 1995, the Security Council adopted resolution 986, which included the oil-for-food formula, which allowed Iraq to export a specific portion of its oil, to benefit from its revenues in the purchase of the humanitarian needs of its people under the auspices of the United Nations. ONE OF THE REASONS FOR POSTPONING THE DECISION TO EXIT IRAQ FROM CHAPTER VII CONTINUED TO PAY COMPENSATION TO KUWAIT MORE THAN FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS FOR THE DAMAGE OF THE INVASION.

On December 9, 2017, the UN Security Council unanimously decided to remove Iraq from Chapter VII after the implementation of the obligations required of him, and the country was suffering under the weight of Chapter VII in the framework of UN sanctions imposed after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Iraq's mission to the United Nations held consultations with the United States to issue a resolution unanimously adopted by the Security Council resolution 2390/2017. 

The parties (Iraq and the United Nations) have implemented the measures imposed under Chapter VII under resolutions 1958 (2010) and 2335 (2016).

IRAQ IS STILL PAYING 4.6 BILLION DOLLARS TO FINALIZE THE FILE OF COMPENSATION WITH KUWAIT, which has been postponed payment since 2014 at the request of Baghdad in view of the economic crisis in Iraq.

The exit from Chapter VII is an important step TO RESTORE IRAQ'S NORMAL STATUS AND INTERNATIONAL STANDING, as it confirms the end of Iraq's obligations under Chapter VII on the oil-for-food program after it was implemented in full.

The economic expert and the financial adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh that the exit from Chapter VII provides opportunities for encouraging foreign investment in Iraq after more than forty years of major conflicts led to a decline in economic development and other walks of life, and will release funds held and frozen at the United Nations and countries and organizations International.

Saleh shows that the remaining AMOUNT OF IRAQ TO THE UNITED NATIONS AFTER HIS DEPARTURE FROM CHAPTER VII UP TO $ 3 BILLION, which adds funds to the Iraqi treasury.

He explained that the COMPLETE EXIT OF IRAQ FROM THIS CHAPTER, means the ability to import technology necessary for economic development in the country, which is very important, as it was prohibited to import modern technology, including dentistry.

He stresses that the transition of Iraq from Chapter Seven, which allows the use of force against our country in resolving disputes with nations to Chapter VI, which sees Iraq as a peace-loving country and resolving disputes with nations by peaceful means, is a positive sign of Iraq's full return by interacting with the international community and providing opportunities for climate Foreign investment in the country, especially in the post-Kuwait donors conference in the reconstruction and investment in Iraq.

Saleh says the next Iraq is the Iraq of Peace and Reconstruction, which has spent more than 40 years of conflict, conflict and a decline in economic development and progress.

Saleh refers to the release of the funds frozen for the Development Fund for Iraq under Security Council resolution 1483 in May 2003, explaining that THERE ARE A LOT OF FUNDS HELD BY THE UNITED NATIONS FROM THE OIL-FOR-FOOD PROGRAM AND THE REMNANTS OF THE COSTS OF INSPECTION TEAMS AND THE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING THAT SHOULD BE HANDED OVER TO THE TREASURY OF THE IRAQI STATe, And any other funds still held or frozen by States or international organizations.

Saleh pointed out that the decision to exit has many positive effects, which is reflected in the low costs of insurance and shipping in various forms to and from Iraq, pointing out that a lot of technology and prohibited facilities on Iraq will disappear, in addition to the climate of investment and credit rating of Iraq will improve to a large extent, Thus strengthening its international position in its economic and financial relations in general and the high investment climate.

The second paragraph of the resolution on the oil-for-food program adopted by the Security Council at its meeting on 8 January 2017 indicates that the Security Council welcomes the fact that the remaining funds in the escrow account established pursuant to paragraphs 3-5 of its resolution 1958 (2010) To the Iraqi Government pursuant to Security Council Resolution No. 2335 of 2016.

The exit of Iraq from Chapter VII on oil for food and the financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that the exit of Iraq from the seventh item, came after, after the implementation of the requirements of the Security Council, WHICH IS A GOOD SIGNAL AND ENCOURAGING COMPANIES AND INVESTORS TO ENTER IRAQ.


The Iraqi analyst and political thinker Ghaleb Shabandar said that there is no neighboring country that has sucked Iraq like Kuwait, as it operates in a scientific, soft and precise manner, similar to the British approach, as it has strengths and can not be confronted by Iraq. Kuwait relies on its affiliated elements of the mafias that promote drugs in Iraq They buy important figures to control joints in Basra.

He said that Kuwait's entry into Iraq was not through investments or companies, but by people (partisan and non-partisan) that dealt with them before and after the US occupation. This confirms Kuwait's relentless efforts to keep Iraq economically and militarily weak, although Iran has linked the situation with parties and pressures. Politically, Kuwait is deeply and strategically tied to the strategic side (oil) and Khawr Abdullah. 

The Shabandar said that Basra is the key to maritime Iraq. Therefore, Kuwait decided through Khawr Abdullah to suffocate Iraq. The decision did not come from the power of Kuwait, but from the weakness of the important figures bought by Kuwait, which uses the clever soft policy hidden against Iraq, And the marshes of Basra.

- He pointed out that the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII to VI does not mean Iraq out of the obligations of the seventh absolutely, because there are related files such as: reconstruction and national reconciliation, and the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, liquidity and cash salaries. 

He praised the efforts exerted by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in combating corruption in all its forms, stressing his ability to do so for important reasons, including: the existence of mechanisms to implement his plan to save Iraq, which is not the only country that suffers corruption, which supports the religious authority steps Abbadi in fighting and salute On top of that, in addition to Abadi is very popular, international support, and support for impartiality in the judiciary and supporters of businessmen and politicians to see Abadi in the elimination of corruption.

In the opinion of Judge Wael Abdul Latif, who was governor of Basra, and a member of the House of Representatives, that the exit of Iraq from the seventh item is not only gradually, because there were five large files open to Iraq, namely:

- The missing file that has been closed. 

Amiri Archive, which was closed. 

- The file of oil-for-food corruption, involving personalities, leaders and even heads of state, has been prosecuted against 95 companies and institutions, but Iraq lost all, and returned $ 152 million, and then closed the file. 

- The fourth file on internationally sanctioned weapons. 

- The fifth and final file that is still in existence is the Kuwaiti compensation, which is one of the most important files that Kuwait legally complies with.

The remaining $ 4.6 billion is in addition to the bargaining on Khawr Abd Allah. Get Khor Abdullah.

Abdellatif said the previous two governments that preceded the Abbadi government in 2006-2014 were overflowing with Iraqi soil in favor of Kuwait, which had mistakenly taken huge oil fields from Iraq, as well as the Umm Qasr naval base, Umm Qasr village and a long land route. The strategic reserves of Iraqi crude oil, Demanding the final demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait, which was agreed 2012-2013.

The expert on economic affairs, Majid al-Suri, said that Iraq today, once it is fully out of Chapter VII, means that there is a vision that allows Iraq to import the necessary technology and cooperation with other countries to obtain this technology for social and economic development in Iraq, which is very important, The problem is not in the decision to exit Iraq from Chapter VII, but more importantly, what happened in Iraq from the issue of eliminating the terrorist organization "urged" and the victories achieved, at the time of the declaration of war on administrative and financial corruption, which contributed to support the Iraqi position of Order attraction To invest with security and stability, and will lead to the prosperity of Iraq economically and financially.

In the view of the professor of strategic management at the University of Baghdad on the Sudanese Chihod that the exit of Iraq from the seventh item "an important event because it will develop and transfer quality at the technological and scientific levels in all economic sectors, research and scientific."

He pointed out that the financial and banking system in Iraq is old and suffers from backwardness and slowness in its procedures and ways of interacting with the global banking system, adding to the burden on the Iraqi economy.

Al-Sudani said that the seventh item is not the main factor in the reluctance of the foreign investor, but rather the absence of monitoring, auditing and governance mechanisms in the projects implemented or under implementation, in addition to the spread of corruption, calling on the government to fortify the banking sector and develop it to be able to provide easy, In terms of their distancing themselves from the financing of terrorism in all its forms.

In the view of economic expert Raed al-Hashemi that the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII requires the government to do more to restore what it lost in the past years due to its abnormal situation within the international community, and stressed that the country was among the list of suspicious countries, which made international banks and international companies and institutions hesitate Cooperate with them.

He says that Iraq's exit from Chapter VII will open doors in all areas, including the freedom of banking transactions, where local banks were prohibited from sending remittances and the opening of credit and documents of shipment.

The experts emphasize that the political situation floundering in the country and preoccupation with the large differences between the political blocs, and the spread of corruption in most joints of state institutions, especially the episodes that pass through the investment process, is an obstacle to the expansion of investment, noting that the results of Iraq's exit from the expense of the item will be slow , And need concerted efforts between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries.



The United States and Iraq have recently intensified their talks to keep a section of US troops permanently in the country following the expulsion of armed militants.

Both countries want to avoid repeating what happened in 2011, when US forces withdrew from Iraq after they successfully curbed al-Qaeda’s threat and reduced violence in the country. But three years after that withdrawal, the Iraqi army collapsed in the face of the march of armed militants.

According to US officials, who declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly, the United States and Iraq have yet to decide on the size and composition of the force that would remain, which could change over time.

The TWO OFFICIALS SAID NO DECISION HAD YET BEEN MADE ON A LONG-TERM PRESENCE, and that the composition of the force to be agreed upon would be determined by the Iraqi government.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW IS SIMILAR TO WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR AFTER 2011,” said James Jeffrey, a former US ambassador to Iraq who is close to the issue in an interview with USA Today.

The US newspaper says it is NOT CLEAR WHETHER THE UNITED STATES WILL BE ABLE TO AVOID SOME OF THE POLITICAL OBSTACLES in Baghdad that have derailed the agreement to keep troops in 2011, and that Iran, which opposes the presence of US troops in the country, has strong political influence in Iraq.



The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alaq, that floating the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq because the government monopolizes the dollar, indicating that the reserves of Iraq is 48 billion US dollars.

Al-Alak said in an interview with Al-Arabi African newspaper that “the oil countries usually rely on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with flexibility, and do not resort to the float method, unless their reserves are controlled to a level that is insufficient, which did not happen either in Iraq or countries “Noting that” floating is difficult to apply in IRAQ, CONSIDERING THAT THE GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY, DE FACTO, THE OFFER OF THE DOLLAR AND FOREIGN CURRENCIES. ”

He added that “Iraq’s reserve of the dollar is 48 billion US dollars.”

He pointed out that “there is an understanding and coordination between the Central Bank and the government through the Ministry of Finance, and in this regard has formed a Higher Coordination Committee between the Ministry and the Central Bank; therefore, work together through the program of credit readiness with the IMF, as this program includes reforms and procedures related to mainly economic, financial and monetary structures. ”

“At this stage, the Central Bank of Iraq is focused on achieving the concept of” financial inclusion “and its applications, where the circumstances of previous years did not help because of the security and financial instability, the Bank HAS DEVELOPED A SHORT-TERM AND LONG-TERM PLAN TO EXPAND THE APPLICATION OF THIS CONCEPT,

That “the short-term plan aims to agree with the government to deposit salaries of all state employees in banks, which will add more than 3 million people to deal with banks, and long-term resettlement.”



(Mnt Goat – When you read this remember they are talking about the currency float for the program rate under the currency process. This in not what we want.

Why is this article then so important:

1)They are telling the importance of going on a float with the currency

2)They telling us with this current system a float won’t work and why it won’t work

3)it confirms once again to us that the dinar is now on a ‘de facto” peg the US dollar, as setup in October 2003. Remember my history lesson? 

3)They know the “project to delete the zeros” is the ONLY way they are going to get the dinar currency on a float. But first they must abandon this currency process they are now on of converting dinar to dollars to do business with the outside world. Only when they get of the “de facto” peg to the US dollar can the then go international and then float the rate)

We (meaning the CBI) succeeded in:

Requiring banks to implement AML / CFT

Al-Arabi Newspaper / 22 December 2017

Interview in Baghdad – by Hatem Abdel Qader

<< We achieved financial and economic stability despite difficult circumstances.

<< Oil countries do not resort to the decision to float their currency in exchange for foreign currencies.

<< The decision to float the Egyptian pound is correct and came late.

On the sidelines of the Third Conference of the Central Bank of Iraq, on 9 and 10 of this month, which held under the title "The role of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving financial and economic stability", I had this dialogue with the governor of the bank, Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Alalq, which revealed the epic of Iraq in cooperation between the Central Bank and the government through the Ministry of Finance, without the authority of one authority

Another; a target for the Iraqi good, and how this epic was at a time when the gangs dominated it criminal acts on large swathes of Iraq, where Iraq's economy remained cohesive, as it maintained monetary policy on the stability of the exchange rate of the national currency against foreign currencies, which is borne by the Government Iraq's largest share, so as to ease the burden on the Iraqi citizen.

Although oil states do not resort to floating currencies in exchange for foreign currencies, in his dialogue confirmed his support for the Egyptian decision to float the pound against the US dollar, and even confirmed that it was a decision late.

(Mnt Goat – they are saying let’s not repeat the same mistake with the Iraqi dinar and float it too late, meaning got off the de facto peg and go international)

He also revealed the "suspension" of the continuation of negotiations between the Egyptian and Iraqi sides to return the work of a branch

Rafidain Bank in Egypt to serve the Egyptian economy and the interests of retired Egyptians who were working in Iraq.

To the text of the dialogue with the governor of the Central Bank:

Question:• First, how the CBI managed the country's monetary policy during the last period that followed the war on a terrorist organization that has seen instability?

This was done through a number of procedures and laws implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq in coordination directly with the Ministry of Finance in two directions:

First: the reconstruction and the general budget of the state and adapting them to responds, albeit to a certain extent, with the significant drop in oil prices. Effectively, the ministry was able, with direct coordination between the Prime Minister, to reduce government spending and increase some

Which contributed to reducing the deficit gap.

Second: The purchase of treasury bills, which total during 2015 and 2016, reached 16 trillion dinars and provided considerable liquidity for the country's economic and financial situation.

Question:• What is the policy taken by the Central Bank of Iraq to manage its foreign currency resources as well as exchange rate against local currency?

Certainly, Iraq depends mainly on managing its foreign currency resources on its oil exports, the reserves are therefore dependent on ups and downs; therefore, in the years before the decline Oil prices (before 2015). The existing foreign currency covers demand and is even greater than

This increase naturally led to an increase in the reserve for the Bank's foreign currency central Iraq.

In the last two years, dollar revenues from oil exports have declined by about 2% (50%). This has put a great strain on monetary policy, where government expenditure has not fallen the same which created pressure on the foreign currency to cover this difference and because of accumulated reserves the central bank has for years been able to absorb this shock, and within the process of balancing the price drainage, reserves and inflation have been able to emerge from this shock after oil prices have improved, and now the Central bank reserves began to rise gradually.
Question:• Why did not the Central Bank of Iraq on the decision to float the local currency?

Normally oil states rely on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with elasticity, and do not resort to float method, unless their reserves are set to a low level, which is not the case in Iraq or in the states oil. These countries have experienced the oil price cycle (rising and falling), with no concern about the exchange rate for her currency.


Question:• What do you think about Egypt's experience and its floating of the pound against the US dollar?

I support the decision to float the pound in Egypt, and unfortunately came late.

Question:• How much is Iraq's cash reserve currently?

US $ 48 billion.

Question:• Let me take the title of your last conference: "The Central Bank of Iraq is investigating Economic and financial stability "?

If we proceed from the core, financial stability is based on the ability of the financial sector to bear shocks and risks as well as changing circumstances, in this sense of financial stability the central bank took including:

- The removal and prevention of the financial sector from risks, including the issuance of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the financing of terrorism, issued in 2015, and obligating banks to apply the relevant regulations and rules to remove them from the risks of financial crimes and money laundering.

- Strengthening precautionary control.

- Strengthening payment systems, through the establishment of a national division and ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS, where they are conducted the clearing and settlement process through this system to achieve regulation, control and control of operations banking.

Question: • The relationship between the central bank and the government: 

To what extent is cooperation and complementarity of roles and to what extent have a collision?

There is an understanding and coordination between the Central Bank and the Government through the Ministry of Finance a higher coordinating committee has been formed between the Ministry and the Central Bank, so we work together through the Preparedness Program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as this program contains reforms and procedures related to the form of the IMF fundamental to the economic, financial and monetary structure.

Question: • We would like to highlight the experience of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving financial coverage.

At this stage, the Central Bank of Iraq focuses on achieving the concept of "financial inclusion" and its applications

THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF PREVIOUS YEARS DID NOT HELP BECAUSE OF SECURITY AND FINANCIAL INSTABILITY. The Bank's short-term and long-term plan to expand the application of the concept. 

The short-term plan aims at agreeing with the government to deposit the salaries of all state employees banks which will add about 3 million people to deal with banks, then settle on long-term.

Question: • Finally, what is the latest reached on the re-employment of the branch of Rafidain Bank (Iraq) in Egypt?

According to my talk with the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, he explained that the matter is related to their policy of not increase the number of banks operating in Egypt, and we still engage with them in this regard, especially as a branch Rafidain Bank in Cairo is not a new establishment, but it is very old.

In addition, countries usually have economic, commercial or financial interests to open banks to settle these transactions.



(Mnt Goat – Oh wait a second! Isn’t this the same sleaze that held back oil revenue sharing with the KRG repeatedly during his 8 years as PM? What a contradiction? This is another political ploy to try to take down the current PM Abadi. That is all it is. Elections are coming up….)

The Deputy President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki, on Saturday, that Baghdad is obliged to grant the region share of 17% of the federal budget, provided that the region to produce oil produced to the state budget, while pointing out that even if the region granted 100 barrels .to Baghdad only, To get his rights.

The Kurdish people are our people. I have repeatedly said to the brothers the Kurdish" leaders, if what is happening is spent on the Kurdish people and God, even if the increase is not a loss," Maliki said in a televised interview with the Kurdish station "Rudaw". Anfal and chemical and in the mountains, but when we became in the State Constitution and organized relations between the components and between the provinces and the region, which took an .official dimension He added that "the method adopted that the wealth in Iraq all in the south, center and north meet in a single container named budget," noting that "this budget meets the proceeds of Iraq and distributed according to population ratios, the Kurds take their share, which was ." % approved earlier by 17 We do not have in the annual budget of the state, which is the salaries of the regional staff" or the salaries of the Peshmerga, we have only that the share of the region is 17% of the total revenues after the removal of sovereign expenditures, Given to the territory and the territory to act for either the staff or Peshmerga or reconstruction or construction, agriculture .or industry He pointed out that "the issue of salaries is one of the ironies with regret that exploited the ".political exploitation of some of the Kurdish political brothers



{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Iraqi ports announced the establishment of a new electronic system to link finance to individuals. 

According to a statement of ports, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, "an electronic system was established to link salaries and central personnel electronically."

(Mnt Goat – Okay so let me jog your memory. Didn’t I tell you that Iraq needs to go electronic for ALL salaries. Now we are hearing about the Customs and Tariffs workers salaries going live…..finally….This is a good thing. This is all this article is about. Check off one more…)


He also said that the ministry will also issue a ministerial identity containing the password for each employee. The employee will be able to enter the account and show all the information of the employee with the identity to know about his bonuses, promotions, job rank and any field in the salary scale. "He said.

(Mnt Goat – Nice employee portal, don’t you think. Welcome to the 21st century! )

He added that "after the introduction of all the information of staff in the financial section will be addressed to the audit department to develop a program showing lists of entitlements of financial staff can not audit the lists and control," noting "directly financial section - Payroll today to enter the financial statements of employees."

(Mnt Goat – Okay so they are telling us the Audit Department is next on their list to complete the tie in to this employee portal. Stay tuned for more info on this.)




MP Mohammed Saadoun al-Chihoud said on Monday that the 17% share of the Kurdistan region's budget WAS GRANTED TO KURDS IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND FOR SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS, indicating that solving the problems of the region lies in excluding the ruling family.

(Mnt Goat – So now we know the Kurds will NOT get the 17% unless they solve some of the problems in the region. We already heard about the corruption with the fraudulent salaries and now they are telling us about the “monarchy” family run government that needs to be abolished and have open and free elections)

The Chihod, for / Mawazin News /, that "the proportion of the 17% that was allocated to the budget in the budget was abnormal and given them for special considerations," noting that "the budget sent by the government provided for the proportion of the real region, which is 12.68%."

He added that "the Kurds are our people and the Kurdish parties are a fundamental part of the political process, BUT OUR PROBLEM WILL REMAIN WITH THE REGION IN LIGHT OF THE SURVIVAL OF THE RULING FAMILY IN KURDISTAN AND NOT CHANGE."

(Mnt Goat – Did I not say that the GOI has to break up the monarchy of the Kurdistan region? Here is more evidence of this. Along with this step if the total decentralization of the KRG and the Kurdistan Region altogether. Isn’t it amazing how Mnt Goat knows all this? How? I READ THE ARTICLES! )

"The ruling family in the region controls the necks of the Kurds and the confiscation of their freedoms and the theft of their wealth, so its presence is a problem within the region and with the federal government," he said.

He pointed out that "Massoud Barzani dominates the necks of the Kurds, which is the cause of the problems that have occurred and will be obtained in light of his survival despite his resignation, but he has a deep state that runs things in the region." He stressed that "what happened to the demonstrators and their suppression confirms the dictatorship of Barzani."

"The SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE REGION IS THE EXCLUSION OF THIS FAMILY AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW SYSTEM, and the demand of the parties to form a government representing all spectrum adopt dialogue between the federal government and oversee the upcoming elections."


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In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way until the FOREX exchange rate is posted.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

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