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Me dicen que van a correr las cosas ahora. Osea, el Dinero de afuera puede entrar sin problema alguna. Que los contratos privados deben de comenzar a llenar las cuentas de los paymasters supuestamente y nos tocaaaaaaaaaa prontoooo!!! God is Good.... Verdad...???
Ahora le toca a los contratos privados para traer el dinero para los EE.UU. Legalmente...!!!! wooohooooo
They tell me that things are going to run now. In other words, money from outside can enter without problems that private contracts should begin to fill the accounts of the taxpayers supposedly and will touch us soon! God is good ... Truth ... Now you have private contracts to bring money to the US. Legally ... !!!! wooohooooo


12-24-2017  ***  Dinar Guru News UPDATE ***  All month there has been rumblings that the UNSC had removed Iraq from Ch 7...and that Iraq was downgraded to CH 6.  The gurus feel this is a big improvement for international relations, trade and investment and a huge step toward dinar acceptance in international banks...This appears to be more an more official as GOI officials and representatives mention the importance of the step to Ch 6 and it's impact.  The Dinar Gurus' Master List of Possible To-Dos in the left column of this page has been officially updated to reflect this exciting news! {The Latest Guru Posts will continue below...}
12-24-2017  Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Article:  "Central Bank: float the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq" ...it seems like at this time they are more focused on opening accounts and withdrawing the dinar from the market then floating.   Which may mean currency reform comes before any attempt to float.   I also want to point out he is stating it is "difficult," nothing more.

12-24-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   
It has been reported to me that...  1. PM Abadi gave a speech in the Mosque informing the citizens that he has relinquished control of the economic reforms regarding the currency to the CBI.  2. Citizens cards are starting to show a new rate...slowly, but surely.  Since the markets are closed until December 26, all focus and attention rests on that date for the earliest indication of the RV, but it could be a few days past that.Either way, your 2018 should begin with a big bang and lots of memories to share with future generations. Time Will Still Tell All!

12-24-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Wednesday, that the exit of Iraq from the seventh item (UN Chapter VII) will provide an environment conducive to foreign investment."  ...this statement concludes any questions of whether or not Iraq is “fully’ out of Chapter VII.  Iraq is now under Chapter 6 of the UN Charter. Being down graded to Chapter 6 is very good news...So Iraq now operating under Chapter 6 just rejoined the club or normalcy.  Quote:  "Saleh said in a statement to “Economy News” that “THE CLIMATE OF INVESTMENT AND CREDIT RATING FOR IRAQ WILL RISE because many of the funds frozen by the United Nations of the oil-for-food programs and inspection teams and others will return their money to the state treasury.” [Ch.7 updated in the "Official Master List Of Possible To-Dos" in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar in the left column of this page.]


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A Kurdish MP in the Iraqi parliament believes the US and UK are reason for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s egoistic attitudes towards the Kurdistan Region and believes Nouri al-Maliki’s interview with Rudaw will help lead to a resolution to Erbil-Baghdad disputes. http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/231220173

chattels: “Abadi has been looking at the things in an arrogant way and his arrogance has reached a point in which he does not think well...
Until now he is not even ready to meet with the [Kurdish] blocs,” in the Iraqi parliament, said Arez Abdullah, a Kurdish MP in Baghdad from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

chattels: “Part of the blame for Abadi's egoism is on the USA and UK as they made him reach this level of egoism,” Abdullah said. “But I do not think he will continue this way because even they understand Abadi’s egoism will harm not only Abadi himself, but also the US, UK and the west.”

chattels: Abdullah said the interview that Rudaw's Ranj Snagawi held with Iraqi VP Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad will pave the way for leading to resolutions to issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

chattels: "Mr. Maliki clearly expressing his stance and stressing dialogue to resolve [Erbil-Baghdad] issues is a good thing,” Abdullah said, adding “because he is the head of the largest parliamentary bloc in Iraq as well as the vice president of Iraq and has a strong personality. This [attitude] helps other parties to compete to come forward to resolving the issues.”

chattels: Interview: VP Maliki says Iraq has to help Kurdistan before it’s too late By Ranj Sangawi http://www.rudaw.net/english/interview/23122017

chattels: Mr. Maliki is soliciting the Kurdish vote / support again to make himself Prime Minister.

chattels: What do you think of the results of next year’s elections? Will the next prime minister be from the Hashd al-Shaabi or someone supported by the Hashd al-Shaabi? - Rudaw

chattels: No one knows yet who the next prime minister will be. This depends on the result of the election, ballot boxes and peoples’ opinion. The candidate for prime minister will be from the party with the biggest faction. Can we say what party will have the biggest faction from now? We surely can’t. - Maliki

chattels: Do you think the party claiming to have defeated ISIS and frozen the referendum will win the majority? - Rudaw

chattels: No. Most people think of many questions when they stand before the constitution. The things you mentioned are not enough to win the majority in the election. People, along with their commitment and affiliation, are divided. No one can guarantee victory. - Maliki

TWW: Again??: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/coinbase-suspends-trading-amid-cryptocurrency-171719518.html

chattels: In a short, what do you want to say to the Kurdish nation? - Rudaw

chattels: I am hurt and sad to hear that the Kurdish nation is in difficult living conditions. It will hurt me if this situation is not resolved. I am worried it will escalate. Now the Kurdish nation enjoys freedom, hope and services. I am concerned that the Kurdish nation will lose this opportunity if a solution is not reached.

I hope leaders of the Kurdish nation do not become experts in losing opportunities. There is an invaluable chance before the Kurdish nation and Kurdish leaders should not miss this opportunity. They should make every effort to take it, so that it is not lost. - Maliki

chattels: Maliki is a snake.

spankie: why he is still around dunno, abadi should put him away but seems he has been bought w maliki money. Abadi started out very well but recently is sliding

spankie: if he was gone i think things would be different in Iraq, people do not trust the gov 
​BREW: WHERE DO THESE GURU'S GET THERE BS....... DR. CLARKE DR. CLARKE (12-20-17 Repost) – OPINION: “Houston……we have LIFT OFF!” DECEMBER 23, 2017 – JANUARY 1, 2018 (Just as we showed in our 12-4-17 Post.) We showed you DECEMBER, way back this Summer (6 months ago) July of this year, in our 7-27-17 Post, for a Very Good Reason…….AND we showed the Prior Weeks and Months Leading up to DECEMBER…..…Specifically. How many weeks & months did we list AFTER DECEMBER 2017, from our 7-27-17 Post? ANSWER: NONE…….NONE. ZERO. DECEMBER, is the Very Last Month We Listed.

Have you ever wondered “WHY” we gave 6 months of B.S., AHEAD OF TIME, and ENDED at DECEMBER, from our 7-27-17 Post? WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR, Soooooooo Loooooooong – is about to become “PUBLIC & OFFICIAL”. You’ll soon “SEE”, what we “SEE”, and know “The Rest of the Story”. Read Full Post Here: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/dr-clarke-12-20-17-opinion-houstonwe-have-lift-off Read more at: https://dinardetectives.com/dr-clarke-152/

xyz: Rasheed bank closes door till next to prepare and implement annual budget http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbaghdadtoday.news%2Far%2Fnews%2F28535%2F_&sandbox=1


Saturday UPDATE for December 23, 2017

Posted by RayRat98

It has been reported to me that....

1. PM Abadi gave a speech in the Mosque informing the citizens that he has relinquished control of the economic reforms regarding the currency to the CBI.

2. Citizens cards are starting to show a new rate......slowly, but surely.

Since the markets are closed until December 26, all focus and attention rests on that date for the earliest indication of the RV, but it could be a few days past that. Either way, your 2018 should begin with a big bang and lots of memories to share with future generations. Time Will Still Tell All! #wearethepeople

Zorra GCR Update, 24 DEC


00:13:22 – 00:15:12 (Zorra) "Now what is termed do not worry, do not waiver or fret about the GCR, or the update of the RV, as you term it the slang term for GCR, 800-numbers, or e-mails, should be going out some time on this today, or tomorrow. So you should be receiving notification to allow you to get your appointment setup. And if you have done it already, get your what is called your wealth managers in-line as well, and because they will soon be receiving notification that this is occurring, and they are going to be calling their clients quite shortly, I'm sure. So all of this is coming about in divine order, Prime Creator took what is called control of the switch, or the button as you term it, and put it in his hands/her hands, so it is in her court now to press the button, or flip the switch, for what is termed to allow the Global Currency Reset to commense fully. So this is what we are waiting for."


Samson:  Dialogue with the "Arab African" with Dr. Ali Alalak Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

 24th December, 2017

Dr. Ali Al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq for "Arab African": We succeeded in obligating

banks to implement the AML / CFT law ... To download click here



Why did not the Central Bank of Iraq on the decision to float the local currency?


Usually oil countries rely on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with flexibility, and do not resort to the float method, unless their reserves are controlled to a level below the adequacy, which did not happen either in Iraq or other oil countries.

These countries have experienced the oil price cycle (rising and falling), with no concern about the exchange rate of their currency.

Also, flotation is difficult to apply in Iraq, given that the government de facto controls the offer of the dollar and foreign exchange. 

DELTA   (wink)

Lobster:  Thank you Delta & Samson!   "Why did not the CBI"......hmmmmmmmmm... past tense?



Samson: Central Bank: Flooding of the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq

 24th December, 2017

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alaq, that floating the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq because the government monopolizes the dollar, indicating that the reserves of Iraq is 48 billion US dollars.

Al-Alak said in an interview with Al-Arabi African newspaper and read by "Economy News" that "the oil countries usually rely on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with flexibilityand do not resort to floating method, unless their reserves are controlled to a level below the adequacy, which is not Whether in Iraq or other oil states, "noting that" flotation is difficult to apply in Iraqconsidering that the government, de facto, monopoly the offer of the dollar and foreign currencies. "

He added that "Iraq's reserve of the dollar is 48 billion US dollars."

He pointed out that "there is an understanding and coordination between the Central Bank and the government through the Ministry of Finance, and in this regard has formed a Higher Coordination Committee between the Ministry and the Central Bank; therefore, work together through the program of credit readiness with the IMF, as this program includes reforms and procedures related to Mainly economic, financial and monetary structures. "

"At this stage, the Central Bank of Iraq is focused on achieving the concept of" financial inclusion "and its applications, where the circumstances of previous years did not help because of the security and financial instability, the Bank has developed a short-term and long-term plan to expand the application of this concept, That "the short-term plan aims to agree with the government to deposit the salaries of all state employees in banks, which will add more than 3 million people to deal with banks, and then resettlement in the long term."


Samson:  See Delta's post No. 50 which is the article from CBI - this article is from another site

Don961:  Abadi directed to disrupt the day and tomorrow tomorrow for Christians

Saturday, December 23,

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday that the day-to-day and day-to-day conditions for Christians will be disrupted.

Al-Abbadi's office said in a brief statement received by Al-Sumerian News that "Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi congratulates the birthday of Jesus Christ and directs that the holiday of the feast of the Christian brothers will be on Sunday and Monday 24 and 25/12/2017." 

The Christians of Iraq and the world annually celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (AS), Easter and New Year's Day celebrations.     link


Samson:  Haitham al - Jubouri: the delay in approving the budget is a big mistake legislative recess is illegal

 24th December, 2017

MP Haitham al - Jubouri , a member of the Finance Committee said that the delay in approving the budget is a big mistake and legislative recess in the House of Representatives is illegal, and added that the delay

The adoption of the budget will inflict a significant negative impact on the interests of people and will reduce the revenues of the state to a large extent, especially non-oil ones, despite our reservations on some of the textsespecially in terms of exchange rate and the price of a barrel of oil, but there is the possibility of amendment during the second reading or in agreement with the government As the enjoyment of the House of Representatives holiday Legislative Despite the arrival of the draft budget law before its beginning is a clear violation of the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Council and assume the Presidency of the measure

Al-Jubouri continued, "We are sorry because they heard the voices of some blocs that wanted to disrupt the adoption of the budget and did not listen to the voices of millions of Iraqi people, whose interest is in the early recognition of this vital law.   LINK

Truckersam:  Maybe they need a new Rate first


TIM:   Article: JesusLovesBaseball: Post #14:    Iraq: Authorities received files of corruption in the banking sector   LINK

Quote:  Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received from high commissions of inquiry yesterday, completed files of investigations into files of corruption in the banking sector, pending legal action against those involved. The Iraqi government announced at the end of November, launching a campaign against corruption, after the activation of the work of international investigators to this end last year.

The move is a remarkable development in the country, which suffers from lack of transparency and widespread administrative and financial corruption.”

TIM:  From post 14 from jlb. family look: completed files from our studies

When it is in print its already happened!!

i believe…..imo this was our last hurtle to see this spec investment turn into realization. Merry Christmas to you and your family and may it be a safe one for all. Frank........soon 
Samson:  International Development Bank decides to open two branches in Baghdad

 24th December, 2017

The International Development Bank (IDB) announced Sunday the opening of two branches in Baghdad to provide banking services.

"It will soon open two branches in Baghdad to conduct its banking activities and provide services to its customers," the bank said in a press release read by Al-Iktissad News.

The bank said that "the first branch will be in the Mall of Baghdad Alharithip, while the second will be in the Mansour area, the intersection of the hour," noting that "the two branches will contribute to the development of banking and the economic process in the country."

"The bank building in the intersection of the clock will be developed and of international specifications."


Samson:  I did a search on this one  here is their website  http://www.idb.iq and profile  http://www.idb.iq/bank-profile.php

Here is what part of their profile says :

International Development Bank for Investment and Finance “IDB Iraq”, was established in April 2011 as a joint-stock company (authorized by Central Bank of Iraq as a Islamic Bank) with a paid up capital of 100 billion Iraqi dinars (around USD 85 million) and subsequently increased further to 160 billion Iraqi dinars (around USD 136 million) before end of June 2012. Subsequently the paid-up capital was increased to IQD 250 billion (US$ 215 million) to meet the Central Bank Regulations whereby IDB Iraq license was converted into a conventional bank.

The Bank operates in all major cities of Iraq with 11 branches, and another 6 branches are under development that are expected to start operations before the year end 2016.

Also being the only private bank with the "largest ATM network" in Iraq with the state of art Wincor ATM machines.

Another milestone achieved was when IDB Iraq became "principal member" of "MasterCard" & "Visa Card "in Iraq for acquiring and issuing cards.

Also the Bank has recently established its Rep Office in Beirut and is in the process of obtaining the license for two overseas branches in Dubai & Athens.

The Bank's corporate image and marketing strategy has also been revised in co-operation with a leading marketing and advertising agency.

The unveiling of the new corporate identity will be during this year following the completion of our remodeled branches and staff training.

IDB Iraq has been recently placed in the top most banks by the Central Bank of Iraq and Ernst & Young by achieving a 2.2 CAMELS rating.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 24 2017

Compiled 12:24 am EDT 24 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 23 2017 2:19 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 23, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The intention to release the RV before Christmas still remains (ideally before midnight EST on Christmas Eve Dec. 24).

2. The RV started off as a Cabal scam orchestrated by Bush to make profits from the Iraqi Dinar when it revalued after the war ended in Iraq. It was shortly turned around by the Alliance.

3. The Global Currency Reset (GCR) was created and tied in with the RV.

4. It was then discovered that other currencies would revalue, with ZIM being the most recent discovery.

5. It evolved overtime from a simple investment to becoming a part of the major transitional event.

6. It also resulted in an influx of future humanitarians and will be the kickstarter to arrival of GESARA.


B. Dec. 23 2017 12:42 pm EST, Tank: "Set Time for Release Today" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.23.17

1. A source out Zurich notified today Dec. 23 of authority to disburse.

2. Their funds were liquid and they would begin their disbursement to their groups on Tuesday Dec. 26.

3. Other key groups received notice overnight that their SKRs were liquid and they have an undisclosed time (to me, not to them) before Christmas when they will receive access.

4. It has been 100% confirmed that Leo Wanta has been paid and is liquid.

5. That means ALL of us should be included immediately.

6. Large ZIM holders have appointments to exchange today Dec. 23.

7. There is a set time today Dec. 23 for release.



I was visiting with a friend of mine and we were talking about the wonder of children,especially at Christmas time, and he shared the following story with me.

He and his wife have a four year old daughter and in the early part of November 1990, his wife gave birth to a healthy boy.

Since the birth of the little boy, his sister wanted to be left alone with the baby, but the parents were afraid. They had heard of jealous children hurting new siblings, and they did not want the baby hurt.

"No, no," they said. And, "Not yet." And also, "Why do you want to be with him? What are you going to do? "Nothing, she said, I just want to be alone with him."

Since the birth of the baby boy, the little girl had begged her parents for weeks. She was so insistent, that on Christmas morning 1990, the parents finally agreed.

There was an intercom in the baby's room. They decided they could listen, and if the baby cried, if the little girl hurt the baby, they could rush into the room and pick the infant boy up.

So, on that Christmas morning, the little girl went in, approached the crib. Alone.

 She went up to the newborn baby, and over the intercom they heard her whisper, "TELL ME ABOUT JESUS, I"M FORGETTING."


Saturday UPDATE for December 23, 2017

It has been reported to me that....

1. PM Abadi gave a speech in the Mosque informing the citizens that he has relinquished control of the economic reforms regarding the currency to the CBI.

2. Citizens cards are starting to show a new rate......slowly, but surely.

Since the markets are closed until December 26, all focus and attention rests on that date for the earliest indication of the RV, but it could be a few days past that.

Either way, your 2018 should begin with a big bang and lots of memories to share with future generations. Time Will Still Tell All!


l Rasheed Bank announces it will be closed from December 25, 2017, until January 2, 2018, to be able to prepare "and implement" annual budgets.

[Hmmmmm, could the banks' annual budget coincide with the countrys' annual budget which could possibly include a new rate????]


Keyman:  Could the bank be closing to prevent a run on the bank due to a currency revaluation?

Debritt:  Abadi has relinquished the currency reforms to CBI so listen to Alaq

Markster:  Since the markets are closed until December 26, all focus and attention rests on that date for the earliest indication of the RV, but it could be a few days past that. Either way, your 2018 should begin with a big bang  (smile)


AnotherMailman:  I wonder if this is common practice, closing a major bank like Rasheed Bank for a whole week! 

Don961: Rasheed Bank will stop its work from tomorrow until the second day of next year

12/24/2017 5:23:02 AM

Baghdad: Al Rasheed Bank announced on Sunday, December 24, 2017, that it will close its doors from tomorrow until the second of January.

"The bank will close its doors from Monday to January 2, 2018, in order to make it possible for bank employees to prepare and implement annual budgets," the bank's statement said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that most of the financial institutions in the country, stopped work from 25 December each year, to prepare budgets and annual inventory of them.        link

Don961:  Here is an old article speaking of delete the zeroes .... Mechanisms and exceptions may have been made as far as timing since then ....because of Iraq's unique position and importance ... but like the statement that says all accounts begin with currency .... presume they mean old and NEW  :


The Central Bank warns against changing the date of the draft delete zeros

The Central Bank of Iraq that the project to delete the zeros must be the beginning of the year and not in the middle because it causes a problem in the accounts of the state.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the project to delete the three zeros of the Iraqi currency needs a new financial year because all accounts begin with currency

The new books shall not be recorded in a currency other than the currencies in which the beginning of the year was recorded.

He added that «start deleting the zeros of the currency in mid-2013 is a proposal came from the members of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, but the Central Bank held talks on that proposal and found that the project may not start in the middle of a new financial year».

The Finance Committee formally called the Central Bank to wait Currency exchange in January 2013 and to be replaced by the middle of next year in July next so there will be more study by officials to replace them ».

The central bank announced earlier that the draft delete the three zeros of the Iraqi currency will transfer the country from the country of trillions to billions ». It is noteworthy that some economists opposed the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency because the country is not ready for the time of this project.

Source: Al-Sabah Newspaper       link

Mark555:   TA-DA Wink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don961:  Iraq: Attracting investments requires the elimination of corruption

- 13 Hours Ago

Economic experts stressed that the focus on attracting international investment to Iraq must be accompanied by great efforts to undermine corruption and to achieve a sound environment capable of meeting the requirements of the reconstruction of areas liberated from terrorism. In a seminar organized by the Center for International Projects in cooperation with the Institute for Economic Reform, they pointed out that "the coming period is expected to witness a massive reconstruction movement in which the international community has a vital role to enhance the chances of successful implementation of development projects in all sectors."

"Corruption is a stumbling block to economic development, and Iraq desperately needs to undermine corruption, create an ideal working environment that attracts international investment, and demands that it return to its regional and international environment, especially as it is an important part of The world, and must study the reasons for the presence of Iraqi businessmen abroad and work to create the working environment that attracts them ».

The economic expert Zuhair al-Hassani presented a paper entitled «Administrative and financial corruption in Iraq and ways to combat it, stressing the importance of restoring the economic role in the domestic market, supporting the national product, which provides employment opportunities to accommodate high unemployment rates through the implementation of the four economic laws without delay or exceptions , Namely, the Tariff Law, the National Product Support Act, the Consumer Protection Law, the Competition Law and the Prevention of Monopolies, and the establishment of the councils provided for in these laws to ensure their proper implementation.

He added: «The reality requires the support of the private sector through banking facilities and the extinguishment of debts and fines and taxes in order to restore confidence in the business environment and the operation of plants stalled and encourage the return of Iraqi capital expatriate, and rehabilitation of public companies through partnership between the public and private sectors and accelerate the legislation of the partnership law currently before the Council The State Shura, and the establishment of the Association Council headed by the Prime Minister ».

"The importance of rehabilitating the central markets in partnership with the private sector to support the daily needs of people with limited income, instead of the ration card, which was corrupted by corruption and commissions and waste of public money, and prevent the sale of government contracts, which provides a sub-fertile environment for corruption. He called for the preparation of feasibility studies for development projects and estimate their real cost rather than delusion and transfer them to solid companies capable of accomplishing them, contrary to what is happening now, and encouraging investment in improving the business environment by securing the requirements of investment projects and infrastructure and implementing the single window directly through the committees.
He called on Hassani to accelerate the launch of e-government through the use of a firm to eliminate the electronic seminars and transparency to achieve community control of the government administration to reduce corruption. He added: «A Higher Council for Reconstruction should be established under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister as a supreme body for managing projects and managing tenders and contracts and contracting with the firm companies and overseeing the implementation of projects and supervision of implementation to eliminate the most important source of corruption in Iraq», stressing the need to «stop the waste of public funds through the preparation of program budget Development of projects and the operational budget and preparation of these projects in the light of the feasibility study according to the development plan and the provision of sources outside the oil revenues, as well as the organization of tax accounting and combating tax smuggling and the collection of customs duties and service fees Which is provided by the public sector without exceptions ».

He called for «supporting the private sector through providing social security for employees and reduce the slackness of employment and disguised unemployment and firm control of the border crossings and its courts to prevent commercial fraud and smuggling, commissions and bribes and financing of terrorism, and must expedite the submission of final accounts of the annual budget for scrutiny and presented to the House of Representatives knowledge of inputs and outputs and combat Corruption in it ».

Al-Husseini stressed the need to "speed up the amendment of the Penal Code to transfer money laundering crimes from misdemeanors to crimes to deter organized crime across borders and to achieve international cooperation against corruption and money-laundering crimes under the 2003 United Nations Convention against Corruption, the seizure, confiscation and recovery of illegal funds, With the countries concerned to achieve this ».

With regard to banking and monetary reforms, Al-Hassani pointed to the need to amend articles 27 and 28 of the Banking Law of 2004 to enable private banks to invest and participate in economic development and to tighten the supervision of the Central Bank on private banks and to apply the Basel Rules of 1988 to prevent smuggling, And the reform of the banks lagging by compulsory or optional integration and the unification of the dinar exchange rate to eliminate the black market, which is one of the most important sources of corruption and organized crime ».

"These seminars will have a positive role in the fight against corruption after standing at its economic impact, as we prove the need to make great efforts to follow up and undermine corruption," said the vice-president of the Baghdad Economic Forum in the name of Jamil Antoine.

The representative of Iraq at the Center for International Private Projects, Mona Zalzalah, said that the Center adopted four policy papers to discuss four main issues that resulted from agendas that included the governorates, namely the gap in implementation, fighting corruption and bureaucracy, and weak strategic planning in Iraq. She pointed out that «the center contracted with the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform to accomplish these four policies, as discussed the paper administrative and financial corruption in Iraq and ways to combat it».

Adel Mahdi   The Life of London   link


Don961:  RE:  Iraq: Attracting investments requires the elimination of corruption

- 13 Hours Ago

With regard to banking and monetary reforms, Al-Hassani pointed to the need to amend articles 27 and 28 of the Banking Law of 2004 to enable private banks to invest and participate in economic development and to tighten the supervision of the Central Bank on private banks and to apply the Basel Rules of 1988 to prevent smuggling, And the reform of the banks lagging by compulsory or optional integration and the unification of the dinar exchange rate to eliminate the black market, which is one of the most important sources of corruption and organized crime ».    link

Don961:  Just some thoughts regarding the above section of the article  ... since the difference in exchange rate spread on the secondary black market for USDs is where so much money is made on a daily basis .... logic would tell you that is why the former regime tried so vehemently to stop DRS from implementing the MR .. it would have put an end to this practice .... which also makes you think those in power who , at the time , opposed the MR ....had the most to lose if the need for dollars was greatly reduced or eliminated .. imo
Samson:  Al-Abbadi Office delivers files of corruption in the banking sector

 24th December, 2017

Al-Hayat newspaper revealed that the office of Prime Minister Haider Abadi received files on corruption in the banking sector, noting that politicians, officials and contractors involved in the transfer of funds for fake contracts abroad.

The newspaper said the Iraqi sources did not disclose, "The Office of Prime Minister Haider Abadi received from high commissions of inquiry yesterday, completed files of investigations into files of corruption in the banking sector," indicating that "will take legal action against those involved."

The sources added that "long investigations over the months, resulted in the disclosure of corruption files related to the laundering of funds through the banking sector," noting that "political figures and officials, contractors and intermediaries, involved in the transfer of funds of fake contracts to bank balances inside and outside Iraq."

She added that "the process of detection was complex," pointing out that "the files are now in the possession of the Office of Abadi, but it is not specified so far the date of taking action against those involved."

The sources stressed "the government's intention to hold those involved," explaining that "the international investigators have helped in the pursuit of bank accounts with different names in banks outside Iraq, while citing the suspicions of corruption of high figures despite the presence of them in a government job.   LINK


Samson:  Abadi to cooperate with Interpol to arrest corrupt officials – MP

 24th December, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has begun a series of talks and discussions with many countries and the Interpol to help Iraq in curbing corruption, Parliamentary Integrity Commission Member Abdul Karim Abtan said on Sunday.

In a statement, Abtan said that Abadi will also form commissions and specialized courts to tackle corruption in Iraq, noting that all corruption cases will be dealt with during the next year.

He added that the counter corruption operations will include experts from the United Nations who are specialized in investigating financial fraud.

He further stated that most prominent corruption cases of currency fraud and manipulation and fake companies will be the generate enough money to end Iraq's financial crisis.