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So here we are on the eve of Christmas Eve and I must admit things feel similar to the way they have for the past 4 Christmases. So what do I mean???

For at least the last 4 Christmases we've been hearing the PTB want this to go prior to Christmas. Four Christmases later we're still hearing the same Intel.

With that said, things are definitely different and there’s been a lot of progress, but truth be told no one knows when the RV/GCR will occur, and that is a fact!

So we have one Intel provider stating "its' happening right now" and Zurich is liquid. Just remember Zurich is not liquid until Currency Holders have completed their exchanges and are holding deposit slips that reflect that.

Stay grounded! As far as early exchanges taking place for large ZIM holders; neither I nor any of my sources cannot verify this Intel. However, my sources are still saying there will not be any early exchanges other than for a few select (politically connected) individuals. So if there truly is some very large ZIM holders exchanging, we will all know very shortly.

So back to reality; I would like nothing more than to tell all of Dinarland "we will be exchanging today", but I haven’t received any Intel that reflects that.

I’m being told we still have some time before we will see the RV/GCR. My sources feel strongly that the NPTB will release the RV/GCR just prior to, on, or just after New Years. But we have no guarantee!

So let’s continue doing what we’ve all become way to good at, waiting.

Stay positive, alert and keep praying. We should see an ending to this crazy Currency Coaster someday soon.

Merry Christmas to all of Dinarland. Enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.




Cutebwoy:  Iraq will surprise on Christmas day  imo

Yada:  cutebwoy,like the way you think,,,

Mangelo:  Between now and 5 am Christmas morning.......imo

Dreamsdocometrue:  mangelo...I like the way you think!!

Mangelo:  dreams it was information given to me tonight..

Dreamsdocometrue:  mangelo...Now. I really like the way you think!!  Whoooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo...sure been waiting a long time for that fat lady to do her thing...fingers crossed!!!!
SassyD:  Church passes out 100 $100 bills for giving over holidays -- An anonym​ous donor in Maryland put her fellow congregants to work spreading Chr​istmas cheer. --  LINK



StephenMac63:  It's all about "timing".........now where did we hear that before?

Cornhusker:  Timing you say  how about the presidential resolution that just came out yesterday woooozer  powerful.


JesusLovesBaseball:  Iraq: Authorities received files of corruption in the banking sector

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received from high commissions of inquiry yesterday, completed files of investigations into files of corruption in the banking sector, pending legal action against those involved.

The Iraqi government announced at the end of November, launching a campaign against corruption, after the activation of the work of international investigators to this end last year.

The move is a remarkable development in the country, which suffers from lack of transparency and widespread administrative and financial corruption.

Iraqi sources told Al-Hayat that long investigations over months resulted in the detection of "files of corruption related to the laundering of money through the banking sector." She pointed out that «political figures and officials, contractors and intermediaries, involved in the transfer of funds of fake contracts to bank balances inside and outside Iraq», explaining that «the disclosure was complex».

The sources pointed out that «the files now in the possession of the Office of Abadi, but it is not specified so far the date of taking action against those involved», stressing the «government's intention to hold those involved». She explained that the international investigators «helped in the pursuit of bank accounts with different names in banks outside Iraq, while citing the suspicions of misconduct of high figures in spite of their presence in a government job».

Iraq last year signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to involve international investigators in the files of major corruption of priority, such as smuggling of Iraqi funds abroad and embezzlement in the joints of the state.

"After 2003, Iraq witnessed major and thorny corruption because of the deteriorating security situation and political conflict, which called for the recall of international investigators with expertise and tools in the fight against corruption," said Haidar al-Fawadi, a member of the Integrity Integrity Committee.

Iraq is ranked third in the least transparent countries after Somalia and Sudan according to international classifications, while the volume of money smuggled abroad by about one trillion dollars, and the funds lost at home to more than $ 350 billion.

Iraq has 19 institutions, committees and bodies competent to fight corruption, but is ineffective and subject to political friction and partisan quotas, prompting the government to use international experts.

Iraqi lawmakers have ruled out federal budget approval before the end of this year, and have hoped to turn it into "administrative instructions" that would replace the proposed draft law, as happened in 2014.

The Ministry of Finance issued a circular to ministries and institutions not associated with the Ministry of the provinces and their councils, in respect of disbursements and appointments for 2018, until the adoption of the budget and published in the Official Gazette.

A member of the parliamentary finance committee Rahim Darraji «« life »that« no real obstacles by the parliament to pass the budget, while the objections of the blocks that preceded the discussion of the draft budget bill in the meetings, they are not new demands ».

He pointed out that «the biggest problems lie in the vision of the government embodied in the budget, including the imposition of future generations with large financial burdens and problems in the classification of exchange, and the other is the illogical powers granted by the government for itself». He expected Darraji «repeat what happened in 2014 when parliament failed to vote on the budget despite all attempts».
As the MP for the "coalition of the rule of law," high Nassif, that the fate of the federal budget for 2018 is like the fate of the budget in 2014, which is the lack of voting in the House of Representatives.

She said in a press statement that «instructions were issued on the implementation of the budget and the other related to the suspension of appointments and transfers, all clearly indicates that the current budget may not be approved».

Abadi called yesterday for parliament to accelerate the adoption of the law of the budget of 2018, which included the allocation of 400 million dollars for the reconstruction of liberated areas of «Da'ash», including $ 140 million dollars is supposed to get Baghdad from the World Bank in exchange for terms described as «difficult» include Reducing expenditures and the budget balance, while the President of the Fund for the reconstruction of Iraq Mustafa al-Hiti, "the cost of reconstruction of the affected areas of $ 150 billion."

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh yesterday, the amount of emergency grants provided by friendly countries and the World Bank to restore stability in the liberated areas amounted to 500 million dollars. "There are two funds for the reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorism. The first is to restore stability to liberated areas and is funded by donors and the government," Saleh said in a statement. The second is the fund for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism.

Saleh added that "the ceiling of emergency grants for the return of these services to these areas amounted to about 500 million dollars."

The donor conference to be held in Kuwait in February will discuss the reconstruction of these areas through two tracks, the first of the grants and loans that provide To Iraq through the international community, and the second through investment, which must contribute to the private sector, whether local or global.     LINK


Internal Letters of Credit
December 14, 2017
To all approved banks ( internal letters of credit )
To all licensed banks Internal Documentary Credits
We have noticed that some banks are opening up internal letters of credit in dollars and are thus strengthening these credits
Through the foreign currency window in this bank, we would like to state that all instructions regulating currency buying and selling operations
Which was delayed by our instructions numbered 1/1 *? ? (Dated 7% 7/1% 1%? Did not allow promotion Internal documentary credits through this bank and if the Bank is found to promote such a type Of Documentary Credits through the Foreign Currency Window, the Bank shall be subject to the penalties set out in Laws and regulations in force, knowing that this is applicable to cases that have already been issued with respect.
IMF: 2018 Iraqi draft budget won’t ‘cover the needs’ of Kurdistan The International Monetary Fund believes Iraq’s 2018 budget share proposals “do not suffice in our view to cover the needs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.” Baghdad’s proposal would slash the budget of the KRG by more than 4 percent. 

“[W]e’ve communicated to the federal government that the 6.6 trillion [Iraqi dinars] (about $5.56 billion) that are currently in the 2018 draft budget do not suffice in our view to cover the needs of the Kurdistan Regional Government. To that, in our opinion, these transfers should be increased to about 10 trillion Iraqi dinars ($8.43 billion),”

 IMF Deputy Division Chief Christian Josz told Rudaw on Thursday. The Government of Iraq has relied heavily on international loans and bonds because of the global drop in oil prices coupled with a three-year war against ISIS, and now a campaign to rebuild the countries’ already aging infrastructure. “We lent money to the entity of Iraq because it’s a member of the IMF and has the right and the circumstances to draw on the resources of the IMF,” explained Josz.

 “As part of the standard arrangement, the standard arrangement is based on the budget that is approved by parliament.” Since 2014, Erbil has contended Baghdad is not sending the 17 percent share of the Iraqi government budget. “In that budget, until now, there was a budget-sharing agreement between Baghdad and the KRG and its via that way that we encourage the whole of Iraq to benefit from the IMF loans, i.e. by implementing the budget-sharing agreement, which has obligations both on the sides…” said the deputy chief. 

In a proposal for next year’s draft budget, the KRG is allocated 12.6 percent of Iraq’s total share. “In the 2018 budget, we have made clear to the federal government that it is very important to us that the Kurdistan Regional Government gets sufficient transfers to cover the expenses to cover the Kurdistan Regional Government,” added Josz. Many Kurds believe the central authorities are taking punitive measures against the Kurdistan Region for holding the September referendum on independence. Regional autonomy is enshrined in the 2005 Iraqi constitution. The government in Erbil has complained that Baghdad has used the budgets as a tool to prevent Erbil’s independent exportation of oil to world markets through a pipeline that terminates at Turkey’s Ceyhan port. KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has said the people should realize that the KRG’s revenues “have been slashed by half” since the loss of the oil-fields in Kirkuk in mid-October.

Getting ready for a crazy week


12-23-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   RIGHT NOW ABADI IS A...METRONOME.  HE KNOWS HOW MANY BEAT ARE NEEDED FOR A PERFECT RATE ... IMO.   HE HAS BECOME  A MASTER OF...TIME.   Impeccable timing.   Article:  "Trump signs a tax reduction law"  Article:  "Including the Arab .. Know the highest value currencies in the world for 2018"   THE TIMING OF TWO...ONLY TWO THINGS WE WAIT FOR.  THIS IS NOT EITHER OF THEM BUT I ASK TWO QUESTIONS:  1.) WHY SHOW THIS DATA NOW?  2.) WHY IS ONLY IRAQ MISSING FROM THESE RANKS?  BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT TIME?   NO...BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT...TIMING.   Article:  "Oil climbs before the Christmas holiday ...OIL PRICES AT 60+ IN JANUARY OF 2018...TIMING.

12-23-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98
   [...are there any nuances or clues you can share about timing...like why you have been thinking this will go before 2017 ends...and what might be factors in delays?]   I think that because that’s what people are telling me from Iraq, in the US, information in the news… Everything points that way, with Iraq wanting to get things wrapped up before the end of the year.  The CBI Governor has given instructions to get debts settled before the end of the month, and banks are talking about rate changes in the next day or so. 


Report: Expectations of "unprecedented" demonstrations throughout Iraq , 23 DEC

An Arab press report predicts that, in the coming period, there will be unprecedented demonstrations and protests due to corruption and poor living conditions.

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Arab reported Saturday that the next period in Iraq would be a period of "unprecedented public anger" after the end of the war on a sympathetic organization that, despite the tragedies caused by the " Revealed the fragility of the situation of the country, and the disadvantages of the ongoing political process, and the extent of corruption of the class holding the reins of power ».

Cities such as Baquba (Diyala governorate), Tikrit (Salah al-Din governorate), Ramadi (Anbar province) and others did not witness much popular protests during the war, but they expected "large waves of popular anger After the end of the war in those areas, because of "poor living conditions and severe deterioration in services, but the lack of most of the times, as well as the state of popular resentment on the political class, and management, both central or local, and the apparent lack of addressing the situation of the population During the war, to the degree of involvement of many officials in the theft Aid to the displaced ".

The report also noted the state of "anger" prevailing in the capital Baghdad and major cities in the south of Iraq, which has been erupting from time to time in the form of mass demonstrations demanding the end of corruption and accountability of its symbols, and improve living conditions.

The newspaper concluded that Iraq is ahead of a period of unprecedented protests, "especially as the Iraqis have passed the barrier of fear and have fallen to the status of political leaders in various symbols and different positions of party and positions in the state.

The Iraqi capital Baghdad has seen on Friday demonstrations demanding accountability of the corrupt, and responsible for the lack of security, which led to the commission of an advocate of massacres such as massacres Spyker and Saqlawiya.

Residents of the city of Nasiriyah, the center of the province of Dhi Qar and a number of districts in the province, protested yesterday against the privatization of electricity, raising slogans linking the trend to privatization with the spread of corruption and officials seeking to enrich at the expense of simple people.

In the meantime, a talk to Abadi last Tuesday that Baghdad will intervene to protect the demonstrators in the Kurdistan region (according to him) if they were oppressed by the security authorities in the region, the irony of civil activists on social networking sites, saying to provide Abadi security and safety in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces Iraq, which is rampant militias, which can not even the security services to stand in front of them, and put an end to the rampant corruption in all joints of the state and the looting and kidnapping in the capital and the rest of the cities before they claim and defend the citizens of the Kurdistan Region, Including salaries and medicines and impose an air embargo on them, and the displacement of militias and security forces about 200 thousand of them in Kirkuk and Tuzkhurmatu.


Rates Published From The CBI 12/23/17

Here are the rates that are published from the CBI today, 12/23/2017. Everyone in Dinarland is wondering what those rates are. Here it is! https://cbi.iq/


US dollar    USD    1184.000

Euro    EUR    1402.448

Pound sterling    GBP    1585.731

Canadian dollar    CAD    922.549

Swiss franc    S.FR    1198.866

Swedish krona    SEK    141.282

Norwegian krone    NOK    142.116

Danish krone    DKK    188.391

Japanese yen    JPY    10.483

Australian dollar    AUD    906.707

Special drawing rights    SDR    1675.549

Gold for 24-ounce    GOLD    1497227.200

World Currency by 2018


December 23, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Special Edition: The Real Santa Claus

So many of you participated in my survey as to the question of is Santa Claus real or not. The audience was split as many said he is only for kids and many said he is for adults. I can only assume you meant that Santa was only an imaginary folklore for the kids and that the adults can also partake in the present giving that Santa is so widely known for.

Well,,,, for all you folks who doubted there is a Santa Claus I have to tell you SANTA CLAUS IS REAL!

Yes, Santa is real! So, when you go tell (if you tell) your young children the folklore of Santa, you no longer have to feel guilty about your lying to them. You can say it with a straight face ..lol..lol….

So let’s discover the real Santa Claus today while we wait for this RV to take place. Okay? After all its Christmas time and we await our own kind of presents from Santa too during this long RV saga.

More news….

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey.

His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God AND WAS MADE BISHOP OF MYRA while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruthlessly persecuted Christians, Bishop Nicholas suffered for his faith, was exiled and imprisoned. The prisons were so full of bishops, priests, and deacons, there was no room for the real criminals—murderers, thieves and robbers.

After his release, Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in AD 325. He died December 6, AD 343 in Myra and was buried in his cathedral church, where a unique relic, called manna, formed in his grave. This liquid substance, said to have healing powers, fostered the growth of devotion to Nicholas. The anniversary of his death became a day of celebration, St. Nicholas Day, December 6th (December 19 on the Julian Calendar).

So how did St Nicholas get connected with Christmas?

Well you can see the December link already since he died in December. But what about all the other seemingly strange features of Santa Claus. How they they develop as what we readily accept as folklore today? After all this saintly figure head has been miraculously carried down now for hundreds of years. Don’t you find that amazing?

If you read the history of Santa Claus below you will find the most dramatic changes occurring in modern times in the 19th and 20th centuries. But the important part that I am trying to emphasize is that the St. Nicholas legacy has been maintained all these hundreds of years and like many other legions and folklores of the past, he could have very easily been lost. But it wasn’t and so is this our human nature to want to remember the good and honest people as our idols? Are these the ones we remember the most? We will find today that it is not the red suit or the tangible gifts that he brings, but the hope, love and continued idea of caring and protecting of children.

Through the centuries many stories and legends have been told of St. Nicholas' life and deeds. These accounts help us understand his extraordinary character and why he is so beloved and revered as protector and helper of those in need. St. Nicholas has continued to be venerated by Catholics and Orthodox and honored by Protestants.

By his example of generosity to those in need, especially children, St. Nicholas continues to be a model for the compassionate life.

Widely celebrated in Europe, St. Nicholas' feast day, December 6th, kept alive the stories of his goodness and generosity. In Germany and Poland, boys dressed as bishops begged alms for the poor—and sometimes for themselves! In the Netherlands and Belgium, St. Nicholas arrived on a steamship from Spain to ride a white horse on his gift-giving rounds.

December 6th is still the main day for gift giving and merrymaking in much of Europe. For example, in the Netherlands St. Nicholas is celebrated on the 5th, the eve of the day, by sharing candies (thrown in the door), chocolate initial letters, small gifts, and riddles. Dutch children leave carrots and hay in their shoes for the saint's horse, hoping St. Nicholas will exchange them for small gifts.

Simple gift-giving in early Advent helps preserve a Christmas Day focus on the Christ Child.

More news….

How did the kindly Christian saint, good Bishop Nicholas, become a roly-poly red-suited American symbol for merry holiday festivity and commercial activity? History tells the tale.

The first Europeans to arrive in the New World brought St. Nicholas. Vikings dedicated their cathedral to him in Greenland.

On his first voyage, Columbus named a Haitian port for St. Nicholas on December 6, 1492.

In Florida, Spaniards named an early settlement St. Nicholas Ferry, now known as Jacksonville.

However, St. Nicholas had a difficult time during the 16th century Protestant Reformation which took a dim view of saints. Even though both reformers and counter-reformers tried to stamp out St. Nicholas-related customs, they had very little long-term success except in England where the religious folk traditions were permanently altered. (It is ironic that fervent Puritan Christians began what turned into a trend to a more secular Christmas observance.) Because the common people so loved St. Nicholas, he survived on the European continent as people continued to place nuts, apples, and sweets in shoes left beside beds, on windowsills, or before the hearth.

The first Colonists in the America, primarily Puritans and other Protestant reformers, did not bring Nicholas traditions to the New World. What about the Dutch?

Although it is almost universally believed that the Dutch brought St. Nicholas to New Amsterdam, scholars find scant evidence of such traditions in Dutch New Netherland.

More news….

- Evidence that Colonial Germans in Pennsylvania kept the feast of St. Nicholas, and several later accounts have St. Nicholas visiting New York Dutch on New Years' Eve, thus adopting the English custom (New Year gift-giving had become the English custom in 1558, supplanting Nicholas, and this English custom lasted in New York until 1847).

In 1773 New York non-Dutch patriots formed the Sons of St. Nicholas, primarily as a non-British symbol to counter the English St. George societies, rather than to honor St. Nicholas. This society was similar to the Sons of St. Tammany in Philadelphia. Not exactly St. Nicholas, the children's gift-giver.

More news….

->After the American Revolution, New Yorkers remembered with pride their colony's nearly-forgotten Dutch roots. John Pintard, the influential patriot and antiquarian who founded the New York Historical Society in 1804, promoted St. Nicholas as patron saint of both society and city.

In January 1809, Washington Irving joined the society and on St. Nicholas Day that same year, he published the satirical fiction, Knickerbocker's History of New York, with numerous references to a jolly St. Nicholas character. This was not the saintly bishop, rather an elfin Dutch burgher with a clay pipe. These delightful flights of imagination are the source of the New Amsterdam St. Nicholas legends: that the first Dutch emigrant ship had a figurehead of St. Nicholas; that St. Nicholas Day was observed in the colony; that the first church was dedicated to him; and that St. Nicholas comes down chimneys to bring gifts. Irving's work was regarded as the "first notable work of imagination in the New World."

-The New York Historical Society held its first St. Nicholas anniversary dinner on December 6, 1810. John Pintard commissioned artist Alexander Anderson TO CREATE THE FIRST AMERICAN IMAGE OF NICHOLAS for the occasion. NICHOLAS WAS SHOWN IN A GIFT-GIVING ROLE WITH CHILDREN'S TREATS IN STOCKINGS HANGING AT A FIREPLACE.

The accompanying poem ends, "Saint Nicholas, my dear good friend! To serve you ever was my end, If you will, now, me something give, I'll serve you ever while I live."

More news….

Now we see the connection begin with the Christmas season of December 25th.

The 19th century was a time of cultural transition. New York writers, and others, wanted to domesticate the Christmas holiday.

After Puritans and other Calvinists had eliminated Christmas as a holy season, popular celebrations became riotous, featuring drunken men and public disorder. Christmas of old was not the images we imagine today of families gathered cozily around hearth and tree exchanging pretty gifts and singing carols while smiling benevolently at children.

Rather, it was characterized by raucous, drunken mobs roaming streets, damaging property, threatening and frightening the upper classes. The holiday season, coming after harvest when work was eased and more leisure possible, was a time when workers and servants took the upper hand, demanding largess and more.

Through the first half of the 19th century, Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers and other Protestants continued to regard December 25th as a day without religious significance, a day for normal business. This was not a neutral stance, rather Christmas observance was seen as inconsistent with gospel worship. Industrialists were happy to reduce workers' leisure time and allowed many fewer holidays than existed in Europe.

More news….

All of this began to change AS A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF FAMILY LIFE AND THE PLACE OF CHILDREN WAS EMERGING. Childhood was coming to be seen as a stage of life in which greater protection, sheltering, training and education were needed. And so, the season came gradually to be tamed, turning toward shops and home. St. Nicholas, too, took on new attributes to fit the changing times.

1821 brought some new elements with publication of the first lithographed book in America, the Children's Friend. THIS "SANTA CLAUS" ARRIVED FROM THE NORTH IN A SLEIGH WITH A FLYING REINDEER for the first time.

The anonymous poem and illustrations proved pivotal in shifting imagery away from a saintly bishop. Santa Claus fit a didactic mode, REWARDING GOOD BEHAVIOR AND PUNISHING BAD, leaving a "long, black birchen rod . . . directs a Parent's hand to use when virtue's path his sons refuse." Gifts were safe toys, "pretty doll . . . peg-top, or a ball; no crackers, cannons, squibs, or rockets to blow their eyes up, or their pockets. No drums to stun their Mother's ear, nor swords to make their sisters fear; but pretty books to store their mind with knowledge of each various kind." The sleigh itself even sported a bookshelf for the "pretty books." THE BOOK ALSO NOTABLY MARKED S. CLAUS' FIRST APPEARANCE ON CHRISTMAS EVE, RATHER THAN DECEMBER 6TH.

-The jolly elf image for the first time received another big boost in 1823, from a poem destined to become immensely popular, "A Visit from St. Nicholas," now better known as "The Night Before Christmas."

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,

And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;

A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,

And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,

And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;

He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf. . . .

WASHINGTON IRVING'S ST. NICHOLAS STRONGLY INFLUENCED THE POEM'S PORTRAYAL OF A ROUND, PIPE-SMOKING, ELF-LIKE ST. NICHOLAS. The poem generally has been attributed to Clement Clark Moore, a professor of biblical languages at New York's Episcopal General Theological Seminary. Moore was a friend and neighbor of William Gilley, who had published Sancte Claus in 1821:

Old Santeclaus with much delight

His reindeer drives the frosty night

O'er chimney tops and tracks of snow

To bring his yearly gifts to you.

However, a case has been made by Don Foster in Author Unknown, that Henry Livingston actually penned it in 1807 or 1808. Livingston was a farmer/patriot who wrote humorous verse for children.

In any case, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" became a defining American holiday classic. No matter who wrote it, the poem has had enormous influence on the Americanization of St. Nicholas.

So this where we stand today. St Nicholas is a fat, jolly older man with long whiskers, dressed in a red suit. He travels on his reindeer powered slay and begins his journey world wide on Christmas eve December 24th. He slides down the chimney to enter the home to bring gifts to children and adults alike. Then, like he arrived, he soon is gone in a flash until next year. The big question is will we, as investors in the Iraqi dinar, see Santa early in 2018?

Merry Christmas Everyone 


a Very Happy New Year!

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat

Disclosure of the details of the next five-year plan for the coming years in Iraq, 23 DEC

Saturday 23 December 2017 12:30 pm

BAGHDAD - The economic expert, Wafaa Al-Mahdawi, unveiled on Saturday the details of the five-year development plan for Iraq starting from 2018 to 2023, and announced that this plan will be different from the previous one.

"We are now heading to a new development plan that will be drafted in the first month of 2018, and it is about to be completed. This new plan has a proposal that may carry the slogan of" laying down the application of the active development of social responsibility in Iraq, "Mahdawi said. The transformation of the role of the state to be a partnership with the private sector and call for the contribution of the private sector by a percentage may exceed slightly 40% of the total investment plan for the next five years.

"Infrastructure activities are the leading sector in this plan so that investments will be mobilized and directed to these activities so as to improve the productive sectors of agriculture and industry, sectorally and spatially and thus gradually shift through this stage under the constraints of public debt and low oil prices, we will strive to improve Existing Asset Management Policy The philosophy of the development model of 2018 and 2023 has taken into consideration all the determinants that may limit the possibility of adopting investments and expanding new investments. "

"The sectors of agriculture, industry, housing, oil and gas are included in this plan. They are based on four main axes: Emphasizing the restoration of stability and development, reconstruction of areas liberated from terrorist organizations, and the private sector partnership. "The plan emphasizes the governance of institutions, as well as the poverty issues. The first national strategy for Iraq will be launched in the first month on poverty." Poverty rates have widened and the poverty base among the displaced N by up to 40 percent, ".anthy 3


Ginger Snyder - The End of the Fed Reserve Begins Today! 12/23/17

Ginger Snyder
3 hrs ·

The end of the Federal Reserve begins today which means we are truly FREE. When I say Merry Christmas, this year it means more than it ever has before. Take the time to enjoy the things you love, and that to get where you want to be you must work hard to enjoy the things you love in life. Been one of the most interesting and crazy years of my life, can not wait for 2018 and to start making my dreams come true!! Love each and every one of you and wish you nothing but peace and happiness today and into the future!

The Postmaster Generals of the US pulled the syntax of language and removed the contracts from the Federal Reserve the contracts ended at midnight last night. Time to understand that we are FREE and believe it to make this happen. The indictments will be unsealed during the holidays when many will not be paying much attention, its time to celebrate and enjoy your friends and families. WE ARE TRULY FREE!!

Steffen Rowe/Tank "Set Time for Release Today" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/23/17

12:42 PM EST 12/23/2017

• Source out Zurich notified today of authority to disburse, their funds are liquid and they will begin their disbursement to their groups on Tuesday. 

• Other key groups received notice over night that their SKRs were liquid and they have an undisclosed time ( to me not to them) before Christmas when they will receive access. 

• 100% confirmed Leo Wanta has been paid and is liquid.

• That means ALL of us should be included immediately.

• CORE accounts were still not accessible as if 8:40 AM EST.

• Large ZIM holders have appointments to exchange today.

• The reason for the 800# notification system is so that everyone has a fair opportunity to conduct their exchange.

• If others ALREADY HAVE appointments it would appear that some parties have ignored the need to be fair in this process. 

• The only way to rectify this injustice is to release the 800#s to the regular people.

• There is a set time for release for today and the execution of that release would restore the faith of an entire planet that has been lied to so many times by the powers in charge of their care.

• Today is the day that the RV actually shows up and we can start to recover from the boy who cried wolf syndrome forced upon us by this process. 

• This is a revolution and they've allowed it to happen. It's not a physical revolution waged on the battle field but one of consciousness. One leadership dominated by the masculine energy needed during times of war is being skillfully over taken by the subtle rule of the Divine Feminine. 

• There is no better example of the skillful ways of a powerful woman than that of our own mothers. Our Mothers would ask us if we could take out the garbage as if we were doing them a favor, giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our live and respect for her role and at the same time empowering us to make the decision to do so. Mean while we never really had a choice. Where as a father would sternly tell us to get the garbage out letting us know he was in control and we had to follow his lead. A silly example perhaps, but it certainly illustrates the transition in power we are witnessing right before our eyes. 

Today I know that our inclusion in the exchange process is underway, and I'm poised with all humility and gratitude to receive. I recommend the same posture if expectancy for all of us. 



Dave: Sounds like Kuwait and Iraq may be settling accounts in the ?

xyz: The United Nations Security Council on Friday unanimously approved harsh sanctions against Korea in response to its recent missile tests. Among the sanctions included in the US-sponsored resolution would be a reduction of 90 percent in oil imports.


Dave: Rocket fuel just got more expensive

xyz: Baghdad seeks Concessions before Negotiating with Kurds http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2017/12/22/baghdad-seeks-concessions-before-negotiating-with-kurds/

Spectra: @Dave yes

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Jo: :Welcome

Jo: BITCOIN taken a dip PRICE $14,640.46 / +$6,400.07usd SINCE LAST MONTH +77.67% but still up for the month

Jo: It done that since the beginning 2009
Jo: Buy on the dips

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Jo: My picks: Bitcoin $14,685.00 / Bitcoin Cash $2,875.95 / Ethereum $707.25 / Litecoin $283.8 / IOTA $3.52 / OmiseGO $13.74 / Verge $0.135122

LeLe: @patrik73 here's to you ;$$$ ;$$$ ;$$$ ?????

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Acerginnala: Here is my nickel's worth on crypto's: http://www.alt-market.com/articles/3332-the-virtual-economy-is-the-end-of-freedom

yz: What Will Drive The Next Oil Price Crash? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-22/what-will-drive-next-oil-price-crash

xyz: California becomes largest state with legal marijuana sales on Jan. 1


Spectra: @xyz Keep them off my roads...Dopers..

xyz: @Spectra what did I do now? ha

Spectra: @xyz you and me think drastically different..you did nothing ...
Spectra: @xyz i find that amusing ..!

xyz: Iraq once again controls own economy, free of UN sanctions

. “an important event in Iraq’s recent history and the closing of a painful [age] that lasted a long time, during which the Iraqi people suffered reduced sovereignty as well as political and economic sanctions that damaged the country’s institutions as well as individuals.”

“Iraq paid reparations to the states that were environmentally and economically harmed by the war, including Israel and Jordan," but its reparations stalled in 2014 because of the fall in oil prices, according to legal expert Tareq Harb.

“The government’s deal with Kuwait to pay the remainder of reparations in the form of gas exported via Basra prompted Kuwait to report to the UN that Iraq was fulfilling its obligations, resulting in a resolution in Iraq’s favor.”

Iraqi parliament member Jassem Mohammad Jaafar, who is close to Abadi, gave Al-Monitor more details on the deal. “Before the sanctions were lifted, Iraq was not even able to open foreign bank accounts in the name of the government, and its economic and financial contracts and commercial activities were conducted through intermediaries in order to avoid lawsuits. That cost the Iraqi treasury enormously,” he said.

“From now on, Iraq can manage the legal and technical aspects of its financial resources itself — along with everything relating to deposits and foreign real estate holdings — and dispose of its own affairs," he said.

“Other countries will no longer hesitate to invest in Iraq, and foreign firms will be encouraged, as Iraq is an oil-rich country and also has major gas reserves and swathes of agricultural land that could be very profitable.”

Iraqi writer and analyst Wathiq al-Jabari, a member of the Tanmiya Center, told Al-Monitor that the resolution will have “positive social effects."
xyz: (contd)
“All efforts to freeze Iraqi funds in international banks have ended, which will enhance Iraq’s financial standing and its creditworthiness,” he said.

The decision to lift sanctions coincided with Abadi’s announcement Dec. 9 that the fight against the Islamic State was over and security and stability had returned to Iraq. He also played up the country’s investment climate now that it can once again work with international firms and banks. With its vast oil reserves, Iraq can look forward to an economic revival, providing the government is able to bring stability and work fast to stamp out violence and terrorism.

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xyz: Petrodollars have dominated the global energy markets for more than 40 years. But now, China is looking to change that by replacing the word dollars for yuan. https://financialtribune.com/articles/world-economy/78400/china-plans-to-break-petrodollar-stranglehold

Spectra: @xyz thats right
Spectra: @xyz changes are rolling out..

Spectra: Bill Gates - Bitcoins Future & Cryptocurrency Advice https://youtu.be/6npkBdYr7LQ

IQDCalls.com: Flashback to 1988: “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine! (BITCOIN?) http://www.iqdcalls.com/Economist-Magazine.html

Spectra: :yes:

TWW: Not sure if posted or not: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/bitcoin-almost-every-other-cryptocurrency-102517319.html

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Jo: The Bitcoin "Crash" is almost back up to where it came from FYI
Jo: Verge is up 22.89%

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Jo: BitcoinDark up 31.35% today
Jo: BITCOIN PRICE $14,672.81 +$6,442.66 SINCE LAST MONTH (USD) +78.28% SINCE LAST MONTH (%)

Jo: IQD up 0% in the last Decade +
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Jo: LTC $280.90 LITECOIN PRICE +/ $208.97 SINCE LAST MONTH (USD) / +290.52% SINCE LAST MONTH (%)

Jo: $2,726.76 BITCOIN CASH PRICE / +$1,064.55 SINCE LAST MONTH (USD) / +64.04% SINCE LAST MONTH (%)
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Jo: Any amount can be invested $10 even


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Jo: But only if you have it 1-5% max of your savings.. DO Not take out a loan or put on a CC !!!!


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Jo: IQD whent to crap for the people in Iraq same with Zimbabwe, Bail in in Cyprus, etc... USD could also go to ;crap;
Jo: Hope Not

spankie: I have a feeling if usd goes most other big countries will too

BREW: ANOTHER GURU STORY..... "It is Go Time!" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - December 22, 2017 2 NEOTECH - Gv 1 hour ago291 views By Tamk

chattels: RayRen : " Dinar - $3.40-50, dong = 47 cents... Everything looks great and I’m super-excited. If you don’t go before Christmas, you should be going after Christmas – either way, this should be your last broke Christmas. That’s as much as I can tell you without telling you… "

chattels: Iraq once again controls own economy, free of UN sanctions

READ IN: العربية Adnan Abu Zeed December 22, 2017

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/12/chapter-7-un-sanction-iraq.html#ixzz5237fuD1E

xyz: More than 4 in 5 enrolled in 'Obamacare' are in Trump states


chattels: BAGHDAD — The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has agreed to lift sanctions imposed on Iraq when the country invaded Kuwait 27 years ago.

chattels: Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the move is “an important event in Iraq’s recent history and the closing of a painful [age] that lasted a long time, during which the Iraqi people suffered reduced sovereignty as well as political and economic sanctions that damaged the country’s institutions as well as individuals.”

Lifting the sanctions, he said, “will make Iraq more able to develop and achieve prosperity for its citizens, and restore the world’s trust so it can deal with Iraq as a fully sovereign nation.”

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/12/chapter-7-un-sanction-iraq.html#ixzz52380XnmQ

chattels: He predicted the decision will allow Iraq to play a greater political and economic role in the Middle East, experience an economic recovery and attract new investment.

chattels: Iraqi parliament member Jassem Mohammad Jaafar, who is close to Abadi, gave Al-Monitor more details on the deal. “Before the sanctions were lifted, Iraq was not even able to open foreign bank accounts in the name of the government, and its economic and financial contracts and commercial activities were conducted through intermediaries in order to avoid lawsuits. That cost the Iraqi treasury enormously,” he said.

“From now on, Iraq can manage the legal and technical aspects of its financial resources itself — along with everything relating to deposits and foreign real estate holdings — and dispose of its own affairs," he said. “Other countries will no longer hesitate to invest in Iraq, and foreign firms will be encouraged, as Iraq is an oil-rich country and also has major gas reserves and swathes of agricultural land that could be very profitable.” 
chattels: “All efforts to freeze Iraqi funds in international banks have ended, which will enhance Iraq’s financial standing and its creditworthiness,” he said.

The decision to lift sanctions coincided with Abadi’s announcement Dec. 9 that the fight against the Islamic State was over and security and stability had returned to Iraq. He also played up the country’s investment climate now that it can once again work with international firms and banks.

With its vast oil reserves, Iraq can look forward to an economic revival, providing the government is able to bring stability and work fast to stamp out violence and terrorism.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/12/chapter-7-un-sanction-iraq.html#ixzz5238kG9Us

chattels: " ................ the fight against the Islamic State was over and security and stability had returned to Iraq.

chattels: We shall see, eh ?

Dullenih: @chattels State was over and security and stability had returned to Iraq....that nice thanks chattel

meatball: stability in Iraq remains to be seen

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 23 2017

Compiled 12:12 am EDT 23 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 22 2017 2:01 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "It is Go Time!" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.22.17

1. The Tax Bill has been signed, both publicly and privately, but we pay the most attention to the story they're telling publicly because that's what they want us to see.

2. The Tax Bill signing was finished. We could receive notification of 800#s at any time.

3. I just spoke to the guy with the numbers and he hasn't even been given a heads up as if 5 minutes ago (today Dec. 22 around 2 pm EST).

4. All military, financial, government and justice sources were all telling me that there's nothing left to do, but to do it.
​5. ZIM dealers were actually sending laser lights to people to authenticate people's ZIM Notes. Just a fun development.

6. Typical speculation abounds about day time release, night time release, after markets close, after the banks close on the West Coast, but none of those things really matter. It's just going to drop in here. The reason why they said we can openly discuss the day now is because there's no other option.

7. Everything is now completed legally according to Contract Law so that the Cabal cannot somehow regain control through some legal loop hole.

8. Tonight Fri. Dec. 22 at midnight, technically 12:01 Sat. morning Dec. 23, the Federal Reserve would be no more.

9. My understanding was that the new AI "Sofia" that ran the block chain technology in the new banking system would no longer recognize the USD as currency from that point on.

10. We've heard things like this before, but it has some weight today being that tomorrow Sat. Dec. 23 Netanyahu will be accused of high crimes against humanity and he's at the very top of the public face of the Cabal.

11. Leo Wanta was paid. He's the original claimant that got this whole thing started so that we could have a chance to exchange our way to freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Wanta. You think we've been waiting a long time. He filed back in the 80s.

Major Documentary on corruption at the highest levels in the US government, "Eagle One to Wanta.": http://eagleonetowanta.com/?page_id=10 http://eagleonetowanta.com/.

12. The Cabal tried to take down Mr. Wanta, but the White Hats shut down the Atlanta Airport in an epic and unusual fashion to mitigate the threat. Which was very important because Wanta was one of the keys to setting this final stage in motion. So again sir, for risking your life for our freedom we thank you. (The White Hats are pretty bad ass).

13. The Executive Order brought into law by President Trump yesterday Dec. 21 basically protects us from getting ripped off by criminals committing crimes against humanity masquerading as leaders and putting a hard stop to the evil and corrupt practices that have gone on as a common practice inside the elite circles around the world. It's much more than that too, and definitely worth a careful examination. It's the launch of an all out attack against the Cabal.

14. The US was telling Zimbabwe to drop the US currency and start using their own. Interesting timing to say the least.

15. They've already started calling people in for appointments for tomorrow Dec. 23. Now that's not suppose to happen. That's why we have the 800#s so that it's fair. We just want access. Please stop overthinking this. No one will even notice. Launch a better flash bang. Start a twitter fight between Kanye West and Nicki Manaj and the world wouldn't even notice if Gremlins were launched from cannons and parachuted down on the White House. We have a team available to assist with such an effort.

16. Current safety protocols were taking place as a random NT103 Wire Transfer tests pinging back and forth throughout the various locations, with no specific order to ensure there were no issues during our exchange.

17. We were getting reports of SKRs that have gone liquid.

B. Dec. 22 2017 8:51 pm EST TNT Call : TNT Showtime CC  Notes by Adept1 12-22-17

1. Rates reported on Bank Screens:
Dinar $3.40 to $3.50
Dong $.47
Indonesian Rupiah $1.48
Iranian Rial $3.22
Afghani $2.39
Zim $.12

2. Information has been floating around that Tier 3 and Tier 4 people/groups are exchanging.

3. No zeros would be removed from the Zim.

4. There would be no 80/20 plan.

5. It’s possible that they were adding zeros in front of the Zim rate (to the right of the decimal point) to give about the same rates as has been expected.

6. There was a possibility that the 800 numbers would not come out as anticipated.

7. The banks may send you directly through their areas or districts to do your exchanges.

8. We were hearing that the rates were live, but we were waiting for confirmation.

9. The general exchange activities should start on Tues. Dec. 26, with sporadic exchanges over this weekend.

10. If we don’t go before Christmas, we should be going after Christmas.


C. Dec. 22 2017 1:01 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 22, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Certain connected humanitarians were invited to exchange and have successfully exchanged at HSBC in Zurich this past week. This was all done under the permission and supervision of those in charge of the Global Collateral Accounts.

2. Trump ordered the redoing of the seal for the National Credit Union, reverting the seal back to gold thus symbolically disclosing the transition to a gold-standard (USN).

3. The USN is still scheduled to be announced after the RV.

4. Trump did not sign the tax bill yesterday. He is expected to sign it today Dec. 22.

5. Sources are currently claiming the RV will be released once the tax bill is signed.

6. There will be no 80/20 split. There will be no taxation on the exchange.

7. The Alliance's intention to release the RV before Christmas was still on the table.

8. The Quantum website was ready to come online at any moment.

9. Additional unforeseen circumstances were recently discovered by the Alliance. No further information could be given.

D. Dec. 22 2017 9:34 am EST, Tank: "Sovereign People of Earth" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Tank - 12.22.17

1. Be ready for rapid change today Dec. 22 as we have reached the end of one journey and are at the beginning of the next.

2. We will have our notification shortly with our opportunity to exchange immediately thereafter.

3. I say this with a strong level of certainty based on my understanding of certain events that took place overnight.


E. Dec. 22 2017 1:01 pm EST Oootah Call, Becky: Oootah Call w/ Becky Intel Highlights 12-21-17

1. Still expecting RV before Christmas

2. It will be a non-taxable event

3. No 80/20 split

4. Banks are ready

5. Zim is in the basket

6. Will not give rates - they are not reliable, fluctuate too much.

7. 800 #s are sitting on bank CEO's desk as we speak.

8. We should be exchanging this weekend.


F. Dec. 21 2017 RTC Call, White Hat Insider Jared Rand: TRUE "WHITE HAT" INSIDER RTC CALL with JARED RAND [part1]

1. Rand was approached 36 years ago to help the nation transform back into the true Republic.

2. There have been at least 1,800 arrests and warrents issued.

3. We are looking at 150 years of criminality in the US monetary system.

4. We now have a new Republic that has not yet been revealed to the public. Right now they are deciding when that is going to be announced.


G. Dec. 21 2017 TNT Call Thursday Update 12/21/17

1. Iraq's Finance Minister wants all departments and banks to have all of their financial transactions completed no later than Sat, Dec. 23. [Could it be so that all debts are cleared so a new rate can emerge? Hmmmm]

2. Some US banks have received memos indicating a rate change on Friday Dec. 22 with exchange activity for sometime next week.

3. Some US banks are expecting to be in a standby mode starting sometime next week.


H. Dec. 21 2017 7:12 pm EST: "Correction for Tank" by One Who Really Knows - 12.21.17

1. The five year expiration date of the Federal Reserve began Dec. 21 2012 and ended Dec. 21 2017.

2. This affects all Dragon Families and members of the Illuminati including Rothschild and the Cabal.

3. This is why on Dec. 21 the government shutdown was pushed off and the following Executive Order was issued:


4. Dec. 23 marked the expiration of any access the Cabal/Illuminati had to other countries in ground resources to include all of, but not limited to, USA, Africa (Oppenheimer, DeBeers, Anglo-American United Nations, etc.) . No more control over Nations. Humanity is finally free.


I. Dec. 22 2017 9:17 am EST Trump Executive Order:

(Video) Final Take Down: They are All Getting Locked up and Assets Seized -- Whitehouse Executive Order

Judy Note:

1. Building on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act passed by Congress last year, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order Dec. 21 2017 declaring a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world and providing for the imposition of sanctions on actors engaged in these malign activities. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm0243

2. Trump's Executive Order blocks property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse corruption. The President has now taken the next step to bring the international pedophilia corruption further into the light.


3. On Thurs. Dec. 21 Congress adopted a Continuing Resolution to extend government services until Fri, January 19. This was part of the "plan."
4. With the extension approved, the way was now clear for President Trump to sign the "tax cut law" into law on Fri, Dec. 22. This was also a part of the "plan."



5. With these actions, as "cover" but also as "trigger," the door should now soon be opened for full implementation of the new monetary reforms: the publicly acknowledged closure of the Federal Reserve, and the restoration of the original American Republic.

6. Along with the US pedophiles, Trump's Executive Order imposed sanctions on 13 serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors, plus 39 affiliated individuals and entities from Gambia, Congo, Balkans, Sudan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Dominican Republic, Russian Federation, Beijing and the Ukraine. https://www.politico.com/story/2017/12/21/trump-targets-human-rights-abusers-executive-order-russia-255032

Yahya Jammeh (Jammeh), the former President of The Gambia.

Dan Gertler (Gertler), an international businessman and billionaire who has amassed his fortune through hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of opaque and corrupt mining and oil deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Slobodan Tesic (Tesic), among the biggest dealers of arms and munitions in the Balkans;

Benjamin Bol Mel (Bol Mel), President of ABMC Thai-South Sudan Construction Company.

Mukhtar Hamid Shah, Pakistani surgeon specializing in kidney transplants who Pakistani police believe to be involved in kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and the removal of and trafficking in human organs.

Gulnara Karimova (Karimova), daughter of former Uzbekistan leader Islam Karimov, headed a powerful organized crime syndicate that leveraged state actors to expropriate businesses, monopolize markets, solicit bribes, and administer extortion rackets.

Angel Rondon Rijo (Rondon), politically connected businessman and lobbyist in the Dominican Republic who funneled money from Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction company, to Dominican officials, who in turn awarded Odebrecht projects to build highways, dams, and other projects.

Artem Chayka (Chayka), son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation who leveraged his father’s position and ability to award his subordinates to unfairly win state-owned assets and contracts and put pressure on business competitors.

Gao Yan (Gao), Beijing Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch director.

Sergey Kusiuk (Kusiuk), commander of an elite Ukrainian police unit, the Berkut.

Yankuba Badjie (Badjie), Director General of The Gambia’s NIA and was alleged to have presided over abuses throughout his tenure.