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Kre8ors Breakthrough Call w/ Steffen Rowe-Tank Transcript by Muna Hakim , 19 DEC

TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST
Loose transcription by Muna Hakim
Edited and formatted by FXStrategist for ease of reading

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MODERATOR: Greetings everyone and thanks for being on the call.

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational call only, we advise all to receive their own legal advice if needed.

MERILEE: Thank you for inviting me. This is such an honor to be here with you.

TANK: We want to bring everything together today. It is a very important time, and I want us to get to the next step in the New Age as much as possible, as a one body, one mind. This is what we are going to launch on the call today.

I will give you first intel updates: We pushed this, we made a lot of noise. As a result, one of the things that we were able to do is to expose leaks in the intel community, e.g., we knew that they were set on Friday night to release the 800# then it didn't happen. Not sure why it didn't happen. We want to stop this roller coaster of emotions that we have had to go through. The important thing is that Wells Fargo were told that they will lose their charter if we don't go by Monday. Right now all countries are aligned and the intel is being coordinated from every country.

Many are redeeming overseas. We know that for a fact. We don't know if they are at banks or offsite locations. But there is no doubt that they many have had their bank appointments.

As far as us in the US, we will receive the 800# today.

What we also know is that the grey screens (funds belonging to the higher-level families, Admirals, &c) have been moved to the right place, and the green screens (which is us, our money) are also set. The exchange centers are ready. They have a set time to roll out, which is imminent.

Liquidity started in the US @ 11:am EST am today. Since Thursday, morning the Admirals have had their core accounts funded. Now it is a matter of having the permission from US Treasury to release the funds to individuals.

As far as I know, nobody goes unless we all go together. No one is getting paid unless everyone has access, everyone has an opportunity to make our appointments.

it is amazing the secrecy and stealth that they have been able to maintain over the many years to keep everyone safe.

We all heard that there will be disclosure. In our mind we thought that there would be a huge grey object with Barack Obama standing in front it , giving a speech. In reality, we already saw on the Main Stream Media news and videos about NASA programs identifying alien vessels in the skies. They are no longer trying to keep it a secret.

Also, the methods that Mr. Rand discussed to re-atomize limbs: I posted a video on Twitter (see link above) showing how the technology works to make a gentleman (who had lost his arm in battle) whole again. He had his hand all blown up. The narrator is the gentleman himself so there is no question about authenticity.

New technologies are being released, we are getting disclosure.

Our goal was to align ourselves with the higher energies and it worked. We have the right people flying into the right places and countries in order to synchronize the payment. This movement has been very tactical, and very precise. I can tell you that it is in direct alignment with Divine Purpose.

Merilee, can you talk about the energy we are creating with this movement?

MERILEE: Thank you, Tank. You cannot serve both love and money. As long as we keep thinking that our value is in the money, then we are not honoring love.

We need to move away from saying: "I'm broke, I'm broke." We need to let our hearts be and say this is what I want for me and for humanity. I can't wait until I have trillions. I have to give 2 out of the 5 cents that I have.

It is important that we get out of the illusion, to see differently and feel differently. We have to raise our vibration so that everything will be hydrated, even ourselves will be hydrated, our dreams will be hydrated.

No man is going to tell me what I have. I have everything I need to give everything I can. I know who I am, I set myself to have all that I have.

Today, your energy is your currency, you need to be like children and believe without worry.

TANK: Thank you, Merilee. I promise you that i am going to make what she said be practical. There's depth to what Merilee said.

As for the questions that I have received:

QUESTION: People are asking about the rules of exchange. I can tell you this;: the Zim, of course, is obviously higher in value. There are going to be private exchanges. You will go in they will give you an offer, you can counteract with whatever value you are comfortable with. The published rate will be be $15.00 and you can go higher to $150.00 or any amount depending on whether your projects can justify that amount.

I personally think they will ask everyone with Zim to sign an NDA because of the huge amount of money that it is.

QUESTION: People are concerned how this money will hit the system. It will NOT hit the system
Your account at the bank will be kept off ledger. Your account will be kept by the US Treasury or AIIB, in a version of your own collateral account with your funds.

QUESTION: regarding diplomatic status: In all likelihood you will have diplomatic status so that you can have transactions go through easily because YOU are the bank. The transactions begins and ends with YOU. This is the beauty of the new banking system.

QUESTION: about ZIM gifts to people: for people that you gifted, they will get a smaller offer because they hadn't prepared themselves mentally or spiritually for trillions of dollar. The bank will offer them what is best for them so that they are happy and don't bring harm to themselves or their loved ones. E.g.: I will give a lot people money and they will be happy, this way I am being considerate of their situations

QUESTION: about contact to call if there are concerns during the appointment: Here is a good rule to remember. Embrace the voice of a teacher. Ask them to repeat to you so that you understand exactly what they are saying, then repeat it back to them. It will help you with clarity regarding the information.

QUESTION: about how to redeem indifferent countries: I will notify when I get that information, whatever parameters are allowed, I will publish

We are at the end, we are finally HERE in this moment. I want you to feel that energy. IT IS HERE.

QUESTION: Here is a guy who is mocking us, says he is HUMANITARIAN and that his priorities are to focus on humanitarian projects, prosperity packages, &c. after he redeems his Zim, Yet, he is in the house of Lords in England. He already had his opportunity many times over to help with humanitarian projects. He shouldn't be waiting for the ZIM. He made a nasty comment mocking about your monies. He is wrong: the ZIM will be exchanged here in the US and everywhere else in the world. Don’t let anyone cause you to doubt.

The ZIM is also the bond that will back all the banks of the world.

This is not about us about being greedy or shallow. People have been attacking us : they make us feel that we should STOP because we are all about money. I am about money because why? Because that is the tool that the cabal used to enslave me, the tool that i must use to feed my children.

The purpose of the [virtually unlimited] money is to unlock the chains to our freedom. Don't let anyone guilt you. The cabal will try to brainwash us. Guilt is an emotion that is absolutely useless. I ask you to let go of any kind of guilt.

If you still think that this is all about money, then shame on you. It means that you have not been listening.

I would like you guys to understand the reasons that we launched this SPEAK project. Every part of this very tactical.

Yes, I went rogue, and I was given instructions by higher-ups to help people see that the intel is confusing, that the cabal used the intel as a tool to divide us and keep us weak, keep us waiting, and keep our emotions frayed.

Betty soccer mom in Idaho manages to get top intel information, and they tell her not to tell anyone. Shhhhh . So she only calls her best friend, mixes up what she is saying, modifies it a bit, blah blah blah. Pretty soon it is a rumor with contradictions. It creates frustration.

I also would like to comment on the intel providers, the leaders: you don't build a house on the beach because it is low tide. They turn this intel reporting into a profession, a career. it keeps the news alive.
The RV has been trying to come in for years, and what we are doing here is creating an energy that will attract the RV as opposed to keep that RV news ball bouncing up in the air.

So, as far as I am concerned, I am sharing EVERYTHING, no secretes, because I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW. I was directed to do this by the highest source. It serves the greater purpose.

So, like I said, I went rogue. Then I made sure that I vocalized all the anger and helped you express yours. Project SPEAK did not create a negative energy: remember that you are not a victim. You are made in the image of the Creator, you have the power right now to do something. It was intentional to get people mad. I admit, I have insulted some people. I'd rather have people be insulted and remember what Ii said, rather than be nice and they forget what I said.

We have been effective. We are embracing and creating an energetic message to the Universe and the Universe is responding accordingly. Everyone has spent time in their consciousness knowing what they want to accomplish, what they want to do.

With the SPEAK project, we also wanted people to have a place to show what they wanted to do. we are causing a major change by calling the banks and expressing our opinions. Of course, we could easily disrupt the course of business in the banks, but that is not the goal. The goal is to be heard. And we were heard.

The next step for SPEAK was to launch Twitter. Now we are honing our message, our message is not so much that we are mad, but a declaration of who we are: the sovereign free people of earth. With our Twitter messages going viral we are putting a digital signature into the ether, over and over and over.

A baby learns 100 times faster than you and me. A baby has no regrets from the past and no expectations for the future. The baby exists right now in this moment. When he is hungry, [a feeding] manifests by crying. The mother lactates, preparing the food that the baby needs at the exact time. How is the baby that powerful? Because the baby doesn't know that he can't do it.

Maybe we think, “That's ridiculous, I can't do that." Let the past failures go. Don't worry about the future either. Put yourself in this exact moment, the feeling, the relief, of having your life and your abundance. Know that you have none of the worries. All that is being taken care of. That has already been accomplished for you so that you can thrive, so you can go forward and be exactly what you want to be.

Know that you literally have no debt. Your family are not talking about your ZIM anymore. They are enjoying the amazing life you provide. There is nothing hanging over your head, nothing that you have to do, nothing behind you that is haunting you, everything is taken care of.

In one moment you might see a commercial about an exotic place, and in another moment you can go there. Or maybe you hear the horrible news about a cabal causing atrocities in Haiti, or stealing their relief money, and with a phone call you can make it up to Haiti.

You don't' ever have to worry about your health and stress. There is already technology that is out there, the med bed shows when people lose their arms, the med bed creates a hologram of the arm, and then literally re-atomizes your arm.

Think about this: I saw a video today and in the human cells there is as much energy as the there is in lightning. This is fact, the same electromagnetic energy in lighting is in you many trillion times over. So why would it be so hard to manifest our redemption today?

Imagine why are we in this state and that we have that kind of power. The reason we don't right now is because we don't think it is possible. This moment is the moment when you can change everything TODAY.

There is spiritual intelligence that you have, a consciousness that tells you that I am being truthful with you.

Do you know how to manifest? You tap into the emotional peace and love, emotional freedom, give yourself permission to know that it is more real than your sadness, your stress, your worry. Fear is a tool that feeds those that want us to be weak.

We can focus our collective energy and realize that EVERYTHING is working toward your good.

[Consider] when an artist draws on a white peace of paper using black charcoal. The charcoal creates pockets of darkness to give the illusion of 3D and the white paper is also providing illusion of 3D. If you focus on only one dark spot you can't see the whole picture. But if you just come back off the page and get some perspective, you see the bigger picture.

You have the ability to step back and see how the whole relates to each other. This ability to see the whole makes you the most powerful entity on the planet.

So all of the world's events have moved in order in such a way to put this abundance in our hands right NOW. The tax bill has already passed, even though they tell you it will pass next week. It is done, signed. all set, done.

Know that everybody, every one of us, is going to redeem at the same time when the core is liquid. They can't hold back.

The Universe does not work on cause and effect. It works according to your will. You can tell by the way you are dressed, your style, your problem with your spouse, your kids, your self, are all your own creation. You have already created your world.

What I want is that we agree that this is real: within you is the power to change the world and you can do it instantaneously. I want us all to agree to spend some time, seconds, minutes, hours just focusing. Put your whole heart into it too. Just focus on the feeling you have when you finally feel free to create the world that you want. You all have the power to do it.

I feel it right now. I am vibrating, I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about the magnificence of what I dream about for my kids and the woman I love. But I can't leave until we all leave.

MERILEE: Together we can burn so bright, we are learning that we are the light. Remember that and shine brighter. All you have to do is to change your own world, not someone else's. Whoever comes into my path, I will show love respect and gratitude.

MERILEE: Who of us has had the experience of what to do with trillions of dollars? We don't have the experience. All we have is a heart that is pumping. I know that we represent the light, so if anything doesn't feel good, I say I am love and light. I say to fear and darkness, who are you? What power to do you have over me? Darkness is a coward. Don't be subject to this stupid illusion anymore. I have all that I need to give that all that I have today. This is so powerful.

TANK: We spend all this time sending messages as prayer. Prayer is communication with the Creator. We constantly send the message of “I need, I need. I need.”

I have been talking about the Divine Feminine energy that is permeating the planet. Remember that it is a principle, male and female, not body parts. There a woman and she is cloaked in the sun and she is pregnant with child. She is symbolic of the feminine attributes of God, and in the woman is the child which is symbolic of the Messiah. I am in the father and the father is in me.

We are going back to a matriarchal society. There is this power, there is an amazing nurturing cooperative beauty that emanates naturally from these qualities of women. They are not looking for wars. They are trying to see what it is that person needs and soften them up. That quality, that energy. We should demonstrate feminine love and kindness, patience all the time.

I took a vow of poverty during this time so that my message cannot be compromised. I am never afraid of lack. There will be more money. It is just energy. We can manifest more. Hopefully we agree, as a people, that this is who we are in this age going forward.

I’m not mad. I am waging peace. I am trying to get us on the same page. If we can do that, there's s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Nothing else matters. All your worries and concerns. Today you have everything you need to get everything you have. I want you to focus on the peaceful feeling.

MERILEE: Thank you for all the beautiful words. I invite you to take our hands. Our energy is to make it through this darkness, make the most high your dwelling, make love your priority. Every moment you will have a test, its just a test. Exercise tolerance, forgiveness, patience. Be love and light.

Thank you.


QUESTION: I have gifted non-ZIM to people. Can’t they go to a redemption center rather than a bank? 
ANSWER: Yes, anything can be a redemption center. Big redemption centers were dummy locations to catch cabal. In all liklihood, most redemption centers are going to be private. For example, Bank of America built 1400 locations, then they closed them up. Could these be redemption centers? Who knows?

QUESTION: When we go to the exchange, if there is miscommunication or something we are not happy about, who do we contact?
ANSWER: Learn this principle: teaching back. Ask them to repeat to you and you repeat to them what they said, in order to get a commitment in words, before you go out the world. Have a list of your points of contact, a private banker. Contact people, 3 names from the bank.

QUESTION: What is the playback number?
ANSWER: Playback number will be [url=tel:(712) 775-7039]712-775-7039[/url] use participant code 930685# and will get you into the playback.

QUESTION: If I purchased ZIM and I want to give my brother 100 trillion, can I do that? 

QUESTION: How to contact Merilee to thank her?
ANSWER: Facebeook or WhatsApp or SPEAK group or Merilee show.

QUESTION: NDA: if we sign that how do I tell family?
ANSWER: You will have a family office who will handle everything for you. They will tell you, equip you, surround you with the people that you need. A really easy way to give is set up a sub-trust. You don't have to explain anything. Nothing.

QUESTION: What if I don't want to use Wells Fargo?
ANSWER: You can use any bank, you are sovereign entity, even Wells Fargo will treat you right.

QUESTION: I am concerned about the clawback.
ANSWER: Actually, if you look at the constitutional laws from last year, the clawback is now designed to go against the banks. it is an anti-clawback law, so nothing to worry about.

QUESTION: Med beds? Where can I find reference?
ANSWER: [See links above.] They are already producing them

QUESTION: If your spouse does not believe or have anything to do with it? Should he go to the appointment with me?
ANSWER: No. He is not ready for it. Don't take him with you.

Love and Light, Tank and Merilee

[Some grammatical and syntax liberties taken in transcription. ~Muna Hakim]

[Thank you for your generous time and efforts in doing this transcription, Muna! ~FXStrategist]


Mnt Goat  

...no one and I mean no one, has enough information or evidence to justify proof of saying that the RV will happen prior to Christmas.  I want everyone to...remember that the reason we have had so many past Christmases come and go with news of the process to delete the zeros (thus RV) is that it was in fact planned RVs for the following timeframes in January 2011, 2013, 2016 and told about an EARLY 2017.  ...at these times we had evidence from the CBI...This all is factual information told to us in retrospect by Dr Shabibi himself in the years following these timeframes.  ...no one had any idea we would be disappointed again as they told us later it was postponed.  If we get some good news of going forward once again now that we are nearing the end of 2017 with the “project to delete the zeros” and the re-education articles in the next 15 days there may still be hope for EARLY January 2018. Then and only then we should get excited.

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert, 19 DEC

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 18, 2017

The 13 Galactic advisers are currently at Camp David meeting with Republic officials including Trump and others.

The final instructions and release time for the RV has been set.

Energy blockades are still preventing the actual release time from being leaked.

The USN is set to be announced (possibly on the 20th-23rd). According to inside sources, the USN will be announced the day after the RV -- meaning it is predicted that the RV may begin any time between the 20th and the 23rd.

Private exchanges are still occurring in Zurich. HSBC branches in other countries might also begin inviting individuals to exchange. This is a sign that the Tier 4 (internet group) exchanges is about to begin.

RayRen98 Tidbit, 19 DEC


We've had a ball of confusion this weekend.  ...where are we exactly in the grand scheme of things?  The wheels are so ever slowly turning.  But, it's almost impossible to pinpoint an exact time frame.  So we have to play it out as we wait it out.  ...there also was the announcements of salaries being paid today...And some were of the expectation that these could of or should have been at the new rate.  That remains to be seen.  ...there was an article that came out about ...the deficit being cut over there from 27 Trillion down to 13 trillion.  And that made some eyebrows come up of the thought process...could this be  the elusive RV raising it's head?  That remains to be seen as well.  We did have some banking folks highly  expectant of things happening over the weekend and of course they have moved that excitement into the first part of the week, still excited that something is about to happen.  And that is where we are right now...  Waiting for more information that pinpoints where we are in the grand scheme of things...or even a full scale release.  That remains to be seen.

Snake Says RV Before the 25th! , 19 DEC

Am posting this with the personal knowledge that I am certainly unqualified to be a person in the loop however am in contact periodically with folks who command a higher pay grade than me and was given a heads up regarding Saturday past that did not materalize but has since called to advise we should not give up hope as the overall consensus is this is a go still prior to the 25th, this is worth exactly what it cost you to read.



DELTA:  -Financial Situation Tables For November /2017
CURRENCY ISSUNACE EXPENSES:FROM:11/1/17 TO 11/30/17.........( $12,591,519)

Greenclan:  Thank you delta for your tireless efforts. But  I am not sure what this really means or how it’s related to our awaited event.  Can you please take a few minutes and explain thank you so very much   Merry Christmas 

Fenway:  Greenclan, the 91% rise in currency issuance costs means they are madly printing up new currency. (hint: think LDs)

Frank26:  PRINTING ARE WE? ......................hmmmmmmmmm

Samson:  Iraq's import of gold fell to a third

 19th December, 2017

Iraq maintained the 37th place in the volume of gold reserves worldwide, despite the decline in import to a third of the rate during the current year, amid calls for the introduction of this metal in the banking and investment instead of survival stomachs Moktnza the Iraqi citizen. The decline in the demand for gold in the Iraqi markets since the outbreak of war on the organization, "Dahesh" terrorist, and the country was affected by the financial crisis

The World Gold Council announced the rise of the world's reserves during the month, pointing out that Iraq has maintained the world's 37th place of global reserves.

The Council noted that "Iraq's reserves of gold remained constant, recording 89.8 tons, representing 7.9 percent of the rest of the currencies," noting that "the last purchase of Iraq from gold was in April

"April" 2014 where he bought 15.16 tons. "

The Central Bank decided in early 2014 to install pure gold bars weighing between "50 and 1000 grams" to be sold to gold dealers, investors and segments of society wishing to do soin Iraqi dinar.

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, "Iraq imports annually between 60 and 70 tons of gold, while pointing out that the decline in prices indicates the strength of the Iraqi dinar." "World gold prices have fallen dramatically, making gold prices lower than they were in 1978," he said, referring to the "purchasing power of the citizen, which was then low compared to the current time enjoyed by Iraqis with high purchasing power."

He explained that "the other reasons that led to the decline in gold prices, is the stability of the Iraqi dinar and its rise, which is linked to the high dollar is also global against other currencies," stressing that "the decline of gold gives an indication of the strength of the Iraqi dinar."     LINK


Samson:  Massive demonstration in Kfri to demand the overthrow of the Barzani government

09:36 - 19/12/2017 

A local source on Tuesday launched a mass demonstration in Kefri district south-west of Sulaymaniyah province, demanding the overthrow of the government of Najafan Barzani.

The source told Al-Maaloumah that dozens of citizens staged a mass demonstration in Kfari district south-west of Sulaymaniyah province this morning.

The source added that "the demonstrators demanded the overthrow of the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Nigervan Barzani, and demanded the payment of salaries."
The province of Sulaymaniyah, on Monday, mass demonstrations and a strike for dozens of employees because of the delay in the payment of salaries, carrying the former Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani responsibility for salary arrears.



Samson:  Full electricity shutdown in Sulaymaniyah due to demonstrations

2017/12/19 10:53

The General Directorate of Electricity in the province of Sulaymaniyah announced the cessation of providing citizens with national electricity in the province and its parties to another notice.

The Directorate said in a statement, "We know the people of the city of Sulaymaniyah and its parties and that since 4 pm today, the national electricity was cut off from the province of Sulaymaniyah and its parties because of the extinguishing of the electric power station in Chamchamal." 

"Because of this firefighting, we can not provide electric power and Technically, we can not receive electricity from another area and distribute it, and because of this, power is cut off from all citizens, hospitals and water projects in Sulaymaniyah and its outskirts."

The demonstrations erupted in cities and towns in the Kurdistan region on Monday, during which participants raised slogans calling for the change of the current government, while clashes occurred between the security forces and demonstrators in the district of Chamchamal and the town of Bira Makroun in the province of Sulaymaniyah, resulted in a number of injuries.


PhillyPete:  Guy's if you look about it like this you work a job for 25/30 yrs. and get only 60% of your pay and you have to live off that.....what is 10/15 yrs. waiting to change your life and genarations to come.....just hold on a little longer....that might days, weeks or even a month but it's beats 25/30 don't it?

NetGlobal:  Phillypete, I think you have a great way to look at this. 25/30 years working and then have to live on 50-60% of what you can bearly live on now at full salary. Or just wait on the RV and live good

RVAlready:  I suspect the RV is a pretty high priority item with the IMF, and, I'd guess with Trump also. Iraq just put all their banks through a course on banking systems, money laundering, etc. I think everyone is working to get this thing rolling,. I simply think that some actions which could have been taken before now, waited until the last minute. But now, I think as Ray said - No More Excuses.

Briona:  All Iraq has to do is follow the same procedures as our banks do. We have to show proof of where the money came from when we exchange, so should the corrupt Iraqi officials. I would like to see the ones who aren't already in trouble, try to explain how they happen to be multi millionaires or billionaires. I don't think that this is holding up the RV, as I think it is going to be very difficult for them to exchange these stolen funds.

Synerex:  If you think about this in the grand scheme of things - "GLOBAL" currency reset - Iraq and the US are a small portion to reset - there are the ones we knwo thatr need reset also Dong, Zim, Rupia and many others, think about how much has to go into revaluing everyones currency

RVAlready:  The RV is a winning situation for everyone. I doubt anyone wants to hold it up…. And, they have had over a decade to plan the GCR. I don't buy excuses about how much time it takes to get ready… I don't think anyone is holding it up. Just bad planning and sequencing.

NetGlobal:  They will RV when they are ready. Nothing we can do or say to move the process any faster. It's their party…. It's their party, we are just invitees. We don't get to tell them when to serve the refreshments. LOL

NetGlobal:  I am not so sure I even believe in the GCR though I do believe some other nations may RV once Iraq does.

Yada:  Netgobal, agreed, there isn't a GCR,,,the Dinar is the only currency revaluing,,,the others will just adjust their values as the dinar is paired with them,,

RVAlready:  I don't like to argue with yada, as he supports my viewpoints a lot in hee. But, if you read the GCR documents, it is what an international level playing field is about. Probably not all currencies need to revalue, but some will go up, and some down, wiith refeerence o the current playing field.

Greatlyblessed:  https://www.wsj.com/House Passes Sweeping GOP Tax-Overhaul Bill..Measure is approved by 227-203 tally, heads to Senate for final vote..The House passed the Republican tax bill, putting the U.S. on the brink of a $1.5 trillion tax cut and the largest structural overhaul of the tax system since 1986. 11530 minutes ago


12-19-2017   Intel Guru Footforward   Exciting time that we are looking at.  Like many I'm expecting the RV to happen shortly.  We're not waiting on tax reform in the United States, but that is what i'm looking at in a sense of a trigger...a sign.  When that happens I'll be expecting something any day...IMO.

12-19-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   ...the CBI’s next move is to set the program rate to 1000 : 1 (dinars to US dollars) in early January. But this is not the kind of huge change we are waiting for. We need the 1:1. But this change in January will be a sign for us that the 1:1 is coming soon.

12-19-2017   Newshound Guru Stryker   Breaking News:  Parliamentary finance raises the draft budget to the Presidency and we are waiting to set a date for approval...Ever Closer To The Finishline.

12-19-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "External: one file and out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII"   Whether its UN Chapter VI or VII, it's pretty clear that the UN has some control over Iraq until the final balance to Kuwait is paid in full.  The good news is that they agreed to start paying again in 2018.  

12-19-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   As far as over in Iraq, it's been very quiet other than the little bit of information that has come out. . . Clearly other information is still being suppressed for whatever reason.  It’s a timing thing.  I don’t have any information that says to me, not until 2018.  ...we have a few days into this week to see if it may materialize before this week is over. 


chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 International Coalition in Iraq: we have not captured ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. We do not know where he is at. http://mobp.as/a15qk

xyz: Cabinet votes on the working paper of the World Bank loan

Starman86: Do you all think we are waiting on the tax reform to get signed tomorrow which is Wednesday?

futuremoney: @Starman86 nope

Doug_W: @Starman86 there really is NO one single event or date 4 this to happen its all up to the CBI when they want to do it

futuremoney: @Doug_W IF they do

Doug_W: I prefer when
​futuremoney: @Doug_W I think we have a better chance at winning the Lotto

Doug_W: we ALL have our opinions but that is JUST what they are an opinion

Starman86: It will happen and we all will be in disbelief. Thank You futuremoney... I hope that name says Newmoney by the end of the week

futuremoney: @Starman86 me too!!!!
Doug_W: me 3

Starman86: One more question. When the RV drops and the exchanges began do you think it will be hard to find houses or do you think their is a lot of currency holders and we will be competing in the market?

Doug_W: U mean to buy a house?

Starman86: or it will be easy and just pruchase
Starman86: yes Doug to buy a house and also resources

Doug_W: where are U located 86 ?

Starman86: i am trying to buy in seattle

Doug_W: U will have NO trouble

futuremoney: @Starman86 6 million people isn't going to effect the market that much, unless we are concentrated in a certain aea

Doug_W: America is a HUGE place

Starman86: i assume everyone is going to a bigger city an leaving the country areas of the country

Doug_W: not me I like Country

futuremoney: @Starman86 I'm planning on staying where I am...no significant change in life style. Just living off the interest if possible

Doug_W: but why there the weather is not so nice there most of the time?

futuremoney: @Doug_W I agree...no city crap for me

Doug_W: no I meant Washingotn state

Starman86: I live in the swamp of florida. i am tired of sun and heat

Doug_W: I love Fl
Doug_W: where are U here I am in Central Fl

Starman86: i just want some nice clean water to swim in without gators
Starman86: i am in the swamps of tallahassee, but from melbourne

Doug_W: Minnesota and NC and NY offer that as a summer resident
Doug_W: I want a small cottage on Lake Ontario in NY

Doug_W: but will keep this as a winter home

futuremoney: @Doug_W no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOCOOOLD!!!!!!!!!!

Starman86: i just want out of florida and live in the nothern woods of the pacific west.... More like a town like forks from twilight

Doug_W: at any rate U will have NO trouble finding what U want after
Doug_W: not in summer $$
​Starman86: I will do Vegas in the summer... I go there yearly

Starman86: That sounds like the average resident in this retirement state

Starman86: lol
Starman86: it was nice chatting with yall. I hope you all have a good Day and much LOVE to all of you

Doug_W: eggzactly
Doug_W: U as well 86

Doug_W: Fox news says the tax bill is just minutes away from being voted on

futuremoney: @Doug_W oooooooooooowhoopteedo

Doug_W: ?
Doug_W: 4give Master but I can B very thick
Doug_W: never mind I get it now

Doug_W: don't U want more $$ returned to U in ur pay?

futuremoney: @Doug_W the state will end up taking what the Fed gives back...you watch

Doug_W: we have no state taxes here in Fl

futuremoney: @Doug_W then your sales tax will increase

Doug_W: my total tax bill on 1.25 Ac is 354 a yr and No incoime tax

futuremoney: @Doug_W 20 trillion in debt..yu aint getting shi* back

Doug_W: ppl herre have to approve a sales tax increase its not automatic

futuremoney: @Doug_W I'm moving to Florida...

Doug_W: Buster Brown just went by and his truck was squatting badly
Doug_W: must B Christmas time

Doug_W: we just had a brief power failure I rebooted

futuremoney: @Doug_W I would like to re-boot ya
txbrand: looks like tax reform passed ?

Clay: @txbrand Great to see ya

txbrand: hi clay

The Crisco Kid: WHAT ???????????
txbrand: you mean this tax bill has to go back through the senate again ?
txbrand: @The Crisco Kid ok

The Crisco Kid: It'll Pass

Clay: @txbrand yes expected to pass
Clay: @The Crisco Kid 4 hey

txbrand: :Thumbs-up

The Crisco Kid: Now I'd Like President Shrink The Size Of Our Gov, Cut Spending And Screw Over Every Liberal Nazi Out There ....

Clay: @The Crisco Kid Amen brother

[pm]Doug_W: stop givine America away both at home and abroad
 [pm]Doug_W: giving↑
The Crisco Kid: Thank You...
Clay: @Doug_W exactly

[pm]Doug_W: 4 example make immigrants WORK 4 what they get NO welfare
19 Dec 17, 03:00 PM
The Crisco Kid: I Heard Out Last Commander And Thief Was Our Country" Drug Dealer He Was Working With IRAN ....

[pm]Doug_W: sheesh DON'T get me started
 [pm]Doug_W: they just discussed that on Fox news

Clay: @Doug_W me neither

[pm]Doug_W: I see SO much welfare abuse its sickening and if U report it ur the bad guy
 [pm]Doug_W: we need a national 188 reportit line

The Crisco Kid: How Come S/S Is Always Going To Run Out Of Money, But Never Welfare ??

[pm]Doug_W: well said
Doug_W: they call that an "entitlement" bull crap its welfare I get an entitlement as a disabled Vet

The Crisco Kid: Hope You Get That Raise I Keep Hearing About

[pm]Doug_W: Nancy stood on teh floor a wile ago (90) mins and said this tax bill was the worst bill to ever ben brought up 4 a vote

[pm]Doug_W: where is she gonna B in a yr when we are booming

[pm]Doug_W: can U imagine being POOOR Mr Peosi?

[pm]Doug_W: Pelosi
[pm]Doug_W: oh well enough

The Crisco Kid: Anybody Here Have A Idea That If ( And I Mean If ) We Exchange Do We Lose Our S/S ?

Clay: @The Crisco Kid lol
Clay: @The Crisco Kid no you just pay tax
The Crisco Kid: Ya See I Have That Bugeted For MY Poker Nights

Clay: @The Crisco Kid lol
Clay: @The Crisco Kid u nut

txbrand: @The Crisco Kid SS does not have a means test
txbrand: if you have the means ( money ) you still get SS

Baxter: so... are we rich yet??

futuremoney: @Baxter sure we are...I just came from the bank

Clay: @Baxter not yet

Baxter: good... im ready..
Baxter: hey clay ​
​futuremoney: @Baxter they told me that I was still broke

Baxter: well... at least you arent alone
Baxter: the news has been awful quiet lately
Baxter: good or bad

Clay: @Baxter sure has
Clay: @Baxter we're going into 2018

Baxter: I hate to see this go into next year.... ggez

Clay: @Baxter me too but its gonna

Baxter: yep....

Baxter: we knew that six months ago

blackgold: @The Crisco Kid you may lose a percentage of your SS but at that point who will really give crap

blackgold: @The Crisco Kid when I exchange I plan on helping and supporting who i'm able and then disappearing and living my life the best i can

blackgold: I pray everyone else does the same

blackgold: peace

Restored Republic via a GCR Update

Steffen Rowe/Tank "Power Struggle" - GCR/RV Intel Update , 19 DEC



(Note: This was from this morning/afternoon. The four hour window mentioned here already passed. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

*There is a power struggle taking place as we speak for whether or not this will happen NOW.

How can we support the release?

Our thoughts and words have helped to create the energetic support to breakthrough and release us. Today we are activating the notifications commanding them to come to us.

• This is an amazingly powerful technique. One phrase at a time where you engage your power and creativity to begin the manifestation of the new world-your world.

Start your Twitter statement with one of these phrases:

• I am...
• I have...
• I create...
• I receive...

Don't talk about the numbers or money. DAs simply as possible describe the things you want in your world. This creates the powerful supportive energy to raise the frequency to match the the RV being released.


• I am a father who spends quality time with my children every day.
• I have a beautiful home right by the water with a view of the city.
• I create opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams.
• I receive support and love from the same people I love and support.

End each Tweet with this statement:
This is #ourworld.

Trust me this is urgent.* We act now and we will receive now.

Post the same hash tags


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we come here tonight requesting guidance and protection form those people who are trying to mislead us into believing that their opinions are right so as to throw us off track as we continue in our faith that this will happen at a time of Your choosing thus reducing our spirit and causing disbelief to enter into our hearts and thoughts.

Dear Lord God Almighty, at times we feel that we are stuck in a briar patch with the thorns of disbelief surrounding us and causing pain in our spirits for those who do not wish us well in this endeavor. Please continue to watch over us Lord as we continue the battle between right and wrong. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to sing your praises in three church services today. To You, all the Glory Lord.

It’s been a really tough day today folks three and one half hours of sleep after all my nightly prayer sessions for those who have asked for personal prayers then coupled with being on my feet greeting folks at Walmart, and checking register receipts as shoppers leave the store has taken it’s toll on me as well. Somewhere around 3 or 4 PM I began having light pains in my chest. Pains stopped and I finished the day.

Rest well my dear friends. Just try to keep one thought in your minds. When you allow yourself to accept depression, you open the door for satin’s legions to start filling you mind with doubts and unfounded suspicions which in turn causes you to feel helpless and eventually worthless in the eyes of your friends and family as depression eats away at your reasoning power. Instead remember “Our Destiny Awaits”

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I want to take this moment to give thanks for all of the prayers that have been answered for many of our members who were for a time having some serious health issues. Many of our affected members have taken the time to ask for prayers for themselves, their families, and their friends and they have reported back to me the answers they have received for the prayers.

Dear Lord God Almighty if it means we must wait for another time before this will happen I ask that you give our members the will and the means to hold on until the time is right whenever that is. Thank you Lord for all that you have provided for us and allowing us to draw strength from one another. Whenever our time comes Lord guide us to the best direction to make a good difference in our world.

Looks like our time wandering in the desert looking for the promised land still continues. Can you imagine what it was like to go through all that he had to go through only to be told that he could look into the promised land but was not allowed to go there himself. Kind of makes our wait pale in comparison. Doesn’t it? Still we must continue knowing that some of us may not make it to the RV. Remember them that don’t.

TED1016Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, onward through the uphill battles we travel as we search for answers and receive then same old rhetoric everything down Banks on standby and exchange canters manned, and prepared for the word or phrase to get things started. Father, is this going to be another one of those forty year waiting for the wisdom to handle what funds we receive?

Dear Lord God Almighty, as the days grow closer moving towards the end of this year, many of us are wondering just what the hold is going to be this time. Direct, guide and protect us as we continue down this seemingly never ending road we are traveling. Our faith is strong but the body grows week after each passing day of no reaction. Keep us safe lord as we continue onward while some fall by the roadside.

Certainly again, not the words I was hoping to be typing this early morning while many of our members sleep around us. Oh for another peaceful night of sleep but a quick glance at our ledger shows little progress at best. Credit cards are always threatening to lower my credit score but for now more important things to keep up to date are Mortgage, Electricity, water, Internet services car payments and insurance.

Is it just me or do others believe that credit score ratings are nothing more than another way of creditors to raise interest rates? After the RV, one of that will matter to most of us. Lord I pray that I never allow myself to be pulled into the “Enjoy now, pay later” scam. Keep the faith my friends and always remember that, “Our Destiny Awaits” May God bless us all soon.


(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

December 18, 2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#



Highlights of TNT conference call.

Ray: . . . The subject line said, “and the band played on.” It’s funny how some of you immediately went to the sinking of the Titanic. As the ship was sinking, the band kept playing. . . “The Band Played on” comes from the song made by The Temptations titled “Ball of Confusion.” Some of you might remember that because they made all of the records. They made reference to different things, confusing things going on, people in the air, here, there, everywhere, etc., etc. Something like that but they wrapped it up with “And The Band Played On.” Amidst the confusion of what was going on in the world the band played on . . . We’ve had a ball of confusion this weekend. For some folks first thing this morning still having a ball of confusion. And the band played on and that is all it can do until it can play no more.

So someone questions, ‘Where are we?’ Well, that is a good question. We know where we are not. But where are we exactly in the grand scheme of things? Who really knows? The wheels are so ever slowly turning. I do very much believe that. But, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint an exact time frame. So we have to play it out as we wait it out. 

Some things did happen in Iraq over the weekend. I did not tweet you because it was not information that would make you think, ‘Oh cool, we’re about to see the RV? Bunch of politics as far as I’m concerned.

Demonstrations in the street. . . about corruption. Citizens over there demonstrating. So, that’s really no big deal for us, not that I can see.

Of course, there also was the announcements of salaries being paid today. A whole lot of category’s of salaries being paid. And some were of the expectation that these could of or should have been at the new rate. That remains to be seen. That was weekend information as opposed to now we’re into a week day.

We’ll see what the pays look like today. What rate as the reports come in that pays were accordingly made. 

Other than that there was an article that came out about coming the deficit being cut over there from 27 Trillion down to 13 trillion. And that made some eyebrows come up of the thought process, ‘could this be the elusive RV raising it’s head?’ That remains to be seen as well.

Those were the weekend issues worthy of speaking on. We did have some banking folks highly expectant of things happening over the weekend and of course they have moved that excitement into the first part of the week, still excited that something is about to happen. Something good is about to happen. They are still of that expectation so in the midst of the confusion . . .the band played on. 

And that is where we are right now, ‘the band played on.’ Waiting for more information that pinpoints where we are in the grand scheme of things . . . or even a full scale release. That remains to be seen.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: . . . banking folks highly expectant of things happening over the weekend and of course they have moved that excitement into the first part of the week, still excited that something is about to happen. Something good is about to happen. They are still of that expectation so in the midst of the confusion . . .

IRAQ: Citizens demonstrating in the streets about corruption. Ray: I do not have any news on what may or may not be going on over there. . . Apparently somewhere there is something yet to be done. Some citizens frustrated what with the . . .fires . . . burning of cars.

Salaries are being paid today in multiple categories. No information available on the rate of pay at the time of the call. 


Banks: Still in expectation mode. 

ZIM: Information given on Ray’s calls is compiled at the “ZIM 101 Comprehensive” thread ad:



VERBATIM: . . .We are just waiting for updated information to let us know what’s taking place and recapping – some of the banking community was anticipating something over the weekend. Definitely for Monday morning is not the weekend. Some had indications thinking over the weekend they would be able to move forward to an exchanging period. 

As far as over in Iraq, it’s been very quiet other than the little bit of information that has come out. . . Clearly other information is still being suppressed for whatever reason.

And, hmmm, we just have to wait. It’s a timing thing. I don’t have any information that says to me, not until 2018. But we know Christmas is a week away and I doubt very seriously if it would happen on Christmas Eve.

But we have a few days into this week to see if it may materialize before this week is over. If not, then sure, I’m counting . . . the holiday, New Year’s, etc. I could see 2018 if we don’t see something materialize this week.

Let’s see what other information comes to us so that we can draw, at least a presumptive conclusion. We won’t be able to draw a real conclusion until it’s all said and done and have it over with. But we can at least make something speculative based on the information that comes to us.

So, I’ll wait to see what else pops out today going into tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes for us. (played “I Believe.”)

Following the music: Ray: Still have to mention to two things . . .WAIT and WHY and make sure you can identify with both of those. You’ve waited this long you can wait a while longer can’t you? When you . . .make a move make sure you address the WHY part of it.


xyz: Governor of the Central Bank: Participation of banking cadres in training courses will be positively reflected on the banking sector


The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, that the participation of banking cadres in the training courses will be reflected positively on the banking sector.
"The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alalak handed certificates of participation to a number of employees of public and private banks after passing a course in the advanced banking system and also in the topics of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and tax compliance law," the central bank said in a press statement.

The statement quoted the relations as saying that "such participation by the cadres of all Iraqi banks will be reflected positively on the banking reality in order to achieve the desired goals, including real integration between all banks and access to the application of the best modern technologies that serve the citizen."

xyz: Kurdish protesters set fire to party offices in northern Iraq


xyz: Iraq Kurdish protesters, angered by years of austerity and unpaid public sector salaries, set fire to the offices of political parties near the city of Sulaimaniyah on Monday, demanding that Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) quit.

Wrimax: I have a feeling we might be sitting here this time next year still waiting waiting waiting

xyz: @Wrimax are you a truther?

Wrimax: I know as much as anyone else and that is nothing

Tebow: @Wrimax you must be a guru then

Wrimax: what is a guru?? lol no one knows anything except Iraq and they ain't telling anyone..

tman23: “We have also seen continuity between the Obama and the Trump administrations,” Hayden continued, “in an absolute unwillingness to embrace what happens” after you have defeated IS...........Kurdish President Masoud Barzani, it may be recalled, repeatedly pressed the US to develop a plan for post-IS political reforms in Iraq, but Washington was unresponsive...............


Spectra: true

Wrimax: xyz you are active today..lol

xyz: @Wrimax practise makes perfect ... getting ready 4 the 'dance'

Wrimax: @xyz Make sure you don't wear yourself out

Spectra: @xyz oh jeez...


Spectra: ANCIENT TABLETS SHOW THE PLAN OF THE BEAST AND THE FALSE PREACHERS. The writings consist of twelve Tablets of Emerald Green formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation.

Spectra: They are coming forward with one world religion.....
Spectra: NOT GOOD!

sandyf: Anyone that thinks currency exchange is a simple matter should think again. Last week I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find a decent rate of exchange, rates varied from 250 to the best I got at 405, unlike the dollar which seemed to be a standard 13400.

This highlights the difference between currencies of differing convertibility, something that dinarland would rather ignore. For some obscure reason the guru viewpoint is that when Iraq finally gets round to accepting the obligations of IMF Art 8 the currency will shoot out the stalls as fully convertible, more chance of the pigs taking to the air.

sandyf: Most days last week I would walk across the minimart and get some cans of beer at 25000 a can. In reality what were the chances that I would walk in one day and the beer would only be 25 a can.

sandyf: One day we had a car and driver take us up the mountains in the hope of seeing the erupting volcano but it was too cloudy and there is still a fairly extensive exclusion zone. Driver told us he was paid 8 USD a day and there were people on lower rates. Here in Thailand the minimum wage is about 9 USD a day, Iraq is not the only low income economy.

Spectra: more chance of the pigs taking to the air.tHEN WHY ARE YOU HERE??????

Spectra: Whats the agenda?
BREW: @sandyf i spent seven days in bankok in 1969, the wages were low then, but you will find that in every country.

Spectra: I nevr compare apples to oranges..Iraq is Iraq ...Indonesia is just that.....

BREW: @sandyf i spent 15 month's in vietnam, dirt poor there, but vietnam is a thriveing country now and there currency ain't worth crap.

Spectra: Two different countries,

tman23: @Spectra ..........LISTEN to sandyf.........comprehend !!! ........the point people try to educate you on gets met with resistance or a ridiculous ........Iraq is not Indonesia ...apples and oranges......... ......COMPREHEND !!

Dave: read today that Iraq is still under UN sanctions

xyz: ;banana

Dave: still finalizing deal with Kuwait

meatball: @Dave remember our last conversation?

Spectra: @Dave agree



BREW: there suppose to be out of chapter 7, but there not in chapter 8 so i am told, so where does that leave them, chapter 7 1/32

tman23: @Dave ....Of course they are......it is a cesspool with millions of displaced people and a government that is in a failed state.......... And has violated 51 articles of the constitution......... Iraq is NOTHING !!! ......BUT A FAILED PROJECT..........

Dave: tHE IS ART 8 imf

BREW: @Dave are they in art 8

Dave: that IS IMF stuff

BREW: @Dave ok, i'm lost to start with, lol

Dave: hehe

meatball: there under double secrete probation...lol

BREW: @meatball howdy

meatball: @BREW how are you

Dave: Kuwaiti 4.8 billion last hurdle for being removed from UN sanctions

meatball: maliki pocket change lol

BREW: @meatball fine ty and you.

meatball: @BREW always good.... some days I just need reminding lol

BREW: @meatball lol

tman23: They are on the brink of another internal disaster........which Abadi better get his arse in gear or 2018 won't be the year of lifting the zeros it will be the year of currency worth ZERO.......

Dave: @tman23 this is how the corrupt maintain their power////create another crisis

Dave: @tman23 postpone and delay tatics
Tebow: obammy?

chattels: Iraqi forces building up near Makhmour, warns Kurdish security body By Rudaw


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Region’s security and intelligence service has expressed concern about a buildup of Iraqi forces near Makhmour, warning of a possible attack on Peshmerga positions.

“We are alarmed by significant Iraqi military buildup in the vicinity of Makhmour, South West of Erbil, in preparation for an attack on nearby Peshmerga positions,” the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) tweeted on Monday afternoon.

According to the agency, over the past five days forces of the army, Federal Police, Emergency Response Division, and Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi) have deployed to the area with the plan to carry out an attack on the road connecting Mosul and Kirkuk. “Peshmerga forces withdrew from Makhmour in October to the current position to avoid military clashes with Iraqi forces,” KRSC stated. “We call on the Iraqi Govt to stop its provocative advances.”

meatball: @chattels evening.... hope all is well

chattels: They also urged the international community to condemn Iraq’s military aggression and accept a call to dialogue. A military spokesperson in Baghdad denied that they are planning to resume their offensive against the Kurdish forces, according to Reuters.

chattels: @meatball greetings sir, yes, i am well, and you ?

Dave: another war over 5%

chattels: Rights group welcomes Iraqi parliament rejection of child marriage law By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/18122017

meatball: @chattels all good in the hood sir

chattels: Women’s activists warned that some parties would continue to push for the amendments in an effort to gain votes in the May 2018 parliamentary elections.

tman23: .........ISIS was predicted a year and a half before it came rolling in..........NO surprise !! The use of force by Baghdad entering Kurdistan was predicted after the liberation from ISIS......NO Surprise !!! Iraq a failed project........need to separate the special ed class from the advance.........Baghdad will be the city of short yellow buses

chattels: @tman23 good evening sir

tman23: @chattels GE

chattels: @tman23 Any encouraging sentiments being espoused in your circle of interest ?

chattels: It is not enough in my view for Abadi to simply be " re-selected " by the Iraqi Parliament, he must have a strong number from his list / faction be elected to Parliament. Otherwise he will continue to be dependent upon a brokered " majority " that cannot function successfully except on isolated issues.

chattels: Nujaify, the former Sunni Speaker of parliament, appears to think that there will be constructive / productive talks between Baghdad and Erbil in the near(er) term.

chattels: Mr. Maliki is working hard to mend fences and re-form old / new political alliances.

Hoss: there are a few "gurus" that think Abadi is as corrupt as any in Iraq. starting to think maybe that's true

chattels: @Hoss In my view the " jury is still out " on him. Certainly he has made promises that he could not keep. Query whether he wanted to keep them.

Hoss: far too much corruption

chattels: @Hoss Verily, verily.

meatball: bad from the top down

Hoss: through and through ... we may be still waiting for a few years - if it even happens that is
meatball: a very smart analogy

chattels: @Hoss Agreed. I was just thinking about 2019 - 2020 and if at all.

Hoss: @chattels sad but plausible
Hoss: @chattels makes me sick to my stomach

meatball: who can say for sure

chattels: @Hoss Even if we should manage to triple our money with the dinar, one likely would have done better over the same time in the stock market, eh ?

Hoss: @chattels to triple would be a huge bust - yes you're right
Hoss: @chattels I guess that would be a "lop"

chattels: @Hoss Matter of fact, I may just go be physically ill right now, :).

Hoss: @chattels the "lop" word is a crime to mention but still very possible
Hoss: @chattels lol

chattels: @Hoss Agreed
Hoss: @chattels need some comfort food - like a bucket of popeyes chicken lol

chattels: @Hoss We all have our refuge from reality, eh ?

Hoss: @chattels lol
Hoss: @chattels yes Sir

chattels: @Hoss Arguably it is the power of positive illusion that sustains us.

Hoss: @chattels actually I like to put on soft music and escape into dream world
tman23: @chattels ...... Baghdad is going to have to give the Kurds exactly what the constitution calls for.....They have Germany saying so, France saying so, England saying so, and US calling for it......

 Quite frankly Barzani's move was smart, he placed Baghdad in a position to show you hand and has them in a corner........Baghdad can't shut the deals in Kurdistan down because they took billions in advance, essentially Putin money. .....

The corruption among Shia and the courts needs to be parted........and I think that is only possible with the tragic death of Maliki......then the scales of power and justice may balance

spankie: if abadi is a new style gov the he is going by way of malikis camp-- some new style democracy iran style

Hoss: @chattels positive illusion is correct

spankie: yes tman!
spankie: maliki should have been gone years ago

chattels: @tman23 Coincidentally I was contemplating the benefits of Mr. Maliki's demise earlier and wondering whether or why not.

Hoss: coz he has all the dirt on the others

chattels: @tman23 The problem is in determining what the Constituion calls for IMO.

Hoss: he ordered troops to lay down weapons and leave so dash could take oved

Hoss: treason - should hang

chattels: @tman23 There are legitimate arguments " both " ways and the amendment of the Constituion is Iraq is difficult if not impossible in their dysfunctional state.

chattels: I am keen to see what happens with the Hash'd, their end may determine Iraq's and our future.

chattels: I read where Sistani weighed in, albeit rather weakly, earlier in the week.

chattels: On another subject, Lisa Bloom may be one of the more dispicable people out there.

chattels: We are apparently rather corrupt ourselves even after 250 years in our own democratic experiment.

chattels: Iraq has been at it for 15 years.

meatball: @chattels they are a quick study lol

tman23: @chattels . Lisa Blum.......not surprising out of California........The state is on fire and losing it to the Pacific would be a tragic loss of human life , but a huge increase in the population in ** .......... 
​chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk There were high hopes among some that Sistani would call for the Hashd to be dismantled entirely. This fell well short of that. Even Iranian-backed militias recite the phrase "limiting weapons to the state" etc.


chattels: " ............ the oft-repeated point about "limiting weapons to the state" consistent with the constitution."


chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 http://wataniq.com/news?ID=22935 Iran: Sistani's call for the Iraqi government to directly control all armed groups in Iraq does not include the Iraqi PMU (Hashd) since they are a legally established security organization.

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 International Coalition in Iraq: we have not captured ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. We do not know where he is at. http://mobp.as/a15qk