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RV is Imminent – Tank , 13 DEC

•There’s no more delays, no more intel. Everything is activated. Call centers have activated the numbers, we’re just waiting for those numbers to be shared and for them to pick up when we call. We’re in a very short window right now.

Quick Overview:

Peace in the middle east was accomplished.

The Rothschild’s have been contained.

The Alliance is on the verge of releasing the RV to begin the transition event.

All call center, redemption center staff have been called in. Bank’s have been given new updated memos.

The Republic is standing by, waiting for the go-ahead to begin the indictments immediately after the RV release.

Release decision time is set. RV is imminent.

Philip Tilton: "CAME BACK to Give us an Update From His Perspective; T...

Patrick DaCosta/IDC Says RV Before December 15th! 12/13/17


December 13, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Just as I said in my last newsletter dated Dec 11th, these so called idiotic intel “gurus” are trying to tell everyone the RV should have happened by now due to the speech by PM Abadi and all the other good news we received. I predicted this mindless nonsense.

I am also so tired of these so called “secret” sources of these gurus who run these rumors. They in fact do not know anything more than the ones they are telling them to. They just spread their own opinion to these intel providers. These idiots like Rayren TNT and others then suck it up and tell it to their audiences like its FACTUAL. Really factual?

So this notion of this “public” vs “private” roll outs of these items is “superfantastically-ER” stupid and meaningless…lol…lo….

We need only public announcements and ACTION by these politicians of Iraq. Nothing else to get our RV. Those that monitor the successes of Iraq (USA, IMF, WTO, WB, etc,) are not concerned about talk, backroom deals but instead want legal action.

So here are the FACTS again - Article 140 referendum was supposed to be done within 7 years after the initial signing of the constitution. This is the needed new HCL law. The constitution was signed in 2005 and it is now 2017 that’s 12 years already passed and 5 years late. What the hell do you think the Kurdistan complaint was as to why they wanted to succeed on Sept 25th vote referendum? Are you brain dead of what?

Here is a Dec 12th 2017 very recent article on this topic if you don’t believe me:


(Mnt Goat – Am I missing something here. TNT intel is always so wrong! Does this sound like Article 140 is all settled as Ray told everyone, even in “backroom” deals? Don’t they do any research?)

The Kurdistan Regional Office called for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, the six Kurdish parties, namely: the National Union, the Kurdistan Democratic, and the Movement of Change and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group, and the Kurdish Communist" to accelerate the adoption of a unified position to address the situation in the province, on her.

The office said in a statement today that the conditions in those areas do not serve any Kurds . He added that after October 16, the situation in Kirkuk disputed areas one day after another worse, and that fear, horror and resentment hangs on the Kurds in those areas, and are waiting for those who extend their hand to them to get rid of this ordeal, and save them and take them to a better and more stable life.

The statement added that the conditions imposed now are not in the interest of any Kurds in those areas, and increased their anger.

End article

So when you listeners challenge these idiots on their calls don’t be afraid to challenge them with the FACTS. Believe me they know much less than you if you have been reading Mnt Goat newsletters. Don’t be afraid of them! Don’t be afraid to reference the content of these newsletters as your notes. You don’t have to mention my name I don’t care. I am not on an ego trip.

In conclusion: Do you honestly think that the IMF is going to release all this wealth to Iraq through an RV when they can’t even manage 95% of the countries wealth via a simple law like HCL? I might add this also comes under the mandated part that the constitution in that it must be “fully” implemented to move to the next step. We have read this many times in articles. This is FACT! So is the new 2005 Iraqi constitution completed?

So, once again these gurus got everyone on the roller coaster waiting for an any minute, and day RV from this news last weekend. Really? Why?

They use the events of this past weekend alone for their justification. Aren’t you tired of this hysteria? These people simply do not want to listen to reality. So not they got you on that roller coaster and you will wait and wait again and finally realize you’ve been duped again by them. Then what will they tell you next? Will they admit they were wrong, once again?

More news….

A lot of readers asked me if Iraq was “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions of the UN Charter for member nations. Here is my answer:

Iraq is “fully” out of the part of sanctions that took them into the oil for food program, thus for the period mid April 1995 – Dec 2017 all oil revenues (petro dollars) had to be deposited first into the DFI fund (Development Fund for Iraq). This protected the funds from predator debt collectors and also corrupted officials. BUT NOW THIS IS NO LONGER MANDATED! Get it?

This is how the old process worked: 

Each year Iraq had to come up with a budget. Remember all these articles each year on the budget stuff? Why was this so important to read?

Each year the IMF and USA had to approve the budget

Upon approval, the funds would be released from the DFI escrow fund

Due to major corruption during the Nori al-Maliki years (8 years) very little of this money was actually used to reconstruct or develop Iraq post-war

The final result:

So now after this announcement on Dec 8th 2017 the remaining funds in the DFI are transferred to Iraq and this process ends

Iraq can now receive oil revenues directly and the DFI fund is closed. This is just like before the first gulf war.

This is what we want.

This is said to mean “full” sovereignty

This is what Iraq wanted and needed prior to the RV. I kept telling everyone this for years, but few believed me.

However technically there are still minor Chapter VII issues but they will have little to no impact on the re-instatement of the currency.

Taken from my Dec 11th newsletter. Did you read this? 

Can you add up 2 plus 2? Come ‘on folks, wake up! Do I have to spoon feed everything to you?

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The economic adviser to the Prime Minister of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, there are significant question marks on the mechanisms of foreign currency conversion to Iraq.

Saleh said to the {Euphrates News} today, "TO FINANCE IMPORTS MUST BE A CONVERSION IN FOREIGN CURRENCY," noting that "THERE IS A QUESTION MARK ON THE CURRENCY SIGN CAUSED BY CONFUSION BETWEEN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MONETARY POLICY OF THE CENTRAL BANK to control the levels of liquidity and at the same time trade finance, to create this ambiguity.

(Mnt Goat – sounds like Saleh is saying that Iraq needs to stop these currency auctions and use dinar in foreign trade and not go through this conversion process. The only way they can this is to use the dinar and to use the dinar they have to revalue the currency or they will have hyper-inflation. He is also criticizing the CBI for its currency practices in this regard)

More news….

If you read my newsletter carefully from Dec 11th you should be paying attention to the 4th event. This can not happen unless Iraq is ready. I am still firm on my evidence that the CBI is in fact targeting EARLY January 2018 for the big revaluation and move to FOREX.

Did you read my article in my Dec 11th newsletter about the CBI’s third annual conference?

The Central Bank of Iraq presented its financial and economic visions and achievements, supported by figures in front of a group of experts and specialists in economic affairs at an expanded conference which was in the Babylon Hotel over last weekend.

Why am I even bothering to include these articles in my newsletters if nobody is reading them? Many of your questions about whether the RV is going to happen shortly is all covered in the news brief on this CBI conference. Go ahead and read it. I included the juicy parts for you again in this newsletter today. Seems I got to spoon feed the dumb ones.

You can read? What the hell do you think participants were doing in this conference over the weekend? Do you think they were sitting around for days eating cherries jubilee or something? Or maybe they were playing marbles? Really? I can now see that a major part of this entire journey of trying to educate people may not be so much with the idiotic gurus but with the dumb readers and listeners who can’t use their own God given brains. Seems people can’t even THINK these days and add up all the data and draw their own conclusions. They need some guru to spoon feed it to them. Shame, Shame, Shame on you. 

Does this apply to YOU? If the shoe fits….Wear It!

Several goals, the Bank seeks to achieve this through the discussions of the conference, including:

1) strengthening the relationship between the tools of monetary policy and macroeconomic variables and

2) strengthening the role of the financial sector as a channel of transmission of the effects of monetary policy, and 

3) create an interactive meeting between officials of monetary policy, academics and

4) in order to DETERMINE THE MECHANISMS THAT MONETARY POLICY CAN ADOPT IN THE APPLICATION OF ITS OBJECTIVES AND BENEFIT from research expertise and its interrelationship with the practical aspect to achieve the strategic objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Folks- can it get any clearer than this? They are talking about implementing the currency reform.

So, the question you all should really now be asking is this -- Will the CBI re-instate the currency before January 2018 and then revalue the rate in January?

Everything right now tells us YES and YES !

But can the plan change? YES and YES !

So, if it does not RV, don’t shoot the messenger. I will have a FACTUAL announcement for you as to why they postponed it again, if they do. I will not leave all you, like these other idiotic “gurus” do when each weekend passed and still no RV.. Or they give you some ridiculous reason why it did not RV like madam Wooo had to go to the toilet…lol…lol...

I don’t believe in my heart they are going to postpone it again. I have had very close contact with the CBI and everything has a green light. All we are really waiting for is the re-education process and I expect these articles will come out very shortly since the CBI conference is now over.

Let’s just sit tight and wait.

Hope this helps everyone.

More news….


Baghdad / Sky Press

In an official letter addressed to the prime minister, the Iraqi National Unity Party (NDP) called for the dismissal of the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, and the appointment of the one who is most suitable for managing the bank.

According to the letter, which the party addressed to the Prime Minister and read by "Sky Press", the request came based on the international study that was issued recently and placed the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq in the last rank as a central bank manager in the Middle East due to poor management of government and private banks and causing the loss of dozens billions of cash reserves for Iraq.

The book pointed to a number of corruption files raised on the relations during the period of its administration to the Central Bank, most notably "currency auction" and all raised on these operations of suspicions, as well as the decline in the value of the Iraqi cash reserve to half a half during the past three years, in addition to failing in the management of banks And its transactions.

The party called on the Prime Minister to include this decision within the reform measures promised by the people.

(Mnt Goat – Interesting article. Let’s watch this one carefully. So there could be many reasons for this article. Let’s not jump to any one conclusion. Here are some options:

1)It may turn out that al- Alaq is a problem and within Abad’s sphere of fighting corruption. Alaq maybe a target and this may be just the beginning of this news coming out.

2) The National Unity party may not want the financial reforms promised that are upcoming from the CBI. Some of these members have been fighting the new currency all along and want the currency auctions to continue since they are making billions off of it;

3)Appointing Alaq from proxy to permanent governor was never sanctioned/ratified by the parliament, not that he has to be. Some members still do not want an independent CBI. They want more control over the reserves.

Stay tuned for more news on this subject matter.)

More news….

Rafidain Bank decided on Monday to activate the service of transferring customers' money electronically between its branches whether they have a savings account or current.

"It is decided for the first time to apply the system of electronic transfers," he said, adding that "the citizen can move his money in his account located in any branch and transfer it to another branch, whether in the branches of Baghdad or provinces "He said.

The bank added that "the service also provides a citizen wishing to transfer funds from the branch of Rafidain Bank in any province to private banks," noting that "this step is achieved and completed on the same day without any hindrance or delay

(Mnt Goat – the banks have until the end of 2017 to convert over all current and any new customers to electronic banking. This is per CBI.)

More news….

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Monday, officially announced all its accounts for the current year.

The ministry said, according to an official book that it closed all expenses for the current year, except salaries of staff of the region.

The book said that the reason for the closure is near the end of the financial year and the liquidation of all the accounts of the ministry, noting that the closing of the accounts begins on the 14th of December.

(Mnt Goat – good catch on this article! Yes, now we have proof and know the end of the financial year for the GOI and Kurdistan. So please stop all this guru bickering and arguing over it. This lines up with the EARLY 2018 RV timeframe. Can you see it? )

More news….

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Member of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Haitham al-Jubouri, the absence of any legal or constitutional problem in the financial budget for 2018.

"There is no constitutional or legal problem in the budget, but everyone looks at the budget from his point of view and that is what we hear from the Kurds and the coalition of Iraqi forces," Jubouri said in a program episode boldly on the screen of Al-Furat satellite channel.


More news….


The source, who declined to be named for "appointed Iraq News," that "the Iraqi government intends to work in the budget of 2018 without the adoption by the House of Representatives similar to what happened in 2014, and this is not any violation of the law or the Constitution, sound".


(Mnt Goat – the only way they can provide additional money is to take it from the CBI reserves and they are NOT about to do this now when the reserves are so low and at a critical level. This is why the National party is calling for the dismissal of the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, and the appointment of the one who is most suitable for managing the bank. Can you connect the pieces to the puzzle by reading the articles? The CBI is in trouble!)

More news…

The headquarters of "Lafarge" in the French capital Paris

France has identified 150 to 200 "barefoot" from Turkey and Lebanon as the main source of funds for an organized organization, according to the agency charged with combating money laundering and terrorist financing at the French Interior Ministry.

"We have worked to identify 150 to 200 fund-raisers who are mainly in Lebanon and Turkey," director Bruno Dale said in a report to his agency on the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing for 2016.

"These hidden bankers are receiving clearly targeted funds to enable the organization to continue," he said, adding that the agency's bet was to identify new financiers for a hard-line organization that increasingly relied on external financing.

"There is a real strategic bet with a splintering splinter of locating new fund-raisers to try to track future proliferation positions," he said.

As the militants were driven out of the territories they controlled in Iraq and Syria, they were "deprived of their first source of funding," such as "spoils of war" or "extortion of the people" and trying to "partially offset these losses by resorting to external funding."


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


The United States is committed to helping Iraq recover from the effects of three years of war against the al-Qaeda organization, a senior official in the US government aid agency said.

“The Agency will continue to provide basic humanitarian services and additional support to minorities, such as psychosocial support for those who have suffered genocide, enslavement and violence,” said Thomas Stahl, USAID adviser.

“The budget provided by President Donald Trump included a 30 per cent reduction, but for Iraq, we are actually considering additional funding, especially for the victims of Da’ash,” Stahl told an interview at the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Trump expressed his position on foreign aid during his election campaign, describing it as a waste of US tax revenues, and suggested reducing the foreign aid budget by one-third.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced Saturday the final victory over the organization “Daash” after the Iraqi forces expelled the last remnants of the organization from the country after three years of control by militants on about a third of the territory of Iraq.

The war has had a horrific effect on the areas controlled by the organization, while the United Nations says that “about 3.2 million people are still displaced by the conflict.”

ABADI’S LATEST ESTIMATE SUGGESTS THAT THE COST OF RECONSTRUCTION AFTER THE WAR IS $ 50 BILLION, a figure estimated before Iraqi forces regain control of Mosul, causing serious damage to the largest city in northern Iraq.

Stal said the US government has provided humanitarian aid to Iraq worth about 1.7 billion dollars since the terrorist organization seized control of northern Iraq in 2014.

The assistance includes a total grant of $ 265 million to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Stabilization Fund for Iraq in 2016 and 2017.

“IRAQ IS EXCLUDED FROM TRUMP’S POLICY OF REDUCING AID because of the terrible plight of the organization’s victims in particular,” Stall said. “This policy is being implemented in the short term.



ERBIL — Iraqi Shi’ite leader Muqtada al-Sadr directed his militia on Monday to hand over their arms to the Iraqi government and remain as civil or humanitarian organization.

Muqtada Sadr warned that none of the parties should use Hashd al-Shaabi in the upcoming elections on May 12 in Iraq and renewed call on the Shi’ite militias to hand their weapons over to the government.

Sadr called on his militia of Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades) to hand over their weapons to the Iraqi government and retreat from the liberated areas to allow the Iraqi army to take over the security of those areas.

He also ordered the closure of the headquarters of the militia and called on the government to open up job opportunities for the militias, or incorporate them into the army and security forces.

The Sadr Movement leader demanded the government to open the cases of the fall of Mosul in 2014 to the Islamic State (IS) and the Speicher massacre in Tikrit.

Saraya al-Salam, along with other Shi’ite militias operates under the Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq which was created in 2014 to fight the IS extremist group.

The militias from Hashd al-Shaabi however have been accused of war crimes during the fight against the IS militants, especially in the Sunni areas.



Information / Baghdad

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Monday, the advantages of Iraq's exit from Chapter VII, indicating that the item was prohibited to Iraq to import modern technology, including dentistry.

"The seventh item of the Charter of the United Nations was to allow the use of force and tied Iraq to many activities that threaten world peace and this was a folly of the folly of the former regime," he said, adding that "IRAQ'S EXIT FROM THIS ITEM WILL GIVE SIGNALS GOOD FOR COMPANIES AND INVESTORS TO ENTER IRAQ. "

Saleh added that "there was a list of banned technologically on Iraq, including dental devices claiming that they contain sensitive devices," stressing that "the liberation of Iraq from the seventh item will help him to integrate with modern technology."

On the fate of Iraqi funds frozen after the decision, Saleh explained that "Iraq's frozen funds were governed by UN Security Council Resolution 1483 issued in May 2003, under which the Development Fund for Iraq was established." "Any frozen funds are included in this account for the benefit of the Republic of Iraq."



WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington is committed to helping Iraq recover from the effects of three years of war against the al-Qaeda organization, a senior official in the US government aid agency said on Wednesday. “The budget provided by President Donald Trump included a 30 per cent reduction, but for Iraq, we are actually considering additional funding, especially for the victims of Da’ash,” Thomas Stahl, USAID adviser, told Reuters.


(Mnt Goat – now if you are smart you would read up on the Marshall Plan and find out how it was implemented and its benefits and ramifications. Iraq is about to go through a similar process. I am not going to spoon feed you. You must do some of your own research)

In a speech to the third session of the Mediterranean Dialogue Conference in November, “We need reconstruction, Mosul is no longer today as it was before the war was booming, and that is why I ask the international community, in addition to its assistance in the past, to crystallize an economic process like the Marshall Plan of 1948, Western Europe”.

The Marshall Plan included an economic project for the reconstruction of Europe after the end of the Second World War, which was established by General George Marshall, the chief of staff of the US military during the Second World War this war that led to the destruction of Europe, and it is said that the main American goal of this project in time , Was to confront the Soviet Union and fear that the European left would benefit from the outcome of the war to lead Europe towards communism.


“Iraq is witnessing today the influx of many government delegations from Europe and America, and as a result, Iraq will become a major economic gateway during the next phase, because days ago there was a French delegation with companies, such as Airbus and Total, where they attended a meeting with the Central Bank of Iraq, This is indicative of indications of Iraq’s recovery and signs of intentions to invest in Iraq in various Iraqi sectors, especially after the declaration of Iraq’s full liberation from the organization “Daash”. 


Iraq and in the period of low oil prices began to search for investors, which gives them great guarantees, and there are many companies have succeeded in the field of investment in Iraq, such as Chinese companies as well as Saudi companies.

The issue of investing in Iraq is the beginning of a new era for a new Marshall project in Iraq, which could be a starting point or investment gateway for the region in general. Iraq will be the first investment center in the Arab region.

Has already entered Iraq in the gate of the creditor in the International Monetary Fund during the previous period, but in the recent budget of Iraq, we see there is austerity of expenditures, so as to reduce the debt of Iraq, and Iraq’s official exit from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations will make it able To recover a lot of his reserved funds, and this helps him get rid of a lot of restrictions, and at the same time we hope the Iraqi government to remove the shackles to be added by the global companies and banks, if planning is not good will enter Iraq in an era of shackles that are lost Opportunities for success.

Prepared by: Diaa Ibrahim Hassoun



(Mnt Goat – did we forget about this effort? This is very important in bringing STABILITY to Iraq. Stability needed for any RV. I printed only half the article of real importance. You can go online and read the rest.)

Baghdad began on Monday the first steps of the Iraqi reconciliation process, with the start of the National Preparatory Conference, which will continue until Tuesday.

The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Yousuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, said in a speech to the conference, expressed his confidence in the presence of their exit recommendations important to strengthen the ability of the Iraqi people and his leadership to consolidate democracy and state institutions, and curb the sedition and fight terrorism and adhere to the spirit of Makkah, Which was sponsored by the organization and signed by senior scholars and clerics from a Shiite year.

The preparatory conference is being organized jointly by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iraqi Reconciliation Commission.

The real initiative in the process of consolidating the Iraqi reconciliation initiated by the Organization is that the process of reconciliation will continue through consultations conducted by the Iraqi party with the currents.



Baghdad News -

The Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament, on Monday, the federal government in Baghdad to make an amendment to the federal budget for next year.

The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ares Abdullah, said in a joint press conference held with the governor of Halabja Osman Ali, that the Kurdish blocs against the federal budget for 2018 because it does not believe the rights of the people of Kurdistan, saying that we are not only against them, but also Sunnis not included allocations to the destroyed provinces, There are also southern provinces against the NON-ALLOCATION OF A SHARE OF PETRO DOLLARS.

Abdullah added that Iraq is concerned about the entire draft budget, noting that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD AMEND THE DRAFT BUDGET LAW, AND IF NOT, IT IS BEST NOT TO BE RATIFIED AT ALL.




The economic expert Salam Samisem, on Monday, to be a law and a plan of economic real transparency to promote the economic reality of the country after the declaration of victory on the daisy, noting that the elimination of corruption should be a reality and not just statements.

"The most important step to promote the economic reality in Iraq is to find an economic law free of corruption, with transparency in the minds that run this economy," Smisem said in an interview with "Mawazin News" that "the statements announced by Prime Minister Haider Abadi on The elimination of corruption must be a reality and not just statements. "

"Today, Iraq needs real efforts by opening the door to foreign investment for companies and investors," she said. "Today, THE LISTENER NEEDS A LAW that guarantees his rights. These rights can only be achieved through the creation of economic plans and real law free from corruption."

PRIME MINISTER HAIDER AL-ABADI DECLARED HIS WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION AND THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPT PEOPLE ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2017, as announced on Saturday, 10 December 2017, the final victory over the organization calling for the terrorist, and the restoration of all Iraqi territory from his control.



The deputy of the National Alliance Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the receipt of Prime Minister Haider Abadi three files of corruption by the International Transparency Organization of the US may overthrow the heads of senior people and officials.

Jaafar told the {Euphrates News} today, that Abadi “follows the subject of corruption with the American Transparency International, which was held two years ago to follow up the funds of Iraq in international banks and European, whether before or after 2003.

He added that “THIS INSTITUTION AFTER TWO YEARS OF WORK HAS REACHED CLEAR CONVICTIONS FOR SOME OF THE IRAQIS, whether they are individuals or politicians or senior managers of companies, and most of them are working in the sale of oil and currencies in the contracts of oil and electricity from those whose assets multiplied doubly over the past ten years”.

“These files are available to Abadi and will be placed in three judges in his office to study them fully, and to charge the person who owns these funds (from where do you have this), and how they were managed and why they are increased, and the judiciary decides that these funds Natural or stolen money from the state. ”

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced last month his government’s intention to wage war on the corrupt “and called on” activists and citizens to cooperate in detecting the corrupt.

“Abadi said: We will deal with the corrupt as we deal with the oppressors and the robbers have two options either to hand over their money or lose money and are imprisoned and will not feel Security “, pointing out that” the corrupt as long as they tried to occupy us with a fight against the misleading and lies, but we remained steadfast and they failed. ”

He called on “corrupt people to hand over the money they stole, take their lives or lose their lives,” threatening them with “surprises.”



(Mnt Goat – so after reading this article below, you might want to puke. It is hard to believe that Iraq keeps claiming to be in such a financial crisis, then can’t RV, can’t pay their bills and has to borrow money to meet their budgets each year, when billions and billions are being stolen. Yet nobody does anything about it. Where is the USA in all this mess? Where are all the complacent senators and congressman in the USA? Why are they not forcing the government to force Iraq to clean this up? I will tell you why. Because they are just as corrupt. Where does it all end? Yes – there are many honest people trying very hard, but they need the support of high ranking politicians to succeed)

ERBIL — An Iraqi lawmaker revealed that a large number of corruption cases in the Iraqi government, confirming that 40,000 cases of corruption in which senior officials are involved exist in the country.

Ardalan Nuraddin, member of integrity committee in the Iraqi parliament, said in an interview with Bas Paper that Iraq is the most corrupt country after Sudan and the rate of corruption in the country is beyond measurement. Corruption in Iraq has already crossed the redline, particularly during Maliki’s tenure, he said.

The corruption in Iraq began to spread in 2006 and the massive corruption was made between 2014 and 2016, said the official, ADDING THAT IRAQ’S AUTHORITIES CLAIM COMBATING CORRUPTION, BUT IT IS NOT MORE THAN A MEDIA CAMPAIGN.


“We, as the Integrity Committee, have met with Abadi many times for discussions over the corruption cases and plans to combat it, but he was not willing to cooperate with our committee to launch a real and appropriate campaign against corruption,” he said. Abadi’s claim to eliminate corruption is only media remarks and HE HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO INVESTIGATE THE HIGH-RANKING OFFICIALS.


“According to some estimations, the size of corruption in Iraq is so far worth $100 billion in all sectors, mainly in the oil sector,” he said.

He reveled that the Board of Integrity has a large number of corruption cases to work on and many cases have been handed to the courts, but they are unable to play a role in combating corruption, especially the cases in which high-ranking officials are involved.

“40,000 corruption cases exist in Iraq and a few cases have so far been resolved,” he said.

Senior officials and ministers in the Iraqi government have been involved in those corruption cases.

He revealed that a large amount of public money has been wasted in arms deal, stressing that the IRAQI COURTS ARE NOT INDEPENDENT DUE TO THE POLITICAL AND SECURITY SITUATION IN THE COUNTRY and many corruption cases have been politicized and used by sides against each other.

(Mnt Goat – sounds like they took lessons from politicians in the USA?)

An amount of crude oil worth $20 million is looted and smuggled in Basra Province every day and the authorities of the province have not denied that, but no measures have been taken to prevent it, Nuraddin added.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Ssmith), 13 DEC

PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes ~Special Edition~ 12/13/17   Today at 3:18 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Ssmith)
Prior to starting the recording:  Ray is obviously in a bad mood.  He tells listeners that there aren't going to be any messages, so basically they wasted their time tuning in early.  He calls them "blabbermouths" and said that they don't know how to keep things to theirself.

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) TNT Call notes 13-December-2017 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=103849671 [Music: Pomp and Circumstance] 

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Wednesday, December 13, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We don’t have any hot juicy intel today. Monday’s call was not meant to be a teaching call, but apparently it did teach you to be more selective in paying close attention to every word. That will be most important in this ride. 

I did share some thoughts based on IF something happened – those were not etched in stone. Some chose not to hear the IF part, and that caused some confusion. I just shared the possibility of Tony being back with you, in case, and made my farewell to get that out of the way. However, we are still here, so that is not the case.

We spoke on Open Mic this morning. That is a training call, and only some people have access to that, so I started doing Rap session on Sunday mornings. That is not the same as Open Mic. If time permits, I will do a few more training sessions. 

What I was discussing this morning was the analogy of a water hose of information flowing to us. If you take off the nozzle, then water flows all over the place. If you squeeze the hose, you diminish the volume of the information coming out. If you want to fill a bucket, you can hold the hose in your hand, and you can calculate the volume and how long it takes to fill up the bucket. If you squeeze the hose, the flow is slower, and it will take more time to fill up that bucket. You can still calculate how long it takes to fill it up. The full bucket is the release of the RV. Water/information is flowing, but when it slows down that throws off the timing or pace, so it’s harder to determine when the bucket will be full. It will happen sooner later so long as the spigot is not turned off. It hasn’t been turned off, but the hose has been squeezed quite a bit, impeding the flow. So the information is coming out very slowly and that throws off the timetable. More information is flowing, and some will seem outrageous to you. Some came to me just before this call, and it’s getting very interesting. 

Our banking community is alert, ready and waiting to move at the appropriate time. Nothing has changed since Monday, but this thing IS moving. Someone is squeezing the hose, and I can’t tell you how long it will take. I’m still optimistic that this thing will come to an end before Christmas or immediately thereafter. What important is for you to know your own WHY for every move you make. You might have to come out and ask Why from time to time, or at least address that Why to your satisfaction, as in “break this down so that I can really understand what you’re saying”; that will address the Why. If you don’t address that Why, some of you will make the wrong moves both pre- and post-RV. 

There are people out there counting on that. Offers will flow in, and some will sound fantastic, but at the same time, you have never had the opportunity to lose as much money as before the RV. The players will change and the way they treat you will change. So somewhere in your mind you will have to process that Why for your choices. You have to know your own reasons so that you don’t become someone else’s victim. We are at a disadvantage here, because for most of us this is the first rodeo – and we don’t want it to be your last one. Be smart in your comings and goings, what you do, who you befriend, and who you attract as enemies. 

The status quo is the same. There is a lot of excitement. Our limited information is good; in the midst of all that, address your own WHY, and get full understanding before you make a move – even if the rate sounds good. Know the reasons and your own plan before you make any moves. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Is it “speculation” that rates will go up? Your last thing about #1 isn’t clear to me. Would you explain a little more? 

[RR: What is #1??] Are you suggesting to cash a small amount and wait and see what the rates do?? 

A: Of course it’s speculation that the value of the dinar will go up. Iraq sets the official rate, but there is the expectation that market forces will drive it up, and then bring it back down. Some of us expect to ride that wave, exchanging at any higher rates because we know the value will not drop lower than the international rate. It’s like playing the stocks game, without the downside. Hypothetically, the IQD rate comes out at $4, and due to activity on the market, the value could go to $8. You may decide to unload at$8 rather than exchanging at $4. If it doesn’t go up, you don’t lose anything because you can still exchange at $4. If you feel you really, really need money on exchange day, then you can certainly exchange part of your holding while you are waiting to see if the value increases. See if you can use someone else’s money to deal with those immediate needs so that you can squeeze the utmost value out of your currencies. Instead of exchanging early, see if they will make you a loan. We have members who have acquired assets based on the value of this currency. If you go in with your currency, and you need to borrow a few thousand beforehand, the bank will probably help you out. You won’t know what they will do until you ask. The bank is in the business of making money, and if they can do that with a loan, they will do it. 

Q: What do you suppose is the likelihood that we are waiting for the US tax bill to pass (or not pass) before the revaluation occurs? 

A: I don’t this so – 1 out of 10. 

Q: Since we are so close to the end of the year and in order to give ourselves more time to plan would you say that it would be prudent to wait till after the 1st to exchange? 

A: It depends on why you are waiting – I assume tax or no tax, and there are advocates on both sides. If it is taxable, then it makes sense to wait, so that your first taxes are due in 2019 rather than 2018. Unless you want the contract rates, it might also be worth waiting until the rate/value goes up through market forces. 

Q: From your sources, are we still looking at hopefully exchanging this week? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Ray, is the info you couldn’t tell us on last call still taboo or can you talk on that subject? 

A: It’s still taboo. 

Q: Will the scheduled vacation for Congress on December 20 impact the RV release timing? 

A: I don’t think so. 

Q When we exchange is it still necessary to get clean+clear letters from the bank? 

A: Ask the bank when you exchange. If you want to buy something, you have a wealth manager – let them instruct you. 

Q: I really don’t want to give my sons a lump sum of money. Can you explain to me how I can open a trust and allowed my sons to work for me in that trust and earn a monthly income? 

A: Why would your sons be working for you? On the surface, I don’t intend to give my son a lump sum either; I will set up a trust, and train my son how to manage that trust for a modest salary so that he can learn how to manage money. 

Q: I do have a question: do you know of any banks in the Southwest that are exchanging the Dinar at any rate? Please just a name and general area. 

A: I will contact you to make sure your mother is with as for as long as possible. 

Q: I’m asking about the Zim / USD conversion going up; can you help me understand what is happening? 

A: We can only go on what we are hearing. Zimbabwe is confusing at best, and information is coming from all different angles. I haven’t been a student of Zimbabwe. We do know that many bought the old currency as a collectible, and then Zimbabwe came out with a new currency that has to have a dollar equivalent for people to use it. We just don’t know what the end result will be, but whatever I find out, I will let you know. We can learn together. 

Q: It has been reported by the Government of Iraq that a new minimum wage of 350K dinar per month will go into effect 1/1/2018. What are your thoughts on this as it pertains to the RV? 

A: Don’t be surprised if another report comes out before then that they adjusted the minimum wage because the currency has a new value. 

Q: This is to remind all the TNT listeners to have a will or something stating where your new wealth will go when you are gone. A lot of us are getting up in years and wont be around as long as we hope. If you do not do it, the government will be happy to step in and do it for you. 

A: We’ve already addressed this. If you exchange in your own name, make sure your bank account as a POD – Payable on Death notice. That supersedes a will, and you can avoid probate. Even if you plan to move that money into another structure, make sure you have a POD on every bank account. Even if you are married, put a POD or make sure there is a beneficiary of record on your account. The minute you die, it becomes theirs, avoiding wills and probate. You should do that with your existing account(s), rather than having it tied up in red tape. Get that done now, while you’re broke, and it will still work when you’re rich. If you don’t get it done today, at least call your bank and find out what is required. The beneficiary might need to come in! Set it up NOW, not when you’re flustered on exchange day. 

Q: Any dong or Zim news? 

A: No new news at all on those topics. 

Q: Are the rules/regs no matter what state you register your nonprofit? 

A: Yes, they are probably the same on the federal level, different on state level. 

Q: Is there a formula to determine the spread between the buy rate and sell rate? For instance, if the rate comes out at 3.71, is there a rate we can expect to receive for our dinar? 

A: Yes, it is called the ‘buy rate’, which is why we will shop around. The buy rate will be different, the sell rate will be the same at all banks. That is what you are negotiating, for them to give up part of their profit margin. Negotiate! They are not going to throw you out, not with your millions of dinar, etc. 

Q: Rates for dong and rial? 

A: For the dong, 47 cents; rial = $3.22 on the screen. 

Q: If we are planning to do the 10-day PIF; would it be better to do that ten days after we exchange when we can afford it? 

A: Well, when the concept came out, we expected to all go in on the same day. Some of us are clearly going to wait a few days and then do the PIF ten days from then. It’s fine either way. 

Q: If we don’t RV before Christmas, is there away to use a small amount of currency to obtain a loan if we have a need, not a want. 

A: If you try to do something before the RV takes place, I doubt you can use currency to obtain a loan unless you are talking to a source that is aware of what’s happening. Post-RV, no problem at all. 

Questions from live callers 

865/404: PM Abadi was at the Paris conference earlier this week – any updates? 

RayRen: There has been no mention, so I don’t think there is a connection. 

Caller: Is the period for contract rates getting narrower? RayRen: No; I’ve always said that if it lasts more than a week, I’d be surprised. Caller: Are PODs also available for businesses? 

RayRen: Yes, if it’s a sole proprietorship; if there is an entity, that might be different. Ask the bank for your particular circumstances. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

219 caller: Have you thought of security on social media? For example, your property is shown on Google Maps… 

RayRen: Make sure you are not the registered owner; then contact those sources who are posting it so that it shows the ‘new’ owner’s address, rather than your address. That will be part of the Private Living seminar. 

Caller: I’ve been watching the CBI site daily – no rate change yet. Do you think the RV will show up there first, or somewhere else? 

RayRen: I think we’ll hear about it first. 

281 caller: Anything new regarding bank memos? 

RayRen: I haven’t heard any updates on that, but wouldn’t be surprised… 

Caller: Are the currencies still greyed out on the screens? 

RayRen: Some are no longer greyed out, but I don’t know which ones. 

Caller: Re: securing your information on the internet, I was watching a show the other night about ‘phishing’. A young Canadian gal took over an NBA player’s identity on the internet and was sending messages AS him; this ruined his life until it was resolved. 

636 caller: Are you still recommending we put dinar exchange in a separate account? 

RayRen: Unless I receive further information, I intend to do that, for any amount. If it’s not taxable, then it won’t matter. Dinar is the only currency we got that intel for. 

973 caller: Fell off the twitter list… RayRen: Text to 40404: FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM. You’ll get an auto-response. 

347 caller: If you’re worried about security, wean yourself off social media NOW. 

Abu Dhabi caller: [Appreciation] I’m close to Iraq, geographically. All those news stories about Iraqi banks opening here – hasn’t happened. I was in Iraq in 2003, and one of the government people told me about the dinar. At that time you could get 3,000 dinar per dollar, and then it changed to 1,100 to the dollar. I’ve been waiting since then for the real rate change. So everyone who is shouting at you, they need to relax and wait for this to happen. No government is going to go to war unless they see some benefit. There is a lot of evidence that this is moving in the right direction.

918 caller: A seminar on Private Living? That is a pet peeve of mine. A year ago, I started investigating this online, and came up with three different firms who guarantee taking you offline, updated monthly. Of course, they charge a fee, but you give them your information and they eradicate everything about you that’s out there, such as your address, phone number, relatives, age, any public or private records on you. Also, in our local paper, a law firm advertised the same service for $3,500. 

RayRen: Thanks. We will offer some contacts like that at our seminars, too. 

Closing Statement We have quite a few things in store for our TNT family. It’s an individual choice, but we’ll make sure our team will have access to the best of the best to do with asset protection, privacy, Roth IRAs, and so on. Everything comes in its own time and place. Right now we are waiting for that green light so that we can move forward. Some will go straight to the bank to get contract rates, some will wait, and others will exchange everything they have right away. Each choice is fine; just make sure you know the Why of every move and decision that you make. WAIT and WHY; those two will be very important for your financial future. 

We expect to hear some things today and tomorrow. The best is yet to come, and I will share it with you when the time’s right. We should have an exciting Christmas, either with spending money or with the prospect of money we will be able to spend, even if we carry over into 2018. 

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


12-13-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Iraq emerges from Chapter VII and the “oil for food”  Obviously, this is very big news, however...Is Iraq being FULLY removed from the UN Ch 7 Charter (as in – all UNSC oversight)?  (BTW – the sanctions and “the UNSC Charter” may well be two related but different functions.)  The wording is still a bit murky for me...There are some “tensing”, translation and direct reference issues I would like to see cleared up. It’s not entirely clear they are officially clear of Ch 7 entirely. In many of the articles and interviews, it appears (to me) as though this is referring to the Oil-for-Food program as an individual issue...apart from the UNSC overall function.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-13-2017   Intel Guru Bruce 
  Also, we have heard since then the Iraqi dinar has been and as well as the other main currencies, were pulled off the Forex on Friday...  Our understanding was they were to go back on Forex. I do not know for sure if they went back on for trading yet. I believe that everything that we are hearing right now is pointing toward this happening here in very short order. I am very excited for the information I have received.   [post 2 of 2] 

12-13-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   We are right in the moment, an any moment now state. I have every reason to believe that is the case from who I am hearing it from.  Five days ago what happened over the weekend in Iraq was a major deal with the major corporations represented by113 companies showing up to sign contracts with Iraq to do business in Iraq, and some wanted to become investors in the Iraqi stock exchange. Prime Minister Abadi did make his final necessary speech about the liberation of Iraq, the elimination of ISIS from Iraq, their sovereignty, and about their new gold back currency. New is referring to the new Iraqi dinar. That...captured on CNN International, and they had a rate that was very substantial that was also mentioned on that broadcast.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-13-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ PRESENTED ITS FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC VISIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS LEFT WITH JOYFUL IMPRESSION"   ...they are “buttering” everyone up to accepting the future policies of the CBI...One of which we know is monetary reform (includes getting back their real currency true value. Remember the article I presented a month ago? It talked about how neighboring countries namely Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia want to conduct trade in their own currencies. How can Iraq do this when they have these currency auctions which mandate the conversion of dinar IQD to USD for payment. Oh -wait one second...we now know technically this is no longer mandated since Iraq is now “fully” out of Un Chapter VII sanctions. It is just a matter of a short while before Iraq makes this long awaited change over.

The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY


Don961:  Abadi issues arrest warrants against many corrupt senior officials

December 13 2017 07:01 PM
Abadi issues arrest warrants against many corrupt officials
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued an initial list of officials who have been convicted with corruption charges on Wednesday.

A well informed source said that Abadi will supervise the investigations with first patch of 130 senior officials suspects, who are charged with embezzlement and other corruption charges.

The list included:

1- Former finance minister Hoshyar Zebari

2- Former Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujaifi

3- Former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's military adviser Farouq al-Araji

4- Former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's former secretary Abu Mujahid al-Rakabi

5- Incumbent MP Hussein al-Maliki

6- Incumbent MP Yasser Sukheil al-Maliki

7- Basra's former governor Majid al-Nasrawyi

8- Former defense minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi

9- Former defense minister Abdul Qadir Obeidi

10-Former head of intelligence Zuheir al-Gharabawi

The list also included many incumbent and former senior officials from different branches of the Iraqi government.   link

Samson:  Zimbabweans Want Strong Action

 11th December, 2017

Economic policy under the new Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is aimed at restoring business and investor confidence, IOL reported  .However, business executives and experts want stern action and the right signals from Harare as a way of attracting foreign funding. Mnangagwa and his cabinet have pledged to tighten public spending, encourage foreign direct investment and restore confidence in the country as an investment destination.

Fighting corruption has also been adopted as a cornerstone of enhancing transparency and righting the economy. Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s 2018 budget statement on Thursday has been a departure from former leader Robert Mugabe’s populist and expedient trajectory, say analysts, but unless the policy measures are rectified, Zimbabwe’s economic headaches might not go away.

 There has been talk in Zanu-PF corridors that the Zimbabwean dollar might be reintroduced, but experts are cautioning against this even though Chinamasa has tabled measures to boost the financial and banking sector. They would be premised on usage of mobile and plastic money which would be spread to rural areas.