Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dave Schmidt Update, 13 DEC

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 12 2017

Compiled 12:04 am EDT 12 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 11 2017 5:53 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Today was the Day" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.11.17

1. Allegedly the 120 "ZIM Counters" should finish up this evening. When they finish we could go.

2. We have multiple confirmations that the Iraqi Dinar was live & international (almost).

3. Funds have been put in place for payouts on the ZIM. ZIM platforms were supposed to be liquid this evening.

4. Other sources were telling us it would happen anytime after midnight tonight.
5. We heard "it started" but have no idea what that means because it hasn't started for us.

6. The guys with the numbers were told that today was the day this would be finished. True to form, they're late.


B. Dec. 11 2017 9:54 pm EST Call, Yosef: "Flashtel" Special Call w/ Yosef Tonight at 10 PM EST 12-11-17

Replay: www.humanangelservices.com https://iTeleseminar.com/103800783

1. This week the AIB will release the new currencies to the Global Trading Platforms. (When we turn in our currencies they will be traded on those Trading Platforms).

2. The new asset-backed US Treasury Notes will be announced before Christmas.

3. ISIS has been cleaned out of Iraq, Syria and the entire Middle East.


C. Dec. 11 2017 1:47 pm EST After Midnight Tonight, Haloheal, Yosef: "Tonight After Midnight" - Yosef Intel via Haloheal 12-11-17

Yosef said that the RV couldn't go until there was peace in Israel, which now has been gained - it was safe to release the RV. He thinks it could RV tonight after midnight.


D. Dec. 11 2017 1:48 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 11, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The NY suicide bomber was a failed False Flag attempt by the Cabal to delay the inevitable transition event. The last Cabal False Flag was the Las Vegas shooting.

2. There haven't been any further False Flag attempts until now (every time the RV is nearing release).

3. The Cabal may attempt more False Flags to delay the transition, though the Alliance was actively intercepting their plans.

4. Indictment "pump fake" orders were being used to scare the Cabal into submission.

5. Incriminating evidence to support the mass indictments builds up day-to-day. The actual mass indictment event would initiate once the Alliance vote in a consensus for the Republic to begin the transition.

6. The Alliance agreed to begin the mass indictment event Post-RV and prior to the activation of GESARA.

7. The Alliance's ultimate goal was to keep the Cabal from obtaining, or corrupting any of the RV funds. This was why rehydration funds were implemented into a Quantum Financial System last year.

8. RV protocols, mechanisms, and funds remained set and ready as of this moment.

9. White Hat sources were reporting the Middle Eastern situation has been resolved. Peace was required for the RV release and has been accomplished.

10. Release time remained fluid under Alliance supervision -- expected shortly.

E. Dec. 11 2017 TNT Call ……Victory Week ends today, what next?


F. Dec. 11 2017 12:22 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Pressing for Release" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.11.17

1. Dec. 11 was the day we were told this event would be finished.

2. Exchange Centers were supposed to be hu-manned and operational at noon.

3. The first appointment in Reno was scheduled for noon EST.

4. The Pentagon has control of the RV release.

5. Q says that a Flash Bang was set to pop today Dec. 11.

6. The RV was set to go yesterday Dec. 10, but was held due to tactical safety decisions.

7. The Funds have been released and were fully transferable.

8. Netanyahu said that Israel will have to accept that Jerusalem was the Capital. Trump's action of moving the embassy to Jerusalem was just "recognizing reality."

9. A Suicide Bomber in New York happened with no serious injuries except to the bomber himself. This was a False Flag, which was not the same as a Flash Bang - a distracting news event. Mueller was set to make a major arrest today Dec. 11 (which more likely would be our Flash Bang).


G. Dec. 11 2017 9:03 am EST GCR Message, Tank: "Terms of our Negotiations" - GCR/RV Message - Tank - 12.10.17

1. For a while release of the RV was said to be with General Dunford, and then we waited on the Elders to release it.

2. Now the Admiral did something wrong so their contract was broken and the ZIM groups were counting currency that was already turned in so they could be paid.

3. Last night (our Dec. 10, their Dec. 11) the Elders were said to release the RV from China, but they're taking more time to unlock the accounts.

H. Dec. 11 2017 9:00 am EST Fulford Report: "Civil War in Deep State Intensifies" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 12.11.17 https://benjaminfulford.net/

1. During the past week the power struggle and undeclared civil war at the top of the Western secret government intensified radically, with mass arrests of Khazarian gangsters around the US and elsewhere, multiple sources concur.

2. There was also a declaration by U.S. President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

3. There was very strong evidence that energy weapons like lasers were being used by opposing factions in California, agree Pentagon and NSA sources. "The heat is on, as the Bel Air fire in Los Angeles targets the Getty Center pedo underground base, while the fire in San Diego apparently targets U.S. Marine base Camp Pendleton," note Pentagon sources.

4. Videos showed what appeared to be laser beams coming from the sky and setting off fires. Buildings were being completely destroyed by fire, while trees standing next to them remained unharmed.


5. What we were witnessing was the hunting down of members of a Khazarian faction in California that has been systematically sacrificing and torturing children as well as eating their flesh, say White Dragon Society sources.

6. So-called mainstream news organizations like The New York Times are now reporting that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating the eugenics organization Planned Parenthood for selling the flesh and organs of aborted babies.


7. (In this video Jenny Hill claimed that on June 21 1965 she and another kidnapped child, Kathleen Shea of Tyrone Penn, were taken to a Satanic ceremony in Garden Grove California. Hill described how a group of black robed adults directed by CIA Nazi mind control expert Dr. Green, tied the six year-olds to alters, then raped and tortured them. Shea became the subject of a human sacrifice, while the traumatic experience formed 22 multiple personalities within Hill:    http://www.youtube.com/wat?v=F626Lsrdwg4 ).

8. The Khazarian Satanists who carry out such activities have ruled us for so long that they feel safe publicly displaying their symbols all over the world. For example, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) building, constructed in 1882, has a family crest over its main gate and at its side entrances. The crest belongs to the...(Full report will be posted midnight Thursday. ~ Dinar Chronicles)


I. Dec. 11 2017 1:44 pm EST Private Placement Platforms: Historic Overview: Private Placement Platforms and Historical Bonds

1. All man-made debt instruments ever created must eventually be settled by Universal Law and thus, all have been since an international gold treaty was signed in 2015.

2. There were 210 sovereign nations which followed the pathway laid out by the Sovereign Elders. These nations can now again participate in the the humanitarian PPP system and collateralize their sovereign hard assets to create new pools of development capital, all be it on a new and improved digital financial system with benevolent algorithm oversight.

3. This golden jubilee or "global reset" will now return humanity back to the gold standard and harmonize long-term economic sustainability, eliminating all fiat debt, and allowing the financial system to be re-capitalized with gold backed central banking debt against very real hard assets. No more fiat paper allowed.

4. The Dark Nobility / Cabal won a few battles over these many centuries, but ultimately they lost the war--and may never return to overseeing human affairs. Their days of devious secrete treachery and cold blooded murder in order to replace governments and steal sovereign assets has ended for good.

5. Now if a country now defaults on their sovereign commitments, they are automatically absorbed into the AIIB and their debts settled right on the spot. No longer will predatory international creditors be allowed to impose harsh austerity measures in an attempt to seize/steal national sovereign resources.

Waiting on Cbi Gov to address citizens about lower notes/purchasing power


I was just provided this Breaking News on the mass indictments we have all been waiting on. This is the 1st of many to come. Former Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce was arrested and charged with running his off as a “criminal enterprise” Friday, and is now facing a 113 count indictment from the federal government. Joyce is reported to have gained $1 million through bribes and kickbacks and has also been charged with racketeering, extortion, honest services fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS, according to Newsweek.

Article Link:  http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/u-s-national-news/1761-one-of-the-sealed-indictments-has-been-un-sealed-massachusetts-state-senator-arrested

I will provide more information as soon as I receive additional updates.

I urge all Currency Holders to stay vigilant and alert as these indictments begin to surface and start falling like dominoes. Once the bigger names start to surface (i.e., the Clinton’s and Bush’s, etc) the RV/GCR should be on our doorsteps.

Pray for all our military involved in these indictments, the Cabal will not go down without a fight! All Currency Holders should have at the very least a month’s worth of food, water, supplies and cash.

That’s not meant to scare anyone, it is meant to prepare EVERYONE!

Stay positive, alert, and don’t stop praying!

GO RV!   Truthseeker

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 12, 2017

Quick Overview:

Peace in the middle east was accomplished.

The Rothschild's have been contained.

The Alliance is on the verge of releasing the RV to begin the transition event.

All call center, redemption center staff have been called in. Bank's have been given new updated memos.

The Republic is standing by, waiting for the go-ahead to begin the indictments immediately after the RV release.

Release decision time is set. RV is imminent.
Operation Disclosure


12-12-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "morning: we were able to stop the waste and recover large sums of money"   Sounds like some progress is being made weeding out overspending, wasted funds, etc.  It's a start and hopefully enough to keep reforms moving forward.

12-12-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote: “We can say that IRAQ’S SOVEREIGNTY HAS BEEN FULLY REALIZED and that IRAQ HAS A REAL OPPORTUNITY TO ADVANCE AND REGAIN ITS STATUS AFTER IT HAS RETURNED ITS CONFIDENCE TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY,”  Okay folks if this...statement ...does not rock you, I don’t know what will. These are almost the exact words used in a past statement made by the PM Abadi and Saleh when they said they wanted Iraq to return to the international stage and regain their former glory of their currency. ...Folks this is WOW! news.

12-12-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Fasten your seatbelts. I feel these studies are coming to an end. We don't offer date or rate, the evidence is there...We Told you on Wednesday 2 article's will come out after speech...and 1 CBI article...Nano seconds after that speech was done Chapter V11 was released...Like a wormhole at the speed of light!  What was in that speech...IMO WE WON!  Iraq can now bring in investors...the Long line...CBI says "we have confidence of a Financial Victory".  IOO...Will be an RI at 1-1...as it goes to the RV stage...will climb, then a free float...WE HAVE WON!

12-12-2017  Intel Guru RayRen98   [Didn’t Abadi say that ‘economic reforms will be complete within 24 hours’?]  No, he did not say that.  But just because we don’t know what’s going on, it doesn’t mean the Iraqis don’t know what’s going on.  Apparently it doesn’t have to be on the CBI site for them to be enjoying a new rate, according to intel I’m receiving.  They’ve made all the international references they can make, and now Abadi is moving on to the next piece of business.  To me, it all says “no more excuses”.  There is intel that I cannot share, but it indicates a few more hours or days, maybe by Wednesday.

Walking Stick says - as of now we are past the RI & into the RV!!”, 12 DEC


Frank26:  Normally i do not allow one to post comments between WALKINGSTICK and i.

But for this one time ................. What did WS post to me yesterday?

It is my sincere desire to be able to SHARE ................ 1 of 2.

Let's see what evolves for tonight's MONDAY CC.( 7pm est)

God Bless You All ................. Sweet Aloha \m/

Ccd316:  WS posted ….tomorrow have 1 to you Frank

Bwsutton:  What she said... WS has 1.


ImJustMe0502:  Good Day Frank26 It took me three hours to scroll backward this morning to review what we all chatted about. Worth it!!!

IMO…after reading my recent notes and writing the Q&A out, I feel the date we are waiting for is 12/12/2017!!!!!!!!!!!!

You love things in three’s.

3 days from Saturday’s speech - gives us Tuesday.

Three days from Tuesday is Thursday the 15th. Which is the date the IMF updates the rates. The IMF met with CBI this past weekend. The CBI was closed on Sunday.

The LDs are in the ATMs…3 winks. Which again would be from Saturday to Tuesday!

You also stated, Monday will be our last conference call with 3 winks. We will not have a call on Friday either. There are 3 days in between!

The 12th and the 15th have THREE days between them.

12 + 3 = 15 and 15 – 3 = 12.

(12) 1+2 = 3 / (12) 1+2 = 3!!! / (2017) – there are those threes again!!!

You love the still of the night, so tonight at 11:59 p.m. when the clock strikes midnight - it will be Tuesday 12/12/2017. I pray the two articles come out we are anticipating. You taught us that, in the steel of the night is between 2:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Someone asked, will the rate go up fast, be a blink on the Forex and shoot like a rocket. You answered “Attrition across A…in the steal of A night and IMO to the rest of your question…………

(with TWELVE dots) YES.” (IMO, the 12 dots represent the 12th!!)!!

You left out Tuesday and Thursday. I know our banks in the U.S. do nothing major on Monday.

And lastly, you said no one caught that – “as of now we are past the RI and into the RV!!”

So, my prediction is Tuesday, 12/12/2017 with a HIGH RATE!




Article:  "Saleh: There are question marks on mechanisms to convert foreign currency to Iraq"    When Saleh talks about the safest way to secure payment methods at this juncture in time, is serious information. 

The documentary credit [reference post 2] is looking to be the way he is going to protect that long line. It is an assurance that the importer has complied with standards that are acceptable for international trade. 

This is setting the stage for what is expected and that is a level playing field in an international setting that requires transparency and a stable currency at a stable price.

 Bye bye program rate! imo~ Chapter 7 was lifted on the 8th of December from the article I read.. Imo That was a go time! wink wink wink The twins were born.. lol 

 "The documentary credit is one of the most secure payment methods in international trade, offering the exporter a conditional payment guarantee from the importer’s bank.  

Documentary credits usually require the presentation of certain documents, which must be complied with before payment can take place. You must be aware that banks examine the documents only with respect to the documentary credit and do not look at contracts, agreements or the condition of the goods." 


Frank: Fasten your seatbelts. I feel these studies are coming to an end.
Frank: We offer what Iraq releases..we don't offer date or rate, the evidence is there..
Told you Wednesday 2 article's will come out after speech..and 1 CBI article..
Nano second after that speech was done Chapter V11 was released..
Like a wormhole at the speed of light, a wormhole is faster than the speed of light!
What was in that speech..WE WON!
We can now bring in investors..LL the Long line..
CBI announced a tender to print small notes..we covered that Wednesday..budget re calculated 1-1..we told you that..retro to 2017..
CBI says "we have confidence of a Financial Victory"

Gov of CBI at a Paris mtg told you last week..when they asked him "we want to come in" "well come on in!!!" "IMF.. No more restrictions on your currency"..that's Art V111!!!

Frank: WS wanted you to know there is a sequence of events..latest one was the speech..told you all H would break loose..told you there would be 3 art's..Categories the Denoms all of that break down the small denoms..new articles would accompany the 1 2, 5, 10..used in the economy of Iraq by it's citizens..An article would be "Advance Banking Classes"..once out things would not be so secretive or confusing.. 1st of 3 articles..will post in forum..will be 2..
#1 post #32..look at the date, released seconds after ALAK made his speech..Article: "Launch of 3rd conference in Baghdad"..all the ME countries and the IMF.
Frank: It came out quicker than we thought..

The fact released Chapter V11 means Iraq is on their own!!

1st art out today and it was released Saturday ..the 2 art's will be next..don't offer you a date. When they come out unknown to us we do know alot about the contents of these 2 art's ..Direction of CBI going in with MR currenct reform. CBI mtg will start the process of meeting and divulging what is to come very soon..next 2 art's on convertible currency will come out very soon.. When Alak comes out with next 2 articles they, the CBI, will define the timing on currencies to come..WS said call you tomorrow ..WE HAVE WON! Post # 32..pg 2

Frank: I am now at the point of giving you new info..offer you 3 things ..when they come out there will be a date for the RI..#2 they will tell you the denon's ..#3 last 2 art's will clarify will be no fils, no coins..reason is the coins, they just don't want to confuse the citizens along with the polymer currency..release will not be fractional will be a solid am't ..

WS said if they have a problem tell them to deal with me..IQD will be on Forex fully tradeable as a currency
Next 2 articles will tell you when to get out of those foxholes.

As I say goodbye to you Family I tell you I did not make a contract, I did offer my ponytail...symbol of 9 years in this.  



From Monday Night CC: 12-11-17

Frank: Fasten your seatbelts. I feel these studies are coming to an end.

We don't offer date or rate, the evidence is there..

We Told you on Wednesday 2 article's will come out after speech..and 1 CBI article..

Nano seconds after that speech was done Chapter V11 was released..

Like a wormhole at the speed of light!

What was in that speech…..IMO WE WON!

Iraq can now bring in investors …… the Long line..

CBI says "we have confidence of a Financial Victory"

​1st art out today and it was released Saturday

When Alak comes out with next 2 articles they, the CBI, will define the timing on currencies to come.

IOO Will be an RI at 1-1 ....as it goes to the RV stage.. will climb, then a free float..

WE HAVE WON! See Post # 32 Below

There is much more......Please listen to call for all the news........


KTFA Monday Night Conference Call 12-11-17

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



Articles mentioned on Monday Night conference call:

JJonesmx » December 11th, 2017

Post #32 Iraq economy

Launch of the third annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad

Saturday, December 9

Launch of the third annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad
The third annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) will kick off in Baghdad on Saturday with a large Arab and international presence.

"The Central Bank of Iraq will hold its third annual conference this morning in Baghdad under the slogan (towards achieving sustainable financial and economic stability)," a source familiar with the interview said.

The source added: "The conference will witness a large Arab and international presence, including Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia, as well as representatives of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund." Finished..


Iraq trusts the world economically

12/12/2017 12:00 AM

By its implementation of the provisions of Chapter VII Baghdad / Hussein Thugb The security victories are paralleled by a major economic victory: the entry into force of the provisions of Chapter VII, which has tied Iraq and its relations with the world for a long time. Iraq has been removed from the world for decades.

The economic expert in the name of Jamil Antoine stressed that "Iraq has become international confidence and freedom in financial transactions after the entry into force of the provisions of the seventh item in full, as all restrictions were lifted and the amounts were freed and became Iraqi banks free to deal and open documentary credits without intermediary" .

Obligations The Security Council passed its Resolution No. 2390 stating that Iraq is out of Chapter VII with its completion and all obligations related to oil for food and medicine. The Council unanimously adopted the draft resolution contained in document S 10132017, prepared by the United States in consultation with Iraq and the Member States. 2017).

It is recommended to welcome the implementation of the arrangements between Iraq and the United Nations in accordance with resolution (1958) 2010 and to confirm the transfer of the remaining funds to the Government of Iraq under resolution 2335 (2016). The Council concludes that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) To fully implement the measures imposed in accordance with the provisions of the chapter VII under the above resolutions on oil for food and medicine. Operations

"This decision gives the foreign and Iraqi investors free access to remittances, which in turn contributes to the revival of investment, pointing out that we are engaged in a large-scale reconstruction campaign involving large spending operations, and we must have a banking system that harmonizes and the volume of spending." And demanded that the role of banks to become an investment and be dependent on the auction of currency secondary, especially that the international banks provide more than 120 services, and this requires us to get our products to large numbers fit the reality of the investor and that the central role of the pioneer in this process.

Trustful "Iraq is now the focus of the outside world's confidence after the full implementation of the provisions of Chapter VII, and we must be as much as this responsibility, especially as Iraq is no longer a traditional country, but described as rich in natural and human resources, and so it takes Plans to improve the economic capabilities available in Iraq in different. He pointed out that "the Iraqi banking system has successful experiences and has the expertise to qualify it to promote the banking sector and make it offers sophisticated products, especially that we have banks managed to achieve a breakthrough in their products, where they rely on banking tools and products to cover all the requirements and performance costs."

Central directives Between Haider Kazem al-Baghdadi that "the large number of banking system would create a positive competition in performance leading to the development of products and bring advanced systems facilitate all banking operations, and the ability to compete with branches of the largest banks in the world, and here must be adhered to the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq urges To adopt new developments with the financial sector Global".

He pointed out that "the Iraqi banking system, which is the axis of economic activity in front of him the task of proving the existence, by providing the required services according to advanced systems, especially after the trend to the global banking sector more free and broke restrictions that restrict the movement of our banks previously, which makes us work on Create a banking sector developed".


Don961 » December 11th, 2017

Central Banks Week .. Are we seeing noticeable changes?

11 December 2017 11:18 PM

From - Mohammed Suleiman:

This week's vote is over cautious anticipation of meetings of several central banks around the world, with signs of monetary policy tightening and the world slowly moving away from stimulus and facilitation.

Investors will be on schedule with meetings of 12 central banks this week, but attention will be directed towards a much smaller number.

The Federal Reserve will kick off the "Fat Week" on Wednesday with a monetary policy decision in the world's largest economy, amid expectations of a 0.25% rate hike.

If the US interest rate rises on Wednesday, the decision will be the third of its kind in 2017, which is about to end, with Janet Yellin as president of the Federal Reserve.

The federal state of Yellen expires in February, replacing Jerome Powell, who was chosen by President Donald Trump weeks ago to fill the high post.

The US economy is showing strong performance on both sides of growth and employment, with GDP rising at the fastest pace in 3 years in the third quarter and unemployment at a 16-year low.

Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase have warned investors of the biggest tightening of monetary policy in a decade, with average interest rates expected to rise to 1 percent in advanced economies.

While the monetary policy meeting of three of the largest central banks around the world - the Swiss Central Bank, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank - is on Thursday.

Incidentally, markets are not expecting any noticeable moves during the three meetings, especially with the ECB announcing a 50% cut in bond purchases starting in January and the Bank of England's decision to raise interest rates last month for the first time in a decade.

The Bank of England decided to raise interest rates after the consumer price index rose at the fastest pace in five years, while the European Central Bank preferred to cut bond purchases with a marked recovery in growth and employment in the region.

Investors are looking forward to meetings of central banks in several other countries, such as Turkey, Norway, Mexico and Russia. link


MANGELO: This is getting so close to our blessings : it's coming!! excited I am pumped


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Oh – another very long newsletter today. But stay with me. Folks I want to say the news could not possibly get any better than today’s news. I am glad you joined me.

Today we have three very important events to talk about. I will also add a forth upcoming event, that I think, you will be VERY happy with.

More news….

In my Dec 8th Special Edition of my newsletter I attached a currency RV timeline drawing for you. Did you read it? In the newsletter I wanted to give you a brief history of the recent Iraq dinar revaluation moves so you can visually see the progress and the events as they happened. These events, on the timeline, all pertain to the “project to delete the zeros”.

So, with this timeline, can we now review what may happen in Jan 2018 if all goes to plan?

Remember this is not my prediction but information from the many past articles from Iraq that I presented to you. I extracted it all and put the events on a timeline. With my experience in the intelligence corps of the US ARMY I was trained to take raw data and study it. I can then come to conclusions to pass on to the battlefield commanders. I do not make this stuff up or take it lightly. Battles and even wars would be lost if intel is not accurate and timely.

So, I take this training now and used it to help all of you in this RV saga. I don’t have to do this. I am very content knowing what is going on. But I have a heart too and this is why I get so upset when these idiots pass around these ridiculous rumors and bullshit. I can see through them and their shenanigans.

I am not making up this stuff. Get it? No “secret contacts” telling me this stuff. Get it? I am not lying to you and then telling you to pick and choose what you want to believe from a list of bullshit. I am simply outlining what everyone should already know, if you were paying close attention to the Iraqi news.

Many are hoping for a “triggered” RV in January and some even believe there will suddenly be a new rate of $3.00+ on FOREX thus this is how their perception it and expectations. But this is not the truth and you are being told this by people who know no more than you. So you are both wrong.

So again, let me set everyone straight and set an honest expectation here on how all this is going to work since no one else seems to know what the hell they are talking about.

Remember what I am about to tell you is now the current plan of the CBI and nothing but a plan. They have targeted January 2018 for a major rate change. Having said this, we know they also targeted Jan 2011, Jan 2013 and Jan 2015 and in all instances, it was postponed for some reason. We will not cover these reasons again today. Go read my history lesson on my Dec 8th special edition newsletter if you want the history lesson version.

Let’s summarize these events and then move forward into 2018.

So we know 2018 is right around the corner and once again we heard from all these so called “gurus” that “it could never make it to 2018”. Guess what? We are just 23 days until 2018 and there is no targeted RV prior to this time. On Saturday we have some incredible news. Is all this recent new really all lining up exactly what we would expect at this time for an EARLY 2018 RV? No!

We are still missing important pieces. One of these pieces is the re-education of the citizens in what they are about to do with currency reform. Don’t you think they should know? It has been 2 years (since 2015) already since they last told the citizens about their plan and how the new currency will be introduced. So without this sign we can postpone our thoughts again in this RV timeframe. But I am optimistic as I am told we will get it and to be patient. There is other work too still pending for Iraq to complete. I will talk about this work a little later. Let’s now look at what happened this past weekend.


So our FIRST event on Saturday Dec 8th was the announcement that Iraq “fully” exited out of Chapter VII for the oil and food program. I guess the word “fully” confused most people so let’s look at the FACTS today on this event. I will tell you now this does not release Iraq dinar’s ability to trade freely internationally. Iraq is still under currency restrictions.

A little History:

"A Security Council Resolution is considered to be 'a Chapter VII resolution' if it makes an explicit determination that the situation under consideration constitutes a threat to the peace, a breach of the peace, or an act of aggression, and/or explicitly or implicitly states that the Council is acting under Chapter VII in the adoption of some or all operative paragraphs.

Chapter VII resolutions are very rarely isolated measures. Often the first response to a crisis is a resolution demanding the crisis be ended. This is only later followed by an actual Chapter VII resolution detailing the measures required to secure compliance with the first resolution. Sometimes dozens of resolutions are passed in subsequent years to modify and extend the mandate of the first Chapter VII resolution as the situation evolves.

The list of Chapter VII interventions includes: (We can see 2 listed for Iraq with the oil for food programme and the Gulf War resolution 678)

• United Nations Security Council Resolution 82 (Korea)

• United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 (Afghanistan)

• United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor

• United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

• International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

• United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone

• United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda

• United Nations Angola Verification Mission II

• United Nations Operation in Somalia II

• United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission

• United Nations Protection Force (former Yugoslavia)

• Oil-for-Food Programme (Iraq)

• United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti

• United Nations Security Council Resolution 678 (Gulf War)

• United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (Libya)

[Do you see any UN resolutions listed above that block Iraq’s ability to trade internationally with their currency? No! Why? Because there aren’t any.

These restrictions with the Iraq the dinar are not in fact under direct articles of Chapter VII Un Charter but compliance with Chapter VII resolutions do pave the way to cooperation and compliance measures along with the ongoing IMF consultation sessions with Iraq.

Please see link below for more details as the currency restrictions:


However having said all this the currency restrictions will not be lifted until the IMF deems Iraq fit resulting from the ongoing Article IV Consultation Reviews under the current Stand-By Arrangement.

Can this happen anytime? Yes – but there is still work to be done by Iraq. We can only study the results from the consultation sessions and watch for somewhere along the way they tell us Iraq is ready to exiting from trade restrictions. This will mean of course they are setting up to use their own currency for payment in trade. At some point this will happen.

Here are some pending issue:

• Article 140 a legally binding parliamentary law passed and implemented regulating the Oil and Gas (Hydrocarbon law HCL). Parliament just announced they plan to bring this to a vote soon. They could not get a quorum in their last session due to the budget issue with Kurdstan, so it was delayed;

• De-centralization of the government to local provinces along with administration and security measures;

• Election of 2018 is coming up soon. Will the IMF want to wait to see the outcome of the election? Or is it a forgone conclusion PM Abadi will get a second term? Will the Maliki goons shake up the country again to get another position of power?

• Does the CBI want to wait until all the payrolls are rolled over electronic banking as some provinces and ministries are not yet completed? Deadline announced is the end of 2017.

This is not by any means meant to be a comprehensive checklist of items, just some items of higher priority. Now that ISIS is taken care of will they begin to address these issues in the news again?

We do know for a FACT that in 2012 even under the Nori al-Maliki regime the IMF approved Iraq to go forward with currency reform. Then currency notes had security issues (contract for new polymer notes) and corruption and counterfeiting. Then ISIS came along in 2014, oil prices dropped and the entire picture changed. Economic bombshell after bombshell hit Iraq.

So now Iraq is moving in the right direction again and after the announcements this past weekend I believe that Iraq is actually in a much better situation than even in 2012. But one item that does still concern me is the level of the CBI currency reserves. It is way much lower that in 2012-2013 and a recent IMF warning have been issued on this depletion. Remember in 2102 Dr. Shabibi has increased the reserves to nearly 90 billion. Today they are at much less than half that amount. From what I am reading the IMF expects more funds in the reserves to cover any currency reform movement.


On 14 April 1995, acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Security Council adopted resolution 986, establishing the "oil-for-food" program, providing Iraq with another opportunity to sell oil to finance the purchase of humanitarian goods, and various mandated United Nations activities concerning Iraq. The program, as established by the Security Council, is intended to be a "temporary measure to provide for the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people, until the fulfillment by Iraq of the relevant Security Council resolutions, including notably resolution 687 (1991) of 3 April 1991".

What is this program? (see link below. It explains it in much more detail)

NO Rumors, NO Hype, NO Opinons….just the FACTS!


So what part of Chapter VII was Iraq released from on Dec 8th?

Let’s go directly to the source, the UN published news releases.

NO Rumors, NO Hype, NO Opinions….just the FACTS!

Recognizing that major changes had occurred in Iraq since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the Security Council today on Dec 8th returned control of mineral exports to that country’s Government, ended the oil-for-food programme and also lifted restrictions on programmes for the development of nuclear energy.

The Security Council concluded today that all the measures imposed in its resolutions 1958 (2010) and 2335 (2016) pursuant to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in relation to the Iraq oil-for-food programme had been fully implemented.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2390 (2017), the Council welcomed the fact that the remaining funds in the escrow accounts established pursuant to resolution 1958 (2010) had been transferred to the Government of Iraq pursuant to resolution 2335 (2016).

The Council acknowledged the Secretary-General’s final report on the matter (document S/2017/820), which stated, among other things, that the remaining $14,283,565 (that’s million not billion) in the administrative escrow account had been transferred to Iraq. So this remaining fund is not billions and billions as many of these so-called intel “gurus” are telling you. Why don’t they do their homework?

In its statement on Dec 8th, the Council welcomed the progress made by the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait towards the resolution of outstanding issues between them, and encouraged further cooperation. It also called on Iraq to quickly fulfil its remaining obligations under the relevant Chapter VII resolutions. So there are still more obligations under Chapter VII to fulfill. It is not yet all over.

In a statement read out by Vice-President Joseph Biden of the United States, whose country holds the Council Presidency in December, members welcomed Iraq’s “important progress” in regaining the international standing it had enjoyed prior to 1990. “The Security Council welcomes the positive developments in Iraq and recognizes that the situation now existing in Iraq is significantly different from that which existed at the time of the adoption of resolution 661 (1990),” the statement said, referring to the Council decision that had paved the way for the imposition of multiple sanctions on the country.


Many of these so called intel “gurus” once again want to twist this news. They believe that Iraq is fully released from all of Chapter VII. The truth is this recent announcement covered ONLY the Oil-for-Food portion of the UN Ch 7 sanctions. You have it in black and white from the UN press conference.

I quote from the article: “All Measures Imposed under Iraq Oil-for-Food Programme Implemented in Full, Security Council Concludes, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2390 (2017)”. Can anyone read? It specifically if for only the oil-for-food program.

So now there seems to be an extraordinary amount of jumping from first base to home plate without first rounding the bases. So let’s not make any assumptions and look only at the facts and then wait for the CBI’s next move. Please don’t add to the “intel hysteria” going on right now. Relax.

Having said all this, I am warning everyone these intel charlatans are going to use this information and take advantage of it to hype you all up on. So relax. Relax, relax, relax!

Event #2:

The Second event we witnessed this past week was the long awaited “official” announcement on Dec 9th of the end of ISIS fighting and the end of ISIS in the total of Iraq. Wow! We have been waiting so long for this. Do you realize it has been nearly 2.5 years already? We know from the CBI telling use dozens of times in articles that they postponed the project to delete the zeros due to SECURITY reasons. So now the security part is taken care of. What does this mean? It means the CBI and GOI will not no longer hold back the RV due to SECURITY reasons. Wow! See more detail in articles below.

Event #3:

The THIRD event were comments made by Naji Sabri Ahmad Al-Hadithi during an interview over the weekend. Al-Hadithi served as the Iraqi Foreign Minister under Saddam Hussein in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Al-Hadithi said that Iraq’s sovereignty has been fully realized and that Iraq has a real opportunity to advance and regain its status after it has returned its confidence to the international community.

Event #4:

The Forth event has not yet occurred and we watch and wait for it. If you read my Dec 6th newsletter you will see a list of accomplishments by the CBI and the GOI pertaining to the economic and banking reforms of Iraq. This is words not mine.

So what will be the next move by the CBI?

Will they moved the program rate to 1000 dinars : 1 USD. How can they do this? This is a big, bold move of almost 17% change increase in program rate. But remember we all know the program rate right now is hovering around 1165-1200 and this is NOT the true value of the Iraqi dinar with all the reforms they are implementing. I am told this move must come first prior to the 1:1 change. There is no good way for me to fully explain why they must do this first other what I have been told. This is an inflationary measure prior to re-instatement.

Look at it this way – 1000:1 next then later 1000:1 is deleting the zeros to 1:1.

So let’s tie this together with other recent events on my timeline.

We already know all the progress of getting the three zero notes out of circulation. So what currency will the citizens then have to use? Could this be why they only tendered contract to reprint the 1,000 and 500 notes and then recently (over the last year) distributed these to the banks probably in exchange for the 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k notes the banks had received from the venders at the currency auction windows. Kind of like a trade or “exchange” but don’t get confused in this case when I use the word exchange. I literally mean to swamp some notes for the same valued notes.

So, this is how the banks obtained the category notes needed during this 1000:1 rate phase of the project to delete the zeros. Can everyone see why they would need only these sized notes and not the larger 3 zero notes?

They are reducing the three zeros gradually as they raise the rate. Just as I have told you that the CBI will change the rate and we may not yet see it on FOREX and so can’t do anything with our dinar yet.

This step to 1000:1 will not last long and then they will move to 1:1. Some say this has already occurred? I am now trying to confirm it. I might be off by a couple weeks on my timeline. Still it will not yet move to FOREX and sit for a few weeks at least for adjustments for inflation and economic reactions inside Iraq first.

But what happens when we get to EARLY 2018?

Then the next move is to FOREX and a float. Coinciding they then de-peg from solo USD peg (can now do this since they are out of Chapter VII) and go to peg to an SDR basket (5 major currencies the IMF has already told us about) and place on a float.

More news…

Euphrates -

Al-Furat news that Iraq will be declared 'free of dashing' on Sunday Dec 9th during a major military parade in the arena of celebrations after the liberation of all land.

More news….

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq will reduce its reliance on oil revenues to 15 percent of the budget after 30 years from now, the central bank governor said on Saturday, adding that reliance on one supplier of budget revenues would be subject to constant volatility.

Al-Alak said in a speech during the third annual conference of the Bank under the slogan 'the role of the Central Bank in achieving financial and economic stability', and attended by Alsumaria News, 'there are real indicators for the achievement of alternatives other than oil will be relied upon'.

"We will reduce dependence on oil revenues gradually and we will reduce this gap by 2.5% per year and for 30 years, so that the dependence on oil revenues by not more than 15% after 30 years.

He added that 'Iraq will witness the largest investment during the coming period, but that is coupled with the provision of the appropriate investment environment,' noting that 'reliance on one resource for budget revenues will be subject to constant fluctuations and this is what Iraq will seek to achieve by reducing reliance on oil as a single resource for the budget' .

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said earlier, that Iraq is currently establishing to strengthen the economy and the LACK OF TOTAL DEPENDENCE ON OIL, considering that the country is on the right track in this area.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Abadi office – This is what will happen after the removal of Iraq from Chapter VIIA spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi’s press office said on Saturday that the Security Council’s decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII was an important event in the history of Iraq, which coincided with the declaration of salvation from calling for the liberation of all Iraqi territories.

Al-Hadithi said that “today was announced salvation from calling for the liberation of all Iraqi territory and secure the border with Syria. This event coincided with the UN Security Council resolution and the announcement of Iraq’s exit from the seventh item.

(Mnt Goat – What many have missed is that the Security Council Sanctions Committee Concerning Iraq already removed Seven Entities from Its Sanctions List. These sanctions dealt with oil and gas exploration, development, research, refining, selling, distribution and training. Did everyone miss this?

Here is the report:

“On 16 December 2016, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1518 (2003) approved the removal of the entries specified below from its List of Individuals and Entities subject to the assets freeze set out by paragraph 23 of Security Council resolution 1483 (2003) adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.”

See link below:

https://www.un.org/press/en/2016/sc12635.doc.htm )


(Mnt Goat – Okay folks if this last statement [above] does not rock you, I don’t know what will. These are almost the exact words used in a past statement made by the PM Abadi and Saleh when they said they wanted Iraq to return to the international stage and regain their former glory of their currency. Am I missing something? Folks this is WOW! news.

I also want to remind everyone too that I challenged these erroneous statements being said around the dinar community about Iraq being “ a sovereign nation” in the past. Remember or did everyone forget already? I said this many times and wanted to stop all this past hysteria from June of 2013. Even back then I told everyone that Chapter VII sanctions still remained and there would be no RV until they are “fully” a sovereign nation. All these idiots telling you this every day / any day RV stuff. Rediculous.

Now the UN Security Council themselves are telling us in this article this is the case so we must now believe it and listen to it. IRAQ IS NOW A FULLY SOVEREIGN NATION. There I said it now too…lol…lol… Mnt Goat was right again and YES I will beat my breast for righteousness…lol..lol..I am tired of being kicked around. So when I am right I will scream it. But I was screaming about all this stuff in the past but no one wanted to listen over the shouting and hysteria of all these other idiotic “gurus”. Yes I get kicked off intel sites for wanting to tell the truth and these mindless idiots feel compelled to argue with me. Who the hell are they anyhow and where is there experience? i.e. PTR and TNT idiots. But I tried and that is all I can do. Like I said then- the TRUTH will all shake out in the long run and we will know who was jerking your chain….lol…lol…Now we know who had been telling the truth all along.)

He pointed out that “the removal of Iraq from the seventh item means the guarantee and protection of Iraqi assets and funds and deposits and property assets and banks abroad and inside and became safe from prosecution because of lawsuits against the background of the 1991 war in Kuwait and ensure their return to Iraq and not freeze.

He added that “the decision also entails the RETURN OF CONFIDENCE BETWEEN IRAQ AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, which began to escalate and open doors to major international companies to invest in Iraq,” pointing out that “new horizons opened to Iraq in terms of foreign relations, especially as Iraq has become the focus of admiration of the international community after its ability to confront and eliminate terrorism, and that the opportunity has become favorable to achieve economic renaissance in Iraq. ”

(Mnt Goat – Okay everyone can you now see the connection as to why the SECURITY breach with terrorism has to be accomplished first and why they are now celebrating so much? Can you also see why NOW the UN took them “fully” out of Chapter VII? Its all adding up folks)

The Foreign Ministry announced earlier on Saturday that the Security Council issued its decision to exit Iraq from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program.




The third annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq was held in Baghdad under the slogan "Towards achieving sustainable financial and economic stability" and with the distinguished presence of Governors, Ambassadors, representatives of the Union of Arab Banks, Arab experts and officials from the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. The conference discussed four specialized and specialized sessions, focusing on the role of the CENTRAL BANK IN ACHIEVING FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC STABILITY THROUGH THE REAL SECTOR AND MONETARY POLICY IN IRAQ AND FACING THE DOUBLE SHOCK OF SECURITY AND ECONOMY.

To formulate structural and structural policies and procedures to achieve the strategic objectives of the Central Bank (2016-2020) in achieving financial coverage and developing means and means of investment in human capital and access to financial merit of Iraqi banks.

That characterized this conference on all previous economic and financial conferences that it is taking place in an important transitional stage going through Iraq after the achievement of decisive victory and final on terrorism Daheshi At the same time began the features of the initial financial victory achieved by the Central Bank at the level of building regulatory and structural frameworks of financial and economic stability Iraq and the transition policies and procedures for the applications of monetary policy from the twentieth century to the twenty-first century and the transition from the classification of the gray area to the follow-up area and the road is open to move to the advanced area Other next year.

. The conference also highlighted the frankness, transparency and disclosure provided by the Central Bank to international financial organizations and Arab experts. The policy of the Central Bank at all levels is the only solution to respond to criticisms and observations and is viewed in a spirit of national concern to serve our national economy.

Is the communication and interaction between experts in economics and finance and professors of universities and specialists and the economic media from the ready and between the departments of the central bank quality and competent partnership to achieve the central goal, which concerns us all and Hwan All efforts shall be coordinated by a government, private sector, experts, and a competent, neutral and national economic media to achieve (the economy in the service of society).



(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The economic adviser to the Prime Minister of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, there are significant question marks on the mechanisms of foreign currency conversion to Iraq.

Saleh said to the {Euphrates News} today, "TO FINANCE IMPORTS MUST BE A CONVERSION IN FOREIGN CURRENCY," noting that "THERE IS A QUESTION MARK ON THE CURRENCY SIGN CAUSED BY CONFUSION BETWEEN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MONETARY POLICY OF THE CENTRAL BANK to control the levels of liquidity and at the same time trade finance, to create this ambiguity.

(Mnt Goat – sounds like Saleh is saying that Iraq needs to trade in dinars and not have to go through this currency conversion until the money reaches its source. In other words, if you want to trade with Iraq take the dinars in payment from Iraq and then go to YOUR country’s bank and convert the dinars to YOUR own currency. i.e. dinars to euro)

" He added that "THE CENTRAL BANK HAS A PROJECT TO REBUILD THE INSTITUTION TO FINANCE THE FOREIGN TRADE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR by opening credits to establish what is called Cdbank, which is a collective bank in which all Iraqi banks (Al-Ahli and the government) is a bank to finance foreign trade."

He pointed out that "obtaining a currency under the pretext of financing trade causes monopoly," pointing out that "there is an alternative to this by rebuilding new standards to finance the private sector BY ESTABLISHING A LARGE BANK TO FINANCE THIS SECTOR."

(Mnt Goat – my point is with Saleh’s suggestion of this new collective bank - HOW CAN THEY DO THIS WITH THE CURRENT MONETARY POLICY OF HAVING TO CONVERT DINARS TO DOLLARS FIRST AND THEY PAY? The answer is they can’t and won’t!)

"If the Iraqi government finances its trade through documentary credits, why not finance the private sector in the same way," he said, pointing out that "the argument of not funding is that there are no possibilities to download documentary credits as a more transparent tool in trade finance.

There are not a number of international correspondents cooperating with Iraq to create or open these credits, because of the long isolation of the sector of the Iraqi bank. "



Zaid Al-Halli

The Central Bank of Iraq presented its financial and economic visions and achievements, supported by figures in front of a group of experts and specialists in economic affairs at an expanded conference which was opened by the Babylon Hotel yesterday, the annual conference.

IT WAS RECORDED A JOYFUL IMPRESSION, IN FRONT OF THE VOLUME OF TASKS ACCOMPLISHED BY THE CENTRAL BANK AND ITS VARIOUS CADRES in a circumstance is the most difficult in the history of Iraq. It was a conference frankly and unmistakably distinguished.

The conference discussed the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving financial and economic stability, among the pillars of the sustainability of public debt and financial stability in Iraq and financial coverage and banking performance, as well as the financial merit of the banking sector in Iraq and mechanisms to stimulate the real sector through macroeconomic policies in Iraq.

Several goals, the Bank seeks to achieve this through the discussions of the conference, including:

1) strengthening the relationship between the tools of monetary policy and macroeconomic variables and

2) strengthening the role of the financial sector as a channel of transmission of the effects of monetary policy, and

3) create an interactive meeting between officials of monetary policy, academics and

4) in order to DETERMINE THE MECHANISMS THAT MONETARY POLICY CAN ADOPT IN THE APPLICATION OF ITS OBJECTIVES AND BENEFIT from research expertise and its interrelationship with the practical aspect to achieve the strategic objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq.

(Mnt Goat – they are “buttering”everyone up to accepting the future policies of the CBI. One of which we know is monetary reform (includes getting back their real currency true value. Remember the article I presented a month ago? It talked about how neighboring countries namely Iran,, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia want to conduct trade in their own currencies. How can Iraq do this when they have these currency auctions which mandate the conversion of dinar IQD to USD for payment. Oh -wait one second…we now know technically this is no longer mandated since Iraq is now “fully” out of Un Chapter VII sanctions. It is just a matter of a short while before Iraq makes this long awaited change over.)

As one sees, these goals are considered a summit in the economic and financial understanding of a country facing many challenges trying to compromise its economies and resources .

And through the transparency that accompanied the work of the conference on its first day, I wished this event to be a context for the ministries and other bodies. It is important that the efforts of everyone from all social activities, opinion leaders and concerned institutions, and opinion leaders from specialists, In accordance with the principles and foundations of solid, the convergence of visions, and to make observations, and discuss the reality of living with an objective vision, is the key to building the nation, as well as the discussion by the competent authorities, leads to a space of hope in progress, in various directions, and remains the experience of the Central Bank of Iraq in the convening of a general conference, Estimate, for it Affirms a noble and pure human relationship, constructive and rich in feelings between the specialists and the citizens .. The central bank is the safety valve for the family and society.

The Bank, through its well-known functions, has realized that working with the soundness of the needy is a necessary necessity, but it also senses the importance of comprehensive openness, views, taking advantage of them into account, working within the team's mindset and innovation without being arrogant. Of critical creative thinking leads to more solid successes. The biggest challenge for Iraq now, as the central bank sees, after the elimination of gangs, is the ability to establish a new economic and financial concept of civilization, rephrasing previous concepts.

The future sought by the conference needs renewed energies and great efforts, and most importantly, changes in the mindset and concepts, especially with regard to the concept of responsibility and public work. Money and economy are not incompatible.




The Central Bank Governor Ali Al-Alak on Thursday stressed the Bank’s interest in developing and expanding its work in the Kurdistan Region.

The media office of the President of the Republic Fuad Masoum said in a statement to the twilight News that the infallible received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad today, the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Alalak, where they discussed the current monetary and financial situation and the need to modernize the mechanisms and specialties of banking in Iraq, taking advantage of the latest global technical data.

He stressed Masoum on “the importance of the leadership role of the Central Bank of Iraq in support of partnership with foreign banks approved and facilitate transactions with local and foreign monetary institutions and strengthen its work within the country according to the law, so as to accelerate the construction of an integrated economic system and strong.”

“The importance of strengthening and expanding the activity and work of the Central Bank branch in the Kurdistan Region, in order to strengthen the bonds of financial dealings with the official financial institutions in the region and facilitate the procedures and transactions of companies and citizens in the region, and strive to unify the Iraqi banking system throughout the country to promote economic reality “He said.

For his part, stressed the importance of “the central bank to develop its work at the national and external levels,” stressing “special interest in strengthening the work of the bank in the Kurdistan region and seek to resolve all the problems and obstacles facing companies operating in the region.”



The President of the Republic Fuad Masoum stressed on Thursday the importance of expanding the activity and work of the Central Bank branch in the Kurdistan region and strive hard to unify the Iraqi banking system in all parts of the country in order to promote the economic reality in his meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Alalak.

The President's Office said in a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press" a copy of it, that "he received President Fuad Masum at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Thursday, the governor of the Central Bank Ali Alalak."

He added that "during the meeting discussed the current monetary and financial situation and the need to modernize the mechanisms and specialties of banking in Iraq, taking advantage of the latest global technical data."

"The importance of the leadership role of the Central Bank of Iraq in supporting partnership with foreign banks approved and facilitate transactions with local and foreign monetary institutions and strengthen its work within the country according to the law and to serve to accelerate the construction of a comprehensive and strong economic system."

He stressed the importance of strengthening and expanding the activity and work of the Central Bank branch in the Kurdistan region to ensure the consolidation of financial relations with the official financial institutions in the region and facilitate the procedures and transactions of companies and citizens in the region and strive to unify the Iraqi banking system throughout the country to promote economic reality.

For his part, stressed the importance of the Central Bank to develop its work at the national and foreign levels, stressing the "special interest in strengthening the work of the bank in the Kurdistan region and seek to resolve all the problems and obstacles facing companies operating in the region."

He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the interest shown by the President of the Republic to the Central Bank in this sensitive circumstance, praising the directives of His Excellency in this regard.



Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Minister of Justice, Haider Zamili, said THAT TERRORISM IN IRAQ HAS ENDED.

“THE NEXT DAYS WILL ANNOUNCE THE STAGE OF BUILDING THE COUNTRY,” al-Zamili said during a reception at his official office on Thursday, the Armenian ambassador to Iraq, Karen Krikorian, praising the support of friendly countries for our security forces in its war against gangs Terrorist and achieve the final victory.

The two sides discussed “the latest developments on the level of common relations and the current situation.”

In turn, the Armenian ambassador to Iraq expressed the readiness of the Armenian government to provide various kinds of cooperation with Iraq in all fields.



MONETARY POLICY HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE A VITAL ISSUE IN THE COUNTRY'S ECONOMIC LIFE. It is a reflection of the general performance of the state and its seriousness in avoiding difficulties and emerging dilemmas, and make them consistent with the goals set.

(Mnt Goat – what the hell do you think they are talking about in this first sentence of this first article? Could they mean getting the “project to delete the zeros to the next phase once again?)

Before 2003, all the monetary apparatuses were in the grip of the government and were never independent, and their performance was overstated so that monetary policy was an extension of the government's own self-sufficiency. Hence the need for radical reform of the Central Bank, and the new law, which affirmed its independence and established its primary role in protecting the country's resources, was issued.

Mnt Goat – if you read my Special Edition from Dec 8th on the “History of the Iraqi Dinar”, you will see how nicely this last paragraph fits into the past history, as explained.)

The task now is to confront money laundering and attempts to finance terrorism, which are at the forefront of the challenges facing the Central Bank of Iraq. It is also essential TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF MONETARY OPERATIONS THROUGH THE SALE OF CURRENCY is essential in the performance of the bank and the establishment of principles and rules of dealing in the project in a proper atmosphere of control and supervision.

(Mnt Goat – heck, of the CBI can’t control money laundering and financial terrorism now with a rate of an 8th of a penny to a dinar, what will they do when its $3.00+ rate? Get my point now as to why they must first control this corruption? The question is now – Have they gotten it under control already to the point they need to turn the new monetary policy on? Is this article just outlining the hazards past and possible for the future, if they don’t keep it under control?)

The preservation of the independence of the bank and enable it to perform its mission without interference and corruption and make it an effective institution and guarantor of the interests of society as a whole is a basic requirement.



BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq will sign an agreement on Wednesday to fund reconstruction efforts by the Iraqi government, financed by the European Union, the Ministry of Planning announced on Tuesday.

“The signing ceremony will take place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning at 9 am on Wednesday,” the ministry’s spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement received by Iraq News.

He added that he “will sign the Iraqi side of the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili and the European Union Ambassador of the Union in Iraq and will be followed by the signing of a press conference to explain the details of the agreement and the amounts and projects funded”.



Alsumaria News / Baghdad Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Tuesday discussed bilateral relations between Baghdad and Moscow in five areas and ways to expand the participation of Russian companies in reconstruction and investment projects.

“The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received today, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak,” said Abbadi’s office in a statement received by Alsumaria News. “During the meeting, they discussed the development of bilateral relations between the two countries in the fields of energy, economy, trade, oil and electricity, Expanding the participation of Russian companies in reconstruction and investment projects. ”

“Novak congratulated the Iraqi victories on the terrorist gangs and stressed the position of his country supporting Iraq in various fields.”

Iraq is seeking to strengthen its relations with the countries of the world and specifically its regional environment, especially during its battle against the organization “Daash”. Abadi stressed on more than one occasion Iraq’s keenness to build good neighborly relations with the surrounding countries.



(Mnt Goat – WOW! WOW! Could the news get any better than this? But remember this is only for the food for oil program.)

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Foreign Ministry announced that the Security Council issued a decision to leave Iraq from Chapter VII.

"After the series of diplomatic successes achieved by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry has culminated in the issuance of a resolution of the Security Council to exit Iraq from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program after the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a press statement Complete all obligations of the program ".

"In continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq to END THE FILES OF IRAQ IN THE SECURITY COUNCIL INHERITED FROM THE ERA OF THE FORMER REGIME AND ISSUED UNDER CHAPTER VII OF THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS, this ministry worked through our representative in New York, The United Nations and other Member States for the adoption of resolution 2390 (2017), adopted unanimously by the Security Council on 8 December 2017, in which the Security Council concluded that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) have fully implemented the measures imposed by Chapter VII under resolutions 1958 { 2010} and Resolution 2335 {2016} ".

"The new resolution is an important step in the restoration of Iraq's natural status and international standing, WHICH CONFIRMS THE END OF IRAQ'S OBLIGATIONS UNDER CHAPTER VII on the oil-for-food program after it was implemented in full."



(Mnt Goat – As I have been saying Iraq needed to get out of Chapter VII in order to RV. Does anyone now believe me? All these shit head “gurus” bashing me all the time. So who is right again….bada boom…bad boom!

But remember they are not yet “fully” out of the dog house. There is still work to be done but this is a whole lot more promising than before Dec 8th announcement. This is like giving Iraq a candy bar as a reward for all their hard work and ABILITY in expelling ISIS from Iraq. They needed desperately to get their ARMY and SECUITY forces trained, willing and able. They finally did it under the leadership of PM Abadi. Now forward on the war with corruption. )

Baghdad - Mawazine News

The expert on the economic affairs of Dhargam Muhammad Ali, Saturday, Iraq's exit from Chapter VII is the most prominent economic event of the current year, indicating that it will pave the way for a safe area for business and investment.

"Iraq's exit from Chapter VII represents an international recognition of the achievement it has achieved for all its financial requirements," Ali said in an interview with Mawazin News. "He is qualified to keep his money abroad and his investments and real estate and banking assets from pursuing any side related to the economic sanctions that lasted for more than 27 years old. "

He added that Iraq has entered a completely new phase with the issuance of this UN resolution is to obtain full eligibility to obtain a sovereign credit rating and open foreign accounts directly on behalf of the Iraqi government and in the name of its banks and not through intermediaries, as was being done to get rid of the prosecution of money.

"This decision will raise the importance of Iraq as a safe area for business and investment and being a legally sound country in the performance of its sovereign obligations, which encourages the industry of the international working environment in the country."

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday morning the issuance of the Security Council decision to exit Iraq from Chapter VII, indicating that this came after a series of diplomatic successes.



Dec 8, 2017

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Saturday that his forces were "fully" on the Syrian-Iraqi border, stressing "the end of the war" against the organization of the Islamic state in the country.

"Our forces have taken full control of the Syrian-Iraqi border and hence declare the end of the war against Saddam," Abbadi said at the opening of the International Media Conference in Baghdad.

"Our battle was with the enemy who wanted to kill our civilizations, but we won our unity and our determination, and briefly we managed to defeat the preacher," Abadi said.

For its part, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command issued a statement announcing that the Iraqi forces were able to "liberate the island between Nineveh and Anbar by supporting the army's air force and maintaining the Iraqi-Syrian international border north of the Euphrates from the Romana area to Tel Safok Hill along 183 kilometers."

"The liberation of all Iraqi territory has been completed from the clutches of terrorist gangs and our heroic forces have tightened their control of the Iraqi-Syrian international border from al-Waleed port to Rabia."

Sources in the Iraqi army and the popular crowd had reported earlier Saturday that Iraqi forces took full control of the border between Iraq and Syria, after the escape of the Islamic state organization from the desert desert west of western Iraq.

"The military operations on the island and the desert were completed today with full control of the Iraqi-Syrian border," said Abu Ali al-Basri, commander of the popular mobilization operations. "The troops started fortifying the border with Syria."

Basri added that "a request was made with the Iraqi army forces advanced from the south, and the region was completely cleared and the discovery of laboratories for booby-traps and stores of equipment and weapons," asserting that "the entire island under the control of the popular mobilization forces."

It is noteworthy that the organization of the Islamic state was launched in 2014, a wide attack, which captured about one third of the area of Iraq and about half of the area of neighboring Syria and declared "succession" in both countries. But since then, the organization has lost most of the territory it controls.

The terrorist organization lost the territory it had occupied since 2014, which was estimated at one-third of Iraq's territory, following continuous military campaigns launched by Iraqi forces over the past three years with support from the US-led c