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12-9-2017  *** Dinar Guru NewsFLASH ***  Intel AND Newshound Gurus expected a liberation celebration and/or announcement today in Iraq...and it finally happened earlier TODAY!  PM Abadi announced it today.  Iraq is now liberated from ISIS.  It appears he delayed this official announcement until desert regions and all borders were secure (and perhaps some other loose ends).  This is a HUGE step and victory for Iraq in more ways than one...stay tuned as the gurus uncover what impact this will have on the exchange rate of the dinar.... [The latest guru updates will continue below...] 
12-9-2017   Newshound Guru Walkingstick     Like, I said...a sequence of events...Liberation, CH VII, Kuwait...Art VIII compliance...we await...1.  [reference Apmcrx and Delta posts below...12-9-2017]

12-9-2017   Newshound Guru Apmcrx   Article:  "The Central Bank holds its third annual conference with an Arab and international presence"    Quote:   "the conference will witness a large Arab and international presence, including Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia as well as representatives of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund."  This article smells like our next announcement from IMF article 8 to Iraq is coming too...!!!    IMO.

12-9-2017   Intel Guru Delta    Article: “France is looking to expand investment cooperation with Iraq”  Quote:  "I can assure investors that the Central Bank has been able to remove the last restrictions related to the external transfer of the amounts that represent the proceeds of the investment.”   VERY HUGE AND GOOD JOB...ARTICLE 8 RIGHT THERE... FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OF CAPITOL. 

12-9-2017   Newshound Guru Apmcrx   Article:  "Security Council issues a decision to exit Iraq from Chapter VII"   Quote:  "...remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the oil-for-food program and restore it to its natural status and international status..."   Official announcement!!!   Natural and International rate is coming!!! Imo.

12-9-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   [now we see is ISIS is/was the hold up, or if it was just more hopeful spec!]   ...the CBI did say no monetary reform until the GOI has control over all provinces...which is why I believe the move by Iraq troops on Kurd borders was done...quite aggressive but no resistance from Erbil...and the CBI never dropped the opening of the branches in Kurdistan...so now we shall find out what lifting 3 zeros does...   [post 2 of 2]

12-9-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru  tman23  "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday announced that the army forces had liberated the entire country from the Islamic State (IS)"  ...SHOW US THE MONEY!!!  "The Iraqi Prime Minister is expected to declare victory in an exclusive statement to the public later."  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    The banks also invested large amounts of capital in the new ATM machines and they too sit there out of use.   We know the banks have been complaining to the CBI for taking so long with this redenomination process for these very reasons. But on the flip side the CBI, thru the mandated electronic banking practices, have done the banks a huge favor too since they are infusing large amounts of capital directly into the banks for meeting mandatory liquidity guidelines. The banks are going to make ton of money off this money on housing and auto loans. The banks are also assured they will manage a part of the reconstruction money once it becomes available...  The bottom line is we hear all these complaints from the banking industry but the Iraqi banks are about to become FILTHY RICH!   [post 2 of 2]

12-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "UPGRADING OF IRAQI CURRENCY TO POLYMER"   We...know that in 2013 the CBI conducted a study to determine the best and most secure banknotes. So we know by this article they had to trash all the newer banknotes already printed by the DR Shabibi era and print newer ones. Could this be one of the holdups to the RV? We also know by an article in 2015, that they decided on a German company to print the newer polymer banknotes. ...these banknotes were ready and delivered to the CBI in 2016 and in November of 2016 the CBI began selling them to the banks throughout Iraq and stockpiling them. Of course they did not just give the banks FREE money and the banks had to pay for the newer notes, thus the banks have all this capital tied up in these newer banknotes and can’t do a thing with them until allowed to.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


Kaperoni Moderator  Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > The CBI will hold its third annual conference next month to discuss financial stability in Iraq

By rami - November 7, 2017        440

The Central Bank will hold its third annual conference next month under the title of the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving financial and economic stability.

A source at the Central Bank of Iraq, “The Central Bank will be held on the ninth and tenth of December next year’s third annual conference under the auspices of the governor Ali Alalak,” adding that “the conference will discuss the sustainability of public debt and financial stability in Iraq and achieve the process of financial inclusion and the performance of banks and mechanisms to stimulate the sector Financial through monetary policy instruments and highlight the financial merit of the banking sector. ”
​He pointed out that “the conference aims to strengthen the relationship between the tools of monetary policy and macroeconomic variables and strengthen the role of the financial sector.”

“The conference also seeks to create an interactive meeting between officials of monetary policy, academics and researchers to determine the mechanisms that monetary policy can adopt in achieving its objectives,” noting that “among the goals of the conference to achieve the strategy of the Central Bank.”


Kaperoni Moderator   This is in just a couple of days.  Surely with all the economists there the delete zeros project will be a topic of discussion

Phil Oberholzer    Nice find Kap. I like this part "mechanisms to stimulate the sector Financial through monetary policy instruments"....Can't wait to see what mechanisms they'll use.

Kaperoni Moderator   I hope we get lots of media articles on this event.

Kw   Safety, security, money laundering... all being tackled or taken care of. Sounds like a safe harbor to launch from.

Punisher   Glad they are talking this all up (important issues) before another new year.

Kaperoni  Moderator   Tomorrow!

Mike  Moderator  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say not much is going to come from this conference, nothing ever does. We need political will to legislate and pass the laws to create an open market economy.

johnbob1            Mike What other laws are we waiting on? I believe I read something a while back from Kap saying the cbi law was what was needed and there was no specific law needed for the deposit insurance.

Punisher              Wait and see what comes of it....

Kaperoni Moderator  Both are done Johnbob.  CBI law passed last month and deposit insurance was passed months ago, never implimented..yet the CBI stated just a day or so ago insurance was iminent.

johnbob1            That is awesome Thanks Kap


Kaperoni  Moderator    Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Central Bank calls on the government to get rid of dependence on oil

9/12/2017  Economy News Baghdad: Called on the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, the Iraqi government to get rid of the dependence on the oil sector over the next 30 years.

Keywords and said in his speech, the third annual conference of the Central Bank, held in Baghdad, under the title "The role of the central bank in achieving economic and financial stability", attended by "Economy News", "Iraq needs a national administration or institutional,

which represents the government's ability to country management efficiently in order to achieve stability and development in addition to the separation of powers and effective coordination, "calling for the application of e-governance and management of the country through the macroeconomic to produce national wealth and variety."

He added that "the financial management that worked during the current period to reduce expenditure and management of public debt and reduce the gap between expenditure and revenue, which represents 90% to cope with fluctuations in oil prices," pointing out that "Iraq needs to reduce the gap by 2.5% per annum for 30 years to become the country after 30-year-old relies on oil by 15%. "

He noted that "the central bank contributed to the stability of the exchange rate and to maintain inflation by pumping 25 trillion dinars."

Justwaiting    Hmmnn ~  methinkith needs to be a bit more aggressive than 2.5% -   the energy sector is evolving rapidly in other areas than oil ~  I may be wrong, but ~  ??


Kaperoni Moderator Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News >   Association of private banks: 3 million Iraqis will create a bank account during the next two Amyin

6/12/2017  Economy News Baghdad:
The Iraqi Association of private banks, on Wednesday, that about three million Iraqis will create a bank account in the next two years because of the resettlement project of state employees' salaries.

The executive director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq in an interview for "Economy News", "The localization of public sector employees' salaries of important projects that will withdraw money compactum at home and deposited in the banking sector project, which is reflected positively on the development of the movement," he said, adding that "about three million Iraqis will create a bank account in the next two years working in the public sector to receive their salaries."

The estimated Iraqi Central Bank, money compacta houses about 34 trillion dinars and represent more than 70% of the printed currency.

Tariq explained that "the government is obliged to put the employees' salaries in the bank two days before the distribution of salaries," noting that the salaries of resettlement projects implemented by calling the World Bank project.

The central bank began settling its employees 'salaries in seven private banks and then the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers is currently working all ministries except the security ministries to localize their employees' salaries in the banks.

Tariq pointed out that participation in the settlement of salaries banks increased their number one became 15 banks after the Iraqi Islamic Bank join and open the doors to all banks operating in Iraq to enter into this project ownership requirement for environment infrastructure.

The Iraqi government expected the completion of this project within the next two Amyin Iraq, which would avoid annual losses of up to 8% of GDP due to theft and damage to the currency.

The executive director of the Association of private banks, the localization of salaries is mandatory for all state employees with the exception of the security services project.

Tariq announced that after the completion of the public sector will be oriented towards working in the private sector companies.


Kaperoni Moderator    So they expect it to take up to 2 years to withdrawl 34 trillion dinars from the market.  This to me would also include the delete zeros project.

Chasting    whats another 2 years...lol

prosper                  What value will Iraqi's get when it would float?

Kaperoni Moderator   To clarify, I beleive the process which is activation of the electronic banking, the float or deletion of zeros  and the removal of chunky money 34 trillion will take 2 years.  Previous articles on deleting zeros also mentioned a timeframe of 2 years (this to me is what Dr. Bakri was talking about in my interview when he referred to "treatment" on the dinar..

So to me this is not a delay, but a schedule of sorts to complete the whole process.  I still beleive the float, and beginning of the removal of the larger notes will start soon (it has to if they are planning 2 years for this entire process).  As the last economist wrote in his delete zeros article...

"Today , we find it easy in front of the Central Bank of Iraq to work to the principle of reducing the exchange rate gradually to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar,"

Kaperoni Moderator   Prosper, Iraqi's use dinar, they will see the cost of goods come down in price as the dinar rises in value..  Remember, they are not exchanging dinar for another currency.

Leslie     So...does this mean that it is anticipated that the dinar will = the dollar approximately 2 years after the float begins?

Kaperoni Moderator   I do not think we can put a prediction on how fast it will rise.  But it does appear they want to equal $1

Mike Moderator   In order for the dinar to rise in value there has to be some kind of demand for it based on exports and Article VIII acceptance, right?

Kaperoni Moderator   Mike, I have been on the fence on this.  Dr. Bakri makes a clear statement regarding the deletion of zeros in my interview that..." first needs to improve before coming to such a work, and improvement comes through delete some zeros from the Iraqi dinar."

Punisher  Seems they expect the banking sector to thrive over the next two years.

Mike Moderator   kaperoni,  So, Iraq would have to raise the value artificially to delete some of the zero's? Say something like move the official value to 500-$1 and begin the deletion process?  That seems to be the only way to raise the value outside of Article VIII acceptance and an open market economy with Iraqi exports.

Justwaiting   Ugh, each time I think I have a real "grasp" - something throws me off.
Thanks all ~  pondering time ;-)

Kw   I stated this in another article that when I first joined the military they had pay line and payed you in cash. That went to direct deposit or check. Either way, it pretty much forced you into getting a bank account inorder to cash your check. I see nothing different here.

The statement: he said, adding that "about three million Iraqis will create a bank account in the next two years working in the public sector to receive their salaries." This is a drive to get them into the banks.

 Yes I think this is connected to the delete the zero's project. If the dinar is undervalued as some economists have stated, they could raise the dinar, remaining pegged to control the process.

The IMF told them to stay pegged, and I believe that is the reason why. They want to reduce the money supply. No other country in the world is doing this. With continued tightening of the CBI enforcing money laundering and enforcement the spread will tighten then the free float. Just a thought.

Mike Moderator   Here's the kicker though, in order for it to work the Iraqi's have to leave their money in the banks and pull it out as they go. But they won't do that. Why? Because there's no deposit guarantee's.

Would you put your money in a bank without the assurances that it would be there when you used your debit card? Nope, and neither will the Iraqi's. The banks have systemically failed the citzens (think Warka) and there's just about zero trust between the citizens and the banks themselves.

The silver lining, even when the citizen's empty their bank accounts on payday, is there's no space for corruption to exist. As it stands now these guys stand in lines to get their cash and the corrupt skim off the top as a type of gratuity because they gave them the job in the first place. If the MoF and MoI deposit their money into an account, it cuts out the middle man and allows the citizens to keep their money.

Iraq can't just will the banks to succeed, the government needs to get out of the way while providing protections to the consumers who will use them. Create an open market economy where citizens go to the banks and borrow money to create wealth, making proclamations and statements won't cut it. The only way to reduce the number of bank notes is to add value to the dinar, banking is just a part of the equation.   IMO

Punisher              Good stuff Kw.

Kw    Agreed mike, but we have seen a greater uptick in banking this year. That being said, they are the ones saying that this is a 2 year process. The deposit insurance company is going to happen, and may have been instituted, and if not, probably by the end of this month. Unfortunately they are not turning a speed boat, but a big ship.

Terry   No, more like trying to refloat the titanic.

Mike Moderator   Good stuff KW. There's a generational distrust in Iraqi banking that began with Saddam, these guys have their work cut out for them when in comes to instilling trust in the Iraqi banking system. Passing the deposit guarantee law is just the beginning, for the life of me I don't know why this hasn't passed yet.

BelievingInTheBest    Thanks for the article and input everyone.

Bglong    Yup very good read. Thanks to all.



Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday  12-09-17 

chattels: Iraqi Shiite militia forming brigade to defend Jerusalem By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/08122017

chattels: Sadr issued a warning that “we can reach Israel through Syria,” and said he was ready to be the first soldier.

spankie: tman- article from earlier chapter ?: Sounds like it from this article. "To complement the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq to end the files of Iraq in the Security Council inherited from the era of the former regime and issued under resolutions under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, this ministry, and through our representative in New York, Consultations with the United States and other Member States in order to issue resolution 2390 (2017),
​ adopted unanimously by the Security Council on 8 December 2017, in which the Security Council concluded that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) have fully implemented the measures imposed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII under the resolution N 1958 (2010) and resolution 2335 (2016).

chattels: Just what they need to do - send a group against Israel. The Iraqis have never had their arses kicked by the Israelis.

Blossom: @chattels GM sweetie And they will kick their arses!

Blossom: @chattels we see the lining up of ezekial 38 n 39. Will there be a war? Or how soon? Who knows. Only the Lord. But things are comn together as Bible prophecy predicts.

MsDiva: Wow i woke up reading the words LIBERATED i cant believe it

xyz..yes: ;banana

ElmerFudd: Iraq is out of Ch 7, very cool!
ElmerFudd: So how long till RV now, I wonder?

Spectra: Haider Al-Abadi‏Verified account @HaiderAlAbadi Following Following @HaiderAlAbadi More We announce to the world the liberation of Iraq and the defeat of Daesh

Spectra: @HaiderAlAbadi 14m14 minutes ago

Spectra: This is the Iraqies victory day God Bless Iraq and his people
Spectra: http://www.alliraqnews.com/mod.....ryid=69125 Foreign: The Security Council issued a decision to leave Iraq from Chapter VII

Spectra: Thank you KTFA FOR THE USE OF THIS POST------------- :hi-5
Spectra: http://www.alliraqnews.com/mod.....ryid=69125 Foreign: The Security Council issued a decision to leave Iraq from Chapter VII

Spectra: The UN Security Council issued a decision to exit Iraq from Chapter VII. "After the series of diplomatic successes achieved by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, its efforts culminated in the issuance of a Security Council resolution to remove Iraq from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub said in a press release. After completing all the commitments of the program ".

Spectra: :Thumbs-up

Spectra: REMEMBER THIS ????A simulation of the dinar exchange rate linked to a basket of currencies
Spectra: 2nd November, 2017

Spectra: A short search to experience the simulator about linking the Iraqi dinar to a basket of currencies with weights varying between 50% and 65% of the dollar and other currencies remaining price (Dr. Ahmed Ali Abrihi) ...

Spectra: https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/up/file-150962352944489.pdf
Spectra: Thank you ....Ktfa for the use of your article....
TWW: @Spectra I love numbers, thanx

Myro: Does coming out of Chapter VII have any impact on the auctions?
Spectra: Government of Iraq‏Verified account @IraqiGovt 15m15 minutes ago More Commander-in-Chief @HaiderAlAbadi delivers a historic address to the Iraqi people and the world, announces the end of military operations across Iraq and the total defeat of Daesh

Spectra: things are looking very GOOD ....
Dave: howdy all....great news today regarding chp7 sanctions

Dave: sounds like they may have been lifted........

[pm]Doug_W: it sure seems that way Dave

Rocketman: UNSC closed the Oil for Food program. I don't know if that takes them out of Chapter 7 or not. Iraq seems to think so, but then again they thought they were out last time. lmbo Hard to think so with 5 billion Kuwaiti reparations still to be paid.

Wisco: http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=148913

Wisco: I would say they are in in Article 8

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call Replay

Iraq Says Its War Against IS Has Ended, 9 DEC

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq said Saturday that its war on the Islamic State group is over after more than three years of combat operations drove the extremists from all of the territory they once held.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced Iraqi forces were in full control of the country's border with Syria during remarks at a conference in Baghdad, and his spokesman said the development marked the end of the military fight against IS.

Iraqi security forces deploy in Rawah. (Osama Sami/AP)
A senior military commander confirmed that combat operations had been completed.

"All Iraqi lands are liberated from terrorist Daesh gangs and our forces completely control the international Iraqi-Syrian border," Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yar Allah said in a statement released shortly after al-Abadi's remarks. Daesh is an Arabic acronym for IS.

The U.S.-led coalition congratulated Iraq on the "significant victory" Saturday, according to an official statement posted to Twitter. "We stand by the Iraqi people as they set the conditions for a secure and prosperous future," it read.

IS fighters overran nearly a third of Iraqi territory, including Mosul, the country's second largest city, in the summer of 2014.

Over the past three and a half years, Iraqi ground forces closely backed by the U.S.-led coalition have retaken all of that territory.

However, IS fighters remain capable of carrying out insurgent attacks in Iraq, and the group has recovered from past setbacks.

In November, Iraqi forces retook the last town held by IS — Rawah, near the border with Syria. Over the following weeks Iraqi forces continued to clear patches of the country's vast western deserts. ​
​In the most significant victory over the extremists, Iraqi forces retook Mosul earlier this year. Al-Abadi declared the fight concluded in July, but clashes continued in the city for weeks afterward.

Iraq now faces the daunting challenge of reconstruction. The fighting caused massive devastation in many areas, and some 3 million Iraqis are still displaced.


"Army is on Standby" - Urgent Oootah Intel Update - 12.9.17














DELTA's earlier post ... in print :

URGENT Al-Abbadi announced Sunday an official holiday on the occasion of the Great Victory

09/12/2017 19:03

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has announced that he will cancel the official working day in Iraq on the occasion of the Great Victory, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said.   link


Naomi:  Iraq has been ''totally liberated'' from the Islamic State, the Iraqi armed forcesannounced in a statement on Saturday.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced "the end of the war" in Iraq against the IS group and that his forces had

regained full control of the border with Syria.

Complete control

"Our forces are in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian border and I therefore
announce the end of the war against Daesh [IS],"

Mr. Abadi told a conference in Baghdad.

"I announce the good news: the liberation by Iraqi forces of the whole of the Iraqi-Syrian border,"

the Prime Minister told the conference organised by the Iraqi journalists' union.  LINK


Elmerf123456:  If you have not read this. Do! It’s so heart touching. Abadi is a ​great leader

From PM Abadi himself

In the name of God, the merciful

And on that day the believers will be happy.


Your land has been completely liberated, and your cities and the usurper have returned to the bosom of the motherland.

Liberation has become the truth and the hand of the hand.

We have accomplished the difficult task in the difficult circumstances, and we have won the peace and steadfastness of our people and our heroic forces, and with the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, our land has yielded a historic victory for all Iraqis to be proud
​We proclaim to the people of our people and to all the world that the heroes of ạlgẖyạry̱ have reached the last stronghold of ISIS and their escape and and Iraq's flag over western al-Anbar areas, which was the last Iraqi territory raped, and that Iraq's flag is flying high above all Iraqi territory .

For three years, your heroic forces have entered the cities and towns after the other, and the Iraqi fighter has terrorized the enemy and the a of the world.. and this is the Iraqi reality that conquers the challenges and insists on the harshest and most difficult conditions.

Dear Iraqis:

It is your right to be proud of your victories because they make your hands and make your promises, your unity and your precious sacrifices.. Keep your big victory and keep your land and your unity.
They began a new day and a bright future and deployed in Iraq security and safety.

On this historic occasion, I extend to all our dear people and our heroic heroes to congratulate and congratulate you on this great victory that deserves to be celebrated today and every year, it is a victory for all Iraqis.

The Liberation we launched three years ago will remain an Iraqi success story and a shining sign in Iraq's history and the struggle of its people and its blessed jihadist.

On this day, I say to the families of the martyrs and the wounded:
The blood of your sons has not been in vain.. Raise your heads high and your sons raise the heads of Iraqis and raise Iraq's flag high.

History will record the position of high religious reference to allow Mr. Al-Sistani and his historic and in defence of land and holy shrines, the advisory opinion that and young people have responded to in the largest voluntary campaign that has supported our armed forces and transformed. After that, the war against terrorism was a comprehensive national battle that was say and formed by the popular crowd and the volunteers.

Our esteemed people:

The Joy of victory was completed by preserving the unity of Iraq, which was on the brink of partition, and that the unity and the people of Iraq are the most important and greatest achievement. Iraq has emerged victorious and United, and thank God, the Lord of the worlds, and we will go with Children of our people without discrimination and preservation of their national wealth and their development, justice and equality, respect for the freedoms, beliefs, religious diversity, religious and ideological diversity of Mesopotamia, and commitment to the constitution and work on the rule of law All over the country.

We are now in the post-victory phase of ISIS.. this stage feared by the terrorists and the corrupt, our people and our mujahid we we on the land of Iraq to cleanse it of all bad.


Unity is our weapon that we have won, and we must hold on to this unity and strengthen it with all we can,, and Iraq today,, for all Iraqis and their riches, for all in the south, with their tattoos, their evil and,. .. all must take the fruits of victory, safe, stable, prosperous and prosperous.

Our next goal will not stop at the age of the liberated cities, but will include all the cities of Iraq from which the combatants have emerged and have been cited in defence of their homeland..
I call on politicians to assume their responsibilities to maintain security and stability and to prevent the return of terrorism again, and I appeal to them all to refrain from returning to inflammatory and sectarian action, which was a major cause of human tragedies and by empowering the ISIS gang to occupy our cities. To sabotage it and to displace millions of Iraqis, along with the follow of human sacrifices and enormous spending of the country's wealth.

The arms control and the rule of law are the key to nation-building and justice, equality and stability.

The fight against corruption will be a natural extension of human and land liberation processes, and there will remain no place in Iraq, and there is no place for lived, and this is another battle for everyone to participate seriously in its surroundings and a. His work and not only to monitor their results are not the responsibility of an individual or one.
​Your country has taken its natural position and has opened a new page for cooperation with all Arab and neighbouring states and the countries of the world on the basis of respect for national sovereignty, mutual interest and non-interference in internal affairs.

I salute the victors all: our heroine, the police, the police, the organs, the, the air force, the army, the army and all types and formations of our armed forces from the engineering, medical, and the supportive and the citizens. The liberated areas who collaborated with their army, salute to the ministries and institutions of the state that have made support and contributed to the return of life, infrastructure and basic services.. and I salute the positions and sacrifices of journalists, media, artists, intellectuals and every word spoken. Every free vote stood with our people and our forces in the liberation processes.

The dream of ISIS is over and we must remove all its effects and do not allow terrorism to return again. Our people have paid a high price for their security and stability, the blood of the finest youth, men and women, and has suffered millions of families from the hardships of displacement. And the Exodus, and we must close this page forever.

Despite the announcement of the final victory, we must remain vigilant and ready to face any terrorist attempt aimed at our people and our country. Terrorism is a permanent enemy and the battle with him continues. Big Victory.

Thanks to all states and international and humanitarian organizations that have stood with Iraq and its people in this fight.

Salute to every Iraqi fighter carrying the weapon in defence of his land.
Tribute to the martyrs of the martyrs, to the wounded and to their generous families, who have preserved the land and the

Iraq has lived one victorious and motherland for all its children.
And thank god the Lord of the worlds.

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi
Prime Minister
General Commander of the armed forces
December 2017, 2017

Fishkissed:  Elmer, thank you for bringing that speech! I am so very moved and teary-eyed over this speech! Congratulations to PM Abadi and the great country of Iraq. Myself, and many thousands with me, have walked with you daily, sending our thoughts & hopes & encouragements for this day to finally come. Well done Iraq! Bravo and Congratulations!

Wrider22:  Tomorrow sounds like a really great time to RV.

Candi:  I remember from Tony that there is a rule that if they RV in country they can hold it from anybody else for a week...but who knows...I hope they DONT!!!!!

RVAlready:  They are having a big party now. Nobody there to push the button. I hope tomorrow or by Monday.

Yada:  LOL rvalready,,,they put it on a timer so will happen at the correct time,,



Don961:  British foreign minister arrives in Tehran
TEHRAN (AFP) - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Tehran on Saturday for a two-day visit.

Johnson is visiting Tehran at the head of a political and economic delegation to hold talks with senior Iranian officials. 

During the visit, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, as well as his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Jawad Sharif, will meet with President Hassan Rowhani, Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkani and the Chairman of the Shura Council, Ali Larijani.  link

Samson: Iran : $5.6b of Foreign Funds Finalized in 100 Days

 9th December, 2017

Iran has signed deals with China, South Korea, Austria and Denmark to receive finance for its projects

Foreign finance agreements signed in the first 100 days of President Hassan Rouhani’s second term amounted to $5.6 billion.

This was announced by Mohammad Khazaei, the director of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran–the main entity in charge of negotiating foreign finance deals.

Rouhani was reelected president in May.

“Of these projects, 57 have received the official green light to employ funds worth more than $5.6 billion,” he said.

“In the past three years, credit line deals have amounted to about $27 billion, but the volume of the memoranda of understanding signed is much more and goes beyond $50 billion,” Khazaei added in an interview published by the news portal of the Economy Ministry to mark his 100-day performance report.

The official noted, however, that the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017-22) has envisioned $60 billion in foreign finance and foreign investment, so there is still room for more.

Iran has so far signed deals with China, South Korea, Austria and Denmark to receive foreign finance for its projects while negotiations with Japan and Italy are continuing.

The administration has had to respond to a number of criticisms, namely to claims that the Economy Ministry has paid little attention to the possibility of sanctions snapback.

“Our negotiations with countries such as Italy, China and South Korea with the aim of signing contracts took about three years so that issues such as this would be taken into account,” Khazaei said.

“Negotiations on interest rates, insurance fees and similar matters are not the main issues taking up the bulk of time and are resolved in a matter of few meetings. The main topics of discussion include the possibility of sanctions snapback,” he added.

  Sticking Issues

The OIETA chief noted that in addition to the likelihood of sanctions snapback, global concerns such as anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism  are also of utmost importance in such deals, causing them to drag for months on end.

“At present, we are negotiating with Italy and I hope negotiations will be finalized in the next few weeks,” he said, adding that the members of Italian negotiating team have changed several times in the past few years.

Khazaei further said Iran must show to the world through these deals that its banking system is credible and able to clinch deals with international counterparts because even if a portion of the potential funds remain unused, it would improve the country’s credit risk rating.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2016 upgraded Iran’s rating in the country risk classifications of the Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. The international body improved Iran’s ranking one notch, moving it from 7 to 6.

The official noted that Iran has made headways in returning to the global economic scene, even as its relations with major international banks have yet to completely normalize.

Khazaei points to Iran’s status in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member, which includes strong voting rights.

It is no insignificant thing for Iran to count itself among the major founding members of a bank that is to become a competitor for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” he said.

Samson:  Iran : MRC - No Currency Shock Till March

 9th December, 2017

The research arm of the Iranian Parliament has published a report on the status of the country’s foreign exchange market in the coming months, predicting a mostly stable environment by the end of current fiscal year (March 20, 2018).

Majlis Research Center confirms that the current rates of foreign currencies in Iran’s market are not so different from their real rates when accounting for trade volume, capital flow and difference between domestic and foreign inflation, among other things.

"[Based on such facts] MRC does not see the possibility of shocks occurring in the rates of foreign currencies until the end of the current fiscal year," the think tank specifies in a report that analyzes the government's 2018-19 budget, IBENA reported.

The report, however, bases its forecast on the continuity of the current calm in the country's economic and political atmosphere.

According to the report, despite all the expert views and legal mandates to reform the process of incorporating the oil revenues into the country’s budget and the need to separate forex policies from financial policies, oil revenues and foreign exchange rates in the country are still affected by global oil prices.

This, the think tank concludes, has to do with the fact that the country's oil windfall is calculated in US dollar terms.

As a result of this dependency, whenever the volume of production or the global price of oil drops, the government’s oil incomes also decline, which forces the government to increase the rate of foreign currencies in domestic markets to make up for its expenses.

The report goes on to talk about the long awaited promise of unifying dual foreign exchange rates that has been delayed several times.

CBI’s promise of unifying the rates by the end of the previous fiscal year (March 20, 2017) has remained unfulfilled, prompting CBI Governor Valiollah Seif to promise that the goal will be realized soon in the new administration that took office in the summer.

MRC notes that imports, which still benefit from official foreign exchange rates, account for less than 8% of all the imports.

This is while the gap between the official rate of the US dollar and its value in free market has been reduced to around 17% from 37% some four years ago.

Thus, the research body suggests that CBI might even be able to entirely eliminate the allocation of foreign currencies at subsidized rates and unify the dual foreign exchange rates if the bank has enough forex resources to control possible fluctuations that will result after the rate unification.

Iran currently uses two official and unofficial currency rates. The central bank and several administrations have discussed the issue of unifying these rates, as they give rise to rent seeking and corruption, but the plan is yet to be implemented.