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Sodakine:  Did anyone else just get the latest Treasury notification on Basel III being officially completed? This is huge!....

Basel III was required before the new monetary system could go international. The US was not ready till today, according to the Treasury Sec….

We were not clear on this but we were told long ago it was required for the GCR.

This Basel III is the tool that was needed to catch the illegal transactions quicker.

I thought it was completed before this notice came out. Now I see it wasn't 100% until today.

VB:  in the heading it states "the completion of BASEL 111 REQUIREMENTS "
Dejavu: "The consensus agreed to by the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS) completes nearly seven years of work on the Basel III bank capital standards. The reforms standardize the approach, improve the quality and consistency of bank capital requirements, and will help level the playing field for U.S. firms and businesses operating internationally."   https://www.treasury.gov/

RVThereYet: here is the page: https://www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/sm0232.aspx

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Statement on Basel III


Washington – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the completion of Basel III Capital Standards:

 "The consensus agreed to by the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS) completes nearly seven years of work on the Basel III bank capital standards. The reforms standardize the approach, improve the quality and consistency of bank capital requirements, and will help level the playing field for U.S. firms and businesses operating internationally."


Dejavu: Completion of Basel III.....does that mean we are off to the bank sooner than later?



Global regulators strike deal on new post-crisis banking rules

Regulators from around the world have reached a compromise on new banking measures, ending a battle that began at the height of the financial crisis and was fiercely contested by banks on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision announced on Thursday that global rulemakers had tied off the final round of new regulations for banks, reaching a "major milestone" that would "improve confidence in the banking systems."

"The package of reforms… now completes the global reform of the regulatory framework, which began following the onset of the financial crisis," said the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, in a reference to the beginning of the negotiations in 2010.

The committee, which is named after its headquarters at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, agreed on a series of compromises on how regulatory bodies across the world must treat risks resulting from banks' lending business, from financial market activities and from "operational risks" ranging from human error to acts of God.

Most importantly in this context, the reform package — dubbed Basel III — will impose limits on how much the models of systemically important banks for calculating risks in their portfolios may diverge from regulators' more conservative calculations.

This so-called output floor was set at 72.5 percent, meaning banks' internal models can give a risk weighting of an asset no less than 72.5 percent of the calculation generated by regulators' standardized models.

Long transition period

The meeting of regulators and central bankers from major advanced economies — including the US, the EU as well as China, India and Brazil — also agreed to push back deadlines for implementing the reform, giving national lawmakers time to draft domestic legislation.

Banks will now have until 2027 to follow the new rules, which take effect in 2022 and have a five-year implementation period.

The deal also puts an end to wrangling between US banks and European lenders over calculating the amount of capital banks must keep in reserve to weather financial shocks.

European stonewalling

Until last month France and Germany had opposed a draft agreement, because they feared it would disproportionately hit their banks. Banking officials from both countries complained that they would have to raise additional capital in order to meet the Basel IV requirements.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) had estimated that the reforms would mean an average increase in minimum capital of 12.9 percent for EU banks, with the bloc's 12 largest lenders even seeing a spike by 15.2 percent. This is because they keep more mortgages on their books than their US-based rivals, and have benefitted far more from the use of less stringent risk calculation models.
The EBA also calculated that in aggregate, EU banks would have a capital shortfall of €40 billion ($47.1 billion) as a result of the reforms.

But the agreement on a longer transition period has eventually allayed European banks' fears of having to raise capital quickly, thus ending the long-running transatlantic spat that threatened to derail the whole reform package.



Decade in the making: post-crisis banking rules finally signed

December 7, 2017

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Financial regulators reached a long-sought deal on Thursday to harmonize global banking rules, capping a decade of effort to make banks more resilient even if they fell short of their own initial hopes.

Facing fierce opposition from the banking industry and calls from the U.S. administration to backtrack on some measures, policymakers struck a compromise agreement on rules forcing banks to hold more capital and cash to avoid a repeat of the 2008 financial crash.

Conceived in the aftermath of the global financial crisis when taxpayers had to rescue some of the world’s biggest lenders, the rules, known as Basel III, aim to shield governments by having private investors suffer losses first.

“The focus of the reforms was to reduce regulatory uncertainty,” European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, the chairman of Basel’s oversight body, said.

“Now it’s time is for implementation and not further design,” Draghi told a news conference.

The final step in the deal will be for legislators around the globe to ratify the agreement, another potentially time consuming exercise, especially after some U.S. lawmakers have argued for relaxing financial regulation.

Thursday’s compromise focused on when banks would have to increase capital on their trading books and on the way large lenders self-assess the risks they take - two issues that divided countries on either side of the Atlantic.

U.S. banks have resisted the trading book proposal and as a compromise, regulators agree that the new rules would take effect in 2022, later than previous expectations for 2019, in part after the U.S. Treasury asked for a delay.

With regards to risk assessment, European banks complained that the compromise proposal would put them at a disadvantage to their U.S. rivals by requiring bigger capital buffers against mortgages.

The Americans argued that they have done more to repair their balance sheets after the crisis so they are not weighed down by poor legacy assets like the Europeans.

French banks in particular resisted and Paris finally relented only when a long phase-in period was proposed, putting the rules into full force only by the start of 2027.

In addition, local supervisors will have the power to mitigate the impact of these new measures during the phase-in period.

The European Banking Authority said that the total capital shortfall created by these reforms would amount to 39.7 billion euros ($46.82 billion) for the biggest banks in the region.

Governors and Heads of Supervision finalise Basel III reforms

7 December 2017    Press release

The Basel Committee's oversight body, the Group of Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS), has endorsed the outstanding Basel III post-crisis regulatory reforms.

"Today's endorsement of the Basel III reforms represents a major milestone that will make the capital framework more robust and improve confidence in banking systems," said Mario Draghi, Chairman of the GHOS and President of the ECB. Mr Draghi added:

"The package of reforms endorsed by the GHOS now completes the global reform of the regulatory framework, which began following the onset of the financial crisis."

Stefan Ingves, Chairman of the Basel Committee and Governor of Sveriges Riksbank, said: "These reforms will help reduce excessive variability in risk-weighted assets and will improve the comparability and transparency of banks' risk-based capital ratios.

Now that the Basel III regulatory reform agenda is complete, we must focus on the important task of ensuring the standards are implemented consistently around the world. The Committee, through its Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme, will therefore continue to monitor closely the implementation of the Basel III standards."

The reforms endorsed by the GHOS include the following elements:

a revised standardised approach for credit risk, which will improve the robustness and risk sensitivity of the existing approach;

revisions to the internal ratings-based approach for credit risk, where the use of the most advanced internally modelled approaches for low-default portfolios will be limited;

revisions to the credit valuation adjustment (CVA) framework, including the removal of the internally modelled approach and the introduction of a revised standardised approach;

a revised standardised approach for operational risk, which will replace the existing standardised approaches and the advanced measurement approaches;

revisions to the measurement of the leverage ratio and a leverage ratio buffer for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), which will take the form of a Tier 1 capital buffer set at 50% of a G-SIB's risk-weighted capital buffer; and

an aggregate output floor, which will ensure that banks' risk-weighted assets (RWAs) generated by internal models are no lower than 72.5% of RWAs as calculated by the Basel III framework's standardised approaches. Banks will also be required to disclose their RWAs based on these standardised approaches.

A short description of the agreed reforms is set out in an accompanying summary document. The final standards text detailing the reforms and the Committee's assessment of their quantitative impact are also being published today. The revised standards will take effect from 1 January 2022 and will be phased in over five years. The Committee has established a programme to evaluate its post-crisis reforms and will actively participate in the Financial Stability Board's efforts to evaluate the effects of reforms.

GHOS members acknowledged ongoing challenges related to implementing certain bank capital reforms, in particular the most complex standards. The GHOS has therefore endorsed the Committee's proposal to extend the implementation date of the revised minimum capital requirements for market risk, which were originally set to be implemented in 2019, to 1 January 2022 (which will constitute both the implementation and regulatory reporting date for the revised framework).

Deferring implementation of the revised market risk framework will align its start date with those of the Basel III revisions for credit risk and operational risk that were announced today. It will allow banks additional time to develop the systems infrastructure needed to apply the framework and for the Committee to address certain specific issues related to the market risk framework. This includes a review of the calibrations of the standardised and internal model approaches to ensure consistency with the Committee's original expectations.

GHOS members also reaffirmed their expectation of full, timely and consistent implementation of all elements of this package, including the minimum capital requirements for market risk.

The standards agreed by GHOS constitute minimum standards. As such, jurisdictions may elect to adopt more conservative standards. Moreover, jurisdictions will be considered compliant with the Basel framework if they do not implement any of the internally modelled approaches and instead implement the standardised approaches.


How to join the WTO: the accession process, 7 DEC

Any state or customs territory having full autonomy in the conduct of its trade policies may join (“accede to”) the WTO, but WTO members must agree on the terms. Broadly speaking the application goes through four stages:

 First, “tell us about yourself”. The government applying for membership has to describe all aspects of its trade and economic policies that have a bearing on WTO agreements. This is submitted to the WTO in a memorandum which is examined by the working party dealing with the country’s application. These working parties are open to all WTO members.

 Second, “work out with us individually what you have to offer”. When the working party has made sufficient progress on principles and policies, parallel bilateral talks begin between the prospective new member and individual countries. They are bilateral because different countries have different trading interests. These talks cover tariff rates and specific market access commitments, and other policies in goods and services. 

The new member’s commitments are to apply equally to all WTO members under normal non-discrimination rules, even though they are negotiated bilaterally. In other words, the talks determine the benefits (in the form of export opportunities and guarantees) other WTO members can expect when the new member joins. (The talks can be highly complicated. It has been said that in some cases the negotiations are almost as large as an entire round of multilateral trade negotiations.)

 Third, “let’s draft membership terms”. Once the working party has completed its examination of the applicant’s trade regime, and the parallel bilateral market access negotiations are complete, the working party finalizes the terms of accession. These appear in a report, a draft membership treaty (“protocol of accession”) and lists (“schedules”) of the member-to-be’s commitments.

 Finally, “the decision”. The final package, consisting of the report, protocol and lists of commitments, is presented to the WTO General Council or the Ministerial Conference. If a two-thirds majority of WTO members vote in favour, the applicant is free to sign the protocol and to accede to the organization. In many cases, the country’s own parliament or legislature has to ratify the agreement before membership is complete.


So one day, all of sudden these ding-a-lings decided to start a call. They thought it would be a good idea since they can connect this RV from Iraq, then connect it to this phony GCR (global currency reset) rumor and then go steps further even to now to this phony restored republic stuff, resurrected from the 80’s nonsense. Nice way to piggyback off the Iraqi Pre- RV, use an attentive audience and make some money $$$$$$. Get the clickity clicks…from your dumbed-down audience.

Folks – Of course I am not poking fun at you as a serious investor or someone who just owns some of the Iraqi dinar currency, then wants to know what is happening in this RV saga. I know we are all inquisitive and want to know. We have all been waiting so long for this RV. Instead I am bashing and poking fun at these stupendously, stupid people who think they can come into our minds and convince us of such garbage is real from their forums, intel calls and Youtube presentations. They are making a ton of money off of us. So today let us open our minds, take a step back and really look at who these people are and what they are doing to us.

I even heard them say this “restored republic” is now about “saving the world”. Really? Saving the world? I know that any holdup in the RV of the Iraqi dinar, or of any country for that matter, is a direct result of the happenings, both political and economic in that country and the hard work of hundreds of honest leaders and not some world-wide group of conspiracy busters individuals that are going to “save” the world.

I thought this “restoring of the new republic” notion was all about restoring America? How does it all of a sudden then turn into becoming restoring the world? Restoring the world to the new republic?

I thought this idea of restoring the new republic was the United States government to be restored under the original constitution since these corrupt politicians seem to want to resort their own rules of governing?

So how does it become restoring the entire world and saving civilization?

Oh – but they have the “White Nights” and the Galactic forces (good grey aliens and ETS) on their side…lol…lol….

Folks they are simply taking information from creditable researchers and journalists, such as Lynda Moulton Howe on the ETs and UFOs, and using their information and making it their own to justify once again their rhetoric with some TRUTH to it. Again a grain of truth made into a mountain of intel.

Let’s go one step further. The how does this restoring the new republic suddenly now come into the effort of the GCR?

I will tell you how. This notion is solely from the pea brains of these idiots who try to take responsibility for everything from everyday news we see going on around us. Whenever there is an important event related to TRUTH and PROGRESS they get right on top of it and say it is from their team working on it. Really?

So please tell us all what this team is? Who is on it? They never tell us and skate around any answer when asked.

I know there are gullible people out there who actually believe this crap and I hope this newsletter today helps you understand how these charlatans are working with their forums and conference calls to convince you and scam you.

"There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century. Although there was never proof that he really said it we can see that through his circus exhibits you would have to be a sucker to believe the phony and fake stuff he displayed. I personally have seen some of his exhibits growing up and out of fascination. I can attest that my entrance fee could have been better spent on better things.

So, I felt I needed to dedicate an entire newsletter to this nonsense since the damage is wide spread and this nonsense needs to be exposed. Many innocent people are actually falling for this bullshit and anticipating the RV any day / any day now. But but deception is more than this.

My recommendation is this – if you have any self-decency and self-esteem you would simply ignore these people and maybe they will simply dry up and blow away. Their calls are meaningless and bring nothing to the table for HONEST, TRUTHFUL or FACTUAL information that will help you in any way though this RV saga.

In one of my recent newsletters I covered this guy Tank and Jared Rand and his rambling bullshit story of lies. Again all of this stuff is covered with half truths as they take out some truth from events that already happened, then take responsibility for making them happen and then try to convince you that someone or some group is working in the background to make your country better and solve all the corruption problems and make this a better world. We are all going to hold hands and sing kumbaya afterwards … lol… lol….

Meanwhile you, the citizen, sit back and do nothing believing someone is working on these issues on your behalf. Simply NOT TRUE.

YOU are the only one that is going to make a difference. There is no “secret” group working behind the scenes to clean up this mess the USA government has made.

So what can you do as an individual person? You are only one person out of 365+ million.

So first you have to understand what is the real underlying reason for these calls by Tank and Jared Rand?

Are they to pacify you into doing nothing and not getting involved in your government? Does he once say on any of his presentations for YOU TO GET INVOLVED and for YOU to make a difference?

Does he ever explain how you can help? After all it is YOUR country you want to take back…right?

So how many times must this guy Jared Rand tell us that the launching of his initiatives are in a 24 hour window. Just all their bullshit NOTHING ever happens. Just a bunch of rhetoric and babbling talk. Oh – but it’s held up again…..lol..lol… he tells you. He tells you the dragons changed their mind. There are more documents to sign and items to put in place….they are going to trigger the RV next week not this week….lol…lol…

So today I bring you their December 4th news taken directly from their conference call and I want everyone to see just how REDICULOUS, painstakingly STUPID and MEANINGLESS their news is. It is actually no news from them at all. In fact all they are doing is taking some else’s news and spreading it around. Yes- more spreading of rumors. Does anyone even know the TRUTH anymore?

So why does anyone choose to listen to this crap anyhow?

So here are notes presented from their call on Dec 4th. I have included my comments below in brackets following their statements (Mnt Goat - ).

A. Dec. 4 2017 8:13 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "We're Almost there" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.4.17

(Mnt Goat – so on every call we are “almost there” do you see how they prolong their lies over and over again… always give a another phoy reason why it is held up)

1. The 800# is once again out. Somewhere we're hearing that someone has it and it will be released shortly. No one I know has it.

(Mnt Goat – See my Dec 4th newsletter and I included news about these so called 800#s and their validity. I already debunked them. So we now know this is all a blatant, down right, LIE! )

2. Tomorrow Dec. 5 President Trump is supposed to announce the end of Admiralty Law and the Transition over to Martial Law. He actually signed the executive order for said action a month ago.

(Mnt Goat - Really! Nothing on the news media for something supposedly as important as this news? How many times must we hear this nonsense? Again they are taking a bit of history and twisting it to serve their purpose. There is no substance to this statement. But to those not knowing any better it sounds important. This is what they want to do – sound important…lol…lol…)

3. We don't have to wait for any announcement, it's all happening NOW.

(Mnt Goat - Oh really? – I am supposed to get all excited because some idiot is telling me it’s all happening now. What is happening now? The fact that president Trump is trying to clean up corruption, pass a fair tax bills and reform Obama care healthcare? Is this what you are talking about? Oh – No of course it’s not reality, instead its some imaginary new republic to be restored. But under who’s guidelines? )

4. HSBC again is setting appointments reportedly in New York and in London to conduct ZIM exchanges-that's accurate as of today Dec. 4.

(Mnt Goat – So again please refer to my Special Edition of Mnt Goat newsletter on this phony ZIM exchange. HSBC is setting appointments …. really? Funny I just called my HSBC director and they are ABSOLUTELY not handling any of the older ZIM notes, not now or EVER. No selling or buying. They told me if I had any to just throw them away. Go figure?)

5. All Zim groups were setting Table Top Meeings and promising to pay out.

(Mnt Goat – beats me how someone could outright lie like this to all you fine people? )

6. Global Liquidity has been released to pay down line to us.

(Mnt Goat - again just more rhetoric and bullshit talk using words that sound important but in reality this statement is totally meaningless. Get it! )

7. We're hearing that the 800#s will be out tonight Dec. 4 to set appointments for tomorrow Dec. 5.

(Mnt Goat – okay so today is Dec 6th are you at the bank yet? No- of course not and you will not be at the bank EVER for exchanging the ZIM. Get it? )

8. The 9:00 pm EST tonight Dec. 4 RTC Call should have an update.

B. Dec. 4 2017 8:36 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 4, 2017

1. The Quantum Computer Simulations have now ensured the occurrence of GESARA and the GCR/RV in this current timeline.

(Mnt Goat – WOW! this one really gets me and made my hubby laugh too.. We were rolling on the floor laughing over this one – Quantum Computer Simulations,,,,,,oh – sounds so important and technical….just a bunch of more bullshit statements made to sound important and nothing more. Totally meaningless! )

2. The Quantum Computer is actively calculating all possible false flag attacks for the White Hats to intercept. No false flag attacks have slipped through as of recently.

(Mnt Goat – More of the same …bullshit! )

3. White Hats continue to clean up remaining Cabal malice in the U.S. and Middle East.

(Mnt Goat -Really? Where are the specifics? No specifics and FACTS because there are none. All this group does is to keep throwing out these meaningless statements. )

4. The mass indictment process is set to begin this week.

5. There is a remaining D.U.M.B. in Langley which will be taken care of shortly.

(Mnt Goat - I wish someone would take care of their remaining D.U.N.G. … lol … lol … )

6. The RV is ready to be released at a moments notice once given the order by the Elders.

(Mnt Goat – Given the orders from the Elders? Oh – so all the efforts that the prime minster Abadi, Finance Ministry, Parliament, the CBI and the IMF don’t matter on the building of their economy and the timing of the RV? I guess the stand-by agreements with the IMF are meaningless too? All the articles and news we read don’t matter? We just need some “elders” to pull the trigger? Really? Can I meet these “elders”. NO – of course not because they only exist in their little, tiny brainless minds. Not real, get it? Oh- maybe this is the “dragon family” again from China….lol…lol…Oh – or maybe madam WOOOOOO? Wo who? Cho Cho? See just how ridiculous this all is?)

7. The 800#'s remain pending for distribution.

(Mnt Goat – So here we go again repeating over and over again about the 800#s like saying this over and over makes it real. Of course many will read this list and get brainwashed over this nonsense. It is a technique used. It is intentional. So this alone tells me they are full of shit.)

8. Iraqi Victory Day begins on the 7th and ends on the 11th.

(Mnt Goat – Oh finally they mix a hint of real TRUTH in with all the bullshit. AS if this makes all the other crap real?)

9. Pearl Harbor Day is also on the 7th.

(Mnt Goat – So what? Oh - so now they want to connect the event in pearl harbor to the mass celebrations for the liberation of Iraq from ISIS? They are hinting this is all a conspiracy too, as the US knew about Pearl Harbor and let it happen to get the war going to fight the Japaneese and Nazis. Really? Note how they never explain it in any details and just throw out these statements, then let you decide. This is not journalism. This is pure propaganda for the ignorant masses.)

C. Dec. 4 2017 4:22 pm EST TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 12-4-17

(Mnt Goat – yes go ahead and copy some else’s notes since you don’t have enough of your own bullshit to tell. Ok so now they have to use TNT to back up their bullshit. Like TNT is actually an authority on the RV process. Did it ever occur to you they use TNT to spread their rumors? One charlatan feeds off the other, like flies on a pile of shit. I don’t need to go into the TNT intel as you all should know just how I feel about this guy Tony and Rayren and all the idiot members over there on their site who keep donating for all their 3 X a week bullshit. I am glad they threw all us FREE THINKERS off their site. Yes- Ray you have to come up with something to tell the listeners, the Friday call is coming soon …lol…lol….make it nice and juicy too so they will all feel a necessity to donate. “You tell the lies and they will decide”. Keep the bullshit alive!

These guys are like leaches. They feed off of each other.)

1. Iraq's Victory Week has been announced as Dec. 7 to 11, with special announcements on the 9th about the liberation of the country and defeat of Da’esh (ISIS).

2. Banking folks were saying to look for something to happen, possibly this week.

3. The banks are saying that the salaries would be paid this week (in Iraq) with the amounts changed from 30 million dinar to five million dinar ($6 Dinar rate?).

(Mnt Goat – Again more bullshit, When asked about this on his call he could not reference FACTS because this was in fact a statement totally taken out of context from an article and molded for their intel.

4. The Dong rate on Bank screens has been 47 cents to 50 cents.

(Mnt Goat – This is the only thread of truth. Note there will not be anything over this rate as Vietnam’s economy can not run on anything higher.)


Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the notes. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations.

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

Dec. 6th Program Update


tman23: read the Department of Defense report.......Iraqi forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated about 97 percent of the people and land that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria once claimed as the new caliphate.......STILL IMO BIG CONCERN IS THE MILITIA'S.... AN RV WITH VALUE TO 3 ZERO NOTES WILL HAVE THEM LOOTING AND KILLING UNDER NO CONTROL.........


blackgold: hopefully they won't have three zero notes but lower denoms or electronic currency with buying power

Dave: I hear33 trillion
Dave: but what is an additional 10 trillion

blackgold: Worth nothing-- but if they are given incentive to turn them in at an increase for cards with more value they may turn them in or they may use them side by side in country

Tebow: Kap doesn't know how many dinars Iraq has in circulation.

tman23: I read some papers a while back the number was like 18 and they needed to get it to 11 but new LD would be another 9 taking it to 20 .......... I just recall those numbers and would be guessing to trillions or billions

Tebow: they will not turn in 25K notes for LDS unless they have value. The wheelbarrows sellers will be kings.

tman23: remember this......who is the fastest man in the NFL.........Joey Galloway........Just ask him...... LOL !!! Who knows everything about Iraqi Dinar and economics......Kaperoni...........Just ask him.......

Zig: @tman23 : You have an unhealthy obsession with "Economist Kaperoni"......LOL....I will say this: You do make me laugh..... :na;

sandyf: @Zig: Part of a PM I received from Kaperoni answering me: "Dinar is dinar. it always will be dinar at the value it is printed. Whatever you exchange it at is known as the exchange rate. - The statement is a distortion of reality. Only current national currencies can have an international exchange rate.

sandyf: Not that long ago the UK changed the £20 note, during the transition the old £20 note had no value outside the UK. When it comes to currencies the operative words are 'current' and 'international'. There will always be an exchange process for transitional banknotes in the home country.

chattels: Iraq is launching an attack on Trump's recognition of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=41

chattels: Maliki: recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity declaration of war http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=41

chattels: Infallible: Trump's decision on Jerusalem is a severe blow to peace and its consequences are dire http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=41

chattels: Surprised to read of Masum's criticism.

Dave: What benefit is there in moving a building other than to provoke

chattels: Masum was not so outspoken about Kurdish rights as he is Palestinian claims.
sandyf: People should try and understand currency coding and banknote series, things would be so much clearer. The majority have 25,000 dinar IQD banknotes, they will always be 25K IQD either 2003 series or 2013 series. They can only ever be equal to 25 dinar of a different currency, for example IQN.

This would be a redenomination where both currencies would coexist and dual pricing would be used in the shops. Normally following a redenomination the old currency can only be redeemed within the country's borders.

sandyf: Kap has a short memory, back around 2009 I think, the CBI was considering the 'Turkey' model. How did Turkey get rid of the excess zeros?

Dave: lop

chattels: @sandyf I understand that Turkey redenominated. I have read " lop ", but you say that there is no such thing.

meatball: @sandyf evening.... can surmise the deletion of zeros process and explain the process please

sandyf: People should realise that there is many ways that this may not pan out in the way they expect and should be prepared for any outcome. Just live in hope.

Dave: Iraq is not Turkey

chattels: Redenomination is the process of changing the face value of banknotes or coins used in circulating currency. It may be done because inflation has made the currency unit so small that only large denominations of the currency are circulated.

In such cases the name of the currency may change or the original name may be used with a temporary qualifier such as "new". Redenomination may be done for other reasons such as adopting a new currency as with the Euro or decimalisation.

chattels: In the case of hyperinflation, the ratio can go as high as millions or billions, to a point where scientific notation is used for clarity or long and short scales are mentioned to disambiguate which kind of billion or trillion is meant. In the case of chronic inflation which is expected to continue, the authorities have a choice between a large redenomination ratio and a small redenomination ratio.

If a small ratio is used, another redenomination may soon be required, which will entail costs in the financial, accounting, and computing industries. However a large ratio may result in inconveniently large or small prices at some point in the cycle.

After a redenomination, the new unit often has the same name as the old unit, with the addition of the word new. The word new may or may not be dropped a few years after the change. Sometimes the new unit is a completely new name, or a "recycled" name from previous redenomination or from ancient times.

chattels: But Iraq does not have the hyperinflation which afflicted the Turkish Lira.

Tebow: bravo

Dave: @chattels Bingo///
sandyf: @Tebow Depends what you mean by circulation. Last figure I saw for within Iraq was around 10 trillion IQD, the rest being in banks and outside the country.

The only thing we know for sure is that when the currency was introduced there was 6 trillion being used in Iraq. If the population had doubled since then, then the figure could be around 12 trillion. Under the oil for credit theory the CBI would only be liable for the notes in Iraq.

Dullenih: ;$$$

Dave: population doubled?

chattels: Iraq's population was estimated to be a little less than 30 million in 2003. Current estimates say about 38 million.

sandyf: @chattels Redenomination is not to do with inflation it is required to deal with a small currency unit, normally a small currency unit is brought about by inflation. Years ago I did business with Italy and the rate was around 2000 lira to the pound, Italy would have had to redenominate if the Euro had not been in the pipeline.

The UK had a partial redenomination of its currency, nothing to do with inflation, that was decimalisation. Redenomination and inflation do not go hand in hand.

chattels: Fitch Ratings maintained its Iraq rating at "B-" with a stable outlook. The agency also confirmed its long-term foreign currency debt default rating at "B-" with a stable outlook. Fitch predicted Iraq's oil production and exports would stabilize at high levels in 2018 and assume that the government would allocate similar amounts in the budget to pay the money owed to international oil companies.

 She said Iraq's implementation of a three-year loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund was different and slower than planned.


Tebow: @sandy. Just pointing out Kap's numbers don't add up to support his claims

sandyf: @chattels Thanks, couldn't remember, been a long time since I looked. On a straight line basis that would put currency in Iraq at around 8 trillion, so the 10 figure may not have been far away, can only ever be an estimate.

chattels: If inflation is the reason for redenomination, this ratio is much larger than 1, usually a positive integral power of 10 like 100, 1000 or 1 million, and the procedure can be referred to as "cutting zeroes".

chattels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redenomination

chattels: " Dropping " sounds alot like " cutting ", eh ?

sandyf: @Tebow It was a valid point, you have to put the figures into perspective.

meatball: @sandyf any thoughts on the deletion of zeros process?

sandyf: @chattels There have been many redenominations over the years, the UK was probably the lowest at 2.4, prior to that the US penny and UK penny were at par, just a piece of useless info. Zambia was one of the more recent and they published a set of technical guidelines which are available online, well worth a read.

chattels: @sandyf Is Iraq's situation really like any other we have seen in modern history ?
chattels: @sandyf Some have compared it to the German Mark post WWII ?

sandyf: @meatball Not really, there is not any scenario that has a great deal of validity other than a redenomination and small revaluation combined. The concept of a large revaluation is full of problems. What happens to money in the banks? It cannot be revalued because it is an asset and if people were discriminated for having money in the bank as opposed to cash in hand, its a riot just waiting to happen.

sandyf: @chattels They don't know what they are talking about, I have posted that before and I am not going to explain it again. There is always a lack of detail in these comments, which German mark? east or west. Some speculators made a profit because of circumstances but it was illegal.

meatball: @sandyf two theories as you can see from today.... zeros removed from the current rate or zeros removed from the note itself..... which is correct in your opinion?

chattels: @sandyf Is Iraq's situation unique in your view ?

blackgold: Iraq's situation is unique in the fact that they were invaded for oil and artificially demonitized by world powers in cahoots with each other while other revals were not

blackgold: in other counyties
blackgold: she never answered, i got tired of waiting

TWW: @blackgold who didnt answer u?? good evening

blackgold: the great sandyf that everybody in here bows to,

meatball: @blackgold I bow to no one.... esp a screen name or some made character from a book

TWW: @blackgold kinda sounds, sumtimes u feel like a nut, sometimes u dont

chattels: @blackgold Is there some reason that feel compelled to speak in such a harsh and irritating manner to others ?

blackgold: @TWW lol

blackgold: @chattels i know its not very christian of me to render evil for evil

TWW: @blackgold is all the chat tonight like it waz last night??

blackgold: @chattels But its so much more fun this waaaay

blackgold: @TWW pretty much, i just got back here a few minutes ago and came into meatball's last statement with no reply, so i just filled in, appearently not to everyone's liking

meatball: @blackgold was not my statement

blackgold: @TWW boy a fellow just can't have any fun anymore

TWW: @blackgold i kno

blackgold: @meatball meatball: @sandyf two theories as you can see from today.... zeros removed from the current rate or zeros removed from the note itself..... which is correct in your opinion?

blackgold: @meatball and chattel's too
blackgold: last two statements with no answer

meatball: not like I was sitting here hitting refresh waiting for an answer

TWW: @blackgold well, one is 25,000 - 3 zeros in 25.00 & the other, 00084 is .844

blackgold: wonder why sandyf didn't answer 
​Dullenih: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.....this is the good time for iqd to raise their value secretly...lol

blackgold: @TWW i understand the difference in the values in relationship to each other but i'm mathematically ignorant

Dullenih: and quietly

TWW: @Dullenih explain...

Dullenih: i think iqd need a distractions
Dullenih: but only guessing..lol

TWW: @blackgold i love numbers
TWW: @Dullenih i c

blackgold: @TWW wish i could hold them in my head but i have a slight case of dyslexia

TWW: @blackgold my goodness

blackgold: maybe it is a good thing

blackgold: guess so   : not sure   still wonder what happened to sangyf
blackgold: well its getting late. going to bed
blackgold: everyone have a bless night

TWW: @blackgold be goo & smile

blackgold: ok lol
blackgold: you too

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 7 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 7 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 6 2017 7:29 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Charged" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17

1. Security across the globe has been put on high alert as result of Trump announce moving capital to Jerusalem (public knowledge).

2. Military across the world was ready and had reason to be active to cover our exchange (opinion).

3. The A-Team was liquid today-as we speak (confirmed).

4. ZIM groups were exchanging (confirmed).

5. Notification was set to come to us tonight at an undisclosed time (cannot be confirmed but I believe it).

6. Exchanges at HSBC NY and London seemed to be waiting on the full release which was supposed to have already taken place and at this hour may have (details pending).


B. Dec. 6 2017 7:49 pm EST Intel, Tank: "Mad Elders" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Tank - 12.6.17

This was my favorite piece of intel today: "The Elders are in Reno and they're pissed the 800#s have not been released yet."


C. Dec. 6 2017 3:45 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "Full Release Today" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17

1. Today Dec. 6's public announcement by President Trump (about recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capitol) was the trigger for a series of events that will bring us to the resolution if this process.

2. Activation orders for call centers, notifications, and exchange processes have gone out and are being initiated on a schedule that will coincide with the appropriate public events.

3. Netanyahu announced he will work with President Trump towards World Peace. He has a series of charges levied against him that will ensure he won't be the leader of Israel anymore.

4. Group ZIM exchanges have had some success in liquidity with no SKRs.

5. That should mean that the USN is live and Prosperity Packages should go out.

6. Our instructions and full release will be delivered today Dec. 6.

7. The next update will be at 7:00 pm EST Dec. 6.


D. Dec. 6 2017 3:58 pm EST RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 6, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Republic authorities are preparing to begin the mass indictment process in Washington D.C. first, then the rest of the country. Trump continues to send out cryptic tweets and hints about this. Multi-Agency Law Enforcement Activity Reported in D.C.

2. Trump will be proudly announcing the USN before Christmas and the swamp officially drained. (Note: The USN has been digitally backing the USD for months now).

3. The RV release may possibly begin before the indictments, or during it, for a flashbang style event.

4. All is being prepared today for possible release tomorrow Dec. 7.


E. Dec. 6 2017 1:24 pm EST Abadi Announcement Sat. Dec. 9: Currency365 - Abadi to Declare Entire Country Free in 72 Hours


F. Dec. 6 2017 Judy Note: We know that permission to release the 800#s has been given and it appeared that we might receive them by Thurs. Dec. 7 or Sat. Dec. 9.

1. Bruce believes we were targeted to start this week.

2. Last week when the ISX opened Iraq had completed everything they needed to complete including being admitted into the World Trade Organization, plus the United Nations had released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8.

3. Zim Table Top meetings to set the rates for the Zim started the afternoon of Tues. Dec. 5in Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, London and New York. They needed a day and a half to complete (by Thurs.).

4. By Tues. Dec. 5 the Prosperity Packages were ready to go out in the next day to day and half (by Thurs.).

5. We should go parallel to the PP going out, or they will go slightly behind the start of our redemption.

Wed. Dec. 6

President Trump to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not Tel a Viv.

Thurs. Dec. 7

Bruce thinks that with any success Iraq may do something major on Thurs. Dec. 7.

Iraqi Victory Day was scheduled to begin on the Dec. 7th and end on Dec. 11th.

Pearl Harbor Anniversay Dec. 7.

Fri. Dec. 8

US Budget deadline

Sat. Dec. 23

Midnight Dec. 23, 2017 was the deadline for the Federal Reserve five-year international sovereign bankruptcy, 104 years after the Federal Reserve Act expired circa Dec. 23, 1913.

Bruce: Iraq was going to do something major on Sat. Dec. 9 if they don’t do it sooner. They put a date out on the calendar and do it a day sooner.

Mon. Dec. 25

Several days before Dec. 25 the USD would be publicly announced as asset/gold-backed.

G. Dec. 5 2017 3:47 pm EST American Intelligence Media - Who is Q?: (Video) American Intelligence Media -- Who is Q?

H. Dec. 5 2017 9:26 pm EST Judge Von Reitz on History of our monetary system and the Cabal: "Von Reitz Interview Parts 3-4" by Suzi - 12.5.17

I. Dec. 5 2017 9:45 pm EST GCR Intel, Yosef: "Miracle or Madness" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Yosef - 12.5.17




7 hours ago
SULAIMANI — The U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was slightly down in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets on Thursday (December 7).
Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that $100 is selling at 125,600 IQD, 50 IQD lower than the previous day.

Mawlud also reported that 100 British pounds was 1000 IQD down to 164,000 IQD and 100 Euros was stable at 146,000 IQD.



JesusLovesBaseball:  The conclusion of the oil and gas exhibition in Basra with the signing of memorandums of understanding and agreements

Thursday 7 December 2017 - 5:02 PM
The Basra oil and gas exhibition, which was held on the grounds of the Basra International Fair, was concluded with the participation of more than 100 foreign, Arab and local companies after signing a number of memorandums of understanding and agreements.

 "The results of the exhibition resulted in the signing of 18 memorandums of understanding between the Saudi companies and the government sector companies affiliated to the Ministry of Oil, in addition to the signing of the memorandum," said Ali Shaddad Al-Faris, head of the oil and gas committee in Basra Governorate Council. Understanding and other agreements between the Saudi Petro-Kimot companies with their Iraqi counterpart, in addition to signing four agreements between the companies participating in the exhibition with the local private sector in the province of Basra.

The announcement of the end of the conference was the establishment of a workshop between the companies participating in the exhibition and a number of oil companies affiliated to the Ministry of Oil reviewed through a number of investment opportunities available within the province of Basra, was also explained the legal aspects of contracts by the Basra Oil Company.

The Director of the Legal Department of the Basra Oil Company Alaa Jazairi to the Murad that through experience and practice in the contracting, there are many projects and tenders fail to refer because of the lack of commitment of some companies and applicants for tenders to submit submission, explaining that the company found the appropriate opportunity through the workshop to deliver some information for the purpose of development The companies themselves in the field of legal education, especially on the contracting side.

"The signing of memorandums of understanding in the exhibition is a good sign for the province of Basra in particular and for Iraq in general," said Akil al-Khalidi, head of the Basra provincial council's economic committee. "Trade and economy between any country will contribute to maintaining security and stability in the province."

For his part, the head of the Union of businessmen in Basra, Subaih al-Hashemi to the Murad that such events send positive messages to all international companies that Basra province is safe and any company can invest in addition to holding such conferences is to support the economic wheel of Basra in particular and Iraq in general.

It is noteworthy that the events of the International Oil and Gas Conference in its seventh edition was launched last Monday in the province of Basra, in the presence of Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih with the participation of dozens of Iraqi, Arab and foreign companies.    LINK

JesusLovesBaseball:  The Directorate of Military Intelligence, in cooperation with the Information Directorate, is conducting a field tour to express the joy of winning in the streets of Baghdad
In conjunction with the victories of our brave army, the Directorate of Military Intelligence organized in cooperation with the Directorate of Information a field tour inside the city of Baghdad, in which the Task Force and Psychological Operations Units of the Directorate of Intelligence participated in order to transfer the state of victory to the Iraqi people through songs and songs. Which was broadcast from inside the wheels of the psychological operations unit.
The initiative was received by the citizens with great joy as the residents expressed their happiness and joy by participating in this event and presenting flowers to the heroes of the security forces and raising them the Iraqi flag to express their joy with this army which proved to be the shield of this country.   LINK


Thursday UPDATE for December 7, 2017

Iraqi TV was broadcasting......

1. "Welcome to all American companies coming to Iraq"

2. The IMF was reportedly stating that the Kurds will receive more than the 12% previously discussed in the upcoming budget. [As if we didn't already know that.....LOL]

3. The Kurds have reportedly relinquished possession of all of the border areas that were in dispute.

Dinar rates are being reported from various bank sources ranging from $3.50 - $3.80 plus/minus awaiting final release authorization.

Time Will Tell MORE and eventually tell it ALL.

RVAlready:  Let's hope those rates do not disappear from the bank screens….If several US banks are showing rates, I'm assuming that Iraq has already put out the base rate….That is a nice spread of numbers.

Timekeeper:  So the Fat lady has the canary in hand and about to sing a duet

RVAlready:  Sounds like the Canary stole the show from the fat lady.

Yada:  Liking the way this all has been revealed.,,,now others too may believe with confidence we are about to see this now,,

TightWad:  That's the best news in 8 years. I wonder how they walk that back! That spilled milk isn't going back in the bottle


12-7-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV was broadcasting...
1. "Welcome to all American companies coming to Iraq"
2. The IMF was reportedly stating that the Kurds will receive more than the 12% previously discussed in the upcoming budget. [As if we didn't already know that...LOL]
3. The Kurds have reportedly relinquished possession of all of the border areas that were in dispute.
Dinar rates are being reported from various bank sources ranging from $3.50 - $3.80 plus/minus awaiting final release authorization.  Time Will Tell MORE and eventually tell it ALL.

12-7-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni 
  I still believe the float,
and beginning of the removal of the larger notes will start soon (it has to if they are planning 2 years for this entire process)
.  As the last economist wrote in his delete zeros article..."Today , we find it easy in front of the Central Bank of Iraq to work to the principle of reducing the exchange rate gradually to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar,"  I do not think we can put a prediction on how fast it will rise.  But it does appear they want to equal $1.   [post 2 of 2]

12-7-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Association of private banks: 3 million Iraqis will create a bank account during the next two Amyin"   So they expect it to take up to 2 years to withdrawl 34 trillion dinars from the market.  This to me would also include the delete zeros project. To clarify, I believe the process which is activation of the electronic banking, the float or deletion of zeros  and the removal of chunky money 34 trillion will take 2 years. Previous articles on deleting zeros also mentioned a timeframe of 2 years (this to me is what Dr. Bakri was talking about in my interview when he referred to "treatment" on the dinar...  So to me this is not a delay, but a schedule of sorts to complete the whole process.  [post 1` of 2....stay tuned]

12-7-2017   Intel Guru Delta   ...it looks like for some reason they moved that celebration date we were all interested in last week at that time...It looks like they had stuff to finish and make sure everything was good...And moved it to this coming week...all these different countries are going to come down and...the big celebration is on Saturday...about 100 countries, other nations coming down so this is not only the liberation I do believe it’s all about timing...he makes that announcement that they are fully liberated then he is going to go into the economic and monetary reforms.  Abadi...wants to show to the world...we’re done. And the nations are waiting for that...because remember the Prime Minister...the leader of a nation comes out internationally and gives basically that speech that will give more confidence for investors.  ...we don’t see any negative things...from the CBI...he said all the preparations are underway so when they make the decision it’s going to be easy to flip the switch and the numbers are right there internationally.  So it’s all great and good information.

12-7-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   All the things we are seeing right now, they are long done! The only thing is the one on Saturday on the 9th when he is going to make the full announcement. But...they’re all done—all these steps everything that he’s [Guru Walkingstick] told us all of these last 4. 5 or 6 months.

Trusts Unlimited Conference Call

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call Replay

Steffen Rowe/Tank - "Urgent" - GCR/RV Intel Update, 7 DEC