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12-6-2017   Intel Guru Bruce 
  Saturday, December 9th is for Iraq National Wedding day.  It is a day of unity in the Middle East...my understanding is 100 or more delegates from the Middle Eastern countries have been invited to come to Iraq in Baghdad for some form of get-to-gather. PM Abadi invited these people to be part of the Iraqi stock exchange ISX. The Iraqi dinar should be part of the parcel of the ISX tradability.  They should be at a point now or any day now, maybe Thursday, when that rate is internationally known.  ...They are done. They have completed everything they needed to be complete. When they got admitted into the World Trade Organization, when the United Nations released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8 all these things. When the ISX opened last week sometime, all these things are signs Iraq’s sovereignty is there.  Iraq is going to do something major on Saturday if they don’t do it sooner.   [post 2 of 2]

12-6-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    ...I was disappointed today because I was under the understanding we would start today with our exchanges.  All the Intel was pointing to it today [Tuesday].   ...we started to get the reasons why it didn’t go as we thought. I am back in a positive mood and looking forward to everything coming thru for us.  Iraq last week has made announcements. Prime Minister Abadi made announcements about their sovereignty, liberation, removal of ISIS, etc...We are not waiting on those announcements.  They have some dates. They had the date December 2nd or 3rd for Iraq...the 5th was another point of intention. Then the 7th and then Saturday is another point of intention.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-6-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   [do you believe this is gonna happen?]  well, it may not...in 4 months Iraq is hold elections...have you all read about Iran's influence in Iraq?   They want to use the elections to get more control...the PM position and we all know Maliki is tight with Iran...so no, i am not sure we will see this happen.  Iran needs to be booted.  Ababi has a small window of opportunity to get this going.   I have seen Maliki stop progress before.  We would be fools to think we will see Abadi succeed without some resistance.  The good news is the IMF is still pushing reforms forward.




Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  We are back and you are listening to the Big Call Thank you all for coming in and listening to the Big Call. I am excited about even though to be completely honest with you which I am always trying to be,

I was disappointed today because I was under the understanding we would start today with our exchanges.  I was under that impression. Everything was pointing to it. All the Intel was pointing to it today. It didn’t happen yet today. That was why I was discouraged earlier.
Bruce:  It is very slow Intel until 2 to 3oclock in the afternoon, until we started to get the reasons why it didn’t go as we thought. I am back in a positive mood and looking forward to everything coming thru for us.

To be honest we had information that came in pointing to we were there, and we wouldn’t need a call tonight. Maybe you heard others who do calls also saying expect tomorrow to be their last call or so and so are not going to be on their call anymore. I understand because of the information we are getting out there. We will continue to do calls until the blessing comes through. Then we will take a month or so off to get things ready.

Bruce:  Iraq last week has made announcements. Prime Minister Abadi made announcements about their sovereignty, liberation, removal of ISIS, etc. about twice. We are not waiting on those announcements. Iraq has been trading their currency on screen for a little while yet, for about 4 to 5 days at least. Sometimes it will trade then come off then resume again. We are in the position again we are sort of not trading dinar again.

Bruce:  They have some dates.  They had the date December 2nd or 3rd for Iraq.  We blew through that and what we were waiting to happen did happen. Then today on the 5th was another point of intention.

Then the 7th and then Saturday is another point of intention. Saturday, December 9th is for Iraq National Wedding day. Is this when everyone comes down to Baghdad to be married? No. It is a day of unity in the Middle East, because my understanding is 100 or more delegates from the Middle Eastern countries have been invited to come to Iraq in Baghdad for some form of get-to-gather.  PM Abadi invited these people to be part of the Iraqi stock exchange ISX. The Iraqi dinar should be part of the parcel of the ISX tradability.

Bruce:  We have heard maybe, but I can’t tell you whether or not the dinar for the rate is being known throughout the Middle East yet. I knew the rate of the dinar for a week already. We know that the rate is, and the screen rate is. They should be at a point now or any day now, maybe Thursday, when that rate is internationally known. It has to be there. They are done.

They have completed everything they needed to be complete. When they got admitted into the World Trade Organization, when the United Nations released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8 all these things. When the ISX opened last week sometime, all these things are signs Iraq’s sovereignty is there. I just think that the fact we don’t see their new rate right now doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in country.

There are Iraqi citizens that can go to their QI cards and put those in on Thursday and be able to see not only the amount of money but also a rate and be paid on their portion of the oil revenue sharing.  That is part of Iraq deal. I have been told they would be able to see and have access of their portion of the oil revenue on Thursday.

Bruce:  That should tell something where we are. The fact it was looking it was going today should tell us where we are. There are other things that may need to be completed before we go. The so called table top meetings on the Zim in 5 different locations internationally started today. Our understanding was they were to be completed this morning.  It just was not the case. They didn’t get started till today.  That was this afternoon. They needed to complete before we get started.

I believe they will be completed in the next day to day and half. That is a very good point to see those occur. That is everywhere from Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Zurich, to London, to New York. That is an important thing. It has to do with those table tops taking place so the rates can be set for the Zim platforms that need to take place.
Bruce:  In addition, we know that the Prosperity Packages are sort of on deck ready to go out the next day to day and half. I believe those are ready too. My understanding is when those go we should go parallel to those going out or they will go slightly behind our start of our redemption. That is a very positive thing. There are things happening that is aligning this up to go still this week. It is only Tuesday and I believe we are targeted to start this week. I am not calling it. I am just telling you everything is pointing to it happening.

Bruce:  The money that is flowing and has already flowed into the banks, Redemption Centers and groups has continue through to last night and again today in two different tranches. This is position of the movement of money from usually HSBC to other banks or Redemption Centers, or into the Paymaster groups. That is continuing to occur. Money is in place and changing hands.  Cores are being paid.  Prosperity Packages are on deck, ready to go. Everybody is sort of jocking for position now.

Bruce:  We know when it comes to going in for our exchanges at the Redemption Centers they have it so the vast majority will be able to do a bank wire for us to another bank. Possibly they would be able to do a relatively small wire transfer.  They are calling it a ledger to ledger with them using the new CIPS system.  We have been using the term wire transfer for so long.

Bruce:  We should be able to move some money to an existing banking account that same day. Some exchange centers may not be able to do that. In that case you can ask for up to (5) cashier checks for up to $10,000,000 each. So if you can’t move the money with the bank wire at the time of your exchange, you can ask for a cashier check. My preference is to use the bank wire. The funds should be available the same day or the next day.

Some people like the idea of using a cashier check and putting a new deposit down with that check. Just realize the cashier check should be available right away, but some banks are funny about giving full value of the cashier check at the time they receive it until they make sure the funds tied to that check are absolutely good real, and legitimate.  My preference is doing the bank wires instead of the cashier checks. I am giving you a Plan A and a Plan B.

Bruce:  Say you want to move some real money to a new bank account or set up a new bank account to move funds.  The day after your exchange  your account should be settle from your exchange itself from overnight and that next day you can do a bank wire to a new bank for up to almost a half billion dollars or $499,000,000.

You can do one or more of those. That is in your first week. If you go beyond that first week I think you can move greater amount money as needed. Let them know if you plan on moving those funds at the time of your exchange for the money as soon as possible.  It won’t catch them off guard and those funds are not kept in your structure payout situation and they have flexibility to move those funds for you as needed. You will have flexibility the first week but just remember there will be some limits.

To me half a billion dollars is workable.  It is real money and unless you just have some incredible big plans right now that you need more money for you will have to be held off the next week. Otherwise just operate out of your main mother lode account and go from there.

Bruce:  Some of the Redemption Centers will be able to give you a temporary credit/debit card at the time of your exchange loaded with some funds.

The amount up to you in discussion with Permanent credit/debit cards my understanding is credit 48 hours later after your exchange you will receive that permanent card to your home address by Fed Ex with a signature required.  You will need to be there to sign for that Fed Ex.  Give that some thought too in terms of your travels day or two after your exchange appointment. 
Bruce:  We use the term Black card, an unlimited amount card you can use. Two or three companies will have something like a Black card. If it was me, to get the benefits of a Black card like a platinum color card won’t draw attention to you. If possible, I am going to try to get one or two high end quality credit/debit cards not black in color but in platinum or gold color so I not draw attention. Something you might want to consider.

Bruce:  As far as the Redemption Centers goes, they have been ready, were ready. They were let off today because we didn’t go today for 24 hours.  They will be back in tomorrow and have everything ready to go in case.  It is hard to say because we felt we are ready to go and have had that feeling for a while now and yet we are still patiently waiting.

I think the Redemption Centers staff are about in the same boat as we are in. They weren’t happy we didn’t go today, but I believe we are looking like we could go this week. I am not giving up on this week at all. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we are really in a good place. I am staying super positive because I know how close we really are. We are not out for the weekend.

Bruce:  Iraq is going to do something major on Saturday if they don’t do it sooner. They put a date out on the calendar and do it a day sooner. They have something schedule for today, Thursday and then Saturday. I think with any success Iraq may do something major on Thursday.  I think we are at the point right now we just got to stay positive knowing we are about to receive this incredible blessing and hang in there and continue to believe for it like I am and also like Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven.  Not only we know about it but other people are tracking this and they know the timing is really close.

Bruce:  Be blessed knowing this is coming and this could be our last call. We will be here Thursday night if we need to be. Rest assure this is still on the way for us and it is coming we believe this week. Have a beautiful night. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Good night everybody. Thank you so much.


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 6 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Dates of Interest

Sun. Dec. 3

White Hat sources confirmed that at 1:01 am EST Dec. 3 Quantum Computer Simulations surpassed the 95% success rate threshold - the agreed upon percentage to release the RV. The release was approved by the Elders and funds from the global collateral accounts were activated.

Mon. Dec. 4

Pres. Trump got a verdict from the Supreme court upholding his travel ban.

HSBC began setting appointments in New York and London to conduct ZIM exchanges.

Money has been flowing through redemption centers since the night of Dec. 4
Tues. Dec. 5

President Trump was set to announce the end of Admiralty Law and transition to Martial Law (It didn't happen). He had signed the executive order for said action a month ago.

Zap said his first payments for currency were coming on the am and pm of Tues. Dec. 5.

Iraq announced the lower denominations on Iraqi TV today Dec. 5.

ZIM groups started today Dec. 5. Liquid/no skrs.

As of 12:58 pm EST Dec. 5 instructions went out approving immediate release of the 800# notifications.

Redemption center staff were let off today Dec. 5 because we didn't RV. They were scheduled to come back in 24 hours - by tomorrow Dec. 6.

Wed. Dec. 6

President Trump was to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not Tel a Viv.

Thurs. Dec. 7

Iraqi Victory Day would begin on the Dec. 7th and end on Dec. 11th.

Pearl Harbor Anniversay Dec. 7.

Fri. Dec. 8

US Budget deadline

Sat. Dec. 23

Midnight Dec. 23, 2017 was the deadline for a five year international sovereign bankruptcy, 104 years after the Federal Reserve Act expired circa Dec. 23, 1913.

Mon. Dec. 25

Several days before Dec. 25 the USD would be publicly announced as asset/gold-backed.


A. Dec. 5 2017 10:58 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "Join the Movement" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.5.17 https://chat.whatsapp.com/E5v20AQTyzrKGi8SWNOU8d

1. The Elders got paid, along with Global Collateral accounts.

2. ZIM posted in the Gazette.

3. Iraq announced the lower denominations on Iraqi TV today Dec. 5.

4. ZIM groups started today Dec. 5. Liquid/no skrs

5. This should mean the USNs were live.

B. Dec. 5 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Bruce, and a number of Gurus have been under the impression that the RV would go live today Dec. 5, but it didn't.

2. Iraqi PM Abadi has made the announcement about being free from ISIS at least twice.

3. Sat. Dec. 9 is Iraq's Victory and National Unity Day. A number of countries have been invited to come to Iraq to participate in festivities. The Dinar announcement should be part of that.

4. Table Top meetings on the Zim started today Dec. 5 in five different locations around the globe - Hong Kong, New York, London, etc.

5. The Prosperity Packages are ready to go and the 800#s will go at the same time.

6. Money has been flowing through redemption centers since last night Dec. 4.

7. Core groups are being paid.

8. If your exchange center can't do a wire transfer to another bank they can still do up to 5 cashier's checks at your exchange.

9. The day after your exchange, your funds will be settled and you will be able to do up to half a billion dollars in bank wires to another bank (unless the money is in a structured payout).

10. Some redemption centers can give you temporary credit/debit cards at your exchange. You will be given permanent credit/debit cards 48 hours after your exchange.

11. Redemption center staff were let off today Dec. 5 because we didn't RV. They were scheduled to come back in 24 hours - by tomorrow Dec. 6.

12. Thurs. Dec. 7 and Sat. Dec. 9 important events in Iraq were scheduled.

13. Bruce believes the 800#s were still coming to us this week.


C. Dec. 5 2017 1:34 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "S.P.E.A.K." - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.5.17

1. Tank has first hand confirmation that the 800#s have been delivered to selected individuals.

2. The A-Team has completed

3. The USN connected into the system yesterday Dec. 4.

4. Appointments for ZIM groups and other currencies has been scheduled and delayed.

5. As of 12:58 pm EST Dec. 5 instructions went out approving immediate release of the 800# notifications.

6. President Trump was announcing the movement of the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, thus acknowledging Jerusalem as the Capital.

7. Congressmen all over D.C. were stepping down as sexual assault & harassment accusations were levied against them, allowing for a safe exit rather than having worse crimes revealed.

8. President Trump was under careful scrutiny, aggressively being investigated for collusion with the Russians during his campaign.

9. The Clinton Cartel was being disassembled, with a violent history of Sexual Assault accusations on Bill Clinton, evidence showing on a Clinton cover up with the FBI, and if they don't cooperate, more evidence waiting to reveal human trafficking, treason and a list of other crimes against humanity.
10. Below find an excerpt from the Jesuit Oath: an example of the mindset of the Cabal:

"You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means."


D. Dec. 5 2017 5:01 pm EST James Gilliland (video):
 James Gilliland Interview for December 6, 2017

1. A reporter from a major network investigated a Congressional Pedophile Ring where they contacted orphanages and paid them to send children to Washington DC.

2. The Marines raided CIA Headquarters in Langley and retrieved computers and evidence on well known politicians. They gained evidence of assasination plots, election rigging, pedophilia, identity fraud, domestic terrorism, what happened in Vegas and all the way up to Treason.

3. As of a few days ago they were serving up to 5,000 indictments. They probably have even more by now.

4. Serving the indictments is likely the reason for the delay in getting out the 800#s. They don't want the money to get into the wrong hands.


E. Dec. 5 2017 11:38 am EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 5, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The 800#s release was rumored to occur before the USD was announced as asset/gold-backed.

2. The USD would be publicly announced as officially asset/gold-backed days before the 25th (Christmas) as an early Christmas gift to the American people from President Trump.

3. The 800 numbers would be located on a website hosted on a quantum server. When it was time for release, the website woule be activated. Special couriers woule then be instructed to distribute the 800 numbers from the website to various intel providers and website owners via email (TETELESTAI).

4. The Quantum Website would also contain important information and instructions on your redemption/exchange.

5. Remaining Cabal were being systematically destroyed on a daily basis. Most were either switching sides or surrendering.

F. Dec. 5 2017 12:46 am EST Intel, Yosef: "Wait" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Yosef - 12.4.17

1. Midnight Dec. 23, 2017 the 5 year international sovereign bankruptcy work through period ends, 104 years after the Federal Reserve Act expired circa Dec. 23, 1913.

2. Dec. 24, 2017 those crisp new UST bills would be released into the global T5 public money supply and all RV waiting rewarded with cash money.


G. Dec. 5 2017 3:18 pm EST Judge Von Reitz: "Judge Anna Von Reitz Gives 4-Part Interview" by Suzi - 12.5.17

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCP3JFwAvm8

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdFWENX45OI

In these videos Judge Von Reitz explains the history of our monetary system as per:

USA, unincorporated

The Municiple US (which rules Wash. D.C., and the Territorial US run by the military.

The US run by the Military


H. Dec. 4 2017 The Global Currency Reset, largest wealth transfer in history:
Global Currency Reset- Largest Wealth Transfer in History-Trump Replace ...

I. Dec. 5 2017 Trump Tweets: www.rumormillnews.com

Found at 8ch.net/cbts, a series of tweets: "#TheStorm IS ABOUT TO HIT. And it's unlike anything we have ever seen before."

Abadi to declare entire country FREE in 72 hours


Tuesday LATE NITE UDATE for December 5, 2017

PM Abadi on Iraqi TV stating the time has come to activate Article 140 and referenced things that need to take place for economic reforms to complete.

The Central Bank has announced a tender for the printing of new banknotes....particularly SMALL NOTES

[Either this is a new batch of lower denoms or maybe they are making it seem as if this is the first time printing such notes? When will they be released?]

LizardLips:  Interesting that there is an article talking about the printing of new lower denoms like the 1000 and the 500... those are already in circulation. I figure that all has been printed and the other lower denoms are waiting in the wings to be released.

NetGlobal: IMO  When we see the 1's, 5's, 10's, and 20's lower denoms, you will be in the money.
Harambe:  Bloomberg: Bank Indonesia Sees No Need for Policy Move If CPI in Targe​t https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-06/bank-indonesia-sees​-no-reason-to-change-rate-with-cpi-in-target

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil dips on rising US fuel stocks, but OPEC's supply cuts offer ​support https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/05/oil-markets-rising-us-fuel-stocks-and-​opec-supply-cuts-in-focus.html

Harambe:  Bloomberg: It Looks Like Another Rough Year for the Dollar in 2018 ….“Beware of sleeping volcanoes and seriously undervalued currencies,” Kit Juckes, global fixed-income strategist at Societe Generale SA, wrote in a report Tuesday. With global “growth becoming more balanced and more synchronized, the dollar looks expensive.”


Aggiedad77:  Would anyone be interested in reading notes from the CC on Monday Night?  They are not mine but have been passed along to me by an anonymous member to post for the Family....the generosity of this Family member is HUGE IMO as these notes are quite time-consuming to put together.....oh boy do I remember that......heartfelt thanks to our anonymous donor


*** The comments made by Frank26, DELTA and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes from Monday December 4, 2017

Frank: Greetings Family. Welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com. It is the 4th of December 2017. KTFAlways stands for Keep The faith Always in our Heavenly Father and the agape love that our father taught us to have for one another. .This is a very special conference call.
Opening prayer.

This is going to be a good conference call. OK Ladies and gentlemen. We are going to have three sponsors here tonight and as we wait for them… (Frank discusses the KTFA pins).

All right ladies and gentlemen it’s just a few minutes after 8:00. We are keeping on course. We’re going to play a recording that me and Delta did. I’m not going to waste any time. I’m going straight to it so we can stay on our schedule. Because you know how it is.…Every conference call seems to supersede the next one and tonight is no exception.

So please listen to this recording between me and Delta and then it’s 14 minutes long here we go.… Enjoy.

Frank. I talk way too much. You talk to me. Tell me What you think of all these different things I just said to you.

Delta Exactly Frankie, exactly what Walkingstick told us a long time ago. We were following basically those points but Walkingstick gave us more and more confirmation and remember all the time we would say that Iraq is really very slow when you see an article its almost done.

Frank Good point Manny. All the things we are seeing right now, they are long done! The only thing is the one on Saturday on the 9th when he is going to make the full announcement. But continue they’re all done—all these steps everything that he’s told us all of these last 4. 5 or 6 months. I’m sorry I was supposed to shut up. You talk. (Laughing)

Delta You get me more and more in the thought what I’m saying Frankie is that it looks like for some reason they moved that celebration date we were all interested in last week at that time all the way down to this coming week. It looks like they had stuff to finish and make sure everything was good and that’s what they did. And moved it to this coming week.

By the way all these different countries are going to come down and not only that they are going to start wrapping up and the big celebration is on Saturday and by the translation they are talking about it’s going to be Iraqi Wedding…

Frank Why do they call it a wedding?   Why a wedding? Like a merger a bonding a union a reconciliation? What do they mean?

Delta A wedding because remember when you have a wedding that’s a celebration it is one of the biggest happiest celebrations…

Frank Are they giving out wedding cookies? (Laughing) Never mind keep going…

Delta So what they are trying to do it’s like a wedding everybody is happy you’ve got basically the bride the groom both families united definitely it’s a beautiful description of what they are trying to do here. And definitely there is going to be a parade for the army and then announce that we are basically out…It’s a big speech for Abad. He told everybody…

By the way I did bring a part of the article from a newspaper from Abadi and they state right there posted yesterday in the forum. He said that announce that Abadi he declared the liberation of Iraq he’s going to announce at the same time economic reform and all of the stuff that we know…

Frank Yea I saw it.  That’s what made me think maybe this is the speech that Walkingstick’s talking about because he makes that announcement that they are fully liberated then he is going to go into the economic and monetary reforms. Wow.

Delta  Absolutely. What they are doing, for example, Abadi he wants to show to the world that you know what… we’re done. And the nations are waiting for that probably to make sure because remember the Prime Minister –the leader of a nation comes out internationally and gives basically that speech that will give more confidence for investors.

Why is it this time he is doing that… Think about it but this one has about 100 countries, other nations coming down so this is not only the liberation I do believe it’s all about timing. What we talk about all the time. He’s trying to time it to this coming weekend because there are things they wanted to finish some things here and there and that had to deal with the monetary reform probably and security too.

The American Embassy in Baghdad. There was an article a few days ago talking about there’s a lot of activity going on a lot of flights going back and forth and helicopters and private jets and a lot of officials. In the US Embassy there is a lot of strange movement going on in that embassy there. Remember the Monetary Reform is guided by the World Bank, the IMF and US Treasury. Iraq doesn’t know how to do this. Not in Iraq they don’t. They are just following the basically the lead.

And it may be possible that whoever is in charge and basically guiding Iraq and they were not ready yet in the last week or whatever the date is and they wanted this time frame for some reason or could it be they were waiting for the tax reform that the US has. I might be wrong but that is my speculation that they wanted to make sure that Congress was going to pass what they did.

Because remember we all know that the US Treasury has a big role in this monetary reform. Like even if Iraq did not say they were going to do it today they may say “no you have to wait.” Then they have to wait. But the good news is it’s all good news. There is no bad news anyway. They are ready to go. They are ready to accomplish this.

Again we don’t see any negative things. We don’t see anything from the CBI stating that “Oh, by the way they are going to 2018 or 19 or whatever it is. This time even in January Frankie remember we used to talk about this  he said “we are going to postpone it” he never said “we are going to postpone until next year” But he said all the preparations are underway so when they make the decision it’s going to be easy to flip the switch and the numbers are right there internationally. So it’s all great and good information, Frankie.

Frank I must admit, this speech left me a little bit empty. I liked it, I mean we gave out like 12 different points that he was going to talk about last Saturday on the 26th. I was looking for it on the 25th. But when he took it to the University and he laid out that long list that he talked about I told the family that in my opinion “This must be the speech”! But over the week and the more we looked at it we realized he never announced that they were fully liberated! That’s not the speech!

Now, the son-of-a-gun good old shorty here I like calling him shorty, Abadi, he comes out and he says “OK. We have hundreds and hundreds of countries coming in for all these delegations we have many guests that are coming in on December the 9th. We’re going to call it a National Wedding because it’s going to be the final victory over Daash and we’re going to have a military parade and a 5 day Victory day…Wow! Wow!

So, you see that he also says, and by the way when we’re done with this with this 5 days ok and my speech, then I’m going to go ahead and kick in the economic reforms and the monetary reforms. I bet you the long line knew this!  I bet you the long line knew this and that’s why they went to the Fair! They know things we don’t know… You know what I mean Delta these people that are investing in Iraq and have been sitting in that long line waiting to come in, and those that came to the International Fair…why would you come to that at a Program rate? Because they know things that we don’t know. You know how I was told to act stupid last week?

Delta yes

Frank Well it seems to me those in the long line are having to act even more stupid than me because why would you go there without freedom of your capital? Why would you tie up your money why would you put yourself in danger? Why would you do this to your country and to your companies? Because they know something that we don’t.  The economic reforms and the monetary reforms are about to explode. And I believe that Article VIII would be well accepted because that’s the only way these companies can do business with Iraq.

And remember…what’s going to happen after this speech? What did he tell us? That as soon as he’s done with the speech, all heck will break loose. It seems like it’s already breaking loose. (laughing)

Delta It is… actually remember last time when we talked when I thought the speech and the celebration could happen around the 22nd of last month? When I said that in my opinion of course just imagine that before the parade the CBI is going ahead and going ahead with the monetary reform and revaluing the currency on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Then that would more a heck of a celebration in a sense

Frank yes it would.

Delta that could happen at any time even though brother Walkingstick told us “this is what we’re looking for and as soon as announce then they will move forward after that” again remember I do believe they are going to surprise us and this is the surprise. Right now you think about it everybody is expecting that the valuation that the monetary reform is going to take place after the celebration but it could happen before too!

Frank Yea.

Delta and nobody knows… It could happen, And that will be the “surprise” but regardless. Again, they are running out of time and they have no other choice and are they going to wait for this let’s see it announce it to the world that we are open for business. Delta refers to the coming conference in Kuwait.

Frank Kuwait..that’s another one…that’s very interesting. Look at the date on that sometime into next year it looks like that’s part of the payment schedule..the reconstruction of Kuwait. They are going to be able to invest in Iraq. It looks like that’s what that’s all about.

Delta remember Frankie the donor nations they are going to meet in Kuwait.

Frank that’s what I mean the reconstruction of Kuwait part of the deal to take care of Kuwait I think that’s what this is all about. They’re all going to come in there and I mean Iraq has taken care of whatever it is they owe them and they are going to invest in Iraq. But they’re also going to rebuild this country and it looks like that’s what this conference is all about.

Delta and they are going to rebuild it with support from donor nations. They are waiting for them to make their move. Remember, what they need, for example, in the US you see someone like President Trump he comes out and talks something and look what happened to the stock market for example the stock market in the US for example you see the stock is affected by that. The leader of the nation is Abadi that’s why it’s very important for him to actually come out and say it everybody wants to hear that  he’s the leader he’s in charge (Delta gives the example of inviting someone to one’s house before for a big party but before construction is completed). Then after I finish, then call everybody “I’m ready now the party’s going to be on Saturday my house is done… the rooms are nice…”. Laughing

Frank I understand

Delta and it looks exactly like Walkingstick told us whatever he said he laid it all out there and he said they are going to move very, very fast with the monetary reform. We all know that. And don’t forget about a month ago…they called all those banks that are not hooked up yet to the SWIFT system to be ready again before…

Frank before the end of the year. “Come on man…” I’m sorry I did not mean to interrupt you but come on!!!

Delta And remember the key is BEFORE the end of the year.

Frank Exactly.

Delta that’s a key word and they will be international. And of course they make the announcement for accepting Article VIII. They won’t tell us when it’s going to be retroactive and then we will be able to know (unintelligible ) around that time. It’s all great news Frankie.

Frank Tell me about the article. I mean I already read it in my notes here  I’m going to talk about it tonight in detail but I want your point of view. Tell me about the article that you brought in last night and you talked about it in team chat that shows about the pay, the e-dinars basically you said it was evidence of the three zeros being lifted.

Delta Right actually you know the only reason I bring those articles in because they are really very important very huge and some people they get it and go through it and (he refers to someone) it was very smart of him he can knock out the whole article and highlight which is beautiful.

Basically what they said Frankie that Iraq right now is basically ready to basically connect to the international banking system. They don’t need the (unintelligible) anymore Frankie. Remember a long time ago Warka bank they used to wire money Let’s say you have a bank like Citibank and you would like to wire money to Iraq you have to go to a bank in Germany or Jordan that is corresponding with Iraq because Iraq is not Article VIII. They are under sanction.

Frank A mediator, yea.

Delta Now they are talking about they don’t need those mediators anymore. But remember those banks they cannot deal with Iraqi banks under Article 14. It’s very risky. For example Citibank they are exchanging dinar but most banks institutions they don’t like to deal with  a country that is under Article 14 because Article 14 is like if you are, for example, under bankruptcy. You are protected and you are a risky country so its risky for international banking. So that’s why they have those mediators to connect for example between Citibank and those banks in Iraq.

Now this article is telling us now you are going to be able to wire money and it goes basically to banks in Iraq they don’t those need mediators any more. Because now they have an access and they can go and wire the money directly without that middle man. Article VIII has to be there.

And remember Frankie (unintelligible) look at Vietnam they are Article VIII but they are at 22,000 (to the dollar). Go back and look at Iraq it’s a unique situation.  They are under a transitional rate but Iraq remember they devalued their currency because of the sanctions not because they were forced to like Turkey for example. And remember too, that international community including the IMF they told them the only way you can go international and Article VIII you first have to remove the three zeros. So this is not like an option. You have to…

And remember when you go back to the final thread when Allak said the benefits of the deletion of the three zeros when we lift the three zeros then we will be able to be international. And then we will be enhancing the value of the Iraqi dinar and go international and pay our bills. (He refers to Forex and other currencies compared to IQD right now). Right now the IQD is not tradable.  When the dollar fluctuates you see some movement in the Dinar.

But when they raise the value then they are going to be able to go to any bank and be shown on Forex and they are going to be able to shown on Forex and exchange for you. But this is not an option for Iraq and only Iraq, You cannot go Article VIII without actually lifting the three zeros. Lifting the three zeros from the exchange rate and then phasing out the three zero notes through the e-dinars even the salaries like you say they are all electronic now.

Frank It is all 100% dinars, electronic everything that Walkingstick told us it’s all right here in front of us. I feel bad for our family because a lot of them they just can’t hold their water! You know what I mean…they’ve got bad kidneys and they’ve gotta go and complain, gotta go and be negative gotta go and do whatever they want to do. They can’t hold it! They ask the wrong questions. They think they have the right and the freedom to say “Well Frank, if this happened shouldn’t all this have happened by this time? You can’t put it that way.
“I’m not asking for a date.”
“Yes you are!”

And they are innocent. But they cannot ask certain questions about a speculative investment. Right now, if they are students they don’t have any questions…just like Walkingstick said “Frank, after we get done with the speech if there is anybody else that still has any more questions they don’t belong in this investment. And I feel bad for them because when we tell them say to them “the first zero is going to be lifted”
You can’t ask that question!
“OK. When?”
Oh, for God’s sakes. And then when a week goes by we have the following conference call:
“It didn’t happen!”  “When’s it going to happen???” “I thought you said it was going to happen!” “Well you’re a liar”

For God’s sake! You see those are the type of people that don’t belong in this investment. A lot of other people that are astute like investors, bankers, IRS people…whoever is out there listening to us. Every time they hear our study they just smile. I mean they smile big!   They know darn well what it means!

Ohhh well that’s pretty obvious! And as far as the proof, they know where to go to find the proof that’s out there. But our family is too innocent and they don’t have the discipline, they really should not be involved in this type of business…but they are probably for whatever reason

Every time WalkingStick gives us something or any one of our teams gives us something and we share it with the family and it doesn’t happen EXACTLY the way their little time frame minds wanted it to happen well then it’s the end of the world. It’s the end of Frank26 and his study he’s full of everything that you can think of. “Oh…he’s feeding us kool aid again”! 

And yet as the weeks go by and right now. This conference call. Today. For all of those who sent me every nasty e-mail you can think of. You know I don’t know what to say to them! I don’t want to belittle them like they did to me! I pray for them. And I wish them well because we are very very close! And Monday last Monday I said in my opinion we’re as close as water is to water! It’s getting very serious. There’s no doubt about it, Manny. Yea that one article that you brought in I really appreciate it. Thank you my friend.

Delta Brother I’d like to add to one of your comments.

Frank Please

Delta Remember too, this is Iraq. This is the Middle East. And we keep talking about this for a reason. For the last 3. 4, 5 years I keep mentioning all the time for those listening to us for the first time. The Middle Eastern countries—they are very hard to deal with.  They are very tough to deal with. And when we all remember when President Bush put that plan they expected that to be done in 5-6 years. The monetary reform 3, 4 or 5 years…That was the plan… 2009 whatever.

President Bush left, Obama left. Now we’ve got Trump and it been 12-13 or 14 years. Because Iraq is a very slow nation. Like Middle Eastern countries they are like that. Their culture is different. Western nations are different. In the US everything is fast and faster . In the Middle East it’s about 80% way less speed. If you are doing 100 mile in speed they are doing 20 mile. This is the Middle East. Not only that but not only Iraq –Jordan, Middle East they take their time. They are laid back you see the house burning like I said last time…

Frank laughing

Delta That’s ok… I’ll take my time getting out from here. But when they see urgency, they will do it.
Frank And the first time you deal with them.. again our innocent KTFA family…most of them just don’t know. And as much as we have tried to tell them. The first time you deal with an Arabic attitude. Not an arabic person…they are some of the sweetest people on this planet. Very loving. Very hospitable. They want to feed you until you’re stuffed…They want to welcome you,  they want to talk with you. They want to exchange ideas. They are beautiful people. Colorful.

But…the attitude of the Middle East which has become a survival instinct that has allowed them to survive in those environments. I have always thought that every American citizen should live in a 3rd world country for one year and then let them come back to America. You won’t have these protesting the National Anthem in a national football league. You won’t have these idiots protesting “you owe me, you owe me”. Really?? Why don’t you pitch in!

But the attitude. I remember Manny I was 17 years old and this group of people, family came in there was probably about eight of them or so they all sat down and at first I thought they were Mexicans until I started talking with them. But no, they were Arabs, I don’t know from where. They ordered and they ate. And they ordered and they ate again. They had a wonderful time. And then when it came time to pay.

Well first of all they don’t leave a tip. The fact that they came to you and brought you business that is your tip. That was quite a shocker. I learned. Number 2. He came up to pay…he wanted to reduce the bill! (Laughter). He wanted to barter on a bill about food that was already in his belly! (More laughter) Are you kidding me??? And I had no idea! It was a culture shock  to me. But I learned and as the years went by 10, 20 30 years of my life I reference back to that and I remember that. You know we are all different. We all live by different rules. And it’s based on the environment we’re in, in order to survive  that niche—that environment.

Hey, you know another thing. This long line. Remember I said I had to act stupid and they had to act stupider. Not knowing what’s going on. I think when Allak gave that interview with Bloomberg that long line paid close attention to what he was saying. So they have no problems coming to the Fair. They have no problems coming on the 9th. A lot of key players know what is going on. We don’t.  But the things we are seeing based on our study and the evolution of what Walkingstick has shared with us since June, July September October November and now into December.

It’s very self evident now! There’s nobody out there that I can think of that has the room or the desire to criticize us because they realize, my God they’re right again! And all honor and glory to God and to our teams. What else is in your heart? Anything at all, my friend.

Delta  The deposit law basically the FDIC. Allak has basically reached agreement and it is imminent that it can be any day. The FDIC the Central Bank they talked about in January when Allak said we have a safe deposit law that is going to protect the depositors that is going to give confidence you know And this confidence is  going to come very very soon.  So that should give an indication we are really very very close.

Frank You don’t need insurance for a program rate!  (Laughter)

DeltaThey are expecting a lot of money coming in especially the three zero notes. Before there was a rate change they did not need that. Before there was a rate change they did not need that.

Remember whatever they were trying the citizens are not buying it. They are not taking their money from the mattress and going to the bank.  But the only thing it’s like all of us. All of us we have our money whatever it is. You are not going to look at your money right now but when the rate goes up what are you going to do?  You’re going to take the money and go exchange it.

But in Iraq it’s going to be different. The dinar is going to be a dinar they are not going to exchange but for them then there is more reason to go to the bank because now the money that they have stacked at home it’s worth a power of purchase that is way higher than it used to be. And they are going to be afraid  scared right now that they have 20 -30 million dinars it’s not even  15, 16, 18,000 dollars.

But the value is going to go up and its going to be equivalent to say 20 million dollars what are you are going to do if you are an Iraqi citizen? You are going to be afraid and all scared. Now wait a minute. The money has a lot of value my neighbors don’t have money… then, because it has value, then I’m going to go and deposit and open an account.

And plus we are going to have basically have the same thing as the FDIC in Iraq. But Allak and the CBI know that’s not going to happen if you don’t raise the value. But Allak… seems that’s an indication that basically it’s a done deal and they know and they are expecting the citizens to go there and do it.

And Frankie they have to move very fast. And they are way behind schedule because when they revalue, and to do the low denominations you have to keep in mind that during that time you have to educate the citizens.

Frank Yes!

Delta It’s going to take time. And even after the revaluation that’s why I’m saying they need at least a month after the revaluation to teach their citizens, the older people a lot of people to know what is going on.
Frank You notice how Abadi is coming out and talking about teachers. The education is very important in Iraq. That’s what they’re doing they are educating everybody in the Mosques through the radios and through the television, through articles. Everywhere and anywhere. They are trying to get these people to understand you’ve got to come into the banks!
“We can’t tell you!”
“Well we know why”.
“Then get in here”!
“Oh for crying out loud”!

The Middle East attitude has to fight in the Middle East as well, too!

Delta Absolutely
Frank that stubborn attitude in the Middle East is not helping them at all! I mean we keep saying that the evidence is there now. But only if you’re a student. If you cannot hold your water you will never understand what’s right in front of you! You will drown in your own water.

To be able to see that the indicative rate disappeared back in March. And then after that Walkingstick started to talk to us and show the three zeros disappearing. Well no wonder the indicative rate disappeared looking back!

Delta Absolutely! A lot of people they don’t know this when you go to the CBI web site you don’t see the indicative rate there! They see just now right now with the auctions they don’t say an indicative rate. They say just like how much money they transferred and they give you the total amount. And  there is no indicative rate they are just telling you they sold at 1190.

And many may not know about this. But this is very huge right there because the Central Bank of Iraq and the Government of Iraq they have officially the rate established behind closed doors but remember they can hide it for 2, 3 or 4 months they can do that. The IMF they are in charge they know about that. Because they submitted those papers they had it on papers they want it to reflect that but indirectly.

Frank Yes

Delta So that’s why there is no indicative rate there. But technically by the policy of the IMF internationally if you drop the zeros already like on papers you can’t see the indicative rate any more. And this is what happened. They took it that away. That’s what we told the family that’s why you don’t see the indicative rate at all you just see the details of the auctions and a lot of people forget about that--KTFA members  (Tape is hard to hear exactly what Delta is saying)

Frank I’m going to stop the recording because I don’t have time to waste. I have not eaten all day and I see you’ve lost interest with what Delta and I are trying to tell you. So let’s end that. And let’s go into the 2nd part which I pray to God. I’m going to try to speed this up now. Because first of all, it’s important that you know that yea there was another 15 minutes left on that call. So be it.

Now it’s important that you remember we sometimes review we go back and we talk a little bit. What I’m going to tell you right now is that there’s a lot of evidence for the things we have been telling you since June. June July and August you know were the summer months where my friend suggested to us that they were lifting the three zeros,

And then we found evidence of price changes. I think it was a total of about 15 or 16 different things. From phone charges to electricity charges to food charges we brought you pictures and you saw all that. Now the thing is though we brought you the evidence I should say the suggestion of the three zeros lifted. We brought you suggestions of a lot of things that were being done at the time.

All of a sudden what happened? We couldn’t really prove it. Then I went away in the first week of September. What happened at the end of that first week? I said it was my birthday. It’s my birthday . Now why in the world did I say “It’s my birthday?” Well the reason why is because they gave us a present. The presents were articles showing you, my goodness gracious they are lifting the zeros and they are having classes for private banks! Goodness gracious exactly the way Frank and his teams have told us! Isn’t that amazing! So it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.

But at that time it was also my way of telling my teams that on my birthday December the 20th there would be a change and the change was going to be coming into something called the American dollar. Tonight we will maybe tap upon it very briefly. I don’t like to talk about the American dollar and the reason why is because it’s going through a change. And if you talk about your own American dollar you speculated wrong or you say the wrong thing…hmmm well now that would just not be good.

And that’s why I told the three musketeers—PapaJ, ThunderHawk and BacDoc “don’t talk about the American Dollar.” You can talk about any currency you want. But they stopped talking period. And that’s fine. Because they were backing me up by not bringing up any currency talk whatsoever. Because in my opinion, I knew what we were studying and that was the American dollar going through a change for a specific reason.

 For what reason? For a basket. And on tonight’s conference call the intention is I pray I am able to bring across not only pieces together but then at the end…at the end we are going to be able to verify and prove, substantiate and validate everything we have ever told you up to this date starting in May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and going into the 4th of December.

By the end of this conference call it’s my intentions are, like I said, to prove to you that we are as close in my opinion (this whole conference call is in my opinion) that we are as close as water is to water. And I dare you to separate the molecules of water.

One of the more important things that we told you is that the budget (and again sadly I have to say everything is in my opinion) but we established that at the beginning of this call so let’s not repeat it but you know that this whole call is in my opinion. Correct? We told you very clearly Walkingstick and his firm are sharing with us because they could at that time that the budget was recalculated at 1:1.

Now with all due respect, that was the time that I should have said to you “Good bye.”  What more do you need? Why would they recalculate it at 1;1 when it‘s calculated at a program rate? “No but that’s your opinion Frank”. My opinion has always proven to be correct. Would you not say that?

“Oh no Frank sometimes what you say doesn’t come true.”
But usually, eventually it does. 
“Well, OK.”.

And then we left you the last time that we were together with the fact that my friend’s firm was told by the government “One more time.” Let’s do this “one more time.”
Let’s use the 2nd set of books”
“What do you want”?
“ Ahhh for last week, up till Thursday I want you to do your accounting at two dollars.”
“OK. Still pay them all dinars”?
“Of course”.
“We’ll pay with e-dinars”
“But of Course:”
“OK. You still want me to put this on a second.. we call it paper but some people call it a 2nd set of books. You still want it on a paper?
“But of course.”
“And when do you want that turned in”?
“All righty we’ll do that. Now you wanted us to do another thing? What was the other thing”?
 “Well next week we want you to do your accounting to be reintroduced at 3:1.”
“With the Dinar”?

“Yes we want you to do a second thing  We want you to do your accounting and introduce it at 3 dollars to 1 this coming week which is the week we’re in right now. All with dinars but make sure you do not include any change whatsoever in your reporting to us on paper. We want it to be strictly like we told you 1:1”.
“We already done that during the summer months”
Yep . Now we want you to do it at 2:1, turn it in Thursday”.
 “Now we want you to do it at 3;1 next week which is the week we are in right now that we are in that started yesterday and turn it in this coming Thursday.”

And once again, I should simply say’ “what more do any of us want”?  I should have said “good bye” to you. Good God, look who’s here. Don’t recognize him. Nobody.  Dude you shocked me. Dude. Good to see you my dear friend. Handsome.  Now leave me alone while I get back to work. OK? (Laughing). No Mark I’m sorry I’m exaggerating this but a very very dear friend is here right now. In fact so is Walkingstick and so is Delta and so is I-team and so are four of the fireflies. Everybody’s here tonight, Family.

Because what’s happening now is that the accounting (which is being done on a 2nd set of books) is being turned into the government of Iraq and it’s already done  at 1:1. And now it’s already been done at 2:1. And now it’s being done at 3:1.

And this is not rumors. This is information that is being done at the tables. At the tables where my friend with over 500 employees is at and listening to the government of Iraq and the Central bank of Iraq. Why? Because they better not make any mistakes! And they haven’t… so far.

It is important that you understand family what is happening is for the Monetary Reform. But it’s important also that you know that in my opinion (this whole call is in my opinion) it will be 1:1. And the reason it will be at 1:1 is because that’s what they said!

That is what they have projected. And we told you last week that if there is any delay.. (and I mean there’s a lot of delays) but here’s one for you: they are fighting for every last inch. Like the Middle East attitude does! They are trying to get the highest rate possible. But in my opinion it has turned out that no—it will be 1:1.

Now prove to me that you can take it up to 2. Ah you just did in books didn’t you last week! Now prove to me that you can take it up to 3. Oh…you are doing that right now aren’t you on your ledger accounting that you’re turning into us on the 2nd set of books right?  OK.

So family in my opinion they will come out at 1:1. It will be a free float and then they’ll quickly manage it but at that 1:1 it’s going to be a free float and it’s going to be still pegged to the American Dollar. When they get it…the International World I don’t think it will take any 72-78 the way we originally projected days in order for it to go up. I think it’s going to happen in a matter to weeks because everybody is salivating to just to get their hands on something new…called the Iraqi dinar so they can start to play with it internationally. And buying selling and trading.

And I believe that it’s going to climb to 2 to 3 maybe even 4. Because they have qualified in their accounting and proven to the GOI and the CBI. Yea, we can pay them. Yea we understand what you want. Oh and by the way in this little experiment we are doing right now on the 2nd set of books, when you do the 2:1 and 3:1 just like you did the 1:1 do not include any change.

Oh no. No change. You see when we come we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for the citizens. It WILL be 1:1. It’s not going to be one dollar and 11 cents. It’s not going to be $2.47. Fractional banking would just drive our citizens insane. It’s bad enough to teach them what we want them to do right now!  

So you understand all this now don’t you family! Well of course you do! Good so we can continue.

That was a quick little review of things we have talked to you about since last Monday and Wednesday when we were together. Don’t forget it also depends on the supply and the demand of the international world. Do you think the international world all these people in the long line at the Fair right now…all these committed people do you think they want to do something with the Iraqi Dinar? Do you think the supply and demand will go up for the Iraqi Dinar once it goes international? Of course it will!

But also don’t forget, it also depends on the citizens. We need the citizens to come into the banks and make sure their deposits with their money their three zeros that are being collected and pick up the cc’s the convertible currency also known as the lower denoms. Don’t worry about the change. Don’t worry about the coins right now. Right now we are just trying to get you guys to get this ball rolling for us.

And they have educated then in every way shape or form that they can. Not only in the mosques early in the morning where it’s private  but in their television. We’ve proven that to you because of the television that Delta brought to you that told everybody what they were about to do with their currency.

The next step though unfortunately from the 1:1 going into the 2 and the 3 that becomes the re-valu-azation fo the Iraqi dinar. It is at that point then that the American dollar will de-peg from the Iraqi Dinar and both the Iraqi  dinar and the US dollar will join together inside of a basket with a total of about 5 other currencies. And that’s why it’s my birthday! That’s why it was my birthday.

That’s why on my birthday of December the 20th of this month somewhere around that ball park the United States dollar is going to go through a change. And in my opinion it is going to go through a change because it has to be prepared to go into a basket with other currency. It’s a brilliant plan—this monetary reform that we know absolutely nothing about.

Anyways this monetary reform… this program rate… this Marshall Plan this help.. Iraq has very simply taken advantage of it. They have been waiting and waiting and waiting to lift the value of their currency at the last nano second until the last piece of that floor disappears and they fall under. And now, like I told you last week, they are dealing with the consequences of going broke as a nation  because their reserves are running out and their deficit is climbing. And they’ve only got basically this month! In my opinion.

And if they go broke, because they have no reserves and their deficit is insane well that is the opposite of the monetary reform and all the work that the US Treasury, IMF, World Bank  and BIS, everybody has done just to put them in the position they are in right now. This monetary reform should have ended back in 2004 when the IMF commissioned De la Rue to print out the new currency. But they didn’t.  They went on and on and on.

This conference call by the end will prove and validate many of the things we have been telling you all summer long since May since June July, Sept Oct November and now all the way over to this moment in December. Now what did we tell you?  That once you have Mosul the monetary reform would travel at the speed of light. Do you agree with that?  You see how quickly they cleaned up the terrorism of Isis and Daash and Maliki and his goons and other people that are confronted with being arrested.
This is an important call. Hang in there. Wait a minute it’s coming back up. Bear with me. God is going to get us through this conference call because this conference call is very important. If Livestream shuts down I’m going to stop til we are all back together so we can continue on the same page.

Here is the nest step that I want to talk about with you. We told you that after Mosul the speed of light and you agree and we told you that once you have a speech that all heck is going to break loose… But you know what? We don’t think that was the speech. We want to talk to you about that tonight.

And we also said that once we have all three classes one two and three done that there would be a lot of leakage! A lot of leakage of what was happening in those classes with those private banks. Well did you not see article after article after article over the weekend and today that were telling you: “yea private banks attended classes.” Did you see all of those articles? Did you smile for us and say “yea…we knew that”. Good all righty.

Then smile an even bigger smile even bigger when you hear the following: did you notice have you noticed that the Governor of the Central Bank ever since the classes ended he is allowing himself to be interviewed through main stream financial news outlets. So that the business men and women of this world can hear everything that he has to say. It is being done with a purpose with a CBI purpose. It is very smart.

Allak the Governor of the Central Bank is sending out messages to the international world that wants to hear these messages. All of you heard that interview with Bloomberg didn’t you! You did didn’t you! And you know darn well what he said didn’t you! He leaked all over the place didn’t he? Like a 57 Chevy with leaking oil everywhere..

So far so good. Right? We’re all together and now you’ve picked up on the very first clue that we wanted to share with you. Pay attention to when. I even told our team chat on Friday “pay attention to the CBI when Allak talks”! Because he is being programmed in my opinion to leak on purpose with a purpose. Family it is also important that I pound this next rock. You saw that there was a change in the deficit you saw the article-- 22 trillion. 7 billion … what’s this about? We talked about it last week in depth didn’t we?

Well now it’s important that you understand that a change in the deficit of Iraq’s budget also equals a change in 2017 budget accounting. It was all re-done at 1:1. And that’s why you saw the deficit numbers different. There is a lot of math I would like to talk about. There was a number a change in the budget and there were a number of changes in the deficit. There were also numbers changed in the way that my friend paid his employees.

That’s three powerful things that when you put together trifurcate into one  thing and one thing only. You know what it is. And that’s why the 1st and 2nd classes were done. That’s why the 1st and 2nd zeros were lifted on paper. It’s Article VIII acceptance family. Let me bring up my Word document.

(Trouble with Frank’s computer is resolved).

Frank takes a picture of a document and shows it to the Livestream audience. You remember this article? This is Abadi.. remember all of those  blue dots? Now that I have shown it to you on Livestream. This is the Office of the Prime Minister giving us a summary of all that Abadi said at the University of Baghdad that he considered to be… There are about 50 points that this man made at this November 26th University of Baghdad speech. We don’t think it’s the right one. No we don’t.

(Another  computer problem resolved).

Frank has not had much to eat or drink. What I’m trying to tell you family there was an article that came out. And Delta brought it to us. The article was brought early in the morning I think it is post #31. The article says a 5 year strategy to open up the international companies. It says they are opening up a new phase initiated by Iraq towards the outside world! They are telling you family they are leaving their borders. About 3, 4, 5 of their banks have already left their borders. You find them in Saudi Arabia, in Jordan and Dubai. You find them across the borders of Iraq.

Well guess what they are now ready to initiate this program that reaches across their borders to do work with International companies. To do business to try to bring them in. They have set this up as a strategy for the next 5 years. Now one of the nice things that I like about it is (word is garbled) The financial capacity in other words a strategy that we have adopted to work directly with these toward major economic (garbled recording) banks with huge financial and technical capacities are local. Our banks they are in direct contact with them without a need of a mediator and have become bank correspondent joint operations that results in a way that enhances capacity and capabilities of our banks and act on a large broad system and thus accessible to the global banking services and become the ability to handle large numbers of wires in the next stage.

You do remember that the monetary reform study that was for five years. Correct? That’s right! And it was supposed to end in 2017! It started in 2012. Starting a new one? The first 5 years was for the monetary reform, and this one is to apply the monetary reform across the borders!
Some more livestream difficulties.

So I see that the article I was speaking of that Delta brought to us is making a rather bold statement. That they don’t have need any more for a mediator, they don’t have a need for auctions. That they now have their own local banks their own private banks  that have a contact with these banks outside of our country. Family that’s preparation for Article VIII acceptance. That’s preparation to allow these companies and these nations that seem (garbled) to have freedom of movement of capital inside of Iraq. This is extremely important.

There is no more program rate. Is what this is saying. Or there is not going to be any more program rate is what this is saying. Nor will there be a need for a mediator in the monetary policy of the Iraqi dinar. No more sanctions to the international world. Instead it’s direct directly plugged in global access and the ability to do what (garbled) required.

Because they are about to (garbled). When this happens the citizens will bring in their 3 zeros. They need them in order to bring them in for the cc’s. Yea this is pretty smart.

This is another proof that Article VIII is either done (and I have to be stupid about it) or is about to get done. And there no other way to look at this. None whatsoever. They’ll get rid of (garbled) the small guy in between. The mediator, the corresponding bank that works with them. So they can serve and access themselves directly globally. Good God almighty. (Laughter)
All I know is this is fantastic and I’m sure you feel the same way too. It’s a new 5 year plan from 2017 to 2022. Wait a minute…you mean there is no plan to cancel the lifting of the 3 zeros in 2018?  No. (More laughter)

And the last time that you did a 5 year study…what was it called? The monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar! More laughter. I told you this conference call would give you evidence. Can I call it Ta da evidence?  Ta daaa! Come on man they’re paying them! Walkingstick is paying his firm’s at 1:1, done. 2 :2 done. 3 :3 done . Paying them in dinars only.

Then you have an article that comes out and says yea, ahh we trained 2000 private bank employees. And we know that family! Don’t we! (Laughter). Yea. There’s a four way street coming to a violent collision because I believe all those four streets are now clear with a green light. And they are going to collide like a super collider right smack in the middle of that intersection. And you know what those four things were don’t you. You have them in your notes, right? There you go!

By the way you just certified 2000 employees? YES WE DID! Did you license any banks? YES WE DID! You did? Yea what do you think those banks are that already left our country across the border and are in Jordan and Dubai etc etc etc. Oh…so they were certified at these meetings?  “Ahh I don’t know”. (Laughter).

A brother of ours by the name of Tank who is in Iraq and does what he does out there. And he posted some interesting information today. I hope you were able to see it. It was basically the central government paying different regions that showed you numbers and showed you that they were being paid in dinars. Family I don’t know what more you want. That was huge! You talk about Allak spilling in front of news media outlets so that the international world can hear him. This is a big spillage right here.  Yea it really proves that the three zeros have been lifted when you look at the articles Tank brought us. Fascinating isn’t it? And then 2000 licensed banks employees as well. Fascinating isn’t it?

You get the spokesman for General Electric comes out and he says you know we’ve set up here (garbled) for the civil generators for people to come to work with us for these generators. Ya ya we did that. We sure did. How much are you going to pay them per hour? Ah we’re going to start paying them 42 dinars per month. Laughing. OK. Either they’re stupid or I just have no choice but to say, “will you shut up”? I guess there’s lot of leakage going on family. A lot of it.

What else can we say? Well let’s talk.

I didn’t know there was a Guru out there by the name of Tank. Put it back up who was that? Because Paula V made an interesting point I did not even know. There’s another Tank out there. Let’s not confuse that with our Tank.

The World Bank comes out and says a reconstruction conference will be hold on February 12th in Kuwait. Well that’s a part of Ch 7 being lifted. You walked right by it. That’s ok. You see the reconstruction of Kuwait is why they are moving at the speed of light.  Chapter 7 was lifted with this agreement. Iraq reconstruction conference will be held on February 12th in Kuwait.  Good for you! And there also are  going to be payments for whatever money is still left and on top of that you guys also get to invest in Iraq.

That’s a trifecta there for you. Way to go Kuwait! Way to go because you’ve suffered enough.Frank: Now we have another thing that’s explosive and that’s the speech. Let’s talk about the speech. Well last Saturday at the University of Baghdad and I just showed you the article and showed you the blue dots. We really really thought that was the speech! I even said in my opinion its the speech. OK. 

Well guess what. Walkingstick called already 10-15 minutes into the recording of our conference call. And he called. I had to walk away so you wouldn’t hear his voice or anything he had to say.

And he gave me a report.  And he said :Frank, I’ve been so busy I’m sorry. But I heard what you said. You told them that speech last 26th was the speech that I told you I would bring you the final article and then I would disappear. That wasn’t the speech. It was the outline of the speech. I told you the speech was done a long time ago”. I said “yes sir I understood.”

“The speech, Frank is coming out this coming Saturday on December the 9th early in the morning at Rasheed Hotel. It will be called the National Wedding”.
“This is where many many many over a hundred countries and these are going to be coming into Iraq the final victory over Daash by the military. Iraqi military. And they are going to have a military parade. It will be a 5 day event. It will be a victory 5 day event and this is basically the second part of the speech. You heard the first part on the 26th. And I want you to pay close attention.. you call it the long line.”

 I said “yes sir it’s a lot of people that want to invest”
“Ah…you said the long line was at the Fair”.
I said “yes sir in my opinion the majority of the long line is at the Fair”.

“All right, do you know who is at the Fair”?
 I said “it’s over a hundred countries over a hundred companies and all that. And he said “yes” And now   “do you know who is going to be at the December 9th final speech by Abadi”?
And I said “no”.

“It’s over a hundred countries”. It’s the countries that are in Iraq at the Fair Frank. The fair was calculated over a year ago. These companies have known all along what’s going on.”

They had to. They have to calculate. You don’t walk into a country blind and calculate “Let’s see how much we can make. The business plans are well in advance.

“So these companies.. these countries.. over a hundred all of their delegates all of their representatives. All of their prime ministers all of their presidents. All of these people are going to be at this December 9th Saturday final victory announcement. Because the one on the 26th was an outline but he never declared full liberation of his country”.
And I said” oh my God you’re right sir”!

“Now Frank did I not tell you as soon as he makes that speech and I bring you the speech I will disappear”.
“Yes sir. I  know that.
“And do you remember why I told you that I would disappear”?
“Because all hell will break loose”
“That is correct”!  “Frank…”

 I will leave that until the end. Let’s continue with our teaching instead.. So family you now know it turns out that we need a lot of security. We even talked to you about that didn’t we. Son of a gun that’s in your notes. Security has been done. Key walls have been moved. People have been brought in to protect the prestigious dignitaries. They are not ordinary Joe’s. They’re not just companies.

They want to hear Abadi tell them to their faces while being broadcast through all those screens across the nation. “We are a fully liberated country!” We’re out of chapter 7. He won’t say he’s in Article VIII but he will say… (are you ready…? Give me a drum roll)

He’s going to say “after this speech I will open, I will explode, I will devastate, I will initiate whatever you want to call it “the economic and monetary reforms of our country”.

The Minister of Industry and Minerals comes out and he says “hey look, I’m calling on all you capitalists”.
“Yea you infidels we no kill you no more. Come on in. We want you to enter.“

Al Sadani calls on all capitalists to enter into Iraq to invest directly into their country. And launch the procedures for licenses.: (Laughing). Yea…and we know that don’t we!  OK

“And to invest in the Iraqi stock exchange.” Good God almighty.

You know this happened a few days ago so I called I-team and I said
“I-team is there any way you can put in a call just…”
 “Frank they don’t want to respond”.
“ Come on man just try it at least a text”.

 So they put in a text a few days ago and our text said
 “What’s up”?
And they responded back by saying
Seven s’s and one “h” and three exclamation marks! Fascinating isn’t it?

Now there are more and more videos. There are more and more evidence of security and stability. Videos of people returning. Articles and also from the CBI and the GOI that are now really really really pounding the mantra “please international world, please invest in us.”  “Please, please come in.”

Now let me present something to you before we go any further. OK? With that being said. And we said that they have to act kind of silly at the Fair. But now you know, no they are well prepared and they are listening to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq just like you are. But do you think that Iraq is sending this message: “Listen:  from the CBI and the GOI direct to the international world:

“Come and invest in Iraq in our country at a program rate that we offer you. It is a promise that we will not give you any hope for your future, for your finances. We will not be joining Article VIII and we will choke out the life of your currency inside our own country because you will not have any freedom of capital movement. And we will render your nation’s currency inside of our country inside of our borders completely useless to you. It will eventually be lost it will be stolen or will be squandered by the CBI and the GOI leaders.

Yea, that’s the ticket! That sound good? We include cookies with this offer.”

Come on in investors and lose your profits, lose with us. Yea, lose your respect and  lose your dignity for coming in like idiots as we continue to take advantage of trades by not lifting the value of our currency.

Come on in and watch us lie to our citizens and give them nothing but the same  insanity that Maliki gave them. Fear tactics of a bully leader that sapped all the energy out of them. That used Nazi and Gestapo style methods of ruling that nation.

Yes, yes yes investors come on in indeed! Come on in and watch the 1, 2, 3 classes become a mirage and a failure to you and all of our citizens and all of our private banks and their representatives and to all the political leaders and delegates that are sitting here waiting for abadi to make a final speech. Come on in, all you private people and watch the monetary reform dissolve in our country. Watch us destroy it. Watch us lie to you”.

What? That’s not funny? You don’t like Middle Eastern humor? Of course that’s not funny.  And it’s stupid. For people to even think that way. And many questions basically lead to that field of thinking. Do you understand family? We of not of negativity, negatory. We are of positive, of rejoicing we are of accounting and I’m with you because I love you to tell you these things.

“Yes International world. Just come into Iraq and die”! No its nothing like that scenario that many create in their own minds in their own hearts, Because all they want is a date to satisfy their hunger. This is a speculative investment. Where to ask for a date of completion is simply an insult.

And many in this investment, many in our Forum, do not realize that you cannot ask certain questions on a speculative investment. Especially “when will it happen”? “Give me a date”. Do you understand?

And I know that there are a handful of you are disappointed and I know it’s just a small few. But you mean so much to me all of you. I don’t want you to be disappointed. There is nothing to be disappointed about. And I can’t help you if you’re disappointed. But for the ones that study with us, you know on an adult kind of level you’re eyes are wide open right now aren’t they? Like deer in front of lights. You have excitement, you have joy in your hearts. Because all of this lava flow makes a lot of sense right now doesn’t it! Praise God.

I want you to know that the International Financial Corporation known as the IFC is actually a part of…a subsidiary of the World Bank Groups. So the IMF on February the 12th is going to be taking part in a lot of the reconstruction conference that we’re talking about with Kuwait. I’d tell you to look at that. Why? You’re going to need ways to diversify your money. It’s just an idea. Just a suggestion. Yea they’re going to rebuild this country! (Laughing). There’s going to be a lot of spoils of this war!

Yea chapter 7 is gone. There’s no doubt about it. At least most of it any way. It’s slowly being done and so is Article VIII in the same manner. That speech at Baghdad University was not the liberation announcement speech. It was a list of many wonderful accomplishments that Iraq has done this year alone. No doubt about it.

But in my opinion this next speech that’s coming up. When is it on the 9th? Oh my gosh. That’s going to fill in the gaps. That’s going to be the “National Wedding”. The University of Baghdad speech was lacking in certain details. So I believe that this one that is coming up is the one that will liberate his nation.

And the moment…what do we say? The moment…Abadi releases this speech where he says his country is fully liberated.

Look at your notes. Didn’t we say his speech had to say he was fully liberated? Didn’t we pound that rock? And we’re still pounding that rock! This speech better say we are a fully liberated nation from Isis and Daash and any terrorism. If he says that. All… (I’m sorry I hope you don’t mind I know we are a Christian based organization) all hell is going to break loose on the monetary and economic reform.

The economic reform? How Frank? These countries are pouring in his country. They’re at the Fair.  Lined up they are ready to pour in… all the electronics is ready for their money to just come in the blink of an eye! In the still of the night! “Hello. How are you”?  “I’m fine” And in the things you are reading right now that are proving  almost everything that we’ve said since June, July, August, September, October, November and into the 4th of this December that we are in right now.

This media. All these articles…Finally… they catch up with us don’t they? (Laughing) Yea!
“What you guys doing over there?
“Ah… we’re having a risk management meeting.”
“For what”?
“Well … (what should we tell them.. for counterfeiting? For counterfeiting!. and smuggling”! (laughing) (I didn’t say lower denoms) ok  “It’s a risk management meeting!” yea. So there !
“You want to come?” No you can’t’.
“There’s 60 of us!” We’re in this room Thank God it’s air conditioned!”

Ummm and it was three phases…yep yep and there was one phase, one week a second week and then a third week. Really. Would you call these “classes”? YOU SAW THE ARTICLE FAMILY!  I’m not making this up. Word for word literally of what we’ve been telling you. All three classes defined in that little statement about the 60 trainees. It was over weeks ago!

Their media is just now catching up. How you all doing? Are we ok? You mind if I keep talking a little more? I’ll try to finish up to hurry up... I guess not.. there’s still too much!

So yea 60 trainees, 2000 employees trainees you know they talked about the meetings about the electronic dinars, they talked about the cc’s you know they talked about educating their bank employees you know they talked about the no paper issuing. You saw that in the article. You know they talked about the three zeros in the sense that they have not said they are not lifting them.

2000 trainees of private bank employees “Iraq private banks league association of  private banks in Iraq has trained over 60  or more employees that are ready to go on the subject of risk management training. On the subject of laws. Really? You mean on the subject of new equipment electronic dinars of convertible currency. Yea this is all fantastic but yet ironically enough… These are old articles. Yea.

Every one of these things I’m giving you right now they are all old articles. Let me give you another example. I’m holding it up This is Post #11 that was brought to us by Delta about two hours ago on our Forum. I think page 1 and it says here that “Al Quattras Islamic bank live with new core banking system.” It’s called the BML Yea this is great. This is a start up the Al Quattras has gone with its core banking system the ICBS supplied by the Lebanon bank banking technical vendors.. Yep we’ve got this all set. Yesiree.

And by the way… What? The bank’s we embarked on this implement last year. And the article is just now coming out to you? You see in blue “implementation last year”. As exciting as this is, because it is part of the monetary reform and as exciting it is that Delta brought it to us. (Frank crumples up the article and throws it behind him) It goes in the fireplace because it’s over a year old and many of these articles we are talking about right now prove our June July August September October November and into the 4th of  December . Remember—if it is in print, it’s happened already!

But you KTFA family you had the advantage. You had the advantage to know through our teams especially through Walkingstick before any of these things happened in June, July, August September, October, November and into December. We at KTFA are spoiled. Praise God! . With our study because monetary reform study comes to you too fast. And I have to time it. It comes to you before the media even brings it to you. And it makes me look like a liar.

Then you find yourself at a point of disadvantage because you are ahead of the curve in the study that we bring you. And you end up saying to me: “Well what happened, Frank?” I thought you said… “ hmm.  Frank you lied”.

Ummm no. actually they have had the 1st 2nd & 3rd classes. They have all been certified.  They’ve lifted three zeros. They are paying everybody in e-dinars. They are paying them in 100% dinars. There is a speech coming and this Saturday you are going to see what it’s going to do.

There are ATMs that are loaded, there are banks across the borders, there are laws ready to kick in the budget and their economic and monetary reform. The HCL is with a rider inside the budget   waiting for the new calculations, the budget was recalculated at 1:1. Etc, etc, etc. We told you all these things. I asked you to take these conference calls to God in prayer so that you would understand these things.

We told you these things in the same manner that Abadi is now telling you that.  You know it’s really important the concept of .teachers. it’s really important to educate. It’s really important to have propaganda. It’s really important to clarify, its really important to have licensed all of our private banks in Iraq. To the point where he comes out and he says quote; “ Prime Minister Abadi emphasizes the importance of the role of the teachers in society”. Because they are teaching them right now family. The next step of their lives.  

How you all doing? Every body OK?. Still about 20 more pages. I don’t know what to do but I’m not going to stop. I’m going to continue. Are you Ok with this guys? And if you’re not you just go ahead and go home or turn me off and go to sleep and… it’s ok.

I told you that the intersection of the collision of four things that we have studied or that we suggested to you in my opinion are coming to a violent collision because it is Abadi’s timing. And you can see this collision that is coming about can’t you!

Now did we not also suggest to you, family, around the first quarter of next year oil prices are going to go up.
“No they’re not Frank”. 
“Yea they might even reach about 100 dollars”.
“No they’re not Frank”
“Well, yea.. they are.
We said that oil prices will climb right after the RI. They will go up to about 70 or 80 dollars. Yea. They sure will. It’s called timing.

The American dollar will be asset backed sometime around my birthday. The United States of America has a kaka load! Sorry the United States of America has a lot of oil and they are now using our oil that we had for decade upon decades in storage we are now using it to calculate the asset back of the American dollar. Family that’s called “timing”!

The American dollar is being prepared not for an RI but for an RV basket.   All of this is just in my opinion because I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Delta wanted to say hi to one of the members of our forum Iron Man. Hey Iron Man. I love your avatar of Iron man.  Delta says if you’re going to be Iron Man he’s going to be “Dinar Man”! (Laughing) that’s OK with me.

Yes indeed family in my opinion there is a lot of leakage. A lot of spillage of information though the articles and through the videos. Now on the 9th of December—a speech louder than Krakatoa will go around the world and echo out into the Universe.

I mentioned to you our friend Tank. Not only did he bring that article I talked to you about.  He also brought you articles about buying a car. Tank says “really. That kind of proves what Frank has been saying about the first second and third zero. I’m going to buy me a car”. Shoot! (laughing)

We have a member on our forum by the name of Big Jess  says “There sure is a lot of evidence of the three zeros being lifted.” In my opinion and your Big Jess, indeed, indeed indeed!

Oh by the say I told you family, “it’s going to shine like a diamond. Because it will be more valuable than oil. Than diamonds and gold and anything. Water”! The war between the provinces the drought of the marshes is the most prominent manifestation thus it will raise the scarcity of water. And a new crisis in Iraq will begin.

But you know that don’t you family. How many articles have you seen in the last two weeks? Yea. Abadi said that after the speech that we are waiting for him to make that the economic and the monetary reform would literally just BOOM! EXPLODE!

Family, the speech is for Abadi to brag. I’ve told you that before. About security and stability because that’s how we were frozen. That’s how we were put on pause in Januray of 2017 by the Governor of the Central bank of Iraq.
“We need security and stability”.

 Family we have it! And so so much more! For the monetary reform. All heck. All heck will break loose  I think it’s too late I think it’s already breaking loose! But there’s going to be a whole lot more after this speech. The celebration of the liberation of Iraq.

Abadi said quote (and you don’t have this article by the way): “My speech is to release and to announce that we have released all territories of all terrorism.” When you read that article just smile.

So the United States Senate and the House  have passed a tax bill. Family that’s called timing!
 Timing does Abadi good besides milk.

So we have some interesting things. I would really really strongly suggest that you go back. You go back family now and see how we started our conference call. We are headed towards the end. I can see people already falling asleep here all around me here. Hang in there! Trust me I want to go to sleep.

But the evidence of the lifting of the three zeros is all around us family. And the articles that Delta has brought in, that Tank has brought in. There is no doubt about it. Iraq’s banking system is ready to connect with international systems. I’m telling you if I hear anybody with a negative attitude I’m afraid I’m going to have to do something about that. Go outside and get me a stick! (Laughing) A big one! (Laughing) Because you need to shape up!

They no longer need a mediator. They no longer need the auctions. What they are telling you is they don’t need a program rate. But they can’t do any of this under Article 14. So let us pray to God that the ability to wire money directly outside means  that they have dropped the three zeros and they are Article VIII!  Because I cannot understand articles that are showing me trillions into billions into millions. I guess that was just meant confuse me. I don’t know.

But what they are doing right now is not at all confusing. No not at all.  The long line… they know very well what is going on and they are not stupid the way I suggested. And they came to the International Fair inside of Iraq in preparation to listen to the speech that’s going to be held on the 9th by Abadi to tell them they are fully liberated. And the invitation to come into their country is not so lackadaisical or irresponsible.

They are prepared to go international.

In my opinion the interview and the words “convertible” whatever you want to say that Allak said to Bloomberg in that interview, it gave the Fair that is there right now a clue. And the clue started a long time ago with a lady by the name of Christine Legarde.

And finally, or at least close to the end here: FDIC. Allak, the governor of the central bank said that they have confirmed that the insurance is coming in. He said in fact Delta was talking about it. He used the Arabic words it called Grabi Jitman. Grabi Jitman  means imminent. The FDIC soon, imminent, very quickly… you don’t need insurance for a program rate! Bozo!

They sure are explaining a lot aren’t they family without saying a lot.  Because that is the road they walk on right now. It’s a rice paper road that can rip at any moment. They have to be careful what they are saying because they are doing.
Finally Walkingstick says to me,

“Frank, I told you. He has to say the country is fully liberated. And he’s gonna say it this Saturday. And I told you what would happen afterwards. And I told you I would say good bye.”

This is something that Walkingstick wanted me to tell you once again.

Do not mock us do not think it is so strange that we create things to entertain ourselves with you. When this speech is done, the economic and the monetary reform will do the same thing that I told you would happen once they gave you Mosul. I told you once they give you Mosul, the economic reform and the monetary reform would travel at a speed of light unknown to you.

The ICS for crying out loud. This is a financial system family that is only done for international transactions. Evidence after evidence after evidence that Walkingstick led us in the right direction.

I believe that we are going to see more about Maliki and people that need to be arrested. I believe that there was a reason that the indicative rate disappeared in March and has not come back. It had to empty its spots so that the second book accounting could fill in the gaps. Because they were studying the monetary reform possibilities. TAG came in and  finished up the rest of their reserves and told them where they were at.   Allak has been talking on as many news medias to tell them what’s going on.
And when you see someone like Jaafari that comes out and he says “I think that they owe us” I think that they should apply the Marshall plan.” I think he says that because he knows that he is about to be arrested.

“We don’t owe you anything”.
“You don’t owe us anything”.
“You owe the world a reinstatement of your currency”

This Marshall plan will come with profits this time around.

We are in the eye of a storm family. We’ve gone through a lot of noise haven’t we! And as soon as this speech is done, we will leave the eye of the storm, the quietness and we will re-enter the loud noises of the monetary and economic reform. We are down to our last 5 minutes.

As I told you on my birthday there will be a possibility of a new American dollar. It will be the lynch pin for the other currencies that are going to be in a basket eventually. The American dollar and the IQD will de-peg and they will enter a basket from the RI into the RV. And that is why the US Treasury right now has done all that it has for the American dollar to put it in a position that it’s in. Family that’s called “Timing”. 

And we all know that they are going to release the cc’s the convertible currencies very soon and I would like to show you an example of an Iraqi currency with polymers.
“oh no Frank there’s no polymers right now. No there is no polymer Iraqi currency.”

This is a 25,000 dinar note family and as I get it up as close as possible that is plastic. (Frank shows the bill on Livestream and talks a bit about the plastic polymer parts and watermarks of the bill).

Do you know how hard that is to reproduce? He refers to the band in the bill and says because of the data on that band “they can trace every one of these dinars” Just like the US Treasury can trace every one of its dollars.

This currency has so many safety features. These were printed back in 2015. Actually 2013 the more I think about it. They wanted to make sure they had an accounting of everything. I told you those articles are really late! This is exactly what this country has been doing with its currency. Fascinating. I’m proud of them! Really advanced technology. For a used toilet paper currency? No I don’t think so!

Well family the last and final thing. I want to tell you the last and final thing Walkingstick said to me and here is what it is.

”When he called already about 10-15 minutes into our call I went into another room and he told me a few things and then he said:
 “I’ll call you in two days.”
And I said “yes sir” and I said but that’s before Saturday!
“Yea, well I’ll call you in two days. I’ll have something for you.”
“What more could you have for me sir”?

“We are as water is to water” .

Let us pray.