Tuesday, December 5, 2017

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 5, 2017

Remaining Cabal are being systematically destroyed on a daily basis. Most are either switching sides or surrendering.

The 800 numbers will be located on a website hosted on a quantum server. When it is time for the release, the website will be activated.

Special couriers will then be instructed to distribute the 800 numbers from the website to various intel providers and website owners via email (TETELESTAI).

The quantum website will also contain important information and instructions on your redemption/exchange.

The USD will be publicly announced as officially asset/gold-backed days before the 25th (Christmas) as an early Christmas gift to the American people from President Trump.

The RV release is rumored to occur before the USD is announced as asset/gold-backed.
Possible dates of interest:

December 7th-11th (Iraqi Victory Day)

December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day)

Operation Disclosure


Hope & Grace: DECEMBER 2017
Leroy: Dr.Clarke,  We are just so emotionally drained from this hope of the RV. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW HAPPY I WOULD BE WITH $.50 RV Figure. Just let it be so and finally let this thing go. Either we are so tired that all we can see is the end in your words or most of us are at THE END OF OUR WITS!

At one time you gave a 1 to 10 scale, how bout a 1 to 100 scale rating on chances by 1-1-2018 and how HAPPY we may be according to my bar mentioned above.

I AIN'T going to be happy unless you respond to this comment. Thanks hopefully in advance.

DR. CLARKE (12-4-17) - OPINION:

To Leroy: Thank You. Here’s another Blessed Opinion, yes another stupid Opinion…..based on our most careful, pinpointed, direct, believed, knowed, insightful, given, specific, planned months ahead of schedule, tipped you off, CALCULATED, B.S. Opinion:
We like DECEMBER 23, 2017 @ a probability rate of 99.999999% (because Everything in Life is a Probability. EVERYTHING)…….and thus mainly why we wrote, WAY BACK THIS SUMMER 6 MONTHS AGO, in our JULY 7-27-17 Post:

DECEMBER: “You’re Santa Clause (or something similar).

HOWEVER, it wouldn’t surprise us at all now, if they waited until 11:59 pm, on DECEMBER 31, 2017 (Iraq Time)……thus, WHY we wrote about January 1st, a few days ago, in our 11-26-17 Post…..that’s “WHY”.

IN ANY EVENT, that VERY LAST WEEK of DECEMBER 2017, is what we’re talking about, but we Really Really Really Really Really like the 23rd for some reason. DECEMBER 23rd.

Who knows…..maybe because it’s a SATURDAY, 2 days before the Big Day, and SANTA will be flying high, at RECORD SPEED, dropping Lower Denoms, turning off currency auctions and currency dealers, magically in RECORD TIME?…… IL-Logically Speaking.

Leroy, you like .50 cents? Great…….Santa likes FAR NORTH of that, due to OIL & GOLD Futures Skyrocketing up now, and into 2018 & beyond…….thus, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00+……what was that silly rate way back in 2002, 15 years ago? - $3.00+


ARE YOU HAPPY? YES? NO? Well, you should Be.



P.S. SANTA says, “Hello”……he’s coming to Town….SOON!

LOOK what just happened with U.S. Taxes, this past few days……Magically!

Don’t “Forget What We Wrote Here” in the DAYS AHEAD……it’s been right in front of you all this time, over the past 6 months, since our 7-27-17 Post…….when Rudolph’s Red Nose, turned GREEN.


Please make an EXACT NOTE of this Post by Dr. Clarke, as to exactly what we wrote here. Copy & Paste it for your notes, so that you can remind US, and EVERYONE ELSE IN DINARLAND, of what Dr. Clarke wrote on DECEMBER 4th, 2017…. and Please be sure and Post it RIGHT AFTER JANUARY 1st, 2018……

Don’t let us down now. BE SURE AND Print this EXACT POST. Let it Be Known.
Just like you did for last year, December 2016.

Everything Happens for a Good Reason, Right? Right?
We Believe So.

Don’t forget, “This Will Happen VERY SUDDENLY”.

SANTA, of all people, would know the exact DATE, and exact RATE. Wouldn’t you think?


ENJOY your Day.

Dr. Clarke
Ravon Hardin (very nice): DECEMBER 2017

Cowhand: DECEMBER 2017

Ralph: DECEMBER 2017

Radiant Self: DECEMBER 2017

Jim Bob: DECEMBER 2017……and we don’t care about the ISX.


Greg H.: DECEMBER 2017


Alakhlok: DECEMBER 2017

Jay Robins: DECEMBER 2017
HereWeGo:  Dr. Clarke, why in the world would they want to wait until 12/23 to release this? So, they would release it technically before the end of the year, but we quite possibly wouldn't be able to exchange until 2018. And it certainly would be too late to make any helpful tax maneuvers prior to the end of the year. So, what's the catch?

Are they going to have some kind of way to make us pay taxes or fees just because they released it in 2017 but we couldn't exchange until 2018? What's up Dr. Clarke? Do we have to disclose our foreign currency individually, so people can't put it in a trust? (I already have a trust and paperwork putting it in) I really would like your thoughts on this, please and thank you.

(Even though you can't leap over tall buildings in a single bound, you did foretell Brexit and several earthquakes, so I'm all ears :)

Dr. Clarke: HereWeGo: DECEMBER 2017. Just Because. AND, you forgot all the other things we told you about, way in advance, such as 2 Hurricanes, N. Korea, Mosul, Trump Presidency, Leaders going down, Kurdistan, Barzani, Water Flooding, Sky, U.S. Tax Reform & more…..AND the RV NOT HAPPENING - YET………100% Correct. “WHY?”…because we wanted you to “BELIEVE”.

PackerFan: BINGO! DECEMBER 2017… & great OT win.


Jade G: DECEMBER 2017

Green Beret: DECEMBER 2017


Hopeful: DECEMBER 2017

Dutchie: DECEMBER 2017


Gary: DECEMBER 2017

JohnW: DECEMBER 2017

Mike: DECEMBER 2017

Karin: DECEMBER 2017

Tim Crafton: DECEMBER 2017

Chattels: DECEMBER 2017

Tman23: DECEMBER 2017

SandyF: DECEMBER 2017

Fjr: DECEMBER 2017

Kaperoni: DECEMBER 2017

Rayren98: DECEMBER 2017

Tony: DECEMBER 2017


Frank26: DECEMBER 2017

Delta: DECEMBER 2017

Walkingstick: DECEMBER 2017

Bruce: DECEMBER 2017

MountainGoat: DECEMBER 2017

IQD Calls Chat: DECEMBER 2017

Tom Foolery: DECEMBER 2017. And YES, we missed the Exact Date only 2 Times in the past. Both were in the year 2016 - October & December 2016……because at THAT TIME, the Significant lying crooks, were still in place.

No excuses from us though, as we were wrong, as far as you were concerned, and we Admitted it both times. 2017 is and has been, a completely different landscape. The Significant crooks are gone. This goes deeper than you would ever believe in a 1,000 years.

A fresh, new solution has been escalating in place, throughout 2017, as you’ve so been able to witness progressively. ALL the work is not over yet, and will continue into the next few years - the cleanup…..but very solid Progress has been, and is being made, rapidly & deeper than EVER BEFORE, globally.

We’ve tried to give you WHAT WE COULD, and keep you happy during this disturbing process - It’s Global……in the best way we could, up to this point, Today…..NOW……DECEMBER 2017.

3rd Times a Charm…..

AND, we even tipped you off and gave you Major Hints, way back this past JULY in our 7-27-17 Post…….because of what we sawed, knowed, knewed, heard, feeled, felt, listened to, deducted, calculated, commanded, Read, directed, enabled, believed, wrote and spewed.



We certainly hope so……you’ve had PLENTY of Time to do so, that’s for sure. NO EXCUSES.

99.999999% is pretty damn high, wouldn’t you say?

“CHOOSE WISELY”………Slowly & Deliberately.


PLEASE REMEMBER: We’re on YOUR SIDE. ALL OF YOU. We don’t want your Money or anything else. We DON’T Compete with anyone, for ANYTHING. There’s NOTHING to Win here, over anyone else. We’re NEUTRAL.

That should give you something important to REALIZE, comparatively, in the scheme of things.

We Intend the VERY BEST, for ALL…….and EVERYONE WINS!


No P.S. Today……….except maybe our B.S. Opinions, you’re accustomed to, as usual.



We gotta PEE….



12-5-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article:  "The Central Bank strengthens banks in local currencies of small groups"   Quotes:  "...the printing of the Iraqi currency and replace them cost amounts," calling on citizens to maintain and maintain Bank notes when trading."  "the Central Bank has announced a tender for the printing of new banknotes (small categories) in the printing companies of the world."  Is this the beginning of distribution of L.D.'s?  If so, they did it last month.  It just doesn't make sense to me for CBI to go to the expense of printing 1000's and 500's based on today's value unless they intend to give them a higher value. It cost more to print them than they are worth. Of course they wouldn't tell us if they distributed anything smaller. That would tell us too much.

12-5-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
  IMO this next speech coming up will fill in the gaps...IMO This speech will say, or had better say that they are completely liberated from ISIS.  WS said to me “I told you that Abadi has to say it this Saturday ...Dec.9th”.  IOO the USD and the IQD will depeg and enter a basket, then they will release the convertible currency which is a polymer note with the tower of Babylon on it.  I think this Sat you will see the photo finish.  IMO The lifting of the 3 zero's is all around us.  Alak said they confirmed the FDIC Insurance is coming in...  Remember that I told you after Mosul we will see the MR at the speed of light.  IOO Pay attention to Alak. We are now seeing leaks, and these leaks have a purpose.  IMO we are as close as water to water!   [post 2 of 2]

12-5-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Remember that speech from the University on Nov. 25th?   ...[Guru] Walking Stick called me on the 26th and he gave me a report...   We told you about that speech that is going to be called the National Wedding at Rasheed Hotel...  It will be a five day event. There will be a military parade... and IOO ( in our opinion) we will see the second part of the speech on Dec 9th...They are expecting over 100 countries to this celebration ...It is called the Final victory speech...and as soon as Abadi  makes that speech [Guru] Walkingstick will disappear because  in his words… “all hell will break loose”.   IOO - right after the speech they will announce the Economic Reform and Monetary Reform of their country...and they will tell the 100 countries attending to invest in the ISX.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-5-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   [where do you think the float will start at?]  I expect it to start right where it is at 1184...may go up fast who knows.  The CBI would be foolish to RV, to much money to be made off commission.  The IMF wants currencies to float.  [...could you please explain how this will work.]  ...hard to know for sure but we will learn when it happens.  I have my own guess...That the CBI will get in compliance with the IMF and accept Article VIII.  Move to a float...and gradually remove the 3 zeros notes and the dinar rises in value.  People dont realize the CBI needs a new exchange regime... choosing to float is a good thing...the CBI makes money...remember, if the CBI stops the auctions, they need to have an alternative.  A float allows for the CBI to buy/sell and make commissions and its all about the money.  Lets put it another way, you cannnot revalue 44 trillion dinar...thats 4 times the worlds money supply...no such event will ever occur.

12-5-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   [Do YOU think it’s going to go this month?  Or next month?]  These people are manipulating this whole process to unfold the way THEY want it to unfold. The celebrations should have happened last week;  now it’s this week.  So I don’t have a gut feeling on any of this.  I do believe it’s real, and it is happening, but as for when?  That’s anyone’s guess. 

12-5-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article:  "2018 will see a renaissance by making {in Iraq}"    ["The Donald" doesn't strike me as a patient man and getting Iraq fully back in the game of money seems to be on the priority list.]   I personally doubt that Trump has anything to do with this.  The key player appears to be the IMF.  Ever since they took over trusteeship of the CBI things have moved more quickly.  At the same time, this article is referring to a process rather than an event, so I tend to agree with KAP [Guru Kaperoni] that it could take several months before we see much change in the structure of the economy in Iraq.  Even the author of this piece refers only to a "hope" that the ball will get moving in the coming year.   [reference Guru Kaperoni 12-3-2017 post...Article:   "Expert for {morning}: 2018 will see a renaissance by making {in Iraq}"]


(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call notes 4-December-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good evening, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Marvelous Monday, December 4, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We’ll talk about a few things; we shouldn’t be here long because what you want to talk about hasn’t happened! Some information came in over the weekend but we are waiting for confirmation. It was exciting, but not the RV announcement. The Iraqi Budget still has not been approved because there hasn’t been a quorum; there must be some aspect they want to have cleared up. Victory Week has now been announced at December 7—11, with special announcements on the 9th. Those should be about the liberation of the country and defeat of Da’esh, with nothing about the RV. From the information out there, they would have us believe that the RV will not happen until the first of the year. I report, you decide; this intel is openly given, and it’s clearly what they want you to believe. They keep saying these celebrations are about getting rid of ISIL, nothing more.

In spite of that, we still have banking folks telling us they are looking for something to happen possibly this week. So it’s a mixture of positions; we are definitely in wait-and-see mode, with the publicl sources saying one thing and the private ones something quite different. Would they really have all these foreign visitors and hoopla to let people know that the country has been liberated? We already know that. The big celebration won’t just be about the liberation of Iraq; we already knew that. So they want to get that done and focus on corruption.

The banks are saying that the salaries are being paid this week (in Iraq) with the amounts being changed from 30 million dinar to five million dinar. Did that many take a pay cut? Or has the value changed? Even though we don’t have hot smoking intel, we definitely have questions about things that don’t quite add up.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I read where Dr. Abadi has sort of declared war on corruption. As corrupt as a lot of the politicians have been in the past and even now, doesn’t it seem practical to believe that that is part of the security that is needed prior to an RV and could take some time to achieve?
A: Yes, it does; that is part of the security, but they could have been working on that for quite some time. It becomes a good scapegoat, but I don’t think it’s going to take much time.

Q: With the recently passed tax law was wondering if this has any implications for us as to whether our redemption will be a taxable event?
A: I don’t know.

Q: Is victory week over in Iraq’s thinking? Have they had the grand finale celebration for Victory Week?
A: That is this week: December 7-11, with the grand celebration falling on Saturday, I assume.

Q: Have you heard of any currency dealers curtailing sales of Dinar? Additionally is there any new information about Sterling?
A: No and No.

Q: Do we still have to wait past this week?
A: It looks that way; public information suggests we may have to wait past this month… if you believe ti.

Q: Signals from TNT for weeks indicated RV in October then November and for sure by December 2. What, if anything, can we count on for an RV? The skeptics from Dinar Guru suggested RV in March 2018 at the earliest. Can you provide any reason, with need for funds, not to take current bid for a million dinars today to meet expenses this week?
A: I can only share what I’m being told, what the industry is saying, and what my personal sources share; you have to take it from there.

Q: I would agree that there has been some sort of media blackout as I follow twitter feeds from both the Government of Iraq and Abadi and heard absolutely nothing all day Sunday. Is it possible that the RV could exist in country for a period of time and then for those outside of Iraq?
A: Anything is possible and even probable right now.

Q1: Any retail/vendor news from Iraq on change of value or release of fils?
A: No.
Q2: Anything new on the activation of ATMs with the new in-country rate? Do you know what that rate is?
A: No and No. I don’t know what the in-country rate is.
Q3: Anything from the mosques or Iraqi television?
A: No.

Q: I’m asking this for another member: my father left me with a document that indicates that his stash will be divided upon his death. I have it in an LLC of which I am the Manager. [Who is the owner of the LLC? If so, that puts you in a position of power.] I asked him never to tell my sibling but that didn’t stop him from telling her that there would be some additional money coming to her beyond the trust money. I wonder now how I should handle it as I physically have to exchange it and then divide it. What in your opinion should I do? I don’t want to get screwed as it already happened with the executor; he gave my Dad’s 401k money to my sister rather than me.
A: Get some professional legal advice to sort out these details.

Q: Anything further on the 800 numbers?
A: There was scuttlebutt about 800 numbers over the weekend, but nothing has emerged.

Q: I have been hearing on the internet that the #800 would be given to everyone at the same time. What have you heard?
A: I haven’t heard anything on 800 numbers. Anyone can say anything on the internet; I haven’t heard anything official.

Q: Could you review the options we have if the dinar rate comes out low? I know one option is to wait for higher rate; what else?
A: That’s a little too vague. You can go exchange and spend it; that’s not a favorable option but you can do it. You can exchange and leverage that money into an income-producing program for a higher rate.

Q: Ray do you know what the projected rate on the dong will be after the RV/RI?
A: The rate on the screens has been 47 cents to 50 cents.

Questions from live callers

865/404: You said that the overall payroll has gone down from 30 million to five million – is that an accurate number? Or is it just an example? And when did it change?

RayRen: It was an example; I think hard numbers will surface soon, maybe even today. I don’t think this is hidden information, but I will check.

Caller: We’ve seen that they are planning military parades and fireworks for the victory celebration – have you heard any details on the timeframe?

RayRen: I haven’t heard any more details. This is all the information they want you to believe…

Caller: As for those who wish to participate on Atlanta December 9-10, do you expect that will still happen?

RayRen: We’ll be there, even if something surfaces in the early part of the week.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

340 caller: What is this Iraqi celebration is about? December 8 is my birthday; I hit the half-century and that starts life all over again.

RayRen: They would have you believe it’s all about the liberation of Iraq; we’ll have to see what else they slip in December 7—11.

423 caller: You said memos had gone out to banks saying they could start exchanges whenever they want; did you get feedback from anyone who exchanged?

RayRen: No one has reported about exchanging over the weekend. A few said they saw the rates on the screens and then is disappeared before we could ascertain the rate. We heard that major banks received the memo, and it may not have got to lower tiers.

Caller: So now they are saying 1st of the year, but could be sooner?

RayRen: That’s what people are saying now; we’ll see.

951 caller: Once the RV kicks in, before I go into my appointment, I’d like to know what the international rates are going to be. What website should I check?

RayRen: I’d go to www.coinmill.com.

Caller: Supposedly the dinar went on the ISX on December 1st; do you have a rate?

RayRen: They expected the ISX would come back on Sunday, trading at the new rate, but apparently that has not been confirmed.

Caller: Do YOU think it’s going to go this month? Or next month?

RayRen: These people are manipulating this whole process to unfold the way THEY want it to unfold. The celebrations should have happened last week; now it’s this week. So I don’t have a gut feeling on any of this. I do believe it’s real, and it is happening, but as for when? That’s anyone’s guess. When it does happen, a new door will open; my job is to make sure everyone’s ready to step across that threshold.

347 caller: With the Tax Reform Bill before Congress, do you think it will benefit us or hurt us? We have all been looking at creating LLCs and trust; what will be the impact?

RayRen: I don’t think any of it is for us; it’s for them. We’re just lucky to be going over to that side. Some say it’s for the elite, not the little man; we’re waiting for an RV, and then we won’t be the little man.

847 caller: Details on Atlanta meeting? I have friends who want to go.

RayRen: We have a coordinator who selected a very nice place, but there are bands playing there; we may change the venue to somewhere quieter so that we can talk. I will email or text you the details for the meet-and-greet and your friends can come.

636 caller: [more grumbling]

RayRen: I don’t know when the RV will happen; I can only share what people tell me, and make sure you’re prepared whether it happens today, next week/month/year. We are all waiting, and some of you will trip over your own feet if you don’t have restraint. Just wait, take it slowly, until we can cross that threshold into uncharted territory. How many jump in the lake? Let’s at least look in advance and see what’s there. I just give you what I receive, if I have reason to believe in it. Has it been done? Are they sitting on it until the final pieces are in place? I don’t know; all I can give you is the intel that I’m receiving, and make sure you are ready for when it actually happens. I’ve been training you for a year on different scenarios and realities. Whatever reality resonates with you, that’s what you do. The contract people go in right away, and the first mouse people as well, and then the best/rest of us take our time as the rate rises.

AL caller: I called HSBC today, and they said that their nearest branch is in Miami, and in order to exchange, and they said I’d have to have an account for six months first.

RayRen: Why did you call HSBC in the first place? Take that back to the person who told you that Zim would only be exchanged at HSBC, and tell them what HSBC said. Who does that make sense to? Though I appreciate your bringing it up.

281 caller: I think HSBC is saying what they say now, but when this actually happens, I think that policies will change for a lot of those banks, because they are not going to let a lot of millionaires walk out of the bank. A lot of the bank people are new, and they just give the information they have been told. I think a lot of that will change.

RayRen: Some of these banks don’t make money the way you think they make money. If they are in the foreign exchange business, then they won’t want those millions to go elsewhere. However, some of these banks are huge, and they may not care about the odd million here and there. It’s not necessarily black and white.

Caller: Where are you seeing this about 2018?

RayRen: It’s in the public information, the articles and such from Iraq.

Closing Statement

I don’t know the rate and date. Sure, they say this date or that, and then that date comes along and it still hasn’t popped. However, I do know that it’s going to happen, although what day/week remains to be seen. When I have information, I share it. If you don’t like that information, get off the call rather than ****ing and complaining to me. I am sharing with my members what I am hearing that makes sense. If it happens, it happens. For those who read the tweets, I send out texts to let you know when there is a call, and if there is hot information. If you don’t like my information or timing, then get off the tweet list. I’m servicing the many rather than the few. If you don’t like the way I do that, get yourself off the list. Everyone else, have a good day.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call Replay

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 5 2017

Compiled 10:33 pm EDT 4 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 4 2017 8:13 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "We're Almost there" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.4.17

1. The 800# is once again out. Somewhere we're hearing that someone has it and it will be released shortly. No one I know has it.

2. Tomorrow Dec. 5 President Trump is supposed to announce the end of Admiralty Law and the Transition over to Martial Law. He actually signed the executive order for said action a month ago.

3. We don't have to wait for any announcement, it's all happening NOW.
4. HSBC again is setting appointments reportedly in New York and in London to conduct ZIM exchanges-that's accurate as of today Dec. 4.

5. All Zim groups were setting Table Top Meeings and promising to pay out.

6. Global Liquidity has been released to pay down line to us.

7. We're hearing that the 800#s will be out tonight Dec. 4 to set appointments for tomorrow Dec. 5.

8. The 9:00 pm EST tonight Dec. 4 RTC Call should have an update.


B. Dec. 4 2017 8:36 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 4, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Quantum Computer Simulations have now ensured the occurrence of GESARA and the GCR/RV in this current timeline.

2. The Quantum Computer is actively calculating all possible false flag attacks for the White Hats to intercept. No false flag attacks have slipped through as of recently.

3. White Hats continue to clean up remaining Cabal malice in the U.S. and Middle East.

4. The mass indictment process is set to begin this week.

5. There is a remaining D.U.M.B. in Langley which will be taken care of shortly.

6. The RV is ready to be released at a moments notice once given the order by the Elders.

7. The 800#'s remain pending for distribution.

8. Iraqi Victory Day begins on the 7th and ends on the 11th.

9. Pearl Harbor Day is also on the 7th.


C. Dec. 4 2017 4:22 pm EST TNT Call: TNT Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 12-4-17

1. Iraq's Victory Week has been announced as Dec. 7 to 11, with special announcements on the 9th about the liberation of the country and defeat of Da’esh (ISIS).

2. Banking folks were saying to look for something to happen, possibly this week.

3. The banks are saying that the salaries would be paid this week (in Iraq) with the amounts changed from 30 million dinar to five million dinar ($6 Dinar rate?).

4. The Dong rate on Bank screens has been 47 cents to 50 cents.


D. Dec. 4 2017 3:38 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Yosef: "Heart Chakra" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Yosef - 12.4.17

1. We could deduce that China was firing non threatening rockets towards Japan to get the entire Asian continent’s attention; and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been artificially reignited to occupy the attention of the entire Middle East; and BREXIT was ginned up to consume Europe’s attention while the whole Russian Collusion saga with Trump was manufactured to absorb the attention of all North American citizens.

2. This would make every populated continent on the planet consumed and overstimulated by a regionally important news event, specifically targeted for their cultural curiosity, as to usher in the RV when the time was right without any detection and well before Christmas.


E. Dec. 4 2017 5:11 pm EST US Military on 72 Hour Alert, Col. Potter: Roy Potter: U.S. Military on 72 Hour Alert, Large Scale Drill

1. Make sure you get those extra groceries, meds, pet supplies, fill the gas tank and then make some popcorn and relax and watch the show. Dare I say that it's on - the takedown of the Cabal.

2. The North Korea crisis (a proxy front for the Deep State) has reached a critical point.

F. Dec. 4 2017 7:03 am EST Trump to Declare Martial Law, Fulford Report: "U.S. Military to Declare Martial Law" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 12.4.17 Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1. The U.S. military government under President Donald Trump was about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say. "The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest."

2. FEMA camps would be used to house mass arrests, and Gitmo may house high-value targets, while military tribunals will dispatch them swiftly.

3. "Corrupt judges were appointed by Obama, plus Congress was stacked with shills for Israel, so Trump may be forced to declare martial law to impose military justice" was how one Pentagon source put the situation.

4. The FBI has been actively covering up the Cabal slaughter of hundreds of Americans in Las Vegas using G4S mercenaries, multiple sources say.

5. Trump Tweet: "After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more) running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters. Fear not, we will bring it back to greatness."

6. Last week the U.S. Dover Air Force base was hit with a nuclear weapon, or the equivalent. The attack was described as a magnitude 4.4 earthquake in the corporate media. However, the "earthquake" had all the hallmarks of a nuclear or beam weapon attack in that its epicenter was a military base, it was shallow, and the seismograph shows a huge one-off instant quake, not the sort of shaking buildup seen in natural quakes.


7. Although the attack took place the day after North Korea announced it had ICBMs that could hit anywhere in the U.S., Pentagon sources are saying this was part of the undeclared civil war inside the military-industrial complex.

8. The Dover base was where U.S. military and other dead bodies were processed, and it was home to long-range heavy-lifting air transports. Since the CIA smuggled heroin back to the U.S. in coffins during the Vietnam War, it would be a pretty good guess that this base was taken out because it was a major trans-shipment point for Afghan heroin.


G. Dec. 3 2017 11:38 pm EST Pedogate Bust, Matt Lauer, Truth on Vaccines: (Video) Matt Lauer Fired, Massive Pedogate Bust, Truth About Vaccines -- December 3, 2017


H. Dec. 4 2017 4:06 pm EST BRICS Nation's Gold Trading Network: BRICS Nations Unveil New Gold Trading Network


tman23: If, for example, it is determined that the value of a single unit of local currency is equal to US$3, the central bank will have to ensure that it can supply the market with those dollars. In order to maintain the rate, the central bank must keep a high level of foreign reserves. They have 43 billion and just said 49 .....the additional 6 most likely from the IMF loan due to release OCT..... where as the loan was to the GOI but the GOI has been using CBI funds

blackgold: Their feelings shouldn't count they must follow the law, unless you are saying the Justice System is Unjust

blackgold: evn though we both know it is

chattels: @blackgold The jury decides the facts and then applies the law as instructed by the court.
blackgold: Yea suuure
blackgold: a joke

chattels: @blackgold I am not interested in debating jurisprudence with you.

blackgold: whoever puts on the best show

blackgold: i don't want to debate jurisprudence either, just the law

sandyf: @tman23 Quite. On the surface there is no way the CBI could revalue to the rates being discussed. The only opening as has been put forward in the past is if others were to redeem the currency with a view to using the credit for oil at some time in the future.

blackgold: @chattels you know i'm going to argue

wdave1: @sandyf Could you share what Arab currency you made $3,000 with? Was it at the slots?

blackgold: ok i'll stop

chattels: @blackgold Jurisprudence is the system and body of law.

blackgold: @chattels that was a joke

chattels: @blackgold :)

wdave1: @sandyf 3,000% sorry.

TheGifted: @chattels 10+ years is an awful long time to hold onto hope...

meatball: tell me about it lol

chattels: @TheGifted I have hoped for other things for longer periods of time.

blackgold: @chattels lol

TheGifted: @chattels but to put in all the time and effort that you have over the years,there must be a little bit more an hope in there?

TheGifted: @chattels more the hope

chattels: @TheGifted I will share with you some of my favorite poetry which I use for encouragement. " If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,.........................: If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same;.......Yours is the earth and everything that's in it......." - R. Kipling

TheGifted: Grrrr more THAN hope    IPads suck!

chattels: @TheGifted I do believe and hope.

sandyf: @wdave1 No. In 1970 I was stationed not far from Dubai and when I came home I brought a few small denomination notes worth only a few pence. When I cleared my flat in 2010 I came across those notes. What I found out was that the currency Qatar and Dubai Riyal was very short lived, about 5 years, and had become quite valuable. I sold the notes to a dealer for £800, I was told I could probably get double that at an auction but expediency prevailed.

blackgold: If this doesn't happen, just understand we got conned by the best, the Bush crime family who made it possible for us to buy it in the first place

wdave1: @sandyf So it was a collectible?

tman23: @sandyf .....My point......on the surface you are not going to find answers in a news article or IMF report....... My argument with Kap......I researched this before I bought in ........knowing it was so ludicrous to buy into 21.50 could be 25,000 ......but putting scenarios together there came a possibility .......and with that possibility I bought in and nothing has changed since that day ........I don't do the well I read and learned more Kap BS......I know what I bought into and all I wait for is to see if I'm needed as a mule to deposit $$$ into a bank account
sandyf: @wdave1 Yes

wdave1: @sandyf Ok.

TheGifted: @chattels where has your buddy bgg been hiding lately? Haven't heard a peep from him in a looong time

meatball: @TheGifted not a bad thing lol

blackgold: The CBI can't do anything international without the IMF,UN,World Bank,Fedreal Reserve and a host of others Faction we know nothing about

sandyf: @tman23 Agreed, when I started in 2004, there was little to research, the expectation was that the dinar could be wroth as much as 10 cents by 2010, which did not seem out of the question. Since then I have heard more stories and theories than I care to remember. Would still be quite happy with 10 cents.

blackgold: Ten years was plenty of time to reach 10 cents

tman23: @blackgold ........IMF>>>UN>>>>WORLD BANK>>> All started by who and funded by who ?...
TWW: @meatball who is sandyf
meatball: @TWW I don't know sandyf personally

TWW: @meatball just wondering
Sergio: @TWW sandyf has been in this investment for a long time. He had been a member of Dinar vets. He had come over to my site and gave some good insight on things. I think his wife had something to do with banking in Hong Kong

 TheGifted: @Sergio so does he think we will profit greatly?

TWW: @Sergio ty
tman23: Kurdistan region pictures........worth the time to view to get an idea

chattels: @tman23 I would like to visit there some day.

TheGifted: @Sergio does sandy think we will profit...or I should ask,does he own dinar

chattels: @tman23 History, architecture and archeology interest me.

 meatball: @tman23 some excellent pics on that site
Blossom: @chattels do u think we might have a currency thats worth anything by 2018?

 TheGifted: @Blossom hopefully you won't be asking that same question next dec

BobS: The IQD is an exotic currency right now. NO one knows if it will benefit all of us dinar investors.

Blossom: @TheGifted :yes:

chattels: @Blossom I am hoping post elections in 2018.
Blossom: @chattels spring?

BobS: Ain't gonna happen chattels. We hear that all the time.

TheGifted: we can kiss 2017 goodnye

Sergio: To the rest of you on here when I bought the IQD I was blind. After a month or so on PTR I decided to climb down the rabbit hole and do my own research. I talked to everyone such as the IMF the WTO the UST and the person at the UN who was in charge of the Iraq security forces Davide Briggs at the UN.

 I provide proof in all that I talked to. The one thing that was made clear to me is that Iraq is in charge of the value it puts on its currency that is the CBI
chattels: @Blossom Election tentatively scheduled in May I think.

TheGifted: @Sergio thank younger that

BobS: When or if it happens........everyone will know at the same time. Set back or do something to occupy your time and wait for it to come to you.
chattels: @Sergio Do you not think that the world market must accept any value " stated " by Iraq ?

meatball: @BobS yep...... live life

BobS: I have told this many times coming directly from an Iraqi dealer......stop listening to the rumors, if and when it happen........everyone will know at the same time.

meatball: wake me when its over please

Sergio: I came across bank presidents who bought it, I talked to a person at the CBI I had a in to someone I talked the Iraq gov

chattels: @Sergio I understand that Saddam's " value " was exaggerated and distorted by him.

Sergio: @chattels yup

BobS: Think of your dinar as an "exotic currency" because that is what it is. Until it goes international...........it is still an exotic currency.

Blossom: @chattels hopefully Abadi will have it done way before that. Does their fiscal year start in Jan?

Sergio: It ranged from a dollar something to 2.80 before the war

Sergio: The first gulf war it was 2.80 then came the oil for food program which he raised it to 3.22

chattels: @BobS My bank's foreign exchange branch told me that even when it has value that it likely will be treated as an exotic currency which means a high percentage to the bank to exchange.

BobS: @chattels I don't believe anything....ask Sergio and Meatball....things change on a dime, and I will say this, your foreign exchange person doesn't know either.

TWW: @BobS it does change in a NY second

BobS: @chattels like I said no disrespect......I have posted over a million articles in various websites and it has been a repeat throughout all these years. Nothing has changed.

chattels: @BobS I am a skeptic myself and consider myself a realist.

BobS: @chattels good then you should know where I am coming from. Same old Same old.

 Zig: @Kaperoni : Hey....Back to get bashed??......LOL

Kaperoni: sure   lol
Kaperoni: I see sandyf had float questions

Zig: @Kaperoni : tman said you once said the rate would be $3......True??

Kaperoni: no
Kaperoni: tman likes to say things i never said

Kaperoni: But I will say this...like all who enter this investment, over time my views have changed some

Kaperoni: the old days were fun when i served pizza

Zig: @Kaperoni : So you were once in the RV camp??

Kaperoni: sure

Sergio: @Kaperoni in the beginning I listen but after a month or so I went on my own

Kaperoni: good for u    as you should

Sergio: @Kaperoni started in 2011
Kaperoni: i go back to 2007 i think

zig: I admit to listening to Gurus for far too long.....lol


Kaperoni: no   never had a site

BREW: @Kaperoni OK

Kaperoni: but i post at dinaralert   mostly

Zig: People think Dinar Alert is Kap's site but it is not...... 

Sergio: @Kaperoni after all this time in it why do you stay posting

Zig: @Tebow : Not a pay site....yes they ask for donations....

Kaperoni: well brew if you ever want to read them, read them from dinaralert unedited


Tebow: same thing

Kaperoni: sergio, i love following the dinar

Sergio: Meat I’ll have to check them out

BREW: @Kaperoni THANKS.

Kaperoni: so is this sandyf around?

Sergio: @Kaperoni I have not seen any talk about from the news about the IQD since about 2013

Zig: @Kaperoni : sandyf lives in Thailand.....12 hours ahead....