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So what is the Balassa-Samuelson effect hypothesis?
We will get into this as this little nugget is very important to us as dinar investors.
We already know the plan is to float dinar based on the IMF statement (gradual appreciation)
When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as ”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.”
In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.
Balassa Samuelson effect Countries with high productivity growth also experience high wage growth, which leads to higher real exchange rates.
The Balassa-Samuelson effect suggests that an increase in wages in the tradable goods sector of an emerging economy will also lead to higher wages in the non-tradable (service) sector of the economy.
Iraq, currently, is running on or near the value of the USD that was injected into Iraq to sustain it because of the war.
It serves as a ‘filler’ until this new IQD is ready to supplant it and become Iraq’s own, internationally recognized currency.
As it emerges, it will replace the USD and it’s ‘value;’ therefore, it will have to come up around 1000x’s (1184-1 to 1-1ish) as the USD is pulled back to the US reserves that it came from, and is where you get paid.
Iraqi parliament in session to discuss 2018 draft budget bill The Iraqi parliament is currently in session to discuss the country’s budget draft bill for 2018 with Kurdish factions expected to oppose it if KRG demands including its 17 percent share of the budget is not met. Local media has reported that heads of Kurdish factions in the Iraqi parliament met with Iraqi President Fuad Masum, a Kurd, on Saturday to inform him of their reservations regarding the bill presented by the Iraqi government. President Masum also met with the parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri beofore the vote. 

Governments of Iraq and Kurdistan Region have traded accusations against each other over the 2018 budget, with Baghdad initially allocating a mere 12.6 percent while the KRG says it is entitled to 17 percent as has been the case since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The current budget is said to have removed the clause that sets the KRG’s share as it left it to be decided per the Kurdish population compared to the rest of Iraq. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that the budget should be allocated on the basis of the population, something the KRG agrees to only if a census is held. Iraq has not conducted a census since 1980s. 

Relations between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have entered an all-time low since Erbil held a vote on independence that was met by an Iraqi military incursion into disputed areas such as the oil-rich Kirkuk. The two sides also disagree on the number of the KRG state employees and a budget for the Kurdish Peshmerga, among other things. KRG maintains that it has about 1.2 million employees on its payroll. But Baghdad says it has to first conduct an audit to remove alleged ghost employees and double-salary holders.

 The extraordinary session by the Iraqi parliament is also set to discuss the law of the provincial elections whose major problem is the fate of such election in Kirkuk, a diverse province where the Kurds, Turkmens and Kurds disagree on a mechanism to allocate governmental positions. Baghdad is said to favor an old mechanism that was presented by the late Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that calls for an equal share for each component, 32 percent.

 The mechanism leaves the rest of the official posts for the minorities including the Christians. Kirkuk has come under the Iraqi control since October 16. Iraqi PM Abadi in October appointed an acting governor, an Arab, in place of the disposed Najmaldin Karim, a Kurd. Kirkuk took part in the Iraqi-opposed referendum on independence that saw nearly 93 percent of the people choosing to leave Iraq. The vote has since been cancelled by the Iraqi Federal Court. KRG is yet to say whether it respects the court ruling.


12-3-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Activities are beginning to pick up at the central bank as banking and investment events happen.  CBI announces the imminent launch of deposit insurance.  One thing the CBI has stated is they want to use this deposit insurance as a means to reduce the money supply.  If true, I cannot see the CBI activating deposit insurance and letting the currency collected recirculate.  So we may see the float begin soon.  The next few weeks will be telling as to the plans CBI and currency reform.

12-3-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin
   A well-informed political source reveals the "identity" of the two companies that the Abadi government contracted with to help fill corruption files...  Article quote:  "A source familiar with the political, on Sunday, that two companies are conducting the verification of files of corruption in Iraq since 2003.  The source said in a press statement that 'two companies, one American and one British are conducting the audit files corruption in Iraq since 2003 so far, and its task to detect corruption and identify the identities of those involved."  The investigation into the corruption cases is due to start on the basis of a memorandum of understanding signed by the Iraqi government with the United Nations.  International investigators will assist the Iraqi government in uncovering the fate of Iraq's $ 361 billion budget deficit between 2004 and 2014.

12-3-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:   "Expert for {morning}: 2018 will see a renaissance by making {in Iraq}"  Quote:  "the government has worked during the last term on the advancement of the industry through a partnership with the private sector, but the move has seen a delay because of the war on terror, but we hope to be activated during the next year"   [2018 it is.]   I dont like to get overly excited.  This could take another 3-6 months before they get into Article VIII and begin to float.  Nothing moves fast in Iraq.  But we can hope.

12-3-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE, IN DECEMBER 2017.  MAKE NO MISTAKE.

"New Information" - Anonymous Intel Update 12-3-17


Realistic:  Dr. Clark…We will be Santa's in December whether we RV or not. Your hints have been written in a way that implied the RV for at least three months. Your hint this time is just as vague. I wish I appreciated you remarks as much as your other readers but I feel you are falling into the "guru" category. You are funny, however, and I do appreciate that.
DR. CLARKE (12-2-17) - OPINION:

To Realistic:



Dr. Clarke


mod: Special Year-End DinarAlert Conference Call with Kaperoni Replay Link www.IQDCalls.com/kaperoni.html

mountainwest74: tman23 - I feel bad for Alak. These CBI colleague/staffer leaks are similar to White House leaks during the first few months of the Trump administration. LOL

spankie: tman-GO

tman23: Some think the referendum was a big nothing burger, fact is you cannot un-ring a rung bell ... Barzani knew what he was doing ......Macron said that France supports the constitutional rights of Kurds within Iraq, and urged Baghdad and Erbil to kickstart dialogue as soon as possible, reiterating France’s support for such talks.

​France exerts utmost efforts for the goals of the dialogue to be achieved, he added.
He stressed that all items of the Iraqi constitution need to be implemented and that the federal authority has to be imposed on all border gates.

The French leader called for dissolving Iraq’s paramilitary forces, namely Hashd al-Shaabi, after the defeat of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. The Iraqi revenues need to be distributed on all Iraqi citizens equally and the Article 140, pertaining to the disputed areas, has to be applied, Macron said.

tman23: Intel Guru RayRen98 We are getting reports of a rate of 2:1, eventually shifting to 3:1; we don’t know the timing on that, but I’m okay with the source even though we cannot confirm that publicly, yet......LMAO....THE SOURCE IS FRANK26 POSTING ON GURU........CAN'T CONFIRM IT PUBLICLY BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED....

Jo: Frank26 sells Dinar which is a conflict of interest so not a good source obviously

MichelleL: never a dull moment - wb tman, hi Jo
MichelleL: hi Chattels

Jo: Hi ya

mountainwest74: tman23 - I feel bad for Alak. These CBI colleague/staffer leaks are similar to White House leaks during the first few months of the Trump administration. LOL

spankie: tman-GO

Tebow: so what was in Kap's special year end call...... More no RV but gradual increase if they get laws passed same o, same o. L

Baxter: well... I listened to Kap... and I thought it was pretty good myself... he did say that Iraq passed the banking insurance today... which to me is huge news... and is to be implemented almost immediately... ;$$

TWW: WOOOWE bizy day at the Seattle branch & funded several vets...off to the Vancouver main office Monday...great day

Baxter: TWW.. I know ....Me too... I cashed in yesterday..
Baxter: being a vet and all..

TWW: @Baxter what did u cash in??

Baxter: Dinar.. of course

TWW: @Baxter Dinar????

Baxter: sure.... didnt you hear

TWW: @Baxter hear what??

Baxter: about the RV..

TWW: @Baxter what was the rate??

Baxter: no rate... I sold my RV yesterday

TWW: @Baxter what r u talkin abt?

Baxter: My RV that I sold yesterday

TWW: @Baxter or did u sell ur dinar to someone or just jokin

Baxter: just jokin... but I did sell my RV

Hoss: I'm starting to think Kap's scenario is the safest for us ... less chance of getting screwed via lop

Baxter: so do I HOss...

TWW: @Baxter oooooooooooooo I own ZERO dinar but do own other currency

TWW: @Baxter can I sell any of mine for a profit??

Baxter: Dinar... I dont know... I could... I have had mine a long time.... I could about triple my money

TWW: @Baxter How do I do this??

Baxter: I bought it when it was about 3500 to one...
Baxter: you cant now.... but I would buy some if you dont have any

Hoss: @Baxter how long have you been in ?

Baxter: 12 years almost

TWW: @Baxter Buy Dinar or what...to many scammers sellin dinar now

TWW: @Baxter I have been in this one since Jan 2014

Hoss: a little over 11 for me

Baxter: TWW... I thought you didnt have any dinar

TWW: @Baxter I was in a different one from 1989-1991,, made out very well
TWW: @Baxter I dont hav dinars, Iraq

Baxter: oh..ok..

TWW: @Baxter Not Iraqi dinar but do have 6 other currencies

Baxter: I hope not Zim...
TWW: @Baxter I do hav zim, but the have a new prez & he is already makin major changes for his country now

Baxter: it doesnt matter... that zim currency isnt any good.... their people had over a year to get rid of it...before they discontinued it... if they do start another currency of their own... they wont be using what you have...

TWW: @Baxter with the new prez, i am holding even if it takes a while...bk in '89 the currency traders doubted there worl be any change for ever but it did

Baxter: By April 2009, the Zimbabwe dollar was suspended indefinitely. The government has adopted a multiple currency framework which includes the Australian Dollar, Botswana Pula, British Sterling Pound, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, South African Rand, and United States Dollar
Baxter: it is done... they will never use that currency again... but you believe what you want to believe

TWW: @Baxter I kno the history of the zim in '08-09...til now wit all the currencies they deal with & all the other currencies the use

Baxter: ive got to go.. nice chattin with you

TWW: @Baxter they not the
TWW: @Baxter any time Bax

Tebow: Zim died in 2009. Use it for wallpaper

tman23: During a joint press conference with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani on Saturday, President Macron called on the Iraqi government to dissolve the Iraqi paramilitary forces after the war against IS is concluded.

“It is essential that there is a gradual demilitarization, in particular of the Popular Mobilisation that established itself in the last few years in Iraq, and that all militias be gradually dismantled,” Macron said as quoted by Reuters, using the English name for Hashd al-Shaabi.

However, his call was soon rejected by Nouri al-Maliki who said in a statement on his official website that Macron’s request is against the constitution of France as it violates the sovereignty of another country, in this case Iraq.

Maliki, who currently serves as Iraq’s vice president, said that Macron’s call surprised them, arguing that dissolving Hashd al-Shaabi, which is a legal and official force, is not possible.

tman23: Maliki sure knows how to pull the constitution card.......telling Macron his request is against Frances constitution.....Although many claim Maliki is done it sure appears he has a voice as he answers world leaders for Iraq and fat boy Tony Abadi remains silent.......If the shoe was on the other foot Maliki would have Abadi wasting away in some remote prison

blackgold: Harare - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the cash-strapped Zimbabwe government is piling up reserves of gold and diamonds to back a new local currency.

meatball: amazing how many times Maliki has been stated as done....

tman23: with maliki caravans and US drones it's amazing he has lasted this long.......somebody wants him around

meatball: track record is proving it

chattels: Friday, December 1, 2017 Hashd Preparing To Participate In Iraq’s 2018 Elections http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/12/hashd-preparing-to-participate-in-iraqs.html

chattels: There were two reports that various Hashd factions were forming a list to run in the 2018 elections. The new group might be called the Mujahedeen Alliance and consist of Badr, Asaib Ahl Al-Haq, Harakat al-Nujaba, Kataib Hezbollah, Saraya Khorasani, Imam Ali Brigades, and several others, along with Sunni tribal forces from western Iraq.

Former spokesman for the Hashd Ahmed al-Asadi recently resigned that position so he can reportedly join this list. Hadi Amiri of Badr might be the leader of the group, and throw in his hat for the premiership

chattels: Hadi Amiri of Badr might be the leader of the group, and throw in his hat for the premiership

chattels: This came after Prime Minister Haidar Abadi repeatedly said that the Hashd could not run in the elections because they were armed and are officially part of the security forces. Of course, political parties with armed wings have always participated in Iraq’s voting, which opened the door for the Hashd.

Abadi’s statements then, were more part of his positioning against the pro-Iran groups, which are nominally under his control as commander and chief, but who he has had a running feud with.

chattels: For now, many questions remain about this proposed grouping. Will it be able to bring in Sunni Hashd units? Will it be competing with Abadi for votes or actually with Nouri al-Maliki who has thrown in with Iran? Will this list align with Maliki since they have backed each other politically during the war, and there are reports that Maliki might leave Dawa to run separately next year?

How much money and backing will it get from Tehran, or will it continue to play the field backing various political parties to make sure it has influence across the spectrum? These issues and more will have to be watched and discussed in the coming months.
chattels: Government of Iraq‏Verified account @IraqiGovt Follow Follow @IraqiGovt The safe return of displaced people is a humanitarian & strategic priority for the @IraqiGovt

chattels: Hayder al-Khoei Retweeted Hassan Hadad‏ @Abufellah Nov 30 Hassan Hadad Retweeted Government of Iraq This is a big deal. Nearly 5 million IDPs in three years. More than half are home.

chattels: " More than half are home." !!!!!! / ?????

chattels: iraqoilforum‏ @iraqoilforum #Iraq draft federal budget 2018 received by parliament stipulates #oil exports of 3.888 mbd including 250 kbd from Kurdistan region, and uses a base-line oil price of $46/bbl. Oil revenues make up 85% of total revenues at $65.2B and deficit projected at $11B.

chattels: Sajad Jiyad سجاد‏ @SajadJiyad More Sajad Jiyad سجاد Retweeted iraqoilforum Draft budget to be considered by parliament next week, expect changes before approval by end of month

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 22h22 hours ago More Iraq Joint Forces Command: ISIS leader Baghdadi is still alive & in the desert area of the Syria-Iraq border (in area between Qaim in Iraq & Albokamal in Syria).

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 3 2017

Compiled 12:17 am EDT 3 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 2 2017 10:34 pm EST Intel Update, White Hat Annelot: "Inside Information" - Intel Update from White Hat Annelot 12-2-17

1. At exactly 9:52 p.m. Dutch time (3:52 EST) on Dec. 2 the Quantum Computer Simulation reached 95%.

2. Mass arrests are now in action.

3. In no-time we will see everything on television: the truth about the Cabal, Khazarians, RV, GCR, NESARA and GESARA,


B. Dec. 2 2017 10:28 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "All Consuming Media" - Intel Update from Tank 12-2-17

1. (The Flynn story) was the Flash Bang that became all consuming in the media.

2. Exchange Centers have been live since early this afternoon, Dec. 2 and are really live right now.

C. Dec. 2 2017 1:09 pm EST Intel Update, Anonymous: "Tax Plan" - Anonymous Intel Update 12-2-17

1. The release of the RV is not at all connected to the new tax reform passed by the US Senate.

2. The Quantum Computer Simulation has not yet hit the “mark” (as of 1:09 pm Dec. 2). I do not know exactly what that mark is, but I know it’s close.

3. The Quantum Simulation is constantly running - not just once a day.

4. The RV release is not waiting on indictments or arrests. It can happen first.


D. Dec. 2 2017 1:19 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 2, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Quantum Computer Simulation has yet to reach it's required 95% rate of success as of 1:19 pm Dec. 2.

2. Final calculations have been made by the Quantum Computer.

3. All Call Center personnel and Bank staff continue to remain on high alert.

4. The RV is currently in "pending" mode awaiting the Elders approval.


E. Dec. 2 2017 9:50 am EST Intel Update, Tank: "Processing?" - Intel Update from Tank 2-1-17

1. At 4:00 am EST Dec. 2 they began the next steps in the notice release protocol that began activation of the bond funding.

2. There's a 4-6 hour window from the time those funds activate to the time invitations are sent out to the Bond owners. In that time is when I suspect our notice will be released.

3. Activating the funds should move very fast, though they're probably doing some kind of audit to ensure accurate transactions.

4. We could be in the window already. We're on an any minute


F. Dec. 2 2017 12:32 am EST Intel Update, Tank: "Right Now" - Intel Update from Tank 12-2-17 Okay, so here's what's happening:

1. One report said exchange center employees, after sitting in the centers waiting to go live all day yesterday Dec. 1, were sent home until Sat. Dec. 2, 1 pm EST.

2. Not so - the exchange center employees were NOT sent home.

3. The Senate wanted to do the vote on Mon. Dec. 4 and they were denied.

4. Our release is NOT waiting on the Tax Reform to be passed. The Tax Reform has already been passed.

5. The Senate is on live feed right now being watched by the Military and by the Public to ensure they don't do anything to disrupt the process from completing.

6. When it's time to release the notices to us, the Senate will suddenly vote and the Tax Reform will be passed. So it's reversed. They don't have a way to stop us from going and they're waiting on us to start.

7. What needs to be accomplished for exchange process to begin for us? I'll let you know when I find out. TANK OUT

G. Dec. 2 2017 1:07 pm EST Marine Raid:  -- Marine Raid Confirmed, Possible Antarctica Build-Up and More

1. The hot (conventional military) war on the Cabal just got hotter, with hundreds of drug labs bombed in Afghanistan by the White Hats.

2. Pedophile rings were busted in China, Philippines, Africa, and Germany

3. Military tribunals and sealed indictments across the USA now just shy of 4,000

4. Retired military called back to active duty

5. Air and land connections to North Korea shut down, which has stopped the flow of amphetamine money to the Cabal

6. Mass arrests and deportation of the MS-13 El Salvadorian gang who are hired killers for drug kingpin El Chapo (who worked for the Cabal).

7. New attack on the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, cutting off cocaine money from South America.

8. The International Criminal Court now poised to prosecute the CIA and Bush Cabal for torture and other war crimes in Afghanistan.

9. The US Navy was about to be ‘cleaned out’ with the investigation of 440 people, including 60 admirals one third of the Navy’s officer/command structure.

10. The FBI has been neutralized.


H. Dec. 2 2017: Viet Nam Dong Currency above $.50: Google Daily Update: Increase in Value for Viet Nam Dong Currency above $.50 https://en.vietnamplus.vn/vietnams-retail-sales-to-touch-over-19-trill​ion-usd/122642.vnp



Tishwash:  With the participation of 100 countries .. Journalists Syndicate in organizing the events of the Iraqi Victory Day

The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate organizes under the banner of Baghdad hosts the journalists of the world with the victories of Iraq and its unity events of the Iraqi Victory Day for the period from 7 to 11 of this month

The union said in a statement today, seen by "Trend Press" that the events will be attended by Arab and foreign delegations to more than (100countries representing political figures, media and international organizations invited to visit Iraq "He said.

The celebration will include the arrival of Arab and foreign delegations and guests on Thursday and will be received at Baghdad International Airport. On Friday, delegates will visit Mutanabi Street. At 4 pmJournalists and journalists in Baghdad and all governorates"He said.

The official ceremony will be held on Saturday at 11:00 am at the Al Rasheed Hotel in an official and political presence in addition to Arab and foreign delegations and guests. On 9/12 at 4 pm, the meetings of the General Secretariat and the Permanent Office of the Arab Journalists Union will begin at the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel, And the Arab federations of the Union of Arab Journalists "He said.

The meetings of the symposiums and intellectual and research sessions will begin to discuss the future of security in the world and the role of the media in adhering to radical thought on Sunday. The ministers of defense, interior, national s


[Dinar Chaser] JESTER I know you were hoping to get some updated info at some point this week. Did anything materialize?
[Dinar Chaser] JESTER I know. You mentioned you were a bit frustrated that you hadn't heard anything for awhile. Just wondered if you were able to speak with anyone. Ok, thanks for sharing what you can. Appreciate it.




Samson:  The Governor of the Central Bank signs the Agreement on Governance Services
 3rd December, 2017

His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail signed an agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC)  of the World Bank.

The agreement included the organization of training courses for employees of the Central Bank and the banking sector in governance services.


Samson:  Oil prices expected to rise to $ 80 early next year

10:46 - 02/12/2017 

The price of oil will remain strong and could reach $ 70-80 by the end of the first quarter of next year, said Jonathan Barrett, chief investment officer of the Sydney-based Ares Energy. Amid concerns about shock in the show.

The geopolitical issues of the main oil producing countries, including Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iraq, Libya, will contribute to a substantial reduction in oil reserves, which will push oil prices to rise in the coming months, especially in the event of a shock in the supply.

Jonathan Barat said the extension of OPEC's oil production cut-off agreement and major non-OPEC oil producers would be in the interest of all oil producers, especially since the oil producers had committed to the previous agreement by more than 100 percent.



Samson:  Rafidain: 40 months The period of payment of the advance amount of three million dinars for retirees

2017-12-03 at 08:57 (Baghdad time)

Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday the period of repayment of the pensioners' advance of three million dinars.

The bank's Information Office said in a statement issued by Mawazine News that "the period of payment of the advance of retirees of three million dinars up to 40 months, and deducted every two months, according to the payment of salaries of retirees."

He added that "the deduction of the amount of the monthly installment of the pensioner's pension will be electronically and through his electronic card, calling on retirees to review the branches identified for the purpose of applying for the advance application."  LINK


Samson:  Economic: Settling the salaries of ministry employees is a positive step and strengthens confidence in banks

2017-12-03 at 11:53 (Baghdad time)

The economic expert Salam Smisem, Sunday, the resettlement of salaries of State Ministries employees of the positive step as it promotes confidence between citizens and banks, noting that 85% of individuals do not have experience dealing with banks.

"The settlement of the salaries of the employees of the ministries is a very important step as it protects and provides the salaries of the employee, in addition to strengthening confidence between him and the banks," Smisem said in an interview with the NewsNews.

"More than 85 percent of the Iraqi people do not have experience in dealing with banks, and this is a positive step and will enhance confidence among the citizen banks," she said.

"The economic custom of society is measured through the development of banking habits, pointing out that" there is some rejection of this decision and to fear the citizen from dealing with banks, and because it is a new step was absent from the Iraqi society. "

The Central Bank of Iraq, announced earlier on the implementation of the project to settle salaries for the first two ministries in Iraq, namely electricity and oil with the participation of a number of government and private banks.  LINK


Samson:  Jubouri announced the allocation of the special session today to discuss its law

 3rd December, 2017

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim Jubouri, held a special special session on Sunday for the general budget for the year 2018. The House of Representatives has concluded in its extraordinary session held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the presence of 167 deputies on Saturday, Law of elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

And on the draft federal budget law for the fiscal year 2018, the President of the House of Representatives the arrival of the budget bill to the Council last Wednesday evening and was referred to the Legal Committee to study and receive
observations regarding him. ​
He announced that «will be held a series of meetings between the parliamentary blocs and the Executive Authority to discuss some paragraphs in it, noting the possibility of holding an extraordinary meeting in accordance with the modalities followed to present the draft
budget law ».

The total value of the budget next year sent by the Council of Ministers last month, 108 trillions and 113 million dinars (about 91 billion dollars), while the volume of revenue 85 trillion dinars (72 billion dollars), and deficit 22 trillion dinars (about 19 billion dollars) .

The financial committee expected to face great difficulties in the process of approving the budget next year 2018, because of the budget of the problems, the most prominent objection to the Kurdish bloc on the share of the region, which was reduced by population ratio, and the opposition of the Union of forces on the lack of adequate allocations for displaced and liberated areas, And the provinces producing oil and gas on the budget for the lack of inclusion of the state's "petrodollar" in addition to the revenues of the border crossings.



Samson:  Ministry of Construction: Suspension of housing loans until the adoption of the budget

 3rd December, 2017

The Ministry of Construction and Housing announced the suspension of housing loans until the approval of the budget for the access of funds allocated to him.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Dara Hassan Rashid said that "the funds in the Fund is not enough to continue to launch loans after the launch of many loans to citizens during the last period."

Noting that "the ministry will not resume lending to citizens only if the Parliament approved the budget and the allocation of funds to the Fund."




2nd December, 2017

Iraq has fallen one place in this year’s Legatum Institute Prosperity Index, ranking in 142nd place out of the 149 countries measured.

The index ranks countries according to its nine pillars of prosperity: Economic Quality, Business Environment, Governance, Personal Freedom, Social Capital, Safety and Security, Education, Health and Natural Environment.

Despite Iraq’s dismal performance, the report found some areas of improvement:

“While its prosperity has been hit hard by the presence of ISIS, Social Capital has improved more than any other pillar over the last five years. Over the same timeframe it has seen a greater increase in Social Capital than any other country. The sense here is that in the midst of violence, Iraqis do not let go of their relationships; rather, they strengthen them.”

It also noted that, “despite ongoing conflict, Iraq has improved its Personal Freedom score significantly in the last five years.”

But it also pointed out that, “with oil rents amounting to 29% of GDP, Iraq ranks bottom in the world for the diversity of its exports.”

Norway re-gained its place at the top of the Index, pushing New Zealand into second place, with Finland maintaining its position in third place.

The least prosperous country is again Yemen, behind the Central African Republic and Sudan.


22coconuts22:  They better revalue their money then because once the iraqi people have an efficient internet you better believe they will start using it if they still have this crap rate

Samson:  Central Bank: We do not deal with the Bitcoin coin

2017-12-03 at 11:50 (Baghdad time)
Iraq's central bank said on Sunday it was not dealing with Bitcoin, warning that its dealers would be subject to the money laundering law.

"The Bitcoin coin is a virtual electronic currency that trades only over the Internet without a physical presence and is used for purchases via the Internet and supports the payment using the cards of decomposition or may convert to traditional currencies in some cases," said the director of the media office, Acer Jabbar, in a statement received by Mawazine News. .

Jabbar added that "this currency involves several risks that may result from circulation, especially with regard to electronic piracy and fraud, although there is no popularity within Iraq."

He pointed out that "the Central Bank stressed the need not to use them and subject dealers to the provisions of the Money Laundering Law No. (39) for the year 2015 and related laws in this regard."  LINK