Friday, December 1, 2017


chattels: @tman23 So, there is a " critical mass " to be realized following a government shutdown ? Does that precipitate our liquidity event ?

tman23: @chattels ........ WE shall find out soon enough........ This 12% to Erbil is quite an eye opener and more to it than meets the eye

TheGifted: WHEN shall we know, is the question....

chattels: His brow is wet with honest sweat, He earns whate'er he can, And looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man.

chattels: Toiling,--rejoicing,--sorrowing, Onward through life he goes; Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening sees it close Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night's repose.

chattels: The Village Blacksmith - Wordsworth
meatball: @chattels I settle for a cleared paycheck lol
chattels: Busy day for me. Have a good one all.

meatball: @chattels all the best...take care

chattels: @Doug_W Of course.

Doug_W: @chattels then Ur in a very generous mood today

chattels: @Doug_W To whom much has been given shall much be required, eh ?

futuemoney: saw Kaperoni on twitter and he said he was able to go on a site and explain his view to those stupid gurus. He was here and there are no gurus here... lost a little respect for him..

meatball: last place a guru wants to be lol

futuemoney: I know

meatball: aint that right Poppy lol

futuemoney: :sh

meatball: I have no problem with someones views.... just the bs

futuremoney: dang...cant even get my name right this morning

meatball: lol... rough one

futuremoney: yeah...but he wasn't debating any gurus..it was just us

meatball: its just another view/opinion ...

futuremoney: wow, I just cant get motivated today

meatball: some days are like taking a standing 8 count in boxing
meatball: with my friends I usually check to see lol

futuremoney: what I need is a big pile of money in my lap...

meatball: i hear ya
meatball: i will let you know where to get one if i find one

futuremoney: I guess so...prolly why he has so many friends...

blackgold: I sure hope not
blackgold: yea i'm still lurking about
blackgold: smiling

blackgold: i heard someone say it was slow in here,i just thought I might liven things up, lol

foxmulder: If they do a managed float. The ?? Is at what rate or value do they start at ...

tman23: Not from any secret source or some religious cult dinar guru website......... But what is circulating in mainstream is to expect (be on the look out) for big news coming out of the Middle East in the next few days....... RV ?? or another civil war? Who knows other than expecting big news......

blackgold: @foxmulder I hope at least a dollar

blackgold: They already started the wars, you haven't heard about them--- Qatar,Yeman and myanmar

foxmulder: @tman23 with Abadi and Maliki at odds does not help

tman23: after years of reading nowhere has the IMF or CBI said there will be an overnight revalue with a new rate placed on the Iraqi Dinar....... I challenge anyone to produce such a document...... it does not exist, the IMF has never indicated such.......therefore you have been scammed !!!

blackgold: abadi and Maliki are in house garbage, in the end, they do what the IMF,UN Fed reserve, tell them to

blackgold: IMF along with all the rest are just crooks, they would never state that, if they did, the whole world would buy

foxmulder: @tman23 if and when THE CBI says our notes are no good thatss wwhen i would use the term scam

blackgold: @foxmulder i agree

Jo: You can sell you dinar back
blackgold: oh sorry

tman23: @foxmulder .....Did anyone ever expect to see the IMF or CBI advertise a currency revaluation ? LOL !! Guesss if it isn't in print it's not possible.......

blackgold: I'm in this until the authorities say other wise. I wasn't dumb enough to mortgage my house and i only put in what i could afford to lose

spankie: china pre-builds cities in hopes they will fill them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbDeS_mXMnM

eman4u55: Kaperoni (Dinar Guru) – So what is the Balassa-Samuelson effect hypothesis? We will get into this…as this little nugget is very important to us as dinar investors. We already know the plan is to float dinar based on the IMF statement…(gradual appreciation) [reference Guru Kaperoni post 11-30-2017]. When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as…”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.” In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.

blackgold: @spankie thats where all our money in the banks is at, hope and speculating in the derivative market

blackgold: @spankie They have the people, but not the fuel

blackgold: @spankie They actually limit the amount of property chinese can by there so they can limit people's wealth 
​blackgold: @spankie They plan on moving 350 million people and then 400 million, that is bigger than the US

blackgold: @spankie Imagine when the country people finally taste Burger King
blackgold: @spankie It may seem stupid to us but think about this those cities have been there but they are already paid for. If they wait ten years, they would be at a high building rate. They are ready

spankie: 65 mil units empty
spankie: bubble

blackgold: @spankie We shall see
spankie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b22bB-b8Yo

IMUNEEK: John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDDJeM5R4PM

blackgold: @spankie thank you i'll check it out

blackgold: @spankie The average person just doesn't understand buying power

blackgold: @spankie i'm still learning


12-1-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   THINGS ARE LOOKING "VERY" GOOD FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!$$$$$$$$$

12-1-2017  Newshound Guru  Kaperoni
 We all should know by now currency reform is a process. Currency reform like we want to see requires stability, implementation of technology, and planning.  From what I am reading, progress has been made in recent weeks with the new CBI law, anti money laundering, electronic banking.  But this takes time to implement and activate.  Not to mention the CBI still has work to do to be in compliance with the IMF.  The good news is the CBI is pushing forward on reforms, have banking events scheduled next month, next year.  With all this known, hopefully we will see changes in the next few months to perpetuate the banking system and encourage investment

12-1-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   When [Guru] Walkingstick told me what they were thinking about I was shocked.  Walkingstick told me how bad it has been negotiating with the Iraqi officials (it is just their style).   Now, everybody needs to thank Walkingstick for this next part...All accounting has been figured at $2.00 to 1 dinar and next week they are to do the accounting at 3:1 (as in $3.00 to 1 dinar).   The only reason I could give out this rate information is because this is now public information in Iraq.

12-1-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   I was advised Intel wise to lay low... Don’t say a whole lot because where we are and we are so close.   A lot is going on behind the scenes. I will just say this, when it comes to Iraq, Iraq is the lead dog on this. Let’s release this. Iraqi stock exchange, ISX, closed for about 6 days. They are opening up their ISX tomorrow [Friday] approximately 9am Iraqi time. Do you realize they suppose to have their new rate showing? That program rate we have seen for so long is gone and the new rate is in.  That allows a lot more people to see it and trade on it and bring the value of the dinar up even higher. I am just going to say there are a number of things happening today [Thursday] are moving this thing to fruition...we should have a good holiday season this year.  I am not saying we will have to wait till then, but we are on an hour to hour time frame right now.

12-1-2017   Newshound Guru Walkingstick   I told  Frank [Guru Frank26] over a month ago that part of the delay is that they have been arguing over the rate that they are wanting to come out.  IMO They are planning or wanting to come out above $1.

12-1-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   So what is the Balassa-Samuelson effect hypothesis?  We will get into this…as this little nugget is very important to us as dinar investors. We already know the plan is to float dinar based on the IMF statement...(gradual appreciation)  [reference Guru Kaperoni post 11-30-2017]. When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as…”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.” In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.


So what is the Balassa-Samuelson effect hypothesis?
We will get into this as this little nugget is very important to us as dinar investors.
We already know the plan is to float dinar based on the IMF statement (gradual appreciation).
When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as ”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.”
In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.
Senior corrupt figures must be targeted before junior ones – Jabouri The anti-corruption campaign has to target ‘senior figures before junior ones, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri revealed in a televised interview Thursday. In the interview, al-Jabouri said that all state institutions have to take part in combating corruption, but within the powers conferred upon them. This starts with these institutions playing an oversight role. Fighting corruption requires practical measures that end up with issuing court rulings, he noted. Money is explicitly used in politics. Our role is to shed light on corrupt influential figures in the governorates, he further stated. Concerning election, Jabouri said that setting a date for the election depends on parliament’s vote, adding that there are substantive articles in the election law that need to be amended. We support holding a professional and transparent election free of pressures. But there is inaction in taking the necessary measures for holding the election, he added.
Abadi’s Gov. Again Deprives Kurds from Full Financial Rights in 2018 Budget Bill The Iraqi central government, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, has again deprived the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) from its full financial rights defined by the Iraqi constitution. There is a heated debate currently on Baghdad’s suggested bill of 2018 budget, according to which Erbil’s share has been slashed, from 17% to 12.6%. Detailing the draft law, Kurdish lawmaker Ashwaq Jaff told BasNews that Abadi’s government has firstly named the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) as ‘Government of Kurdish Provinces”, which, according to Jaff, is against the constitution. From a $500 million bail provided by the central bank, Abadi’s government is giving the KRG only $1.6 million, Jaff stated. She also revealed that a huge budget is allocated for purchasing arms for militia groups like the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi while the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are again neglected.



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Very shortly is not going to be about Intel. It is going to be about what do I do now. Get ready for life changes, Paradigm. You will be the same person you are now, but with a lot higher spending capability and a lot higher giving capability. Your new job if you chose to accept it is to learn to be a Philanthropist whether thru ministry or humanitarian projects or both. This is what I am going to do and many are going to do.

Bruce:  We have some major things we are going to do as a group if you wish to be part of it which is Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America. It is going to be so much fun. It is going to be about you giving to others. Imagine the families and children you will be able to give to. It is not about your toys, and your rides.  It is about can you help Rebuild America, Veteran Retreat Network, and people around the world to help them raise their standard of living.  
Not everybody around the world is going to be mega rich. We have been chosen for this position to be philanthropists and be givers of things, food, create opportunities for people to have clean drinking water for everybody in the world, clothes for everybody, and homes that are safe from hurricanes. This is what we are going to do here in the United States first. Then we will expand the programs and take them around the world.

Bruce:  I am so motivated to see everybody’s life improved. I know we will be able to do things we weren’t able to do before. Let’s share with people and families. Figure how to do it without your left hand knowing what the right hand is doing. Step back behind the curtain so to speak. We are not glory seekers. When we get involved with community projects that we are going to do, we are going to be behind the scenes. We will have other people in the front lines. We will be able to follow the templates on the Big Call that we will have.

Bruce:  We will help depressed areas in the United States. Let’s get them what they need, the families and the children. Let’s get them educated, and all up to a nice level where we can create decent jobs and wages that are respectful. They will be good paying jobs. What will raise the wages is getting money poured into the economy. For our apprenticeship programs we can figure out a way to pay for those too. Also pay college education for people all over the country. We can adopt universities and students with full scholarships. We will have resources to do that too. Working directly with the community colleges and trade schools in covering their tuition and tie in them working in the field work being a plumber, mason, etc.  The lab will be our construction sites working directly under our apprenticeship programs with companies.

Bruce:  I was advised Intel wise to lay low tonight. Don’t say a whole lot because where we are and we are so close. A lot is going on behind the scenes. I will just say this, when it comes to Iraq, Iraq is the lead dog on this. Let’s release this. Iraqi stock exchange, ISX, closed for about 6 days. They are opening up their ISX tomorrow approximately 9am Iraqi time. Do you realize they suppose to have their new rate showing? That program rate we have seen for so long is gone and the new rate is in.  That allows a lot more people to see it and trade on it and bring the value of the dinar up even higher.

Bruce:  I am just going to say there are a number of things happening today are moving this thing to fruition. The vote in the senate for the new tax cut reform plan is to start with roll call 11am EST tomorrow. It takes 5 to 7 minutes.  Then the voting is supposed to start. When that is over early afternoon that vote is expected to go thru and I have a feeling they maybe be able to put a plan together.  Maybe the President can sign even before he goes home for dinner. It is conceivable. That would be excited. I don’t know if our start is directly related to the tax plan. I been told yes.  I been told no.  I been told maybe yes maybe no. I been told it may happen pretty close in time.

It is a very positive thing for that tax reform to go thru for us. Great for us, the country, small businesses and corporations. Bruce:  This last growth we had the growth was over 3% without the tax plan. When we get that tax plan we will see maybe up to 5 to 6 percent per quarter. Do you think us dumping money in the economy with new homes, cars, clothes all we going to buy plus Rebuild program? Guys they have no idea. economists think they know what is projected. They have no clue. They won’t know what day it is when we will be able to help this country funneling funds. Everything is going to be overwhelming. If you are going to buy a luxury car, I bet luxury cars will be in short supply soon and some be on waiting lists for some cars. Look what you will be able to do. All I am going to say do it wisely.

Try to do it where they don’t know where it came from. Use attorneys, trusts, other foundations, other structures so it is not directly coming from you the individual. Don’t leave $1000 tips with waitresses. You can be followed to your home by a number of people. Tip generously, yes be generous but don’t be stupid about it.

Bruce:  When it comes to black cards, I understand you can get the benefits of a black card or a black card that is not black, because a black card is a giveaway.  I am going to get a black card that is not black. I want it to be another color because I don’t what to be tied to t as unlimited funds credit card. Ask if they have a version of the black card. You be wise to do that. Certain parts of the country like Beverly Hills probably they don’t even blink when they see a black card. Other places, like a restraint, they say look it here and all come and see it.

Bruce:  I am just going to say this. The Redemption Centers are ready to go. They have their schedule. They are ready. They have a schedule of approximate start times. They have it. I would say we are looking to be notified here. I get a notified with the so call toll free number, I will put it out on our two websites:  thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com.  If you register with us on the new website: bigcalluniver.com, you will get an email with that number in it provided we are allowed to do that. I won’t know until I am contacted about that. I plan on putting that out so people will have that. I will put it out to couple other places online shortly after I put it on our own sites. You will see it  since it will go viral quickly.

Bruce:  As far as anything else rates are continually trading higher.  I think that is part of the reason we haven’t gone yet. You will be in great shape as far as that goes. If you plan to do humanitarian projects,  let them know that. You can negotiate a PNR, Private Negotiable Rate, on Zim, dinar, dong, and possibly on the rial. Those are the ones they will do that on. If you don’t have a project of your own and want to be part of our team let them know that. 

We will do several large projects such as Rebuild America adopting a city, town, and community. We will find out  what they need in each place. We don’t want to create strife in the neighborhood. We will increase the value of the homes in the neighbor when we come in and build the homes we will be able to build and we will be sensitive to the market and neighborhood.

Bruce:  We will want to do other projects in the areas making them all rise in value. We will do  Infrastructure working with roads, bridges, railways, internet access, cell phone access, etc all over the country.  If you want to be part of it you can say the Big Call is doing something called Rebuild America and I plan to be part of it. I don’t know all about it but I plan to pick up one or two towns and we will do infrastructure, new clinics, recreation centers, food distribution points, etc.

Bruce:  Things are looking really good. Don’t know if it is tied to the vote or not, but things are looking good and we should have a good holiday season this year. I am not saying we will have to wait till then, but we are on an hour to hour time frame right now.

Bruce:  I appreciate everybody coming in tonight. I appreciate my team Sue, Bob Pastor Steven and all who are behind the scenes. I appreciate our listeners around the globe and all in the banking industry make this happen for us. I am ready. Stay with it. Stay focus. Let’s do this thing. Let’s get it done. Good Night and all have a beautiful night sleep and a beautiful December. December should be the month to remember. 

Good night everybody. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and we will see you in a month or so when we get everybody set up for our new calls.  Love everybody and have a beautiful night and looking forward to a beautiful December. Good night everybody.


Doodlebug:  I personally find this very interesting... Abadi is up for re-election next year and it seems to me that going after Maliki might cause some "upset" and/or division in the DAWA Party... So let's get Mikey to try it.. I mean, let's get President Trump to do it that way Abadi's hands are clean. Brilliant, in my opinion only.

Don961:  Trump pursues Maliki's crimes against Iraqis namely squandering USD 35bln
November 30 2017 06:28 PM

Nouri al-Maliki

US President Donald Trump is following the financial crimes of former prime minister Nouri al Maliki as well as his cooperation with Iran, well-informed sources at the US administration told The Baghdad Post on Thursday.
The sources added that Trump is studying Maliki's crimes against Iraqi people including ignoring Iran's violations in which Tehran looted 17 billion dollars of Iraq's oil revenues (14 percent of the annual revenues). This money enabled Mullah's regime to avoid international sanctions imposed against Tehran.

Trump is also following up Maliki's financial support to Hezbollah with 18 billion dollars, the sources underlined.

The sources also said that eyewitnesses including former Iraqi finance minister Baqir Jabr Al-Zubeidi raised to Trump a number of document that criminalize Maliki and his regime.


Truthseeker: Abadi has failed to go after Maliki all these years, possibly because Maliki tried to have Abadi assassinated back in 2014; meaning out of fear of him as he is a dangerous man and should have been "put away" a long time ago IMO.  He would have been in most "civilized" countries for all the crimes he has committed in addition to stealing humongous amounts of money from Iraq.

I'm glad to see Trump get into the act to find out what happened to all that U.S. money and hold the thieves accountable, and feel he as representing the U.S. has the right to do so since it was U.S. money.

That would not only leave Abadi's "hands clean," but would protect him from Maliki's wrath I hope.


Samson:  Al-Zaidi: resorting to extraordinary sessions a legal trick to avoid the challenge of the budget when approved

17:22 - 30/11/2017

On Thursday, the parliamentary legal committee considered the extraordinary sessions as a legal ploy resorted to by the presidency to ensure that the decisions taken by some parties that register their objections to some paragraphs in the budget and electoral laws are not challenged.

A member of the legal committee Kamel al-Zaidi for / information / "The parliament entered the legislative holiday and can not continue meetings and pass the budget or the election law and others."

He added that "the two laws have objections by some parties and political blocs and if the continuation of meetings can be challenged before the Federal Court and win the decision as illegal sessions."

Zaidi stressed that "the presidency resorted to a legal trick to declare the holiday and call for an extraordinary session to pass the budget laws and elections," noting that "the Constitution allowed invitations to extraordinary meetings during the legislative holidays of the parliament for important matters."

He explained that "the extraordinary sessions are either under the pretext of the presidency of parliament or the Republic or the Prime Minister as well as submit a request signed by 50 deputies or more."


TPNoble:  TY Samson..IMO if I'm reading this correctly it appears Abadi is trying to use some parliamentary razzle dazzle to get this budget through and do the RI? Any means necessary right?





Samson:  China to promote building community of shared future for mankind: Xi

30th November, 2017   VIDEO on link

President Xi Jinping says China’s diplomacy for the new era is to promote the construction of a new type of international relations and a common community of shared future for the mankind.

Xi made the remarks in Beijing on Thursday while meeting with foreign dignitaries and delegates attending the 2017 Imperial Springs International Forum, which was held in Guangzhou in south China on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Former world leaders, renowned scholars and business elites gathered in Guangzhou to exchange their views on global governance.



Samson:  Internet of Things to drive Vietnam digital transformation

November, 30/2017 - 07:00

Experts speak at the 19th edition of the Asia IoT Business Platform organised yesterday in HCM City

More than 200 representatives from the hi-tech sectors are participating in the 19th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform.HCM CITY — The massive potential of Internet of Things (IoT) is set to help Việt Nam pursue its goal of a smart city and becoming an industrial country by 2020, experts said at an international conference held on Wednesday in HCM City.


SunshineSally:  WOW!!!   So many countries looking at Vietnam also. Just blows the mind!   We KNOWWWW  

Samson: Iraq participates in the meeting of the Arab Economic Council

1st December, 2017   Posted previously but dated today

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce Mohammad Hanoun al - Hamdani said that the work of the fifth session of the Council of Arab economic unity opened Friday with the participation of Iraq through an economic delegation headed by Undersecretary senior Walid Habib al - Musawi.

"The fourth item was related to the report of the Committee of Representatives as a standing committee. The fourth item was related to any new business," he said.

He pointed out that the memoranda of the General Secretariat of the Council were discussed on the amendments received from the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation in Egypt on a number of studies including a study on the role of tourism policy in improving the level of economic development by applying to the Egyptian situation and studying the role of the state in the development of small enterprises to reduce economic impacts The negative effects of unemployment and the study of investment contracts in international construction and dispute settlement mechanisms.

A study on biofuels, possibilities and opportunities for Arab-African integration, a study of the economic impact of food losses on Arab food security and the practical application of local currencies to settle international payments (the exchange and trade exchange agreement and a study on the green economy in the Arab world as a cornerstone for development) And the study of social partnership and its role in supporting scientific research and achieving sustainable development and vision of specialized Arab federations specialized in the implementation of sustainable development programs.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said that the project of producing biofuels as one of the sources of renewable energy through the cultivation of non-traditional plants in the deserts of the Arab world was implemented in implementation of the recommendation of the forty-sixth regular meeting of Arab specialized associations and a note on the recommendations of the 47th meeting.  LINK


Samson:  An extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on Saturday to discuss the laws of the budget and elections and the questioning of officials

 1st December, 2017

The extraordinary sessions of the parliament during his legislative break will be limited to issues that need to be resolved quickly, such as a legal debate on the budget and general elections, as well as the questioning of some officials, according to informed sources.

"The parliament will allocate a session on Saturday, the first special sessions to discuss the election law and vote on it, while another meeting will be called to discuss the budget law, and if the signatures were collected by members of parliament to resolve the subjects of interrogations of political officials The Council will allocate another special session for this purpose. "


The big Call w/bruce "INTEL" ONLY

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 1 2017

Compiled 12:50 am EDT 1 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 30 2017 Bruce The Big Call: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. The banks are ready and we are looking to be notified.

2. Iraq's ISX is opening tomorrow Dec. 1 at 9 am Iraqi time with their new Dinar rate showing.

3. Currency Rates are continually being traded upward.

B. Nov. 30 2017 7:54 pm EST RV Intel Alert Rebuttal, Tank: RV/Intelligence Alert Rebuttal/Commentary by Tank 11-30-17 re: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 30, 2017

1. Both Merkel (Germany) and Netanyahu (Israel) threats were being contained by the New Powers That Be (NPTB) and taking place as we speak.

2. This has everything to do with the transition to the new Republic, though was not the deciding factor for us to move forward with our exchanges.

3. Busting the human trafficking rings was part of the mass arrests, and the 4,000+ sealed indictments would be handled after the exchange process was fully implemented.

4. The Cabal would not be totally neutralized until sometime after our exchange has been completed.

5. In order for the RV/GCR to be an effective weapon against the Cabal, the RV/GCR would have to be released. By putting out notice to the people, and allowing them to make their appointments and conduct their exchanges, you more evenly distribute the power granted by money and decentralize it away from the hands of the Cabal. This one act was the most powerful weapon against the Cabal and for humanity in the Alliance arsenal.

6. The GCR/RV would come first, then the restoration of the Republic, then GESARA.

7. The Quantum computers have already concluded simulation at above a 95% success rate so the Elders can now release the Global Collateral Accounts funding the GCR/RV.

8. The fact that they’re referring to having to reach 95% at all is a cover for an unanticipated delay, something they might not want to share with us because it’s doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason, or it’s embarrassing , or it’s sensitive.

9. Iraq was paid out last week at $2.00 per Dinar and they're scheduled to get paid at $3.00 on Mon. Dec. 3. The numbers aren't exact, but you get the idea: We're there.

10. Tank was told that everything was fully released at 9 am EST this morning Nov. 30.


C. Nov. 30 2017 1:02 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 30, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Both Merkel (Germany) and Netanyahu (Israel) threats were being contained by the New Powers That Be (NPTB). Read between the lines with recent news artiles about the two.

2. Each day more Human Trafficking Rings were being busted.

3. Mass Indictments (4,200 and counting) were triggers for the Republic transition.

4. The NPTB would continue to use the GCR/RV as a weapon until the Cabal have been totally neutralized.

5. The GCR/RV was also a pre-GESRA Event and a way to inject an influz of humanitarians into the world prior to GESARA.

6. Important technologies would be released within a few years.

7. The GCR/RV would come first, then the restoration of the Republic, then GESARA.

8. Once the Quantum Computers concluded simulation at a 95% success rate, the Elders would release the Global Collateral Accounts funding the GCR/RV.


D. Nov. 30 2017 10:15 pm EST Update: "Banks and Banksters"  - The Office of POOFness - 11.30.17

1. We are there but not quite there. They are hanging on to the money for one more day until the banks close the books for the month.

2. Tomorrow Dec. 1 they will send our money out and because it is the weekend none of us will see it until Mon. Dec. 3.

3. I received a very late call last night from the assistant to an attorney who is handling some of the currency transactions. They are moving very fast over the weekend to close initial files with payments scheduled for next week. There will be many with money way before Christmas from the looks of it.


E. Nov. 30 2017 2:55 am EST Intel Update, Tank: "We Got Banked" - Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17

1. Right now we should be exchanging, though apparently some of the money changers said they weren't ready.

2. Yesterday a second report stated that the banks were given an extension until Friday morning Dec. 1 to get Basel III compliant.

3. Were the banks delibertly keeping funds to gain another day of interest?


F. Nov. 29 2017 Bank Story, Topaz149: BANK STORY UPDATE, 29 NOV

Went into my local WF today. Just asked if they had any of the new US Treasury Reserve Notes. I told him I wanted those new crisp ones to put in Christmas envelopes. The man said he would check with his supervisor, who then looked over the counter and said: "We expect to have them next week."


G. Nov. 30 2017 12:53 pm EST Ex-CIA Operative David Steele: Destroying The Illusion - Interview w/ Ex-CIA Robert David Steele


H. Nov. 30 2017 8:21 am EST Disinformation Alert on Zim Groups Intel Update, Tank:
"Disinformation Alert" - Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17

This is a Disinformation Alert Warning: The below disinformation has been provided to members of at least one Zim Contract Deal:

1. "I am now officially able to share the very sensitive news with you as follows:"
(One of the best ways to put out disinformation is to tell receivers it's very sensitive.)

2. "The US Treasury in unification with the President of the European Central Bank (Mario Draghi) finalized the last of everything last night. I cannot elaborate."
(She cannot because she doesn't know, but it makes you think that her the Broker is important and you're fortunate to be working with her.)

3. "The next step is for the paymaster (Mr. *******) to release the signed documentation to the various international banks, as to allow for the release of all global payment to thirty two (32) different redemption parties." (This implies that these 32 deals are unique to the GCR with enough detail to make it seem she is legit.)

4. "Our funds, and or payment will be made during the course of the day on Friday (US time)." (She claims you'll be paid out tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and you wait patiently to get paid - giving her enough time to process your paperwork. Then there will be a reason given that this gets put off until March.)

5. "All other global agents - whales is what they call them - will only be paid in March next year when the GCR is formally/officially announced." (Indicates that there are going to be some very angry people out there, but thank heavens you are being paid now.)

6. The info is put out as secret and priviledged using big names so you'll share it, but not with enough detail to get you in trouble. This in turn creates disinformation as the information is manipulated from one person to the next.

7. If this Zim Group information were true it would violate the Fair Trade and Wealth Redistribution Agreements established by the Paris Climate Agreement. It would create a new ultra elite class of wealthy people who would have more money than countries. They would be able to take control of the world.

8. The rates given on this deal were "sucker rates." In other words, the deal was for pennies on the Zim, or a fraction of what it's worth with the promise of early delivery.

9. This has been the theme song of all Zim swap deals, none of which have paid out.