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Kaperoni "We Don't Want a Managed Float" , 30 NOV

Article:  "Tigris channel reveal details of the World Bank negotiations with Iraq on the corruption of the currency auction"    My take on this...the IMF is warning Iraq that if you continue to let the reserves erode you will risk the collapse of the economy. More importantly it once again confirms the plan to float the dinar.   ...we don’t want a managed float or a peg...we want the global financial system to set the rate. And that only happens with a free float. Iraq needs to create momentum, then they can let it go and watch it rise.


11-30-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    ...there is no RV its a hoax...currencies do not work that way.  [SO NO RV?  WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED?]  if you been told the dinar will RV, then yes you been scammed.  I've been in this way too long. There is no such thing as a  "program rate"...  Yes, the IMF has ask the CBI to lower the rate in 2015, but there was a specific reason for that documented in the Article IV consultation.  More importantly, if you read the most recent delete zeros article, they confirm the dinar will rise "gradually".  If you read the IMF docs, and other news reports you would know the dinar is going to leave the Peg at some point and float. In doing so, the value will rise based on supply and demand.  The value will rise, just not overnight...there will be no running to banks to cash out...thats all bs.   Once they float, it may take 6 months to a year to get to $1...they never said that would happen overnight!   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

11-30-2017  Newshound Guru Breiting  ...
They told everybody what they want to do.  So the next question for you is, “alright how do you believe them?”  It’s because they’ve hit every benchmark that they need to hit.  The markets haven’t cooperated with them very much but they’ve done everything they need to do.  It’s remarkable what they’ve done.  That’s what gives me so much confidence…So I understand what they want to do.  I understand the policy that gets them there.  And I understand the principles and why they want to do it and the timeframe in which they want to do it and what they CAN do… [Post 2 of 3 Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

11-30-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   [You said $3.63 is the rate in the Budget;  is that also the rate that the dinar will revalue?  Or will it float?  Also, what is the difference between an RI and an RV?]  Yes, that is the rate Iraq is calculating to operate their country at, so that is the rate.  Yes, it can still go higher, as the markets kick in.  An RI is a re-instatement;  the RV is a re-value.  The RI takes it back to where it was, and the RV could take it to a totally different rate.  [reference RayRen98 post 11-30-2017]

11-30-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The IMF and the World Bank are warning Iraq that they need to stop the currency auctions and raise the rate. The IMF know the greatest point of corruption is occurring in the auctions.  Based on their reserves, [Guru] Delta calculates they need to do this ASAP.  They have about $43 billion in reserves, but if it drops to $36 billion the IMF says they are in trouble because $7 billion is not enough of a pad, especially since their burn rate is several billion USD/month.  IMO They were worried about leakage of bank secrets from the third meeting and they are seeing that now. IOO The bank openings in neighboring countries indicates they are done.  Everything is all set to go but they just now need to show it to us. 

11-30-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   So what happened to this “speech” Abadi was supposed to give, that would kick off a series of events to begin the RV? Since Saturday Abadi has actually given four speeches to the news media.   I keep telling you there is no single event that is going to trigger the RV. The RV is not managed by the Government of Iraq (GOI) meaning the prime minister Abadi has little control over it other than for the Finance Ministry to give it final approval, when ready. The GOI also has the responsibility to initiate the reforms, fund them and implement them. That is it. The GOI does not set monetary policy for Iraq.   ...it is the Central Bank of Iraq (an independent organization) that manages the monetary policy of Iraq.

11-30-2017  Newshound Guru Breiting  [What are you looking at that makes you KNOW they want to revalue? The parliament, The Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Planning, The Central Bank of Iraq and they’ve been yelling at the top of their lungs.  They even told the IMF what they wanted to do within a certain timeframe and the IMF said fine…as long as you pay the bills you guys are going to be fine…none of this is opinionAs far as the investment in the Iraqi Dinar on a timeframe I’m speculating 100% for sure.  But that’s a timeframe.  As far as it gaining value to what I think?  No, it’s not speculation. [Post 1 of 3 Stay tuned for the rest of the story]  

11-30-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98  In addition to that, the elusive speeches from last weekend are now public.  The first one was given, and there was some confusion about whether the RI was actually being put out there for public consumption, so there was a subsequent announcement.  Probably the transcripts will be available after we no longer need to see them! But that is darned good information especially with the other parts we cannot bring out at this moment. I have two dates that I’m very interested in:  November 30 and December 2.  I am waiting for further confirmations and details on those dates.   Do whatever you need to do to be ready because this is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real deal.   [post 2 of 2]

11-30-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   "The canary is starting to sing… next should be the Fat Lady?”  You all know the phrase, “It ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings”, and then it’s all over bar the shouting.  There is some intel I cannot share with you at this time, but in due time all will come to light.  The 2018 Budget has been sent to Parliament, and probably been approved with the rate of $3.63 cents in it.  Numbers have been modified from billions down to millions because of the rate adjustment.  We are waiting for it to be represented in the CBI now.  I believe there are some public articles referring to that rate of $3.63 re:  the Budget in Parliament.  We’ve been talking about a rate of $3.71, but they are working with $3.63, and it could bounce up.  We know the market will probably push it up...  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-30-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   One thing seems obvious to me and that is an involvement with W.B. and IMF like I've never seen before. And it is also obvious that Iraq is trying to move to an open economy. They must stop that insane auction in order to do that and have a currency change. That should be done for the investors. They are just chomping at the bit to enter Iraq with a vengeance. They want protection for their money from the corrupt. Iraq is moving at a pretty good pace here at the end of the year. All we can do is watch and see what Parl. and CBI will be able to accomplish. I think the corruption is the biggest enemy of Iraq, but IMF and W.B. are on it. That's encouraging.   [post 3 of 3]

11-30-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin  There are many parts to this budget and they are trying to tie it all together which is not easy. The Kurdistan share is difficult to agree on. Abadi seems to be more interested in getting Barzani instead of the Maliki. Actually they both need to be brought to justice. I think the month of Dec. may be interesting. The budget may not make it parl. before Feb. I'm not sure yet. Remember the budget is retroactive so it really doesn't matter when they bring it out. Of course, we would like to see it open up on the first of the year, and it might.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

INTEL UPDATE 1:45 PM EST 11/29/2017, 30 NOV




Mangelo Says the Rate is OUT!, 30 NOV

WOW the rate is out!!!!!!!! 
it's in the Budget!!! $3.63!!!!!!!!!! 

Today is our day and it only should be filled with positive thoughts!!!  Today is the day!!

 I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's hope to our new blessings!!!!!!

"We Got Banked" - Intel Update from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/30/17


I really hope this report is wrong. We should be exchanging right now. But apparently some of the money changers are saying they aren't ready.

Another report stated that they were given an extension until Friday morning to get Basel III compliant.


They've actually changed the meaning of the term "you can Bank on it" which should mean you know it's going to happen. But instead it's like a joke at our expense. Instead of getting pranked, we got BANKED.

On a positive note the Good guys say it's being taken care of right now.

I'm going to take that to mean that the Bankers came up with some excuse why they couldn't perform and instead of moving forward without them, forcing them to suffer for their arrogance and slothfulness, someone decided that WE would wait some more. So the performance deadline gets moved back to give them a little more time to plan another way to slow and delay the entire process.
Meanwhile our money sits in the bank adding up interest for the Banks.

It's shameful that the NPTB keep allowing this to happen at humanity's expense. 8640 more people died of starvation today because after all this time some of the banks weren't ready? Move forward without them! Reward the banks that are ready. The others will catch up quick if you do.

These Bankers are like a three year old in a toy store and the New Powers in control have acted like a bad parent. A three old year starts misbehaving, screaming, crying, embarrassing the parent in the store, begging for something she wants.

The parent has a choice. Give the child what they want and set a precedence of rewarding bad behavior, creating a spoiled monster.

Or, calmly take that child to the bathroom and whoop their behind so they don't ever act a fool like that again.

But they've already been responding to every little thing that poorly behaved child does. Modern parenting, negotiating and adapting everything the parent says so the child will just behave. So we wait because of the way they've raised that child to feel entitled. The Cabal was already a monster, but now they're spoiled on top of that and all they have to do is act out a little bit and everyone else suffers.

But I believe in the Military and if they say it's being handled NOW. I trust that's exactly what it means. That spoiled brat is going to have to learn the hard way.

**Keep in mind this could be inaccurate intel and you might think that I'm out of line if that's the case. Not so. If it's inaccurate, it's just another example of a fabricated lie and excuse to explain away "NONPERFORMANCE" by powers in authority who want us to trust that they have our best interests in mind. The most deadly weapon of mass destruction is being used against the Sovereign people of Earth again.




Hennessy: @blackgold i dont think ive ever met anymore who watch/believes in youtube conspiracy theories as much as you

chattels: Kurdish ‘Liberation Army’ threatens to attack Hashd in Tuz Khurmatu By Hunar Ahmed http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/291120179

chattels: TUZ KHURMATU, Kurdistan Region – A new armed force of about 200 fighters has been formed east of Tuz Khurmatu. They call themselves “the Liberation Army” and their objective is to fight Iraqi forces, especially the mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi, who are accused of human rights violation against Tuz Khurmatu’s Kurdish population since taking control of the city in October.
chattels: hose who joined the Liberation Army, mainly Peshmerga defectors, claim their houses have been burned and bombed by the Hashd al-Shaabi and that they are wanted by the Shiite fighters. But this has not discouraged them from taking the fight to the Hashd.

chattels: The Liberation Army is stationed near Zinana village, east of Tuz Khurmatu. They warn that if the current situation continues, they will attack Tuz Khurmatu.

chattels: President Masum meets KRG leaders, ex-president Barzani By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/291120177

chattels: He expressed to Rudaw his hope that Erbil and Baghdad will begin talks "in the near future." Masum, a Kurd, said it is time for the two governments to "calm the dangerous situation" that has prevailed following Baghdad’s rejection of Kurdistan’s independence vote in September.

blackgold: Lets see, youtube conspiracy theories ? not quite. Try again. I can tell when i'm talking to people who live in the bonedocks. They will wake up when they see the bail-ins.

chattels: Parliament receives the budget of 2018 and revealed important details about it http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=68811

chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] The Office of the President of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, the draft federal budget law for the year 2018. A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al-Tamimi, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives on an exceptional basis to vote on the budget of 2018."

chattels: Tamimi added that "actually received the budget of 2018 by the Office of the President of the House of Representatives after the end of official working hours was set on Saturday to read the draft budget first reading in an extraordinary session because of the end of the legislative term and the extension period specified month.

And stressed "the need to continue the work of the House of Representatives on an exceptional basis until the vote on the budget in 2018."

chattels: Tamimi pointed out that "the proportion of employees' salaries was equivalent to the deduction rate in 2017 by 3.8% with a reduction of the share of the region to 12.67% and set the price of $ 46 per barrel of oil."

Tebow: never heard of the "bonedocks"

meatball: never bet on folks waking up

chattels: There is truth in the maxim, that " Ignorance is bliss."

chattels: Or as Toby Keith sings it, " I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. "

meatball: whole lotta bliss going around these days

chattels: https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-iba-bleengo&hsimp=yhs-bleengo&hspart=iba&p=i+wish+i+didn%27t+know+now+what+i+didn%27t+know+then+toby+keith#id=2&vid=cf8c3b0886192583c6f3de7c26336f5f&action=click
chattels: [Ayna-Follow] The Times published a report entitled "OPEC Warning on the Oil Price". The paper said one of the leading oil companies warned that crude oil prices may fall sharply this week if oil ministers of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] and Russia and other countries to extend the agreement cuts in global oil production quotas.


chattels: Jubouri: All Iraqis are working to get rid of the past and promote reconciliation Editorial Date: 2017/11/29 23:43 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=68822

Dave: @chattels they set the price at 46 when it is 64ish what happens to the rest of the cash?

chattels: @Dave They will need it for lots of things unbudgeted I expect.
chattels: @Dave Of course, oil may not stay at that rate either.

Dave: @chattels they had it set at 45-46 dollars for over a year when it has been way over that..over 60ish

chattels: @Dave My reading of Iraqi's " real " expenses is that Iraq needs about $ 64 / barrel to " break even ".

blackgold: @meatball I hear ya
blackgold: $64 a barrel lol wait until you see 74 - 90 a barrel

Dave: @chattels cough cough used to be a petro-eng....their stuff costs 3-4 dollars to process where Canadian crude cost almost 10 times that

blackgold: @Dave why is that ?

Tebow: @black gold you into oil futures now. LOL

Dave: @chattels they are floating on it . no deep drilling required and requires little proceesing

blackgold: @Dave I never hear a lot about Canadian crude, you almost forget they have oil

chattels: Oil is 57.30 today and has not been over 58 that I know of.

Dave: @chattels BRENT CRUDE

chattels: http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/crude-oil.aspx

blackgold: @Dave thank you

chattels: http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/crude-oil-brent.aspx
chattels: @Dave I see your numbers now

Dave: @chattels that's not Brent crude... this stuff goes for about 4.00 ,ore
Dave: @chattels ,more 
chattels: @Dave But it was $ 50 in September.

Dave: @chattels okay 54 for brent ... 9 dollars barrel at 6 million a day is over almost 2 biilion/month..... pays for a lot of corruption

chattels: @Dave If your point is that Iraq is corrupt, we agree.

Dave: @chattels 64 dollars a barrel to break even??????

chattels: @Dave My point is that Iraq is broke, IMO.

Dave: @chattels agreed
Dave: @chattels If Canada had their quality of oil.......Canadians would not have to work

chattels: @Dave That is about the figure that I have seen as I recall. I cannot give you a link at the moment.

Dave: @chattels Canada would be a third world country if we had no oil.........

Dave: @chattels and the US is the largest exporter

Some Highlights from Wednesday KTFA Call, 30 NOV

Some Highlights from Wednesday KTFA Call 11-29-17

Frank:  The IMF and the World Bank are warning Iraq that they need to stop the currency auctions and raise the rate. 

Frank:  Based on their reserves, Delta calculates they need to do this ASAP.

Frank: They have about $43 billion in reserves, but if it drops to $36 billion the IMF says they are in trouble because $7 billion is not enough of a pad, especially since their burn rate is several billion USD/month.

Frank:  The IMF know the greatest point of corruption is occurring in the auctions.

Frank : IMO They were worried about leakage of bank secrets from the third meeting and they are seeing that now.  Everything is all set to go but they just now need to show it to us. 
Frank and Delta: IOO The bank openings in neighboring countries indicates they are done. 

Delta : I have no idea what they are still waiting for because even Allak has shown the IMF they have completed everything. 

Delta : They are running out of reserves and Abadi is not going to let this fall apart, no way no how. 

Delta:  Abadi is an economist so he knows what is going on ….he was at one time the Minister of Finance. 

Walkingstick: I told  Frank over a month ago that part of the delay is that they have been arguing over the rate that they are wanting to come out.  IMO They are planning or wanting to come out above $1.

Frank: When Walkingstick told me what they were thinking about I was shocked

Frank:  Walkingstick told me how bad it has been negotiating with the Iraqi officials (it is just their style). 

Frank: Now, everybody needs to thank Walkingstick for this next part...All accounting has been figured at $2.00 to 1 dinar and next week they are to do the accounting at 3:1 (as in $3.00 to 1 dinar). 

Frank: The only reason I could give out this rate information is because this is now public information in Iraq. 


KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call   11-29-17

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StephenMac63:  It is my understanding that it can be confusing about the two sets of books because we dont understand whats going on.

This posting is in my opinion only but it is a way for me to somewhat figure out both the complexity and the simplicity simultaneously in order to eventually arrive at one set of books, which is the goal of the CBI and the GOI as they each both need the same figures to align with one another.

Perhaps we should start with what we have seen in the past to understand what is going on in Book 1, lets call it that as it is what we somewhat have personally seen throughout the years....Book 1= what we have been seeing. This book also has debits and credits that dont line up with each other. I think of this as the "Book of What Was".

In Book 1:

We have seen airplane loads of cash being shipped to Iraq and arrive only to be dispersed to the Ministers while it was suppose to be designated for the Ministries via Embezzlement. This was the biggest loss of cash. This money is slowly being repatriated as of only recently due to the "roundup" of various ministers.

We have seen the Paris Debts get greatly forgiven to just about 85% with various countries that have a claim on Iraqi assets because of past wars and bad debts. This means Iraq only has to pay 15 cents on the dollar to have the debt settled.

We have seen loans given to Iraq through the years in order for them to operate the country while under duress (we need more money because the last load got stolen, ect). Loans came from World Bank (WB), International Monetary Bank (IMF) and from various countries that participated in loans for an expected return.

Now imagine all of those numbers in Book 1, the book of "What Was"

In the meantime, we read about the improvements in the last three years after Maliki's departure. More loans with accountability, credit rating increases, the beginnings of international acceptance, ect
Book 2....."The Book of What Is"

This is the book that is the actual operating book that all parties agree on operating out of. This is the book that reflects the real activities of all programs, all credits and all debts. In order for this book to work and to eventually meld "What Was" & "What Is" they have to make various adjustments.

Perfect example is the tail end of tonight's CC. Remember when Walkingstick did both the What Was and What Is? Thats when he was doing the percentages of paying in dollar and dinar....imo, that was the melding operation.

The both of these books have been melding since summer. It is now to the point of success in the melding operation that they can increase the numbers. Remember the 1,2,3 comments at the very end? This "overage" for a lack of a better word is to allow blending of the losses in Book 1 (What Was) into Book 2 (What Is).

Not only have they been operating successfully in Book 2, they are cleaning up Book 1 at the same time.

I hope this doesn't confuse the reader but it is in my opinion that this is the easiest way to understand both books to be eventually one. Granted, there are many more factors included but this posting is just to offer a brief understanding.

IMO, of course.

Samson at KTFA: "Zim News" Thursday 11-30-17

Samson:  ‘Zimbabwe should work with international investors’

 30th November, 2017

THE political leadership in Zimbabwe should work closely with international investors to revamp the manufacturing sector through crafting strategies that uphold economic growth and lead to the return of a local currency, Caledonia Mining chief executive officer, Steve Curtis, has said. The Toronto Exchange-listed Caledonia Mining concern owns 49 percent shares in Blanket Mine in Gwanda, one of the thriving enterprises in the country.

Commenting on the economic situation in the country, Mr Steve Curtis said adoption of the multi-currency system in 2009 was the right thing to do in stabilising the economy in light of the festering hyperinflation that Zimbabwe experienced over the years. He, however, said the model has limitations given the liquidity challenges that the country is going through.
One biggest economic issue in the country is lack of foreign currency, there is a shortage and the country is trying to operate its own economy without its own currency. I personally believe it was the right thing to dollarise and stabilise the economy out of those hyperinflation periods but it’s a very difficult model to grow the economy,” said Mr Curtis.

“The Zimbabwean economy needs to grow so, I guess one of the most important things that the powers that be, which come into existence, will need to put their heads together with some very clever international people and formulate the way forward,” he said. In February 2009, the country adopted a multi-currency system that was dominated by the United States dollar to tame hyperinflation.

“I don’t think its sustainable that you can operate with somebody else’s currency in your country and l think all of us as contributors to the economy, we have to continue to work under the conditions that we have and hopefully work towards improving the situation,” said Mr Curtis. He said the country also needs to resuscitate the manufacturing sector adding that despite the prevailing economic climate his company continues to invest in Zimbabwe.
“The fact that we (Caledonia) are investing heavily is testimony that you can still do it in a challenging environment. But for an economy that probably needs to grow in double digits, there is going to be sincerity economic and fiscal policy changes. I think that must take place. That is exciting, so we look forward to that. There is high level of unemployment, Zimbabweans want to work and l think, they deserve an opportunity to have a job,” said Mr Curtis.

In his inaugural speech on Friday, President Mnangagwa said the new Government among other key priorities to grow the economy would be re-engaging the international community to improve the country’s relations with the rest of the world to attract foreign direct investment. He said Zimbabwe’s economy would be predicated on the agriculture sector as well as creating an investment-led economic recovery that rests on employment creation premium.



Samson:  Zimbabwe : Bond notes gain ground

28th November, 2017
The ascendance of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to power has created a positive perception in the economy, and has seen bond notes gaining some ground against some of the world’s major currencies on the illegal parallel market.

Even though the official rate of the Bond Note to the United States dollar is pegged at 1:1, in the last few months, the parallel market has been thriving. There were also unjustified increases in the prices of basic commodities that saw the bond note, US dollar exchange rate going up to 1:US$1,90, but now it is down to 1:US$1,30.

A survey by our Bulawayo Bureau has revealed that on the black market, the bond note has been on the rebound after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched “Operation Restore Legacy” that culminated in Cde Robert Mugabe’s resignation as Head of State and the subsequent inauguration of President Mnangagwa.

Yesterday, illegal money changers on the streets of Bulawayo said their activities had been on the decline.

“We usual get cash supplies from people in the banking sector, while others brought it from as far as Harare, but in the past days our suppliers have vanished,” said one of the illegal traders. “The cross rates have also started declining, but we do not know why they are dropping.”

A financial market expert Mr Morris Mpala said the market was reacting positively to political developments, hence the plummeting rates on the parallel market.

“The perception is very positive and is based on the thinking that the future is much clearer,” he said. “We saw even foreign countries pledging to support the country. Hence the political confidence also creates positive economic vibes.”

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Mr Sifelani Jabangwe expressed optimism that the stability in the financial sector would result in increased flow of money.

Mr Jabangwe said even the stock market had responded positively to President Mnangagwa’s rise to power.

“The demand is coming off and to some extent it’s a sign of confidence that something is about to happen, that the rates that were in existence are not sustainable, that there is a new dispensation now and there is a possibility that those in the Diaspora will bring more money, investors will bring more money,” he said.

Mr Jabangwe said normal cash flows would wipe out the black market, which will be an advantage for those in the business sector who were struggling to access hard currency.



Samson:  Zimbabwe: 3-Month Amnesty to Return Looted $

 29th November, 2017

By Darlington Musarurwa, Deputy News Editor

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has granted a three-month moratorium within which individuals and corporates that externalised money and assets are expected to bring them back.

The amnesty will stretch from December 1 to February 28, 2018. During the period, Government will neither ask questions nor prefer charges against those that will be repatriating back the money or assets.

Non-compliant individuals and companies will be arrested and prosecuted in terms of the country's laws.

In a statement yesterday, President Mnangagwa said activities linked to Operation Restore Legacy had helped uncover cases where huge sums of money and other assets were illegally externalised by certain individuals and corporates.

"Needless to say, such malpractices constitute a very serious economic crime against the people of Zimbabwe, which the Government of Zimbabwe will never condone," said President Mnangagwa.
"As a first step towards the recovery of the illegally externalised funds and assets, the Government of Zimbabwe is gazetting a three-month moratorium within which those involved in the malpractice can bring back the funds and assets, with no questions being asked or charges preferred against them.

"The period of this amnesty stretches from 1st December, 2017, to the end of February 2018. Affected persons who wish to comply with this directive should liaise with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for necessary facilitation and accounting."

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said it was advisable for those that had externalised funds to comply to avoid the "pain" and "ignominy" of being made to account through the legal system.

"Upon the expiry of the three-month window, Government will proceed to effect arrest of all those who would not have complied with this directive, and will ensure that they are prosecuted in terms of the country's laws," said President Mnangagwa.

"Those affected are thus encouraged to take advantage of the three-month moratorium to return the illegally externalised funds and assets, in order to avoid the pain and ignominy of being visited by the longer arm of the law."

Central bank statistics indicate that an estimated $3 billion was externalised between 2015 and 2017 to countries such as Mauritius, in the Far East and Botswana, although the figure could be far much higher.

It is believed that of the $3 billion, about $1,8 billion was spirited away illegally, while the balance was expatriated through management fees, service fees, technical fees and royalties.

The apex bank also estimates that the country lost on average $150 million monthly in 2015 to illicit financial flows. The Bank Use and Promotion Act prohibits capital flight and money laundering. Corporate malfeasance and general indiscipline in the financial services sector, including externalisation, have been some of the factors blamed for cash shortages in the economy.

Local industry is bullish that efforts by the new administration to restore discipline in the market will be able to positively reset the economy. Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) president Mr Sifelani Jabangwe said if all the money that was externalised was repatriated, it would result in a surplus that would naturally restore the value of the bond note.

"When you look at the amounts involved ($3 billion) relative to our annual requirements, it means if this money finds its way back on the local market, it will result in a surplus," he said.

"Hopefully, now with the new dispensation, which has already seen the black market crashing and a correction of stock market prices, the market will return to normal. Mr Jabangwe said there was renewed confidence and optimism in the market, and President Mnangagwa had to be given the opportunity to run with his agenda.

Of late, the mining sector has also been caught up in allegations of externalising large amounts of money.

A recent academic study, conducted by Marko Kwaramba, senior lecturer at the University of Free State (SA); Nyasha Mahonye, senior lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand; and Leornard Mandishora, a researcher at the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, indicated that there was rampant misinvoicing, particularly for minerals such as diamonds, gold and nickel.

It concluded that in the 13-year period through 2013, export misinvoicing of diamonds - which experts say is often done for tax evasion and avoidance, money laundering, and quota avoidance - topped US$1.3 billion.


Samson:  Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa offers amnesty for funds stashed abroad

29th November, 2017    2 Videos on the link

Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has offered a three-month amnesty for individuals and companies to surrender public funds illegally stashed abroad.

In a statement, he said the government will prosecute those who fail to comply when the amnesty ends in February.

"Such malpractices constitute a very serious economic crime against the people of Zimbabwe," Mr Mnangagwa said.

Since taking office last week, he has pledged to crack down on corruption.

Will Mnangagwa be different from Mugabe?

Five things Zimbabwe's economy urgently needs

10 numbers that will help you understand Zimbabwe

"Huge sums of money and other assets" have been "illegally externalised by certain individuals and corporates," the president said in a statement.

"Those affected are thus encouraged to take advantage of the three-month moratorium to return the illegally externalised funds and assets in order to avoid the pain and ignominy of being visited by the long arm of the law," he added.

Massive smuggling

Shingai Nyoka, BBC News, Harare

This is a general amnesty to all individuals and corporates, but Mnangagwa's reference to Operation Restore Legacy - the military operation that led to President Mugabe's resignation - appears to have specific public officials in mind.

The operation has already seen former finance minister Ignatius Chombo arrested and charged with corruption, charges his family says are "trumped up".

Since 2009, Zimbabwe has been using the US dollar as its main currency after abandoning its own local dollar.

The reserve bank says this has led to massive smuggling of the greenback to offshore accounts. It estimates that $2bn is illegally held in foreign bank accounts.

There is a shortage of cash in the country that has fuelled a black market trade, especially among importers looking for cash to import goods for resale.

The move to recoup lost public funds is seen as an attempt to boost Zimbabwe's ailing economy which is half the size it was at the turn of the millennium.

The economy has struggled since land reforms were introduced in 2000.

These reforms saw white-owned farms redistributed to landless black Zimbabweans - and those with good political connections - which led to sharp falls in production.

As Mr Mnangagwa was sworn in on Friday, he promised to tackle corruption, protect foreign investment and create jobs to help rebuild the economy.

"We must shed misbehaviours and acts of indiscipline which have characterised the past. Acts of corruption must stop," he said.

"Where these occur, swift, swift, swift justice must be served."

His predecessor, Robert Mugabe, left office dramatically after 37 years of authoritarian rule last week.

His departure followed a power struggle in which Mr Mnangagwa was sacked as vice-president to pave the way for Grace Mugabe, the then-first lady, to take up the presidency.
Mr Mnangagwa fled the country but returned to a hero's welcome and vowed to serve all citizens.

"I am required to serve our country as the president of all citizens regardless of colour, creed, religion, tribe, totem or political affiliation," he said.


Budget reaches the House of GOI/Loans to support projects


TomatoCan:   We have had several budgets through the years....the thing that worries me is they have never released any currency rate that was said to be part of the budget. Will they do the same thing again?

OKrocks:  The CBI can change the rate whenever they want to, they do not have to wait for the budget to be printed in the Gazette

Lilypad:  Life in Baghdad marked activity and various sports contests and carnivals and economic movement, shows that citizens have hope and aspirations for the future https://twitter.com/HaiderAlAbadi/status/936246244166569984 ECONOMIC MOVEMENT

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Oil Holds Near $64 as OPEC Is Said to Agree Nine-Month Exte​nsion https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-29/oil-trades-near-57-​as-u-s-output-expands-before-opec-meeting

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 30 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 30 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 29 2017 7:31 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "No More Time" - Intel Update from Tank 11-29-17

1. All Banks allegedly ran a test to ensure they were Basel III compliant. Most banks were fine, but some fell short and were told to be ready by Fri. morning Dec. 1.

2. "Primaries" have been paid.

3. Secondaries (SKRs) were to be funded and released soon (tonight?).

4. When the secondaries were released, some kind of notice would be sent out to us.

5. Banks would start calling in clients they know (private clients with currency I'm told) when everything else was released.

6. Most of us would get notified in different ways.


B. Nov. 29 2017 4:26 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Bank Notice" - Short Intel Update from Tank 11-29-17

Banks have had the 800#s since 6:00 AM EST Nov. 29 and they would be releasing them.


C. Nov. 29 2017 1:55 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 29, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The New Powers That Be (NPTB) would continue to run Quantum Simulations until all major threats have been eliminated.

2. The Simulations have given the NPTB the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the Cabal at all times. They have prevented multiple 9-11s from happening.

3. Both Merkel (Germany) and Netanyahu (Israel) were being handled. Putin was arranging a secret deal between Assad and Netanyhu that contained terms of Netanyahu's surrender. http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2017/11/bombshell-putin-is-mediating-secret.html

Merkel was systematically losing control over Germany. It was set up by the NPTB to force Merkel into terms of surrender, or resign. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/29/angela-merkel-faces-fresh-trouble-bid-form-german-coalition/

4. The Quantum simulations do not dictate the fate of humanity. The Elders have authorization to override the Quantum computers at any time in order to release the RV.

5. The NPTB have agreed to a success rate requirement of 95.9% (before releasing the RV).


D. Nov. 29 TNT Call: Replay: 641-715-0623 Code: 409029#

1. The Iraqi 2018 Budget has been sent to Parliament, and probably been approved with the rate of $3.63 cents in it.

2. There have been rumors that 800 numbers went out last night. They didn't come to me, so either they didn't go out or I'm not on the list.

3. There were 66 banks that are willing to exchange Dinar right now, (we just don't like the rate), and were waiting for the rate to appreciate.

4. Names of those 66 banks, plus any 800 numbers if we receive them, you will get when the RV happens.

E. Nov. 28 2017 Human Angels Clarion Call, Yosef: 206-402-0103 Code: 103-406-403# https://www.humanangelservices.com/calls

1. On Thanksgiving Zimbabwe set their rate as 1 Zim to $12.50 US.

2. The Canadian dollar was worth $1.20 per 1 US dollar.

3. Set Rates:

1 Kuwait Dinar: $3.25 US

1 Iraqi Dinar: $3.71 US (TNT claimed a $3.63 Dinar rate was in the Iraqi Budget).

1 Zim: $12.50 US

1 Vietnamese Dong: $25.00 US

4. Yosef has been told he was on High Alert to pass RV release info. when it happened.

5. The RV could happen any time between now and Dec. 2 (Sat.) It will certainly happen before Christmas.

6. Although it was frustrating not to know when the GCR would occur we should realize that the NPTB were using the RV as a weapon against the Cabal.


F. Nov. 29 2017 Additional Notes on The Big Call last night, Bruce:

1. Bruce believes that the GCR release has started

2. Some people have put out that the 800 numbers have been released. Bruce heard that today Nov. 28 and to be ready, be on high alert.

3. Iraq’s new Swift Codes are in place and they are ready to do wires in CBI starting last night Nov. 28. A wire transfer from CBI was about as international as you can get.

4. You have a new (Dinar) rate, CBI rate, and the ability to send and receive bank wires transfers through the CBI as of midnight Iraqi time Nov. 28.

5. This is supposed to be a day time event. Bruce was not expecting it in the middle of night.

6. Bruce plans to set up a couple to 3 bank accounts, walking out with new 100 dollar bills of about $10,000, loading up temporary credit cards with enough money to keep going for awhile, and be able to have fuller access to his accounts in a day or so. About 2 am every day the banks settle their books.

7. Have your Bank checking account number and bank routing number at your exchange if you plan to wire any funds to that account. Bruce was going to strictly do a wire transfer and have money wired at the time of the exchange so he can pay off any bills with the existing account at his home bank.


G. Nov. 28 2017 10:34 pm EST 4,289 Sealed Federal Indictments: Updated: 4,289 Sealed Federal Indictments in All 94 Federal Districts Hal Turner Radio Show Here is the link to the files

1. From Oct. 30 through Nov. 22 there have been 4,289 sealed indictments filed in all 94 federal District Court Districts. This is utterly unprecedented in US history. The "normal" is 1000 in 12 months.

2. Skuttlebutt from my former colleagues in the Intel Community is that the feds are going to "swoop" all of them in one massive action, to "drain the swamp."

3. Many of these are Indictments for Child Porn and Child Sex Crimes allegedly perpetrated by elected government officials at the federal, state, county and even local levels.

4. Skuttlebutt in the Intelligence Community from my former colleagues on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and elsewhere, is that much of this has to do with SEX CRIMES uncovered by the Search Warrant for former US Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop computer.

5. That search warrant allegedly led law enforcement to a virtual treasure trove of kiddie porn pics- and child trafficking rings in the US and other countries, and investigators needed many months to build all these cases.

6. It may have been decided to keep this under wraps until they get Indictments against ALL the big fish so that once they move to grab some of these folks, the others won't find out about it fast enough to flee.

7. Many of these Indictments will be unsealed before Christmas and a lot of very high profile people are in for a very nasty holiday season.


Don961:  Hmmmm .... 100 didn't show up for work ..... does President Salim have bad breath ? ... or forgets his Right Guard too often ? .... curious to find the true reasons ... imo

Samson:  Al-Mahna reveals 100 deputies did not attend the sessions of Parliament "final"

13:05 - 30/11/2017

The deputy of the National Alliance Sadik al-Mahna, on Thursday, the existence of 100 deputies did not attend any session of the House of Representatives "final", noting that the presidency of Parliament is not "firm" in the application of the rules of procedure regarding absences.

Al-Mahna said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that "more than 100 deputies did not attend the sessions completely," describing it as "the shameful thing to the House of Representatives and members."

Al-Mahna added that "the absence includes all blocs without exception," noting that "the Presidency was not firm in the application of the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives."
MP Mohammed al-Lakash demanded earlier the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the holding of early elections because of the frequent absences of quite a few members, and blamed the President of the Council, Salim al-Jubouri responsibility for the increase phenomenon of absences.



Samson:  Vice: Some blocs fear interrogations so did not complete the quorum today

 30th November, 2017

Likely MP for the National Alliance, frank frankincense, on Wednesday, that the pursuit of some political blocs to postpone the meeting today came because of fear of some of the interrogations, demanding Majali MPs to activate its oversight role.

Al-Labban told "Iraq's News" that "interrogations in the House of Representatives seeks to reveal the truth, they either confirm the corruption of the minister or confirm his integrity," and called "all ministers questioned and their bloc to rise to the level of confidence in the House of Representatives to prove the integrity of the bloc and the minister Both".

The MP added that "those who fear sitting in front of the House of Representatives today will sit in front of him tomorrow, and to evade the presence will be a negative sign on him," noting that "the lack of attendance may be for objective reasons, but will give the impression of evasion of interrogation."



Samson:   Four files will be opened by Abadi in the fight against corruption

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi intends to launch a "war" against corruption after the end of the battle against an oppressive organization. The next war will include four files: smuggled money, contracts, failed projects, the currency auction file and the seizure of land and real estate.

Government sources confirm that billions of dollars will enter State treasury after the completion of this war.  LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary confirmation of the government's determination to open files of corruption auction currency

10:25 - 30/11/2017

The deputy of the Union of Forces Abdul Rahman al-Loezi, on Thursday, the government's intention to open files of administrative corruption in the auction of selling foreign currency of the cash reserves and the investigation of the family of all private banks and the extent of politicians involvement in the possession and transfer of funds and smuggling out of the country.

"The government will start in the files of fighting corruption from the auction of foreign currency and the pursuit of money smuggled from foreign currency and the extent of manipulation of traders and the use of names and banks to fake the smuggling of the dollar," he said.

He added that "the investigation of files of corruption will include tracking the money and return to the treasury of the state as well as a family of banks opened for the purpose of sale and smuggling of the dollar only and return mostly to politicians."

"The government will use foreign experts in the campaign against corruption, as it did in the fight against the call to give international formula and support to ensure that no politician objects to the charges against him under the pretext of political pressure or squabbling," he said.



Samson:  UN envoy calls on Baghdad to try those accused of corruption and the recovery of misappropriated funds

 29th November, 2017

Representative described the Special Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubis, on Wednesday, the meeting , which gathered today religious Datum Ali al -Sistani in Najaf as " a great honor", pointing out that his fatwa for "jihad Ulkipaia" mobilized " the forces of popular national" was Has played a key role in defeating the "Daash" organization, while calling on the government to try those accused of corruption and the recovery of misappropriated funds.

He said Kubis in a statement issued after his meeting with Sistani and received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "I am very honored to meet again Grand Ayatollah Ali al - Sistani. It is a great honor for us - the United Nations - and for me personally.

"This victory was for Iraq and the whole world, and a reference fatwa that mobilized the national popular forces had a key role in the defeat," he said.

He expressed his special appreciation for the "humanitarian aspect of his calls and sermons on humanitarian and social issues, including caring for the families of martyrs and survivors of the fighting against Daqash, a better future for youth, the voluntary return of internally displaced persons and persons in conditions of safety and security, the protection of civilians, Against perpetrators of criminal acts and human rights violators ".

"The government reform program, including the fight against corruption, has the full support of the United Nations," he said, calling on the government to "move resolutely to prosecute people accused of corruption and recover misappropriated funds that must be used to meet the needs of the people."

In November, Haider al-Abadi announced his government's intention to wage a "war" against those he described as "corrupt", while the achievement of four "accurate results" in this context.  LINK


Libertyu78:  Thank you Frank and Teams and of course our departing WS for another great cc. I was a little surprised when you said to look to see if the auctions don't recommence next week. I wasn't expecting we'd go to next week after so many times saying they have to show the rate before the Fair this weekend. Even if they tried to hide it and only share it privately, it would be the biggest risk of major leakage so far. But we may be looking to next week now? At least we know their economy can't sustain non-performance for long and they need to retroactively adjust many things for 2017 that they can't do if it goes to next year. 

Doguvr:  agreed, I thought it was basically understood they would not embarrass themselves at the fair with a program rate.   

GregH:  A friend of mine who used to work in international finance agrees. He said a fair of this stature (and the first one they host) without being international and a rate, makes Iraq look minor league. Says a number of people may elect not to attend because Iraq has been promising to be "international" for some time and once again, aren't. I'm surprised at once, and again, not surprised. He still thinks they should show a rate before Saturday.  Me, not sure on that. These guys drag everything out. Won't be surprised when we hit next week with no change.

Samson:  Video: Successful and distinguished ... The Iraqi Trade Bank opens an office in the Abu Dhabi Financial Market

29th November, 2017  Video on Link

The Bank of Iraq has opened a representative office in the Abu Dhabi Financial Market ( ADX ). This excellent location will further strengthen the bank's position as a leading and trusted institution among the international banking institutions. 

Faisal Al-Hims, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said: "We have been accompanied by the inauguration of the representative office of the Iraqi Bank for Trade in the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market, after obtaining the license from the regulatory authority of the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market.

The Iraqi central bank considered the stability that Iraq is trying to make in dire need of international support for the most important pillars of this, the economic aspect, while the regional director of Deutsche Bank said that the Iraqi economy is very much like his Saudi counterpart.

For his part, said Ali Al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , "Iraq needs international support to stabilize stability and the most important pillars is the economic side, which needs more funding and facilities that can be obtained by Iraq on the issue of the reconstruction of the country." 

The opening of the Iraqi Trade Bank's office in the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market (ADX) is expected to provide a quantum leap in trade finance.   LINK


Samson:  Video: Baghdad is witnessing the largest investment project in Iraq

29th November, 2017  See Link for Video

On this land in the Zayouna area inside the capital Baghdad , the largest investment project in Iraq will be established, according to the list. This project, according to investors will include different sections. 

In this context, the investor Ahmad Al-Rubaie pointed out that "this strategic project will be a very large mall that carries commercial markets that belong to the media culture in the first class, which is a project for electronic shops in particular."

The investor Zulfiqar al-Rubaie, that "this project is cultural media, entertainment and commercial with Chinese companies solid help in raising the Iraqi economy forward."

For his part, the second partner of the Chinese ambassador in Iraq expressed his hope to develop the relationship between the two countries.

Qin Weiqing, the Chinese ambassador to Iraq, said: " China is the friendly and partner country of Iraq and has become Iraq's biggest partner." 

Economists believe that the establishment of such projects will push the Iraqi economy forward, especially as the country began to witness security stability after the recent victories.   LINK