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Article quote: “The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, that 89% of adults do not have bank accounts, noting that the reluctance of many individuals to deal with banks because of religious rulings, one of these reasons.”
First, this means the project to delete the zeros is not working out in a timely manner as planned…they need people to have bank accounts.
Second, it is more than just lack of liquidity in the banks. Third, the CBI is still paying way too many salaries in cash. They need to collect these dinars and permanently get them out of circulation. They can not do this when they keep circulating them back into the economy each payday.
Fourth, the CBI already has locked down some of the govt payouts and told the recipients that if they don’t have a bank account they can get paid. So this is how it works. You need a bank account to get electronic deposits…right…get it? Do you now see the reasoning for this article from the CBI?
Iraq and the IMF are making progress on credit standing The Iraqi delegation and IMF experts in Amman recently discussed the third review of the 36-month credit agreement with Iraq. “The Iraqi delegation and the IMF team of experts have held extensive discussions on the third review of the credit standoff agreement and these discussions have made good progress towards reaching agreement on the 2018 budget bill in line with the credit standoff agreement,” said Christian Goose, head of the IMF mission to Iraq. During the discussions, the mission team met with Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Alaq, acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Maher Johan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Qassem Attiyah, Deputy Minister of Planning, Dr. Mazhar Saleh, Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister, The Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Oil. “The mission team thanks the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and for the open and fruitful discussions that were held with them,” he said. The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had agreed to hold the credit standoff agreement on 7 July 2016 (see press release 16/321) and the second review was completed on 1 August 2017 (see press release 17/311). International institutions have made progress in managing Iraq’s financial portfolio and have announced this on more than one domestic and international occasion.


11-26-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   [An article was posted...about the dropping of the 000’s. Haven’t seen them talk about this in a long while. Any reason why this article was released at this time?]   FRUSTRATION. U R NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT KNOW THE DAY OF THE MR [Monetary Reform]...THE TIMING OF A [ABADI] IS CONFUSING TO THE INNOCENT...IT IS NOT FROM THE CBI...IT IS TO THE CBI...FROM WITHIN IRAQ!  WHY...CAUSE THEY KNOW AS MUCH AS U DO...THAT AN RI IS COMING...JUST DONT KNOW WHEN...EQUALS FRUSTRATION.

11-26-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf   
 I have always seen this as a new year event and for the last 10 years been cautiously optimistic at that time of year. With only a few weeks to go, optimism is starting to rise once again. I say the new year but in reality I would see the optimum window being the ISX annual closure, normally about 10 days from around Christmas into the new year.

11-26-2017   Intel Guru Frank26  
 [is it true there is an Iraqi bank opening in Abu Dhabi tomorrow and if so what are the ramifications can they open at a program rate?]  THIS OPENING IS JUST TOO OBVIOUS THAT A MR [MONETARY REFORM]  IS OCCURRING AT THE CBI IMO.   IT IS A DEFINITION OF ART 8.   CAN THEY DO IT AT A PR [PROGRAM RATE]?   IMO NO...BUT, THEY CAN AT A LOW RATE.

11-26-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:   "Delete the zeros priority"  Author: Yasser mutawalli.   [So who is Yasser Mutawalli and is he credible?]  Appears to be an economist that is on top of the gov's reforms. Love this..."principle of reducing the exchange rate gradually to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar,"   ...it is an absolute necessity that they have currency reform and activate the banking sector if they want private investment. No alternative. So yes, it is urgent..

11-26-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article:  "Delete zeros priority"   Quote:  "...a real vision to restore the real value of the Iraqi dinar to remain master of currencies at the level of local trading without rushing on the acquisition of the dollar to invest outside the country, and perhaps the advantages of the dinar equivalent with The dollar in terms of value..."   A Priority is a priority and this is one that I approve of.. Hope the ITB has that in mind at the Ceremony tomorrow!! 


chattels: A slight rise in the dollar against the dinar on the Iraqi stock exchanges 25/11/2017 11:21 BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency / nina / The dollar exchange rate today rose slightly, against the dinar exchange rate in foreign currency markets in Iraq.

The price of selling the dollar in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad today 125 thousand and 100 dinars and the purchase price 125 thousand and 50 dinars to 100 dollars.

The sale price of the dollar on the Arbil Stock Exchange today was 125 thousand and 400 dinars, and the purchase price 125 thousand and 350 dinars to 100 dollars.
The sale price on the Basra Stock Exchange was 125 thousand and 250 dinars, and the purchase price 125 thousand and 200 dinars compared to 100 dollars


chattels: MPs from Basra: We will not sign the 2018 budget unless the rights of the province are included 25/11/2017


Baxter: Article: "Delete zeros priority" Quote: "...a real vision to restore the real value of the Iraqi dinar to remain master of currencies at the level of local trading without rushing on the acquisition of the dollar to invest outside the country, and perhaps the advantages of the dinar equivalent with The dollar in terms of value..."

Baxter: ;$$
Baxter: ;$$ ;nice-d

chattels: @Baxter Link please ?

JoeSchmoe: Loving the sound of that....however, have seen many articles like that in the past

[pm]Doug_W: yes Bax/ link plz

JoeSchmoe: maybe not the equivalence to the dollar, which sounds very nice

chattels: @Baxter Date / context / content will be appreciated.

chattels: Frank26 is now saying that the " liberation " announcement has NOT been made, that it is a four day celebration and is yet to come. Be still my heart. We wait with a bated breath.
Browardc3: Deleting the three zero's

Browardc3: http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=148161

JoeSchmoe: @Browardc3 where is translate button?

chattels: @Browardc3 ty

chattels: " I see that the return of the subject delete the zeros to the forefront at a time when the steps of the reform calmly and slowly and unrivaled is a real vision to restore the real value of the Iraqi dinar ..........."

JoeSchmoe: @chattels do you see a translate button? All I see is arabic

chattels: I use google chrome. The button is at the top right on my screen.

JoeSchmoe: @chattels gotcha

JoeSchmoe: @chattels thanks, had to switch browsers

chattels: " ............ and perhaps the advantages of the dinar equivalent with The dollar in terms of value, ..........."

JoeSchmoe: @chattels but don't we seem to always be getting these types of articles at the end of every year?

chattels: " This and other advantages lead to the adoption of consideration of this project and study the possibility of its application during the year 2018 as one of the basics of monetary and banking reform. "

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Yes sir.

spanki: maybe pushing for more iqd sales

JoeSchmoe: @chattels so how much validity do you put into it?

mountainwest74: chattels - I agree. There cannot be much for the average Iraqi to celebrate. It appears conditions in many cities are poor. Unemployment is thru the roof with few economic opportunities.

chattels: " Perhaps follow the steps in reducing the exchange rate of the dollar gradually after the challenge of security will devote convictions and accept the deletion of zeros, which faced in a timely split between supporters and opponents because of poor understanding of raising zeros, and importance and advantages, especially when some believe that the deletion of zeros will reduce the size of the reserves of dinars because Their view of their size is not to their true value. "

chattels: It should be noted that monetary policy had followed a balanced and balanced plan to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar and succeeded to some extent fixed on what it is now, where it was able to reduce from 200 thousand to 100 dollars to 120 thousand dinars and the goal to reach 100 thousand Dinars but circumstances prevented timely completion of the gradual reduction.

chattels: Today, it is easy for the Central Bank of Iraq to work on the principle of gradually reducing the exchange rate to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar, so as to accept and digest the process of deleting zeros, so the advantage of reducing the size of money assured the owner to keep a small amount of cash with the bone market value And actual.

chattels: For this, the deletion of zeros or raise them from the Iraqi currency will make them enjoy these advantages in the field of compactness and commercial transactions and the risks are much lower than the large cash volumes.

chattels: The bottom line is that it is necessary to adopt the Central Bank of Iraq for the project to delete the zeros and work on its implementation from now in order to achieve the objectives of reducing the size of the monetary mass, and required a media program to devote convictions to the importance of this project,

chattels: " ........... in order to achieve the objectives of reducing the size of the monetary mass, and required a media program to devote convictions to the importance of this project,

chattels: 26/11/2017 12:00 AM

chattels: Author: ياسر المطولي

Baxter: Sorry... I had to go get breakfast... so.. what do you think about the article Chattels?

Baxter: Just one persons opinion.. I guess

chattels: @Baxter Still trying to absorb it.

Baxter: Ok.... looks more like a float to me
Baxter: or.. starting at a dollar
Baxter: If so... thats ten times what I had hoped for

chattels: @Baxter Visceral thoughts are that the translated language bespeaks a gradual increase in value.
chattels: @Baxter Maybe targeting one U.S. dollar in value over time.

Baxter: Oh.... that would be awesome

chattels: @Baxter Increasingly I am persuaded that the " deletion of zeroes " is clearly language of a " lop " and the abiding question is what value initially will be added or attained over time.

chattels: @mountainwest74 Hello, long time no see.

Baxter: Oh... I hope not.... certainly its worth a dime ... for all of my time

Browardc3: Just want to say hi to this room,ive been here a wile now just sitting back stage just comparing notes,i dont follow in guru,after a breif incounter with ray the rat a couple of years ago,i learn to find my on way through this dinar investment,

 chattels: @Browardc3 Thanks for posting and making an appearance. Free thinkers are at a premium in dinarland.

chattels: @Browardc3 You have some thoughts / conclusions about the article ?

Baxter: Yes.... Free thinkers in Dinarville... are a rare breed.... stop in more often.... share your thoughts..

JoeSchmoe: @chattels LOP??????

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Yes.

Baxter: so... they delete the zeroes first... then bring it to a dollar?

JoeSchmoe: after years of debating the whole LOP scenario, and with most all the gurus making people believe NO LOP, IF it came out as a LOP....then it would be clear evidence that the gurus had their hands in something very underhanded

chattels: @Baxter Yes, something like that.
chattels: @JoeSchmoe Or just positive illusion and ignorance.

Browardc3: @chattels thanks,we are all here for the same reason,the more valid news shared is better for us all to get throu this investment.

chattels: @Browardc3 Agreed.

JoeSchmoe: when you read every word a guru(or non guru for those who say they arent one), it is easy to see it isn't ignorance. You can also see the manipulation in the words that they say/type

JoeSchmoe: I don't believe ignorance AT ALL.
JoeSchmoe: IF it lops
JoeSchmoe: RichInTexas had always believed in LOP....

chattels: I trust that all of you are aware that I have no expertise in currency and am trying to find my way with all of this just as you are. If anything I have posted suggests otherwise then ignore it. Each of us is responsible to / for themselves. I simply try to think critically and with some index to arguable realities.

joeSchmoe: time to go start my sunday. have a great day E1

[pm]Doug_W: bye Joe

Baxter: Yes... with all this lop talk all of a sudden... my stomach doesnt feel up to anymore.... BBL

chattels: @JoeSchmoe You are kind / generous to say such. I do allow for the flaw of conceit and self aggrandizement in the conduct / speech of people. I do not much believe in conspiracies, etc.

Tebow: why has the CBI been trying to get the 3 zero notes out of circulation and get their people to open accounts at banks if they plan to lop. They are not going to lop IMO

Whitelions: @Tebow agreed no lop that's right up there with the float lol

Tebow: no reason to lop if they were going to gradually float (Kap theory) as they could just remove the 3 zero notes when they became no longer useful in daily transactions.

bunny: I have to say that it is an encouraging article; however, I MUST remind myself that this is from an economist. I have read, over the years, many wonderful articles/thoughts/suggestions by economists . ~ So, I am encouraged by this, but do not know how much sway he carries with the PTB. Great discourse, hopefully some will take action. :good

Dave: Happy Sunday/..everyone...ya you too Doug

Dave: lop talk.......I am glad to hear all the other rather interesting news ...pre -election yadda yadda or Dental implants.....Doug?

[pm]Doug_W: thanks Pal 
Hennessy: What is a lop?

[pm]Doug_W: in a nut shell where a currency gains NO value just the zeros go away

[pm]Doug_W: like one might "lop" of a baby Dobermans tail to make it short
 [pm]Doug_W: same dog now with a short tail

Hennessy: @Doug_W thanks

[pm]Doug_W: @Hennessy I hope that helped

meatball: @Doug_W best definition and correlation I ever seen ...lol

Hennessy: @Doug_W yes

[pm]Doug_W: @Hennessy I am glad
 [pm]Doug_W: Thanks Meat

meatball: @Doug_W simple is best

patrik73: Iraq LOPster ;-)

patrik73: https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391408961114/

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 26 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 26 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 25 2017 2:41 pm EST Over 4,000 Sealed Indictments Expected: 2,524 Sealed Indictments Now Discovered in 49 of 94 Districts

1. So far over 2,524 Sealed Indictments have been found in 49 of 94 federal districts.

2. Houston lawyer and Democratic donor Steve Mostyn has committed suicide days before hundreds of Sealed Indictments will be unsealed. Mostyn had close ties to Clinton, Obama and Podesta. http://thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/mystery-surrounds-sudden-death-mega-donor-hillary-clinton-barack-obama/ …


B. Nov. 25 2017 2:49 pm EST KTFA Iraq Enters International Financial Market Sun. Nov. 26:
 "Sudden Influx" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News

The Iraqi Trade Bank will receive license to open an office in the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market. The opening ceremony will take place on Sun. Nov. 26 (11:00 am Iraqi time, 5 am EST). Central Bank of Iraq Governor Dr. Ali Alalak and head of the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market Mr. Ahmed Sayey will be present.


C. Nov. 25 2017 10:41 am EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 25, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

The 800#s are ready to be unsealed and given to couriers, who will distribute them to intel providers and websites. We continue to wait for the deciding event.


D. Nov. 25 2017 9:30 am EST Bank Story, New US Treasury Notes Out Mon. Nov. 27 Guitar Man: "Another Great Bank Story" by Guitar Man - 11.25.17

1. Yesterday Nov. 24 a teller at Wells Fargo told me that the new US Treasury notes will be out on Mon. Nov. 27.

2. The Nesara Law (a law that was sign on Oct. 10, 2000 by Bill Clinton but couldn't be implimented until the GCR), will be in place by then and make it safe for the exchanges.


E. Nov. 24 2017 Operation Disclosure: https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

The RV was released days ago, but no 800#s yet.


F. Nov. 24 2017 2:00 pm EST Tank: "A Moving Tank" - Message from TANK 11-24-17

Orders went out in the am today, Nov. 24. (We hope these were the final orders to release the RV liquidity to core level accounts, SKRs and so on.) This should also include some kind of access to the (RV Release) notice.


G. Nov. 23 2017 Office of Poofness Report:

I know for an absolute fact that the RV is being done and there would no longer be any further delays. The RV transactions have started and I have personal firsthand knowledge of some of the transactions underway. Some have been paid.

Although they started last week and this week, the actual usability of their funds and payments are to start Mon. Nov. 27. The majority of closings and payments begin next week. A Monday Nov. 27 funds release for my projects was guaranteed. Our next fund tranche transfers have been scheduled, but I am not allowed to speak to that.


H. Nov. 25 2017 Oootah Call today 4pm EST: Oootah Call Today at 4 PM EST 11-25-17
Playback: (641) 715-3579 Code: 180023#

1. They will not take any zeros off the Zim.

2. There is no 80% for humanitarian, 20% for redeemer split on the Zim.


[Pollyp] Jester can you tell us if anything new is happening?


[Pollyp] Jester, yes I did. About 20 times....


[diditrvyeet] JESTER reminds me of the saying "good things come to those that wait"

Delete zeros priority/Kuwait oil n gas final agreement this week


Luvwulfs:  I'm sure the celebration has many parts to it

Steadfast:  I think we were all hoping for the part about the Dinar revaluing. I Guess we are still waiting for that part.

Yada:  Steadfast,,,just hang in there,,this is rolling out as we speak,,,trust Ray in TNT,, Ray said on tnt chat he believe the celebrations did take place,,again,,they were not primarily for the release of their dinar,,the total liberation is part of many issues being released this week,,

REI:  i still say we have to wait for the 'smoke' of the tax bill. repatriation of trillions, and trillions more from Dinar....hope it is sooner, but I think this bird has to cook a little more.  It has nothing to do with Iraq's budget. This tax reform will be the 'smoke' to hide all the trillions that will be flowing into our economy. Sit back and watch, no other explanation has come to fruition....jmho

Skipper2:  As long as the CBI (owned by Rothchild) and the Vietnam CBI (ditto) are making money selling FX to US, and making huge profit loans to Iraq thru the World Bank (of which they also have controlling interest) pulling the trigger is not profitable to them. .

They will release the RV after securing adequate loans to Iraq through The World Bank, maximizing their ROI. It is what bankers do….

Plus, Iraq is repaying Kuwait with Natural Gas (LPG) sothe pressure of repatriation is off the table. Until they get their LPG facilities on line
,Iraq buys natural gas from Iran to run it's power plants...

Iraq needs and wants the loans... China is pushing with all its' might, and there iz a bloody ton of money to be made with the international spread at time of GCR...

Macro-Economics and Petro-Politics make strange bedfellows with bankers and FX traders, let alone the commodity markets and impact of fracking and shale oil steam technology.


NWMontana:  Reconstruction of Mosul’s minaret to take place in March: Source~ https://www.iraqinews.com/features/reconstruction-mosuls-minaret-take-​place-march-source/


Uni345ty:  Here’s the Daily Prophetic Word for November 26, 2017! Things are going to turn around suddenly and you will be surprised as God shows up with a big blessing.

DocSavage:  Iraq is one if the top producers of oil in the world. Don't you think their currency is least worth a penny in true value as they stand today? What about 10 cents? What about a buck or more? I think so.

Buckeyefan:  We have a totally different interest in how this plays out, but for the people living there this has a direct impact on them. Hearing it's coming week/month the folks are mad and tired. That's how ISIS got their stronghold people lost their spirit. People wll hold on as long as they have a positive spirit,but when you crush ones spirit it's not always easy to get it back.

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Want to Make 7% Profit per Day? Find Some Cheap Qatari Riya​ls https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-26/want-to-make-7-prof​it-per-day-find-some-cheap-qatari-riyals

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq Plans $2 Billion Eurobond Sale to Plug 2018 Budget Def​icit https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-26/iraq-plans-2-billio​n-eurobond-sale-to-plug-2018-budget-deficit



Good morning folks, 

We are now in hour number 132 of Mr. Jared Rand's 24 hours until the big "slap upside the head." I was so encouraged that this would be the moment that the Alliance showed up and demonstrated that they understood the importance in any relationship of doing what you say you'll do. This is how trust is established. This slap was supposed to be the big reveal that would start a notification process that could take a "few days for EVERYONE to receive the 800# and make their appointments." In addition, many signs and wonders would reveal themselves in the form of suppressed healing technologies, mass arrests, a space scooter to Paris, and I almost forgot the one thing we actually want-FREEDOM.

I had asked Mr. Rand to please provide me with the 800#s that we've been told "are out there" much like the mysteries of the X-files. Mr. Rand did finally respond saying he couldn't say much, but he would have "SOLID INFORMATION SOON." A cold chill went down my spine as I considered the poor Iraqi people who have been waiting for their own solid information that their liberation would be announced "soon". However, Mr. Rand seems like a very genuine guy and I do believe that if he had the numbers he would definitely give them to me. And, I'm certain it was just some of the other guys behind the scenes who thought it would be fun to put Mr. Rand through the same torture box that the intel providers in this community have been struggling through for years. You know the one, where we have such a body of evidence and a person in authority who we trust and we are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that it is DONE. Good one guys! You got him. Unfortunately our suffering is magnified too. We're about to be the richest people in the world and it seems like you'd want to have a good working relationship with us so we could propel humankind to new heights. However, you pretty much use the same evil tactics that were used to enslave us, so please don't be surprised when the struggle is magnified on the other side because we won't forget the people we lost, lives we've damaged, and hearts we broke because all of your lies have become ours.

If you remember, Mr. Rand also told us that the numbers were out. I do wonder where these numbers are out at. It would appear that the Call Center employees would have to know they're out, but apparently not activated. This is one of the clever ways they satiate us instead of giving us straight answers. Some of my favorites are that "everything is done" and "it was released". Two statements that clearly have different meanings to the powers in control. For example, "it's done" may be referring to the plans for the company of disinfomration picnic, and "release" may be referring to a new movie just coming out on video. I'm certain it's a simple misunderstanding so I'd like to be more clear with what it is exactly we are looking for.

We have been wrongfully enslaved for thousands of years. We have been drugged, brain washed and abused. Our children have been kidnapped, raped, sacrificed, and mentally destroyed. We have woken up in a horror movie surrounded by Zombies who don't think for themselves and do nothing but look for the television and the internet to tell them what to think, do, and say. We are forced to work for companies who are poisoning our water and food, while subjecting ourselves to political leaders who pretend to represent the interests of the people as they steal from us and create false hope for change. 

I'm sure you get the idea. So yes, when WE say "release" we would like to be RELEASED from that. 

And when we say "It's done" it means we can stand on equal footing with our oppressors and choose to forgive them or hold them accountable. This would mean that we really have a Republic that is of the people, by the people, and fir the people. And, the people get to make decisions about how they want justice to be carried out rather than having it imposed upon them because we were allowed to exchange our currency. Forcing someone to act the way you want them to act because of your position over them is the very core of slavery.

Now that we have that misunderstanding out of the way I'm sure we can communicate more effectively. Knowing exactly what we understand those words to mean, I'm certain you will be more clear in the future. If you know exactly what we mean and you continue to communicate in this covert and deceptive style then there is clearly no honor in your practice and therefore you cannot be trusted to bring in a new Government for the people. In which case we will have to unite together to bring it in ourselves.

As I have stated previously, the ONLY INFORMATION THAT IS SOLID is our notice and fair inclusion in the exchange process to claim our liberation from an oppressive regime of corporate evil that has held us hostage unfairly for our entire lives. To claim there is a group of advocates working behind the scenes made up of of Elders, Galactics, Eastern European Royals, Fairy's, Goblins, Giants, sea creatures or anything else is absolutely useless if we are not set free. To use the exact same tactics that the Cabal has used for our entire lives really makes it seem like you are just the new Cabal. Clearly there seems to be a decisive advantage that you like us, are also against raping, eating, molesting and drinking the blood of our children so that is definitely an improvement from the previous Cabal, but we are still slaves. 

Perception is reality and I'm challenging you from NOW on, EVERY DAY-ALL DAY to stand up and be who you say you are. I do not care about the magic you have performed behind the scenes. The number one weapon against your enemy right now is US. It's time to put us to use. Until you do, you have not proven to me that you are much different than our previous slave masters other than they never eluded to the hope that they would set us free. And that may be the cruelest thing that I have ever seen anyone group do to any other group in any walk of life whether fantasy or reality. 

So I am hopeful that Mr. Rand is allowed to release the numbers to me so that I can come back and tell everyone that we can trust our new Government, the Elders, The Galactics, and the European Royals. That would truly be a magical moment, when this mind game ends and they shock the world by doing what they say they're going to do. Amazing!



Mr.K: IMO this is the reason why we wait for a speech.... not everyone's home yet SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

SlappySquirrel:  Itbegs the question how many are left that need to return home?  Some I'm sure decided to stay where they are at right now.  Additionally  what number is sufficient to say "enough" people have returned??? .. what about the people that are in country that are already suffering from a lack of reforms?? I'm sure they are frustrated to an extent. ..

Samson:  Immigration announces the return of the fourth meal of Iraqi refugees in Syria
26th November, 2017

"The Ministry's working teams in cooperation and coordination with the joint team of the Ministry of Transport returned today, five thousand Iraqi refugees in the camp of the Syrian Houl in the fourth meal," said the Minister of Immigration Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaf said in a statement that

"they were returned and transferred through the district of Nineveh province ".  LINK


Samson:  Security forces allow 720 families to enter their liberated areas east of Ramadi

 26th November, 2017

The security forces in Anbar province on Sunday allowed the return of 720 displaced families from IDP camps in the tourist city to their liberated areas east of the city of Ramadi.ment with criminals calling back. "   LINK


E. of Ramadi???... Really???.... How old is this? Ramadi and EAST of IT was cleared in 2015. We are being lied to all for timing and for God knows why. Corruption, etc. We stand STRONG as we wait. 

I have tweets from almost 2 wks ago of Abadi saying Daesh was eliminated.<---paraphrasing. Then there is still fighting going on and its being called "CLEAN UP???" Clean up in war means body removal and scrubbing of blood of the streets. NOT continued fighting. FACT. 

This continued fighting is another version of a Fat Lady for reasons unknown to us. 

IN INK, a celebration was to be had that mysteriously went away and or silent.

There is no more Daesh. Corruption is/will be cut by 50% when electronic cards are used. The other 50% is close at hand to be done.

I feel that this is the other 50% of corruption is being delt with NOW. IE MALIKI and his goons.

Trade bank was supposed to open in Dubai today. NO RIBBON CUTTING ceremony released. No news of it happening, unless I missed it.

Trade bank got approval of a bank to be opened in Syria was it,,,,???,,,, Just today.

I feel we wait for IDPs too. Problem with that is that they are saying peeps are still returning back to Ramadi area after almost 3 years of being liberated. So God knows how long that could take.

So am I saying there is a delay??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! This is a timed event of which we have no idea what that timing is. AGAIN I SAY, WE STAND STRONG AND HOLD. We are moving faster than ever before. Have faith and let Frank & Teams do their thangs. All is well. 

Finally. The December 2nd & 3rd meetings. It would be wise to have a rate prior to this date.

I  have always been a big supporter of Saturday into Sunday too. Because that is the time of every week when ALLLLL global banks realign but we don't know what we don't know.

Meaning they could change the rate the day before the meetings or in the days after. If its the days after they would have to tell all the investors """ WHEN  """ they will be changing the rate as to not have them pull out of investing.

IMO. They will change the rate before or AT these meetings. We are so close to January that I am prepared to walk into 2018. Are you?

Have Faith. Be kind to Frank & teams for NO ONE knows when this is happening. So do not shoot the messenger. I pray that if this does start looking like its going to go into 2018 that we will still be a strong family. I know I've had my moments of frustration in the past. To the point of being put on read only. But I have been trying to put myself in Frank & Teams shoes.

They don't like this any more than we do. We stand with you Franky.


Samson: Rafidain calls on the state departments to settle the salaries of its employees to benefit from loans and advances

2017/11/26 15:42

Called Rafidain Bank ministries and departments of the state to settle their salaries electronically at the bank and take advantage of the banking services provided to them.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it that "the card was issued MasterCard International employees of the State Department, which provides the withdrawal of the employee's salary electronically." 

He pointed out that "the MasterCard card issued by the bank has several advantages, including the granting of advances and loans to employees whose salaries are settled electronically."  http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=68681

Get1Later:  Worth $2 Billion??? HAS to be after the Rate Change!!! 

Samson:  Central: We intend to issue new sovereign bonds of two billion dollars in 2018 to cover the budget deficit

2017-11-26 at 12:14 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq plans to issue sovereign bonds worth 2 billion dollars in 2018, the central bank governor said on Tuesday.

Governor Ali Al-Alak told Reuters during a visit to Abu Dhabi that the foreign exchange reserves amounted to about 49 billion dollars, attributed to the increase in oil prices in the recent period.

Faisal Al Hims, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said that the bank has applied for a license to open a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He added that the bank received verbal approval from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), which ended 29 months  LINK


Iraq plans to issue sovereign bonds worth 2 billion dollars in 2018

 26th November, 2017

Iraq's foreign exchange reserves stood at about $49 billion, the Central Bank Governor said on Sunday.

He explained that the increase in oil prices in the recent period.  For his part, FAisal Hymes, Chairman of the Board and Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Iraqi Bank for Trade, said that the bank applied for a license

"branch in Saudi Arabia, and he received verbal approval from the Arab Monetary Agency Saudi" Sama.


Iraq plans $2 bln bond issue, Trade Bank of Iraq to establish Saudi branch

26th November, 2017 By Stanley Carvalho

ABU DHABI, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Iraq is planning a $2 billion sovereign bond issue in 2018, the central bank governor said on Sunday, after the country successfully returned to the international debt market by selling a $1 billion bond in August.

“The economy is seeing a recovery with the increase in oil prices and measures of the government on financial consolidation,” Ali Ismail al-Alak told Reuters after the opening of Trade Bank of Iraq’s representative office in Abu Dhabi.

On the sovereign bond, he said: “It is in process, awaiting parliament approval. It is to cover the budget deficit.”

Iraq’s budget deficit, according to a draft budget, is running at around 18 trillion to 19 trillion Iraqi dinars ($15.4 billion to 16.3 billion), he added.

The country’s $1 billion bond sale in August was its first international debt issuance as a stand-alone credit since 2006, and an attempt to put decades of turmoil behind it.

Alak said Iraq’s foreign currency reserves had risen to $49 billion currently from $46.5 billion at the end of 2016, helped by the recent increase in oil prices.

On the Iraqi banking sector, he said it had become more stable but there was no growth. On average, banks will make a “reasonable profit” in 2017, Alak said.

Meanwhile, Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI), a state-owned bank established to facilitate the country’s foreign trade, has applied for a branch licence in Saudi Arabia and obtained verbal approval from the Saudi central bank, said Faisal al-Haimus, chairman and acting chief executive of TBI. TBI has 24 branches in Iraq.

After 25 years of troubled relations starting with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Saudi Arabia and Iraq began taking steps towards better relations in 2015. In October this year, Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih made a high-profile visit to Iraq and state-owned Saudi Arabian Airlines announced it would start flying regularly to the country.