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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday November 15 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. No hot new intel to share, although there are things going on – news rather than intel. 

There was one article that seemed of interest. It referred to ‘the battle of liberation’ at Rawa in the next two days. The article said that on Friday Rawa will be liberated, ‘resolved within the next 48 hours’, through military action. That came out today, and on Monday Iraqi television spoke of full liberation of Rawas ‘in the coming hours’. ON Tuesday, Ray sent out this update: On Monday, Parliament passed four laws, and voted to give the CBI the ability to increase its capital and granting powers. [Some are calling this the CBI independence law; we’ll see.] Abadi’s speech did not pinpoint the exact date of the, “largest celebration ever in Iraq”; however, I have just learned of that designated day but am awaiting further details before disclosing it. 

There have been articles about the WTO possibly accepting Iraq as a full member on Friday; if so, that would indicate a release for the RV, but we don’t have any hard data on that, and we have had notifications like that before leading to a false conclusion. But everything still looks good for this week, leading into Thanksgiving. 

The public information is looking positive and we have time to digest that and do what needs to be done in terms of financial planning. I’m just preparing you the best that I can, so listen to what I say and also to what I don’t say. I think that’s it for today. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Ray, have your SKR acquaintances been made liquid in their accounts? 

A: No. 

Q: Ray, a recent post on the Board explained that the IMF recommends that when the IQD revalues, it be pegged to a BASKET of international currencies. If this happens, wouldn’t this limit the impact of the markets causing the IQD to increase in value? 

A: I don’t know. We can wait on that one and find out. As long as something happens, we can react to that. 

Q: At one time it was discussed that if you had to travel to a different state to exchange, there may be taxation for the exchange state and the state of residence. Have you had any update on this issue? 

A: I have not updates on taxation for exchanges. In general, you pay tax in the state where you reside and/or earn an income. I don’t think an exchange will be considered ‘earned income’ in another state although you may have to pay tax in the state where you live. 

Q: There has been a lot of talk, lately, about Iraq and the WTO. The article I read stated that there would be an ” Informal working party on the ascension of Iraq to the WTO this Friday ” This article seems to have everyone setting their hair on fire believing that this is the actual admittance of Iraq into the World Trade Organization. As stated this is an INFORMAL WORKING PARTY not the acceptance of Iraq into the organization. Would you address this please and let us know what you are hearing about Iraq’s status in this matter? 

A: We’ve addressed that; don’t read too much into the WTO thing. There are countries in the WTO that have no country, so this is not necessarily an issue with Iraq either way. 

Q: I am going over and reviewing my post RV budget and was wondering if there is a magic NET WORTH figure whereby one’s Social Security and MediCare benefits would be eliminated? 

A: I believe Social Security has nothing to do with your current income; you paid into that fund and are now being paid from it. MediCare might be different; I am not familiar with how that works. If it is based on income, it would definitely be affected. Call MediCare directly and find out what level of income would affect your benefits. 

Q: Will the coup in Zimbabwe have an effect on the Zim currency exchange? 

A: Not from what I’m being told. 

Q: Zimbabwe’s military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare. Is he the government official that came up with the currency plan to pay people back over a period of time with the interest rates you explained to us? Does the Zim note plan change now especially if he is removed from office? If the military takes over what is the guarantee they will continue the currency revaluation plan along with payouts as previously laid out? 

A: I have no idea who set up that plan; I only know the intel came to me from a good credible source. As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Q: Any update on the ‘big celebrations’? 

A: They are still be planned and going forward, with bleachers, platforms, fireworks, the whole nine yards. 

Questions from live callers 

Caller: I heard there was a spanner thrown in the works re: the dinar, that there was a whole new digital system and they have to be trained in that, and there wasn’t a digital system before. 

RayRen: If not, I’d love to know what they have been up to all this time. I haven’t heard any such thing. 

803 caller: How come a currency manipulator like Soros hasn’t gone in and bought up all the spare dinar? I think it’s because the currency hasn’t really got the value and it could take another 20 to 100 years for this to be revalued… 

RayRen: If you want to teach that, you’ll have to find another platform for that. 

409 caller: Will the earthquake affect the RV? 

RayRen: I haven’t received any information about that. On Monday I talked about that, and how there might not be celebrations while there is a major humanitarian effort going on, but haven’t heard anything else, and celebrations are going forward. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

510 caller: Last week you said something about having to be a native Arab-speaker to understand what it said on the CBI’s website. Did you get any feedback on that? 

RayRen: I didn’t need feedback because I was told by the source! Everything is being controlled, so we will not hear more about certain things until they decide to release them. Some things were decided a while back, but they are not being released until they decide to release it. Some folks are watching every nuance, and I think they see that. It’s not necessary to understand every single detail. 

865 caller: I called the state of NC – four levels deep – to ask if I would have to exchange there (rather than at home in Tennessee). They said I would not have to pay tax there, and I think that is normal between the states. People were helpful and it was easy to get the answer to my question. 

RayRen: People just need to call their local authorities to ask those questions. Thanks for sharing your experience; I hope it encourages others to call and ask. 
865/404/770 caller: Re: this announcement from Abadi that we are expecting, are your sources thinking the announcement is coming in bits and pieces? Or are they still looking for one big announcement? 

RayRen: They are looking for one announcement/speech/date. 
Caller: And those celebrations will be taking place throughout Iraq, correct? 

RayRen: That’s my understanding. 

501 caller: Can you give us a timeframe on your expectations? 

RayRen: Any time from now until Thanksgiving. 

863 caller: I am on SS and MediCare, and there is an income restriction until you reach a certain age. They subtract half your income from your SS. 310 caller: Did I hear you say you’ll be in California on Friday? 

RayRen: Yes, there will be a tour, a dinner, etc.; details are in the forum. 

604 caller: With the Zim, I intend to establish a family foundation. If the Zim proceeds are paid out over time, I’d like your view on the exchange appointment and putting together a family foundation, if it is not a lump-sum exchange.

RayRen: I don’t know what to tell you – we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with that. What is your particular question? 

Caller: On the day of the exchange, I’d like to get a sense of how the conversation will go. Later on, with zim, the funds would come into the foundation. 

RayRen: We don’t have sound information on the Zim. I mentioned the possibility of 80/20, but others have contradicted that. With respect to a foundation, it’s about documentation and changes in account ownership. In most cases, one document will get that done. So the proceeds were being paid into your account and then will be paid into the foundation account. The key thing is that you are relinquishing ownership; the activity continues, just the ownership has changed. 

918 caller: Are you privy to any information as to when the celebration starts? Will there be any worldwide dignitaries attending? 

RayRen: I imagine that they would want visitors present to support celebrations. 

483 caller: When you talk about the platforms for the celebrations, that sounds like they are still preparing… 
RayRen: At the stage it feels like they have finished preparing and now are ready for the celebrations themselves. I have heard a date, but I’m not going to share it. I’m waiting for more detailed information/confirmation. 

410 caller: Will we have a call on Friday? Or do we assume NOT because you are traveling – unless there is something good to share? 
RayRen: That is a fair assumption. 

Caller: Has there been any news about lower denominations of fils? Could be a good indicator of progress. 
RayRen: I’ve heard nothing yet on that. I think the full announcement will be easier to track than piece-by-piece progress. I think the progress steps will escalate at a rapid pace once the actual announcement has come out. 
419 caller: [can’t hear this caller] Some are saying that the average person won’t exchange until March due to security screenings, etc. – that the bank staff won’t be ready until then. [not sure I got this right] 
RayRen: Everything is done/learned that needs to be done. 
310 caller: Regarding information in the forum, does everyone have access to that? Or do you have to be a member? 
RayRen: You have to be a member unless it’s published in Latest Blasts. 
Closing Statement Things are still looking exciting for any time between now and Thanksgiving – that’s the target information, at any rate. I feel very good about where we are and what’s about to take place. Are you ready for whatever happens? Do you have a plan for whatever reality pops out? Do you have a plan for every scenario? Have you worked out how to get whatever you think you need, without wasting your purchasing power? 

The first thing would be to use someone else’s resources to achieve what you need, and then we can have fun with the rest. Some are mistakenly thinking that the minute Ray says “it’s here”, then that’s it, the end, you’re done. When that happens, when the 800 numbers appear or the call goes out saying it’s live, with a new rate … that’s the beginning. Sure, you’ll be able to pay some bills, but that is just the byproduct. That’s not winning this deal. Most of us want to go all the way… 
RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

"Zimbabwe Coup, Trump, PP's" - Intel via John at OWoN, 16 NOV


1. The Zimbabwe Coup cuts apart Mugabwe's murdering thug regime, and his vile wife has run for her life. It looks like Zimbabwe will have a new President within 48 hours, so another US regime change game is clear. It's no coincidence, but expect no Zim move now, or yet. More, " No comment yet".

2. Trumps tour of Asia leaves him with options. But the clear need to act. However, what? This Zimbabwe Coup will curve ball other currencies by the day now. New directions will fast track.

3. PP's are currently in a potentially good place, we hope,and if sensitive talks go as planned, the foremost priority is to get real capital blocks into place supporting infrastructure, jobs and hope. Organised majors can evidence the Executive capability to manage such funds and projects. PP's are long owed, and releasing to a few will help a lot of worthwhile projects over time. They can be managed,planned and easy to supervise. These are Real Funds, owed to Real Parties. Deserving! Very real things are moving by the hour, but will only be confirmed when safe. None will be wasted with Wasters or Wannabes. Guru sites, not a chance,

4. Currencies, IF and when decided for release,will start first via major groups. Control, planning Tax grabs, and ease of Project supervision, make this the better route.

5. Forget the Blog and Guru diatribe. At this stage, there just is no Bank or Regulatory appetite for thousands of Turkeys lining up for a free Global mega feed.

PP's are sound, and once they flow, they will be applied correctly. We will advise the sites of Jobs or contract opportunities as we expand out with projects. So many good people on the sites will find real chances coming. A chance to be part of something good.

Don't be concerned,real things are happening but first we need to route to organized proven parties with Professional planning and controls. Good things will come for you.

The Zimbabwe Coup was not possible as regime change without the hand of the US involved.

So, what now for Zims? PP's will permeate back and help many. It's good! A short cryptic overview of what's in play by the hour. More later it's a frantic week starting at 03-00 hrs this morning. A dogs life, but thank God not a Dog wife. Lol. Humour.

Breitling Full Report



Well I heard that The US Treasury & Chinese Treasury & US Pentagon CONF...


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday AM  11-15-17  Part 2 of 2

spanki: another day in dinarland

chattels: UPDATED: Global pressure on Baghdad to talk to Erbil is growing By Rudaw


chattels: Parliament raises its next Sunday, after Parliament votes on the form of a decision regarding the salaries and allowances of volunteers of the Popular Gathering Authority, Parliament votes to join the candidate members to the Interim Parliamentary Committee to address the housing crisis and Parliament votes on recommendations on returning displaced people to their areas

chattels: the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, recently confirmed that the current circulation of the budget law is inaccurate, and said that the financial budget for 2018 is still in the process of discussion and discussions to reach the final version, hoping to vote by the Council of Ministers soon.


chattels: The decline in the dollar against the dinar in the Iraqi stock exchanges 15/11/2017


chattels: BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) recorded the dollar exchange rate today slightly lower against the dinar exchange rate in foreign currency markets in Iraq. The sale price of the dollar in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad today 125 thousand and 250 dinars and the purchase price 125 thousand and 200 dinars compared to $ 100.

The price of the sale of the dollar on the Arbil Stock Exchange today was 125 thousand and 650 dinars, and the purchase price 125 thousand and 600 dinars compared to 100 dollars. The sale price on the Basra Stock Exchange was 125 thousand and 500 dinars, and the purchase price was 125 thousand and 450 dinars for one hundred dollars

chattels: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Ninewa Politicians Settling Scores Rather Than Governing & Rebuilding


chattels: The problem is that these local officials should be restoring governance and rebuilding Ninewa, but instead are vying for power.

chattels: The problem with this political squabbling is that it is coming at the expense of running Ninewa, which was just freed from the hands of the Islamic State. Half of Mosul for example is destroyed and there is no plan to rebuild it. There is also no unified security network in the governorate.

 In Mosul alone, there are around 30 different forces, mostly tribal Hashd that are beholden to politicians. Anbar went through a similar experience where the council there spent months getting rid of the governor instead of rebuilding. Rather than dealing with more pressing issues, the political class is trying to settle scores and get rid of its enemies.

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 3h3 hours ago Iraqi 7th Division begins erection of pontoon bridge across Euphrates River between Anah district & Rawah district to allow final attack on Rawah city center. http://mobp.as/efI7j ​
chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 8h8 hours ago PKK attack against Turkish forces in Dahok province of Kurdish Iraq is first attack of its kind in 20 years. 1 Turkish soldier killed & 3 injured in PKK ambush. Turkish forces have been in Dahok province for 20 years. http://mobp.as/ujz7j

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 20h20 hours ago Official in Dahok of Kurdish Region of Iraq says PKK have killed & injured several Turkish soldiers in an ambush in Dahok province. http://mobp.as/OWh7j

chattels: The combination of the gas and oil deals will provide Russia with a strong voice and influence on the KRG and its future, but it is now likely that this influence will not be what the KRG was hoping for.

​More likely is that there will be a strong Russian voice in shaping the future relationship between the KRG and the Federal Government of Iraq (FGI) which implies that Russia would have a major seat in the future negotiations over disputed territories in addition to the US and Europe.

Given Russia’s revived leading role and strengthening relationships in the Middle East it would imply that it would use its position with the KRG to ensure that it remains with a federal Iraq, a very different approach to its previously ambivalent stance towards an independent KRI.

futuremoney: thanks Chattels...these people frustrate me beyond measure..

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 16 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 16 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 15 2017 6:25 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 15, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. High Alert Notification has been given.

2. Intel Blackout in effect.

3. USN is ready.

4. The Republic is in position for transition.

5. All personnel are ready to be called in.

6. 800#s Couriers have been told to be ready.
7. The 800#s will release once the Emergency Broadcast System goes off.

8. All sources are on a minute to minute basis.


B. Nov. 15 2017 TNT Call:Teleseminar.com/103122084 Replay: 641.715.0623, Pin 409029#

1. An Iraqi article said that they would win the battle of liberation at Rawa within the next two days, or by Friday Nov. 17 Rawa would be liberated, and the battle would be ‘resolved within the next 48 hours’ through military action.

2. There have been articles about the WTO possibly accepting Iraq as a full member on Friday Nov. 17.

3. The big celebrations in Iraq were still planned and going forward, with bleachers, platforms and fireworks, the whole nine yards.

4. From what Ray had been told the coup in Zimbabwe would not have an effect on the Zim currency exchange.

5. Expect the 800#s any time from now until Thanksgiving.


C. Nov. 14 2017 11:39 pm EST UST Funds are Free, Carlos Peters, Tilton: Gary Larrabee - The UST, Chinese Treasury, Pentagon Confirmed Funds are Free

1. The US Treasury, Chinese Treasury and US Pentagon confirmed that the RV funds were officially live as of 9:30 pm EST Nov. 14.

2. Payout would begin on Nov. 15, though it might take a day or two to transfer funds.

3. This was for the start of the Zims (only).

4. A buyer said she would begin TODAY Nov. 15.


D. Nov. 14 2017 Dave Schmidt Intel Update for November 15, 2017

Funds were released and people were being called in to be paid.


E. Nov. 15 2017 3:31 am EST Zimbabwe Military in Control: The Storm is Happening, Mugabe Arrested by the Military in Zimbabwe

1. President Robert Mugabe is in Military Custody, the Zimbabwe Military has taken control of local broadcast centers, there is a huge Military presence in Zimbabwe's Capital, Harare, Zimbabwe Military has blocked off all roads into and out of the city, there were large amounts of tanks & APC's seen entering the city and explosions were reported.

2. This is your RV people. The storm was happening.

3. These events occurred right after Zimbabwe's Military Chief, General Constantino Chiwenga, made a routine visit to China last week.


F. Nov. 15 2017 6:11 pm EST Mass Arrests Update: Mass Arrests Update: 1,183 Sealed Indictments Found in 36 Districts

StormWatcher @damartin32 8:44 PM - Nov 14, 2017 · Niagara Falls, NY


https://drive.google.com/file/d/15579P4VztZO0aNvejJasb1yOvXUCp3vS/view?usp=drivesdk …

Mass Arrest Update:

1. Now Up To 1,183 Sealed Indicments in 36 Districts

2. StormWatcher is updating this list as they find more.

3. @buildthewall_20 found 108 in Colorado.

4. We will keep updating this spreadsheet.

G. Nov. 14 2017 9:24 pm EST Saudi King Confirms Arrests Including 9/11 Perpetrators: Saudi King Confirms Recent Arrests Includes 9/11 Perpetrators

1. The King of Saudi Arabia has admitted members of the Saudi Royal family helped orchestrate the attacks of 9/11 upon the United States, and they have now been arrested.

2. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman recent ‘anti-corruption’ crackdown on the powerful elite has included dozens of powerful 9/11 conspirators, including Osama bin Laden’s brother and royal family members.

3. The new purge that saw the mass arrests of royalty and billionaires saw dozens of elites placed under house arrest, including 38 cabinet members that were accused of being the architects of 9/11.

4. President Donald Trump is said to have had a significant influence on the recent purge, which saw the Clinton/Bush globalist era come to a sudden close. Clinton allies and donors, along with 9/11 conspirators, have all been arrested signaling the end of the globalist influence on the world.

5. Many Americans have been aware of the role Saudi Arabia played in the 9/11 attacks; five of the 19 hijackers were Saudis.

6. In 2002, the bipartisan Joint Congressional Inquiry conducted an extensive investigation into the intelligence failures in the lead-up to 9/11. President George W. Bush sealed the section covering Saudi Arabia's possible involvement. Bush, Clinton, and Obama failed to stand up to the Saudis, thus selling out the American people.

7. In the Massacre at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and according to radar recordings from the nearby McCarren airport, at least seven helicopters appeared to have been used in that attack. Three of them hovered over rooftops near to both Mandalay Bay and to the Country Music festival which was attacked. The hovering was presumably done to drop-off shooters. Video from Las Vegas clearly shows MUZZLE FLASH coming from mid-air, away from Manadalay Bay - which could only have come from a helicopter.

8. Certain Saudis owned the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay, and according to highly confidential information, members of the Saudi Royal Family were in Las Vegas the night of the attack. Perhaps even the King of Saudi Arabia himself! This has lead certain investigators to conclude the "worst mass shooting in US history" was actually an ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION of certain Saudi Royalty. The hit was financed by certain members of the Saudi government. The people killed at the concert were a DIVERSION from the real target: The Saudi royalty in Vegas that night.

9. President Trump dispatched Jared Kushner to Saudi Arabia via commercial flight on an UNANNOUNCED trip. My former colleagues in the FBI confirm Kushner brought with him, highly classified investigation materials showing who paid how much to whom in order to carry out or facilitate the attack, and telephone/email intercepts proving the Vegas massacre was a cover for an attempted "hit" against the Saudi Royals. 72 Hours after Kushner departed Saudi Arabia, "the purge" began, with round-ups of Royal Family members, current and former Ministers and others.

10. Apparently, many of those arrested - BUT NOT ALL - have been financing/using terrorism for years to implement THEIR goals worldwide. Most of them were wrapped-up in one fell swoop when the Crown Prince had so many arrested. The Cabal is out of business.

11. Their compatriots in the American federal government, are next. There are Americans - some of whom hold high federal offices - who were involved in 9/11 and a slew of other monstrous atrocities since then. They are reportedly on the list of "things to do" for the Trump Administration.

12. The ones in government screeching the loudest against President Trump will give you a really good idea; Republicans too.

13. In one case, a guy with a track record of betraying our country, has continued to do so for years and the son of a bitch dares to hold himself out as some sort of honorable man.

14. It is going to be a really wonderful day to see that one taken away in handcuffs. God Bless Donald J. Trump and God Bless the United States of America.



Samson: Oil prices recover after extension of OPEC agreement

 16th November, 2017

Oil prices rebounded in the global market on Thursday after a four-day drop as US inventories increased as a result of the OPEC extension.

At 11:30 am Baghdad, Brent crude was up 0.36%, or 22 cents, to 62.10 dollars a barrel, while West Texas crude was up 55 cents to $ 55.44.

Experts predict that oil prices will continue to rise during the next two days as a result of the extension of the OPEC agreement, which aims to withdraw 32 million barrels per day of oil supply in the global market



Samson:  Jubouri and the World Bank discuss economic stabilization in Iraq

2017/11/15 23:37

Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, discussed with the Executive Director of Iraq at the World Bank Mirza Hassan achieve economic stability in Iraq.

A statement issued by his office, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri met Wednesday evening, Executive Director of Iraq at the World Bank Mirza Hassan, and during the meeting discussed the reality of Iraq's economic and plans, Help Iraq to be able to rebuild infrastructure in areas where there were military operations. "

He added "as was discussed the efforts of Iraq during the post-phase, calling for permanent stability and development factors of economic and investment development."



Samson:  World Bank confirms Iraq's progress in business environment indicators and low taxes

 15th November, 2017

An outlook for the business environment in Iraq next year has made progress in environmental indicators for most sectors, despite a slight decline in Iraq's tax collection, according to an annual World Bank report .

The report, published earlier, showed that there has been a significant improvement in Iraq's business environment indicators for most of the World Bank's 2018 sectors or activities. There are promising opportunities for foreign investment and contracting sectors to work in the country's stability and peace economy.
The World Bank confirmed that, during 2016-2017, Iraq had been able to implement fundamental changes in the domestic regulatory framework in two main areas: starting business and obtaining credit.

"Starting business is easier in Iraq by combining multiple registration procedures and reducing the time required to register companies. Business owners no longer have to register their companies independently with the General Authority for Taxes, while the time required to register companies is reduced. Because of the increased resources available in the registry and the improvement of the electronic registration system. "

"The Doing Business data shows that fragile economies such as Iraq continue to reform and deal with crises as opportunities to improve business systems," said Saruj Kumar Jha, regional director of the Mashreq World Bank. "The Iraqi government has embarked on a fundamental reform agenda based on (2014-2018), which places priority on institutional economic reforms and the development of the private sector.

He noted that the World Bank is committed to supporting the Iraqi government's efforts to implement priority reforms that will enhance the business environment and achieve better growth and opportunities for all Iraqis.

According to analysts, Iraq has improved in six indicators starting in 2017. In the "start of business", the first indicator of the report, which considers the number of procedures, time, cost and minimum capital paid to start a limited liability company rose, which became more attractive to investors At a time when the war is over, and the world sees Iraq's efforts to reform seriously and have an impact on the ground.    LINK


Samson:  Regional leaders are fleeing with looted money abroad

 16th November, 2017    VIDEO ON LINK

A report issued by the "Al-Masala" newspaper revealed the escape of a number of Kurdish leaders from ministers and conservatives from abroad who were inciting secession through the referendum.

According to the report, the first of which is the Minister of Natural Resources in the province Ashti Hawrami, who fled through Turkey to the British capital London an hour ago Of the ban as he holds British citizenship. 

Hawrami is considered the black box that holds all the details of the region's oil imports and the smuggling operations, which have disappeared billions of dollars of Iraq's money is not known so far. Kurdish blocs blamed the fugitive minister for leaving the region heavily indebted.

The second escape from Kurdish leaders out of Iraq is the justice minister in the provincial government Sinan mountain, who left the region to Turkey on the dawn of September 29, 2017, before the closure of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. 

Kurdish parties have taken responsibility for the arrest of opposition activists of the two ruling parties in the region. His press office claimed he was undergoing surgery in Ankara and would return to the province later without setting a date or any other details.

The third fleeing Kurdish leaders out of Iraq is Necmettin Karim, governor of Kirkuk, who fled through Turkey to Washington, DC, on November 6 as a US citizen.

After mounting claims to try him for murder, displacement and arrest carried out. When he took office, against the sons of the Arab and Turkmen components. Also involved in large-scale smuggling, according to Kurdish sources.

The outgoing Minister of Finance and former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a leading figure in the region. He left the country at the beginning of November 2017, through Turkish territory and then to Washington, having British citizenship. 

And recently assumed the post of member of the Supreme Political Council in the region. He warned days before a civil war in response to law enforcement measures by the federal authorities, and the parliament dismissed him in September 2016, and transferred his papers to the Integrity Commission, but judicial sources said a political settlement prevented his trial.

The Iraqi judiciary has not issued any decisions against these figures after they fled after the names were associated with violations and corruption or crimes of ethnic cleansing or incitement to terrorism.  LINK
365 Report -- Project settle salaries start concept of financial inclusion/Trump Announcement https://youtu.be/bC8KsWcQJvY


Elmerf123456:  What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve! Control your thoughts and your emotions and ordain your destiny! Not a message for one but for the many! You’ve been through the pain. Prepare for the gain! Then the real life’s work begins!

Dallred123:  Elmer all signs point to this happening now

Gtcnote:  Elmer...when do you believe we will see this. Thxs

Elmerf123456:  Gtcnote...prediction is just a best guess. We are so so close but the best answer is when I look at my deposit slip and exhale.

Elmerf123456:  For my dear friends ,

I have been wanting  to say something for a long time,

This is not just in this room,  but other circles who I am connected to as well. When you first decided to get into this currency, You did so with your own value and belief system.

Many are more educated today than they ever were when they first decided to buy into this.  In saying this, let me remind you that it is most important to stick to your own personal value system and beliefs.

Education is fantastic but education overkill with people with different agendas can be very poisonous and can sway your thought process and be taxing on your emotions.

 No one and I mean no one is going to miss anything as long as you stay in the game.

No fanfare, no fluff, no videos, and no persons opinions should sway you from your beliefs, nor should they change your thoughts in what you believe! Simply stay in it if you believe in it. That is all that is needed.  All else will cloud your thoughts which is full of landmines and only opinion!

I believe! I did when I took the leap of faith 7 years ago and I’m still sticking to my choice today, because it was my choice to invest and I knew a whole lot less then than I do today, but my belief and value system has not changed based on others opinions. I made the choice to do this.  Good, bad or indifferent, I’m good with my choices win or lose I’m sticking with my choice!  Breath!!! relax, and live now! It’s all ok!