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The big Call w/bruce "INTEL" ONLY


11-15-2017   Intel Gurus Frank26 and Delta   ...the big party is going to be on Thursday and that Iraq will announce it is liberated and...this will allow the CBI to raise the rate. 

[NOTE: The below should NOT be considered tax or investment advice.  It is purely informational and the views of this guru.  Speak to your own tax and investment professional at the appropriate time.]

11-15-2017  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan The key thing you have to take a look at is “what am I going to do if it comes out at this value or that value.” So when you put your strategies together realize how much dinar you have, how much you intend to have, how much you want to put into a Roth-which means you can’t have access to it for five years, but that when it comes to fruition is tax free.  Here’s what I share with you just as a thought to play with…if you have 2 million dinar sitting in a Roth and it does come out at $1.17 that’s 2 million plus dollars tax free.  If you can’t live on that something’s wrong.  At the same time I tell you not to put all of the 2 million dinar you may have into the Roth because you can’t touch it for 5 years.  And you may want to do something else.  So never put all of them into one basket.  But be aware you have to do several things you have to take a look at when you’re looking at the fluidity of your plan…your age, what you have already for retirement plan, what’s your diagnosis for if it comes out at 10 cents or it comes out at 50 cents or if it comes out at $1 how’s it going to work...
[NOTE: The above should NOT be considered tax or investment advice.  It is purely informational and the views of this guru.  Speak to your own tax and investment professional at the appropriate time.]

11-15-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article XII of the WTO Agreement process states that accession to the WTO will be “on terms to be agreed” between the acceding government and the WTO. Accession to the WTO is essentially a process of negotiation — quite different from the process of accession to other international entities, like the IMF, which is largely an automatic process.   ...there is no formal requirement that any nation need an international currency to be a member of the WTO. Would having an international tradable currency help? Yes- and having one would only bring great wealth to the nation. So we now know that Iraq can RV without being ascending to a full member of the WTOThis does not mean they can’t still trade with neighboring middle eastern countries, they will have to do it with the USD since the currency is still sanctioned under Chapter VII from the war. ...There is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT to have a tradable currency (or currency that can be used in trade).

11-15-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made. The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner. That celebration...my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow [Wednesday].  I haven’t been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday.  I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there.   [post 2 of 2]

11-15-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they haven’t done it already...   I think we are looking to that possibly any moment. My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand. I don’t know how much before hand, I thought 3 days...   ...the control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate.  That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTO on Friday.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-15-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   I  believe the final segment of training with the private banks are done.   I believe they are signaling that this Friday will be the finality of all this.  I think there will be a statement from Abadi coming along with a national celebration by, if not on, Friday.  Iraq is meeting with the WTO on Friday and I think they will be declaring that they are international before then.   IMO Iraq could join the WTO with a low rate, just not a program rate because of the restrictions.  However, I  think the probability of this is about zero.  I believe IMO that  they are at least 1:1 or near it now. 
11-15-2017   Intel Guru Delta   Article 8 requires Iraq to have a rate that is fair for their neighbors and what will be called the "true" value

Trust Unlimited LLC Conference Call



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for coming in and listening to the Big Call on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Yes, here we are again. You know what I am not discouraged at all. I am very encouraged tonight and I think you should be to. I know we will be doing these calls until these blessing manifests to us.

Like I said we plan on not going away, but take you through that process to where you guys can exchange. Then on the back side of the exchange when you are doing your meetings with your CPAs, attorneys, family office set ups, etc. we are will be doing the same thing.  We will be setting up different things. We have 3 different web sites. I told you about one of them: bigcalluniverse.com where you can sign up with your email and get on the list to receive the 800 number when receive it, and I will let you know when we do future calls. You will want to know when they will come up again.

​We will have some cool things to talk about and we will do some more interviews like we use to do, interesting stuff that you will want to listen to.
Bruce:  The other side of this, we will have our projects to talk about and how you would like to participate in Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network.  I will make that all available to you on the new website, and we will let you know on future calls. I anticipate taking off a month or so. We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah coming up.  We got holiday season and we will have a lot going on in all of our lives, but we will do our best to stay in touch with you thru the web site and future calls.

Bruce:  Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they haven’t done it already while I have been on the call. I think we are looking to that possibly any moment. My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand. I don’t know how much before hand, I thought 3 days, but I have heard some really good things about this morning about 11am EST the control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate.  That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTOon Friday. That happened at 11am EST this morning.

Bruce:  The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made. The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner. That celebration as of yesterday, my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow. I haven’t been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday. They ordered in another 160 or 170 more big screens, the Samsungs 100 inch diagonal flat screen TVs. I don’t think it is the jumbo trons. These are additional big screens utilized throughout the country and putting them in place earlier. That will add to their celebratory nature. Big time fireworks, music, and actors to help them celebrate. I am excited for Iraq with that.  I know they are continuing trading that rate on the dinar. The Zim is continuing to be traded a little bit higher. We are not doing rate and date.

Bruce:  There is activity going on, majorly active behind the scenes not just in other parts of the world but here too.  Some of it is so sensitive I can’t talk about it all. It is happening and has been for days. Intel has been very quiet overall in the last two to three days.  We do get bits and pieces of information come through to help us realize for example the exchange locations and Redemption Centers are ready and they have been ready since yesterday on steady high alert, in active status and ready to go for us. They got this thing down to a science now. The Call Centers are activated, they have the personnel to begin all set.

Bruce:  When the time is right and the toll free number comes out, I am honored to say it will come to me first and I will take it and get it back out to the community so all can call and set their appointments. We will put it on the two websites:
thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com.  All that have registered on bigcalluniverse.com will get an email with the toll free phone number if we are allowed to do that. That is how it will come.

Bruce:  There is quite a bit of activity. President Trump had a very successful trip in the Far East. I know you have seen bits and pieces of that over the last 12 days. He flew out from the Philippines and arrived in Hawaii around noon today. I think that was EST time. I am not sure about that. He suppose to arrive today in Hawaii and then go from Hawaii back over to Andrews Air Force Base and then to the White House.  He may be there now. I don’t know that. I am thinking he is there tonight.  I do know he has some meetings scheduled after he gets in.

I believe we are to have very large announcements by the President tomorrow sometime after 11am EST. I know I believe these announcements will deal with some of the trade deals the President has been able to put together on his travels to the Far East. He has brought quite a bit of trade value to the United States. It is tremendous, a very successful trip.

Bruce:  Will there announcement about the RV, the currency gold back standard? I don’t personally look for an announcement here until they are ready to bring our new currency at the banks. That is when I think, we will get a currency or asset back announcement.  I don’t think we will get that in the AM. Maybe I will be wrong, fooled. I am very excited. I don’t think we will need that.  The only announcement we need is the toll free number be given to me and my release of that number to all in the community. That is what I think about the announcements.

Bruce:  When it comes to the gold standard, here at 2pm EST last Sunday Bit Coin became gold backed as well. That I thought was a tremendous thing. I thought that it is a very positive thing. I know it has gone up in value in the last 24 hours of about $400.  There are things happening out there. Absolutely behind the scenes more than you ever want to know. You don’t want to know all going on behind the scenes. I will say the information that we will probably hear in the next coming days and weeks will probably blow our minds in some cases.

Bruce:  I will say I hope that we are in a position for some of these platforms to start. I heard about that and they are ready to start. People have been waiting to be paid and thinking they are about to be paid.  I think they are about to be paid. SKRs, groups.  All I can say you are in the right place at the right time. Stay patient what is going to be the greatest transfer of wealth of humankind. You are fortunate enough to be born at this time to be part of this opportunity. It is mind bobbling. What we will be able to do for the world and not only for ourselves and our families, but for the world.  The Pastoral Retreat Network and the Veterans Retreat Network project.  Too, the concept of Rebuild America. I think I was the first to come with that. We got some things happening in our government that is mirroring that same concept, the Rebuild America act. 
There is activity out there we are tied closely to, and I think we will partner with them as we find out what they plan to do with that program. We are not going to do this with tax money. This is privately supported. We plan to do what we plan to do because of the blessing, and we will be able to make a difference with our cities in 5000 or more across the country. I think others will jump in and will want to be part of it. I am looking for 5,000 listeners who want to be part of this.   You will have the opportunity to do that and choose your cities, towns, and communities you want to help. We will try to put a template out there for you to do that where you live. It will take us a little while for us get this up and running as it will take you time to be up and running with this new wealth.  We will be working on it at the same time. You will be great and fine. I am looking forward to that.

  I will be hiring people to take these visions, hire the teams, men and women to take these visions and make them happen. I can’t do this by myself as you can’t do it by yourself.  Together we will be hiring people to do these projects and get training for those who need training like our veterans.  Our veterans will be our partners doing these projects, and we will be putting them to work in a cool area.  We will have mentorship programs for kids and the youth, and an apprenticeship program. We will have a lot of trades out there such as carpenters, plumbers, brick layers, etc. Many more who will need apprenticeship to learn those trades and they will be good paying jobs. Anyone we hire will get good pay and be proud of the work they will do. We will see to that.

Bruce:  I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there.  If I try to say it will be a certain date, I will burn myself.  I am still super excited where we are and ready for the toll free number to come to me so I get put it out to you very quickly so you can set your appointments and change your lives.

Bruce:  Thank you all for listening again on this Tuesday. We will be here on this Thursday unless something happens before then.  Stay tune. I will put the number out on our websites: thebigcall.net and bigcallunverse.com.  You will get emails if you have registered on bigcalluniverse.com.   Also, we will put the toll free number to couple of other places in the community after we receive it.

Bruce:  I want to thank all for coming in tonight.  Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven for being part of my team. Thank you everybody again. We appreciate you and love you. We will talk to you when we talk to you. Good night Everyone.




[Awaap] JESTER I am wondering if all this going on with Jeff Sessions, Roy Moore, etc... is to keep the media busy on one side while other things are happening on the other??



Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 15 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 15 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 14 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. This morning Nov. 14 around 11:00 am EST the authority to put out Iraq's new rate on the Dinar was given to the CBI. Iraq would be putting out that actual rate at any moment. Iraq needed to because they would be inducted into the World Trade Organization on Friday Nov. 17. Celebrations were scheduled to begin tomorrow Nov. 15.

2. The Dinar and Zim were still being traded on the international market, causing the rates to go up.

3. Banks and Call Centers were ready and activated so they could begin exchanges when the 800# came out.
4. Trump arrived in Hawaii today Nov. 14, and then flew to Washington DC tonight.

5. We should have announcements some time around 11:00 am tomorrow Nov. 14. Bruce does not believe those announcements included that we had a gold/asset backed dollar.

6. At 2 pm EST last Sunday Nov. 12 Bitcoin became gold backed.


B. Nov. 14 2017 1:31 pm EST GCE Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 14, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. There was no sign of a currency release yet today, Nov. 14.

2. There was a situation developing in Zimbabwe that might impede release timing.

3. Reno, Hong Kong and Banking, Call Center personnel were being told to report in and wait for the final authorization from the Chinese Elders.

4. The Chinese Elders might be waiting on the new US Republic to deliver indictments.

5. We expected that the Emergency Broadcast System could go off at any time.


C. Nov. 14 2017 3:41 am EST, Yosef: "Midnight Snack" - Intel Report from Yosef via Jeff - 11.13.17

1. The new Eastern Financial System was released in Dubai without restraint as of 2am EST Sunday Nov. 12 2017.

2. It was released in Hong Kong as of 8pm EST Sunday night Nov. 12.

3. We’re waiting for London in a few hours.

4. We were told the transition globally is seamless.

5. Trump signed off on GESARA via the Paris Agreement earlier on ` allowing for the USN and Republic to globally participate.

7. No more restrictions or holds exist anywhere on Western banks or markets.

8. Paymasters are free to hydrate SKR client accounts from their long seeded master accounts. All currencies are now free floating and interchangeable too, and at new FOREX revalued rates including the reinstated Zimbabwe dollar

9. Banks were right now waiting on the military’s go ahead to begin redemption.

10. Many in military circles believe General Dunford has advised Trump (Chinese/Russia) to do so while in flight back to the USA. Easiest place to protect a sitting President during a military operation is high up in the air aboard AF1. (Trump ended his Asian tour this am and as of 9am EST on Nov. 4 was still in the air).

11. Everyone would have plenty of time to redeem privately. HSBC gave North American banks a few extra days to calmly get everyone through.


D. Nov. 14 2017 8:31 am EST Trump-Mueller Sting: 300 High Level PizzaGate Indictments, David Zublick: (Video) Trump-Mueller Sting: 300 High-Level PizzaGate Indictments

1. Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed an astonishing 294 sealed indictments at US Federal Courts against high-level pedophiles operating within Hollywood and D.C.

2. This was unprecedented and might be the biggest sting operation in American history.

3. Trump vowed to expose Seth Rich's killers.
E. Nov. 14 2017 8:39 am EST Trump to Make Major Announcement Today:
Trump to Make a "Major Statement" When he Returns to the U.S.


F. Nov. 14 2017 Tenn. Jurisdiction Hearing Proves US Does Not Exist:


G. Nov. 13 9:39 am EST 2017 Trump, Putin Discuss Digital Economy:
 Trump, Putin Discuss the Digital Currency Reset Behind Closed Doors

Following the failure of arranging a formal meeting, Trump & Putin meet without fanfare or reporters. What did they discuss “on the fly ?” Putin revealed it was the “Digital Economy.” Did they discuss the inner-workings of the currency reset?


H. Nov. 14 2017 1:06 pm EST Zimbabwe Military Coup:
 Zimbabwe Military Coup Reportedly Under Way

A Zimbabwe military coup appeared to be in progress, with army tanks seen outside the capital a day after the army commander threatened to "step in" to calm political tensions over the president's firing of his vice president.


DA Member News Highlights & Comments    11-15-17

Iraq Government News

Kaperoni  Moderator  The House of Representatives votes on two laws and ends reading five laws

November 14, 2017 November 14, 2017 152 Views

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Sheikh Hamam Hamoudi and the presence of 170 deputies on Tuesday, 14/11/2017, the law of the House of Representatives in the ordinary session, which was held under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives,

At the beginning of the session, the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives expressed his deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the earthquake, calling on the government to give full attention to the affected areas, commending MP Adel Rashash and MP Awad al-Awadi for the death of their mother.
Then the Council read Al-Fatihah in tribute to the souls of the victims of the earthquake and to the spirit of my mother and two deputies.

Sheikh Hamoudi, on behalf of the Iraqi People's Assembly, praised the outstanding performance of visitors in the fourteenth Imam Hussain (AS) and turned the visit to the point of view of the world, thanking the security services and the competent ministries and governorates concerned for their role in securing and success of the 40th visit. To accommodate visitors, the success of this event is a popular success.

The Council voted on the draft law on the ratification of the Mutual Encouragement and Protection of Investments between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, submitted by the Committees of Foreign Relations, Economy and Investment for the purpose of benefiting from the economic resources and facilities available in the investment fields of the Contracting Parties and to create the appropriate conditions for the investments of their nationals in the territory of the other party. Of the Convention.

The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the draft law amending the law of the Association of Accountants and Auditors submitted by the committees of civil society, financial and legal to the meeting on Saturday.

The Council completed the vote on the second draft law of the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. (56) of 2004 on the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) submitted by the financial committees and the economy and investment for the purpose of increasing the capital of the Central Bank of Iraq and keep abreast of global economic development and grant powers to the bank and increase the number of members In the board of directors of the bank outside the bank and the formation of the audit committee and the issuance of commemorative coins and the imposition of interest on loans granted by the bank to commercial banks and to keep his money from the bookings issued by judicial decisions.

The Presidency postponed voting in principle on the draft law on the lease of agricultural land submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, Marshlands, finance, economy and investment.

The Council concluded the first reading of the draft law on the ratification of the United Nations Convention on Transparency in State-to-State Arbitration of Investors and States submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations in order to apply the rules of transparency in the equitable settlement of disputes in treaty-based investor-State arbitration and the promotion of good governance and ratification of the Convention.

The Council completed the first reading of the proposed amendment to Law No. 13 of 2011, submitted by the Legal Committee in order to allow a larger segment to contribute to the provision of services to citizens within their areas of work and to further strengthen the role of the electors as the link between the citizen and the local government.

The Council completed the first reading of the Sixth Amendment Law of the Implementation Law No. (45) of 1980, submitted by the Legal Committee for the purpose of guaranteeing the rights of the State through the non-implementation of the decisions against it only after acquiring the absolute degree and guaranteeing the right of the wife to obtain her legitimate right without prejudice and stability of the executive transactions with respect to To determine who is responsible for paying the fees.

The Council completed the first reading of the proposed law of the National Authority for the Protection of Peaceful Coexistence submitted by the Endowment, Religious and Legal Affairs Committees for a cohesive, co-existence and tolerant society capable of confronting terrorism, violence, sectarianism and hatred and to accommodate efforts exerted in the field of peaceful coexistence by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The Council concluded the reading of the report and discussion of the proposed law of Babylon, the cultural capital of Iraq and submitted by the committees of culture, information, law, tourism and archeology.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Riad Gharib stressed that the promotion of the tourism sector contributes to the development of the Iraqi economy and the diversification of its resources, calling for the global spotlight on the civilization of Babylon.

MP Abbas al-Bayati pointed out that Iraq is the cradle of civilizations and it is important to make the law an outlet for marketing the effects of Iraq spread in many areas of it, noting the importance of paying attention to the effects through embassies abroad with the establishment of a series of festivals and annual activities in this regard.

MP Mutashar al-Samarrai that the development of a clear strategy to invest Iraqi antiquities will contribute to support Iraq's financial budget.

In response to the interventions, the concerned committees stressed the importance of working hard to implement the proposals of the ladies and gentlemen of deputies after the vote on the proposed law.

It was then decided to adjourn the meeting until next Thursday, 16-11-2017.

Department of Information
Iraqi Council of Representatives

Kw    this is awesome news

Invinrv    :) Now to activate the deposit insurance law (and passing other important laws), would be great news!

LovesBudgies     Well, every once and awhile they do surprise us and get something done! How about picking up the pace, Iraq!

Paxx    So kap, does this qualify as passing the banking law that you have been talking about for a long while now? This seems like great news to me.

Even greater news on the heals of the CBI director's trip to New York. Also right before 2018 and the 2018 budget. The end of ISIS. CBI banking conference coming up in Baghdad Dec 2-3rd. The timing of this law is really good.    --Sooooo...... you are telling me there is a chance.

Mike  Moderator  This is a great step, but this is the second reading, we have a third reading and vote before anything is official. This is like a bill in the US, it bounces between committees and those in power until it's crafted to allow for the bill to become law wih a majority vote. We still need the third reading and then the implementation of the law before it becomes an effective reality in Iraq.   --Stay grounded...

Mcduff82     It read they voted on the cbi law  ,

Kaperoni   Moderator   Mike, this was the 3rd time. It's done

Sweetpea   Thanks Kap... I love the word: "Done."  We don't get to hear that word very often where Iraq is concerned. lol    Let's hope things are starting to look a little better, finally.

Punisher   Passed, approved, over :)
--"The Guilty Will Be Punished"

Paxx     But waiting for it to post in Gazette could take another six months. :D
--Sooooo...... you are telling me there is a chance.

Wolfpackfan     Mike,  I don't know whose Legislators are more inept...theirs or ours?


Iraq Government News >

Kaperoni Moderator   Abadi: Any reform measures will not succeed without fighting corruption

Tuesday 14 November 2017   Observer / NNA  The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haidar Abadi, Tuesday, that any reform measures will not succeed without fighting corruption.

"We will not wait indefinitely for the territorial government to continue," Abadi said at a weekly press conference in Baghdad. "We will take measures on border crossings after the regional government retreats from the draft final agreement between the two parties, "He said.

"We affirm our constitutional position to preserve the unity of Iraq and the extension of the federal authority and the achievement of security and stability throughout Iraq, a position that is in the interest of our citizens, especially Kurdish citizens."

He called on the regional government to cooperate in "achieving the sovereignty of the state" with regard to oil wealth, airports and border crossings as stipulated by the Constitution.

He welcomed any position "consistent with that" and said, "We directed dialogue that serves the security and social situation and those who want to withdraw to allow room for new faces and welcome the blocks that withdraw to allow for wider participation."

He stressed that "the continuation of efforts to reform the economic, commercial and financial side and facilitate the procedures of registration of companies, support the private sector and fight corruption," declaring that the World Bank issued a positive report praising the government's efforts in these areas.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi said that "the price of oil and despite the rise is still unable to achieve development in the country, while the government's commitment to pay salaries of staff in the region."

He added that "the federal government is committed to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, as promised previously, but after the completion of the audit of names to remove the currency of fraud and exploitation of public money."

Abadi said security forces were preparing to free the island areas west of Anbar, areas that have not been reached by the state since 2003.


Kaperoni Moderator  Real progress was made today, they passed the CBI law and publically stated they are moving forward with economic reforms.  Plus we see new banking news :)

Punisher    All from the Prime Minister announcing it himself!


United Nations and Iraq (UN or UNAMI) News >

Kaperoni  Moderator   Doing Business 2018: Recent Reforms in Iraq Pave the Way for More Progress Going Forward

Thursday, 09 November 2017 09:27 Baghdad, November 8, 2017- The newly released Doing Business Report 2018 titled Reforming to Create Jobs finds that Iraq has implemented in 2016/17 substantive changes in the local regulatory framework in two main areas: Starting a Business and Getting credit.

In fact, starting a business in Iraq has become easier by combining multiple registration procedures and reducing the time to register a company. Entrepreneurs are no longer required to register separately with the tax authority. Furthermore, the time required to register a company has declined due to an increase in resources at the registry, and an improvement of the online registration system.

Iraq has also improved access to credit information by launching a new credit registry managed by the Central Bank of Iraq. As of January 1, 2017, the registry listed 234,967 consumers and 4,877 commercial borrowers with information on their borrowing history within the past five years.

“Doing Business data show that fragile economies are reforming and approaching crises as opportunities for better business regulations,” said Saroj Kumar Jha, World Bank Mashreq Regional Director. “As part of its Vision 2030 program, the Government of Iraq is embarking on a substantive reform agenda that builds on the Governmental General Framework Program (2014-2018) which prioritizes institutional economic reforms and private sector development.

The World Bank Group is committed to support its efforts in identifying and pushing forward priority reforms that can help foster the business environment and generate growth and better opportunities for all Iraqis.”

Overall, Iraq ranked at 168 on the ease of doing business, compared to 165 in last year’s report. It should be noted, however, that these two rankings are not comparable because of the introduction of some methodology refinement and data revisions that impact how countries rank.

In the Doing Business 2017 report, the paying taxes indicator was expanded to include post-filing processes—the processes that occur after a firm complies with its regular tax obligations. This year, the methodology was further refined in accordance to best practices. In particular, the indicator reviewed the way it captures value added tax and corporate income tax audits.

On the distance to frontier (DTF) metric, Iraq’s score went from 44.39 in Doing Business 2017 to 44.87 in Doing Business 2018, using a comparable methodology. This means, that in the last year, Iraq has improved its business regulations as captured by the Doing Business indicators in absolute terms—the country is narrowing the gap with the global regulatory frontier.

The full report and its datasets are available at www.doingbusiness.org



LovesBudgies    Thanks Kap--making some small progress in the much- discussed "developing the private sector>"

Prosper     Thanks Kap,Bring on more progress! :) 
Mike  Moderator  Here's a little on the metrics for this article:

The distance to frontier score helps assess the absolute level of regulatory performance over time. It measures the distance of each economy to the “frontier,” which represents the best performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies in the Doing Business sample since 2005.

One can both see the gap between a particular economy’s performance and the best performance at any point in time and assess the absolute change in the economy’s regulatory environment over time as measured by Doing Business. An economy’s distance to frontier is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest performance and 100 represents the frontier.

For example, a score of 75 in 2017 means an economy was 25 percentage points away from the frontier constructed from the best performances across all economies and across time. A score of 80 in 2018 would indicate the economy is improving. Read the methodology, explaining how the ease of doing business rankings and the distance to frontier measure are calculated (PDF).


Iraq moved from 44.39 in Doing Business 2017 to 44.87 in Doing Business 2018.

Smitty    Statistically, wouldn't those two numbers fall within the margin of error?  If so, it is stagnant.  If not, I wouldn't get all giddy at a mier 0.48% improovement.

Mike   Moderator   Ditto Smitty. This is another puff piece to create the illusion that Iraq is getting better to do business in. Their focus is skewed, they don't seem to be working on the economic stuff like we were hoping. However, they're working on a draft law today that legalizes marriage to 9 year old girls, which doesn't sit well with the UN.


Tobyboy    Mike Agree .  another way to legally rape their young girls. This is terrible for these politicians to approve of such a bill to be able to rape a 9 ys old little girl. This is what I call rape not marriage to a 9 yr old or any young child whether 9 or 15 yrs old. What a  corrupt country. I hope the woman of Iraq revolt against such nasty men.

Mike   Moderator   It's disgusting and it's the Shia politicians pulling for this.
--Stay grounded...


Jubouri "Final Victory Announcement coming than head to biggest challenge"


DocK:  Article:  “Zimbabwe denies military coup against government”   LINK

1st  the crooked bankers were executed,

2nd it was  Saudi Arabia jailing the crooks,

3rd  it's Zibabwe getting rid of Mugabe, notice how there media spinned it ..

( it's interesting the timing of the again DELAYED 2018 Iraq Budget until end of November).              timing of EVENTS ....

4th   DRAINING THE SWAMP -   Seems like  Congressional Holiday would be a great time to dispose of few crooks there too.  But which ,  Thanksgiving or Christmas ?

Here are a list of sealed ENDICTMENTS  for USA SWAMP CREATURES

Update.. 842 sealed indictments in 24 districts from 10/30 through 11/10.

There are 94 district courts in the U. S...




Samson:  Half of the Earth's wealth is in the hands of 1% of the world's population

15th November, 2017

The Independent published an article entitled "Study Confirms: 1% of the world's population takes half of the planet's wealth."

The number of millionaires in the world has risen while half of the planet's population has about 3.5 billion people but only about 3 per cent of global wealth, a new study has found. 1 per cent of the world's population now owns half of its wealth, Indicating a lack of justice in the distribution of wealth.

The same study reveals that high net worth individuals were able to add substantial profits after the global financial crisis that began in 2008, increasing their acquisition of total wealth on the planet from 42.5% at that time to 50.1% today.
According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, 1 per cent of the world's population has about $ 106 trillion, which is 8 times the size of the US economy.

The report also shows that with the expansion of the base and the inclusion of more affluent people into the census, 10 per cent of the world's "rich" population has 87.8 per cent of global wealth, meaning that 90 per cent of the population has only about 12 per cent Of the volume of wealth.

On the other hand, half of the world's poorest people have only 2.7 per cent of the world's wealth, which has grown steadily since 2010 to an estimated $ 280 trillion.  LINK

Samson:  $ 3.5 million fine on fourth-largest US bank

​15th November, 2017

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a fine of $ 3.5 million for Wells Fargo Financial Services, due to lack of reporting of "suspicious activities linked to money laundering".

According to a statement by Wells Fargo, the company will pay the fine, as part of a signed agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This comes in the context of investigations into irregularities involving Wells Fargo officials in opening accounts without informing clients.

Regulatory authorities have identified "money-laundering activities" in the bank's US branches that targeted international clients, between March 2012 and June 2013.

It should be noted that the company has already paid high-value fines for various reasons.
Wells Fargo is the fourth largest US bank by assets of $ 1.3 trillion in 2012, the first by market value.

Wells Fargo is the second in terms of deposits, mortgage services and credit cards.


MilitiaMan:  What I find interesting is that around or just prior to Oct 7th the Feds shut down a currency trading desk of WF. This fine of $3.5 large, imo, being related to money laundering, suggests they (the SEC) fast tracked the issue. Take note of the timing of the post thread 7/#140 by Samson , it mentions 14 banks were to be closed in the Kurdish area and have not been,  they have been in meetings to get things in order as of yesterday. Whether or not it is related, it is to be determined, however, whenever does the SEC (if in this case related) ever do things that fast? They don't, imo.. But if the shake out was due to what is thought to be at our door, then it makes sense to fast track it and if related, they did a bank-up job... lol ~ MM


Samson:  Top Central Bankers Vow to Talk Investors Out of Easy Money

 15th November, 2017

(From L) Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi and Mark Carney at the event in Frankfurt, Nov. 14
Four of the world's top central bankers promised Tuesday to keep openly guiding investors about future policy moves as they slowly withdraw the huge monetary stimulus rolled out during the financial crisis. The banks pumped some $10 trillion into financial markets since the 2008 crisis—driving many markets to record highs.

But now the US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan are trying to wean investors off easy money without causing an upset. To do this, words will be key, the heads of the four central banks told an ECB conference on communication, RTE reported.

It is called forward guidance in banker-speak, essentially warning gently of what is coming.
"Forward guidance has become a full-fledged monetary policy instrument," ECB President Mario Draghi said in Frankfurt. "Why discard a monetary policy instrument that has proved to be effective?" Mario Draghi and his three counterparts are at very different stages in roll-back process.

The Fed is looking at its fifth rate increase and the Bank of England raised its own rate this month for the first time in 10 years.

But the ECB is merely reducing the pace of its bond purchases, and the Bank of Japan is still printing money at full speed, although it has signaled that no additional stimulus is likely.
US Fed Chair Janet Yellen agreed with Draghi that guidance has been beneficial "on balance" but stressed it should always be viewed as depending on how the economy actually develops. "All guidance should be conditional and related to the outlook for the economy," the outgoing Fed chief said.

Banks such as the ECB often say the envisage doing something but reserve the right to change their mind if circumstances change. History shows that preparing the ground for a withdrawal of stimulus is not always easy.

In 2013, the Fed chair at the time--Ben Bernanke—famously sent global bond markets into a tailspin by suggesting that bond purchases could be reduced. In the event, the "taper tantrum" meant bond buys would not be reduced for another 10 months.

Draghi had his own mini-tantrum in June when he hinted that the ECB's policy could be tweaked to reflect stronger growth. The market sell-off that followed was so big that  the eventual scaling back of purchases was relatively small and drawn out.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney's guidance on the path for interest rates has also repeatedly been knocked off course by surprises in the economy, prompting one politician to call him an "unreliable boyfriend".

Speaking alongside Yellen and Draghi, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the best way to avoid misunderstandings was to keep the message simple. "It should better be straightforward," he said. "That's the best way."   https://goo.gl/iCwsPQ

GreatlyBlessed:  Zimbabwe's Coup Is Nothing to Celebrate...https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-11-15/zimbabwe-s-coup-is-​nothing-to-celebrate

Four2atous:  Zimbabwe= http://www.herald.co.zw/we-are-targeting-the-criminals-around-the-pres​ident/


StephenMac63:  Take a look at the cbi.iq home banner, notice the light blue oblique in the right side of the picture? Sorta like what you see on a currency from the country....any ideas?   https://cbi.iq/   PS, Stevenmac.....for those that are "phonetically challenged"

Purifiers:  I am indeed phone it cilly challenged... at times...IMO... "maybe"... just maybe (mind ya... maybe)... a PLACE HOLDER for some new STUFF!?  Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm
(Frank likes things in 3's)   3+ 3+ 3+    I like threes too


Samson:  AML / CFT controls

 15th November, 2017

To the brokerage companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies limited (AML / AML / CFT controls for brokerage companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies)



SlappySquirrel:  Indeed!! Get rid of this guy and Zimbabwe and it's dollar may have a brighter future someday. . Hopefully sooner than later. . The Zimbabwean people have suffered under this dictatorship for decades. . They deserve a  change too...imo

Samson:  Mugabe .. 30 years of presidency ended by the "coup"

 15th November, 2017

The Zimbabwean army announced on Wednesday its control over the rule of the African country, raising questions about the fate of the aging President Robert Mugabe.

Although the army was quick to announce that his move was aimed at "criminals" surrounding the president, that Mugabe and his family were fine, the scene of the coup seemed very important and a milestone in the history of a controversial leader who sat on the throne for more than three decades.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, an early-stage teacher, studied in South Africa and Britain and was influenced by the Marxist orientation during his days in Ghana, the first British-African colony to gain independence.

Her emancipation inspired the man, so he decided to return home to start his political activity.

Mugabe was arrested in 1964 and released 10 years later. He then went to military action against the government, but his party took part in the 1980 elections and won a majority of seats in parliament.

Mugabe was appointed prime minister before ending the country's ethnic conflict that left thousands of people dead.

He was elected president in 1987 and has remained in office until now, despite the country's precarious state of affairs following his re-election in 2008.

Western countries accuse Mugabe of dictatorship and racism, say he has committed crimes against his people and persecuted his opponents. Britain has imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe within the Commonwealth Group, and the same has been done by the United States.

The European Union decided to prevent Mugabe from entering its territory in 2002.

The recent World Health Organization (WHO) decision to appoint Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador has sparked widespread debate and international criticism, particularly by the European Union, the United States and Canada, which later prompted the organization to reverse its decision.  LINK


The Storm is Happening, Mugabe Arrested by the Military in Zimbabwe

11/15/2017 03:31:00 AM  News

*It should be noted that these events occurred right after Zimbabwe's Military Chief, General Constantino Chiwenga made a routine visit to China last week.*

- President Robert Mugabe is in Military Custody

- Zimbabwe Military has taken control of local broadcast centers

- Huge Military Presence in Zimbabwe's Capital, Harare

- Zimbabwe Military has blocked off all roads into and out of the city

- Large amounts of Tanks & APC's were seen entering the city, explosions were reported

~ This is your RV people. The storm is happening.






Briona:  With no clear leader now in Zimbabwe, I find it hard to believe that a revaluation is close at hand their. Iraq has been waiting for stability, I would think Zimbabwe would be in the same position.

DKC101:  No need to wait on the Zim, still on track.. This a Zimbabwe military police action, not a Military Coup. China is still in charge, just arresting the bad guys.

Kittyndog:  We have been waiting on the Dinar for over 10 years. It seems like it is ready to go. We can exchange our dinars and can wait for the Zimbabwe. Something is better than nothing.

Briona:  That is why diversifying over several currencies is a wise move.

Kittyndog:  Zimbabwe is a long shot like in horse racing. When it happens we hit the jackpot. In the meantime, you have it safely tugged away.

WTCutter:  Think about it friends, maybe Mugabe and his wife were taken out of power because they are so corrupt. Have to have solid leadership chosen by the PTB

RustyBucket:  The timing of the zim situation is interesting, no?

Mobius:  Zimbabwe and Iraq a have a lot in common !  Both have great resources and been run by depots for 40-50 yrs.....both have been over looked for too long!  No Longer!!!!

Harambe:  BBC Video: Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'under house arrest' after army takeover http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-41997982

Greatlyblessed:  A jittery mood creeps into the market as weird warning signs in the bo​nd market appear....https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/14/theres-something-weird-going-on-thats-​worrying-the-markets.html

Harambe:  Bloomberg Video: Zimbabwe's Military Seizes Power, News24 reporting th​at Mugabe preparing to step down. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-11-15/zimbabwe-s-military-s​eizes-power-video

Harambe:  Reuters: ‪Zimbabwe army launches takeover against 'criminals' around Mugabe, says president 'safe' https://reut.rs/2jpeAV4

Harambe:  AP News: Zimbabwe army has Mugabe, wife in custody, controls capital https://apnews.com/364d8aaefe1c49c8b2a6dcdc35a45efd

Harambe: BBC: Zimbabwe crisis, Army takes over but denies coup


larrykn: for those that have zim lol on fox this morning it looks like the army did a coo on the government , not good

Baxter: OHHH... but that ZIM... its worth a fortune... ;$$

futuremoney: garbage

larrykn: its good for TP lol

futuremoney: its funny..these other site are saying that Zim isn't in a coup..its just a "police action"...LOLOLOLOL they re saying the Zim is still ready to rv...LOLOLOLOLOLHAAAAAA
Clay: @futuremoney omg

Clay: @futuremoney now the Zim

Clay: @futuremoney lol

futuremoney: talk about denial...sheesh

Clay: @futuremoney I wonder if that country will be better off now or not

blackgold: @Clay how are you? trouble is my middle name I guess

Clay: @blackgold mine too doing ok

blackgold: @Clay lol

blackgold: @Clay ooh ok I just know how people mix up things in text

Clay: @blackgold yep

blackgold: @Clay Looks like things are heating up in dinar land, hope something happens soon

Clay: @blackgold oh man me too

futuremoney: somebody got a heating pad turned on??

blackgold: @futuremoney lol

Clay: @futuremoney LOL

blackgold: @futuremoney I hope so and I hope they put it on high

blackgold: @futuremoney Looks like things are changing and moving, all around the world

blackgold: @futuremoney Zimbabawe Qatar,Yemen,Vietnam and Iraq

blackgold: @futuremoney Keep an eye on Indonesia,they have a huge and maybe biggest gold supply that people are trying to keep secret

blackgold: Wish I could invest in north Korea, they have Natural resources everyone wants and maybe one of the biggest Rare Earth deposits

blackgold: Of course we can only guess what is at the mouth of the Euphrates river
blackgold: Could be the Reason why it gets dried up for the armies to come across in the End Times

blackgold: Time for work
blackgold: Clay Futuremoney and Zig lol have a bless day

Clay: @blackgold u 2

futuremoney: how do you know that

blackgold: @futuremoney how do i know what?

futuremoney: how do you know they have gold
futuremoney: is it another conspiracy theory?

blackgold: @futuremoney are you there/

blackgold: @futuremoney All you have to do is google and they give the company and everything. What people don't know is they find gold mines and seal them up. Hoping to open them when the price is high. unfortunately it is expensive to seal them and then open them

blackgold: @futuremoney https://www.voanews.com/a/showdown-in-indonesia-brings-gold-mine-to-standstill/3741401.html

blackgold: sulfur is another big product the only down side is that its done manually--hard work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENY6z2pj2pQ

futuremoney: @blackgold thanks 
​The Crisco Kid: Howdy Room, Whats Shaken Other Than Iraq ??

blackgold: @Doug_W after they give you your receit ,what is the first thing you are gonna do that day.

[pm]Doug_W: get out of debt
 [pm]Doug_W: they buy a small cottage back home on the Lake
 [pm]Doug_W: then decide depending on what it comes in at
[pm]Doug_W: U ?

[pm]Doug_W: we live in a nice home that is more than adequate and have nice vehicles .........

blackgold: @Doug_W that sounds like something you could do if you have a closing that day or all your payment receits but I mean right after you go out the door

[pm]Doug_W: come home
Hennessy: I'd go home

blackgold: @Doug_W I gonna go home and start the grill and make myself a good hot dog and ponder the rest of my life

blackgold: @Hennessy lol

Hennessy: I'd go home and open a beer

[pm]Doug_W: there ya go

blackgold: @Hennessy sounds good