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Spectra: DOING BUSINESS IN IRAQ: ON TRACK TO WIDER ECONOMIC REFORM Posted by Iraqi Thoughts | Nov 13, 2017 | Economy -A few months into his term Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi laid out his vision for reforms in front of global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos. By the summer of 2015 his political reforms had grabbed all the headlines, overshadowing the reforms he was bringing to the military and economy.

But as the fight against Da’ish draws down, the focus has turned back to the economy. On October 31st the World Bank published its Doing Business 2018 report, an annual report “measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it” and ranks “the ease of doing business” across 190 countries.
On the surface, the latest report is no different for Iraq than the previous Doing Business reports. A closer look, however, shows a different story. For example, out of ten indicators that make up an economy’s overall score, Iraq improved on six indicators from 2017.

Spectra: A few months into his term Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi laid out his vision for reforms in front of global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos. By the summer of 2015 his political reforms had grabbed all the headlines, overshadowing the reforms he was bringing to the military and economy. But as the fight against Da’ish draws down, the focus has turned back to the economy.

On October 31st the World Bank published its Doing Business 2018 report, an annual report “measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it” and ranks “the ease of doing business” across 190 countries.

On the surface, the latest report is no different for Iraq than the previous Doing Business reports. A closer look, however, shows a different story. For example, out of ten indicators that make up an economy’s overall score, Iraq improved on six indicators from 2017.

In “Starting a Business”, the first indicator of the report, which looks at the number of procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital required to start a limited liability company, Iraq increased from 164 in 2017 to 154 in 2018.

Being 154th in the world is not usually something to brag about, but it is when we consider that Iraq is competing against 189 other countries looking to improve their image and compete for international investment. This is also a commendable improvement given Iraq’s infamous bureaucracy, which can make obtaining the simplest of government services difficult.

Finally, let us not forget that these efforts were undertaken as Iraq fought and defeated the world’s largest terrorist organization. That’s just one service-related indicator. The others had improvements as well by this amount of points:


Spectra: These improvements are a direct result of the work conducted by the Streamlining Procedures Committee which was established by Al-Abadi in the Prime Minister’s Office during January 2015 and was tasked with identifying the services the government provides to Iraqis (1112 services!).

The committee then led the simplification of 108 personal services such as obtaining a driver’s licence or registering property, and 70 non-personal services such as registering a business or obtaining a construction permit, which have a direct result on the economy and improving the environment for the private sector.

The cabinet office established a committee in May 2017 to study the four legal indicators of the Doing Business report and provide recommendations for bringing Iraqi laws and government regulations in-line with international best practices.

To ensure the committee is effective it includes members of the State Council and the Higher Judicial Council. The committee is currently working with the World Bank to study the details and methodology of these indicators.

Their work might not be reflected until next year’s report or even the year after that, as any changes to laws must pass through the Iraqi Council of Representatives. Nonetheless, work is being undertaken to move in the right direction.

Spectra: That sentiment is shared by the World Bank which issued a press release on November 9th confirming that although Iraq’s overall ranking dropped from 165 to 168, it is due to the World Bank introducing some methodology refinement and data revisions that impact how countries rank.

 In the Doing Business 2017 report, the paying taxes indicator was expanded to include post-filing processes—the processes that occur after a firm complies with its regular tax obligations. This year, the methodology was further refined in accordance to best practices.

In particular, the indicator reviewed the way it captures value added tax and corporate income tax audits.” For this reason Iraq’s “Paying Taxes” ranking dropped from 52 in 2017 to 129 in 2018.

Spectra: Saroj Kumar Jha, the World Bank’s Middle East Regional Director is quoted as saying, “As part of its Vision 2030 program, the Government of Iraq is embarking on a substantive reform agenda that builds on the Governmental General Framework Program (2014-2018) which prioritizes institutional economic reforms and private sector development.

The World Bank Group is committed to support its efforts in identifying and pushing forward priority reforms that can help foster the business environment and generate growth and better opportunities for all Iraqis.” We cannot forget that the Doing Business report includes a Distance to Frontier ranking.

“The distance to frontier (DTF) measure shows the distance of each economy to the ‘frontier,’ which represents the best performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies in the Doing Business sample since 2005.

An economy’s distance to frontier is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest performance and 100 represents the frontier. The ease of doing business ranking ranges from 1 to 190.”
On this metric, Iraq improved from 44.39 in 2017 to 44.87 in 2018. The above data paints a picture of an imperfect yet improving economy, which is becoming more attractive to investors as the war against Da’ish concludes and as the world sees Iraq’s efforts to reform as serious and having an impact on the ground. Hassan Hadad HASSAN HADAD

Spectra: Hassan Hadad is an economist with the Economic Reform Unit in Baghdad.

Tex: Thanks for that article,,, intresting

Clay: World trade meeting is this week

Spectra: Good morning everyone just waking up need more coffee

Clay: me too

Spectra: Well there is a picture with the article I was trying to put up it might be the lower denims but it is pretty hard to distinguish ?

Spectra: That's the best part !

Spectra: http://1001iraqithoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Econ-4-1280x640.jpg

Spectra: My image program is giving me trouble click on this to see it

Clay: I see a 250

Spectra: Does anyone else think these are the same old dinar notes or are they something new?

Spectra: @Clay right I seen that it is the easy one
Spectra: Who knows ? Everything is always so mysterious !lol

Clay: can't tell if its new it would have kurd language on it too doesn't show anything

Spectra: I know very true

JoeSchmoe: haven't they always had the 250 note in their arsenal?

JoeSchmoe: albeit not used because of the lack of value
JoeSchmoe: but hasn't it always been on the cbi website?

chattels: With Iraqi-Kurdish Talks Stalled, Phone Diplomacy Averts New Clashes By MARGARET COKERNOV. 12, 2017


Clay: @chattels GM the world trade meeting is this week isn't it?

chattels: @Clay GM, I think that I read about such a meeting.

JoeSchmoe: @Clay are we still holding hope on about what militiaman posted?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe what was that

JoeSchmoe: @Clay it's in the observer, first post

 JoeSchmoe: @Clay beenthere for days

Clay: @JoeSchmoe will look thanks

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe pretty much so yes about the 250
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe I was wondering what the others were but it's difficult to discern

Spectra: Let's see what the world trade meetings brings forth.

Spectra: Oil prices hit $ 63.58 a barrel on cautious trade due to Middle East tensions theiqdteam.com/1/post/2017/11…

Tex: Clay U still here ??

JoeSchmoe: @Clay so what's your take on m/mans post

JoeSchmoe: like so many things in dinarland, it 'sounds' good

Clay: @JoeSchmoe hadn't had a chance to read it yet working whats he saying

JoeSchmoe: @Clay MilitiaMan (Dinar Guru) – [According to an email…showing the World Trade Organization (WTO) schedule for the upcoming week:] “Informal Working Party on the ACCESSION OF IRAQ to the WTO is scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov. 17, 2017” Now how cool it that.

WTO accession on 11/17/2017… Who said next year into 2018 today? lol WE all know the indicators Iraq has given us, have this on target for completion and this is a reality…

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I believe that

JoeSchmoe: @Clay really?....after all we've been through and 'heard/read' over the past however many years?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe lets hope they allow them back in thats what we need to have an internationally accepted currency
Clay: @JoeSchmoe lol

JoeSchmoe: @Clay 'back' in? were they in before?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I know but hoping
Clay: @JoeSchmoe yes I believe before the war

JoeSchmoe: @Clay hopefully its not just as observing members if they do

Clay: @JoeSchmoe hopefully
Clay: @JoeSchmoe its time though with all the contracts their getting
JoeSchmoe: will be a much long(er) road til the end,I feel, if they do only get in as observing
JoeSchmoe: chattels what is your take on militiaman's post?

Tebow: "Informal Working Party" better would be than but at least they are working on it
Tebow: better would be formal

JoeSchmoe: AND...it was only an email that he got, from a source that no one knows

JoeSchmoe: more pumping bs i think

Spectra: The article clearly states Acention ?into WTO ?

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra was it an article???? or just an email sent to him?

Spectra: Accention !!!!!!
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra I read 'email that he read'
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra

Spectra: I keep spelling it wrong lol

JoeSchmoe: Dinar Guru) – [According to an email…showing the World Trade Organization (WTO)
JoeSchmoe: email

Spectra: ac·ces·sion akˈseSHən/Submit noun 1. the attainment or acquisition of a position of rank or power, typically that of monarch or president. "the queen's accession to the throne" synonyms: succession to, assumption of, inheritance of "the Queen's accession to the throne"

JoeSchmoe: maybe this militiaman guru knows how to say what will pump people up by giving exact words, that really don't mean much

JoeSchmoe: assention

Spectra: coming into the possession of a right, title, office, etc.: accession to the throne. See more.
Spectra: Well I need more I'm really screwing up ----??

JoeSchmoe: ascension [uh-sen-shuh n] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com noun 1. the act of ascending; ascent. 2. the Ascension, the bodily ascending of Christ from earth to heaven. 3. (initial capital letter) Ascension Day.

Spectra: More coffee

JoeSchmoe: either way...it was just an email that he got

Spectra: ;mad ;Spectra:

JoeSchmoe: people read that meat of the post, and disregard the telling word(s)...."EMAIL"
JoeSchmoe: email from whom

Spectra: It's been around for a few days now I first seen it on F26 web site

JoeSchmoe: another guru most likely lol

JoeSchmoe: yes it has been on the observer for many days too

Spectra: Right so hmm?

JoeSchmoe: one would figure if it was bs, then bgg would put one of his egomaniac comments at the end of it

Spectra: Lol

JoeSchmoe: seriously....have you guys ever seen the things he says after some of the posts that "HE" puts in the observer???? He must just put them there so he can boast his ego

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Have not read it.

JoeSchmoe: scroll up

JoeSchmoe: well...not on the page anymore

chattels: @JoeSchmoe I do not see a link posted by militiaman which always is a red flag for me

JoeSchmoe: yea...and he worded it as 'an email sent to him'
JoeSchmoe: EMAIL

JoeSchmoe: another red flag

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Also, I am generally of the school of thought that no matter the theory we will not know in advance

chattels: @JoeSchmoe So I do not trouble myself with this postulation or that prediction.

JoeSchmoe: one word can change the whole meaning of a post, if people just don't breeze over it

JoeSchmoe: @chattels right on. I was just curious if you had heard or read anything to back his post
JoeSchmoe: @chattels obviously not

chattels: @JoeSchmoe No, I am not part of the email inner circle apparently :)

JoeSchmoe: lol

JoeSchmoe: militiaman must be buddies with Poopy, and Poopster emailed him

Doug_W: @JoeSchmoe is Mr Bloodworth still an active guru?
Doug_W: @JoeSchmoe I thot he vanished after he left DU

Clay: @Doug_W nope he still sends me emails
Spectra: KTFA POST -Jesuslovesbaseball said (Post #49) Iraq is preparing for a "big celebration" with full victory The Future of Iraq The Iraqi government instructed, according to sources, to prepare for large celebrations in which Baghdad is the center, in favor of the rest of the provinces, on the occasion of the liberation of all Iraqi cities, in a clear message to the countries of the world that Iraq has seen a clear recovery in the last two years despite the great material losses incurred, Which was estimated by the Prime Minister Haider Abadi $ 100 billion.

According to the sources, the government intends to organize a review of the army forces and other armed formations, including the popular crowd and tribal forces in the center of the capital in Tahrir Square, or Paradise Square, sources say that the decision to organize the military review has not been agreed so far.

Spectra: The sources confirmed that the government plans to deploy screens in the main squares to broadcast national songs, preferring to think as a day of celebrations holiday

The Crisco Kid: @JoeSchmoe If Is A Small Word With A Big Meaning .. ;idn; ;idn;

Dave: howdy all....you folks do not celebrate Remembrance Day?....Holiday here

Dave: and much of Europe I believe
Dave: Did not think a country could join the WTO while under Chapter 7 UN sanctions.......????

[pm]Doug_W: not here Dave

[pm]Doug_W: not sure either?

futuremoney: cant remember...

Dave: then why have sanctions?
Dave: it is all on the UN's website.....

Clay: @Dave I thought sanctions were lifted

Dave: @Clay Thought so also......fighting a war on terrorism threw a monkey wrench on that...

Dave: @Clay The Kuwaiti deal may be figured out.... gas for monies owed......and the liberation of Iraq from iSIL were the UN's talking points from several months ago

Dave: @Clay coincidently Iraq may soon to be announcing their complete liberation from ISIL......... According to the news Rawa the last ISIL stronghold is going down as we speak

[pm]Doug_W: they had a terrible earth quake there
 [pm]Doug_W: thousands hurt hundreds dead

Dave: arrg .....another crisis
Dave: They were planning for celebrations.........

blackgold: @Clay i saw your lol earlier---lol

blackgold: Hey look the Kuwaitis aren't stupid, they have dinar too, just waiting for Iraq to RV or RI, they remember how their currency went.

blackgold: As far as UN and IMF doing anything, good luck
blackgold: Iraq will recover when whoever ---smiling---gives the ok 
​blackgold: Take your pick:

1. The International Atomic energy Agency
2. The International Labor Organization

3. The food and Agriculture Organization
 4. The International Bank for Recontruction and Development or ( World Bank ).

5. The Internation Development Association
6. The United Nations Education,Science, and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO )

 7. The World Health Organization
8. The International Finance Corperation

9. The International Monetary Fund ( IMF )
10. The International Civil Aviation Organization

11. The Universal Postal Union
12. The International telecommunications Union
13.The World Meteorological Association

14.The Inter-government Maritime Consultive Organization
15. The General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trades Organization.

blackgold: Iraq celebrates a lot of things this time of year. believe it or not they have a big Christian celebration every year which takes a lot of security and the gurus use that every year to get everyone excited for nothing. " Ooooh they are celebrating in the Streets" yea right. lol

blackgold: Not saying the celebration coming up isn't good for the liberation
blackgold: Well back to work


11-13-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   The HCL payments were supposed to start over the weekend at the new rates...and we are still waiting for that information, if it has started or not.  There was also the anticipation of PM Abadi making an announcement over the weekend that would leave no doubt as to where we would be standing.  We have been told that they are setting up for the biggest celebration ever in Iraq, with bleachers and platforms being set up.  Some military people have announced that it’s all over...bar the shouting, and the shouting is that big celebration.  The bank folks were/are all on high expectation for something happening this week.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-13-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  …In other words we’re safe all the way up to $1.17…But if a war actually breaks out…So what’s Iraq’s plan?  Iraq wants to get to $1.17 and then they actually put on the table a different economic plan which get’s them to $3.25.  So that plan is going to be completely put to the wayside until the civil war is over with…IF it comes.  So that’s the threat if they have an Islamic civil war in the Middle East…the $3.25 rate which Iraq wants to get to.  But up to $1.17 you’re fine…I’m not saying they’re going to come out there.  They’ll probably come out way lower and build their way up.  So the turmoil in the middle east is only a threat from $1.17 on up.  Up to $1.17 it is not.  Nothing may come of it but that’s the way you have to plan for it…Here are a couple scenarios that can happen.  And I have a game plan for each and everyone of them.  Some people can stay in and risk because they have a lot more dinar.  Some people, when it revalues at whatever rate, they need to get out.  However it works out but that’s the way it  is.   So remember it’s [Islamic Civil War] a threat to the higher rate not the lower rate… [Post 2 of 2]

11-13-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Thursday, November 9, 2017 that the territory of northern Iraq will receive his share of the draft federal budget of the country for the year 2018..."  We see Baghdad being tough on the KRG.  Saleh is trying to account for all the oil revenues from that region. Too much past corruption in the KRG. Why does Iraq have to borrow money to meet its deficit each yearThey are a very rich country. I will tell you why – RAMPID CORRUPTION from the top political elite.  The GOI has to clean this up. They are trying to balance the 2018 budget. These are all reasons why they are holding back on the final vote of the budget...  I can assure you they are not holding back the budget due to the RV…

11-13-2017   Guest Newshound Guru Apmcrx  Article from April 26 2017:  "Iraqi banks .... and the road map to Basel 3"   Quotes:  "Based on the results of this experiment, the final modifications and treatments will be made on the components of this ratio in the first half of 2017, and will be applied definitively and effectively from the beginning of 2018."  "Due to the limited time available to the Iraqi banks or the Central Bank of Iraq, we suggest that the time is invested properly and the 2017 allocation for intensive training with the pilot application of all the axes and requirements of Basel 3, with practical application starting from the beginning of 2018"  By the way In CBI you can find plenty articles talking about basel 3 in 2017.  If Basel 3 is international banking compliance then....(fireworks).

11-13-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  The best strategy you can have is to be able to put different situations in front of you and have a game plan for each and every one of them that comes down.  The top leaders in our country actually put together a strategy, they don’t just pick an A to Z strategy process.  That would mean they know everything, that they would know exactly what’s coming down the road.  And that’s not the case.  That’s never the case.  You have to know the different variables coming down the road and the different possibilities…I want to talk about the rate, there are articles coming out that we have Saudi Arabia pointing their fingers at Iran saying…these missiles coming from Yemen that’s a declaration of war…If there’s going to be an Islamic civil war that’s going to affect Iraq right?  Absolutely it is…remember the Iraqi dinar is completely manipulated..If…IF…there is an Islamic civil war…It’s not a threat to $1.17... [Post 1 of 2  Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

11-13-2017   Newshound Guru Don961  Article:  "6 tons of gold intervened monthly through the airports of Baghdad and Najaf"    trusted by many in Iraq, gold imports beginning to pick up steam ... whenever Iraq begins mining their own gold resources, ... they will not just be bringing in gold from other countries, collecting tariffs and fees ... but they could possibly become the gold hub of the ME ... imo.






Philip Tilton - Confirmed RV/GRC Officially Started!, 13 NOV

Update: November, 2017 Confirmed RV/GRC Officially Started! Congratulations!

Dear Valued Clients and Intermediaries,
Well I heard about an hour ago that IT IS OFFICIAL !!!!

The US Treasury and the Chinese Treasury and the US Pentagon have all CONFIRMED that the funds are FREE and LIVE !!! Pay out will begin today. It may take a day or two to transfer the funds but they are OFFICIALLY DONE !!! This is for the start of the Zims (only).

I will be receiving more news very soon. My buyer has told me that she believes she will begin her first man in TODAY.
Congratulations to everyone


Carolyn Glass Who is "I" in this article? What is the source?

Philip Tilton  A wealth manager friend


Baxter: Honestly... I do believe that this Kurd situation... has been a hold up.... the kurds have stolen more money and oil and that Barzani is the crook of all thieves... I think the U S was behind this all the way pushing Abadi into taking over the kurds oil supply lines...and blocking the roads...and shutting the banks down... this certainly should help

Baxter: just have to wait and see

ServantsHeart: @Baxter that was my thought TOO

meatball: @ServantsHeart I have been in this for about 12 years and spent 2 years over there... nothing phases me and I just don't base my life around it

ServantsHeart: What is anyones take on Friday 17th WTO info? Crappola or legit?
​meatball: @ServantsHeart tell you on the 18th lol


Baxter: that is just when they start applying for WTO.... thats all it is.... nothing will happen as far as RV is concerned..

ServantsHeart: @meatball Touche'

meatball: @ServantsHeart who is the source of info?

ServantsHeart: @Baxter So don't iron the clothes jsut yet?

Baxter: not hardly

meatball: @ServantsHeart always iron lol
ServantsHeart: @meatball IQDCalls

Baxter: when Iraq didnt have the import taxes on the Kurds like the rest of Iraq... to get them into helping with ISIS.. the WTO idea went out the window... now they are re applying..

Baxter: or... I guess I should say... continuing

meatball: a positive step
Baxter: yep..

meatball: I will take it lol
Baxter: so will i

ServantsHeart: @Baxter so if continuing would they not start where they left off or would the process begin all over?

Baxter: continuing.. I hope
Baxter: they started way back in 04

ServantsHeart: @Baxter Fingers & Toes crossed

Baxter: been a long road

meatball: @ServantsHeart crossing anything I can... pretty uncomfortable at times lol

Baxter: but I do believe... the Kurd situation was a huge factor...IMO

meatball: no doubt

ServantsHeart: @Baxter so many twist and turns you'd think they would finally want to end it and actually be running with the Big Dogs again.

ServantsHeart: @Meatball Too Funny!!

meatball: whole different world and thinking over there

Baxter: well... some of them do... some of them dont...
Baxter: G R E E D

ServantsHeart: @Baxter Kurd thing is settled correct?

Baxter: its gettin closer I think
Baxter: they are supposed to be in Parliament this week

meatball: @Baxter great job if you can get it
ServantsHeart: @Baxter Wednesday I believe
Baxter: sure would be

ServantsHeart: Thank you all and if Ok I may pop on another day. Thank you for engaging
meatball: @ServantsHeart take care
meatball: 7.2 earthquake hit Iraq and Iran

meatball: https://www.yahoo.com/news/7-5-magnitude-earthquake-jolts-iran-iraq-border-191246411.html

blackgold: let me tell you something, If the UN ,IMF and WTO along with the Fed reserve were losing a lot of money,Iraq would have their statis tomorrow.

Zig: FYI: In case any of you do not know by now: Vic (Gate Keepers) did a call last evening....Replay information (including an audio) can be found at http://www.iqdcalls.com/gatekeepers.html

Canucklady: @Hoss where can a person find Vic's call

Canucklady: thank you Zig

Doug_W: @Canucklady http://www.iqdcalls.com/gatekeepers.html

Canucklady: Did you listen to the call?

Doug_W: @Canucklady no I do not do those sort of things

Canucklady: oh ok, just same old same old I guess

Doug_W: @Canucklady I figure we will ALL know when and until them STAY off the roller coaster ride

xyz: At least 61 people are dead after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Iraqi city of Halabja, close to the Iraq-Iran border, an Iranian news agency reports. Hundreds more are injured. The earthquake, centered about 217 miles north of Baghdad, was felt throughout Iraq, according to the US Geological Survey. Shocks were also felt in Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait and Turkey, news agencies in those countries reported.


xyz: @Jo what say you? Iran-Iraq earthquake kills at least 67, injures more than 500, officials say http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/11/12/7-2-magnitude-earthquake-jolts-iran-iraq-border-area.html :crybaby

blackgold: I listened to Vic's call and it was pretty good but I thought he was near sighted on what the US has. We do have a lot of Land, Printed Money, Gold, that doesn't belong to us and Industry mostly in china and south Korea--like Samsang But-----: We also have hundreds of Trillions of dollars in Derivitive Debt

xyz: Royal Canadian Mint-stamped gold wafer appears to be fake


xyz: October 23, 2017 Iraq’s leading bankers say the country’s oil-rich but war-ravaged economy has stabilized enough to allow a return to the world’s capital markets for the first time in a decade with a successful new bond sale.


blackgold: ooh by the way,look out for the CryptoRuble

Tebow: @black gold where did you get the hundreds of Trillion number?

xyz: @Tebow can you justify your statement? I don't know cnn as fake news Tebow: everyone knows as fact CNN is fake news

xyz: @Tebow or do you mean everyone as in the wise and smart?

xyz: and yes i watch cnn ... as a matter of fact been watching for the last 2 hrs

Tebow: everyone but you then

xyz: @Tebow do you mind rephrasing your post to reflect the 'fact' as you see it?
xyz: The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. [Socrates]

Tebow: as many see it, which is why Fox is the #1 cable news on today!

xyz: Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. [Thomas Jefferson]

Tebow: **** happens (Forest Gump)

xyz: I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it. [Edith Sitwell]

Tebow: I was honesty in what I was saying. Sorry if you have a different opinion.

xyz: 1+1=4 --- i honestly believe it

xyz: Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. [Plato]

Tebow: Stupidity is a luxury and you will find time and time and time and again that those who are overwhelmingly on the left are those who can afford to be. -- Evan Sayet

Spectra: “[A] quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business." (The Record Lie)” ― A.A. Milne, If I May

Spectra: “A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought.” ― Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night

Spectra: “He wrapped himself in quotations - as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.” ― Rudyard Kipling, Many Inventions

Spectra: :que :)

xyz: :laugh
LeLe: Thanks xyz for all you do ;$$ ;$$ ;$$

xyz: Unfortunately some are furious I never cited the true fact based fox news.

Spectra: That one you've been putting it up for years perhaps soon enough you hold the real ones in your hands .Well all of us !

Spectra: Yes what a thanksgiving it would be

LeLe: Spectra I really like it ;$$

Spectra: You sure do ! :)

LeLe: Hopefully soon it will be real

xyz: Some lazy whiners have lots of time to write an essay without time to confirm by typing a single word on google.

Spectra: Yes it must do something

xyz: @Spectra I watch cnn and many other channels. I consider myself to be well informed.
xyz: You call it fake and I call it deep source. Ignorance has no defense.

Spectra: But in reality what is true to one person may a lie in the eyes of another .Everything is perception !

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 13 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 13 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 12 1:39 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 12, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Operators were actively seeking out Cabal targets and assets.

2. Undisclosed arrests were being made daily.

3. Saudi Arabia was a major blow to the Cabal (14 Saudi Princes, 7 Saudi officials arrested last week who were connected to an international human trafficking ring that included children).

4. Cabal Human Trafficking Rings were being raided by White Hats in the FBI.

5. There were 294 sealed indictments in Virginia alone.

6. Clinton and McCain were both in custody via an ankle bracelet.

7. Iraqi Dinar was international and had been for a while.

8. Iraq was told to wait for IMF authorization before announcing the new Dinar international rate.

9. Paymasters were told to be ready for fund disbursement awaiting IMF authorization.

10. The IMF was waiting on the Elder's authorization.

11. The (gold/asset backed) USN was already digitally backing the USD.

12. The Global Collateral Accounts were ready to be activated.

13. Final moves were being made by the Elders, White Hats, Republic, Putin, XI and Trump.


B. Nov. 12 10:14 am EST TNT Thoughts, Authorsamoliver:
 "Looking Real Good" - Sun. AM

TNT Thoughts/News https://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/acc_e/a1_iraq_e.htm#status

The accession of Iraq to the World Trade Organization (WTO) was scheduled for Fri. Nov. 17 10 am.


C. Nov. 12 2017 : "Blowin' In The Wind" -  - The Office of POOFness - 11.12.17

1. Poof: Some significant events could occur this week. The first funds were dropping into place . Not everything but the first ones. It will be the test run.

2. Currency exchanges would heat up this coming week.

3. There were so many things happening that it was difficult to keep track of the events: arrests, indictments, money movements, cryptocurrency jostling, political agendas.

4. One thing is sure: the releases were here and happening.

5. After the currency exchanges were done the Historic Assets would begin.

6. The funds would arrive this month to give time to look after personal issues before Christmas and to keep everything stable until the project funds begin to flow.

7. The project funds were scheduled for the new year, except for a few that would be undertaken immediately.



Iraqi TV is reportedly informing its viewers that within hours the town of Rawa will be liberated.

Baghdad is preparing itself for the largest celebration of TOTAL liberation of ISIS from the country of Iraq. Platforms are again being created with music and fireworks in the plans making this the most significant event on record.

Time Will Tell!!!



Tishwash:  Iraq is preparing for a "big celebration" with full victory   LINK 

Dallred123:  sounds like iraq is getting ready to party

Netglobal:  yes dallred they are. I hope we can party too

Netglobal:  Dr. Clarke say we will see the RV between the 17th and Dec 1st. Ray says any day now. We have to wait and see

REI: i still say we have to wait for the 'smoke' of the tax bill. repatriation of trillions, and trillions more from Dinar....hope it is sooner, but I think this bird has to cook a little more…… POTUS does want the tax bill on his desk before Christmas, so it is not that far off. Again, I don't know the timing of the RV, just like all other Intel Providers....

Harambe:  Bloomberg: OPEC Boosts 2018 Demand Forecast, Signaling Faster Rebalanc​ing https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-13/opec-boosts-2018-de​mand-forecast-signaling-faster-rebalancing*

Harambe:  AP News Video: Powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border kills over 350 https://apnews.com/e0c0da2bf1f645689b0244aefd81684e
Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society


The great purge of Khazarian mobsters continues as hundreds of arrests of Saudi princes, generals, and politicians is now being followed up with the 842 sealed indictments against senior Khazarian gangsters in the U.S., confirmed by Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.


The fact is that most politicians in Washington, D.C. have become very rich since joining politics, in ways that cannot be remotely justified by their salaries. This means most have been bribed, and that is why most of them are going to go to jail. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been deliberately acting senile in public recently in order to have a medical excuse to avoid arrest, NSA sources say.

These same NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company http://www.g4s.com/ hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS). Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say.

Both Trump and MBS were evacuated safely and the arrests have now begun in a way that can no longer be denied by the corporate propaganda media, multiple sources confirm.

As the arrests were taking place, Trump had a secret meeting in Vietnam with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Here is what a CIA source, who had eyes and ears at the meeting, had to say.“There is a lot more than the ‘the sideline meetings and brief handshakes’ that the media has portrayed. The three world leaders (Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping) met off the record.

President Jokowi [of Indonesia] was there as well (as a representative of the Soekarno M1 gold holdings).

Full Report will be available Thursday Night at midnight……




Samson:  The Speaker of the House of Representatives heads to the United States for an official visit

 13th November, 2017

The head of parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, left Baghdad on Monday for a two-day official visit to the United States.

Jabouri is scheduled to meet US House Speaker Paul Ryan and US administration officials to discuss the situation in Iraq, the region and issues of common concern, " a statement from his office said .

He added that the Speaker of the House of Representatives will also give a number of lectures at US institutes and research centers to shed light on the political situation in Iraq and the challenges that threaten the security and stability of the region



Jay:  WOW... LOL.  Celebration...huh...  AND Screens to boot ...???...

And what's that you say?  NATIONAL SONGS..!?!?!?!

ABADI SPEECH IS-A COMIN. Did I say ...BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JesusLovesBaseball:  Iraq is preparing for a "big celebration" with full victory

The Future of Iraq

In conjunction with the approaching full victory on the organization of the «Islamic state known on the level of media» and ending its presence in the Iraqi territory abundance, sources in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the initiation of large government preparations in Baghdad and other cities and provinces of the country for large celebrations, on the occasion of the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory of control The organization of the "Islamic state known on the media level" terrorist, after the 43 months of battles fought by the security forces of all types.

The preparations coincide with the security forces' clear progress in the western and southern axes of the city of Rawa on the Euphrates River, the last stronghold of the "well-known Islamic state" in Iraq. In a very short time, a military general authorized the liberation of Iraq's national army, And the city of Rawa, and reach the outskirts of Corniche Street in the city on the right shoulder of the Euphrates River.

The Iraqi government instructed, according to sources, to prepare for large celebrations in which Baghdad is the center, in favor of the rest of the provinces, on the occasion of the liberation of all Iraqi cities, in a clear message to the countries of the world that Iraq has seen a clear recovery in the last two years despite the great material losses incurred, Which was estimated by the Prime Minister Haider Abadi $ 100 billion.

According to the sources, the government intends to organize a review of the army forces and other armed formations, including the popular crowd and tribal forces in the center of the capital in Tahrir Square, or Paradise Square, sources say that the decision to organize the military review has not been agreed so far.

The sources confirmed that the government plans to deploy screens in the main squares to broadcast national songs, preferring to think as a day of celebrations holiday.

The occupation of the organization of the «Islamic State known to the media level» of Iraqi cities, in June 2014, the eradication of about 200 thousand Iraqi civilians, preferring financial losses exceeded $ 100 billion, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister, where the destruction of the forty-three Iraqi cities, including 10 large cities, such as Mosul, Tikrit, Falluja, Ramadi and Hit. Thousands of kidnappers are still unknown so far. More than 11,000 people have been kidnapped by the organization of the "Islamic State known to the media."

In the meantime, Colonel Mohammed Abdul Rahman, commander of the Badia and Al Jazeera operations, said in a very short time that "the Iraqi national army may need between two to three days to liberate the city of Rawa,

He added that «the city has no more than 300 gunmen from the Islamic state known on the media level, but there are families holding them and try to achieve clean liberation of the city».
"The liberation of Rawa means the consequences of the occupation of the Islamic state known on the media level of the Iraqi cities, but there are areas in the desert to be sure we are there, so there will be a large campaign of the army then in conjunction with the campaign to close the border, Syrian city of Boukmal ».

On the other hand, the Central Committee to compensate those affected by military operations and military errors and terrorist operations in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received more than a thousand treatment of citizens affected property in Anbar province.

The Central Committee received 1050 special treatment of citizens affected by their property as a result of terrorist operations and military errors of the people of Anbar province, "the statement said." The committee distributed these transactions to the audit teams in the committee for preliminary review. And prepared for consideration by the Chairman and members of the Central Committee to issue the final decision on them ».

"There is guidance from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Chairman of the Central Committee to compensate those affected by the need to expedite the completion of transactions damaged their property to lift part of the damage caused to citizens as a result of terrorist operations and military errors.

The Central Committee called for the compensation of the affected, affected citizens of their property as a result of terrorist operations in the liberated provinces to review the sub-committees for the purpose of promoting compensatory transactions for the damage done to them.   LINK


Doodlebug:  Article:  “Bin Salman postpones visit to Iraq”  LINK

Sure, okay... you're a little upset. I get it. But not for the reasons stated... hmmm, Baghdad getting ready for a "celebration"?

 "Screens" being put up in Tahir Square? "National Songs" getting ready to be played?  Could it be that Prime Minister Abadi doesn't have any time to meet with you?

Could it be that all the lime light will be on Prime Minister Abadi and the Crown Prince knows Abadi will be busy and wants him to enjoy "his" defining moment?

 I don't know, just a few things that ran through my brain...  Remember, watch what they do... not what they say.

Samson:  Similar thought crossed my mind - lateral thinkers lol


Jester’s Place:


[RPharmer] Jester Thanks for your FB post


[RPharmer] JESTER That was very kind :)


[RPharmer] JESTER Oh my gosh!!!! I thought 400 was very high...wow!!!

News Mueller Files 294 Sealed Indictments Against Elite Pedophile Ring Members

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DR. CLARKE (11-12-17) - OPINION: 
Remember this printing from our 8-8-17 Post:
"REMEMBER our Last Post (7-27) when we mentioned how important the “Weather” was?….well, the “GROUND” is about to Shake, BIG TIME!…….find something SOLID to hold on to….”Literally”.
In more ways than one, “Mother Earth”, is about to make a Statement, to remind everyone, that we all must “LIVE HERE”, to “BE HERE”.

LAST WEEK, a Super Typhoon hit the center of Vietnam, equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane, dumping record rainfall & flooding, just One Week RIGHT BEFORE the APEC's last Meeting this weekend in DA NANG, of the "Leaders Summit" in Vietnam, where all the Leaders of the 21 Countries met this past Friday & Saturday (yesterday the 11th)

TODAY, the Nov. 12th (Sunday), a 7.3 earthquake was registered in IRAQ - Kurdistan to be exact, on the Iraq-Iran Border. This is the largest Earthquake on Record for the country of Iraq. That previous record of 7.2, took place 88 Years Ago.

WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN this week, RIGHT AFTER the Earthquake in IRAQ?.....
ANY correlation or similarity to what just happened One Week after the Typhoon in VIETNAM?

IRAQ earthquake - VIETNAM typhoon......one week apart?.........hmmmm.

You can't make this stuff up......

We already told you what WE THINK, two days ago...... (LINK)

Have a SUPER THANKFUL WEEK!........In our Almighty & Reverent Opinion.