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Preparing for Large Celebrations/7.2 Earthquake/WTO


11-12-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf  "The Tariff Law - "The new tariff, which went into effect on January 19, imposes a 30 percent customs duty on imported goods coming through Iraq's crossing points, exempting the autonomous region of Kurdistan."   When the Tariff Law was introduced Iraq needed Kurdistan to help clear ISIS so they exempted them from the law, but in doing so stopped any further dealings with the WTO. Things have changed, Iraq can now take control and recommence the process, starting this Friday.

"Righteous Now" - Message from Tank 11/12/17


There is only one time when this great event could ever occur. I know the exact moment. The moment is NOW. The endless promises of performance everyday for a thousand days have all had one thing in common. Every time when we believed it was happening, it was part of the eternal timeless reality of NOW. Now is where, when and how we live. This is the only place we exist and therefore the only time this change can occur. Every event in our life has lead up to this moment and we cannot change, impact or predict any other time.

Our programming shows through us allowing our subconscious beliefs to manifest as our current reality. So if we are willing to dive deeper into that programming we can release it by choosing not to accept it any longer. Identifying the events, actions, or attitude that have created our current situation can literally be erased by rejecting the belief we have created based on these past experiences.

That being said, we currently accept the illusion that we are poor, and powerless to do anything about it. When we identify the series of circumstances that have lead to this conclusion we can choose not to accept them as real. Although the events may have occurred, they do not currently dictate who we are right NOW.

The only thing that truly matters is who we believe ourselves to be now. In this moment we are a powerful ambassadors of change and development. If we let go of the version of ourselves that we have created, we can will a new reality into existence.

If we all reject the outdated version of ourselves and our limitations that we've created, and look internally to accept the powerful being we truly are, then we can exist in a more accurate reality. We release the energetic programming that does not serve us and embrace the responsibility and power of the unified field that connects us all.

Right now the world is ours to create. The only reason that this event has not occurred is that we believe it has never happened before. The reality is that it has already been accomplished in eternity and we are the ones limited by time.

A world created from this minuscule egomaniacal version of our weak selves would always be limited by such a near sighted visionary perspective. We have ascended through the base chakra of Fear, creation and control and we are at the door of the solar plexus. This is where ego has to relinquish control and we ascend upwards to the heart. It is in this space we begin to see our oneness with God and accept that it is the same spirit in us that has subjected ourselves to the limitations and darkness of the fear and ignorance that we have created. The creation of our own enslavement is a hard truth to face. Realizing that we chose this path willingly destroys our ability to look outwardly for someone or something to blame for our suffering.

The most difficult transition we make is letting go of the failures and disappointments of our past to accept the perpetual grace and mercy available in this moment. We can stop punishing ourselves with guilt, regret and anticipation. If you have done this already then you are present right now with all of the collateral beauty attached to this epic transition.

And perhaps we can rise up to a place where we are able to speak our truth. That truth has the power to purpose a new creation into existence that is in perfect agreement with the will of God. The dissenting voices to the truth we speak become like muppets criticizing the elegance of a perfectly performed symphony, becoming such an insignificant factor that we regard them as little more than the childish banter of a class clown.

We pray without ceasing giving honor to and receiving from the perfect will of our higher calling. Be exactly who you are in this moment and know for an assurance that you are what was needed to move this world into a higher state of existence. Let go of the weight which has held us here. The moment is now. The time of our silence and suffering has past. Now is where our voice is the instrument able to impact the development of a brand new world. Now is the time of the event because this is where we exist, and this is the only place where change is possible. Be present in this moment and release all doubt. Forgive yourself and connect with the life giving spirit that shines within you. You are a powerful being made in the likeness and image of your creator. The only logical thing to do is to follow the example set before us and create a new world. This is the righteous now, where our illumination, abundance and strength become the foundation to build the new world.

Official Rate of Dinar, Rial, Dong, Rupial, Afghani , 12 NOV

The official rate:
out-country: x2 times value.
in-country: x5 times value.

Example: If you spent 1000 USD to buy amount AA dinar/dong,etc.
Then after the global public announcement about the GCR.
That AA dinar/dong,etc. you bought will be at 2000 USD.

While in-country (iraq,iran,afghanistant,vietnam,indonesia): the value will be 5000 USD (but in local currency)

While the all the Zimbabwe money note will be handled and bought like a "collector item" by a big company.

And I am the person in charged.

Where is the topic about the Zimbabwe and the Truth about the GLobal Currency Reset?

What a shame, all the mod must be banned, and will get zero 0 for all of their Zimbabwe money note. !

Updated: The earliest exchange(or global public announcement) will be 05.05.2018.

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Gatekeeper w/ Vic on Iraq Dinar

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 12 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 12 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington,
Judy Note:

1. Last week there were 14 Saudi Arabian princes and 7 Saudi political elites arrested for money laundering. The arrests put the country of Saudi Arabia into a Civil War.

2. Back Channel Intel was that the Saudis were funding (for political favors connected to oil) an international sex trafficking ring that included children, drug running, gun running, election fraud, money laundering and were connected to the Uranium 1 Scandal.

3. This Cabal ring has been linked to many Democrats and Republicans including John McCain, Obama, the Bushes, Clintons and Clinton Foundation.
4. As of yesterday Nov. 10 Special Counsel Robert Muller had filed over 400 sealed indictments thought to refer to a sex trafficking ring that included children, drug running, gun running, election fraud, money laundering and the Uranium 1 Scandal.

5. The sealed indictments were suspected to be against a global elite pedophile ring which included many Democrats and Republicans including John McCain, Obama, the Bushes, Clintons and Clinton Foundation.

6. Delivery of the sealed indictments to those accused was expected to begin on Mon. Nov. 13.(A Nov. 11 report stated they began Nov. 11).

7. Paymasters were told to expect fund disbursement by Tues. Nov. 14Wed. Nov. 15 or Thurs. Nov. 16. (A report on Nov. 11 said paymasters were made liquid with authority to distribute funds on Nov. 10).

8. Once the funds were disbursed, the RV was said to begin. (Evidently some Paymasters were exchanging on Nov. 11).

9. Banks at a teller level were saying that the new currency would be available on Wed. Nov. 15, while other reports said the TRNs were already out.


A. Nov. 11 2017 9:41 pm EST Oootah Call: Becky's Oootah Call Replay 11-11-17
Participant Code: 180023 Playback Number: (641) 715-3579

1. The new USN goes Wed. Nov. 15.

2. There were over 400 Indictments worldwide. When they were unveiled it would create chaos. We will need a new government.

3. The GCR would be between now and Wed. Nov. 15. Paymasters have been paid.


B. Nov. 11 2017 2:15 pm EST Chaos and Confusion Intel: "Nothing but Chaos/Confusion" - Anonymous GCR/RV Intel Update 11-11-17

1. In the past 36 hours there have been five agents killed during raids and arrests. Trained agents were protecting the Cabal as arrests took place.

2. The Military was furious.

3. Yesterday Nov. 10 Paymasters were liquid with authority to distribute to their clients.

4. I would suspect they were given a start time.

5. I know someone who did a small exchange by a Paymaster for $16 million and was in fact liquid.

6. I was told that the funds were released by the Military, which says to me that the Military was in control.

7. They were focused on the private release of the exchanges and ensuring security.

8. When things were secure we would see the funds released.

9. Last night Nov. 10 a coded message was received that implied notice was RELEASED. There was even a picture of a gun being fired, as in shot gun start.

10. Iraq has been announced to be joining the WTO on Friday Nov. 17 and obviously needed a real value to their currency to do so.

11. Iraq has announced complete liberation publicly several times so it's silly to me that we're still waiting on that to be announced again.

12. The Iraqi Qi cards were completely usable and have had the new value in them for weeks.

13. Banks at the teller level are informing us that the new currency will be available on Wed. Nov. 15.

14. The USN has been reported as Released,

15. Iraq was completely International,

16. Public arrests were taking place everywhere.

17. There were 294 sealed indictments publicly reported, (the Podesta's included), while a total of over 400 indictments have been reported as filed in Federal Court.

17. Clinton and McCain were conveniently nursing injuries to their right legs to cover up the Ankle tracking bracelets they are now required to wear.

18. There were nonstop lies continuing to promise ZIM groups and others that they would be paid at certain times with no performance.


C. Nov. 11 2017 11:02 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 11, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Honor, respect and gratitude to all our soldiers who fought and sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you for your service.

2. Everything is quiet intel wise.

3. The White Hats continued to work behind the scenes to bring forth the indictments.

4. Paymasters were told to expect fund disbursement by Tues. Nov. 14, Wed. Nov. 15 or Thurs. Nov. 16.

5. Once the funds were disbursed, the RV would begin.

D. Nov. 11 2017 10:49 am EDT TNT, KTFA, SissyClown:

"Indicative of a Revaluation" - Sat. AM TNT Thoughts

According to an email I receive weekly showing the World Trade Organization (WTO) schedule for the upcoming week: Informal Working Party on the ACCESSION OF IRAQ to the WTO is scheduled for 10 a.m. ESTFri. Nov. 17. There was a reason Dr Clarke said Fri. Nov. 17 was when the RV could start.


E. Nov. 10 2017 11:55 pm EST 294 sealed indictments filed against Elite, Mueller:(Video) Robert Mueller Files 294 Sealed Indictments Against Elite Ring Members

1. Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed in federal court over 294 sealed indictments against pedophile global elite.

2. Indictments filed since Nov. 1 now total over 400.

3. Some refer to the Uranium 1 scandal with connections to previous administrations of Obama, Clinton and the Bushes.

4. The Indictments were thought to refer to a sex trafficking ring that included children, drug running, gun running, election fraud, the Uranium 1 Scandal and money laundering against many Democrats and Republicans including John McCain, Obama, Bushes and the Clinton Foundation.


F. Nov. 11 2017 3:41 am EST Israeli Shekel & Chinese Yuan revalued:  Israeli Shekel Comes in Right Behind the Yuan

Abadi "We succeeded in three battles all attempts against us failed"



Dragonfly:  Hmm, Parliament meeting Tuesday 11/14 presumably to vote on the 2018 budget which IMO requires a rate, UN operational rates to be published on Wednesday 11/15, and WTO ascension Friday 11/17.  IMO could be an interesting Sunday/Monday.  The dominoes are all lined up, just need A to give the first one a nudge, then stand back and watch them all fall.  Go ahead A, give it a shove!  

Samson:  Parliament will hold its next Tuesday

 11th November, 2017

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has set the date of the next session of the Council after the end of the visit of the forty.

A parliamentary source told the «Journal News», on Saturday, that "the presidency of parliament set next Tuesday a date for the regular meetings of the Council."

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives raised its meeting No. 30 held on the first of this month to another notice. The House of Representatives has postponed its legislative holiday scheduled this month to next month to complete the vote on the federal budget for the next year 2018.  LINK


Samson:  Al-Abbadi: Budget will arrive within days to include parliament

 11th November, 2017  9:15pm

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the Office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, close to the end of the Council of Ministers of the federal budget study for 2018, referring to "send the budget to the House of Representatives in the next few days."

The modern told the {Euphrates News} today that "in the coming days will send the federal budget for the year 2018 to the Iraqi parliament to enter into the space of discussions," noting that "data and figures in the budget as a project subject to change and modification."

He added that "the position of Abadi on the lack of candidacy for members of the security forces, continued to the Constitution in Article VII, which confirms that" the members of the security services are not eligible to run in the elections. "  He explained that "the law of the crowd put in detail the condition of giving up political work," noting that "in the event of leaving military action allows him to exercise all his political benefits."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi government in the budget (2016 - 2017 - 2018) put a financial cover for the popular crowd specific," pointing out that " On the truth of the meeting in the meeting of Prime Minister Haider Abadi with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, said that "Abadi discussed with Mr. Sadr the issue of the referendum of the region, and stressed during the meeting to proceed with the imposition of federal authority throughout the province."


Samson:   Corruption of members of the Iraqi parliament in 2014

 11th November, 2017

The network "Correspondents Investigations Journalism", a report on "corruption members of the Iraqi parliament."

"The main reason for the inability of the parliamentary bodies to uncover the sources of corruption in the state is to ignore their monopoly of $ 400 billion as a special budget for parliament," the report said. Where each presidential session is allocated $ 1.4 million per member of Parliament, including salaries, allowances and the cost of personal protection.

The network indicates that the parliamentary funds covered the importance of the resources and wealth of the country and the deterioration of its security and social services, while the case indicates the inability of Baghdad to provide electricity for more than 12 hours a day.

The annual salary of parliamentarians is estimated at $ 180 million, with a living allowance of $ 60.6 million, and the cost of escorts or personal guards estimated at $ 125 million. The $ 125 million, three times, is what parliament paid to the families of the victims of 14,000 martyrs during the 2012 terrorist attacks.

This great difference between the importance of the lives of the Iraqi people and the lives of parliamentarians has created a deep gap of confidence between the groups of society and the parliamentary groups. This gap can not be closed without MPs giving up their privileges.
According to a number of members of the Iraqi parliament, including a former member of the Finance Council in 2014, the privileges of being an Iraqi parliamentarian is a monthly salary estimated at 12.9 million Iraqi dinars ($ 11,000), plus the salaries of escorts and personal guards 20,000,000 dollars. Note that salaries were calculated based on Law No. 7 of 2005.

According to the agency, before 2003, the salary system was allocated by the former Baath Party leader Saddam Hussein, when he allocated to 250 members of his party, a fixed salary and a car every four years. After 2003, members of the Iraqi government legislated hundreds of laws to protect their interests and ensure their privileges continued. But now, the work of the MP has become a privilege in itself, devoid of any effort. In each election year, 6,000 candidates try to win a single parliamentary seat.   LINK


Samson:  Anbar: Editing Rawa will not take more than hours

 11th November, 2017

Anbar Provincial Council confirmed Saturday that the latest military operations in the western province of Rawa will end within hours of the start of its declaration, pointing out that the security forces are pushing from the parties to the depth of the judiciary with deliberate plans.

"The security forces and the tribal crowd are preparing to break into Rawa with the announcement of the start of operations and the waving of the signal of starting through the joint command," Council member Shalaal Obaid said. "The judiciary is witnessing full encirclement by the security forces."

"The liberation of the judiciary will not take more than a few hours and the final battle will be as a prelude to the declaration of the liberation of all Iraqi territories from the organization calling for the terrorist," Obaid said, adding that "the tribal crowd will play an important role in future operations."

He pointed out that "the security forces are rushing from the parties towards the depth and planned military plans to avoid the occurrence of large losses, and will not occur any problems in the editing of narrators."

The joint security forces released Saturday the area of ​​Rummaneh west of Anbar and surrounding areas in full.

The command of the disinfection operations of the island and the Upper Euphrates announced this morning, the start of security forces a large operation to free the area of ​​grenade and the rule of Rawa west of Anbar province from the control of the "Daash."

Sandyf  "The Tariff Law - "The new tariff, which went into effect on January 19, imposes a 30 percent customs duty on imported goods coming through Iraq's crossing points, exempting the autonomous region of Kurdistan." 

When the Tariff Law was introduced Iraq needed Kurdistan to help clear ISIS so they exempted the.m from the law, but in doing so stopped any further dealings with the WTO.

Things have changed, Iraq can now take control and recommence the process, starting this Friday



Authorsamoliver:  Does this mean Iraq is out of Chapter 7   ;)

WTO and the Accession of Iraq

World Trade Organization (WTO) schedule for the upcoming week: Informal Working Party on the ACCESSION OF IRAQ to the WTO is scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. Current status in the accession process

TnDr:    We'll know for sure Friday 10AM...or sooner! Looking real good.

Fuze:      This is good news guys, but does this meeting suggest yellow or red level in the process? Has the memorandum already been done? Let's not over shoot our expectations on this meeting unless we get the facts and they say this is the last stage of a 5 part process....ummmm, has anyone confirmed the "rumour" that a WTO member nation has to have international currency to be accepted...it seems logical, but lets verify...

PacificDinar: Iraq simply can't keep their currency at it's (0) value forever.  Sounds like a lot is happening behind closed doors, but soon to be revealed to the world.  Go RV!


Clay: @Baxter did you get my email about the 3.22

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Baxter: I do believe that the Kurd situation with Barzani... has been a problem... and a lot of the money laundering and theft... actually was because of Barzani and his group... just my opinon... and the U S.... in the background... put a stop to it...hopefully.... this will end a lot of the thefts... IMO

Baxter: Clay... thats quite an article...

​Clay: @Baxter it sure is

xyz: Set the date of the next parliament session

confirmed the Presidency of the House of Representatives, that will be in the coming hours, determine the next session of the Council.

The House of Representatives has postponed its legislative holiday scheduled for this month (November) to next month (December) of the completion of the vote on the federal budget for the next year 2018.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, that the budget has not yet reached the House of Representatives, but it expected to arrive within a few days.

Zig: @Clay : Please post that article here.... or a link

Clay: @Zig will do

Dave: Remembrance Day

Clay: @Zig Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:04 pm #1An invitation to support system "rel =" "> support the dinar and the strengthening of its purchasing power 03/01/2017BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi

strengthening of the local currency is a national task they represent the sovereignty of Iraq and preservation of state stimuli represents a great responsibility lies with the relevant authorities in the light of a series of challenges taking place in the country.

Economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle called to be 2017 years to strengthen the dinar 's purchasing power and strengthens confidence in the national currency , which represents the sovereignty of Iraq, noting at the same time the need to restrict foreign business dealings only in dollars.

And ways to revive the dinar and upgrade more than its value saw Mahouelle in an interview {Sabah »necessity of things , management of the country economic mentality and purely look long - term, along with the importance Quote economic experiences of states have passed similar circumstances to what Iraq is going through, as well as the reduction of trading the dollar in commercial transactions Interior to support system" rel="">support the national currency.

Mahouelle be regulated by the Central Bank and coordination with economic authorities and relevant ministries confirmed role in enhancing the value of the dinar by preventing the circulation of foreign currency in the local commerce for any reason whatsoever and counted only in foreign trade, indicating the importance that civil and government banks take measures that will strengthen the dealing in Iraqi dinar .

It is said that the sale price of the dollar on Monday amounted to 1310 dinars, ie 131 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars, while the total purchase price in 1300 dinars, ie 130 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars.

Mahouelle said that the decline in the value of the dinar against the dollar, in fact, began the war with Iran and the invasion of Kuwait, stressing that the policies of the former regime burned all the hopes of Iraqi economists to amend the path of the local economic situation and guide the country 's resources towards development.

He said, since the nineties of the last century and the days of international sanctions and the dollar dominates the local market transactions away from the dinar as a result of faulty economic policies pursued by the former regime.

He pointed out that when the prices of imported goods began to rise, Iraqis felt that the old price of the dinar against the dollar has fallen so much and began to think of what has become and find solutions to them.

The dollar exchange rate against the dinar has fluctuated between ascending and descending prices of 4000 dinars to the dollar, the price has seen a gradual decline after 2003 to continue to decline to 1,200 dinars to the dollar in the last ten years

The Central Bank identifies the situation of the central bank and identifies it with the budget.Mahouelle explained that the International Monetary Fund and the post - World War II division of the world 's currencies to be and are non-transferable and was part of the Iraqi dinar currency is convertible.

He said the convertible currencies suitable for international settlements (ie to settle payments in foreign trade of the countries), has been preparing a list of thosecurrencies represented currencies the victors in World War II, and did not include the Soviet bloc currencies at the time because of the approach is capitalist in the conduct of its economy and the economies of countries that fall under its control.

He said either the Iraqi currency was within the currency is convertible which can not be used for international settlements ,

but turning it into another currency, or to the dollar (Oogerh), and goes to Iraq to be paid the proceeds of the sale of oil to the US dollar and that the equivalent of the dinar to $ 3.32.Sent on:5:03 pmFrom:jamaica3036 So we definitely waiting on the Sovereign and sovereignty comes with currency

Clay: @Zig end

Dave: Dr. Essam Mahouelle ????....read the article on WTO meeting next week

Clay: @Dave would be nice

Dave: 3.22.....
Clay: @Dave great number its what it used to be

Dave: not bad
Dave: WTO accession is a biggy for me......

Clay: @Dave me to lets hope

Dave: I believe it is necessary to have WTO membership to have a fully convertible currency to do this international settlements stuff

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xyz: NASA is monitoring a "rare snake" on the surface of the sun

xyz: URGENT Parliament to resume next Tuesday


xyz: Budget will arrive within days to include parliament


xyz: Cosmic encounter in heaven tomorrow!


xyz: Love is a serious mental disease. [Plato]

xyz: Viagra components can cause blindness http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D161886

xyz: New Iraqi conditions for Kurdistan


The sources pointed that the visit will discuss matters relating to Kirkuk, the disputed areas, Kurdish Peshmarga and officials’ salaries, as well as the national budget of 2018.

The paper pointed out that the new conditions of Bagdad demanded that the visiting delegation should have the consent of the Kurdish parties, as well guarantees on the unity and sovereignty of the country.

Zig: It is not I who will know when Vic schedules a call....he will inform iqdcalls and you will see it posted on the calendar http://www.iqdcalls.com/ and on the page devoted to Gate Keepers at iqdcalls.....Just click on Gate Keepers below the calendar section where there is a long listing......

chattels: After half a month without sessions .. Parliament sets a date for its convening http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=68154

chattels: [Baghdad: where] the House of Representatives, the date of its meetings, after a break of 14 days, without holding any meeting. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to resume parliamentary sessions next Tuesday.

The House of Representatives has raised its meetings earlier this month to another notice while he postponed his legislative holiday to the first of next month in order to pass the budget for next year.

And delayed the government to send the budget to the parliament, and the delayed transmission will shorten the time for discussion in the relevant committee and the House of Representatives. The government has confirmed today that the budget will be sent in the coming days without specifying a date.

chattels: Abadi: There are flaws in the political process that we can fix


xyz: 4 lawsuits on the referendum impede the negotiations in Baghdad and Erbil


The federal government is waiting for the judiciary to decide on four cases related to the constitutionality of the referendum held by the Kurdistan region last September, two of which were presented by the Council of Ministers. It seems to resort to the judiciary acceptable way for both the federal government and the territorial government to get out of the node that hinders the start of comprehensive negotiations to discuss the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

chattels: Abadi meets with Sadr in Karbala


chattels: [Ayna-Karbala] Prime Minister Haider Abadi met on Saturday with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, in the province of Karbala. "Sources informed that" Abadi and Sadr discussed during a closed meeting the developments of security and political situation in the country. " Both Abadi and Sadr, who arrived earlier in the day, arrived in Karbala after the 40th day of the visit.

chattels: Maybe they are working to fix those " flaws " in the political process.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk Following Following @UticaRisk More Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted NRT عربية You know the heat is on in the KRG when it is necessary to "clarify" that the Region's oil minister did not "flee" Kurdistan but just took an official trip abroad the day before Baghdad closed Irbil airport to international flights.

chattels: https://twitter.com/UticaRisk/status/929310207091597312

chattels: Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour aired on Friday night, Barzani said that the turn of events in the Kurdistan Region and Catalonia following their referendums proved that all the claims about the rights of nations are “baseless.”

chattels: He said that leading to the independence vote the choice for Kurds was to either choose between losing the will of the nation or a temporary loss of some territory. “If we would have lost our will, it would have been much bigger than losing some of the areas temporarily.

 But if we had to choose between losing our will and losing the hope of our nation or to bear some losses. We chose not to lose our people’s will and honor.” Barzani told CNN.

The coalition of state law, the Kurdistan region responsible for the spread of cancerous diseases in Iraq, while stressing the need for control of Baghdad border crossings as soon as possible.


chattels: The Kurdish leadership rejected the US-backed alternative to the referendum because it did not guarantee support if took place at a later date. “They said to postpone it for two or three years. And then if you do that, we will respect the result of the referendum,” Barzani said.

“So we said instead of saying ‘respect’, write ‘support’ and we will postpone it. But they did not say support, and they did not promise us support. For this reason, we were not convinced, and we thought delaying it would do more harm.”

chattels: http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/11112017

chattels: When has Vic ever been right about anything ?

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chattels: Talked to Vic on the phone years ago. He was assuring me that there would be no " lop ".

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Zig: JUST RECEIVED FROM VIC (GATE KEEPERS): Hello Zig, I will be doing a call tonight at 6:00PM PST for those that want to be on live it is our old number 1-641-715-3640 code # 378652. Thank you, Vic

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Zig: Pacific Time....

txbrand: im not good with time change...lol

chattels: @Zig My wife was a fan of Vic at one time. Now she is convinced of private exchanges.

Zig: I believe Vic is in California....??

xyz: This is what z went through as a newbie

[b]Vic[b] ticious post at GET Forum http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/dinar-dictionary-vic-ticious-post-at-get-forum

Hopium: Preferred drug of the Dinar investor producing feeling of euphoria and a general sense of well being. A typical dose last 2 days at which time a new fix must me acquired or serious withdrawal symptoms occur. Warning withdrawal symptoms can manifest in events called "bashing".

Zig: @chattels : Your wife is a Dinarian??...Invite her!!!

xyz: Done: Any process that has been started. Example: I am going to wash my car. I have got a bucket and a rag and I am walking towards the car. I am therefore "Done".

txbrand: good greeeeefff 3:52:42 PM

xyz: @chattels LOP: Beware of the LOP. It is the antidote to "hompium". The most evil of all words. It is said that if you say LOP 3 times in a mirror at night you will turn to stone. Others view the LOP as a mythical creature that will sneak into your home and alter all of your Dinars removing 3 of the zeroes.

txbrand: so it would be 8 my time

chattels: @Zig She does not participate in chat rooms. Skype groups are her thing.

xyz: Shabibi: A god-like figure to Dinarians. He holds the magical keys to the "RV". The all knowing "Shabibi" writes his own posts. These are also called "news articles" He and his friend "Seleh" post these articles every other day about an event called "the removing the 3 zeroes". He is also at war with the evil wizard called "Maliki".

Zig: @chattels : I hope that she reads your posts here!!.....lol

chattels: @Zig Never. To her Iraqi news is irrelevant.

xyz: @chattels is she into GCR?
xyz: RV: This can be both a time or a place.

Zig: JUST RECEIVED FROM VIC (GATE KEEPERS): Hello Zig, I will be doing a call tonight at 6:00PM PST for those that want to be on live it is our old number 1-641-715-3640 code # 378652. Thank you, Vic

chattels: @xyz Somewhat.

chattels: @xyz Thankfully we are at least both " dinarians ", otherwise we would be diverced I am sure.

xyz: @chattels hopefully we shall meet in the bank sooner
xyz: @chattels you are luck --- you got all cover - GCR and news

chattels: @xyz She seriously questions whether there will be a public exchange.

txbrand: @chattels please let us know if she is right
txbrand: I have been sick with the flu....fever for 8 days

chattels: @txbrand I have no idea. I am covered either way.

xyz: @chattels I thought public exchange is if i could walking into a bank/exchange center with EUR and head out with USD

txbrand: @chattels i meant if she is right when it happen can you tell us ?

chattels: That is my understanding as well.
chattels: @txbrand I am told that there are non-disclosure provisions. If I disappear then you will know.

Zig: @txbrand : Wow....hope you're feeling better now!..... :sick 
​Baxter: when dinar is an international currency... its just like any other currency to buy or sell... banks do not have to exchange it... as some banks dont exchange foreign currency at all... some will

txbrand: @Zig still have fever....

xyz: @chattels if there's no public exchange, then iqd can never be internationally accepted. bought a few iqd from citi and had a sell rate as well.

txbrand: @chattels so you wont be able to tell us what to do ?

chattels: @xyz The notion of non-public exchanges center upon private buyers.

Zig: JUST RECEIVED FROM VIC (GATE KEEPERS): Hello Zig, I will be doing a call tonight at 6:00PM PST for those that want to be on live it is our old number 1-641-715-3640 code # 378652. Thank you, Vic

chattels: @txbrand Not if it is a private sale.

xyz: @chattels who cares about exchange center ... am ok exchanging in my local branch

txbrand: @chattels well at one time i was a memeber of one...can't even think of the name now

Zig: @chattels : Doesn't Kaperoni believe that there will be some other process other than walking into a bank?

chattels: @Zig Not sure.

xyz: @chattels i believe that some gurus have shared their nightmares with us as facts --- regarding private exchangers

xyz: @Zig kap is a die-hard floater imho
chattels: @txbrand There are many out there. My thought is that in all likelihood they are people looking to profit off of others if there is ever a profitable market for the dinar. They all say that they have buyers, but ....................

Zig: Look if it ever comes out low there will be plenty of "buyers".....it would be a hot commodity.....
txbrand: @chattels hubby thinks is was names General...or something like that

chattels: @Zig It will be difficault to refuse an early profit awaiting a larger payoff.

Zig: Yes
Baxter: all I want is ten cents... Kaperoni or no Kaperoni...

chattels: @Zig Those that hold more dinar will be able to sell some and hold some.

chattels: @Zig Diversify if you will.

chattels: I am reminded of the words of Socrates, " Much wants more and loses all."

chattels: Sorry, “Much wants more and loses all.” ― Aesop, Aesop's Fables

Doug_W: JUST RECEIVED FROM VIC (GATE KEEPERS): Hello Zig, I will be doing a call tonight at 6:00PM PST for those that want to be on live it is our old number 1-641-715-3640 code # 378652. Thank you, Vic

txbrand: general 64... but i dont even think they are around anymore

chattels: @txbrand Rumor has it that general 64 was connected to Wells Fargo and while the group still exists, other groups say that they are not in the que.

txbrand: so us peon.... get screwed if we are not in the que....

txbrand: :su night

chattels: @txbrand Don't know that it has anything to do with peonage. None of really know anything and there are risks to exchanging, etc.

TWW: @Zig Just got home from another book signing event...does Vic have a 'replay' link for tonight??? I won't be here at 6pm PDST

Baxter: if its like any other call... replay will be 641-715-3639.. then the pin number

TWW: @Baxter My phone provider charges international rates for CC's

Baxter: well.... I doubt if there will be a link for it

Zig: http://www.iqdcalls.com/gatekeepers.html For info.

blackgold: I was part of general64 and the admiral, haven't heard anything for years, do i'm guessing they don't exist anymore
txbrand: @blackgold i agree

MichelleL: *** so we're cashing out and no one bothered to wake me up? what friends!

sandyf: @Spectra: Jay: Wow Sis.. DAT'S UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Accession = ENTRY = THE START..... THEY HAVE TO BE INTERNATIONAL TO START THE PROCESS TO BE BE IN THE WTO... IIRC...and IMO. - Iraq started withe the WTO in 2004 "Iraq's Working Party was established on 13 December 2004.

The Working Party met for a second time in April 2008."


sandyf: The Tariff Law - "The new tariff, which went into effect on January 19, imposes a 30 percent customs duty on imported goods coming through Iraq's crossing points, exempting the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

"The customs tariff on imported goods in Kurdistan is five percent, while it is 30 percent in Basra. So it's six times higher. It is too high and the negative consequences of this will fall on the citizen who will bear the brunt of the taxes paid by the trader - traders will apply the tax they pay to the price of the goods." http://www.nrttv.com/En/Details.aspx?Jimare=5435

sandyf: When the Tariff Law was introduced Iraq needed Kurdistan to help clear ISIS so they exempted them from the law, but in doing so stopped any further dealings with the WTO. Things have changed, Iraq can now take control and recommence the process, starting this Friday. Of course to the gurus, an informal meeting means it is all done.
xyz: @Doug_W i can't see vic

blackgold: @txbrand who knows, when it happens we might get an email

blackgold: @txbrand wishful thinking

txbrand: @blackgold guess we will find out

Top_Intel: hi, I am here because there is a major big update
Top_Intel: all the dinar,dong,rial, etc. can only be exchange in 2018 at the soonest year

chattels: @Top_Intel Most of us here were anticipating 2018 at the earliest.

Top_Intel: because there is too little people know the truth about the upcoming GCR. While the Zim bond will be bought sooner

chattels: @Top_Intel We are all in the dark.

Top_Intel: until all major GCR websites tell the truth about upcoming GCR, there won't be even a public announcement

Top_Intel: because GCR is just a small part in a big big plan for planet Earth

chattels: @Top_Intel So, truth must prevail before hand, eh ?

txbrand: what is GCR ?

Top_Intel: while all the Zim will be bought but only selected people

Top_Intel: as early as 27/11/2017    

chattels: @Top_Intel I have Zim, put me on the list.

Top_Intel: without GCR, planet and people Earth still live normal

Top_Intel: sr I do not do favour, only a certain people meet certain requirement is allowed to receive and buy Zim bond. That is my lastest intel and command

Zig: I should kick you out of here because you were sneaky and came back with another name last night.....Post one link and you are gone for good.......

Top_Intel: don't worry I am not here long, I only came back because of major update just happened behind the scene

chattels: @Top_Intel Apparently no one here qualifies, so just stay away.

txbrand: :laugh

TWW: @Top_Intel I too have ZIM, place me on ur list, pls

Top_Intel: all the GCR will be done and finished within 2 year

Zig: Santa Claus has the list now....

txbrand: well i am in touch with the QRD and i have not heard this :ya

Top_Intel: it is for the whole planet Earth, not for me, I cannot decide base on any chatroom or anything.
Top_Intel: only certain people with certain project & knowledge will be bought the Zim first
Top_Intel: 2 flow, 1 is for certain people, while the second flow/buying ZIm is for public.

Top_Intel: but the major GCR can only occur after or on 05/05/2018  

chattels: @Top_Intel Personally, i am looking forward to the 14th of this month.

blackgold: @Top_Intel If "all zim will be bought but omly select people" ? how can all the sim be bought

blackgold: @Top_Intel makes no sense

Top_Intel: I think that's the intel today, I don't think there's anything news about the dinar, rial, dong,etc. left until the next 6 month from now. While the Zim will be bought but to very limited people (example the site spreading the truth about GCR will be bought the Zim first)

Top_Intel: 2 batch buying Zim: 1 is selected, 2nd is public/all

Top_Intel: remember Zim will be bought as collector item, so the buyer is the decider, not the official exchange like dong, rial, dinar

Top_Intel: the buyer choose the seller, not the way around

chattels: @Top_Intel That is a pricey collector's item.

TWW: @chattels I hope whomever he is chating abt pays my a heave collectors rate...lmfao

Top_Intel: that's why some of you may heard "humanity projects" for Zim in some other GCR websites, but not all the projects will be accepted
blackgold: @Top_Intel Is this guy rich ?

Top_Intel: the group going to buy the Zim is richer than all stock market in this world combined

TWW: @chattels saros??or Clinton

blackgold: @Top_Intel Oh good=== i'd hate to think it was some poor guy wasting his money
blackgold: @TWW lol

TWW: @chattels must be a cartel

Top_Intel: but the main point news today is there won't be global public exchange about the dinar,rial,dong,etc. in near future (the nearest date is 5.5.2017)     (typo .. earlier stated  2018)

op_Intel: have fun bye

TWW: My family foundation has been involved in Humanitarian projects from the 1800's & our trustees including myself will donate 90% each from the RV to WRFG

blackgold: @Top_Intel yea yea see you tomorrow

Tebow: fake intel

blackgold: I hate Abbreviations

Tebow: wait till the Messiah finds out the Zim is and will always be worthless

JoeSchmoe: Hey so what is the consensus here on the ascension into wto on the 17th? More pumped up bs, or is there really something there?

TWW: @JoeSchmoe Id like to kno as well....

JoeSchmoe: wish chattles was here to give his thoughts, i trust him

TWW: @JoeSchmoe I asked last night but no answer, mayb no one knows

MichelleL: oh my! sounds like more annual seasonal hype around here :) Hope you're all well!

blackgold: haven't heard much about WTO since their meeting on the 2nd. If they are planning anything,no one i know has mentioned it

blackgold: true

MichelleL: hi TWW - I would not be signing up with top I anytime soon lol

TWW: @MichelleL ???

xyz: @JoeSchmoe from horses mouth ... 17th - Informal Working Party on the Accession of Iraq


MichelleL: TWW the zim genius lol

blackgold: If anyone likes reading about war vets, my cousin had a good write up years ago

blackgold: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/60633427/

TWW: @MichelleL LMFAO...I kno

MichelleL: Thanks Blackgold
blackgold: very welcome

TWW: @MichelleL I suffering from jet lag

MichelleL: @TWW when did you get back?

MichelleL: old age, TWW - back in the 70s, I'd have been out with friends dancing and drinking after a trans-continental flight ;)

TWW: @MichelleL 1:30 am, got bk up at 5am to get ready for an early book signing event

MichelleL: a new book TWW?

TWW: @MichelleL Its been out for a yr, sold WW 80,000 copies, poetry book

MichelleL: the same one, are you reprinting TWW?

TWW: @MichelleL no, 1st edition is finished
TWW: @MichelleL working on the sequel

MichelleL: thats a marvelous run for a first printing, and poetry isn't a big seller

TWW: @MichelleL today I sold & signed another 37

MichelleL: @TWW Are you out now?
TWW: @MichelleL but with only 20 left

MichelleL: @TWW keep them for your descendants - 20 isn't a big lot
blackgold: @TWW congratulations
MichelleL: @TWW so did trump sign your red cap?

TWW: @MichelleL I am all though my grand daughter is one of my "community poets" very popular in her school, 15y/o
MichelleL: @TWW :Tup very nice

TWW: @MichelleL No Trump didnt, but I do have a letter from his group & they loved my book
MichelleL: @TWW again, very nice
TWW: @blackgold thanx

MichelleL: Blackgold is chattels going to share his sources with us tomorrow?

JoeSchmoe: Meeeshell, what do you think about what is being said about wto ascension on the 17th?

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe sweetheart, I'm holding my breath ;)

JoeSchmoe: really?
JoeSchmoe: holding?

JoeSchmoe: ususally it's " I won't hold my breath"

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe its good for the lungs, do it every night when some genius says "any minute now"

meatball: @MichelleL lol

JoeSchmoe: ah so you do the opposite

meatball: who said the 17th?

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe I can hold my breath around 53 seconds, so far the dinar have not complied

JoeSchmoe: there's a post by someone, that is quoting an article
JoeSchmoe: Meesh, I can hold mine for 2 min

meatball: is that the zim fan?

JoeSchmoe: MilitiaMan () – [According to an email…showing the World Trade Organization (WTO) schedule for the upcoming week:] “Informal Working Party on the ACCESSION OF IRAQ to the WTO is scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov. 17, 2017” Now how cool it that. WTO accession on 11/17/2017…

Who said next year into 2018 today? lol WE all know the indicators Iraq has given us, have this on target for completion and this is a reality…

JoeSchmoe: I would love chattels take on it

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe what makes you think, that even IF this were to happen as suggested, we'd be at the door of an immediate rv?

JoeSchmoe: I didn't take that off of dinar guru, i got it from that * bgg

meatball: guess 6 days will tell

JoeSchmoe: meesh, that's why i was asking opinions
JoeSchmoe: cuz vietnam is a member, albeit observing....

JoeSchmoe: oh well, back to watching some recorded dead

MichelleL: JoeS you don't need my opinion ;) you pretty much know it - show me da money

MichelleL: @meatball all I need is 3 cents on the dong, that would make me a very happy camper indeed

meatball: @MichelleL think we will take anything lol

MichelleL: MB 3 cents and I can buy a new bicycle

JoeSchmoe: is there info on the dong or somethin

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe you have some private communication with him? lol

meatball: so where is the gcr gatekeeper tonight?
blackgold: @meatball lol

JoeSchmoe: @MichelleL no i just figur he watches you on here
JoeSchmoe: @MichelleL im sure he's beeeeeeming

blackgold: I need at least 5. for the dong

JoeSchmoe: what about the buck for the dong

blackgold: I mean .%

MichelleL: blackgold you're just greedy lol

JoeSchmoe: how many fools were counting on that

blackgold: >5

blackgold: can't get it right lol

meatball: remember the contract rates lol

MichelleL: .05

blackgold: .5

MichelleL: 50 cents? cool bg, good for us!

JoeSchmoe: five cents would do wonders for me dong

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe i hear ya

TWW: @blackgold Dong vs USD= .0000472....lop off the 4 Zeros=.47

MichelleL: I dont want to know how many you have Joe,
blackgold: @TWW I'll take it

JoeSchmoe: ya but .47 cents multiplied by what you paid

MichelleL: TWW 3 zeros and we'll all be rich, .047

JoeSchmoe: a true lop

MichelleL: lop shmop

TWW: @blackgold Been watchin the market for yrs

MichelleL: right now, I'm lucky if I can get a decent massage out of the dang currency​
​meatball: lop it and get the party started

JoeSchmoe: there would be no party with a lop on the dong

MichelleL: JoeSchmoe you can cry if you want to

TWW: @MichelleL yes

JoeSchmoe: why would i want to meesh

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe you show your age, or lack of it

JoeSchmoe: if they lopped the VND, no one would make out imo

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe sometimes I think you need some big sister knocking around...

JoeSchmoe: is that what youre doing?

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIsnIt1p978

MichelleL: @JoeSchmoe sure enough ;)

JoeSchmoe: yes....and? I am not crying on any dong scenario. That is just icing IF it were to ever happen

Hoss: If anyone else here listened to Vic's call, did it sound like he was thinking no rv until Brexit is complete?

Canucklady: Where can a Person find a recording of Vic's call please
meatball: @Canucklady http://www.iqdcalls.com/gatekeepers.html