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Thursday UPDATE for November 9, 2017

An Iraqi military commander is interviewed on Iraqi TV stating that Iraq is "clear" of ISIS and that the last stronghold was eliminated.

However, PM Abadi has YET to make any declarations or announcements.

Time Will Tell!

MRiles:  NOTES FROM ANOTHER CC CBI NOW MEETING WITH PRIVATE BANKS with the CONVERTBALE CURRENCY then 1. Abadi speech 2. Abadi speech in print 3. Concurrent/ or after the RI When will Abadi speak -anytime from today to a matter of days not weeks….. HE SAID NO MORE INTEL NOTHING ELSE TO BE DONE JUST TIMING OF WHEN ABADI DECIDES TO MAKE FULL LIBERATION SPEECH

MRiles:  Basically what Ray said yesterday also. Looking very good for an exciting weekend

Briona:  The whole world, not just Iraq is waiting on Abadi's speech. Time to get the ball rolling.

MRiles:  JPMorgan Chase B of A, WF & Citibank closed on Sat hmmmm?  In observance of Veterans Day. … Banks closed what a great time for an RV

MRiles:  [Saturday is the 11th; XXXX likes Saturday, going into Sunday; Sunday, the 12th, is 3 days before the U.N. Operational rates are posted …] A country … may change, their operational rate/s of exchange at any time… The UN publication of dates is not a reflection of when a country may or may not adjust their operational exchange rate/s, accordingly.
Mot:   Once A Year At 11:11 AM, The Sun Shines Through This Monument. What It Reveals Is Breathtaking......

Speech From Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi , 9 NOV


Harvester: Is this the speech we are waiting for??? WOW!!!

Aggiedad77:  IMHO.....Abadi is warming up his vocal cords.....get ready.

Lobster:  Precursor Speech just before THE SPEECH! He's warming up! IMO

JesusLovesBaseball:  Speech of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein

9 November 2017

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Peace on the land of Iraq, which has expanded to millions of mourners walking towards Karbala redemption and sacrifice from the cities of Iraq and from all countries of the world to commemorate the martyrdom of the father of the martyrs Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and the people of his home and his companions martyrs.

And peace be upon those blood that was shed in the land of the child and sprouted generations of sincere and sacrificing believers, peace upon the generous and generous Iraqis who gave out the unrivaled

generosity , peace to your shining sight and your high, free Sir Aba, to which the hearts of the believers come to you.

Dear Iraqis:

Every day you draw a new palette of pride and victory and offer the whole world a clear picture of the reality of your country, which is witnessing the largest peaceful human demonstration along the thousands of kilometers and of your people who are fighting, winning and continuing to live in their safe cities.

This turnout and the unique rush towards Karbala are proof that the issue of Imam Hussein A is a human issue and not limited to religion or sect, but what makes us proud and proud is that its field is the land of Iraq, which was throughout history and still a factory for victory and martyrdom and a race for heroes and a starting point for reform and fight tyrants And corrupt.

Forty days are renewed through the ages and throats of calming and tears of tears and a biography that never renews and inspires us determination and perseverance to continue the path that was followed by Husayn and his companions, the path of action accompanied by honesty and the path of the feet connected to sacrifice and guided Sir Blakhov towards one of the two victory or martyrdom, Youth of the people of Paradise Bbhara grandfather Nabi Mustafa peace be upon him and his family, and is the victorious living, whose memory lives and rises in every time and place.

The Revolution of Imam Hussein is a revolution to liberate man and land from slavery and revolution to repair the wrong situation and correct the deviant paths. In this understanding we draw inspiration from the revolution of Imam Hussein, the steadfastness of the principle. And defense until victory or martyrdom in the scourge of fighting and liberation, and walk the march of reform and build the human and the nation in the right manner in which we preserve the rights of everyone and govern justice and equality and protect the country's wealth from the hands of the abusers and corrupt.

We pledge our people that we will prevail in our war against corruption as we have won in our war against terrorism. We will fulfill with all the promises we have made. We will achieve our aspirations with our cooperation together and with the same spirit and momentum we have exerted during the liberation and victory process and the unification of the country.

The greatest credence to the harmony of intentions with action is that of our heroic fighters in the liberation of the Iraqi lands and cities, which for three years succeeded in defeating the wearing of the veil of Islam falsely and falsely. This is the victory of the liberators who raised the banner of Iraq at the farthest point of the border and amazed the world with such courage and sacrifice. Shib with young people for the defense and martyrdom and victory, and a tribute to the lives of the martyrs and the wounded and their families.

Three years of unique heroic cohesion in which the unity among the people was our most powerful and lasting weapon. Three years ago, we are in the final days of declaring the final great victory by liberating the entire Iraqi land and fulfilling the covenant.

That the march of liberation in Iraq will remain immortal in history has united our word from all the provinces of Iraq and we went with one heart and one hand to save our people in the provinces that occupied them in vain.

The revolution of Imam Hussein has won martyrs and steadfastness on the principle, and Iraq has won the martyrs and the victims of all ages, whether they fought the enemy face to face or those who were martyred facing terrorism that attacked innocent civilians in markets, universities, mosques and Husayniyat.

Here they go on foot, united by the terror that lay in their hands without the courage of the heroes of our security forces, who play a heroic role in protecting the citizens in addition to their combat role in the face of the defeated enemy Daheshi.
As we approach the anniversary of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, I offer my sincere condolences to our Iraqi people, our Islamic nation and to the whole world, and to our great companions, especially His Eminence Sayyed al-Sistani, may God protect him.

I ask God to enable him to complete the victory. To complete the great victory and return every displaced and displaced to his city and his home and win over the corrupt and their medals and break their shackles and give them the prisons they deserve, and renew our call to our security forces Ghajora continue to successfully protect visitors in all cities and on the way back.

We remind the ministries and ministries of our directives to make every effort to secure the return of visitors and provide adequate means of transport.

We ask God to preserve Iraq, its unity and the unity of its people, and to start together a new era of fraternity, peace and building, and the reconstruction of our cities, which were destroyed by the criminal hands of terrorism.

Oh God save Iraq and its people, thank God the Lord of the Worlds.

Dr. Haidar Al-Abbadi,

Prime Minister

9-Nov-2017    LINK


TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call Replay


11-9-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Abadi: The military will soon end soon and the security challenge remains"   ".....the security challenge remains"   A question is and remains what level of security is "necessary" to facilitate our event, IMO.  Obviously, I think, there has been a deterioration of political stability at least in the short term.  [they will never be totally secure...no country is...I think once the borders are sealed /protected then we might see something.]  Agreed.

11-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   
Article:  "IRAQI MILITIA CROSSED THE SYRIAN BORDER TO JOIN THE BATTLE FOR THE LAST ISIS STRONGHOLD OF ABU KAMAL"    ...I would not anticipate this is the LAST of the LAST areas to clear ISIS, as we were told 3 times already this was the LAST and them yet more. So, we don’t know what is the last as they are not telling us. ...The translation is telling us the LAST but only the last of that area they just moved into or out of. Then they move on to yet another area to liberate. To me it sounds like the Iraqi army is chasing ISIS into Syria.

11-9-2017   Newshound Guru Walkingstick   [Saturday is the 11th;   Frank [Guru Frank26] likes Saturday, going into Sunday;  Sunday, the 12th, is 3 days before the U.N. Operational rates are posted ...]   A country... may change, their operational rate/s of exchange at any time...The UN publication of dates is not a reflection of when a country may or may not adjust their operational exchange rate/s, accordingly...

11-9-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   [In one of your updates, you wrote that "Currency exchangers are being required to report their Dinar inventory effective for Tuesday". Who do the US currency dealers get their currency from – the CBI / UST?]   They have their own suppliers.  [If the dealers in Iraq can no longer sell dinar does that mean that US dealers can only sell what they have left in inventory?]   That is my belief, that they continue to sell the inventory they have on hand, or that their suppliers have, but cannot get any  more.









Operation Disclosure


November 8, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Sorry folks still no reinstatement or revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. In past newsletters I did make reference to a timeframe, when possibly we could see some movement to the last phase of the “project to delete the zeros”. 

I have been told from the CBI that the project to delete the zeros is at its very last stages of the process and now awaits that final movement of the currency.

This timeframe I referenced is from now going forward, however I believe the CBI is targeting more like EARLY 2018 and more specifically early January. Why do I say this? Can I back it up with FACTS and not just “my opinion”?

Yes – I can back it up. I have stated my FACTS in prior newsletters so please go back and reference them. I cannot take time today to review them again and continue to repeat myself over and over again just for those who want to pop into my FACEBOOK site once in a blue moon, looking for a date and a rate. Sorry no date and rate today, or ever!

More news….

The People's Daily Morning Star

Tuesday Nov 7th 

IRAQI militia have reportedly crossed the Syrian border TO JOIN THE BATTLE FOR THE LAST ISIS STRONGHOLD of Abu Kamal. A Syrian military source told Al Masdar News yesterday the Iranian-trained Popular Mobilisation Units were now operating inside Syria after helping retake al-Qaim on the Iraqi side of the border last week.

Wednesday Nov 8th

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-‘Abadi has given his troops the green light to attack the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, Al-Mayadeen News Agency reported this afternoon.

(Mnt Goat – of course they moved in Syria. Did you think for one second they wouldn’t? So, is this now the last of fight? Or are they going to tell us next week there is yet more to liberate? How long will this continue?)

More news….

November 7, 2017

A senior government source revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is in the process of forming a high-level government committee comprising senior judges, security experts, Iraqi army officers, representatives of the parliamentary legal committee and the cabinet to launch a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the fall of Iraqi cities.

The source said in a press statement that the committee will bring witnesses from field commanders and use the contacts, documents and orders issued by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in that period to find out who issued the order to withdraw troops stationed in Mosul.

The source added that the involvement of a number of judges in the Commission of Inquiry gives them powers to issue arrest warrants against anyone who proves the evidence of his conviction AND EXPECTED TO INCLUDE CONVICTIONS SENIOR OFFICERS AND THAT THE COMMANDER OF THE ARMED FORCES NURI AL-MALIKI IS THE PRIMARY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF WITHDRAWAL or the collapse that hit the army and police units and led To its defeat in front of a few numbers of chattering elements.

Judicial sources suspect that the commission will condemn senior politicians and officers of the treason and the two al-Maliki Hussein Abu Rahab and Yasser Abu Khalil, who led to ignorance of the loss of one-third of Iraqi territory and in the case of arrest warrants, Abadi will order a special security force to prosecute the convicted.

More news….

The United Nations Mission in Iraq, the province of Kurdistan to respect the decision of the Federal Court, and engage in negotiations with Baghdad. 

The Federal Supreme Court issued a decision to interpret article (1) of the Constitution, which concluded that this article and other related constitutional articles affirmed the unity of Iraq. Article 109 of the Constitution obliges all federal authorities to preserve this unit.

“The Iraqi government has fully affirmed its commitment to the constitution and the decisions of the Federal Court, including its full commitment to preserving the unity of Iraq,” a statement said.

The mission urged “the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to recognize this ruling issued by the Federal Court, and the emphasis on adherence to the Constitution.”

And called for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil “in a spirit of partnership and respect for the Constitution, which respects in itself the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region.”

More news….

Baghdad Times Agency (PETA)

URGENT Massoud Barzani was hit by a stroke and contacts between the government of Erbil and the federal government to transfer him to a French hospital

(oops! There’s the stroke trick again. Same old CIA MOO. Wonder what drug they slipped in his water? He had to go. )

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat”. Also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


The People's Daily Morning Star

Tuesday Nov 7th

IRAQI militia have reportedly crossed the Syrian border to join the battle for THE LAST ISIS STRONGHOLD OF ABU KAMAL. A Syrian military source told Al Masdar News yesterday the Iranian-trained Popular Mobilisation Units were now operating inside Syria after helping retake al-Qaim on the Iraqi side of the border last week.

The Syrian army, Iranian Revolutionary Guard volunteers and Lebanon’s Hezbollah fought their way through to the Iraqi border on the western road to Abu Kamal on Sunday night, taking them within 20 miles of the border town. Taking Abu Kamal would open the road from Beirut and Damascus to Baghdad and Tehran.

Meanwhile the US-allied Syrian Democratic Forces seized more oilfields from Isis north of Abu Kamal. An SDF source told Sputnik the US had supplied more than 100 armored Humvee vehicles and artillery.

At a summit of NATO allies and partners in Finland, US Defense Secretary James Mattis refused to commit to taking back those arms after the impending defeat of Isis.

(Mnt Goat – if I were you I would not anticipate this is the LAST of the LAST areas to celar ISIS, as we were told 3 times already this was the LAST and them yet more. So, we don’t know what is the last as they are not telling us. They are stringing us along. The translation is telling us the LAST but only the last of that area they just moved into or out of. Then they move on to yet another area to liberate. To me it sounds like the Iraqi army is chasing ISIS into Syria.)




Nov 6, 2017, 12:24 pm

Rawa (IraqiNews.com) Islamic State’s supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has REPORTEDLY FLED IRAQ TO SYRIA in a yellow taxi, the Iraqi Media News Agency reported.

“After Iraqi troops invaded Qaim, Baghdadi was aware that his presence in Rawa threatens his life,” the news agency quoted an intelligence source as saying on Sunday evening.

Baghdadi urged the remaining militants in Qaim to “resume fighting, however, they let him down and escaped on board of their personal cars to Syria.”

In October, Pentagon said it believes Baghdadi was still alive. Anadolu Agency quoted Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesperson, as saying that the U.S. intelligence service verified an audio recording for Baghdadi, circulated previously, be authentic.

Saad al-Jayashi, head of the Defense Ministry’s War Media Cell, said in a televised interview on Saturday that IRAQI TROOPS DO NOT HAVE ORDERS TO FOLLOW IS MILITANTS IN SYRIA.

Ahmed al-Assadi, spokesperson for al-Hashd al-Shaabi [Popular Mobilization Forces] denied that troops reached to Deir al-Zor.

News reports had mentioned that PMFs, along other Iraqi troops, accessed Deir al-Zor in Syria and that Iraqi jets penetrated the Syrian airspace.

Many IS militants reportedly fled Qaim town, in western Anbar, heading to al-BuKamal in Syria, after several leaders ran away and were killed in airstrikes by the Iraqi and U.S.-Coalition jets.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced on Friday FULL LIBERATION OF QAIM IN RECORD TIME. The operation started in late October.



Editorial date: 2017/11/6


Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi Al-Alak said that the expectations indicate the country’s demand for a movement of large investments in light of the recommendations that will come out of the Kuwait conference to be held early next year.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi directed the Ministry of Planning to review the standard documents, including international arbitration documents as it represents a key factor in the reassurance of foreign companies and the LAUNCH OF A HUGE PROGRAM TO STIMULATE THE PRIVATE SECTOR AND OPENNESS TO INVESTMENT IN BAGHDAD AND ALL PROVINCES, “stressing that” the development of the Iraqi economy depends on the development of the sector Special. ”

Chairman of the investment Commission , Sami al – Araji , said the body of his part in the process of expansion to conclude agreements with new countries to realize their aspirations for openness to the global economy and the employment of funds and foreign investment capital, and has become an urgent need to join the E-Convention , signed by 157 countries.

The workshop, which will be held at the Al-Dhiyafa Palace in Baghdad, will last for two days and discuss within its platform the effect of joining the New York Convention on Foreign Direct Investment and Commercial Arbitration in Iraq, determining the advantages and disadvantages of accession and reviewing the guarantees for attracting investors. Chairman of the Investment Authority, World Bank Group and a number of international experts.



A source at the Central Bank of Iraq, “The Central Bank will be held on the ninth and tenth of December next year’s third annual conference under the auspices of the governor Ali Alalak,” adding that “the conference will discuss the sustainability of public debt and financial stability in Iraq and achieve the process of financial inclusion and the performance of banks and mechanisms to stimulate the sector Financial through monetary policy instruments and highlight the financial merit of the banking sector. ”

He pointed out that “the conference aims to strengthen the relationship between the tools of monetary policy and macroeconomic variables and strengthen the role of the financial sector.”

“The conference also seeks to create an interactive meeting between officials of monetary policy, academics and researchers to determine the MECHANISMS THAT MONETARY POLICY CAN ADOPT IN ACHIEVING ITS OBJECTIVES,” noting that “among the goals of the conference to achieve the strategy of the Central Bank.”



Held for the first time in Baghdad on the 2nd and 3rd December, under the patronage of the Central Bank of Iraq, this landmark event will discuss the exciting opportunities and growth prospects within Iraq.

This two-day forum will discuss the enormous potential of the Iraqi economy, bringing together high-level discussion between government officials, decision makers, large multinationals and investors.

This important conference, the first of its kind to be held in Baghdad, is being organized at a crucial time. Iraq has reclaimed its land and driven out Daesh from its borders. 

THE COUNTRY IS READY TO DEVELOP ITS ECONOMY AND ONCE AGAIN SHOWCASE ALL IT HAS TO OFFER. The country is well known for its extensive hydrocarbon reserves, however, with the current decline in oil price, now is the time to highlight all the potential industries within the country.

(Mnt Goat - Moving to a sustainable economy is not really the choice of Iraq. Oh – okay so they do have choices – either be ready for the future or crumble as a society. These are their choices. The cabal has agreed to unleash new energy technologies, finally. They are doing this reluctantly but they can no longer hold them back from society. Of course they will try to leverage these new technologies as much as they can to keep the trillions $$$ pouring into their coffers. We know they have had these technologies for decades already. It is only now that critical mass has been reached and they can no longer keep them from us.)



Baghdad - Mawazine News

President of the Republic Fuad Masum said on Tuesday that Iraq is determined to strengthen the national unity and reconstruction of what was destroyed by the organization calling the terrorist.

"The Iraqi people have decisively defeated the terrorist organization," Masoum said in a statement issued after his meeting with Polish President Andji Doda. "STRENGTHENING NATIONAL UNITY, RECONSTRUCTION AND STRENGTHENING THE ADVANCED FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM ARE THE CURRENT PRIORITIES OF IRAQ. "He said.

He added that "Iraq liberated almost all of its territory from the control of criminal terrorist gangs thanks to the strength and unity of the will of our people in all its components and the heroism and sacrifices of our armed forces in all its formations and the support and solidarity of the international community, especially the friendly countries." He stressed Iraq's determination to " National reconstruction and the strengthening of the advanced federal democratic system as one of the key priorities to come. "

President Masoum met with the President of the Republic of Poland, Andji Doda, to discuss key issues of relations between the two countries


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat

Official GCR guide, timeline and who is allowed to exchange , 9 NOV

Many of you wonder who the hex I am, and is this the real official GCR guide not come from any other your “famous well-known source”. Have you ever wonder why still no 800 number or all fake info everywhere? Or What is the condition for GCR to happen? Or who will give the final official GCR info?

The only think I can say is that I am the official GCR gate keeper on Earth and was accepted at the highest level in spirit world, because I am the only one on Earth can process the GCR without any mistake.

You can trust me, it is all up to you now but I am only telling you the truth of what is going happen next, you may missed or won’t be allow to exchange or exchange at low rate.

Many of your “sources” talk shit about GCR but nobody talk about the condition for GCR to happen, for the GCR to happen it must take a special event. The special event I am talking about is the return of “spirit rule & law”. In this special official intel, I am not talking about the dinar, dong, rial or any other currency, I am only talking about the specific Zimbabwe bond note.

1. Zimbabwe bond note was issued, printed and accepted by both angel + evil spirit or the correct words is it was an agreenment at highest level in Earth world. You may say I am talking shit, but the truth is all the group you call the cabal or light warrior or whatever name is all being controled and influenced by both angel + evil spirit at collective level, for human are violating too many “God of all life law” or “spirit rule & law”.
Do the cabal or most world leader like Germany, Russia, China know about the Zimbabwe note before it was printed? The answer is yes.

2. The reason:
- All of them have tested and tried to do a lot of think to gain magic, power but failed to do so, so they gave up and let the spirit or angel guided and show them the right way. I am not talking about the political power, I am talking about the power like fly, teleport or the things you saw in movie. That group have tried many methods both in East and West but all failed.

Do I know the reason of their failure? Yes, because certain magic and ability only can learned and gained after you reach and have moral, that is the law of “spirit rule & law” or you may call “law of God of all life”. Even a simple ability like talk and work with mythical being like the dragon is required certain level of moral.

3. Zimbabwe value in spirit level is infinite, to know more about that, please read https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf

That enough talk about Zimbabwe bond note, now let’s talk about the “intel” you guys want to hear.

1. What currencies is allowed to exchange?
It is up to each nation government, not by any physical or spirit groups.

2. Will Zimbabwe bond note is allowed to exchange?
Yes, it was accepted and agreement in both physical and spirit level before it was even printed.

3. Do anybody is allowed to exchange Zimbabwe bond note?
No. Only certain people is allowed to exchange

4. Who is not allowed to exchange Zimbabwe bond note?
The bad people, the people who are preventing the return of “spirit rule & order”. More specific here is many GCR intel website like: inteldinarchronicles, eraoflight, galacticconnection, more information at:

Any people who behind the “black list fake spiritual websites” is not allowed to exchange no matter what happen next, that is my official order and command.

All the un-aware people who join/follow that group may be allowed to exchange but with at least 6 to 9 zeros loop.

5. What is the rate for each Zimbabwe bond note?
It is up to each individual, it depends on your knowledge and wisdom both in material and spirit world level. It is case by base, there is no such thing as “humanity rate” as many your intel provided.

6. What is the metric and how can the “bank” and me know the value of each exchanger?
Layer 1: Online questionaires in both physical material and spirit level, via email.
All Zimbabwe bond note holders will be given the same date and time global to compete a range of questions to detemind their value.

Layer 2: All people who get high score will be check profile carefully both in physical and spirit level.

The more high score you receive the more rate you will get.

Remember: the questions is very difficult, even Google cannot help you !!!

I am going bring back ancient traditions, all is allow to play and have a chance to receive high rate.

1 correct answer = 1 zero +
1 wrong answer = 1 zero -

Everybody happy, if you have gut and think you know much about this World, then join this “heaven testing”.

7. Example question “By eating animal meat, what spirit rule & law human are violating?”
People will have a lot of different answer like:
1. say: “animal right”
2. say: “environment”
3. say: “law of living” => this guy has the correct answer.

That is the easiest question. I cannot reveal much more questions will be given here, for I will violating the “favour” rule. Final conclusion is, questions are and will exemtrely difficult, even all your team of professor expert cannot answer it and will luckly if the total score over 40% correct answer...

8. Do I have to join that test?
No, it is up to each individual.
1. But if you do not join that test you will get the rate at least 3 to 9 zero loops.
2. The starting point of all who join the test is no zero loop.
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Blank answer is not allowed and will mark as wrong answer.

9. What the freaking fuk are you talking about, are you crazy?
Well, it is up to all of you, if you trust your “intel” than the official intel at https://angelteam.wordpress.com
then best of luck, nothing else I can say about it.

Date & Time:
There are 2 timeline: Zimbabwe 800 number and public timeline.
Zimbabwe 800 number: I can only give you these date: October 28th, November 11th & 27th, December 10th , 2017 (Gregoria normal Earth calendar).
It is +-24 hours depends on your location.

Public timeline: it could happen anytime, even before 800 number Zimbabwer bond note, nobody here care much about that date because all we are caring is Zimbabwe 800 number right?

How it going to processed?
1. 800 number out.
Do not prank and call if you or your relative hold any Zimbabwe bond note or you(and your master) wil get arrested by your local police and get heavy punishment.

2. You will be asked 1 question:
Do you want to join and take the “knowledge & wisdom test about both physical & spirit world”?
2.1. No – You will receive your unique “special code”, and you will give them all first letter of your fullname + last 4 digit number + and 1 of your zimbabwe value note.
If your fullname is: Leo Messi Jordan
You hold a 10T have last 4 series number as 2345

Then you will only tell them:

LMJ 10T 2345

You now have both the key and password. You will use it for further offline exchange, it should be in some big bank like HSBC in your location. So everything is recorded, nobody can create that password except you and only you can unlock it with your ID and your Zimbabwe note?

2.2. Yes
Same as above, you will also receive a key and the password of your own.
The diffirent is you will given a special online website address location. (it could be at https://angelteam.wordpress.com hahhaha)

That website address will give you more instruction like the time, date, location of that 
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For help all people from around the global: There will be 2 test time on the same day but with diffirent set questions to match your suitable timezone.

You will submit your answer online with your unique key only. (Do not submit your password for you need to keep it). You can submit it via email or via binpaste website or both, for better and more transparency and further score complaint, you should submit it both.

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Overall from 800 number to final test exam result, it will be only took around 7-9 days.

All people who do not take the test will receive the rate as the “average rate” of all participants result.

Many spirits, angels & archangels, evils are watching me and waiting for the liveshow is official begin.

That’s all my jobs for now.

The job of offline exchange is the bank not me, ok? Remember, nobody have gut to even touch your bank account without your permission, let alone trying to do stupid thing.

So now is that fair? Is that exciting? Is that entertaining? Is that stupid? Is that crazy?

You can trust your intel or this intel, it up to you, but just ask yourself, which one is make more sense and match both history, events and nature physical spirit level?

Feel free to ask any question about GCR at https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/10/26/official-gcr-guide-timeline-and-who-is-allowed-to-exchange/ at comment section of this article.

Messiah – Kalki – Christ – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower King


(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 8-November-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday, November 8 2017, with yours truly RayRay98 here. The music was Earth, Wind and Fire, In the Stone. We all want the intel to be ‘set in stone’ as it is written. [technical issues]

Where did we leave off on Monday? The Budget was put off until next week – I wonder why? As there still some unresolved issue about the percentage allocated to the Kurds? Also, there was reference to liberating Rawa, and Abadi said the Kurds would get 12% rather than 17% of the oil revenues, pending reversal of the referendum. Then there was intel that the CBI was setting a new rate in-country within 72 hours, which should be ending today. Then there was an announcement that Baghdad has reclaimed all territories regarding the Article 140 issues, and that liberation of Rawa is in progress.

We sent out two updates on Tuesday: 
It is being reported to me that Article 140 is now agreed and settled. The announcement of the FULL liberation of Iraq is anticipated for this upcoming weekend, if not sooner. 
PM Abadi is again on Iraqi TV informing that Baghdad has reclaimed all disputed territories from the issues regarding Article 140 and that the liberation of Rawa is a work-in-progress. 

Then today we heard from Abadi that the 12% for the Kurds ‘is not final’, that they CAN get back to the 17% that they were seeking and agreed to earlier in the year, providing they relinquish the territory they had taken from Iraq. Barzani’s nephew (who is now the leader of Kurdistan) is saying that they will comply. Rawa is more an afterthought, but 2,500 people are being held hostage there, and being used as targets. This makes it difficult for the military to go in and clean up the area. Will this make a difference for what we are looking for? That’s a good question.

Kurdistan has been blocked from the banking system, with bans on international flights. These are sanctions on Kurdistan, and we can possibly tie this in with dealers being told not to sell any more dinar. The banks are being told NOT to send dollars to Kurdistan. If dealers are being told not to sell dinar, there are no US dollars coming in to them, to be floating around. If no more US dollars go to Kurdistan, whether through the banks or dealers… hmm. Could it be that Baghdad is about to stop the flow of US dollars as well? If so, that implies no more US dollars in Iraq, only using the dinar, and that meets the IMF requirements, and a revalue could be immediate. These are just my thoughts…

In addition, some of our SKR holders are now receiving information about being made liquid just before Thanksgiving, to have their accounts funded and live. Some fo the banking community is looking forward to exchanges before Thanksgiving as well. We are looking for this thing to be wrapped up before the end of the month, preferably before Thanksgiving. That gives us a little wiggle room.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: In one of your updates, you wrote that “Currency exchangers are being required to report their Dinar inventory effective for Tuesday”. Who do the US currency dealers get their currency from – the CBI / UST?
[RR: They have their own suppliers.]
If the dealers in Iraq can no longer sell dinar does that mean that US dealers can only sell what they have left in inventory?
A: That is my belief, that they continue to sell the inventory they have on hand, or that their suppliers have, but cannot get any more.

Q: In your opinion, will Mrs. Mugabe succeed to the presidency of Zimbabwe? If so, will that be good, that is, have a positive effect on Zim RV? The AP article posted on the board was very positive. A: I have no idea.

Q: Many of us just received an e-mail from a currency company asking us to sell them back our Zim. They were specific by asking for 100 Trillion AA notes only. I know that we are at the finish line for this baby to pop so I’m guessing that the Zim has been such a HOT TOPIC for awhile now, their supply is gone and they have no direct access to get more authentic notes; they just want more to sell and to raise the price on it, too. They said nothing about exchanging just sell or buy back. I for one am not selling currency back at this point. Now if they or any other dealer wants to EXCHANGE then make me a reasonable offer give the Elder a shout. What’s your take on this?
A: I feel the same as you do: I didn’t but currency to sell it back to the dealer. People will have to assess the deal on offer and decide what works for them.

Q: Do you feel the “internet groups” will go before the public?
[A: Yes.]
Do you think there will be an 800# and appointments or just go to the bank?
[A: A year ago I would have said Yes to 800 numbers AND appointments. Right now I’m not sure about 800 numbers.] 
Lastly, what is the best book you could recommend to learn more about trusts?
A: I don’t know of one, but I’m sure there are lots out there.

Q: What is the best book or material you’ve seen on asset protection?
A: My own PowerPoint is the best, really. I don’t know of anything out there; I’m sure there is something, I’m just not aware of it.

Q: Do you plan on doing business directly from your trust or from the entity the trust owns?
A: The trust IS the entity, and I will do business from the trust, as the executive trustee.

Q: I saw Ivanka Trump sitting by Christine LA Guard at some conference….What do you make of that?
[RR: Nothing.]
Also was talking about the IMF doing something, I came in on the tail end and tried to find out more, does anyone know?
A: I don’t know what that is about; I’m not following any of what they do.

Q: It is my sincere hope that on the last call announcing the RV that we could hear from Tony. 
A: Sure you will.

Q: Where is the Houston meet-and-greet to be held this Friday?
A: Email me for that.

Q: Any news on the Iranian Rial/Toma?
A: No news on that.

Q: It has been reported that Barzani had a stroke and was being flown to a French hospital, and that Maliki and some of his people were to have criminal charges and arrests. What do you know on these?
A: Nothing. Barzani supposedly stepped down on 1. November, and his nephew is now leading Kurdistan.

Q: Are you gonna tell us they (whoever that is) want us to have the best Thanksgiving or Black Friday ever? Please don’t. I want to believe things are different.
A: Okay, then I won’t; I don’t know we will have the best Black Friday; I just told you some information about things possibly moving before Thanksgiving so you can plan.

Questions from live callers

865/404/770 caller: What are they saying about the timeframe between when SKR holders get funded and when we exchange?

RayRen: Nothing definitive, but we expect those to be a couple of days apart.

Caller: PM Abadi has been a bit more active on his Twitter, etc.; do your people think that is how the main announcements will be made?

RayRen: They’re thinking a formal press conference followed by Abadi’s tweets. They may do something when Rawa is liberated, some kind of celebration – I don’t know.

Caller: The webcams in the mosques have been showing some excitement, a lot of activity there. Is that just associated with the annual pilgrimage, or something else?

RayRen: My understanding is that it’s all due to the pilgrimage, so it will probably diminish tomorrow.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

865 caller: I am blown away by the information today and since Monday. When I listen to the recording again, right at the end, you made a little statement that was blurred on my phone.

RayRen: Did it sound like, “I’m not going to read that?”

Caller: Could be. Well, you gave us a lot of other information. [Appreciation]

636 caller: On this and other calls, 98% have been saying “any time, any day”, and we are still here. One person is saying that three zero notes have to be recalled, and the earliest this could happen would be January, 2018. That might be better for tax purposes. Does Iraq have an income tax system like ours? And if so…

RayRen: There’s never been any mention of income tax from Iraqi sources, so I don’t think that is an issue. It might serve us best to wait until January anyway, because we are keeping an eye on the rates, and if they don’t come out at the ‘true’ value, then many of us will sit and let them appreciate. If the other rates are suppressed, the way gold and silver have been in the past in the US and in China, then the same thing could happen with the public release of the RV. It might be that several currencies we’re interested in could be suppressed for 90 days. So we might be waiting until January or February anyway.

Also, I don’t think we’ll only have two to three weeks to exchange; it’s the country’s currency, so how can they limit the use of it once it’s gone international. And I haven’t heard anything about taxation, or about taxes in Iraq at all. Some of us have been waiting years for the RV; just because it pops up, we spring in to action. We need to make a plan and execute it. We get to calculate the best thing to do, based on what happens, and the other information we get immediately after the RV. We’ll all be able to follow the rates on Forex and the UN operating rates page, which changes on the 1st and 15th of every month.

419 caller: Do you think that we are getting lhose now? A few months back, my bank gave me rates for selling and buying, and now they say they will never deal with dinar.

RayRen: Maybe YOUR bank is doing that, but there is no doubt in my mind that we are moving forward, whether your bank is participating or not. If we get the 800 numbers, or if we don’t, we still have 60+ banks that do exchange dinar already – we’re just waiting for the rate to change. Once this is released, the only issues will be timing for the contract and/or market rates. The international rate will be there a month from now, or three months from now. We are looking for the US rate to be $3.71 or higher. If there is an RV, and the rate is $2, then you already know the rate’s being suppressed. So how long will they hold the rate at $2, knowing that eventually it will be $3.71? You know it’s going to get there in the end, because it’s the country’s currency. It is possible that the other countries might do something similar, and that is when we wait for clarification and for the rates to go up. Let’s say it comes out at $5, but we know that in January it will be $7; will you take the $5 and pass up the $7 rate. With a million dinar, that’s two million dollars; I will wait six months for that! I just want our members to think this through, do the numbers, and make sure your plans will ensure you will be looked after for the rest of your life.

808 caller: Forum access?

RayRen: Email me your username, and we’ll look into it.

949 caller: You said you won’t exchange your dinar until it gets to the true value – what would that be? [RR: $3.71] So if it comes out at $3.71 will you exchange?

RayRen: For me personally, if it comes out at $3.71, I’m waiting for the market to take it up a little bit higher. It’s just like stocks; you dump when it reaches the price you think is optimal. If it comes out at $3.71, and the market plays with that for a week, then it might shoot up to $7. I can wait to see what the market does, knowing it will bottom out again at $3.71, which should be the international rate. But you might as well ride that wave… apart from those who are going after the contract rate. I want the contract rate but if I don’t like what I hear, I’ll wait for the market rise. I have a feeling about what that peak rate might be, but it’s a safe feeling because even when it comes down, the true value won’t go below $3.71 if that’s the international rate. If I cannot get the higher rate, I might have lost the opportunity, but I won’t lose the true value, because this is the country’s currency and it will stay pretty stable.

Caller: You’ve always said to set aside money for taxes; is that to be safe, is this a gray area, or will it just not be a taxable event?

RayRen: We just don’t have any information on that – nobody is saying, “When I did this before, this is what happened.” One member who exchanged at the Kuwaiti RV never paid taxes on that. We haven’t heard of any tax applications for those who exchanged a few years ago. It’s a wait and see deal; plan for the worst, hope for the best. The worst is 50%, so that’s money you can put to work, but don’t spend. You can put it into a CD or other low-risk investments, knowing you may have to cash it in by April 15 so you can pay your taxes. The rest you can spend or use however you wish.

501 caller: When you said about SKRs and banks going possibly before Thanksgiving, would that be the public release? [RR: Yes.] So we can hope that we go before…

Closing Statement

We are halfway through the week. Put the pieces together and see if your puzzle looks like my puzzle. With dealers being told to stop selling dinar for US dollars… that means those US dollars are not being used. The CBI is also saying NOT to send dollars to Kurdistan. We hear the best stuff first from Kurdistan – rate changes and other news. Kurdistan is first, and Baghdad is always last, so if you want to stop something taking place, then you start with Kurdistan. I don’t have solid information, but that’s what I’m thinking, and I think it’s “written in the stone”. As we get more intel, I will send out tweets and blasts, and if there is a need for a call, we’ll do that as well. Meanwhile enjoy this Wealth-seeking Wednesday. Friday’s call will be postponed, because I will be traveling to Houston, and we may have it later in the evening – or we might have news that obviates what we are doing in Houston.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Hennessy: KRG invites Baghdad to audit state employees, share oil data By Rudaw 5 hours ago - ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said it is ready to subject its employee list to an audit from an Iraqi committee after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi raised objections to the large number of people on the government’s payroll. Abadi said on Tuesday that his government is committed to paying KRG employee salaries after Erbil hands over its oil revenues.

He doubted, however, the 1.2 million-person payroll and said an audit would have to be done. The KRG, in a statement on Wednesday, said it can provide the Iraqi government with the list of state employees it has compiled through the biometric system.

According to the KRG, the salaries will cost Baghdad $772 million a month, much higher than the central government’s proposed $286 million. The two governments are also disputing funding for the Peshmerga proposed in Baghdad’s 2018 draft budget bill.
Hennessy: Baghdad has demanded the KRG hand over oil revenues and has raised concerns about how Kurdistan is exporting its oil. Responding to these concerns, the KRG said that its oil and gas sector is currently being audited by two international firms, Deloitte and Ernst & Young, and will hand over their data findings to the people and the Iraqi government.

 Before handing over its oil revenues to the central government, the KRG said any agreements over this matter must be made in light of the Iraqi constitution and must guarantee payments to international oil companies.

It said that Baghdad’s draft budget commits the KRG to export 250,000 bpd, but does not provide for payments to the oil companies operating in the Kurdistan Region. http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/081120171?keyword=iraq

Top_Intel: it only post the result, do not post and telling you the action of what happening in the battle behind the scene

Top_Intel: some info/intel like in beforeitnews/benjamin full****, etc. is also at 2.5 class intel

Top_Intel: https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/judgement-day-for-all-gcr-websites-intel-providers-and-relate-november-9th-2017/ => Paste/sending this link to all the "guru" "censored GCR website" show they can have time to prepare their grave

Top_Intel: remember my only purpose here is to inform you what is coming up next so you do not shocked. I am not selling or doing any kind of commercial. Because many "censored GCR website/intel providers" are giving fake information and if not get informed, the currency holder will be shocked, sad or even suicide because their dream is not come true like the "info" they receive.

Top_Intel: if you are already listened then I am sorry for repeating, but many currency holders still haven't know the truth and still think they are going to get "25k dinar for 25k usd" or "100 trillion zim or 100 trillion usd".

Top_Intel: trillion zim for trillion usd, thousand dong for thousand usd, thousand rial for thousand usd, etc.

Spectra: @Top_Intel and why should we believe you?

Top_Intel: read this https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/judgement-day-for-all-gcr-websites-intel-providers-and-relate-november-9th-2017/ and you understand why

Tebow: there is no GCR

Romello: @Tebow There is a Santa, I don't care what you say...
Romello: @Tebow Lolol

Tebow: the cold sore returns

Romello: @Tebow Ughh. lol

blackgold: I'm sorry i was sitting off line after listening to people talk about other people's countries and governments stealing from its people when it just came to mind and and made me mad---- We pay $400 freaken dollar for an Asprin in the Hospital. Land of the free, Home of the brave , My butt.
Romello: @blackgold True

Tebow: there is a reason you pay $400 for an aspirin

Romello: @Tebow Enlighten us

Tebow: because a hospital must treat everyone even if they can not pay. Thus someone has to pay for those who don't!

blackgold: Bull crap

Tebow: right!

blackgold: Thieves

Tebow: someone has to pay!

blackgold: Let the great government pay

Tebow: you are the govenment!
Tebow: taxpayers are the government
Tebow: higher taxes then

Romello: @Tebow SO? If you made a D in class and I made a B - I should have the teacher lower my grade to a C and give to you to pull your grade up to a C and then we are on a even playing field.

blackgold: No i'm not because if i was there wouldn't be a federal reserve or IRS

Tebow: ?
Tebow: it's economics 101

Romello: @Tebow Exactly
Romello: @Tebow Sad but true.

Tebow: the hospital doesn't not stay open without money

blackgold: We don't need higher taxes just better management and less thieves

Tebow: who are the thieves"

Romello: @Tebow Gov

Tebow: doctors are not there to work for free

blackgold: If you have to ask, i can't help you

Tebow: seems you don't know as much as you think you do

Romello: @blackgold Overall how was your day buddy?
Romello: @blackgold Hate I missed it. My day sucked dealing with crypto currencies. Had head ache

Tebow: invaded by an alien
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JoeSchmoe: Hey, so when I have seen some of the SandyF posts in here, and elswhere(observer,etc), is she down on this thing or does she think this will happen good for us? I can't tell if she is all over the place or not.

Tebow: it seem that when quit responding he went away
blackgold: @JoeSchmoe I am as confued as you
JoeSchmoe: @blackgold you mean when you read what she posts?

blackgold: @Tebow he ain't gone trust me
Tebow: I know

JoeSchmoe: Maybe some people just like the attention, and she is one of them

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe could be. some people have nothing better to do

JoeSchmoe: i hear ya
JoeSchmoe: "ONE THING IS FOR SURE,WHEN THIS GOES DOWN, IT WONT HAPPEN LIKE ANYONE THINKS IT WILL"......tell us something we don't know lady

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe With all the craziness in Iraq i don't know what to think anymore

JoeSchmoe: what craziness is there now
JoeSchmoe: or just same ole same ole

blackgold: fighting again, yea same ole

JoeSchmoe: well if people think we are waiting for fighting to stop, or corruption to go away...then it ain't never gonna happen PERIOD

blackgold: I hear that
blackgold: Those people have been fighting since the beginning in the Bible    nothing has changed

blackgold: Genesis 16:12 He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.   still fighting

blackgold: Well i had enough excitement for tonight
blackgold: Have a bless night everyone

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AlB: I was able too register and have read the manifesto. Some of you folks were pretty hard on Top_intel. Frankly over the years we have spent hours listening to so called Dinar Gurus who were a lot less entertaining than this poster. Be great to have a Zim payoff. Anyway, it was entertaining and I kinda find it interesting the countries President Trump is visiting. Vietnam, Putin, China, Japan, Korea, wow.....

Top_Intel: are you the AIIB boss ;))
Top_Intel: if you guys cannot even decode above message from the boss behind AIIB then I have nothing else to talk

Top_Intel: all what AIIB just said is: "You are lucky enough to even receive this message and have a Zim note to change your life, this poster is monster, even I didn't know that much about the global events"

meatball: @Top_Intel are you GCR Gatekeeper from another site?

Top_Intel: i knew that what is coming that why I have setup new forum at http://gnmms.forumotion.com so I can answer the questions from readers if have without any disruption

Top_Intel: http://gnmms.forumotion.com will be a host for the heaven test (unless the group going to buy your zim have another new site)

meatball: and what is a heaven test?

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meatball: try me

Top_Intel: sr this is a serious business I don't want give out any question
meatball: come on now

Hennessy: 13 hours ago ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Iraqi Government appointed a Baath-regime era officer as head of Kirkuk security, one month after the disputed city's takeover by Iraqi Forces and Shia militias from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. After Iraqi troops and the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi launched an attack on Kirkuk on Oct. 16, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi assigned Maj. Gen. Maan al-Saadi of the elite counter-terror forces as head of Kirkuk security.

In an old video which has recently resurfaced, however, al-Saadi appears in a military uniform praising former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein while in his presence at an event. “It is a great honor for me, my family and tribe to meet you [Saddam]… on behalf of my unit, I promise that we will become your sword to face anyone who attacks Iraq” al-Saadi says in the video.


Hennessy: Nov 9, 2017, 12:25 pm Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraq intends to grant Iranians a visa-free entry after the country completely eradicates the Islamic State threat, its ambassador to Tehran said. Iranian agency Mehr News quoted ambassador Rageh al-Mosawi Thursday saying that “Baghdad intends to cancel visas for Iranian visitors after the complete elimination of Daesh (Islamic State)”.

Hennessy: Iraqi VP supports Abadi for a second term with 'conditions' By Rudaw 1 hour ago - ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq's Sunni vice president has stated that he would back current Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for reelection next year based on certain conditions, particularly in regards to the Iran-backed militia, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), otherwise known as Hashd al-Shaabi.

"We support him but not without conditions," said Iraqi VP Osama al-Nujaifi in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday. Al-Nujaifi is currently in Washington to discuss issues facing Iraq post-ISIS with the US State Department and congressional officials.

"There must be political agreement based on mutual interests of Iraqis, an exit from sectarian politics ... controlling the weapons, and the balance in relationship with countries ... If we agree on these things, we can be together," he added. Al-Nujaifi said that Abadi must "determine his position" as he belongs to the Shiite Dawa party which has close ties to Iran.

Top_Intel: anyone know other uncensored place for GCR community?

Top_Intel: maybe if I meet Trump next few days, the first thing I would tell him is tweeting GateKepper word

Top_Intel: the nightmare scenario is I will have to meet all Trump Putin Xi............if Trump tweet want to meet Messiah :(