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Nov. 8th Update

Breitling Report Dinar update


Tammy44  Moderator:  A short search to experience the simulator about linking the Iraqi dinar to a basket of currencies with weights varying between 50% and 65% of the dollar and other currencies remaining price (Dr. Ahmed Ali Abrihi)

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Tammy44 Moderator:   It's a 20 page PDF.  If y'all want it posted, I can try to get it translated and posted.
aperoni  Moderator:  Experience exchange rate simulation
The Dinar   Tied to a basket of currencies
Dr. Ahmed Abrehi Ali

The national currency is a basket of currencies weighted by between
Approved Systems  For the exchange rate  In the world,Coupled with strict or flexible bilateral linkage.

Therefore  It is proposed to link the dinar exchange rate with a basket of major currencies, international reserve currencies, and dominant foreign trade and markets For money besides U.S. dollar. But Iraq has been used to favoring bilateral ties in its history To this day.

It is no secret to the followers of the argument of bilateral linkage and dollar in particular That the supplier of foreign currency to Iraq is in dollars first, and secondly the dollar is still in the official international reserves and by About 65 Percent at the world , And thirdly Accreditation

The foreign exchange of Iraq on the dollar even with neighboring countries and Asian, and fourth most of the world depends on the dollar to intervene in the market

The exchange is called intervention currency, In Iraq, the central bank's window is also operating in dollars  So  We call it the window coin.

However it is necessary to interact with m  We suggest a basket of currencies and the discovery of patterns of exchange rate movement under this system, for which we conducted this simulation experiment to be possible For interested parties and the decision to consider the performance of this system and how it differs from Binary connectivity.

The exchange rate of the dinar linked to a basket of currencies of varying weights:
In this note a review of the movement Currency exchange rates of the euro, the pound sterling, the yen and the Swiss currency against the dollar Since the beginning of the year 1999.

Then we assumed  Link the Iraqi dinar basket of currencies  According to three alternatives to weights between the first of January  1999, The beginning of the euro, and even early  For the tenth of the year  2017.

The weights are:  the first: 65%  For the dollar; 20 % Of the euro; And other currencies 5 % Each.

The second: 60% For the dollar; 20% Of the euro; 10 % Of sterling; 5% For both Swiss and Japanese

The third:  50% Of the dollar; 25% Of the euro; 10% Of sterling;  7.5 % For both Swiss and Japanese.

Then, the exchange rates of the dinar were calculated according to the linkage to these baskets. For simulations we assumedStarting from the beginning of the year 2012, Can Select points Start another And recalculation  But that does not affect the pattern of movement up and down.

It is important to report the results of compliance with the basket of currencies and OZA In calculating the exchange rate, And within a sufficient period of time For the emergence of cyclical changes and fluctuations in the relationship between major currencies in the world.

  At the point  Starting Any day now And not from the first month For the year was the dollar 1200 Dinar, Ie the moment of transition from the binary system to the basket.

And change Currency exchange rates In dinars According to their exchange rates In dollars. The result is shown in the table at the end of this note Which displays How many Will be  Exchange rate (JD / USD) according to basket of currencies and their weights shown.
And below is a summary of the experiment with the assumption price
Initial disbursement
1700  Dinars to the dollar.

The proposal to adopt a basket
to Binary connectivity The exchange rate of the dollar means the change in the dollar according to the exchange rate of the currencies of the basket against the dollar.

How many will be The dimensions of change, this is what you find in the  Countries.

And when pricing Euro or sterling In dinars It depends On Prices The Cashing Between those currencies and the dollar, for example: Dollars per euro multiplied by dinars to the dollar and so on.

in which The dealer Which turned the dinars into euros and then to the dollar recovers the amount of the dinar Use it to buy the euro when converting dollars into dinars in the same The moment S It is strong.

Note that the euro exchange rate with the dollar is cyclical, and generally excludes the chronic downward trend and upward exchange rates of all currencies for reasons
Attached Productivity and costs and consequently export prices and balance of payments accordingly.
​Therefore, adoption of the basket is not guaranteed  A specific trend for the dollar exchange rate, or any Other currency, in dinars.

And When you adopt the basket This is not enough ask Change the exchange rate daily but enough per week or monthly.

These accounts, data presentations for illustration, and ID e
The quantitative scope of the issue under discussion.

When you switch to a basket it takes Agreement on currencies and Weights and why. Weights  A pause In this note close at The first alternative of the components of international reserves Iraq.

Relative components can be considered For currencies in the  T
External neighbor or others To suggest weights  --
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Kaperoni  Moderator:  I translated the first two pages describing the proposal.

Julie  Member:  Kap, thank you for translating. Could you also please explain?

Kaperoni  Moderator:  Seems like it is just a proposal to put the Dinar in a basket of currencies from someone named Dr. Ahmed Ali Abrihi.  I would not worry to much about it.



xyz: Saudi Purge Goes Nuclear: Over 1,200 Bank Accounts Frozen


blackgold: any good RV news today?

Hennessy: 07-11-2017 10:00 PM Baghdad News - A senior government source revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is in the process of forming a high-level government committee comprising senior judges, security experts, Iraqi army officers, representatives of the parliamentary legal committee and the cabinet to launch a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the fall of Iraqi cities. .

The source said in a press statement that the committee will bring witnesses from field commanders and use the contacts, documents and orders issued by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in that period to find out who issued the order to withdraw troops stationed in Mosul.
The source added that the involvement of a number of judges in the Commission of Inquiry gives them powers to issue arrest warrants against anyone who proves the evidence of his conviction and expected to include convictions senior officers and that the commander of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki is the primary responsible for the state of withdrawal or the collapse that hit the army and police units and led To its defeat in front of a few numbers of chattering elements.

Judicial sources suspect that the commission will condemn senior politicians and officers of the treason and the two al-Maliki Hussein Abu Rahab and Yasser Abu Khalil, who led to ignorance of the loss of one-third of Iraqi territory and in the case of arrest warrants, Abadi will order a special security force to prosecute the convicted.

Hennessy: http://www.baghdadnews.info/index.php?page=article&id=27712

Clay: @Hennessy thanks sounds great

xyz: zim update: Robert Mugabe has fired his powerful vice-president, clearing the way for his wife, Grace, to succeed him as leader of Zimbabwe.


xyz: The UN urges Kurdistan to respect the decision of the Federal Court and abide by the Constitution http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/220890/-

"the Iraqi government has shown full commitment to the Constitution and that the decisions of the Federal Court is obliged to maintain the territorial integrity of Iraq," urging "the Kurdistan Regional Government to respect the decision of the Federal Court and its support and full commitment to the Constitution.

xyz: The Central Bank is holding its third annual conference next month to discuss financial stability in Iraq


xyz: Baghdad did not allocate one dinar to the Peshmerga forces by the budget of 2018


xyz: cbi: Uncircumcised


Hennessy: November 6, 2017 The recent decision by the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) to suspend Iraq’s status as a compliant country could, under the already fragile transparency environment in the Iraqi petroleum sector, deal a devastating long-term blow to transparency and wash away ten years of Iraqi efforts.

Therefore, it is a matter of urgency that the Parliament and the Council of Ministers should intervene, forcefully and immediately, to oblige both the Ministry of Oil and the NS-IEITI to comply fully, effectively and in a timely manner with the EITI 2016 Standard, to ensure a positive validation in order to restore and enhance Iraq standing as a compliant country in EITI.


xyz: UN joins Abadi’s call for KRG to respect court ruling on secession http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/07112017

Baxter: in other words... they had better get their ===t in gear..... soon..
Baxter: 18 month suspension... aint gonna cut it

MichelleL: we'll be quiet for a while now, then there will be a big push at the end of the year and then nothing will happen and there will be a lot of anger, frustration, indignation, etc

Hennessy: this is their "calm before the storm"
Hennessy: what happened to dr clarke's "october for sure for sure for sure"

MichelleL: its very cyclical, but ultimately the results seem to be the same year after year

xyz: Hennessy: news is boring
Hennessy: the wonderful life of a guru  by new guru @Hennessy

MichelleL: lol DocClarke isn't on list of gurus
MichelleL: hi X :)
Hennessy: @xyz my secret intel says for sure for sure for sure not this year
MichelleL: @Hennessy thats the same intel I've had for over a decade ;)

Hennessy: @MichelleL :h5

MichelleL: @xyz hahaha

MichelleL: @Hennessy best intel I ever got was from a kurd waiter in Scottsdale some years ago

Hennessy: @MichelleL what was it?

MichelleL: @Hennessy he said yes they were a very rich country and beautiful beyond belief, and one day the dinar would be very valuable, maybe a dime - and not for a decade or two. And I asked if he would go back, and he said NEVER

Hennessy: @xyz i didnt mean "my life" when i said wonderful life of a guru

MichelleL: @Hennessy that was around 8 years ago

Hennessy: @MichelleL well, i would like to visit that restaurant and ask what he feels about it today

xyz: The penalty for jumping off a building is death. http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/united-states/new-york

MichelleL: @Hennessy He probably owns the place

MichelleL: @xyz great law lol

Hennessy: i would be happy at a dime

MichelleL: Hennessy me too, but thats because I'd rather a dime now than 3 bucks when I'm dead ;)

Hennessy: lol true

xyz: Any marriage where either of the parties is an idiot or lunatic is null and void.

Hennessy: One must make a loud noise before passing a car on the left.

Hennessy: lmao

xyz: It is a crime to share your Netflix password in Tennessee. http://www.dumblaws.com/law/1623

Hennessy: @xyz are these foreals?

xyz: It is illegal not to drink milk. http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/united-states/utah

xyz: He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know. [Lao Tzu]

xyz: After your death you will be what you were before your birth. [Arthur Schopenhauer]

xyz: Journalists are like dogs, when ever anything moves they begin to bark. [Arthur Schopenhauer]
REPLACE Journalists with gurus

​xyz: Robot granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia http://6abc.com/technology/robot-granted-citizenship-in-saudi-arabia/2614287/

Hennessy: October 30, 2017: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Iraqi Government have signed two loan agreements at Ministry of Finance in Baghdad.

These two ODA (Official Development Assistance) loans, amounting to JPY 57,220 million (approximately USD 502 million) in total, will be used for Phase 3 of the Electricity Sector Reconstruction Project and the Fiscal Reform Development Policy Loan (II).

Both loans are very concessional with the interest rate of JPY LIBOR+0.05% and the repayment period of 15 years including 5-year grace period. JICA is a development assistance agency under Japanese Government and provides financial and technical cooperation for developing countries.

Since 2003, it has provided assistances for Iraq through ODA loans which amount to JPY 683 billion (equivalent to USD 6.0 billion) and technical cooperation including training programs in which more than 8,000 Iraqi officials have participated. JICA supports Iraq’s efforts for urgent reconstruction, stabilization of people’s daily lives and sustained socio-economic development of the country.


blackgold: One think you should know, the Saudis are running out of oil and investing big time in AI = Artificial Intelligence

blackgold: no surprize they would grant an AI citizenship 
chattels: KDP accuses Baghdad of cherry picking the constitution By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/071120174

chattels: Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Turkmen Try To Blame Kurds For Destruction They Wrought In Tuz Kharmato


chattels: " .............. Iraqi and international human rights groups, and eye witnesses all blamed the Turkmen for the destruction that took place in Tuz Kharmato."



blackgold: Sounds about right
7 Nov 17, 08:30 PM
blackgold: Just like I said.gee i must be a prophet

xyz: UN: UNAMI urges Kurdistan to abide by the decision of the Federal Court stressed the unity of Iraq


blackgold: The Kurds might go with Iran and then we would have a mess

blackgold: Its just a matter of time before all the middle east unites and we have a serious problem



​​Bruce:  Good Evening Everyone. Welcome to the Big Call tonight. Tonight was a strange one where a couple of people told me I wouldn’t be doing a call tonight. That was my intention was in not to do a call, but my fall back was we would do the call. Here we are today. Some say Bruce as the numbers and he is not putting the number out. I do not have the number yet. When I do, I will put the number out very quickly. I am looking forward to receiving the number anytime now. As of right now I still do not have it. I am supposed to receive it.  It will be an honor to receive it, and I will put it out on both of our websites: thebigcall.net and our new website: bigcalluniverse.com. Anybody that signs up and registers on that new website will get an email with the 800 number if I am able to put that out like that.

Bruce:  Let’s talk a little bit, because I only have a few things to bring you. I was told even if I was to do a call I was not to say anything. It has been kind of very quiet the last couple of days yesterday and today even Sunday. Sometimes we get some things later at night, it can vary. It has been very quiet. Even HSBC has been very quiet, basically dark. Information on the web has been very quiet, not much out there to glean from that. Some of the people that we hear from in the way of Intel are having to be very quiet.
Bruce:  Understood that Iraq is basically, I think, complete. Everything we have heard as far as the announcement of the liberation of Iraq, the fact they installed two flags in the Providences that are bordering Syria. That was already done. They did celebrate I believe on Sunday. I didn’t even hear anything about it, but I believe they were supposed to celebrate.  My thinking is that liberation announcement was repeated and emphasized again by Prime Minister Abadi. I believe that basically took care of what Iraq needed to do. I also heard the rate of the dinar came out, but I haven’t seen that. We are not supposed to see it here yet from what I understand. It is not ready to be revealed to us here.

Bruce:  The rates for couple of the currencies have been traded up higher in the last couple of days quite a bit. I think we are looking good as far as that goes.  It is at the point now where so much has occurred.  Huge number of accounts have been settled, and there are second wave of accounts are still being processed.  There have been major players that have been handled around the globe not just here. A lot is happening internationally and the pace of things are picking up. They are processing things and moving at a feverish pace to get everything ready to go for this even though at our prospective it seems nothing is happening.  We understand at 2am this morning Iraq was put on the real time global system, the new banking system to that would allow them to be truly international. I understand that occurred early this morning.

Bruce:  Things are happening out there that are moving things in the direction we want to go. The things happening with the President’s trip to the Far East in route to China is good thing, a very positive thing. I heard about the possibility of an announcement here or there. We could have an announcement any day now that would be good for us.  It might include a new currency or something else that we would have indicative of what we are looking forward to as our actual USN currency being utilized for us.

Bruce:  As far as we know everything we said in the past as the exchange locations are still ready are still on alert ready to go, sync up with the satellite systems. Call Centers are ready and Redemption Centers are ready.  They are just ready to go to let this thing go.  We can’t predict this thing exactly when, but we are in the final few days. Of course I heard this is the week, and we have heard that expressionbefore.  I we hope this is the week for us. We just have to stay patient and pay attention to see what transpires for us.

Bruce:  Instead of getting too specific on certain things, it is interesting it has been quiet as it has been. We have to take it as a good indicator. You have to realize that when things get really quiet as they have been the last few days it is for a reason. Let’s receive that, accept that and move forward with the concept of with everything being in proper preparation mode for the redemption of our currencies. Even practice and do some role playing with calling the Call Centers. Practice pretending to call.  Practice if you have Zim being switch to the call center and getting your appointment set for you.

Bruce:   You will have different stations during your exchange where you will be going from get to know your customer, identify yourself with a couple of ID, having your utility bill and take it from there.  They will know you before you get there. That is to sort of to confirm who you are. Then you will move to where they will count and verify your currency on the deru machines. Then you will go and negotiate your rates with the concept of talking about your projects and what you plan on doing in the future with the monies from this.

Bruce:   Then you will get into what type of trust you want to set up. Do you have a trust already? If not then you will set up a skeleton trust to get you started.  Then you will let them know who your trusties will be and who your beneficiaries will be.  Then go from that to your various accounts you will have. Maybe they will give you a temporary debit card loaded with certain amount of money. You will set up a couple of one or two accounts maybe after your exchange appointment so you can have your funds come to you. Maybe you will get a permanent credit/debit card in the mail and you will have an option what type of card you will be interested in.  Then you will be going through that portion of it.

Bruce:  Then you will be informed about some of the services that the various banks will have to offer to you.  You will have perks. A page or two of perks you will have access to in being a customer of that particular private banking scenario. Ask a couple questions about the family office. You will have  some time, probably 6 to 7 different stations you will be moving through during the redemption process which  will be through and done in an hour to an hour and ten or fifteen minutes, maybe  as short of 45 minutes. It is just going to vary. Expect maybe an hour and 15 minutes top. Pick up a bundle of 100 dollar bills in 2500, 5000, 7500, or 10,000 dollars in cash.  You will pick that up and take that with you. If you are not comfortable carrying that much cash, then don’t worry about that step.  You will have a debit card with money on it.  Then you will be able to send some funds with a couple of one or two bank wires. I wouldn’t load up in terms of structures, LLCs, but if you have those and those are legally set up and use that for your account you can bring that information if you have it with you.  Otherwise that is why you will have 2nd and 3rd appointment opportunities with your wealth management team and some of you will have opportunities with Abbott Downing.  You will have the opportunity to create this atmosphere of a family office and everything that comes with that.

Bruce:  It is just going to be a beautiful experience to come into and share. All I can say is have some kind of preparation for your Humanitarian project discussion, maybe a one or two page outline. You don’t want to come in there with a 100 page business plan. Just give them an idea of what you plan to do.  Speak from your heart of what you plan to do for your humanitarian project.

Bruce:  The Big Call with be involved with two major projects.  The Veterans Retreat Network will be offering job training opportunities, employment opportunities, PTSD counseling, Puppy Dog therapy, and retreats throughout the country. Then we will have the Rebuild America program rebuilding cities, towns, and communities. We will look for volunteers to take those cities, towns, and communities. We will have future pod calls of who will do that in your own city, town, and communities.
​Bruce:  We will do community centers, community gardens, educational opportunities, health opportunities with holistic type clinics offering holistic like even some of the CDs Sue has done, maybe do some special CDs, and the nutritional ideas that Bob will have too. We want to make some changes to improve the life style for people. We will try   to get everyone the opportunity to improve their life style where they live as in housing, clean portable water, education, raising the level of living all around the world. There are quite a few places that can use a hand up. If you are interested in being a part of that, stay tune after the exchanges are done. We want to take a month or two to get everything done. We will be back in touch. That is why we are asking you to send your email to bigcalluniverse.com to sign up to get the 800 number and we can be in touch with you with for future calls and projects we want to do.

Bruce:  That is all I can share tonight that I feel comfortable with. The fact we did do a call we know we are very close for this to happen and we do expect this to go in the next couple of 3 days. We feel this is our week. Let’s stay positive and in faith for this and believe together this is going to happen and bring this in fairly quickly for us. Thank you all for listening and coming in and being part of our call. I appreciate everybody’s faithfulness in listening all these years.  Maybe this is our last call, maybe it isn’t. We will just have to play it one call at a time right now. We just have to see what transpires.

Bruce:  I want to thank all who are listening. I want to thank my team. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and Kent and everyone else who is part of our team. Thank you over there in TNT Pinkroses for doing the transcripts for our call. We appreciate you in doing that unselfishly, and we appreciate the entire community at large. Everybody have a great night tonight and we will see what happens. Good night Everybody.


CBI : "Journal of Monetary and Financial Studies " Posted by KTFA Members 11-8-17

Samson:  Journal of Monetary and Financial Studies

 8th November, 2017

Monetary and Financial Studies Journal (refereed scientific semiannual magazine published
Central Bank Iraq) Volume ( 1 ) Second Issue : August 2017 ... Download  Click here


Don961: Thanks sam ... 154 page PDF document ..... a couple opening pages are in English .. and some pages do have some English .....but most in Arabic  ...  1st few opening pages :
Editorial Editorial managment

In the midst of a fraught local and regional atmosphere and accelerated global events overshadowed by clouds of tensions and political intersections along with the problems and security complications and economic repercussions and crisis, the army forces with the Federal police and the Iraqi Ha'shid Sha'bi troops their military and combat heroic activities to liberate the usurped cities from the hands of Daesh terrorist organization gangs, which was culminated lately by achieving and announcing the great victory in Mousel City, to representing Iraq's historical and cultural capital enhancing the battle momentum to liberate the last usurped inch ,grabbing the entire national territory from the clutches of the followers of the superstition, misrepresentation and misguidance approach;

this great victory would never have been achieved without the endeavors, chivalry and courage of the ardent Raffidian Sons, sacrificing the precious and costly, in spite of all attempts of Iraq enemies and international wager over the difficulty of liberating "Um Al Rabea'ain" in a short time record.

With victory and liberation signs

The Central Bank of Iraq still insists on continuing the march of liberation and construction through the management of its monetary policy and unlimited support to stimulate economic growth in addition to its endeavor aiming to enhance stability on the level of macro economy in general and financial sector in particular.

Since the dawn of 2017, this year was overflowed, especially in the first half, with a package of important measures and a wide spectrum of serious and ambitious steps, over which the efforts of the Central bank of Iraq employees collaborated for their implementation.

The most important results of that phase of achievements can be summarized according to the following:

1- Continue the joint coordination and fruitful cooperation on the highest levels between fiscal and monetary policy hrough establishing a joint committee which includes in its membership representatives of Ministry of Finance and the Central bank of Iraq undertaking the task of holding consultations with the cabinet regarding policies and the developments of the general economic conditions of the country.

2- Updating Iraq credit rating by International rating groups and agencies S&P and Fitch for the second time to become( –B/B) with a stable outlook. "The stable outlook reflects that fiscal consolidation will continue over next few years".

3- Develop the mechanism of state employees salary payment by converting the traditional system to an electronic one through the localization of their salaries in accounts and cash them via electronic cards; the Central Bank of Iraq started with the cooperation of a number of public and private banks, settling the salaries of the Central bank employees, it is expected that during the current year this leading step will be applied in most of the state Ministries and agencies.

4- The effective steps taken by the Central bank in implementing the rules and principals of anti-money laundry and terrorism financing resulted in Iraq exit from the gray zone within the International classification and evaluation of the financial action task force FATF which kept the country away from the specter of International prohibition zone evading the threats of closing doors and outlets of the international financial system in front of the country.

5- The central Bank of Iraq gave an utmost importance to the compliance issue through applying international standards by banks to be able to gain a proper and satisfactory degree at the compliance standard that allows a bank to participate in the window for buying and selling foreign currency, the central Bank has determined a month period for banks that didn’t achieve the level of success of compliance standard, (more than 50% of compliance standard degree), otherwise banks will be deprived of accessing the window till they adjust their conditions.

6- The Central Bank adopted new instructions and models for buying and selling foreign currency effective early August 2017 in order to facilitate currency sale procedures and activate verification and control mechanisms for the daily selling operations ensuring their non – violation of Anti money laundry and terrorist financing Law; the most important provisions of those instructions were: the Central bank of Iraq should enhance banks' balances with their correspondent banks abroad in foreign currency to finance the legally authorized banking operations , in addition to determining the Dollar sell rate for that operation at 119 Iraqi dinar per dollar ,provided that it should not exceed the sell margin 10 dinar per Dollar for all mediators or brokers.

7Activate the International bank account Number –IBAN on the payment systems RTGS-ACH, this number is based on special International specifications and is adopted all over the world internally and externally, it also represent a specific format for bank customers account numbers allowing their users to verify the number of the account transferred to it .

Banks were required to adopt the unified accounting number in internal transfers staring from the beginning of this year. 8- CBI granted three licenses (permits) to practice Islamic banking business to three financial companies to amend their activities from Financial transfer companies to become Islamic banks early 2017 ; those banks were ( Islamic AL Quabuth for Finance and Investment, Islamic AlRajeh for Investment & Finance, Islamic Al Kurtass for Investment & Finance), with consideration to CBI Law No.56 of 2004, Islamic Banks Law No.43 of 2015, and AML/FT Law No 39 of 2015, stipulating that banks should be subject to CBI surveillance according to the above mentioned laws, , which stipulate the capital increase to the prescribed limit amounting to 250 billion ID within a period not exceeding 3 years of the date of granting the license, according to what was set forth in the valid Islamic banks law

For a sound Iraqi banking sector

, and AML/FT Law No 39 of 2015, stipulating that banks should be subject to CBI surveillance according to the above mentioned laws, which stipulate the capital increase to the prescribed limit amounting to 250 billion ID within a period not exceeding 3 years of the date of granting the license, according to what was set forth in the valid Islamic banks law.

In order to achieve a sound Iraqi banking reality the most important negative phenomena ,from which the banking sector is suffering should be addressed, and which treatment represent basics to promote and improve its performance, we seek to stimulate best practices and establish rules and principals which achieve progress and advancement through Central Bank of Iraq proactive ,preventive and precautionary supervision that reveal the efforts of departments and inspection tours along with direct access on the banks conditions and what external auditors reports reveal of articulated phenomena which requires hard work in order to address and adjust.

We proceed from this in our commitment to develop and improve our banking sector performance; we are confident that progress and success opportunities are open if there is will and diligence; and that is the interest of all

The importance of the exchange rate is obvious as a tool to link the local economy to the global economy in determining the competitiveness of economy, since it is considered a nominal anchor in countries that follow fixed exchange rate system or fixed de facto,

therefore identify the specific factors Iraqi dinar exchange rate trends against the US dollar, represented by a mix of real,monetary and political factors In addition to the expectations, and the actions taken by the monetary authorities of the Central Bank of Iraq with regard to the exchange rate system and buying and selling foreign currency window.

And analyze these factors and specify its negative effects which allows the Central Bank to access to the most important means and procedures which can contribute to its treatment and work to support it.

This study dealt with first: identifying specific of factors Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the parallel market, and secondly, analyzed these factors for the period 2004-2015.

The big Call w/bruce "INTEL" ONLY


Samson: The Council of Ministers holds its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi

 7th November, 2017

The Cabinet held its regular session Tuesday, November 7, 2017, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi.

The Council voted to finance the rehabilitation project for the Mohammed Al Qasim Road Road. The road will be opened for cars and small means of transport within a period of not more than one month from the referral of the project to the company to which it will be referred.  The Council of Ministers voted on the Charter of Good Governance for Non-State Owned Companies and its Road Map.

The adoption of the poverty database was also voted on as a key pillar in the planning and implementation of social policies and programs.
The Council agreed to authorize the undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and the agency to sign the German contract.   The Council of Ministers voted to allocate a piece of land to the Iraqi House of Creativity Foundation without allowance for the purpose of caring for orphans.

In addition, a loan agreement was signed with the Kuwait Development Fund and a vote on the release of the arrears of farmers for the years 2014-2015 to 2016. The  Council of Ministers voted to complete the iron bridge in Haditha and voted to approve the recommendations of the consultative meeting on non -payment of benefits from contractors.

Prime Minister's Media Office
7 November 2017



Samson:  "World Bank" shows and shows the most important achievements of economic reform in Egypt

 8th November, 2017

A report by the World Bank on the most important survey of the economic reform method adopted by the Egyptian government, headed by the project to strengthen the ability of small and micro enterprises to obtain funding.

Credit facilities, channeled through the Social Fund for Development and Restitution to eligible financial intermediaries, benefited more than 140,000 beneficiaries, 38 per cent of them girls and 40 per cent of young people, as well as special priority for youth Women, as well as underserved areas, and the development of innovative financing mechanisms in the Social Fund for Development, including risk capital mechanisms.

The World Bank also referred to the labor-intensive public works program, which allowed 22.1 million working days, benefiting more than 140,000, of which girls and young people accounted for 44 per cent and 76 per cent, respectively.

The program rehabilitated and rehabilitated 9,000 classrooms, 162 social units, 249 youth centers, 3,150 kilometers of canals, 2,642 poor households and 170 kilometers of rural roads. It also developed and protected 72 kilometers of land on both banks of the Nile.

More than 850,000 families received visits to provide maternal and child health services from local health center staff, and more than 50,000 people benefited from literacy services. About 500 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) carry out community-based projects, benefiting about 700 small entrepreneurs.

As for the Social Safety Net Support Project, the World Bank confirmed that it helped launch Takaful and Cash Transfer Programs in April 2015 in the poorest remote areas of Egypt. 151,3038 families benefit from the Takaful and Dignity Program out of 1.7 million households in general, 1.5 million families at the start of the program, 90% of the cardholders of the girls according to the design of the program.

As for energy projects, the 2100 megawatt power generation project was one of the main driving forces to increase installed capacity to a total of 29,000 megawatts.

From fiscal year 2006 to fiscal year 2013, the World Bank has supported the establishment of four gas-fired power stations (Al Tebeen, Ain Sokhna, North Giza and South Helwan) and has supported a renewable energy program.

A natural gas project of more than 365637 households has been linked to the gas network, accounting for 15 per cent of all households connected to the network in the governorates of Egypt and Giza.

Providing more than 90,000 low-income households with a gas distribution network and providing more than 3,000 jobs, particularly in the area of ​​network installation and maintenance.
Agricultural irrigation and drainage services have also improved to more than 300,000 farmers. 1465 Water Users Association was established and successfully completed the first public-private partnership in the field of wastewater in Egypt in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The Bank also supported the sanitation sector through the Integrated Sewage Infrastructure Project, which was closed in December 2015, benefiting 13,300 families.

The Bank is currently implementing the second integrated sewage infrastructure project, which suddenly receives 57,000 families.

In addition, a major rural sanitation project (using the program-based program financing tool) was recently approved to increase access to improved health expenditure services in rural villages in Egypt.

The program is expected to assess the delivery of 167,000 homes in the delta area to the sewerage network by 2020.

He pointed out that the construction of the second terminal of Egypt Airport has been completed and the capacity of the airport has increased by 8 million passengers per year. A larger than 293 km of railway tracks have been extended in the lines of Egypt-Aswan and Benha-Port Said.



Don961:  Lavrov: Putin ready for bilateral meeting with Trump on APEC sidelines

Date: 2017/11/08 - 9:22 AM


Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared for holding a meeting with his US counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and their schedules are being coordinated, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
“We hear Donald Trump’s statements that he plans to hold this meeting with President Putin, and President Putin is ready for this. The Americans know about this,” Lavrov said.

“The protocol services are in contact, and when the leaders’ schedules are finally clear, you will be told about this,” he said    link


Samson:  Antoine: Oil prices will stabilize at $ 65 a barrel until the end of 2018

15:50 - 08/11/2017

Economist Bassem Antoine predicted the rise in oil prices and stability at $ 65 a barrel until the end of 2018. He attributed this to the continuation of the extension period and the seizure of production by Russia and Saudi Arabia, pointing out that these prices will reduce the deficit in the next budget.

"The rise in oil prices in the free time is a reflection of the announcement of each of the major producers such as Russia and Saudi Arabia and their commitment to reduce and control the volume of production until the end of next year 2018," Antoine said in a statement to the Agency. "Prices will rise slightly from the current price and stabilize At $ 65 a barrel until the end of next year according to market data. "

He added that "this rise will reflect positively on the financial situation of Iraq and will contribute to reduce the size of the deficit in the budget for 2018 to 15 billion or a little less and thus will avoid the country loans are difficult to pay in the future."


LizardLips:  I am of the opinion that the Currency exchangers/dealers are selling their inventory of IQD... they buy back from people getting out and they buy from other dealers... but Iraq may have stopped selling...

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices steady as Middle East tensions offset concern over Ch​ina demand https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/07/oil-markets-focus-on-expected-strong-c​hina-demand-rising-us-output.html

Harambe:  AP News: 5 things to know about Zimbabwe's 1st lady, likely successor https://apnews.com/a0eb1389c13a4f11b2660b77c220ce78