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TNT Call notes 6-November-2017 
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=102881109 

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, November 6 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Where do we go from here? No hot new intel, as it said on the tweet. 

Let’s recap from last Friday afternoon and through the weekend. From Friday’s information we anticipated an announcement. The CBI was urging people to bring in their cash and use electronic systems. Also we heard that there might be a cap of 75,000 dinar for Iraqis to exchange as individuals. That is not really for Iraqis, it’s more for Iraqis living overseas and sending money home to their families. The announcement did happen, saying that town/district al-Qain has been liberated. Rawa was also being contested, but that is a relatively deserted area. 

So we are hearing that the liberation is done, with even US radio stations announcing the full liberation of Iraq over the weekend. We do hear they will liberate Rawa today. Parliament did not vote on the budget as was expected this weekend. Abadi has yet to make an official announcement about the liberation, although apparently he was on Iraqi television today saying that the Kurds will receive 12% rather than 17% of the oil revenues. 

The Kurds are not happy about that, of course. The budget has been postponed until next week, and troops are on the way to Rawa. The CBI has said something about a rate of $1.15 in-country to go into effect in 72 hours; this was first seen on Saturday, on the CBI site, so we don’t know when the 72 hours started, but it should come to fruition today, tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Do you have any expectation for the funds taken over by the government shut down of Sterling to be restored to people who have done business with them? 

A: I would assume that when the full case is completed, the government will make some effort to return people’s property to them. 

Q: Ray, you said the Zim would be handle by a main Bank with multiple affiliates across the US. Do you know what Bank that will be? [RR: Yes.] Also have you gotten any confirmation on the .0002 rate with no zeros removed, and how that will be paid?? 

A: No, I have not received any more information on Zim. 

Q: October was so expectant and exciting and now is in our rear view mirror, and with the intel seemingly coming out slower and slower, and with 2017 coming to an end, is there any reasonable expectation for a time frame, or do we still ride the “any minute” train? 

A: I’m good for this week, right now. Let’s see what this 72-hour deal with the hidden rate on the CBI comes to. 

Q: If I exchanged all the currency that I have and then gave my people that I was going to gift cash do you think that they would have to pay taxes on that money if this became a non-taxable event to me when I exchanged? 

A: Yes, because that would then be income for them, and you would have to pay gift tax (40%) on what you give to them more than the allowance of $14,000 per year. If you give a huge gift to them as owners, then I do believe they will be taxed. Consider giving them control instead. 

Q: 1. Are the banks and/or call centers on alert or lock-down now? 2. Have any TNT members communicated with you that they have exchanged in the past month? 3. Have you heard anything more about when this rolls out and 800 numbers? 

A: No, no, and no. 

Q: On one of the other sites it is being reported that a large currency trader has stopped selling the Dinar. Have you heard anything about this? 

A: No more than what you have heard, that one of the currency trader sites has stopped selling. I’m not going to get excited until some or all of them stop selling. They could have problems with suppliers, or distribution, or any number of other issues. That’s not a reason to think we’re going to the bank. But when a number of them stop… 

Questions from live callers 

865/404/470 caller: We have been warned that at the end there would be chaos and disinformation. Will there still be 800 numbers? 

RayRen: I have nothing on 800 numbers, and haven’t received any official information on such numbers. Thus, the information I do have is hearsay at best. I certainly have had no new information on that. 

Caller: I sounds like folks are being arrested and killed in Saudi Arabia; I believe Iraq and Saudi are becoming more friendly. Do you think this will have impact on Iraq? 

RayRen: I haven’t heard of any connect there; I think it’s just things happening. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

704 caller: I notice that Wells Fargo have put dong back on their list. 

386 caller: Are the rates still the same? Dinar = $3.71, Zim = 16 cents, dong between 47 cents and two dollars? 

RayRen: Someone did suggest a $4 rate on dinar, so… and also a few people said $8, but my Iraqi contacts said they couldn’t find that over there. I’m still receiving $3.71 for the dinar, and one bank said $4+, but I’m not sure if that’s on the front screen. Maybe some people are seeing things before they manifest. Hopefully some of these rates are a little premature but will become a reality. I’d love to see $8 on dinar! 

Caller: Where do you think we’re at, 1—10? 

RayRen: Because of the unforeseen circumstances that have developed, it’s hard to know if other issues may not come up. I’ve been at a 10 for a while now. I think we’re here; are things really happening unexpectedly, or are these excuses to kick the can down the road, because they need a delay for some reason. I don’t see where these issues have anything to do with changing the value of the currency. Mosul came and went, and now we apparently have full liberation; I don’t know what else might come up. We should have finalized this a long time ago, and I hope they let this pop this week or next week. 

501 caller: Do your sources know who or why this is being delayed? 

RayRen: No, and I don’t know who would have the answer to your question. Post-RV many might have the answers but by then we won’t care. Even if I had those reasons, what good would it do to share it? Having that wouldn’t empower us anymore than we have at the moment. We just have to wait and let it come to us. All we can do is to empower our member with information so that they can plan. That’s where we make a difference. Some will make a move immediately, some will wait a day or so, some will wait a week or so. That gives us the power to make our own decisions when we go. Just turn it on, and then the power will be in my hands, to control my own destiny. 

Caller: Will this be taxable, in your opinion? 

RayRen: I don’t know. That information will come out sooner or later, and we can then decide how to deal with it. For many, it won’t be that big a deal, and for others there will be quite the impact. All we can do is get you ready for whatever happens. 

951 caller: The average Vietnamese makes 2.35 million dong per month. Let’s say they reset the dong at 1:1 dollars. Then I would be making 2.35 m dollars per month, right? 

RayRen: Yes, but they will probably have a different rate in-country, just like the Iraqi dinar has a different rate structure in Iraq as opposed to overseas. The point is to change the cost basis. Vietnam will adjust their rates accordingly. 

Caller: If Zim is really gold-backed bonds… [RR: I haven’t heard anything about that, officially. Ihave no idea about bonds or being asset-backed.] So I have these pieces of paper and we don’t know how those will reset. As for the CBI announcement, is that a reset or what in 72 hours? 

RayRen: My sources say that you have to be a native Arabic-speaker to understand that item on the CBI site, but it seems like between now and Sunday, we may see an in-country reset of $1.15 dollars to the dinar. 

309 caller: have you heard anything lately on the dong? 

RayRen: No; it’s been absolutely quiet regarding the Vietnamese dong. One member reported that if you want to buy dong, the price has gone down, but that’s it. 

Closing Statement 

For those who are holding only one currency, I hope you made the best decision based on your information. There are several currencies that are very attractive in terms of price and ROI, and people still ask “what’s the best currency for me to grab if I can only afford one?” If you only have one currency, then you might want to review that decision. 

Of course we look at the cost-comparison: how much does it cost, how much can you afford, and what is the anticipated RV value? But another factor is which is most likely to revalue based on the economic and political factors. If a currency is sitting at a penny and I expect it will go to one dollar: what is the likelihood of that happening, and how soon? 

There is only one currency where the government has promised its citizens that they will revalue the currency. It’s not the most attractive one in terms of cost, but it is in terms of the opportunity. Hopefully you are getting enough education to make a good decision in terms of taking your family forward. All the ones we hold look good, and we anticipate them all revalue at the same time. AT the same time, we need to be practical and get the most we can out of every dollar. 

We see all the processes going on in Iraq; let’s look for the same intel on the others. Be realistic and look at the probabilities and timing as well as the cost and ROI. If I get any more information, I’ll send it out. Otherwise, we will speak on Wednesday… 


IT'S NOT EASY ........... ACTING STUPID ...............
i go to look at a home in Hawaii.
You know why?     Because ......................... i can.

FaithPrevails:  Another quote that speaks volumes !!!!!!

GodsGirl:  What??? Woohoo - Frank couldn't look at the home before and now he can - Thank you sooooooo much Frank - YOU ROCK!

James:  FRANK, FRANK!!!  Do you realize what you just said!!!
Itsmedt:  Can I get excited now?

CanadaGirl:  I pray that EVERY dream comes true in your search for that perfect home in Hawaii Frank and Tink.


Usncret22:  HCL

Walkingstick:  Baghdad looks to take control of KRG oil

The Iraqi State Organization for Marketing Oil (SOMO) announced Nov. 2 that it is arranging with Turkey to allow SOMO to sell Iraqi crude from the disputed territories through the pipeline from Kirkuk to the Ceyhan Turkish port. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) used to export about 500,000 barrels per day independently through Ceyhan before the Baghdad operation to retake the disputed areas in mid-October.

It was not long after the Iraqi army took over the oil fields in Kirkuk in a military operation to “impose security,” as described by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that the federal government resumed oil pumping operations. The operations started about a week after the clashes between governmental forces and Kurdish peshmerga forces.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Oil rushed to increase oil production, and on Oct. 23, the ministry requested the help of the British petroleum company BP in increasing production in Kirkuk oil fields to more than 700,000 barrels per day. The ministry also announced the formation of a ministerial committee to advance the oil industry in the province of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk has more than 35 billion barrels in oil reserves and a production capacity ranging from 750,000 to 1 million barrels per day.

The federal government seems determined to control the oil sources, especially in Kirkuk and the disputed areas. In light of this, on Oct. 19, the Iraqi minister of oil warned all countries and international petroleum companies against signing contracts with any Iraqi party without first consulting the federal government.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, told Al-Monitor, “The federal government should control the oil wells, even those in the Kurdistan Region, which is seeking independence.

The Iraqi Constitution states that all oil sources must be under the control of the federal government.”

Jihad emphasized, The government’s control of oil wealth does not mean a certain national party will monopolize the sectorAll oil resources will be fairly distributed among the people.”
He said, “Oil fields, mainly Bay Hassan and Havana in Kirkuk, are managed by the North Oil Company affiliated with the federal authorities and working under the supervision of the Ministry of Oil. No other company is allowed to operate there without the approval of the federal government.”

Iraqi Kurdistan still exports oil to the Turkish Ceyhan port in the framework of old agreements. Kurdish oil exports range from 220,000 to 240,000 barrels a day. Therefore, the KRG might seek joint control of Kirkuk’s oil in the future. However, Jihad warned that “any oil exportation without the knowledge of the Ministry of Oil would be considered smuggling punishable by law.”

Jihad added that sharing control of Kirkuk’s oil “should be decided by the federal government rather than the Ministry of Oil, which is only an executive party.” He noted, “The Ministry of Oil is waiting for the government’s decisions and policies in this regard.”

Al-Monitor asked Jihad whether the restoration of an oil pipeline far from the Kurdistan Region’s territories through Mosul to Turkey would constitute a step on the road to ending the KRG’s role in any oil exportations.

He answered, “The idea of such a pipeline is not new. It is the main pipeline to transfer oil, and it stopped working after the Islamic State attacked Mosul and the areas in north and west Iraq in 2014. Now, after the liberation of Mosul and other regions, the government is bent on restoring the pipeline as a main exportation means from Kirkuk to Ceyhan, passing through Salahuddin and Ninevah.”

He added, “This pipeline feeds the Baiji oil refinery.”

Although the federal government’s control of Kirkuk will halt many oil-smuggling operations and exportations that do not have the federal government’s approval, this step puts into question the future of oil contracts that the KRG signed with international companies. Those include Iraqi Kurdistan’s contract with the Russian Rosneft Oil Company, signed a few days before the Kirkuk incidents to drill oil in five different locations in Iraqi Kurdistan. As per this agreement, the KRG got $2 billion to curb its budgetary deficit.

Majida al-Tamimi, who is a member of the Iraqi parliament’s fiscal committee, told Al-Monitor, “Any contract that does not go through the parliament or that is signed without the knowledge of the federal government is illegitimate.”

She said, “The Kurdistan Region receives a yearly share of 17% from the federal budget. The federal government will not bear the burden of any loans or debts that Iraqi Kurdistan owes. If the federal government approves the contracts, the parliament would then examine them and conduct feasibility studies before taking a decision.”

Tamimi said, “In the 2018 budget, the Kurdistan Region’s name was replaced for the first time in budget charts with the name 'northern provinces,' indicating that the parliament and government are politically willing to take away as many privileges as possible from the Kurdistan Region, including oil exportation.”

Although many expected Kirkuk to be a bloody battlefield, the federal government’s takeover was smooth. Therefore, oil production will be more competent and prolific. The government is bent on developing facilities and has promised to distribute oil revenues fairly among citizens, including the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan. The government asserted that it would pay the Kurdistan Region’s employees’ salaries if it takes control of all the oil fields.

Oil wealth is past the danger stage of causing a war. Eyes are now set on the way the federal government will distribute oil wealth and whether it will indeed be fair to all Iraqis.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/puls.....z4xktvZdcu  
Aggiedad77:   They speak of controlling the KRG oil, all of it from the sound of it....and quite honestly this could very well be the most intelligent move that Baghdad/Abadi has made to date.....this will IMO insure the HCL is given equally to all the people of Iraq if it is given to one.......

The oil within the nation of Iraq belongs to all citizens and they should all share accordingly.....I pray they do the right thing and stop their in-fighting and instead find true unity from north to south, east to west and show the world just how progressive they have become as a nation populated with a melting pot of spiritual believes and cultures.....

They can do this.....because of their very roots in time....God is there to help...IMO.....and IMO....the BEST is coming..  Aloha  Randy


11-7-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   The following has been reported from our best Iraqi sources:   Rawa is awaiting liberation, efforts are underway.  PM Abadi on Iraqi TV stating the 2018 budget will reflect 12% allocation to the Kurds without negotiation. The referendum was the major culprit/cause for this action.  PM Abadi pledges to use force if Peshmerga does not concede. The CBI has informed Iraqi money exchangers to discontinue sales of Dinar.  No sales of Dinar in the country leaves the citizens excited and anticipating an upcoming rate change.   Currency exchangers are being required to report their Dinar inventory effective for Tuesday. Unification efforts are underway for "one country, one Iraq."  Dinar is becoming the only currency being used for commerce in Iraq.   "The train is slowly approaching the station" ...be ye ready!! Time Will Tell...

11-7-2017   Newshound Guru Don961   ...Stable currency reflects the stability of the economic system ... and on safety and the stability of the country itself .. and its future prospects .... There is so much potential wealth and so much money to be made!! ..... since most of it is physically in the ground .... what's needed is a safe and stable environment , in all aspects , to harvest that wealth ... get that momentum going ... then the prosperity will follow... imo.

11-7-2017    Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:   "The Central Bank of Iraq, the currency outside the banks amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars."  This is our good news for today...this article is telling us...that the CBI reduced the amount of dinars in circulation from 40.18 trillion (March 2016) to 37.5 trillion (March 2017).  This is part of the project to delete the zeros.This reduction was due to the electronic banking applied to that point in March of this year when the reports are made each year. I suspect the dinar count will be almost cut in half by next March 2018 due to Kurdistan coming on board with electronic banking as well as Mosul post ISIS. This may get the CBI to their goals of cutting the money supply in circulation by 2/3 as part of the project to delete the zeros?

11-7-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98  [...is there any reasonable expectation for a time frame...?]  I’m good for this week, right now.  Let’s see what this 72-hour deal with the hidden rate on the CBI comes to.


bunny: we were CLOSE when Shabs had met the IMF requirements 2011 and then Maliki put an arrest warrant out and Shabs exiled to Switzerland. Grrrr

sandyf: The term "International currency" does not mean anything. There are 3 types of currency - Fully convertible, Partially convertible and Non convertible. Article 14 currencies by virtue of their status with the IMF are Non convertible.

Article 8 currencies are normally able to be exchanged worldwide but at the discretion of the exchanger. When a currency becomes volatile an exchanger may well refuse to exchange as happened with the Russian Rouble not that long ago.
Baxter: I doubt ... at least at first.. if many US banks will convert it... I guess we will know someday...

Baxter: bunny.... that is more GURU BS.....

Tebow: guess I'll just fly to a country that will exchange

Baxter: yep
Baxter: every bank is different... some may.... no one knows.... I would sure like to have the chance to find out...

Tebow: only has to be one bank and they'll be raking in the customers. Other bank will see what they are losing and get in line.

Baxter: lets hope so....

Tebow: go to another country and exchange to their currency which is not a taxable event. Hold it in their currency and use when needed.

MichelleL: hmmmm - and just how do you take millions of dinar and or millions of other currencies back and forth to the US? Houston we have a problem...

Dave: @MichelleL just need to declare it

Baxter: yep... thats all you have to do.... another form to fill out.....

MichelleL: @Dave not so easy, legitimate people have had their money/cash confiscated under the guise of questionable or illegal activities or money laundering. This type of scandal has been going on for decades

Tebow: if you can't exchange them at banks in the US then they are worthless. You can have a foreign bank acc out just must notify the US government.

Tebow: do you have to declare a worthless currency

MichelleL: you have to "trust the assessment" of the TSA inspector to get back and forth with large sums - sounds easier to open an account elsewhere and report it, and then open up new cans of worms

MichelleL: Tebow when robbing a home with 20k worth of worthless currency, as has happened in Florida, it was still worth the 20k...

Baxter: HERE YOU GO: https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/news/2013/06/24/citigroup-to-become-first-us-bank-in.html

Baxter: citibank in New York.... wallah

MichelleL: good

Baxter: course that was 4 years ago.....

Tebow: wallah is right

MichelleL: now I'll remember to sell that worthless citigroup stock ;)

Baxter: you would think if Citigroup is establishing banks over there... they would certainly exchange dinars for US Dollars

Tebow: HSBC is in Iraq

Dave: what about exchanging a note at every Forex exchange......?
Dave: IRS would never know

Tebow: maybe

MichelleL: goodnight friends, the process of walking to every forex exchange has exhausted me ;) Hasta Manana~
Baxter: me too

Dave: NY has hundreds of forex kiosks
Dave: could be dicey exchanging 25K note at 3.50 .... 75000 usd

meatball: who said it will be 3.50?

BobS: Hey meatball, sandyf posted a very good "informational" post on http://www.iraqdinarcalls.com/comment.html
BobS: It cracks me when they close the schools here when they get a "dusting" of the white stuff.   Take care I'm out of here.

meatball: @BobS ready for this.... they are giving my youngest school off cause they won a football game

BobS: OMG.....

meatball: @BobS be well.... talk to you soon

BobS: Take care of yourself.

sandyf :   More garbage from a well known guru.  "The CBI has said something about a rate of $1.15 in-country to go into effect in 72 hours;"

" Yes, but they will probably have a different rate in-country, just like the Iraqi dinar has a different rate structure in Iraq as opposed to overseas. "

If the person concerned had done their homework they would be aware of a factual situation of different exchange rates in and out of the country.

The Chinese have the onshore Yuan CNY and the offshore Yuan CNH. It should be noted that the rates come under two separate currency codes established by the ISO.

Introducing new currency codes is not an overnight event as accounting software companies must amend the software to accept the new code. In the case of redenominations it has normally been done about four months before introduction.

If Iraq, or any other country, is to have a different rate inside to outside the country then it is not going to happen any time soon.

Bob Smith:    Iraqi Central sales of foreign currency goes down $ 21 million

November 05 2017 12:38   Direct: Iraqi Central Bank sales fell from foreign currency during the auction on Sunday, to 102.09 million, compared to sales of $ 122.86 million auction on Thursday , down 20.77 million dollars, according to a statement of the central.

He added the central, in his statement, that the exchange rate was 1190 dinars per dollar, at the auction held with the participation of 39 banks, financial companies and 9 convertible.

The Bank noted that such sales are the results of the auction scheduled on Monday, explaining that the total total sales for the day amounted to about 139.9 million dollars.

The total size of the amounts sold to enhance bank balances abroad about 101.85 million dollars, while the estimated amount of cash sold for $ 1.25 million.

He explained the Central, in the statement, that the sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad will be priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, while cash sales will be at the same price. 
sandyf :  At the end of the war the allies had problems trying to agree on curency reform and various forms of occupational currency were used. In June 1948 the west discontinued the Reichsmark and introduced the Deutschmark(DEM).

As the Reichsmark was still in use in the east many speculators tried to make a killing on this now worthless currency. The Soviets had anticipated this and had marked the currency being held in the east. Although some speculators succeeded, the majority were left with a bundle of worthless currency.

I would hate to think that anyone saw this as a precedant for the Iraq situation.

About a week after the Deutschmark was introduced in the west, the Soviets followed suit with their version of the Deutschmark(DDM).

It was known as the East German Mark(Ostmark) and although DEM and DDR were officially at par, because the DDM was a non convertible currency it was virtually worthless outside the eastern zone leading to black market activity.

There has never been any significant official revaluation/devaluation of the Reichsmark, Deutschmark (DEM) or the East German Mark (DDR). Of course that depends on your interpretation of significant. When I was stationed in Germany in the early 70's, the DM  appreciated from 11.40/GBP to 5.60/GBP, some may call that significant.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 7 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 7 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

\A. Nov. 6 2017 3:10 pm EDT TNT Call \: TNT Showtime CC  Notes by Adept1 11-6-17

Replay: 641.715.0623, Pin: 409029#


1. Last Fri. Nov. 3 the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) was urging people to bring in their cash and to use the electronic system.

2. There might be a cap of 75,000 dinar to exchange for Iraqis living overseas.

3. The town/district al-Qain has been liberated. Rawa today Nov. 6. The liberation is done, with even US radio stations announcing the full liberation of Iraq over the weekend.

4. On Sat. Nov. 4 the CBI said a rate of $1.15 in-country would go into effect in 72 hours.


B. Nov. 6 2017 3:13 pm EDT GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 6, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. According to insider intel certain key Cabal individuals were being taken into custody.

2. The situation is fluid and prone to change, and Mass Arrests perhaps would not need to be completed prior to RV Exchanges.The GCR may occur after the RV Exchanges as part of the Event.

3. The USN is already in place and has been for a while. The USD is being used as physical money, with the USN already backing it digitally.

4. The rest of the world would exchange in gold-backed Yuan.

5. Intel on our level would always need to be taken with a grain of salt. The New Powers That Be's plans would never be put out on the Internet. Doing so would give the Cabal an upper hand and threaten the security of their operation. What would be shared on the Internet would only be glimpses of the true reality of the operation. Insider intel would always be vague for security reasons.


C. Nov. 6 2017 1:54 pm EDT Khazarian Mobster Purge Intensifies Fulford Report:"Purge of Khazarian Mobsters Intensifies" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 11.6.17 benjamin

1. The worldwide purge of the Khazarian mafia now has reached a tipping point of no return, with arrests and purges in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

2. In the Middle East, Iran-linked Hezbollah now effectively rules Lebanon after Saudi puppet Prime Minister Saad Hariri was forced to resign. His resignation was followed by the purge of hundreds of princes, generals, religious leaders, and others by de facto Saudi King Muhammad bin Salman.

3. This purge was especially important because it cut off one of the last major remaining sources of Bush/Clinton mafia money and power.

4. Many of the princes purged were homosexually bonded with members of the Bush family and their top lieutenants when they studied in the United States, according to confessions of Kay Griggs, wife of a Skull and Bones Society member, and others.

5. Pentagon sources: “The Saudi purge of the Bush-Clinton pedo terror faction—including [Osama Bin Laden’s brother] Bakr bin Laden and anti-Trumper [Prince] Al-Waleed bin Talal—is timed to the Paradise Papers leak. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/05/paradise-papers-leak-reveals-secrets-of-world-elites-hidden-wealth?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_New_Post

6. "Arrest of Tony Podesta, surrender of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.” Tony Podesta is a powerful Washington lobbyist whose brother John was campaign manager for Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller) and chief of staff for Bill Clinton (Rockefeller). Al-Waleed bought large shareholdings of Rockefeller’s Citibank.

7. The ramifications of these leaks, arrests, and purges reach out in many directions. Aftershocks, further arrests, and further purges are sure to be felt and seen in the Middle East, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. over the coming days.

8. The start of the purge was timed to coincide with Trump’s visit to Asia so as to be able to more easily protect Trump and his family from retaliatory action, say Pentagon and CIA sources.

Monday Night KTFA CC 11-6-17, 7 NOV

Monday Night KTFA CC  11-6-17



Post Frank and Team discussed on CC

Samson said (Post #160)   A simulation of the dinar exchange rate linked to a basket of currencies



TNT UPDATE ~ Monday evening UPDATE for November 6, 2017

The following has been reported from our best Iraqi sources:

Rawa is awaiting liberation, efforts are underway

PM Abadi on Iraqi TV stating the 2018 budget will reflect 12% allocation to the Kurds without negotiation. The referendum was the major culprit/cause for this action.

PM Abadi pledges to use force if Peshmerga does not concede.

The CBI has informed Iraqi money exchangers to discontinue sales of Dinar.

No sales of Dinar in the country leaves the citizens excited and anticipating an upcoming rate change.
Currency exchangers are being required to report their Dinar inventory effective for Tuesday.

Unification efforts are underway for "one country, one Iraq."

Dinar is becoming the only currency being used for commerce in Iraq.

"The train is slowly approaching the station" .....be ye ready!! Time Will Tell - ALL


Harambe:  CNBC: A purge, a resignation and declarations of war: What's going on ​in the Middle East? https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/07/middle-east-turmoil-after-crackdown-an​d-declarations-of-war.html

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil eases but Middle East tensions keep nearly 2-1/2 year highs ​in sight https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/06/us-oil-prices-move-away-from-near-2-12​-year-high.html

Harambe:  BBC: Saudis accuse Iran of 'direct aggression' over Yemen missile http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-41899643


PMac:  Well KTFA Family... I am, as we speak, in the process of watching tonights CC... and I might or might not have placed an order at 10am PDT this morning for IQD with a broker at who's name starts with the letter X (via wire transfer).

Well... after not following anything on the Forum over the weekend spending time with the family, I'm hearing F26 name off brokers told to shut down... and I checked my bank account just now and the $$$$ had been returned.  I just told my wife... and she raised an eyebrow!!!!

F26... I loved your reply to a statement last week!  Some one had the attitude like "why hasn't this gone off yet"... and your reply was something like "let the fuse hit the powder-keg".  Brilliant.  Thank you sir.

Frank26:  TY Kindly for Your post of Support and Evidence of our MONDAY CC SHARING.

Apmcrx:  Will be good starting the conference and exhibition with your Monetary plans or may I said "the currency exchange basket pegged" ....IMO

Article:  THE IRAQ BANKING & INVESTMENT SUMMIT….Held for the first time in Baghdad on the 2nd and 3rd December, under the patronage of the Central Bank of Iraq,  http://iraqbanking.net/


Samson:  Oil continues to rise and records $ 64

2017/11/7 9:56

Oil prices rose to $ 64 a barrel, the highest since July 2015.

Brent crude hit $ 64.25 a barrel at 06:52 GMT today.  US WTI crude futures closed up $ 1.70, or 3.0 percent, at $ 57.35 a barrel.

These are the highest levels of high-ranking officials since early 2015.



Apmcrx:  I found this PDF in the CBI website, not sure if this was found before or shared but  is available to all public in the arabic site...

Here are some links with interesting documents from CBI.

IMO CBI is spilling the beans too much. I haven't seen to many documents in one same page since I started my researches but maybe Im wrong...can someone verify? Thanx.



Restructuring the Iraqi currency

Project delete three zeros and thousands of cash transactions

Dr.. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh Qasim

 Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

 January 2012

Under volatile economic and financial conditions and monetary inflation pressures that have been resolved

Our country has previously had negative effects on the regularity of the commercial market, labor markets and production

And the standard of living of the citizen, has caused many distortions in economic structures and relations

Among them was the presence of a large mass of zeros that were of little value and disproportionate to developments

Coming in the present and future of the Iraqi economy, which requires a solution to these circumstances

And its offsets. One of these solutions is the reform of the monetary management system through its structure and deletion

The zeros of them to control flow and manage the cost of the cash mass optimally.

The circulation of monetary mass exported more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars in various categories
Which is reflected by the number of traded securities amounting to 4 billion banknotes is the product of a long period of Inflation and economic decline, for example, the consumer price index Basas 1993 from 100 to 200,000 in the middle of 2003 which means that the commodity that They were sold for 100 dinars and were sold for 200,000 dinars ... and so on. And under such circumstance And the deterioration of the value of the currency increased the category of currency greater than 25 dinars to 25 thousand dinars, which means that Inflation is added by these zeros.

* The current currency categories do not match the current and future economic situation. For example, just before the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War,

Dinars equivalent to 75 dollars purchasing power for that time or the equivalent at the present time 300 thousand dinars. He added inflation in the country over Three decades of zeros to the currency and in spite of that did not lift those zeros from the purchasing power of the largest category of the currency is the 25 thousand dinars Which is now worth $ 21.

Today we need to restructure the currency. Large porpoises mean a large mass of cash in trading today 30 trillion dinars, which requires direct cash circulation and a large cost in counting and sorting and the time spent and spatial and security characteristics.

In the system Prices, the price is the value expressed in cash and therefore the structure of costs and payments of wages and salaries and the processing of all transactions did not
Commensurate with the need of the country to a monetary management system consistent with the structure of the real sector and price levels reached. The country needs an easy cash system Dealing is one of the small and large categories that indicate the cost of that real structure (see details in the next page margin)

It should be noted that during the period 1990-2007, the inflation index of consumer prices increased To 400,000% In order to simplify, the commodity was sold for one hundred dinars before the start of the war in Kuwait In 1990, it was sold at 400,000 dinars in 2007.

Note that the value of the dinar The Iraqi economy declined twice during the period 1990-1998 by more than 99% against the dollar American.

The first decline was in 1990 and the other was in 1997 And by 2.93%, which made the total decline in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar (99.99%) at the end of 1998 and during this period alone reached Inflation in consumer price index. %

As we know, inflation means for itself the rise in the price of money
And services (ie how much money we need to exchange for a certain package of goods and services

The amount of money allocated for exchange on the package itself increases, meaning there is inflation or Rise in money prices). Noting that the value of money is inversely proportional to the price of money, and that Price is the value of goods and services expressed in cash *

(*) Social studies indicate that the Iraqi doctor's monthly income was not equal to purchasing power in the nineties of the last century only to buy 30 A chicken egg and 20 pieces of bread that month and over the years of economic siege.

Many workers in the various institutions have also left Because the monthly return does not cover transportation costs to the workplace.

Let us not forget how distorted markets were created in the country to trade used materials
Of furniture, durable goods and clothes to buy flour or sugar and fill the minimum household needs for food.

The agricultural sector itself is a sector A food producer whose conditions have deteriorated since the 1970s because of the deterioration of the countryside and the absorption of oil revenues in public jobs And the militarization of the country during the period 1972-1982, for example, the annual growth rate in the agricultural sector (minus 1.1%) while the growth rate In the sector between 1962-1972 was 1.7% annually. With the view that all commodity sectors have experienced a deterioration in growth in years 1990s, especially the agriculture and industry sectors.

Today, the average annual per capita income of Iraq has risen to more than $ 5,300, up from $ 750 Before 2003. The average income of the government employee is almost twice the average per capita income of the gross domestic product estimated at about 10,000 Per annum

Money is anything that society agrees to become an exchange broker and a storehouse of value

And the unit of account, the money (legal) issued by the monetary authority under the law and the same The power of discharge is defined as a social institution, where it is more efficient Economy and its processes in moving the exchange efficiently of that social institution ie money and vice versa
On the contrary. Continuous inflation has led to a rise in the currency number from 23 billion dinars

In 1991 to about (30) trillion dinars at present, and the rise of the largest currency category of 25 dinars to 25 thousand dinars over time. Inflation has thus set new currency figures
Traded by adding three zeros, which increased the amount of nominal cash transactions and cost levels Producing large quantities, accompanied by storage, distribution, counting, and accompanying checks At double levels, the operational risks associated with Risk Operational increased

Given the price stability and optimism in Iraq's development future, it is necessary
To make a radical reform of the currency management system by restructuring its structure and structure

New and stable prices and wage and salary levels, which differed significantly from
In the past 30 years, as well as dealing with a large, weak monetary mass in its components

The largest currency category is now only 21 US dollars. They denote that height
Iraq's gross domestic product (GDP) reached $ 140 billion at the end of 2010

300 billion dollars at the end of 2015 will raise the cash issued from 30 trillion dinars
To about 70 trillion dinars. The weak structure of the currency structure as mentioned above has been taken Adds a cost called the cost of cash transactions in terms of trading them both among the individuals themselves Individuals and banks and within the banking system itself. **

** The demand for the US dollar (especially the $ 100 class) has ended an urgent need to settle cash transactions in the market ___________________________

Domestic markets beyond the will of monetary policy as the market looks to larger categories that are not currently available but are embodied
In the large US currency category for ease of carrying and trading to reduce the cost of cash trading or cash transactions.

So the system Iraqi cash has become in urgent need of an administrative reform of the system of cash payments to have high cash purchasing power categories
In trading easy to carry and possession, which facilitates the exchange of cash for the purposes of transactions or trading In the structure or structure of the current monetary units has deepened the problems (dollarization) that arranged undesirable effects on the effectiveness and performance

Monetary policy

In Sweden, for example, one of the best systems is currently available

Cash payments in the world However, the cash circulation cost of counting
Sorting, transporting and storing the currency will cost the national economy its share of 4% of GDP Of Sweden.

How can we compare this in a country like Iraq that manages such huge amounts of cash?

Which adds to the cost of cash transactions that may be as high as 8% or more of GDP

The total, a burden borne by the individual in his dealings, which reduces the efficiency of cash as an institution

Social support for various institutions of the economy including the market and the evidence is limited

Large cash transactions to pay in US dollars, which means replacing the currency of another country in Trading to support cash transactions due to the decline in efficiency and composition of the current cash mass.

The multiplicity of zeros on currency categories and the low purchasing power have many difficulties Including the difficulty of expressing monetary value as well as the difficulties of cash operations themselves and problems Technical in recording statistical data and recording in accounting books and changing computer systems Settlement systems as well as showing prices with long numbers sometimes difficult even to meters or Digital devices to read their zeros at gas stations or other digital devices.

On this basis, it became necessary to reform the system of monetary payments through
The following advantages:

First: At the horizontal level: delete the three zeros

- Conversion of 30 trillion dinars to 30 billion dollars by deleting three zeros of the currency
And replace it with a new currency, which facilitates the calculation of transactions with numbers that are less numerous In terms of federal budget accounts, budgets of banks and companies as well as Budgeting the monetary family (individuals) without making any change or change in income or wealth
Cash for natural and moral persons as well as its impact on contracting
And obligations between natural and legal persons. It is generated by generating a function
Zero Degree of Function Homogenous,

As long as the amount of new money is the smallest number covered in the exchange commodity package itself In the old money with the largest number. On this occasion he resembles (76 - 1711) Hume David

(A pioneer of classical pre-school economics in his famous book Political Debate

Or the political controversy of 1752 (the effect of price levels

Nominal with the use of the amount of money such as the transition from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals (Which is currently English), this transition does not alter the basic principles of science Math or math. The increase in the amount of money leads to higher prices for Itself without impact on the results of the real economy.

Second: On the vertical level: the restructuring of the currency and its composition

- Since the large category of JD 25,000 alone constitute (two-thirds of the amount of paper

The issue of larger categories means reducing the four billion traded notes
Currently, it will be converted into a number equal to (180.1) billion banknotes

Of the currency is about 80-90% of the total new categories exported to
Trading (eg categories 50, 100,200 new dinars).

 Based on the above, the cost of cash transactions between individuals and banks and between Individuals themselves natural or moral will inevitably decrease in terms of counting costs

As we know, the notes are circulating on average over a period of time

Five years, which means replacing a huge mass of poorly installed and costing printing costs With a high security specification, which is another burden of the authority of the cash issue

The remnants of a monetary management system generated by the previous economic deterioration and became irrelevant

Stability and economic progress.

In conclusion, the reasons for the change in the current currency reflect the fruit of economic stability And the success of the policies of the Central Bank of Iraq in maintaining stability

The stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and the fall of inflation to the rank of one-tenth and building Foreign reserves supporting the Iraqi dinar at levels not previously achieved during the thirtieth Last year, which is the cover of the Iraqi currency.

In addition to improving the payment system Cash and make it leave its adhesion and its current composition to the past and its economic imbalances
And rebuild it on the future of economic development and its real and nominal data

Therefore, the Central Bank of Iraq has prepared a viable long-term strategy
In the future when the appropriate opportunity and gradually in accordance with clear instructions and regulations Guidance that provides protection for various rights and interests in accordance with the stage of prosperity And expected economic growth as average per capita income increases over the years Coming more than once and the economy will take steps towards progress, which will require reform

For the remnants of the stages of inflation and may require some legislation in this regard.

Don961:  Thank you apm ....Stable currency reflects the stability of the economic system ... and on safety and the stability of the country itself .. and its future prospects .... There is so much potential wealth and so much money to be made !! ..... since most of it is physically in the ground .... what's needed is a safe and stable environment , in all aspects , to harvest that wealth ... get that momentum going ... then the prosperity will follow ...  imo
Samson: Trump: The corrupt in Saudi Arabia have been draining their country for years

2017/11/7 8:29

(AFP) - US President Donald Trump has backed measures by the Saudi crown prince to tighten his grip on power through an anti-corruption campaign that included the capture of princes, ministers and businessmen.

Trump said on Twitter on Monday he had "great confidence in King Salman and Saudi Crown Prince" following widespread arrests in the largest anti-corruption clean-up campaign in recent Saudi history.  "Some of those who treat them severely have been draining their country for years," he said in a comment on the Saudi crackdown on corruption.

Trump's support comes on Monday after measures by the Saudi crown prince tightened his grip on power through an anti-corruption campaign that included the capture of princes, ministers and businessmen.  

The purge campaign is the latest in a series of major steps taken by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to strengthen Saudi Arabia's influence on the international scene and increase its internal powers.

Prince Mohammed has become "the main driver of the Saudi policy-making process, actively moving to marginalize dissent, concentrate decision-making power and establish himself as the undisputed heir of the Saud family," a US official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.  Prince Mohammed also "seeks to revive the people's confidence in Saudi ownership by diversifying the economy, easing religious restrictions and implementing large-scale social reforms," ​​the official said.


Dinar NEWS update CBI.IQ Change (RANT #18)

"The Time is Now" by Truthseeker - 11.7.17


So here we are, another Tuesday morning in Dinarland which appears to be just another Tuesday, but is it?? IMO it is not just another Tuesday, and based on the information/Intel that we have been receiving for the past week+, we know things are progressing behind the scenes at a rapid pace.

So with that being said, I urge all investors to take a deep breath and do the best you can to remain calm. The NPTB (along with many collaborated forces) are working hard behind the scenes to release America from corruption, i.e., The Cabal.

I know it's frustrating to continuously read Intel (and updates) stating things are going on behind the scenes, especially when nothing can be visibly verified. All I want to say is things are truly happening and we need to remain calm and positive while the "corruption cleanup" is taking place.

So let's break down the cleanup so we all have a better understanding of what's truly going on and why it's being done in such a Houdini-ish fashion.

First off, IMO there are well over 40 million currency holders invested in the IQD alone, and of these investors I would have to say 30 million follow the investment (news and Intel) on a daily basis.

So let's say for a moment the NPTB decided to announce and release the RV, IMO there would be an avalanche of investors charging the banks and exchange centers which I believe would cause the process to come to an abrupt halt.

So do I believe the RV will someday take place, yes, but I doubt it will surface the way many are being led to believe.

IMO if the NPTB release the RV via an announcement, this is how I would envision that to take place; I would expect 800's to surface along with a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer #1 ALL currency exchanges for the IQD (and possibly other currencies) must be done via 800 number through redemption centers by appointment only (I doubt they will allow any exchanges to take place at any national, regional or local banking facilities. This IMO would eliminate "renegades" or bus loads of "renegades" from charging the banking facilities demanding their currency exchanges).
Disclaimer #2 ALL three zero notes (outside the country of the country of Iraq) must be exchanged within a certain timeline (anywhere from 2-weeks up to a month). I would also expect the RV to surface somewhere between .10 and .30. IMO by placing a timeline on exchanging the three zero notes, most if not all exchanges (outside the country of Iraq) would be completed by the expiration date of the three zero notes.

I would also expect Iraq to revalue a 2nd time (after the three zero note expiration date has passed ) placing the IQD on par (value wise) with its neighbor Kuwait.

By doing this it would allow the NPTB to pay all currency holders, eliminate the possibility of riots due to "no tier 4 exchanges being allowed", and reduce Iraq and the CBI's exposure, i.e., the amount they have to payout to currency holders.

That is my common sense outlook for the IQD revaluation. Although anything can happen at any time, I doubt they will allow any high-dollar revaluations to take place for the invested masses, there are just way too many investors!

So with all that being said there is absolutely nothing we Dinaian's can do except remain positive, alert and keep the faith. But I do have one piece of advice for all currency investors; NO MATTER WHAT YOU HEAR, DO NOT PART-WITH ANY OF YOUR CURRENCY!

Let's all hope and pray something happens soon!

GO RV!    Truthseeker