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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Still no reinstatement or revaluation of the Iraqi dinar either in-country or out of country. Sorry to break the bad news….lol…lol…

But where is the hope and good news for this RV saga?

Today I have presented a couple interesting articles to you from the past on the project to delete the zeros. They are at the end of the news letter today. Please refer to them. We are now certain as to what is holding up the continuance and the final steps of this “project to delete the zeros”. It can not get any clearer. It will not be much longer.

So the news today is not much different than what I have been telling you all along. Please read today’s articles carefully. I am not going to spoon feed you. I take some effort to read and study this RV saga and so should you.

As I said in the past, in order to do this you can’t forget what was said to us by the CBI and the Finance Ministry in the past. It is all interconnected, as an ongoing saga is. Did you ever wonder why I keep calling this an “ongoing saga”?

Many just want things simple and easy. They want you to tell them enough so they can get hyped up for the weekend and keep the energy flowing. This is nice but not reality. It is also not healthy. It doesn’t work this way. I too fell into these traps in the past and learned my lesson when I made predictions and was shot in the foot when they never happened. If I was not careful my reputation too would be gone, as others are still persistent on their falsified approach.

So it was only then, when I decided to weed out the charlatans passing me information as “secret sources”. I realized gathering their information was all worthless and they in fact didn’t really know much more than I. So I simply changed my approach. I then began to make connections with articles about past news and is now happening. Soon I realized this was on ongoing saga and would only be completed when Iraq met certain conditions. Nothing is certain other than this.

So, then I upped my game and began reading and cataloging the articles for future reference. I began connecting them. I realized this was just not random news or coincidental. I will tell you it all jumped out at me. I now have a sense of confidence in knowing the truth and passing it on to all of you.

Of course we all wish this could be this simple for us and I am telling you now it can be. Remember it was not that easy for me either, at first. Remember that I am a trained analyst and it took me even many years of hands-on experience and training. I also have a higher level of education in economics and finance. So this all being the case, I am taking my knowledge and techniques for the benefit of my European friends and now also you in USA. So my news is not conjecture or rumors. I do not give opinions unless they are based on FACTS and I spell it all out for you so you too see the connections. So opinion becomes reality.

But, unfortunately USA folks give me the hardest pushback as for some reason you do not want to listen to reality. It is as if you are so brain washed already. Seems the majority of people in the USA live in a fantasy world, a false sense of reality or are simply mentally asleep. Is there something maybe in your drinking water that is doing this to you or what

So what do we do now?

We simply relax, put our dinars in a shoebox and hide them for later. We do NOT go out and buy anymore currencies until we see that we can make $$$ what was promised us from the currencies we now possess. We do NOT add insult to injury.

We then listen to the REAL news and just wait for what the CBI tells us next.

Just to clarify. This has absolutely nothing about recent release of files on the assassination of president John F. Kennedy or madam Woo from China or even this NESARA bullshit or some Galactic members of the extraterrestrial alien race controlling this RV.

It is simply that Iraq needs the security and they are now getting to the point where ISIS is defeated. I believe we may hear the official announcement this week.

We know they also need to work on the “full” implementation of their new constitution for the political stability, Article 140 (control of 95% of their revenues) and decentralization efforts of the government. This recent move in Kurdistan (with the referendum) was a much needed move and pushed the KRG closer to a decentralized, provincial form of local powers reporting to the GOI. Can the new Republic of Iraq withstand the threat of Peshmerga forces and having this separate army entity hanging over their heards? This is not a good thing overall for the Iraqi forces. They must join and unite with the Iraqi army as one Federal fighting force. So, this ISIS fighting too is helping to bring this about. Just remember I am telling you these things will occur…..

You must stop listening to the news for just a face value and also connect it to what is the real reason why things happen. No – I do not mean you have to go down some scary conspiracy rabbit hole stuff either …. lol … lol … I am talking about HONEST and TRUTHFUL news.

Why in hell would Machoud Barzani commit to holding the referendum for independence when the rest of the world did not support it? Is he dumb? No- Masoud Barzani is a very smart person and knows the region well. He knew it could never happen and was one of the founding fathers who signed their new constitution.

So there was another underlining purpose then for the referendum…right?

So a smart intel provider for instance, like a good journalist, then should have taken up this question and to seek the TRUTH. So who has done this for you?

Yes -once I started digging into this referendum I am uncovering much more than I could ever have imagined. I don’t rely on some “secret” source to tell me the TRUTH. They never do tell the truth or know what the hell they are talking about. The referendum is important. But it turns out it is important not out of FEAR of a civil war but rather a sense of URGENCY that now is the time for Kurdistan to begin to blend in (homogenize) with the rest of Iraq. It will take years and years to happen but this is first real step in meeting this objective. Yes – this is part of a long term plan for Iraq. This is the good part of today’s saga story.

More news….


Preparing Iraq in the next few hours the historic victory by freeing all its territory that defiled her ISIS gangs after the Mosul terrorist in 2014.

Juvenile justice is based in Western Anbar, is adjacent to the border with Syria, the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq and editing will be announced of Mesopotamia without these terrorist factions.

And on Friday morning, the 9th Armored Division troops in the military and counterterrorism forces and the popular crowd, the attribution of Iraqi Army aviation Saada areas within the existing area.

And liberated areas and villages, one after the other in the last hours as the joint forces took control on the border with Syria-based port and opposite the Abu Kamal region.

More news….

Hey…. now wait just one second! 

Weren’t we told last week that Qaim was the last stronghold for ISIS and that when it was cleared the war with ISIS in Iraq would be over? Did I dream this up?

No – of course I did not dream this up and we all read it in a couple articles last week. So what the hell is going on now? It seems this war on terrorism in Iraq is never going to end?

So here it the latest news as to why I am saying all this today:

The military sources in the Joint Operations Command of Iraq announced that the joint forces moved from the state of fighting against the organization calling for the stage of combing the areas that have been restored IN PREPARATION FOR THE START OF THE RESTORATION OF THE LAST STRONGHOLDS of the organization in Iraq in the district of Rawa and Rummaneh.

(Mnt Goat – so I thought Qaim was the last stronghold. What is this Rawa and Rummeneh then? Guess they are not yet done? What is next after these two areas are secure? Are you getting fed-up? )

More news….

I just wanted to let everyone know once again that when ISIS is gone from Iraq this event is NOT going to trigger the RV. It is not that simple and you would have to be an idiot to think it is.

Seems TNT and others have put you on the roller coaster once again for last weekend and the RV. These idiots believed once again that a single event would bring about the RV. Come’on folks lets all use our God given common sense here! Please stop all this foolishness and constant hype. It is getting really old already!

More news….

Many also believe that all the corruption in the US government can be stopped and the “Republic” restored by some group of people who hide behind the internet. Oh – they must remain “secret” in order to make these changes for you and me. Really? Do you really believe this garbage? How gullible are you anyway? I noticed now that I exposed the use of their NESARA group they now use another undercover name and hide behind it now. Doesn’t matter anyhow this is just a couple of looney tunes trying to make a name for themselves and sell you products $$$ using your fear.

The only way there are going to be any real changes in this country is if YOU, the average citizen, stand up for your own country and fight for it. Do you love your country enough to fight for it?

You can either do this by the power of the vote or take up a political campaign to do it. I do not advocate violence but we all know deep inside it may come to this. Yes – the changes can be made but remember it is Congress that writes the laws and passes them. How do you make the needed changes then when Congress is all bought and sold already to highest corrupted bidder?

Jim Marrs has given an excellent presentation on YouTube on this subject matter. I encourage everyone to take some time to listen to it in its entirety. For those of you fooled by this GCR, madam Woo and NESARA bullshit this will be an eye opener for you. Believe me this will be a much better way to spend your time than listening to these idiotic Galactic, GCR or NESARA conference calls and update bullshit.

Jim Marrs is real, and is TRUTHFUL and FACTUAL. Remember folks there are REAL people out there trying to help the situation but you as citizens are really the only ones that will ultimately make the real difference. But this will only occur by coming together to learn the TRUTH and thus for a common cause.

The “shadow” government (run by the CIA) are scared of you and countless millions and millions thinking alike and banning together with like objectives and goals to clean out the corrupt government and the CIA. Don’t let them segregate you and chip you apart one by one.

You must DEMAND change, but first you must know what REAL change is. It is not getting lied to about the CHANGE that is necessary or telling you someone else is doing it or going to do it. Because it is not happening and will not happen this way.

This will mean REAL change and not some swanky politician telling you they have all the answers and can fix everything for you. Stop relying on everyone else to do the dirty work for you and step up and do it yourself.

The CHANGE you want begins with YOU!

Here is the YouTube link: 


As a side note: I tried many times to bring this news to you within the Dinar Recaps forum, but they would censor it and would not publish anything related to politics. Folks this is so silly since the entire RV saga is all just about politics. However, they do posts such trash like this GCR update, Galactic and NESARA nonsense. Why? Guess we know now just who is running their site and how they don’t want you to know the truth.

More news….

The Central Bank of Iraq, the currency outside the banks amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars.

The central bank in a report seen by "economy News", "The currency outside the banks amounted to 40.18 trillion dinars prior March," noting that "the currency outside the banks amounted to 37.5 trillion dinars in March last year."

(Mnt Goat – all this article is telling us is that the CBI reduced the amount of dinars in circulation from 40.18 trillion (March 2016) to 37.5 trillion (March 2017). I am hearing all kinds of nonsense from these so called intel “gurus” on this article. It pretty straight forward to me. Why? Because I can relate to what they are talking about and gauge this news against why they are telling us this news. It is all really part of the project to delete the zeros.

This is our good news for today. This is part of the project to delete the zeros. This reduction was due to the electronic banking applied to that point in March of this year when the reports are made each year. I suspect the dinar count will be almost cut in half by next March 2018 due to Kurdistan coming onboard with electronic banking as well as Mosul post ISIS. This may get the CBI to their goals of cutting the money supply in circulation by 2/3 as part of the project to delete the zeros?)

He pointed out that "the capital of commercial banks during the first quarter of this year registered a rise of 25.3% compared to last year to reach 12.9 trillion dinars," noting that "private banks constitute the largest proportion of capital banks to reach 9.7 trillion dinars and government banks with capital 3.3 trillion dinars. "

More news….

Reuters: Iraq court rules no region can secede after Kurdish independence bid

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq’s Supreme Federal Court ruled on Monday that no region or province can secede, strengthening the government’s hand as it seeks to prevent a repeat of September’s Kurdish independence vote.

The ruling was a response to a request from the central government in Baghdad to put an end to any “wrong misinterpretation” of the constitution and assert the unity of Iraq, a court spokesman said.

Soon after, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi urged the northern semi-autonomous Kurdish region to abide by the court’s decision. 

“We call on the region to clearly state its commitment to non-separation or independence from Iraq,” he said in a statement. There was no immediate reaction from Kurdish authorities.

Iraq’s Kurds voted overwhelmingly to break away from Iraq in a referendum held on Sept. 25, defying the central government in Baghdad as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran who have their own Kurdish minorities. 

Iraqi government forces and the Iran-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces launched a surprise offensive on Oct. 16 in retaliation. Government forces managed to wrest back control of the oil city of Kirkuk and other disputed territories.

Abadi said the government was now “taking the necessary measures to impose federal authorities” without going into further details. Baghdad was committed to “PRESERVING IRAQ’S UNITY AND PREVENTING ANY ATTEMPT FOR SEPARATION,” he added.

The ruling would strengthen Abadi’s hand in future dealings with the Kurds, said Ahmed Younis, a Baghdad-based constitutional expert. 


The court is responsible for settling disputes between Iraq’s central government and the country’s regions and provinces, including Kurdistan. Its decisions are final and mandatory for all parties according to the constitution, however it has no mechanism to enforce its ruling in the Kurdish region.

Earlier on Monday, the Kurdish region’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani reiterated his call to resolve its issues with the central government through dialogue and not through force.

(Mnt Goat – WOW! So let’s put this issue to rest….Happier days ahead! …lol..lol.)

(Mnt Goat – so…..then what pops out next in the news? Coincidental? I don’t think so……see next news below.)

More news….


Baghdad News –

Deputy National Alliance MP Amer al-Fayez on Monday received positive indications from THE KURDISH PARTIES TO ANNOUNCE THE CANCELLATION OF THE REFERENDUM AND OPEN A DIALOGUE WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITIONS with Baghdad, stressing that no dialogue or reception of any Kurdish delegation without the region’s announcement to cancel the referendum and the result.

Fayez said in a press statement that “some Kurdish parties have received positive signals about their intention to cancel the referendum and the result of the coming days to open a dialogue with Baghdad directly to overcome the crisis of the economic region.”

He added that “the Kurdistan Regional Government involved in several crises can not be bypassed without going through Baghdad, most notably the provision of salaries of employees in the region and the Peshmerga as well as external debt and the file of oil exports and the failure of neighboring countries to deal with the region through border crossings without the supervision of the federal government.

More news….

(Mnt Goat - Remember this Nechirvan Barzani” is the new temporary president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq until elections can be held. So whenever I talk about Barzani now I mean him not Mosoud Barzani his father.

However, I have a sneaky suspicion that no more elections will be held and the KRG will be quickly broken up into individual provinces like the rest of Iraq. This may happen very soon. Sooner than we all might think. They have to break this cycle of Monarchy in Kurdistan region.)

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat”. Also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said on Thursday that the atrocities committed by a militant organization during the battle to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul were “international crimes” that Iraqi courts currently have no jurisdiction to consider.

The United Nations has asked the Iraqi authorities to conduct a separate investigation into the victims of the air strikes of civilians and any violations of Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul, Reuters reported.

The organization stressed that the Iraqi courts have no jurisdiction over international crimes such as genocide and Baghdad show seriousness about bringing the perpetrators to justice.



Iraq signed with the United Nations human settlements program “Habitat”, Monday, launching pad for reconstruction and stability and strengthen the ability to hold out.

And Technical Secretary for the Ministry of planning Maher Hammad Johan on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement in a press release received news economy “that” signing this Convention is an effort by the Ministry of planning and cooperation between sectoral chambers and representative United Nations program for Human Settlements Habitat on launch pad For information, stating that “this platform will provide integrated information about projects and a clear picture of the mechanisms to follow up on reconstruction projects, as well as it shows a picture of part of the devastation in the affected areas to identify valid distribution activities at the sectoral level.



Sky Press

Saturday, November 04, 2017 

The decision of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Ahmed Haj Rashid, Saturday, that the draft bill of the federal budget in 2018, including replacing the designation of the Kurdistan region, "governments of the provinces of the region."

"The preliminary draft of the draft federal budget bill for 2018, which leaked to the corridors of the House of Representatives, included the allocation of 12.67% of the Kurdistan region, contrary to the agreement concluded in 2005, coupled with the census, which did not take place So far, instead of the 17% contained in previous budgets. "

He added that "the draft budget DECIDED TO REPLACE THE NAME OF THE KURDISTAN REGIONAL GOVERNMENT TO THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE PROVINCES OF KURDISTAN," noting that "the central government wants to deal with the provinces exclusively in isolation from the regional government."

(This is all about doing away with the centralized Kurdistan government and breaking the region into provinces. I have told everyone I felt this was also part of the reason for the referendum by Barzani and that was to trick the people into allowing the Federal govt into doing this. Something is “fishy” and is not what it appears to be. Why does Kurdistan need a separate government if they are already part of the Republic of Iraq? So you can see that this is a real goal for the GOI and this article proves it )

"The rate of government deduction from the salaries of retirees and employees is 4.8 percent, similar to the budget this year, and there has been no change so far, as well as there are no allocations for grades."

The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, confirmed yesterday that the financial budget for 2018 is still in the process of discussion and discussions to reach the final version, which will be voted by the Council of Ministers very soon, noting that the current circulation is inaccurate and invalid, and that the meeting of the Council of Ministers tomorrow to discuss Budgeting and voting.





November 28, 2014

Iraqi Dinar News

Source: http://www.sotaliraq.com/mobile-news.php…

The Central Bank gives the green light to execute “zero deletion” and confirms: We need two years to finish it.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr.Ali Al-Allaq, has declared on Tuesday that the green light was given to execute the file of zero deletion from the currency, and he confirmed that finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years. He also pointed that the bank has started preparing samples for the new currency.

Al-Allaq has said in a press conference conducted in the Bank’s building in Al-Jadireeyah area middle of Baghdad, which I also attended (Al-Mada Press), that “the file of zero deletion from the Iraqi currency is under execution”, confirming that “The bank has given the green light to execute this.”

Al-Allaq has pointed that “Finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years”, showing that “The bank has started to prepare samples of the new currency.”

The Central Bank of Iraq announced in 28th of November 2014, postponing the subject of zero deletion from the currency in the present.



The Alojdrb (Bremer) , head of the Iraqi destruction authority when Iraq canceled the Iraqi currency of the former regime end of 2003. 

NOW TO TAKE ACTION TO FIND A COIN WHICH REDUCES THE PRESENCE OF ZEROS, the fact that the Iraqi economy , the traditional inflation phases exceeded until he reached the edge of collapse, and this procedure is one of the means at hand to handle twice the value of the Iraqi dinar.

According to the monetary and banking law, we have to go back to the basic sources which constitutes a strong factor in restoring confidence to our national currency, which deleted three zeros from the currency now put in circulation coins and paper dinar parts, including (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils) .. which will achieve the following benefits:

(Mnt Goat – so they are telling us the newer set of denominations that will come out and stay in circulation from the project to delete the larger 3 zero notes. But they are also telling us WHY they MUST do this project.)

1. Ease of circulation and clarity and knowledge of monetary value so easily to foreigners and assistant on the purchase and deal with and trust the other hand it raises the monetary value against other currencies.

2. Paper is perishable and can damage, in contrast, the coin is not affected trade and the use and therefore can be manufactured again.

3 The new dinars will reduce the ongoing cost of printing money. For example the new (25) dinars which will replace the 25 thousand dinars currency currently in circulation with the easiest and quality will be high.

4. Strengthens and improves the texture by adding elements of the global currency that is not affected by natural factors such as water, and bear scrubs and tear resistance and decay. .

5. Reduce the cost of storage in the banks, because we need less and less effort and also the smaller the number of employees by the more control and insurance prohibitively high.

6. Easily transported over long distances and easily provide a high proportion of them safely.

7. Stronger cash currency contributes to strengthening the elements of the national economy.

8. It provides speed and accuracy in trading in settling accounts. 

9. Better for the workers on pay day, giving them greater self -confidence.

10. Using the lower denominations is less risk of error in the calculation of its simplicity and clarity.

11.Deletion of the zeros will rebuild global confidence in the banks and increases traded.

12. Deletion of the zeros project provides cash to expand its value against the US dollar, the euro and the EU.

13. The printed specifications make them immune to fraud. There are a lot of countries that embarked on this procedure, including the Turkey even scrapped term ppm to be replaced by a thousand, and can set up a mechanism to withdraw the old currency by subtracting the new currency with them and set a time limit to suspend trading record for a period of months, in light of that holds the government banks did not place them again in handle even the decay within the period specified.

* Fahd Antar Dokhi member of the Iraqi economists Association



author: ZJ Editor: 2016/06

Question to the Governor: Where does the Draft delete zeros project now stand , why not apply particularly now as it lifts the value of the dinar?

Answer: Draft delete zeros still exists and we have a technical preparation in this area, but we are waiting for the general stability of this great work need stability in addition to the stability in a particular institutions, we can organize and process management and supervision allowed breaches or abuses.

-MAKING THE DOLLAR EQUAL TO THE DINAR in current situation means encouraging more imports and miss opportunities to promote local production.

(Mnt Goat – Oh! – Did they just give us a hint as to the initial rate? I quote form the 2016 article – “making the dollar equal to the dinar” which means a 1:1 par with the dollar. Oh! – but how do they plan to do this? They are also telling us this too. I quote from the article again – “in current situation means encouraging more imports and miss opportunities to promote local production”. What does this last quote mean? It means they MUST first grow the economy and to do this means moving it over to the private sector)

It also means lower revenue for the general budget of the Ministry of finance will get less of the dinar against the dollar which it sells.

Either the dollar on the parallel market, by the law of supply and demand, the Central Bank has responded to the demand for dollars and covered it, the prevention of a rise in price, and closing opportunities for speculation in the market, and certainly there are other factors that play a role:

1. in the rise and fall of political and security stability, and 

2. the rule of law, 

3. the strength or weakness of the relevant State institutions.

(Mnt Goat -So once again this interview confirms that the project to delete the zeros is to lift the value of the dinar. So no agreement there. Then it get any clearer what they are looking for in order to move ahead again with the project to delete the zeros and revalue the currency? Are you paying attention or do you just want more hype?)


Governor of the Central Bank's "Tomorrow Press": Iraqi dinar is not in danger and delete the zeros Postponed

Sunday Jan 15, 2017

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press The Central Bank, said on Sunday that there is full control of the Iraqi dinar, revealing that the deletion of zeros from the currency, deferred for the time said the governor of the bank, on the Keywords, for "tomorrow's Press," that "the rumors about the Iraqi dinar at risk and prone to degradation and decline ".

In comparison with other currencies as dollar, is not true," adding that "Msatralih dinar fully and that in progress He added, "The Bank operates in accordance with the monetary and fiscal policies which are managed accurately and feminization and that the issue of "preservation of the Iraqi dinar of the priorities of his interest, but it's at the heart of his work and on the application of the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency, Keywords, said that "THE IRAQI CENTRAL BANK DID NOT SPECIFY A DATE FOR THE " DELETION OF ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY DINAR," NOTING THAT "SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF APPROPRIATE CONDITIONS, INCLUDING THE GENERAL STABILITY IN THE COUNTRY.



(Mnt Goat- Did you read these last two statements? The CBI told us they “need to ensure the success of the process before starting out”. What does this mean to you? To me it means they do not want to start and stop again. Next time they begin it will be for real, because they have ALL their ducks in a line. Get it now why it is taking so long?)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat


11-6-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   From Friday’s information we anticipated an announcement.  The CBI was urging people to bring in their cash and use electronic systems.  Also we heard that there might be a cap of 75,000 dinar for Iraqis to exchange as individuals.  That is...more for Iraqis living overseas and sending money home to their families. The announcement did happen, saying that town/district al-Qain has been liberated.  Rawa was also being contested, but that is a relatively deserted area. So we are hearing that the liberation is done, with even US radio stations announcing the full liberation of Iraq over the weekend.  We do hear they will liberate Rawa today.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-6-2017   Newshound Guru mike
   Article:  "Central Bank: currency outside banks amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars"   Iraq has roughly 56 trillion in M0 money supply with 40 trillion outside the banks. It's time for a change, pass the deposit law and the folks might begin coming back. For now, they trust and prefer their own security over the banks.

11-6-2017  Guest Newshound Guru Apmcrx   Article:  "A simulation of the dinar exchange rate linked to the basket of currencies"   ...article directly from the CBI webpage...THIS IS STRAIGHT FROM CBI AND THEY ARE TELLING YOU THE EXCHANGE RATE!!!  ...PDF document...is telling you the dinar exchange rate compared to the currency basket...from .90 to $1.15 IQD/USD...   Now, why the CBI is "simulating?" Because they want to go international and know the real IQD/USD exchange rate IMO.  Who suggested or proposed the peg to a basket of currencies?  IMF, World Bank, USA as we have seen the articles demanding this agencies to Iraq implementation of reforms IMO by the end of this year.

Barzani: ready to hand over oil and all revenues if conditions met


[BigB] Are these new things or progressing of things of the past?


[BigB] JESTER Events in both the US and or the world



[BigB] I am up and have been up on most events in both the world and RV world.


[BigB] Jester You may remember I was one of the first Dinar followers that brought up the GCR back when Okie was on. And I took much flak over it. The only other person that talked about it was Rich Queen.


[BigB] Jester. I believe it is more of a “feel” rather than seeing things progressing. It is a slow and well laid out plan. After all, non of us are supposed to see it coming!



[BigB] Jester I have always been with you on your info. I never had any contacts of the caliber of yours. Keep up the good work.





Lavender:  I believe.......Houston ?.... We have a go.... would be an awesome response right about......???

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There are Moments in Life to memorize for an Eternity ............. IMO .............. Such as tonight's CC.

With The Power of a Neutron Star we will Beam the CBI and her WORDS to the Universe tonight.

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Frank26:  CC ............... A COSMIC COLLISION ............. Why?  Because there are no more RUMORS ............. There are only the REASONS of the CBI now.



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Get1Later: If Iraq and the U.N. are signing ANY kind of agreement.... "wouldn't one think" that Chapter 7 has been FULLY eliminated and Iraq is HIDING IT from the World (wouldn't be the first time they've "hidden stuff")???

Iraq and the United Nations sign an agreement to launch a platform for reconstruction and stability

November 6, 2017

Iraq signed with the United Nations Human Settlements Program “Habitat” on Monday, the agreement to launch the platform of reconstruction and stability and strengthen resilience.

“The signing of this agreement is an effort and cooperation between the Ministry of Planning represented by the sectoral departments and the United Nations Human Settlements Program (Habitat) on the launch of an information platform,” said the technical agent of the Ministry of Planning, Maher Hammad Johan, On the projects and a clear picture of the mechanisms of follow-up projects for reconstruction, as well as it shows a part of the destruction that occurred in the affected areas to identify activities and distributed correctly at the sectoral level.

“The destruction of the infrastructure in Iraq is a great destruction, so we need to build a mechanism to follow up these projects and a clear priority to implement them,” Johann said, adding that “this platform is a tool of follow-up and to view these projects and their details during the various stages of implementation.”

For his part, said the director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program in Iraq, “Habitat” Irfan that “the signing of this agreement came in order to establish a platform for information for reconstruction projects and rehabilitation in Iraq,” pointing out that “the Convention will be a useful information tool for the ministry and the international community and the government Iraq to plan reconstruction projects in Iraq and also for monitoring and evaluation by the Iraqi government for the future period. “



IMF   Fifth Statistical Forum

November 16-17, 2017

The International Monetary Fund will hold the Fifth Statistical Forum at its headquarters in Washington DC on November 16-17, 2017. The Forum is a platform for policymakers, academics, researchers, and compilers of economic and financial data to come together to discuss cutting-edge issues in macroeconomic and financial statistics and to build support for statistical improvements.

The theme of this year’s Statistical Forum is “ Measuring the Digital Economy”. Digitalization has transformed the way we work, consume, and engage with one another. Against a backdrop of slow growth of GDP and productivity, concerns that existing macroeconomic statistics may not fully capture the gains from digital and digitally-enabled products and activities have become a topic of much discussion and debate. The Forum will include empirical or conceptual papers that foster progress on understanding the implications of digitalization for macroeconomic and financial statistics and developing strategies to fill the measurement gaps.

Please note that registration is closed on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 24H00 EST. Registered attendees will be required to present photo identification on entering the IMF at 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. For questions regarding the Forum, please send an email to STAForum@imf.org.

Please note that Forum participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses and make their own arrangements.

JesusLovesBaseball:  Training course in the field of Internet security and networks

The General Company for Services of the International Information Network / Training Division of one of the Ministry of Communications formed a training session entitled "Internet Security & Network" held in the training room in Salhia, attended by Mohammed Ali Hammadi who is affiliated with the National Network.

And a number of employees of other ministries, for the period from 29/10 to 2/11/2017, which comes within the company's efforts and plans to develop technical and administrative cadres and to implement the schedule of courses held by the company during the second half of this year.   LINK


Don961:  How long does the media kneel to global terrorists?

Said al-Iraqi     05/11/2017

Certainly, above all, we are not talking about the faculties here, but we are talking about a number of facts that have resulted from many of the citizens of the solution and travel, and we mean that the home is the media, both visual and audible and alike, history is full of important positions and events that changed His path and the remarkable manner that it carried with it many facts have had a significant impact on the minds of the human community, in addition to its direct link to human life and impact on both the time of occurrence or in the distant future, the events are many and their results are also many of the negative and positive

The nation Islamic for both traces due to What she suffered from injustice and unfairness by a handful of wolves wolves and monsters that led, and thus fell the nation in what is not praised the consequences of the torment and humiliation by the successors and kings and sultans ruled on their necks and the false suspicions sometimes false, and the power of the sword And the language of threat and intimidation at other times, and in those difficult situations have occurred under the influence of several introductions dragged them to the quagmire of colonial conspiracies and failed political schemes and religious fatwas supported by all in the media politicized and fond of dinars and dirhams at the expense of professional and Credibility that is considered the basis 

We have seen yesterday how the media played a big role in misleading and misleading the minds and turning the facts upside down when we fall for those three sides against the dinar. And the dirham and obedience to the desires and directives of the Umayyad authority and showed the entire Muslim world that Hussein (peace be upon him) outside, and he came out but the request for power and the presidency, and seeks to tear the unity of the nation and this is what the media highlighted so much until the right to falsehood and falsehood

Truly, the tricks and tricks of the Umayyads have been defeated And if today history repeats itself again, we will see the shady and hacked media kneeling in a humiliating way against the dollar and the dirham winning the orders of its masters, slaves of worldly pleasures and sovereign positions in exchange for distorting the facts on the Iraqis and keeping them away from the Iraqis.

The truth and the projects of its sincere and sincere men of Iraq who refuse humiliation and humiliation and love to follow in the footsteps of Hussein (peace be upon him) in spreading the freedom and the values ​​and principles of honest Islam, the media abandoned its true human and professional role and obedience to the corrupt political leaders and their masters

In the public make fun of its satellite channels to cry and slap and howls on Hussein, and behind the scenes destroyed by the corruption and corruption of the pillars of Islam, how long will the media kneel For the masters of global terrorism? .

Said al-Iraqi         link


100% Truth about Global Currency Reset , 6 NOV

In Video Game, the final person is the Final Boss.
If GCR is just a stupid game made by spirit beings, then who is the Boss? 
All the intel providers you are following, listening are all beings toyed or try to gain something out of you. This post is the authentic 100% truth about the GCR and what is coming next.

1. All of your currency money note in the World today is Gold-Backed already, it is not fiat like many intel provider said.
And all the money today is still in the old Gold-Backed system control by a "certain group" with certain rule like in-out-country dinar exchange, etc.

2. That Gold-Backed system is going to gone very soon and is going to replaced by all nation asset-back money system.
So all your knowledge, rule & law about the dinar, dong, rial will not apply in this brand new money system.

3. You can all see the changing in all nation politics, leaders already. It is no coincidence at all.

4. To know more about the brand new money system, please read this article http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t5-global-brand-new-money-system.

5. Now the question is how to transfer money from old system to new system?

6. Here we have 2 kind, 1 is bond note(Zimbabwe, Chilli, Government Bond, etc.) , 2 is currency (dong, dinar, rial, etc.)

7. All the currencies like dinar, dong, rial, etc. will be loop zero in general but increase in value. The reason will be used is like "tribulation for war, chaos in history,etc.), and the value will of their currencies will be increase from 2 to several times (less than 10 since 10 is 1 zero).

So all the brand new nation currencies will have rate from 1.0 to maximum 9.9 (This is the starting rate, it will only change once per year, there wont be any kind of forex, stock exchange in near future). There wont be any kind of 1$ for 10k or 20k in other local currency any more.

8. There will be global public announcement about this event very very soon. I may know the date but since I am not 100% sure then I do not prevent "guru like others". Very very possible after Donald Trump return from his Asia tour, or even in 11-11-2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

9 It will takes 2-3 years to transfer completely from old current system to brand new fair & square money system.

10. It will take each nation only few week to designed and printed new currencies. And with the new moral system I already told, there won't any stupid beings will fake or try to do some crazy stuffs.

That the 100% truth about the up coming GCR, you do not need to follow any "guru, expert", just ask and check all the global events especially the Iraq.

In order to "perform a movie" for the public so everything can be seem as normal, we must wait Donald Trump visit and have Asia tour. Then we can have some "predictable news": massive deals from Trump twitter #hohohaha

It is not for "underground website" but for the whole public people as well. That why there won't any kind of GESARA, public disclosure, aliens like many freaking stupid websites talk everything. All will be shut down immediately, the group are promoting GESARA, aliens, public disclosure are the "BAD PEOPLE" who want chaos & war. They are only think for themself but not from the public view point.

Next: I will post about the official Zimbabwe bond note rate and I will answer any questions relate to GCR if have.



chattels: Talks hit a snag after Iraqis reject joint force deployment: Peshmerga By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/051120175

chattels: Kurdish and Iraqi military officials have so far met three times to find a solution to tensions between the two sides. The main obstacle to reaching an agreement is that the Iraqi military “want all their demands be implemented, without leaving any space for negotiation,” Jabar Yawar said at a press conference Sunday evening in Erbil.
TWW: 25 dead, 24+ hurt from a bombardment with bullets in a CHURCH!!! Sutherland Springs, TX a small community of only 400. I received a phone call by my nephew, who is also a minister there, if I'd come down to Sutherland Springs along WITH OTHERS to join in.

There are an additional dozen on call. Not only will the families from the church need consulting but maybe the entire town of families. In most small communities like Sutherland Springs, everyone know everyone, so many lives have been touched down there. PLEASE FOR THIS ENTIRE COMMUNITY, THEY ARE ALL AFFECTED.

chattels: “They have backtracked from a joint mechanism” that had been agreed before the war on ISIS, Yawar said, explaining that Iraqi forces want exclusive control over the borders and disputed areas.

chattels: Asked about the demand from Abadi that the Peshmerga should either come under Iraqi command and receive their salaries from the central government or be downsized to a small, local force paid by the Kurdistan Regional Government, Yawar said this question had been settled about a decade ago.

chattels: In 2007, there was an agreement between the Iraqi and Kurdish forces signed by their respective defense ministers, Yawar explained. But it was not presented to the Iraqi parliament.

chattels: The agreement outlines the mission, types of weapons, and budget of the Peshmerga as part of the Iraqi defense system, as well as the mechanism on how to cooperate with the Iraqi army and security forces. This agreement was sponsored by the US-alliance that invaded Iraq in 2003, Yawar explained.

chattels: Asked about the twin suicide attacks in Kirkuk on Sunday that killed five people, Yawar said extremists will take advantage of the situation as the military standoff continues. This danger, he said, will pose a threat to the Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq.

chattels: The Peshmerga lost 60 soldiers and another 150 have been injured in fighting against the Iraqi forces and the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi since October 16, Yawar stated.

chattels: Yawar said they believe the current problems between Erbil and Baghdad are “political, not military” and so called for political dialogue to resolve the military tensions.

chattels: If it was political then they would be throwing shoes and not bombs.
chattels: Erbil rejects its reduced share in Iraq’s 2018 budget as unconstitutional By Rudaw

chattels: In a four-point statement on Sunday Erbil denounced the reduction of KRG’s share of the federal budget from 17 percent to 12.6 percent as “violating of section 3 of Article 121 of the constitution,” KRG officials had long complained that Baghdad never sent Erbil its full 17 percent in the past, but this is the first time to official reduce the share by law since the constitution was passed in 2005.

spanki: I don't think they would feel normal if they were not arguing--

chattels: Iraq’s Oil Export Talks With Turkey Complicated by $4 Billion Debt By Kadhim Ajrash


chattels: “The problem is that Turkey said they have debts with the Kurdish region amounting to $4 billion and Turkey is demanding their payment,” al-Luaibi said Thursday at a news conference. Iraq’s central government takes no responsibility for the Kurdish debt, he said.

chattels: One would have thought that Turkey would have been more supportive of Kurdistan given the debt owed to them by the KRG ?

spanki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzG9zcveMT8 stormy monday

spanki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_5-Kf2CrLc knockin on heavens door

xyz: It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.


spanki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8AOAap6_k4 teardrops

xyz: Everyone walking the streets is required to wear a mask.


xyz: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. [cummings]

xyz: Laughter is an instant vacation. [Berle]

Facto: I keep up with what is going on in Iraq and have for years. I am not feeling it, yet. I think the problem lies with everyone thinking that Iraq is taking whatever necessary steps needed to get the rv accomplished as an end goal. That is not the case. Iraq is just doing whatever needs to be done to survive and grow overall economically without an end goal of an rv.

There is no checklist they are going through that at the bottom of the list it says, "ready to rv". I am not expecting anything before 2020. It's like IraqiDay (an Iraqi soldier) said on facebook, more like 2025.

xyz: @Facto and?

Hennessy: @Facto we think alike

blackgold: If Trump gets everyone to agree to One World Currency it will be an instant RV of one to one I hope

blackgold: would rather see it Reinstated = RI at $3.00 plus

Tebow: Trump isn't even pushing for a one world currency, get a grip!

blackgold: What was that video about
blackgold: was it fake?

Tebow: what video?

blackgold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubdGL0pPcwg
President Donald Trump "All Currencies will be on an Even Level" Global Currency Reset
xyz: :censor:
blackgold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hi1vdvh12A
Trump Declares One World Currency / Global Reset Sooner than most think

blackgold: There are more

xyz: :crybaby

blackgold: I just wonder what is going on

Tebow: read the title on the video! Currencies.......... That's more than one !

blackgold: thats what i said

Tebow: not going to happen

xyz: News of the escape of Baghdadi from Iraq to Syria

https://translate.google.com/translate?u=https://arabic.rt.com/middle_east/908510--/ The leader of the organization "Daash" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi fled on Friday evening from the district of Rawa in Iraq and headed to the Syrian territory in a yellow taxi.

Tebow: fleeing in a cab

blackgold: @xyz thought he was dead
blackgold: @xyz Uber cab
blackgold: Wish they would make up their minds

xyz: @blackgold could have resurrected

chattels: The several reports over time of his death were ultimately dismissed and he is alive according to all but the Russians.

Tebow: could be granddad al-baghdadi

BobS: Facto: I keep up with what is going on in Iraq and have for years. I am not feeling it, yet. I think the problem lies with everyone thinking that Iraq is taking whatever necessary steps needed to get the rv accomplished as an end goal. That is not the case. Iraq is just doing whatever needs to be done to survive and grow overall economically without an end goal of an rv. There is no checklist they are going through that at the bottom of the list it says, "ready to rv". I am not expecting anything before 2020. It's like IraqiDay (an Iraqi soldier) said on facebook, more like 2025...................SPOT ON! In Total Agreement with your statement.

chattels: In the year 2025 I will be 74. I have been prepared for our event to be a generational occurence for my children. Such may just be the case, eh ?

BobS: I don't expect to see it in my lifetime and I'm way past that age now. My grandchildren will have greater lives when I'm gone.

chattels: Several investment people advised me when I commited resources to this speculation that it may happen, but by the time that it did that my money may be more productive in the stock market.

BobS: It has been interesting watching a country try to rebuild and learn how to have a democracy.

chattels: @BobS It has indeed.
chattels: @BobS Democracy is a messy business under the best of circumstances, eh ?

BobS: Yes indeed.
BobS: We are going through a messy one right now. Most want to close their eyes to it, but it is there and ashame that people have closed their minds to it. BUT we will prevail through it. Some will get hurt, but that hurt won't last long when we get through this mess.

chattels: @BobS We are almost 250 years in our own experiment and a civil war behind us.
chattels: @BobS America is too great to fail I believe.

BobS: I feel that most are still learning or feel they can get away with things, but we learned through the process that we won't allow it to happen.

BobS: Yes it is going through a rough bump right now.

chattels: @BobS Politicians and diapers, :)

BobS: AND lots of Kleenex's lol

blackgold: a lot of the country is rebuilt, we just aren't in on it. Sure some places need help but no worse than our own Detroit.

blackgold: And you want them to have Democracy? well you got it, just as messed up as our own government, so why complain

chattels: @blackgold I am not complaining. This is the stuff of life and living.

BobS: Some people have very sad souls and those I feel sorry for.
BobS: Hey Meatball....how are ya buddy.?

blackgold: Iraq will RV or RI when the Federal Reserve and UN and United nations let them

BobS: Still recovering from that fall up the steps. Foot seems to not want to heal.
meatball: they take time to heal

blackgold: everything else is smoke screen garbage

chattels: @blackgold We shall see. Tired of ideating on the conditions precedent or atttendant myself.

meatball: time shall tell

chattels: @BobS Injuries at our age may never heal friend.

blackgold: @chattels lol but don't stop feeding us

blackgold: @chattels it keeps us going  
​​BobS: I know it takes longer the older you get. I keep telling my friends that but for some reason I always don't listen to myself. lol

chattels: @blackgold Increasingly it feels more like regurgitation :)

meatball: 50s hit like a ton of bricks lol
chattels: @meatball 62 was the age for me.
BobS: Ah to be 50 again
meatball: I say that about the 40s lol

chattels: @BobS Indeed, my mother was fond of saying that youth is wasted on the young :)

blackgold: @chattels 60 beat me up too but i can still climb a latter and paint, cut trees and drag the brush to the trailer

meatball: you earn getting older now a days

blackgold: @chattels not without consequence though lol

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 6 2017

Compiled 1:04 am EDT 6 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 5 2017: "God's Been Good to me" -  - The Office of POOFness - 11.5.17

1. The Zim is on the screen and carries a very high number.

2. Zim and all the other currency exchanges and asset redemptions have commenced and the big boys are finishing their processes right now.

3. Tomorrow Nov. 6 the other groups will begin.

4. By Nov. 9 that should be finished and payments made if everything goes well.

5. Grandfather has started in his process. The US has started as well. Europe is well advanced in the process as well.


B. Nov. 5 2017 4:39 pm EDT Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 5, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Podesta's are feeling the heat. The Clinton's are next, then Bush and so on.

2. The Cabal are being exposed with the Paradise Papers suddenly emerging (only the beginning).

3. This will lead to arrests and eventually the Mass Arrest Event.

4. It is clear that we cannont exchange until we see the USN replace the USD because the NPTB won't allow public exchanges in USD.

5. The Event is where everything happens at once: Mass Arrests, Disclosure, Restoration of the Republic and activation of GESARA (as agreed with the Paris Agreement).

6. The day we exchange will be the day after the Event.


C. Nov. 5 2017 4:01 pm EDT Saudi Arabia, Bush & Clinton Crime Families: Sorcha Faal: "Deep State" Bloodbath Moves to Saudi Arabia What Does It Mean

A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that National Security Agency (NSA) forces loyal to President Donald Trump have moved the “rampage-bloodbath” they’ve initiated against their “Deep State”enemies to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—and where, just hours ago, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman began a shocking purge of his government by his ordering the immediate arrest of 10 senior princes and over 38 ministers due to their terrorist money laundering associations with both the Bush Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family—and that includes one of the richest men in world, Prince al-Walid bin Talal.