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chattels: Frankly, I am increasingly comfortable with the notion of flushing my dinar as toilet paper rather than see another American life lost or the hope of liberty extinguished in the Kurdish nation.
Whitelions: @chattels you go right ahead then you won't have to bother with it any more .
Spectra: :que The Iraq Dinar is not and never will be toilet paper .I say to those who think this or even loosely use the phrase then get rid of for you do not belong in this investment . I am straight to the point .Why waste your time talking about your investment in such a manner .That shows Lack of confidence . Why then are you here? keep your faith in your own decision to buy it .After all do you not trust your own self..?
 ...Spectra: https://warontherocks.com/2017/10/debunking-myths-about-the-kurds-iraq-and-iran/

Spectra: This article exemplifies what is truly going on.
Spectra: @Spectra Never GIVE UP NEVER for if you do .That outcome cannot be changed .
Spectra: This was not meant for the weak stay strong ...
txbrand: Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight!
blackgold: @chattels anything we do with our dinar will never influence American lives or Kurdish lives being lost or saved, these greedy governments ,Corp and people will keep doing whatever,to their benifit
blackgold: @chattels They are praying you turn in your dinar at a lost to their benifit and then they'll double dip later at your expense again

blackgold: @chattels or there is always some newbie ready to by more at the gurus say so
blackgold: @chattels They will make money some way. You or we don't count period

Whitelions: @Boomer that is the easy part showing proof all banks have 800 numbers and use them every day please call them and ask how you go about exchanging different currencys they will tell you they have no reason to lie to you they want your money in there banks and they want the money they charge you to exchange the currency , 

the place where you bought your dinar is also a redemption center along with banks the rate will be higher or lower with what country you are in ,Chinese elders are all old Chinese people but they have nothing to do with Iraq unless they hold dinar , Madam Wu, Cabals, Cartels if they were real would have a better system to control the dinar than putting the word out with gurus that sit in the basements of there homes trying to scam you out of your money . What you should be asking is for the guru your listening to to show you proof of what they are telling you and see if you get it .
Whitelions: I do have to say that you people that are following the day to day crap that is going on in Iraq need to stop it lol I know all these years we have had to learn how Iraq works in order to understand this investment but now they have come so far that we need to watch Abadi and how he deals with the kurds witch he is done with and now they will deal so just keep an eye on them but don't obsess about them , Abadi is on the move setting up agreements with country's all around Iraq he has Told the USA and Iraq not to drag him into there fight . so follow the money now and we are just about there .

Whitelions: Back in 2004, President George W. Bush put a law into effect allowing anyone to invest in the Iraqi currency, known as Dinars.  When the US went to war with Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar, their currency was taken off the World Monetary Exchange until their sovereignty would be given back to the Iraqi’s.
MichelleL: good advice WL - I must say us "longer vintage dinarians" keep up strictly as a form of entertainment, without looking at an "inevitable" in any of their words
Whitelions: the liberation of Al-Qaim and Rawa will restore Iraq's sovereignty over all its territory



I think the most important information is that we know this is coming to a close. It will be interesting to find out what all the various meetings were about and if the banking systems will all be in compliance. I believe the visit from was important. I am sure we will hear more about that soon

Tillerson will be there until Friday, Minuchin will be there until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I think this will be over pretty soon.


Just got the big call to be at my bank tomorrow morning to exchange my currency. I was told their will be an NDA. I'm doing cartwheels, probably for sure won't get any sleep. The guy told me their going to do a few each day to cut down on the volume of people they expect to come in......

All those people you talked into getting rid of their currency are going to be PISSED. I'll expect some of these guys are going to try and hunt you down, and it won't be pretty......Anyway I will fast track my passport, and this time next week laying on a beach somewhere......Shutting down computer now. 

I feel sorry for dinar daily....You'll probably at least be sued....Good luck guys.....Your going to need it.......Time to pack.........Like I said I'll actually say a pray, especially for the poor fools who listened to you......

Sender e-mail address: MBoswell@#$%^&*

Well good luck to you mboswell! Hope you don't mind me posting this here so we can keep all of the folks up to speed. 
But if you had to sign an NDA what in the world are you doing sending this message to us here? Shame on you! LOL 


10-26-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   [...although Abadi’s speech was not what we were loking for... What are you specifically looking for Abadi to say?...]  I’m looking for him to say that the liberation has been achieved, and that economic reforms are completed, with national reconciliation and removal of restrictions of the currencies and the multi-currency process.  It’s a daisy chain:  the country being unified and liberated, economic reform, people being paid, etc. 

10-26-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf
  [new Guru]   "Iraq cannot become a member of the WTO without an international currency This is another huge misconceptionMyanmar, Cambodia and Laos are all members of the WTO with an Article 14 currency the same as Iraq. Myanmar has had more years of UN sanctions than I care to remember. Iraq has not had a meeting with the WTO since 2008, Laos became a member of the WTO in 2013 and had 6 meetings with the WTO between 2008 and 2012. To become a WTO member each country must have a credible trade profile. This has been a major stumbling block for Iraq with Iraq and Kurdistan unable to come to some agreement. They each have their own view on the implementation of tariffs and until that is resolved the WTO is dead in the water. Absolutely nothing to do with the currency.

10-26-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and the Saudi’s want to trade using their own currencies and not have to convert to the US dollar each time they want to do business with Iraq.  ...these other countries are already trading in this manner and hoped that Iraq would soon join them as trading partners “in this manner”. This is all very good news and puts lots of pressure for Iraq to use this own dinarBut how does Iraq do this? It is much more than just “pushing a button” or as some say “triggering the RV”.   It is a very complicated process to change over a hyper-inflationary purposed currency without either stagnating the economy or causing hyper- inflationary situation. Remember they are not lopping the 3 zeros and so it makes it even more tender of a situation to manage. So they move cautiously and slowly. Even Dr. Shabibi told us this process “would take years to implement” and it has taken years. We are about to see the end result.  [post 2 of 2]

10-26-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Abadi made a speech on Tuesday oct 24th saying that Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world. ...this does not mean they are about to RV. This is not some speech we have been waiting for to trigger the RV. You must not take an event and just look at the event. Instead you must consider everything going on around the event and what leads up to it. This will give you the entire picture. ...When the RV does happens it will be a re-instatement of the currency to the international community and it will coincide nicely with all the international efforts the CBI and Finance ministry has been doing over these last years.  Abadi said...the goal was to bring the war torn nation “back to its former glory”.  They need their currency back online with the rest of the world...this re-instatement is the end result not the goal. It is a necessity not a goal.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-26-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98    What substance does my information have behind it?  Bankers are saying quite possibly this week, added together with the information coming out of Iraq, plus people with cards with dinar loaded on them (in the US and other countries), with a rate of $3+.  It’s a waiting process, and we still don’t know for how long.

10-26-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article:  "Official reception of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi at the Turkish Government Palace in Ankara"   ...it's timing, it's placement. ...One more stop for Abadi with Tehran with an olive branch in offering from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the region in reconciliation to move forward in harmony, in friendship and not to mention, profits for all...

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call Replay


blackgold: @chattels what does all this mean for us and the reinstatement of the value of the Iraqi dinar
blackgold: Maybe if the Speaker of the House spent more time working on US problems we all might have affordable healthcare

chattels: @blackgold To answer your question definitively I would have to know the conditions precedent and attendant to an increase in the value of the dinar.

chattels: @blackgold I do not know.

chattels: @blackgold However, if our lirquidity event is affected by the status of security and stability in the region then my guess is that the news posted hereinabove is not favorable to our event.
chattels: Saving the KRG Is Vital to U.S. and Iraqi Interests Bilal Wahab October 25, 2017 http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/saving-the-krg-is-vital-to-u.s.-and-iraqi-interests

chattels: Finally, the KRG's survival is a necessary U.S. fallback if Abadi loses his reelection bid next year against empowered pro-Iran rivals. In that scenario, anti-American voices in Iraq would likely intensify, and the KRG could become the only reliable U.S. partner in moderating national politics, maintaining the country's independence, and undercutting the Islamic State's reemergence.

To avoid such outcomes in 2018, Washington needs to restrain Abadi today, asking him to avoid pushing beyond the KRG's constitutionally protected 2003 borders.

chattels: " ................ avoid pushing beyond the KRG's constitutionally protected 2003 borders."

chattels: US Speaker Ryan to Iraq: Heed Secretary Tillerson about Iran-backed militias By Rudaw 1 hour ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/2510201711

chattels: "Baghdad should accept this offer and enter into meaningful discussions that address long-term Kurdish concerns about autonomy, share of the national budget, and oil revenues," said Rep. Ryan in a statement on Wednesday. The statement was co-signed by the chairmen of the House's intelligence, foreign affairs, and armed services committees. "The bloodshed must stop immediately," read the statement.

chattels: Official: Iraqi parties smuggle billions of dollars of oil, gov’t powerless By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/251020171

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 Iraqi forces temporarily halt advance on Fishkhabor border crossing in Dahok province, Emergency Response Division. http://mobp.as/V3KSj

chattels: Intel Guru Frank26 IMO...OUR DAYS TOGETHER IN THE MR [Monetary Reform] STUDY ARE BUT FEW. HOW DOES ONE INTRODUCE A CESSATION? [...in Hawaii... to introduce a Cessation...would one not say..."Aloha"?] In this Cessation...We say all three of Aloha's meanings...I Love You and...Greetings as we say...Goodbye.

chattels: @blackgold Good, while my posting may not be helpful, i do hope that it is not injurious to life and living :)

blackgold: @chattels the post was great i was just wondering if and how it pertained to us
blackgold: @chattels there will be time enough to sleep in the grave

chattels: @blackgold I wish to high heaven that I really knew something. I read alot and post some of what seems germane to me.

blackgold: @chattels B Franklin said that i believe

chattels: @blackgold “There is plenty of time to sleep in the grave” ― William Shakespeare, according to the internet

blackgold: @chattels At this point thats all you can do and hope we get something out of it, keeps us busy
blackgold: @chattels oh ok, b Franklin must have quoted him

chattels: @blackgold Yes, just staying busy and hoping to learn something in the process, eh ?

blackgold: @chattels yep
blackgold: @chattels without you and spectra many would be in the dark
blackgold: @chattels subjected to only guru junk

chattels: @blackgold There are many who try to report with integrity and without pretense I think.

chattels: @blackgold The danger is not what we know, but what we think that we know at times.

blackgold: guilty as charged
chattels: @blackgold " Mea culpa " here as well

sandyf: @xyz: @sandyf age of supercomputer is yesterday. - Try and stay in context. The problems in this venture lie at grass roots level, not cyberspace. One should be careful not to lose sight of reality. When wages and prices have changed it will be time to smile.

blackgold: @sandyf I believe it is just beginning and if these idiots finally learn to mix a human with a maxhine we will have a beast ,if we don't already have one

blackgold: @sandyf Emerson,Lake and Palmer's Album--Brain salad Surgury
blackgold: @sandyf But we gave you life --WHATELSE COULD YOU DO==to do what was right---I"M PERFECT ARE YOU

Hennessy: @chattels I only post when you aren't around lol

blackgold: shame on you

Hennessy: I'm sure your knowledge on economics and politics are superior to mines, you can at least explain everything you find, I just post whatever I see relevant, updated and reliable to me
​chattels: @Hennessy :)
Hennessy: I rather search in the dark for truths than to follow guru news

chattels: @Hennessy I can remember posting with great trepidation early on myself :)

chattels: @Hennessy I am a macroeconomiic idiot and I have recently been wrong about the politics for sure.

chattels: @Hennessy I encourage all to engage. It is the stuff of community, life and living.

blackgold: trepidation ? I'm Protestant

chattels: @blackgold I am Anglican :)
blackgold: lol

blackgold: let me see your wings

blackgold: @chattels http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/Christmas/angels/angel-animated-gif-4.gif

chattels: @blackgold

blackgold: @chattels nice

blackgold: @chattels You know whats funny, the bible never show or spoke of an Angel being female but we see alot of them

blackgold: People say we are close in this investment, Maybe we are, but don't buy anymore

chattels: @blackgold It does not show God or Jesus as a white male, but .......................

chattels: @blackgold My hope is that when I am face to face and in His presence that such things, race and gender, will not matter, eh ?

Hennessy: @blackgold you wouldn't suggest we buy anymore dinars?

Boomer: @blackgold Why not?

chattels: Depends upon how much you have already and/or one's tolerance for risk in investment I would think.

Boomer: In other words that was for us without any measurable degree of intelligence, I'm so thankful people are around like that because I'm so damn STUPID I would have gone out and bought another Truckload of that paper, and I thought they were coupons.

blackgold: @Boomer keep funding them and they won't rv

Hennessy: 26/10/2017 - 11:42 ERBIL — Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militias and Iraqi forces attacked on Thursday the Peshmerga positions in Pirde town, 45 km to the south-east of Erbil. Kamal Kirkuki, a Peshmerga commander on the frontline, told BasNews that the militias of Hashd al-Shaabi launched on Thursday an offensive against the Peshmerga forces near Pirde town.

The Peshmerga forces responded to their attack, killing nine militias and foiling their offensive. Meanwhile, the Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias of Hashd al-Shaabi launched an unprovoked offensive on the Peshmerga positions in northwest of Mosul on Thursday. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/kurdistan/388336

Hennessy: Thu Oct 26, 2017 08:35AM - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called for the total annulment of the recent Kurdish secession referendum in northern Iraq, apparently rejecting the Kurdish leader’s recent decision to merely freeze the results of the unconstitutional vote. - “

We will accept nothing but the annulment of the referendum and respect for the constitution,” Abadi’s office in Baghdad said in a Thursday statement. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/10/26/539916/Iraq-kurd-independence

Hennessy: DENICE NATALI - OCTOBER 26, 2017 - DEBUNKING MYTHS ABOUT THE KURDS, IRAQ, AND IRAN https://warontherocks.com/2017/10/debunking-myths-about-the-kurds-iraq-and-iran/?singlepage=1

Hennessy: OCTOBER 26, 2017 / 2:28 AM / UPDATED 26 MINUTES AGO - Iran's Khamenei tells Iraq's Abadi not to trust U.S.: TV - ANKARA (Reuters) - Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Thursday said Iraq should not rely on the United States in its fight against Islamic State, state TV reported. “Unity was the most important factor in your gains against terrorists and their supporters ... Don’t Trust America ... It will harm you in the future,” Khamenei told a visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.


chattels: Peshmerga respond to, push back Iraqi militia attack near Zummar By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/2510201710

chattels: oel Wing Retweeted Alex Mello‏ @AlexMello02 3h3 hours ago Replying to @AlexMello02 fed ISF past the 2003 Green Line and inside the “core KRG”- Habur is just a few kms from Zakho. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 4h4 hours ago Iraqi PM responds to Kurdish proposal to freeze referendum results: we will only accept its cancellation. http://mobp.as/cDgTj

chattels: This time the Iraqi advance was initiated with blatant disregard for days of strong and explicit warnings delivered by CJTF partner nations

chattels: This is a damned shame. At stake is continued partnership with a 70+ nation coalition that includes almost all the world's key economies

chattels: In the same manner that the US and other nations imposed consequences on KRG for spurning all advice, the same may follow here with Iraq.
chattels: We'll see what the day's events bring, but this is entirely against US & CJTF advice & requests, and there will be consequences.

chattels: US advice did not prevent the referendum no-matter how explicit it was: same here apparently. The effects came after: same here probably.

chattels: A lot of folks think the US is so invested in the main ally, Iraq, that it can't deploy its leverage. We'll see. This is the test.

chattels: When an ally is determined on a course of action that you oppose, sometimes you can't shift them off it. The expected benefits r too great.

chattels: Success at influencing Iraq next time is totally dependent on how we (CJTF) react immediately and how we follow up this influence failure.

chattels: If Iraqi gov is confident & strong enough to make these decisions - it is - then is is strong enough to receive feedback without kid gloves

chattels: I'm a dedicated supporter of ISF, I wish ISF best luck in their anti-IS ops, but this will make long-term security cooperation less likely.

chattels: If Iraqi gov is really this determined to rely on Rev Guard & Hezbollah clones rather than 70+of the world's strongest econ & mil powers ...

chattels: Frankly, that would be as ill-advised as KRG holding the referendum this year. Baghdad puts itself in the same corner of alienating friends.

chattels: https://twitter.com/Mikeknightsiraq?lang=en

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday that they will not accept anything from the Kurdish government less than cancelling the Kurdish independence referendum that was held on September 25, despite the Baghdad opposition. His remark comes a day after the Kurdish authorities offered to freeze the outcome of the independence vote. “We do not accept but cancelling the referendum, and adherence to the [Iraqi] constitution,” PM Abadi said while meeting the Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri in Tehran. http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/26102017

chattels: I was hoping for at least a semantical compromise between Baghdad and Erbil. A " freeze " is not a " cancellation ", but .................. this referendum was only a statement of intention and not the act of independence. It seems to me that Baghdad is making too much of this and pushing beyond certain limits, semantically and on the ground.

chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof 59m59 minutes ago You are literally getting the polar opposite info from Twitter fans of opposing sides in #Iraq right now. Online propaganda war is in full swing. #KRG #Kurds

chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof 2h2 hours ago More Florian Neuhof Retweeted Wladimir #Peshmerga and #Iraq|i forces clash at Zummar near #Syria|n & #Turkey border. Iraqi vehicles have been knocked out; further use of German Milan missiles by #Kurds? This could turn into a prolonged, bloody fight.

chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof 4h4 hours ago More Florian Neuhof Retweeted Patrick Osgood I would imagine that the #Peshmerga will put up quite a bit of resistance here. #Iraq #KRG

chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof 4h4 hours ago #Iraq forces assault last #ISIS bastion, advance on #Kurds https://sg.news.yahoo.com/iraq-forces-assault-last-bastion-advance-kurds-061427976.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw … via @yahoosg

chattels: Iraqi forces have retaken more than 90 percent of the territory IS seized in the country in 2014, with the jihadists now confined to a small stretch of the valley adjoining some of the last areas they still hold in Syria. "The heroic legions are advancing into the last den of terrorism in Iraq to liberate Al-Qaim, Rawa and the surrounding villages and hamlets," Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said in a statement from neighbouring Iran where he is on a state visit. "They will all return to the arms of the motherland thanks to the determination and endurance of our fighting heroes," he added. "The people of IS have no choice but to die or surrender."

chattels: Nationalistic talk and verbiage like the " arms of the motherland " sound like Nazi Germany, eh ?

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 2h2 hours ago Iraqi forces advance toward K1 Base S of Qaim. http://mobp.as/ILmTj

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 1h1 hour ago Iraqi 7th Div & Tribal PMU liberate Rawah crossroads 5 kilos W of Anah, W Anbar province. http://mobp.as/QUmTj

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 31s31 seconds ago Iraq PMU denies report that PMU leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis was killed during advance on Fishkhabor crossing. http://mobp.as/gjqTj

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 36s37 seconds ago Replying to @DavidMWitty1 Adds that Iraq Army & PMU continue advance on Fishkhabor border crossing, currently controlled by Peshmerga.

Whitelions: Back in 2004, President George W. Bush put a law into effect allowing anyone to invest in the Iraqi currency, known as Dinars.  When the US went to war with Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar, their currency was taken off the World Monetary Exchange until their sovereignty would be given back to the Iraqi’s. Home  Security.......... Parliamentary Security: the liberation of Al-Qaim and Rawa will restore Iraq's sovereignty over all its territory

chattels: Whether traveling by aircraft, vehicle, or on foot, the Anbar Governorate is vast. During a time when mining roads became a strategy of choice for insurgents, the need to patrol and travel throughout the province became one of the Marine Corps’ greatest challenges. The threat of insurgent activity, when combined with the challenges that long-distance travel, choking dust, and stifling heat created, made the Anbar Province a difficult area of operation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Anbar_Governorate

chattels: The name of the governorate in Persian language means "warehouse" or "silo", from the verb, anbâshtan (to store, to warehouse). This was the last stop/warehouses on the old Silk Road toward Syria. The name is pre-Islamic. The name of the Governorate is taken over from a historic city that was originally located on its territory and whose ruins can still be seen 5 km northwest of Fallujah near the city of Saqlawiyah today.

This city of Anbār (Persian: Peruz Shapur) was founded in the 3rd century by the Muntherids, and was before the Arab conquest in 634, the second largest city of Iraq. It was abandoned after the Mongol invasion in the 14th century.

chattels: Al-Qaim and Rawa have populations of about 180,000 and 30,000 respectively.

chattels: These two cities and other smaller towns are located along the Euphrates River.

chattels: Al Anbar is Iraq's largest and westernmost province. It comprises 32 percent of the country's total land mass, nearly 53,208 square miles (137,810 km2), almost exactly the size of North Carolina in the United States and slightly larger than Greece.

chattels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_War_in_Anbar_Province

chattels: Alex Mello‏ @AlexMello02 Following Following @AlexMello02 What happens if the first push fails? Iraq starts using airpower? Attempts to pressure KRG on other fronts? Turkey steps in?

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago More Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Alex Mello It is when political leaders are most confident that they make the biggest mistakes. We'll see how this turns out.

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago Readers of #InsideIraqiPolitics, we did a profile back in Sept 2014, when Abadi took office, reviewing his record as an MP.

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago Replying to @UticaRisk Our profile showed Abadi to be an ideological centralist. As chairman of the Finance Comm, he'd strongly supported Maliki on KRG oil policy. 
​chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago Replying to @UticaRisk In interview after interview, Abadi was consistent. But as committee chairman, he didn't control an army & have a popular wave at his back.

chattels: Abadi is no " choir boy ". He has a past and that past was Dawa / State of Law Coalition, which are Maliki political constructs or controlled.

chattels: It appears that Abadi and Co. may be intent upon abject subjugation of the Kurds which is, some believe, an over reach by Abadi that will backfire.

chattels: Sadly, the end result of all of this may be the reduction/weakening of the Kurds without an Abadi " victory " in the May elections.

chattels: Or Abadi may turn out to be just another Maliki, Iran proxy or despot in his own right.

Whitelions: No Abadi is not a "Choir Boy" but he has owned up to everything he did while working under Maliki and his record since he has Taken office speaks for it's self Iraq would still be under a dictatorship and none of what Abadi has done to bring Iraq in to the world stage would be done and the Dinar we hold would never have the chance to become what it will become in the near future.

chattels: We shall see.

chattels: Frankly, I am increasingly comfortable with the notion of flushing my dinar as toilet paper rather than see another American life lost or the hope of liberty extinguished in the Kurdish nation.

Iraq Dinar RV Great News Message!


Steffen Rowe/Tank INTEL, 26 OCT

There's a lot of scattered intel from now to January but the public evidence is very sound.

•know of some people who got liquid in Hong Kong. If they have funds it would stand to reason that we're about to go as well or you couldn't keep it a secret with a few Uber Rich folks acting acting like a Gods making it rain. 

•In addition, Iraq has said they're paying their citizens tomorrow and we already know the value has changed on their Qui cards. 

•George H W Bush has been publicly accused of sexually assaulting an actress. Which speaks to disclosure but will be broadly overlooked because he's so old. 

•Trump tweeted out today that he will release the sealed JFK Files tomorrow, which should reveal Mossad involvement and possibly the Catholic Church in his assassination. That would be the Flash Bang for our exchanges

•I had heard a rumor today that Trump made some kind of private announcement pertaining to the Gold Backed currency, and coincidentally he was in Dallas near the only State held Gold Reserve. 

•And there could be a big reveal about the Niger ambush and the Cabal sources behind that. 

•It's all set up in my opinion to go at any moment. Not exactly sure what is the trigger.

Feel free to share



Elmerf123456:  Regarding Iraq …All the signs are there. We say we don’t believe in coincidences. Too many deals being done, too many new formed partnerships in and out of their country, region and the world. If that doesn’t raise value, nothing will.

We are very blessed to be holding what we’re holding!

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi declined Tehran’s official invitation to take part in President Hassan Rouhani’s second-term inauguration ceremony on August 5.

Such a refusal would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

This speaks volumes. It tells me that IRAQ is no longer weak and thanks to Abadi, this country is about to set sail and no longer a little sister in the Middle-east but a country making bold moves and entering the BIG BOYS club and world stage. Buckle up. We be grooving!!!


Rrrr: I know of a flower, that needs no water, or soil, or sun. It stays in full bloom, makes the seasons all fun. Through good times and bad, it never gets smaller. Growing endlessly it seems, it gets taller and taller. Sometimes a little droop, but, let there be no doubt. Our time has come at last, for her to stand up and shout! All Dinarians will have one, in a short time you’ll see. She’s just about to blossom. Her fruit is RV.

KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call 10-25-17

KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call  10-25-17

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#





Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 26 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 26 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Rumors abound about an RV release date, with most pointing to a Global Currency Reset by this next weekend Oct. 27-29. The bottom line: no one but the Powers That Be (Chinese Elders) know when, and they weren't about to say.

The Restored US Republic was said to have come into effect last Sat. Oct. 21, while the new US Treasury Notes (replacing the Federal Reserve Notes) evidently went live on Mon. Oct. 23. The Elders were said to have released funds to certain Asian countries the next day on Oct. 24.

Some weeks ago it was announced that the Zim was already gold-asset backed, plus last week the main stream media reported that the Chinese Yuan (set to replace the USN as the main world reserve currency) would be gold-asset backed by tomorrow, Oct. 26.

When the Global Currency Reset did occur, be prepared for an economic downturn in the US and perhaps the world, along with mass arrests and political chaos. This was not about one's riches. Our greater calling was to help humanity through the upcoming crises.

A. Oct. 25 2017 3:14 pm EDT Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 25, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. JFK Disclosure is set for tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 26.

2. Depending on what is revealed it could be the spark that will light the fire, spread rapidly and those involved will be exposed.

3. The media will blow up.

4. We could see mass arrests very shortly.

5. What happens tomorrow Oct. 26 and in the next few days will decide if we will see the GCR/RV before Nov.


B. Oct. 25 TNT Call Replay: iTeleseminar.com/102591057

1. There seems to be a few issues with the banks that are being resolved, and they now expect some things to pop out later this week.

2. We have our own recon man for Reno, and whenever we hear something from Reno, he usually tells us to stand down. This time he is saying “Reno is ready”.

3. Iraqi PM Abadi made a statement that Iraq is ready to take a leading role in the region and in the world. For most, that implies a change in the currency. Economists are also talking about an upcoming change in the value of the Dinar.

C. Oct. 25 2017 4:08 am EDT Intel Update, Tilton: "Tonight's the Night" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 10-24-17 Dinares Gurus

1. 50% of the Prosperity Packages have gone out.

2. Bankers were saying RV release on Wed. Oct. 25 or Thurs. Oct. 26.

3. Code guys were saying RV release on Thurs. Oct. 26 or Fri Oct. 27.

4. Iraq lower denoms of the Dinar were said to be out by Thurs. Oct. 26 or Fri. Oct. 27.

5. USN was rumored to be active by mid. Nov.

6. RayRen98 said that there was a 50 billion cap on Zim exchanges (I call that bullcrap). He also said that there would be 6 zeros off the Zim. (I have confirmation that there would be no zeros off the Zim).


D. Oct. 24 2017 10:29 pm EDT RV Intel, Beny:
 Beny: 7 Days Left | The Magical Number + RV Intel

1. Beny was told that the RV would be within 48 hours (by sometime Thurs. Oct. 26).

2. A banker told Beny that on Oct. 24 he received a bank memo that said the RV would be by the end of this week (by Fri. Oct. 27).

3. This week they would release the lower denominations of the Iraqi Dinar, which would raise the rate.

4. Oil prices were up today Oct. 24, which would raise the price of oil and thus raise the Dinar rate.

5. On Oct. 24 there were three major banks in meetings together discussing the public exchange.



Don961:  Vietnam FDI Rises 11.8%

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vietnam received an estimated $14.2 billion in foreign direct investment in the first 10 months of this year, up 11.8% from the same period in 2016, the government said on Wednesday,

Reuters reported. FDI pledges for new projects, increased capital and stake acquisitions jumped 37.4% from a year earlier to $28.24 billion, the investment ministry said in a report published on its website.

The manufacturing and processing industry received the most foreign funds as of October, followed by the real estate sector. South Korea, Japan and Singapore were biggest investors in Vietnam.



IdahoUSA:  I think the most important information is that we know this is coming to a close. It will be interesting to find out what all the various meetings were about and if the banking systems will all be in compliance. I believe the visit from was important. I am sure we will hear more about that soon

RvAlready:  Tillerson will be there until Friday, Minuchin will be there until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I think this will be over pretty soon.