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NetGlobal:  Does anyone know when the Iraqis and the Kurds are supposed to meet. Was it today or Wednesday?

RVAlready:  Re: the meetings. Alak is in DC meeting with the IMF. I believe there is an IMF meeting in Iraq on Wednesday.

Lilypad:  GM TNT. http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2017/october/iraq-responds-to-kurdis​h-quest-for-independence-by-seizing-kirkuk-oil-fields

Phantom809:  Lilypad -- Thank you -- That news actually sounds positive.

Lilypad:  Phantom--It is---Abadi must keep Iraq unified--National Reconciliation

Netglobal:  lilypad, Abadi better get a move on. These issue with the Kurds have been outstanding for years

Lilypad;  Netglobal--All countries and agencies are backing Abadi. No one is backing the Kurds except some scattered Iran militia and Kurdish government officials. That alone tells the story

Swampyjack:  Have you given any thought to the possibility that this situation is just a diversion ? Watch the right hand not the left one?

Holdinon: Swampy - I total agree....

Four2atous:  For those who are fearful about NDA please go to the link listed for basic information= https://www.bitlaw.com/forms/nda.html#elements

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call


StephenMac63:  Some thoughts,

Much has been achieved even to the point of the GOI submitting monies to various ministries via electronic debit instead of the old-fashion way of sending pallets of cash and expecting the best.

The monies sent to retirees, again, debit card, no chance of pilferage.

You see articles that inform us that Kurdistan and Baghdad are to participate in a conference.....do you actually believe they would be hanging out together if there was a threat of internal strife?

We know Kurds cant go anywhere, the international world basically said "Knock it off". If there were forces entering Kurdistan, guess what, they can......why? Because there is no country called Kurdistan, its a self-proclaimed territory in the outbacks by a tribe that claim to have it's own government. Guess what.....they are Iraqi, its on Iraq land.
There are several ways to see this....one, we know that the majority of the public are just reactionary to what we are fed by the media. Example, the articles relating to Kurd/Baghdad situation. How do we know there is a situation?

Because its what it is reported in the media?

Who controls the media? Of course its controlled, and for a reason. Who is controlling it? Obviously someone that has a reason to. What is the reason? Only thing I come up with that makes any sense to me is......Timing.

Timing of what? Well we know that if we look back at the events that have happened in Iraq since 2003 we can see a pattern, at least I do. The pattern is also demonstrated by the Sunni, Shiite, Kurds. The pattern is that each of the "factions" do one thing at a time, one item then the next, they have a situation that follows a situation. I havent seen where two situations happen at the same time with the same faction.

Example......A few months ago we all were looking at little maps of Green Liberated Areas relating to the progress of the Iraqi Army efforts to rid of ISIS. I call this the "Left Hand". Its a show. Its what is portrayed in the media.

During that time the Kurds had a wonderful opportunity to have a 'referendum". I know first hand that what was demonstrated as "News" when it was presented is not factual because when the article spoke of the forces finally entering the Grand Mosque....please, the forces were in there a few months before that because a video was leaked and several folks in KTFA saw the very same raised podium where Al Baghdadi made his proclomation. Its a show.

There is always one event after another that causes an action and a reaction in Iraq....but ya know, you never see two events happening at the same time, except for repports of various battles with ISIS but thats just about done.....according to who? The media.

I personally see aside from what is being presented....you may watch the show, the actors, the lighting, the expressions, even follow the storyline........I see the fact that there is a show going on but I question...."Ok, who gains what from this, why are they doing this, what is not being concentrated on.

I personally am smiling because of the fact that there is a reason this show is being put on. What better way for Abadi to demonstrate that he has the ability to govern the country? To show that he has control of it.

I love it, I cant wait for the next act.


JesusLovesBaseball: 100,000 fake visas were seized in Iran to Iraq

1 hour ago

Iranian police seized 100,000 fake visas to Iraq for Iranians seeking religious visits, a newspaper reported Monday.

"The security forces dismantled a gang of six people and seized 100,000 false visas as the 40th anniversary approached," said Tehran police chief General Hussein Rahimi. "We are visiting Karbala, about 100 kilometers southwest of Baghdad.   LINK


RPharmer] JESTER Do you think there will be any good windows/time frames for the reset to occur in 2017? I know no one knows the date. Just wondering…




10-16-2017  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan  Questions: “When do I know when to exchange?  Where’s the rate going to be when I feel ok to do it?”  Now we do know from all of our previous investigations that the CBI plans on/love to get back up to the $3 plus range somewhere in the near future.  We don’t know when that is going to be or how that’s going to look.  We don’t even know when it’s going to start.  My invitation to you is, take a step back.  Be realistic.  You need to consider your age.  You need to consider how much you have.  You need to consider your planning for taxes.  You need to consider your legacy.  What is it you want to accomplish with this windfall when it comes your direction.  You need to consider how’s that going to affect your family…[Post 1 of 2 Stay tuned]

10-16-2017   Newshound Guru chattels  "Iraqi PM appoints an ARab governor for Kirkuk Haider al-Abadi, prime minister of Iraq has appointed an Arab politician named Rakan Saeed to replace Najmaldin Karim as the governor of Kirkuk."   Abadi is doing what he has to do politically to survive by acting upon the pressure upon him from hardline Shia political actors in Baghdad...   ...and we have a conflict and controversy over the right of a state to secede from a union.   There has been controversy over the Kurdistani flag being flown in Kirkuk for some time. Flying the Iraqi flag by Abadi is symbolic of the will of Baghdad being enforced.  Abadi flying the Iraqi flag has nothing to do with a truce. It is his way of declaring dominion and control. Mission accomplished according to him.

10-16-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray   Article:  "Iraqi Airways signs MoU with Saudi counterpart"  Quote:  "The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority announced on Monday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi side in the framework of joint cooperation between Iraq and the General Authority for Civil Aviation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And why bother doing this is Iraq is a wreck, and not worth investing time, and money in?...

10-16-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi warned on Monday there could be a “civil war” over the Kurdish-administered city of Kirkuk if talks over Kurdish independence are left unresolved."   The US has no control and minimal influence upon the Shia Parliament in Baghdad. Which is why Barzani wanted ironclad commitments from Baghdad with international support and not more promises only from the US diplomatic corp.  Barzani may be wrong, but he is not insane.   He is not going to do the same thing and expect a different result.    [I cannot help but feel the whole thing is orchestrated!]  There is some belief that it is orchestrated, but...I do not believe that Iraq is risking civil war to orchestrate a liquidity event for us or disguise a revalue of their currency.

10-16-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray   There is so much going on behind the scenes... The puppeteers are pulling the right strings in order to bring out a desired outcome... Watch, and see...   Most who are involved in the orchestration do not know they are being used... Only the major players, and of course those behind the scenes... Everything is fine folks...  Are they still having meetings, and Alak is going to Washington as THE Governor of the CBI... That is substantial IMHO... NO longer the "fill in", or intermediate... [post 2 of 2


chattels: Saturday, October 14, 2017 Escalation In Iraq Continues After KRG Referendum, The Kirkuk Challenge


chattels: Pentagon chief Mattis on Kirkuk , peshmerga #Iraq

https://www.defense.gov/News/Transcripts/Transcript-View/Article/1342787/on-the-record-media-availability-with-secretary-mattis-en-route-from-miami-flor/ …

chattels: The KDP Peshmerga's two elite brigades -equipped w best available weapons- led by Barzani's 2nd oldest son Mansour also deployed to Kirkuk

xyz: Officials in Sulaymaniyah are considering freezing the referendum results for two years http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/218685/-

xyz: 5 years imprisonment for the assistant director of real estate registration in Madaen


xyz: Ministry of Finance announces new salary distribution schedule


the salaries of the month of August will be distributed to units 80 and 70 in the Ministry of Peshmerga on Wednesday and Thursday.

xyz: IMF: Global economic recovery not complete https://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php%3Fstoryid%3D152045

xyz: The central bank governor heads to Washington to attend IMF and World Bank meetings


"there will be a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Arab Monetary Fund in addition to meetings with a delegation from the Treasury and Ministry The US State Department and many economic and financial figures. "

xyz: World Bank aims to boost financial capacity in 2018


xyz: A source familiar with the Iraqi Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said Sunday that Baghdad and Erbil reached a solution to end the current crisis between the two parties.


The source said that the agreement, which was held in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the presence of President Fuad Masum, President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nizrvan Barzani as well as leaders of the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led to the joint administration of the city of Kirkuk, replacing the current governor of Kirkuk Another from the National Union. "

xyz: Based on the strategic agreement signed under US auspices ... The Iraqi army is returning to Kirkuk


xyz: The Ministry of Oil launches a new credit card for citizens


xyz: The Governor of the Central Bank participates in the meetings of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment https://cbi.iq/news/view/430 The Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq participated in the meetings of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment on Wednesday 11 October 2017, which was chaired by the Prime Minister. The meeting dealt with the issues related to the advancement of reconstruction and investment projects in Iraq.

xyz: Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank https://cbi.iq/news/view/429

Spectra: KTFA-POST---Governor of the Central Bank heads to the United States to attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank========governor has gone to the United States to participate in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The central bank said in a press statement received by "Economy News", "headed a delegation headed by the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Ali al-Alak to the United States to participate in meetings of the IMF and the World Bank this week."

He added that "it is hoped that the meeting on the sidelines of the meetings of a number of central bank governors headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Holland and the Governor of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia," noting that "there will be a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Arab Monetary Fund in addition to meetings with a delegation from the Treasury and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And many other economic and--$ financial figures---***
DinarResearcher: Kuwait ruled out differences with Baghdad over the pricing of Iraqi gas
DinarResearcher: 2017-10-15 Saif alaa 0002

DinarResearcher: The Kuwaiti government confirmed on Sunday that there is no dispute between Baghdad and Kuwait on the issue of the pricing of Iraqi gas, pointing out that there are negotiations will end soon for the benefit of the two countries.

DinarResearcher: "The importation of Kuwait's Iraqi gas is in the interests of the two parties. If the gas is a waste, the power plants will benefit, while the gas plants will benefit if it is normal," Kuwaiti Oil Minister Essam Abdelmohsen al-Marzouq told Kuwait's Al-Rai newspaper.

DinarResearcher: He added that "in return, Iraq benefits from the export of gas, instead of burning it now in the absence of plants," or if it is under construction, "and at the same time reimbursement of compensation.

DinarResearcher: "The price is the last stage in the process, and is subject to a number of considerations, including market prices, the cost of imports and the facilities required for this process in both countries," Al-Marzouq said.

DinarResearcher: http://www.alebaatv.com/archives/196398

DinarResearcher: Launch of the grand conference of Iraqi-Iranian trade
DinarResearcher: 2017-10-15 Saif alaa 000

DinarResearcher: TEHRAN - Iran's top nuclear negotiator Mohammad Nhawandian arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a two-day visit to Iran.

DinarResearcher: "The conference, which is scheduled to last for two days, will be attended by the Assistant Minister of Commerce and Assistant Minister of Industry and Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Iraq and senior adviser to the President of the Central Bank of Iraq as well as Director General of the Middle East section of the National Security Council and Executive Director of the Iranian stock market."

DinarResearcher: He added that "the conference is scheduled to discuss the activities of the Iranian Trade Development Organization and means of permanent presence in the Iraqi market and how to exchange financial and credit services within the framework of the Iraqi banking and banking system, as well as supervision of production and quality control when exporting goods and services to Iraq, And land transport ".

DinarResearcher: The secretary-general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, Syed Hamid Hosseini, earlier announced the export of goods and services worth more than three billion and 277 million dollars from Iran to Iraq during the first six months of this year

DinarResearcher: Pointing out that Iraq is the second largest exporter of Iranian goods and services after China.

DinarResearcher: http://www.alebaatv.com/archives/196403

DinarResearcher: Sulaymaniyah .. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan agree on 5 points

DinarResearcher: BAGHDAD / The head of the PUK political bureau, Mullah Bakhtiar, said Sunday that the agreement was reached at a meeting in Dokan on 5 points between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

DinarResearcher: "We will not retreat from the results of the referendum under any pressure, but we are ready for dialogue," he said, adding that "there are proposals on how to resolve the situation in Kirkuk And gave the necessary powers to persons who have contacts with Prime Minister Haider Abadi. "

DinarResearcher: He added that "the arrival of the popular crowd to Kirkuk violates the Constitution and agreements," adding that "the closure of border crossings will not solve the problem and not the political process, and explained that" the decisions of the Iraqi parliament shocked us. "

DinarResearcher: For his part, Barzani said that "the Iraqi constitution does not allow the use of force in resolving political disputes," and expressed the hope that "Baghdad does not fall in the mistake of resolving political differences militarily."

DinarResearcher: He added that "the attempt to resolve issues militarily will not be in the interest of the parties," adding, "We have confirmed the solution of all problems with Baghdad through dialogue responsible."

DinarResearcher: He continued the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, "We hope that Baghdad away from the use of force, no matter how strong the current Iraqi government, it will not be like the previous government." Finished

DinarResearcher: http://aynaliraqnews.com/index.php?aa=news&id22=84304

DinarResearcher: There was an article I read a few days back that was from Maliki saying that in his opinion that ISF will use force if necessary to remove the Kurds from Kirkuk.. IMO I think that statement is gonna get him in lots of trouble. Let’s see if we see if anyone from Iraq bring this topic up in the coming days?

DinarResearcher: Reporter: hr Source: Dokan meeting ends with agreement to freeze referendum and infallible holds "decisions" to Baghdad
DinarResearcher: A source from within the National Union said on Sunday that the Dokan meeting in Sulaymaniyah ended with an agreement to freeze the Kurdish referendum held in September last year.DinarResearcher: The source said in an interview with (Baghdad today), "The Kurdish leaders agreed to freeze the referendum on a temporary basis, to bear President Fuad Masoum, the decisions of the meeting to Baghdad, in order to present to the government and leaders of political blocs."He added that "Kurdish leaders did not announce the results of the meeting, which was attended by the heads of the region Massoud Barzani, and the Prime Minister of the region, Nezhirvan Barzani, President Fuad Masum, as well as a number of leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan."

DinarResearcher: And on the removal of Kirkuk Governor Necmettin Karim, which was one of the themes of the meeting, the source said, "The Union will hold a meeting, today, to discuss the selection of an alternative to the governor of the article." The leaders of the Kurds, at noon today, a meeting in Dokan, Sulaymaniyah province, to discuss a number of axes.

DinarResearcher: "The most important points currently discussed at the meeting are the presence of the Peshmerga in the vicinity of Kirkuk, the connection of the land in those areas, the course of the land in which there are wells and oil fields, as well as the subject of the governor of Kirkuk," Najduddin said. Karim, the Kirkuk Provincial Council, and the presence of Saish (Kurdish security) in the province. "

DinarResearcher: Read More LINK

DinarResearcher: Najaf airport administration announces the readiness of the airport to receive more than 10 million. 10/14/2017

DinarResearcher: The International Airport of Najaf announced the airport's readiness to receive more than 10 million passengers annually after receiving 4 million passengers annually.

DinarResearcher: Sheikh Al-Shammari said: "After completion of all expansion works, which included the service and basic facilities of the airport as part of a plan prepared by the Board of Directors (masterplan development plan), the expansion of the arrival and departure rooms, including the addition of 30 double counters for passport counters access as well as 30 counter Passenger services in the departure lounge and from the expansion of the parking lot. "

DinarResearcher: Al-Shammari added, "There are also updates on the technical and technological level, which included the installation of the latest advanced equipment in the world of airports in accordance with international standards in addition to the establishment of a system of surveillance cameras integrated in the corridors of the airport."

DinarResearcher: Read More LINK

DinarResearcher: China: Iraq will be an important transit route for goods to Asia and Africa. 10/15/2017

DinarResearcher: China said on Sunday that Iraq will be an important transit route for the shipment of goods from China to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe after the completion of the Silk Road, indicating its intention to assist Iraq in the reconstruction and reconstruction of liberated cities.

DinarResearcher: "China intends to take part in the construction and reconstruction that Iraq is planning to establish in the coming periods in the liberated areas from the denigration of terrorism," said Lu Lin, assistant to the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Fujian Province.

DinarResearcher: Liberated areas from the denigration of terrorism ".

DinarResearcher: He stressed that "dozens of companies in his province are determined to invest in Iraq in various fields, especially industrial and technology," pointing out that "Fujian province has many productive capacity, industrial and commercial that will enable them to play a vital role in the industrial map of China in the coming years" .

DinarResearcher: "We have had discussions with Iraq to produce different types of ships that are used for different purposes, especially cargo," Li said. "We have reached important results in this regard with Iraq."

DinarResearcher: "The Beijing government is very keen to complete the Silk Road Trade Project, which links China with the West and East Asia regions," he said, adding that "large sums will be allocated for the completion of the project, where it will revive trade exchanges with many countries on this road, Especially Iraq, which will be an important corridor for the transport of goods from China to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. "

DinarResearcher: "China is seeking to strengthen cooperation with the East and West Asian countries via the Silk Road, not only in the economic and trade fields but also in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields with countries bordering on that important strategic road," Li said.

DinarResearcher: Fujian Province is the first commercial Silk Road and occupies an advanced position among the productive areas in China, especially after it achieved more than 28 billion dollars in total production volume, and is famous in many industries, productivity, technology and oil, which enabled it to attract investments Worth eight billion dollars.
DinarResearcher: http://iraaqi.com/news.php?id=32274&news=1#.WeOY67ZOmaM

DinarResearcher: MANY Good articles today talking (reference) to Iraq’s economic future

DinarResearcher: What will the future of Iraq’s Monetary reform will come into play  Look like

DinarResearcher: This is a lengthy article that come out today, 1st part speaking of the worlds transition to economy electric cars.. I would like to share with you all the 2nd part of this lengthy article...

DinarResearcher: The last chance to save Iraq from an inevitable collapse. 10/15/2017

DinarResearcher: What is the solution?

DinarResearcher: Global reports indicate that oil prices are stable and even partially raised until 2021-2022, four to five years from now, after which oil prices will drop abruptly and consumption will fall rapidly.

DinarResearcher:  When I was Minister of Communications, I submitted an integrated study in 2011 to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and sent copies to the Secretariat and all the governors in all governorates to develop the private sector and attract young people and graduates to work within their own projects and not rely on oil resources.

But this study was neglected and nothing was implemented except the provision of soft loans to the industrial and agricultural sector by the Central Bank in 2015, but this will not be effective and achieves a real renaissance of the country if not within the integrated plan presented in the above study.

DinarResearcher: In 2012, it agreed with Booz Allen, the global consultant, to conduct an integrated study to develop the Ministry of Communications and identify the weaknesses and turn them into a joint profit organization as a mixed sector that will serve as an example to be followed by other ministries.

The project of the Smart City, the project of the Smart City, the project of the central cable connecting Europe and the East of the globe, and a great profit.

The project of the gates of access which has earned the ministry more than 60 million dollars annually, and the project of important information centers in Baghdad and several other provinces, as well as the security project for the security of Baghdad and the security of the Iraqi-Syrian border, but all these plans neglected after the Turkish Ministry where Such plans do not give the ministry's officials special benefits to them, their basic understanding is corruption to achieve their personal interests.

DinarResearcher: In more than one television program at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, I have been alerting to the increase in world oil production on global consumption, which means the fall in oil prices, depending on World Bank reports and other global reports; oil prices have already fallen in mid-2014, But if there was a sense of responsibility from the rulers at that time,

it would move to develop an economic policy to diversify sources of income to reduce dependence on oil, but to devise a practical and effective plan to build a solid economy that does not depend on oil, as so many countries in the world do not own oil? I can say with confidence that this could have been achieved in full if true intention, sincerity, efficiency and a well thought out and feasible economic plan were found !!!

DinarResearcher: She has put forward solutions in several television programs and articles she wrote and published in the media in 2015 and 2016 on how to put in place a sound monetary policy to reduce loans, but there was no sense of responsibility for those in charge.

The debt to Iraq to date is about 120 billion dollars, The Iraqi government more than 60 billion dollars for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 and now will owe more than 20 billion dollars for the year 2018, how will we pay these loans and benefits ?!

 There are some defenders who claim that we will repay this debt from the rise of world oil prices! These statements are just fantasies, sadly modern in the valley and it is their hands to take over things in another valley. 
DinarResearcher: This is not my own analysis, but global economic studies; however, we still have four to five years to set the economic policy to diversify sources of income and not rely on resources Only oil, to promote the country industrial and agricultural and all other productive fields, which are many and can generate income to offset the budget deficit with ease with the need to bring about a revival in the private sector and develop it and open the doors of foreign investment,

but what I fear is not the existence of economic policy wrong and incorrect for the country , It is to Unfortunately, they do not even understand the meaning or definition of the term "economic policy". We have not heard from them the features, plans and objectives to be achieved to formulate a sound economic policy.

And correct for the advancement of the country to get it out of the quagmire of the economic crises that are beset by today and to save it from an unknown and dangerous future and far more dangerous than the economic reality that is deteriorating today. I can say with all confidence that it will be our best chance to save our country from inevitable collapse.

DinarResearcher: We hope that this situation will change for the better in what is coming from the days, so it is not far away from God.

DinarResearcher: Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

DinarResearcher: http://iraaqi.com/news.php?id=32285&news=1#.WeOaorZOmaM

DinarResearcher: What will the pieces of this puzzle look like and when will this puzzle be put together....?

DinarResearcher: To Be or Not to Be... That is the question...

"System Reset" - Beny Intel , 16 OCT








Just got a clear second of communication on my phone. Att. everyone just be ready for the number should be around briefly. Please God heaven knows Puerto Rico and the neighboring islands needs this help. Puerto Rico se Levanta. 

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 16, 2017






chattels: Monday, February 24, 2014 How Faults With Iraq’s Constitution Undermines The Country, Interview with Constitutional Scholar Zaid Al-Ali


xyz: Allawi: Barzani agreed to postpone and freeze the results of the referendum and waiting for negotiations


xyz: Barzani and Talabani parties confirm their readiness to conduct "unconditional dialogue" with Baghdad

DinarResearcher: Negative Naysayers.. Sounds like we have a few bad apples in the bunch that don’t know how to digest the information and just swallow on certain articles and choke on it and spread their last gasping breath in the room...

DinarResearcher: Documents .. Cancel the import of gold across the region and siege in Baghdad and Najaf

DinarResearcher: Date of release: 2017/10/15 20:35 • 667 times read

DinarResearcher: Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The federal government canceled the import of crude gold to Iraq through the Kurdistan region and restricted it by air through the airports of Baghdad and Najaf.

DinarResearcher: According to the documents of the Council of Ministers decision on this October 10, the import of raw gold to be the importer of the company or a person who holds a license to practice the profession of formulation issued by the standardization and quality control, and defines the port of Baghdad airport and Najaf exclusively to enter the imported gold, Entry of imported gold by air freight exclusively. "

DinarResearcher: The Cabinet also specified the amount of imported gold at a maximum of 1000 kg in the import license in force for six months and renew half the wages for another six months, and cancel the leave in violation of import controls and instructions.

DinarResearcher: http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=152076

DinarResearcher: Iraq and Saudi Arabia sign a memorandum of understanding to conduct flights between the two countries

DinarResearcher: Editorial date: 2017/10/15 21:00 • 167 times read

DinarResearcher: {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Iraqi Airways Company and its Saudi counterpart signed a memorandum of understanding for the conduct of flights between the two countries.

DinarResearcher: According to a statement by the company, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, "In the framework of joint cooperation between the Civil Aviation Authority in the Republic of Iraq and the General Authority for Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia, held on Sunday, an expanded meeting at the headquarters of the Iraqi Airways in Baghdad International Airport between General Manager Miran Farid and a number of department managers and divisions with the delegation of Saudi Airlines in the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom in Iraq. "

DinarResearcher: He added that "the meeting included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties to regulate air transport services between the two countries and provide all ground services for the aircraft of the Kingdom and vice versa."

DinarResearcher: "The agreement also included flights from Saudi airports to Iraqi airports and vice versa from October 30, which includes various services, including ground services of subsistence, cleaning, fuel, loading of bags, crews and necessary equipment in addition to air cargo services and the preparation of supplies required to cover Transport needs of all categories ".

DinarResearcher: For his part, the Saudi side expressed its readiness to provide all service facilities through its airports as well as agreed on scheduled scheduled flights to Iraqi Airways to Jeddah, Madinah and Dammam airports.

DinarResearcher: This comes after the great attention shown by the Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Alami to the necessity of opening up to the regional and international environment in all areas related to civil aviation and other services that accompany it.

DinarResearcher: http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=152074

Tebow: naysayers, negative to some is positive to others!

DinarResearcher: Just from reading the articles, sounds positive to me
​DinarResearcher: Trade for foreign companies: Registration before doing business. 10/16/2017

DinarResearcher: The Ministry of Commerce announced on Sunday the ban on foreign companies from conducting any business or opening premises without obtaining a founding license.

The Director General of the Department of Registration of Companies in the Ministry of Commerce, Abdul Aziz Jabbar Abdul Aziz said in a statement received (the extent), a copy, that "the system of branches of foreign companies No. 2 of 2017 stated in paragraph 14 that the foreign company is prohibited to engage in any commercial activity or Open its headquarters in Iraq if the registration leave is not granted in accordance with the provisions of the law. "

 He added that "branches and offices of foreign companies currently in Iraq registered and unregistered to adjust their legal status with the provisions of this system within one year from the date of entry into force."

He explained that "the second article of the system confirmed that each foreign company wishing to engage in commercial activity in Iraq and went on to establish two years and opened a branch to provide the required documents translated into Arabic and certified by the competent authorities in the country of incorporation and the form of application for leave, The establishment of a window and a document authorizing the manager responsible for the management of the branch and final accounts for the last financial year

The statement said that "the system stated in paragraph 13 that the foreign company is obliged to report to the Registrar when starting any commercial activity in Iraq according to the form of activity

The stomach for this purpose, in addition to the commitment of government agencies and the public sector and the mixed registrar to provide a report on any commercial activity practiced with branches of foreign companies. "

DinarResearcher: LINK

Hoss: I understand now. It's always been a translation issue.

Hoss: It's not the "coming days" ... it's the "coming daze" lol

chattels: ‘I Was At The Front In Kirkuk, Nothing Happened’

http://www.niqash.org/en/articles/security/5755/%E2%80%98I-Was-At-The-Front-In-Kirkuk-Nothing-Happened%E2%80%99.htm … via @niqash


chattels: The military situation is tense in Kirkuk. Insiders say a deal was done to move troops but online, a bloody civil war was already being waged - it still threatens to spill over into real life.

Hoss: @chattels enemies of an rv

chattels: The rhetorical war contiunes. Iraqi brinkmanship at work, IMO. Is it dangerous, yes, but it may all end up as I have suggested as " much ado over nothing " and it certainly has been completely uneccessary.

chattels: @Hoss I wish that I knew.

chattels: Interesting article / interview regarding the Iraqi Constitution that everyone is proclaiming as a roadmap for resolution of the issues. It is dated, but still very relevant, IMO. How Faults With Iraq’s Constitution Undermines The Country, Interview with Constitutional Scholar Zaid Al-Ali http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2014/02/how-faults-with-iraqs-constitution.html

chattels: " The constitution lacks legitimacy mainly because of what it says and not necessarily because of U.S. involvement per se."

Hoss: @chattels everything lacks legitamacy with these guys

chattels: " For the same reason that no action is taken in relation to the vast majority of the points of contention between Iraq’s ruling parties (including the oil and gas law, the formation of a second chamber of parliament, etc.). The distance between the parties is too great, they are lazy, and have very little experience in successful negotiations.

Finally, the distance between the ruled and the rulers is so great in Iraq that the various components of government and parliament do not feel that they are under any obligation to reach an agreement on any of these outstanding issues. They would all prefer to wait for years without making any concessions rather than work to reach an agreement that would be beneficial to the people. The people’s interests are never part of the equation."

chattels: " .......... they are lazy, ..."

chattels: " ............... the distance between the ruled and the rulers is so great in Iraq that the various components of government and parliament do not feel that they are under any obligation to reach an agreement on any of these outstanding issues."

Hoss: they should ALL be hung for treason

chattels: Government in Iraq os so corrupt that the status quo favors the " rulers ".

chattels: " ............ judges are heavily reliant on the government’s security forces for their own protection, and in an intensively violent context, that exposes them to several opportunities for pressure."

bunny: just a thought ! lol
​chattels: " The constitution does not even make an attempt to explain how the prime minister should relate to the minister of defense, and what each should be responsible for. Under our constitutional system, legislation should have been passed to clarify this issue, but needless to say, nothing has been done about this since 2005."

chattels: " Normally, the minister of defense would be the political figurehead of the military, and the minister would operate and issue instructions with the parliament’s approval. That would have been far preferable in Iraq given that the parliament, in case of partisan abuse of the armed forces, would have been able to withdraw confidence from the minister of defense without causing for the entire government to fall. That option doesn’t exist under the current system sadly."

chattels: " The parliament has several problems. The first is that the federal supreme court, which is responsible for interpreting the constitution, and whose decisions are binding, has essentially been captured by the government."

chattels: " Since 2010, the Court has essentially not issued a single decision that does not favor the government. At the government’s instigation, the Court has issued a number of decisions that have heavily limited the parliament’s powers. Amongst other things, the Court has found that legislation must first be approved by the government before it can be voted on.

The parliament has therefore been reduced to the status of a rubber stamp institution. The Court also found that parliament cannot question ministers unless evidence of a specific crime has been found. The impact of that decision was essentially to remove all political responsibility from the government vis a vis the parliament."

chattels: " A second problem is that the parliament’s political divisions also prevented the parliament to act against the government and to withdraw confidence. Since 2005, there has been a very negative practice of forming governments of national unity, according to which virtually every party that has any parliamentary representation is represented in some form in government.

That practice makes it very difficult to muster enough support to withdraw confidence from government given that parties that would otherwise not be in government and that are not particularly ideological (to put it mildly) have a direct and personal interest in seeing the government survive. Accountability is made very difficult under such circumstances."

chattels: " A third problem is that the parliament’s internal divisions have seriously impaired its effectiveness."

chattels: " Finally, and this is something that is well known to anyone who has spent any time working on this issue, the parliament is populated by incompetent and lazy MPs who have been unable to organize themselves in a convincing fashion since 2006. " , .................... " ........ the 2005-2010 parliament, and found its work ethic very problematic. Contacts of mine within the parliament have complained that the current parliament is even worse than its predecessor.

The government is obviously not much better, but governments always have the upper hand against parliaments around the world and that is even more the case when parliamentarians spend more time in the cafeteria than working."

Hoss: @chattels I'm was laready depressed enough as it was
Hoss: @chattels already

chattels: " ........... incompetent and lazy MPs ................... spend more time in the cafeteria than working."

xyz: 'lazy MPs' :laugh

Hoss: @chattels hung for treason ... AlL of them

chattels: @Hoss Sorry. It is not pretty.

Hoss: @chattels and it's not getting fixed

chattels: @Hoss No, maybe the system needs to fall apart and be corrected with a civil war.

Hoss: @chattels that could take decades

chattels: @Hoss Talk about the need to " drain the swamp ".
Spectra: Returning Of Historical Gold Via Redemption? - TooGoodToBeTrue Interview Series 2 https://youtu.be/C3av9Y8CPTE

xyz: Iraq says PKK presence in Kirkuk amounts to 'declaration of war' http://www.nrttv.com/EN/Details.aspx?Jimare=17001

ElmerFudd: Are they going to start fighting?

chattels: @ElmerFudd Who can say for sure, but it is a great situation for something to go wrong.

ElmerFudd: Yeah, that's for sure.
ElmerFudd: Let's hope they settle things peacefully.

ElmerFudd: Any results from these IMF meetings?

chattels: @ElmerFudd Not that I have read.

ElmerFudd: Probably won't hear anything for a week.

xyz: 'We are about to see massive disruptions': IMF's Lagarde says it's time to get serious about digital currency https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/13/bitcoin-get-serious-about-digital-currency-imf-christine-lagarde-says.html

xyz: AP: Iraqi state media say federal troops have entered disputed territory controlled by the nation's Kurds


xyz: The Latest: Iraq media say troops enter area held by Kurds


chattels: Iraqi forces, Shiite militia engage in fighting with Peshmerga south of Kirkuk By Rudaw 2 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/151020177

chattels: KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – The Iraqi forces and mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi have started to move towards the Peshmerga controlled areas south and west of Kirkuk Monday night, Iraqi and Kurdish officials have Clashes have erupted on the Taza Khurmatu front, south of Kirkuk, a Peshmerga commander told Rudaw, with both sides exchanging fire involving heavy weaponry. Peshmerga claim that they have destroyed four Iraqi vehicles.

A Kurdish official said that they have pushed back Iraqi forces twice since the fighting began the two sides in Taza Khurmatu. Shalal Abdul, mayor of Khurmatu, some 75 km south of Kirkuk, told Rudaw that while they chose to not to return fire from the ****e Hashd al-Shaabi on previous days, they have chosen on Monday to fight back when the two sides exchanged fire. The objectives for the Iraqi advances are the K-1 military base, the Kirkuk airport and the oil fields that are under Kurdish control south and west of Kirkuk, the Kurdistan Security Council stated.

chattels: Kurdish President Masoud Barzani, also commander-in-chief of all Kurdish armed forces, has ordered all Peshmerga units to not initiate a war with the Iraqi forces, but if attacked, then they are given “green light to use every power” to fight against the advancing forces, Hemin Hawrami, a senior assistant to President Barzani said.

chattels: Ranj Talabany‏ @ranj_talabany 1h1 hour ago Fighting has broken out in several locations on outskirts of #Kirkuk. Artillery and tanks are now firing.

chattels: Fazel Hawramy‏ @FazelHawramy 1h1 hour ago Heavy gunfire live on Rudaw on the outskirts of Kirkuk #Iraq

chattels: Fazel Hawramy‏ @FazelHawramy 49m49 minutes ago One peshmerga killed&one wounded in the industrial area between Taza & Kirkuk when a mortar from Shia militias landed, peshmerga sources

chattels: Ranj Talabany‏ @ranj_talabany 48m48 minutes ago First peshmerga casualty in #Kirkuk confirmed. Also, 3 others wounded in Kirkuk, as well as 9 wounded in Tuz Khurmato within first hour.

chattels: Hemin Hawrami‏ @heminhawrami 49m49 minutes ago A Peshmerge commander from first brigade confirmed that they have ambushed four advancing PMF Hamvees, destroyed all of them and pushed them back in Taza Khuramtu

chattels: Ranj Talabany‏ @ranj_talabany 12m12 minutes ago Multiple sources confirm peshmerga under control of Kamal Kirkuki fired first shorts at 4 Iraqi Army vehicles near Dibz district. #Kirkuk

chattels: https://twitter.com/joelwing2?lang=en

chattels: Sajad Jiyad سجاد‏ @SajadJiyad 20m20 minutes ago Replying to @SajadJiyad Potential for flashpoints still there but expect all sides will ensure a peaceful resolution to the situation in coming hours

wheresmyrv: What a mess that place is...

Dave: @chattels I believe we are awaiting final readings of the HCL art 140 foreign banking laws amnesty etc?

chattels: @Dave Why do you believe that ?

Dave: @chattels Shia militia ...in Kirkuk ...Maliki must be paying them overtime/danger pay
Dave: @chattels They have completed several readings on these laws

chattels: @Dave It appears that the ISF with PMU's are acting on orders of Abadi.

Dave: @chattels yet I read Abadi states no hostilities 
​chattels: @Dave I am unaware of such readings.
chattels: @Dave It appears that the Kurds fired first from reports.

Dave: Bottle rockets?

chattels: @Dave ?

chattels: @Dave Reports of dead and wounded Pashmerga.

Dave: another civil war?

chattels: @Dave Read up. That is all that I have read.

Dave: Confirmation later to come......?

chattels: @Dave Perhaps. I am waiting to read what Michael Knight and David Witty or others may post on twitter.

Dave: CNN /world news would have got ahold of this

chattels: @Dave I find twitter feeds from people in Iraq to be more current and accurate.
Dave: and often incorrect rumors

chattels: @Dave Not my experience generally.
chattels: @Dave At least not with certain people.
Dave: anyone can post what they wish on twitter
chattels: @Dave OK Dave. You are right and I am wrong.

Dave: I simply wait for confirmation from other sources before I believe anything coming out of Iraq you could be very well right

chattels: @Dave AS I said, I am waiting as well. Just posting from reliable sources in my observation.
chattels: BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi warned on Monday there could be a “civil war” over the Kurdish-administered city of Kirkuk if talks over Kurdish independence are left unresolved.


chattels: Allawi, a former prime minister, said any move by the country’s Popular Mobilization Front militias, which include the Asaib al-Haq, to enter Kirkuk would “damage all possibilities for unifying Iraq” and open the door to “violent conflict.”

chattels: Fmr Turkish PM suggests implementation of Article 140 to resolve Kirkuk impasse By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/turkey/15102017
​chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The former prime minister of Turkey has presented a project including the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution to resolve tensions soaring in Kirkuk between Erbil and Baghdad over the independence referendum vote which included the multi-ethnic city claimed by both the Iraqi central and Kurdish governments.

chattels: Davutoglu in his project suggests that “all outcomes of the September 25 referendum, including the status of Kirkuk in this framework, should be frozen to allow negotiations.”

chattels: Davutoglu rejects “unilateral acts” by the Kurdistan Region in Kirkuk on one hand, and “military movements around the city” by Baghdad on the other as means to resolve the Kirkuk dispute. Davutoglu believes that “today's political realities require a special arrangement of this city for a permanent settlement. This special arrangement can be achieved through a separate status for Kirkuk within the territorial integrity of Iraq.”

chattels: He added that the negotiations to resolve the Kirkuk impasse have to be “under the auspices of the UN” and other Iraqi parties.

chattels: The Iraqi PM has called on the Kurdish leadership to administer the disputed areas in a joint manner with the Iraqi government until Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution that concerns the fate of the disputed areas is implemented.

chattels: #BREAKING: #US has banned Iraqi fighter jets from being used in the attacks against #Peshmerga or will be shut down - Kurdish MP in Baghdad.

Dave: GOI in breach of constitutional obligations

chattels: Joel Wing Retweeted Baxtiyar Goran‏Verified account @BaxtiyarGoran 54m54 minutes ago #BREAKING: #US has banned Iraqi fighter jets from being used in the attacks against #Peshmerga or will be shut down - Kurdish MP in Baghdad.

Dave: Canadian forces interlaced with the Peshmrga

chattels: Are we now going to shoot down the Fighter jets that the Iraqis likely have not paid us for yet ?

Dave: killing Canadian forces

mountainwest74: chattels - Abadi has serious problems. I read an article on basnews this morning where the Basra Provincial Council is contemplating to declare themselves as a self-governing region.

mountainwest74: Baghdad has not provided financial dues for a long period of time.

chattels: Iraqi forces, Shiite militia engage in fighting with Peshmerga south of Kirkuk By Rudaw 14 minutes ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/151020177

Dave: these folks did much better with Saddam

chattels: @mountainwest74 Yes, and the Sunni in Ninewah also.

Blackgold: Why is the US even envolved, not our country

chattels: @mountainwest74 Kurdish referendum inspires statehood for Iraq's Sunnis too READ IN: العربية Adnan Abu Zeed October 12, 2017 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/kurdistan-referendum-sunni-iraq.html#ixzz4vdDYfMgu

chattels: @Blackgold That horse left the barn some time ago.
Blackgold: true
Dave: hoping that this was an isolated event brought on by a few extremists

mountainwest74: chattels - I figured it would create a domino effect for Iraq. These other provinces will wise up. You can only financially neglect provinces up to a point.

Spectra: Yes next it's Basara watch !
Spectra: The whole thing is a dominio effect

Baxter: Looks like our liquidity event has been delayed.. just slightly...maybe by wednesday...

Blackgold: Keep an eye on qatar and Yemen also, a lot of funny business going on there

chattels: @Baxter :)

Baxter: im down to a nickel Chattels..

chattels: @Baxter May be a " wooden nickel " :)
chattels: @Baxter Our dinar may end up as wallpaper yet, eh ?

Baxter: yep...not good at all

Spectra: The simplest answer is usually the one I take
Spectra: The whole thing looks like it's done alright !
​chattels: Michael Knights‏ @Mikeknightsiraq 2m2 minutes ago A few thoughts. This is without doubt the largest clash between Pesh and ISF of the post-Saddam period. It is going to take some un-****ing.

chattels: https://twitter.com/Mikeknightsiraq?lang=en

Spectra: :ft:

txbrand: well can we kiss our dinar good bye if they start fighting ?

chattels: Joel Wing Retweeted Michael Knights‏ @Mikeknightsiraq 9m9 minutes ago Replying to @Ibrahim_Ariyan depressingly, this is probably part of negotiations. KRG has made "facts on the ground", and Baghdad is trying 2 unmake them

txbrand: are ya'll watching the live feed ?

Spectra: @txbrand what live feed ?

txbrand: incase it has not been posted ----->

txbrand: @Spectra thats it

Blackgold: believe me Iraq wants no fighting with the Kurds, the Kurds kick butt

chattels: Azadi‏ @Ibrahim_Ariyan 15m15 minutes ago Analysis from @Mikeknightsiraq tonight re. #Kurdistan & #Iraq crisis...do you believe there’s still room for negotiations?

Spectra: @txbrand Thank you it's horrible to watch just thinking about makes me sick

txbrand: I had it on and we had gone upstairs to get Halloween stuff... and we heard a machine gun or something...got back to the PC and nothing going on

Spectra: @txbrand I don't blame you
txbrand: I dont know what we heard

Spectra: @txbrand no English spoken right

mountainwest74: txbrand - I read a story earlier where several Shiite militia ground forces did not wish to engage the Peshmerga due to citizen support.

Blackgold: I see nothing

txbrand: @Spectra right

txbrand: @mountainwest74 good

Blackgold: The Iraqis want nothing to go with them trust me

txbrand: I havebeen reading the comments on that youtube

chattels: Sajad Jiyad سجاد‏ @SajadJiyad 1h1 hour ago Replying to @SajadJiyad Potential for flashpoints still there but expect all sides will ensure a peaceful resolution to the situation in coming hours

Spectra: @chattels they better get a peaceful resolution
Spectra: @chattels because this is insane

chattels: Joel Wing Retweeted Michael Knights‏ @Mikeknightsiraq 9m9 minutes ago Replying to @Ibrahim_Ariyan depressingly, this is probably part of negotiations. KRG has made "facts on the ground", and Baghdad is trying 2 unmake them

chattels: Is this Iraq's " Lexington - Concord " event ?

chattels: " The Battles of Lexington and Concord, fought on April 19, 1775, kicked off the American Revolutionary War (1775-83). Tensions had been building for many years between residents of the 13 American colonies and the British authorities, particularly in Massachusetts. On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops marched from Boston to nearby Concord in order to seize an arms cache. "

Spectra: PM Al-Abadi reiterates the priority of the Iraqi forces to protect the people of Kirkuk and calls on citizens to cooperate with them

txbrand: I live on Lexington,,,lol

chattels: http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/battles-of-lexington-and-concord

Raptor: hi can anyone tell me where Beny's intel on dinar recaps came from
Blackgold: @Raptor facebook or twitter

mountainwest74: spectra - Abadi's Shiite militias have a stellar track record of protecting the population.

txbrand: @Raptor i just got here...what did it say ----------> Beny's intel
Raptor: txbrand. its on "bits and pieces sunday night" on recaps

chattels: oel Wing Retweeted Michael Knights‏ @Mikeknightsiraq 16m16 minutes ago Replying to @Mikeknightsiraq my gut is that international pressure will stop the fighting quickly - during Monday - and this will drive negotiations

Meatball: its a mess waiting to happen

mountainwest74: chattels - I cannot tell you the number of occasions where gurus stated that computer glitches or the cabal thwarted our liquidity event.
chattels: Liberty and Democracy are messy and deadly businesses.

Meatball: yes they are..... history proves it

chattels: @mountainwest74 " Secret intel " defies confirmation and credibility.
txbrand: Ill have to say the Kurds have more choices in the style of pants they wear than we do in the US...lol

Meatball: everyone has a secret high level intel source... there just all wrong all the time lol

txbrand: blue jeans-- dress pants--- some kind of balloon pants- camouflage ...etc

chattels: @txbrand And great cummerbunds :)

txbrand: @chattels lol
txbrand: now i see cargo pants

txbrand: big pockets on the pants...i think thats cargo

chattels: Apparently there is not much of a debate in Iraq over the legality of citizens having automatic weapons, eh ?

mountainwest74: txbrand - The Kirkuk Province must have open carry laws. LOL

Meatball: lol...

txbrand: and here comes jogging pants

txbrand: @mountainwest74 lol

Meatball: @txbrand don't forget the sweat pants lol

txbrand: @Meatball i didn't see those... gez are you kidding me??? in that heat ?

Meatball: @txbrand lol

txbrand: the balloon pants have to be com fee ,,,but they are sooooooooo ughly

chattels: It is 63 degrees in kIrkuk.

Meatball: @txbrand hygiene is not a priority over there

txbrand: oh and some came in with skinny jeans on...LOL
txbrand: @chattels really...ok

chattels: @txbrand 84 degrees is the day time high temp.
chattels: @txbrand 5:34 AM there

txbrand: hahahah...now one of the has peddle pusher on....that's what we called them...i think they maybe called 3 quarter length now

txbrand: @chattels sounds like Houston weather
txbrand: skinny jeans and a head wrap... :su

txbrand: they do match in color ...gray...lol
txbrand: if his gun went off he would kill the guy he is talk to

Meatball: @txbrand the danger of skinny jeans lol

chattels: My problem with Iraq’s 2005 constitution and the system that it provides is that it was designed not with good governance in mind, but based on a desire to allow Iraq’s “ethno-sectarian communities” to protect themselves from each other.

It is a text that reinforces the mentality of separation and fear, and not one that encourages reconciliation and progress. The 2005 constitution allows for Iraq’s provinces to merge together and form larger regions that can essentially govern themselves almost entirely.

That was a recipe for disaster and thankfully that system was never adopted. Al-Maliki’s first government, which was formed in 2006, refused to implement the constitution because it found that the system of government that is provided for was so problematic. The problem with that decision is that it left us without an alternative set of rules to govern our country – no constitutional system to guide our country.


chattels: In an ideal world, my preference would be for more authority to be granted to provincial authorities, but under current circumstances that would probably be a disaster. Corruption is already astronomically high in the country –

the more you decentralize, the more difficult it becomes for anti-corruption and audit institutions to oversee contracting and implementation of major projects at a local level. Under current circumstances, corruption would therefore likely increase in the short term, which is something that I am very concerned about.

chattels: The current legislative framework heavily favors incumbents (particularly those that are in control of ministries). There is no political party legislation to speak of, and so parties are under no obligation to report any of the income or any of the expenditure. They don’t even have to pretend.

It’s been more than ten years now, and the ruling parties are now deeply entrenched in the state. They have developed sophisticated methods to steal vast sums of money; they have business interests throughout the country; they have television channels, websites, various media outlets; they have developed important patronage networks as well. It would be difficult to imagine that a group of people that does not have access to that type of money and influence could really represent an electoral threat to the ruling parties.

chattels: in any event – if a new coalition of Iraqis were to find a way to represent a real electoral threat to the current ruling elites, then those people better learn to defend themselves, because the politicians will not go down without a fight. Literally.

Meatball: one big powder keg waiting to go off

chattels: A parting comment / criticism of the latest gaffe from the " Bombastic Golfer Guru ": to wit, Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: "Reveal the contents of Tilerson’s message to Barzani ahead of the referendum" When you really dig into what Tillerson and the US offered Barzani to step off this “vote” and quit stirring everyone up...

it becomes quite clear NONE OF THIS was about what is best for the Kurdish people,

but what is best for BARZANI. OMG!! They gave him the keys to the KINGDOM!! They pretty much offered him the WHOLE PACKAGE. UN, IMF, World support, independence (of sorts), revenue – JUST UNREAL!!
chattels: What " BGG " does not understand, IMO, is that the US can offer to do lots of things and it has at various times since 2003, but unable to deliver.

chattels: The US has no control and minimal influence upon the Shia Parliament in Baghdad.

chattels: Which is why Barzani wanted ironclad commitments from Baghdad with international support and not more promises only from the US diplomatic corp.

chattels: The US has sold out or failed to deliver on promises to the KUrds on several occassions.

Spectra: Wow yeh one big power keg waiting to go off ,Yippie right??????? :nuts:

chattels: Barzani may be wrong, but he is not insane. He is not going to do the same thing and expect a different result.

Spectra: Is that all you can say ? I say I'm going to bed maybe this nightmare will be over in the morning !

Meatball: Yippie? like you got any control over things over there

Spectra: No but I certainly am not shy about my feelings .

Meatball: who cares about those?

Spectra: I cannot help but feel the whole thing is orchestrated !
Spectra: My senses never have proven me wrong yet, in serious matters

Meatball: lol

chattels: THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like ***, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. - Thomas Paine

chattels: @Spectra There is some belief that it is orchestrated, but ................

Spectra: ;woho

chattels: @Spectra Not by serious observors.

Spectra: Well I am as serious as anyone after 14 years

chattels: @Spectra Those observors do not suffer from our positive illusions.

Spectra: @chattels I do not and have not ever considered this a illusion

chattels: @Spectra We all prefer to believe what we want to believe. No personal disrepect intended as to you.

Spectra: @chattels My observations are there are certain groups of people who may have agendas .These are not in our favor too much too break down on here very deep and long exsplaination so I will not go into it.

Spectra: @chattels Right

chattels: @Spectra I do not believe that Iraq is risking civil war to orchestrate a liquidity event for us or disguise a revalue of their currency.

eman4u55: no one knows what the outcome will be and anyone that sez they do r just full of ;crap;

Meatball: yep

Spectra: @chattels There is no illusion it is just a CURRENT a enegy CURRENCY
Spectra: @chattels that isn't the real meaning of the word

chattels: @Spectra With all due respect we all have and maintain illusions.
chattels: @Spectra Some positive, some negative. 
Spectra: People in #Kirkuk welcome Iraqi security forces with tea and sweets.
Spectra: Now that sounds crazy too ? Tea and sweets with guns toting over their shoulders ?figure that ?

Duke77: their war has began in kirkuk , Iraqi forces, Shiite militia engage in fighting with Peshmerga south of Kirkuk By Rudaw 2 hours ago

​http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/15102017 1 hour ago

Fighting has broken out in several locations on outskirts of #Kirkuk. Artillery and tanks are now firing.Heavy gunfire live on Rudaw on the outskirts of Kirkuk #Iraq 49m49 minutes ago One peshmerga killed &one wounded in the industrial area between Taza & Kirkuk when a mortar from Shia militias landed, peshmerga sources 48m48 minutes ago

First peshmerga casualty in #Kirkuk confirmed. Also, 3 others wounded in Kirkuk, as well as 9 wounded in Tuz Khurmato within first hour. 49m49 minutes ago A Peshmerge commander from first brigade confirmed that they have ambushed four advancing PMF Hamvees, destroyed all of them and pushed them back in Taza Khuramtu 12m12 minutes ago Multiple sources confirm peshmerga under control of Kamal Kirkuki fired first shorts at 4 Iraqi Army vehicles near Dibz district. #K

Duke77: Bring it on! Civil war equates an RV!
Duke77: When things seem at its worst, I will bring it forth. That was Kim Clement's prophecy

Spectra: Ok so the Kurds fired the first shot ?
Spectra: Not good for them ?
Spectra: Locks like there not getting USA support

Duke77: @Spectra One report said the Iraqis fired the first shot but who knows. It's on now and we can look for the RV to happen in the middle of all this turmoil

Hennessy: @Duke77 why will there be a rv in the middle of all this?

Restored Republic via GCR, 16 Oct

. Oct. 15 2017 4:17 pm EDT GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 15, 2017 https://operatondisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The final push has begun and as Trump put it, this is the "Calm before the Storm."

2. The current release date is Oct. 18, although an earlier release date is possible.

3. The release date depends on the current state of affairs and situation with the Cabal.

4. The USNs have been issued to every bank and the USD will be replaced in a heartbeat.

5. This can literally pop at any moment


B. Oct. 15 2017 1:51 pm EDT TNT Weekend Update:

1. This weekend on Iraqi TV, CBI's Alaq and others, along with PM Abadi, referenced that a full Iraq liberation was coming soon.

2. Daesh was surrendering at record volumes in the two remaining provinces.

3. Al-Rafidain (Rafi) bank continued to promote use of their international MasterCard.

4. The Kurds had a new arrangement that should be presented Wed. Oct. 18.

5. At the conclusion of Mon. Oct. 16's meeting, things should become more transparent.


C. Oct. 15 2017 3:25 am EDT Human Angel Services Call, Yosefhttps://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=102306171 (Intel starts around 5 min in)

1. The actual US Note has been part of the Law of the Republic of the United States since 1862. At the time it was convertible to gold and silver.

2. There was only two hundred million allowed of this USN and they stopped printing it in 1928.

3. The US Dollar (USD) also known as the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) - that was not collaterized, gold or asset backed, - went into circulation in 1933. In other words, the US has been bankrupt since 1933.

4. The USD-FRN ended on Oct. 1 and because the notes had no value they began taking them out of circulation by burning them.

5. On Oct. 13 the Federal Reserve began issuing the gold/asset backed USN in $100 and $50 denominations. Other denominations were to follow.

6. As of Oct. 13 Tier 1 banks were circulating the USN. The new notes were smaller and different colored. Tellers have been trained to educate the general public on the asset-backed value of the USN.

7. The US Note (USN) was depicted with red seal and red serial numbers. The FRN (the bills currently in your wallet until Friday Oct. 20) has a green seal and a green serial number.

8. The new USN currency is coming out of a Federal or National money supply through the engraving and printing services of the United States Treasury

9. With the USNs out that meant that we were on the other side of the RV. We have returned to the gold standard, meaning release of the 800 numbers was imminent.

10. The 800 numbers for exchange appointments at Sovereign or negotiated rates would be out for a short period of time and available through the web, email or by phone contact.

11. The 800#’s were going to be linked to 800# pages. You’re not going to be able to cut and paste any of that, but you can write it down, text it, send it out to email. The 800#s would then go away after a period of time and the 800#’s will change.

12. There would be 10-12 different stations at the Redemption Centers where your currency exchange would be processed.

13. (It was rumored that at one of those stations you would pay off all your outstanding debt).

14. They’ll give you a black card, VISA and MasterCard – all sorts of stuff.

15. Sovereign Currency Rates (on a structured payout):

16. You could go for Sovereign rates or ask for negotiated rates and go into a structured payout program. It’s really a blank check and whatever you feel comfortable taking and managing,

17. You would be set up for a secondary exchange appointment for a later date where you could consult with money managers & Family Office personnel such as accountants, lawyers, etc.

18. Police and military oversight on your exchange would be extensive.

19. It would likely take you 30 to 45 min. to exchange, then you would be ushered to your car and tracked by CPS on your phone and car until you returned safely home.

20. Public exchanges (at screen rates, not sovereign or negotiated rates) would start sometime thereafter and take place at a bank to go until the end of Nov.

21. Those rates will be much lower but they’ll still be very competitive.

22. You can redeem ZIM at Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, City Bank. The difference is you won’t get the Sovereign rate, nor the private redemptions screen rates. You’ll get a much lower rate but it will still be something for your trouble. Then you can go into traditional interest-bearing products with the Bank and there won’t be any big-time structured investment payouts for you.

23. If you go to a sovereign currency exchange appointment with a criminal past, outstanding warrants, been part of the Cabal, or have caused problems with this GCR/RV, you would be ushered to a certain location where you would be arrested and incarcerated. You won't be allowed to redeem. That is what was meant by ‘chalked.’

24. This Do No Harm to the People of Our Sovereign Nation policy would continue after the RV. RV accounts would be closed for anyone found guilty of violating the Do No Harm policy.


D. Oct. 15 2017, Beny: October 15, 2017October 15, 2017

1. On Oct. 15 the Elite met in England and reset the system at exactly 12:07 pm EDT.

2. Some of the guests were the Queen of England and members of the Asian and Middle East fnancial system.

3. This meeting was also held to retire the British Monarchy out of control of the Cabal.

4. The effects of this reset would take effect starting next week.

E. Oct. 15 2017 Feedback, Anonymous: "Feedback and Status" by (Anonymous) - 10.15.17

1. The IMF Meeting closed around noon today Oct. 15, leaving plenty of time for closed door meetings all afternoon.

2. World Markets opened at 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM US EDT Oct. 15, ready to trade the Dinar to the magic Set Point for Lock In and Release per HSBC.

3. The Dinar was reported International via Qi Cards and to be registered at $3.71 in Jordan, requiring announcement shortly.

4. The USD was closed on the books at midnight Sun. Oct. 15, 2017 (from Oct. 1, 2017), ending the USD Fiat FRN forever.

5. The (Gold\Asset Backed) USN $100 and $50 were supposed to be on the street at Tier 1 banks, obvious by their Red Ink serial numbers.

6. It has been reported that they began issuing USN on Oct. 13 to Tier 1 Banks at Teller Level.


Samson:  Organizing competitions and presenting prizes and gifts to citizens during the 44th Baghdad International Exhibition

 16th October, 2017

The Iraqi General Exhibition and Trade Services in the Ministry of Commerce announced that the Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session will see the organization of competitions and the presentation of prizes and gifts of value to citizens during the days of the exhibition.

The general manager of the company Hashim Mohammad Hatem said in a statement received by "Trend Press" a copy of it will be organized daily competition and draw on entry cards for citizens visiting the Baghdad International Fair, adding this competition will be on a daily basis depending on the numbers of entry cards with the inclusion of the name of the citizen and conduct "The winners will be presented with gifts including electrical appliances, household appliances and electronics presented by some of the participating companies."
"The 10-day exhibition program is full of economic and dialogue programs, evening forums and evenings as well as cultural and entertainment programs involving government sectors, cultural groups and other competitions for bicycles and cars," he said.

"The Baghdad International Fair this year will be an important economic forum that will attract important countries and economic companies as well as a meeting point for all economic visions that will enable the achievement of the highest levels of interest and building the Iraqi economy."



Don961:  For the first time since 2003, an Arab governor of Kirkuk

16-10-2017 02:36 PM

The Euphrates -

For the first time since 2003, Abbadi orders the appointment of Rakan Said al-Abbadi, governor of Kirkuk.   link


James123:  Would welcome Franks opinion on Kurds as the entire world is now speaking of a civil war on the horizon as an outcome from the referendum. This is clearly an issue that is not going away quietly and could prove to be the next in a long line of obstacles of not only giving us what we all are on here waiting for,  but hope for the people of Iraq to emerge from the dark and devastating last 20 years of despair.

Dr. Dinar: You could see the writing on the wall when Abadi handled the situation the way he did. They have a third of their country who is not happy with the central govt., so much so that they want to secede completely....and Abadi's response to try to smooth things over and bring Iraq together is to immediately take over all the aiports, border crossings, oil fields etc....how does that approach NOT begin a civil war?

Wes101:  After Kim Clement prophesied "when things seem at its worst, I will bring it forth", concerning the RV, the clashes last night between the Peshmerga army and the Iraqi army is what I have been waiting to see.

 I felt in my spirit there would be some form of "civil war", that would either give the US a reason to step in an force the RV to bring a peace deal, or it would appear to be civil war to cause the citizens to dump what remaining dinar they hold for USD and then an RV.

Either way, this had to happen and now I feel it's really opened the door for an RV, for this is the worst case scenario and we ought to be excited, for God's ways are not like man's ways...  Go RV!

Frank26:  Monday is here .............. Amazing how time goes by ................... Amazing will Your MONDAY CC be.
Except for TWO ............ FRIDAY CC was kept undercover pretty well for tonight.
SATURDAY Q AND A on TEAM CHAT also went very well to the point that CINDERELLA will post the 2 hour event at 8 pm est tonight.
So that it can serve the purpose of further guidance for tonight's MONDAY CC.
C u on Your M CC in ................ 8 ............... Aloha Ohana KTFA \m/

Don961:  the International Alliance declares "truth" what is happening in Kirkuk and indicates a "misunderstanding" led to a clash

 Twilight News     44 minutes ago

The International Alliance said it was aware of developments in the province of Kirkuk and called on the parties to dialogue to resolve the forms.

"We are following the movements of military and military vehicles in the vicinity of Kirkuk, and so far these movements are coordination movements and not attacks," a coalition statement said.
"Coalition forces and advisers do not support any activity of the Iraqi government or Kurdistan Regional Government near Kirkuk, but they are aware of reports of a limited exchange of fire during the early hours of the day," he said.

"We believe that the clash that took place was the result of a misunderstanding and not deliberate by some parties within the scope of limited vision at the time."

The International Alliance strongly urged the parties to avoid escalation.

"We continue to advocate dialogue between the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities and call on all parties to focus on defeating our common enemy in Iraq," said Major General Robert White,commander-in-chief of the Ground Forces Command in the Joint Task Force.    link
Samson: Instructions of the Council of Ministers on the importation of raw gold and its entry and exit control

15th October, 2017
On Sunday, received a 5-page document on the controls on the introduction and extraction and import of crude gold, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Planning, after the Cabinet meeting, in October, where the approval of the Council got Recommendations contained in the memorandum of the Office of the Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs No. 258.

The document signed by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mehdi Al-Alaq, stated that "the importer of gold shall be a company or person who holds a license to practice the profession of drafting issued by the standardization and quality control apparatus, and defines the executors of Baghdad and Najaf airports exclusively for the entry of imported gold."

"The entry of imported gold is by air freight only, and is limited to a maximum of 1,000 kg on import leave valid for six months and renewed by half the wages for another six months and cancel the import license in the case of the importer's violation of import controls and instructions."

"To allow the renewal of the profession of drafting without tax liability for one year starting from the support of the Tax Department to review the owner of the leave for the purposes of the settlement, and ends on 31/12/2018, for the purpose of settling the situation of tax importers," noting that "the Ministry of Planning / And the quality control, by opening branches at the airports of Baghdad and Najaf, take the procedure of testing gold devices and modern laser mechanization.

The value of the tax secretaries will be 50 thousand dinars per kilogram, according to the relevant formula, and the examination fees for quantities of imported gold will be 50 thousand dinars only per kilogram, to be met by the standardization and quality control, and the amount of 50 thousand dinars Only per kilogram of imported gold when issuing import licenses for export support purposes. "

According to the document, "Gold jewelery for the purpose of imported gold is collected in the amount of only 150 thousand dinars tax guarantees for each kilogram, according to the corresponding tax formula, and 250 thousand dinars customs fees for each kilogram one, and the amount of 50 thousand dinars examination fees jewelry, And the amount of 50 thousand dinars per kilogram of imported gold when issuing import licenses for export support purposes. "

The document states that "the Ministry of Planning / Standardization and Quality Control Authority shall adopt specific features for the gold suppliers to Iraq, with records subject to the approval of the Minister of Planning. The approved gold suppliers undertake to bear the value of the gold that is not in conformity with the gold mark." "The importer must provide the import license with the quantity of gold to be imported, as well as submit the purchase invoice without the need of the certificate of origin as a condition for the import of gold, and also identify those officially authorized to receive the quantities of imported gold."

The document stressed that "the person wishing to remake gold outside Iraq - an Iraqi or Iraqi company - is licensed to practice the profession of formulation issued by the standardization and quality control, and defines the executors of airports Baghdad and Najaf to take out gold for the purposes of recycling.

And stressed that "the statement that he has already entered the amount of gold to Iraq with a letter of support issued by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, and the amount to be taken for the purposes of recycling not more than 50 percent of the amount already entered, and to submit a sealed bill of Company or authorized person, specifying the quality and value of the gold to be exported to the standardization and quality control device.

"The Ministry of Planning / Standardization and Quality Control Authority shall provide the company or the person authorized to issue the gold with a letter to the customs and airport police specifying the name of the gold holder and the quantity to be exported with a copy of his passport for the purpose of allowing the removal of gold for transport purposes inside Iraq, Thousand dinars per kilogram for purposes of standardization and quality control. "

And stressed the "collection of an amount not more than thousands of dinars per kilogram of gold, for the fees of technical services imposed by the powers of the Minister of Planning, under the article of the Federal Budget Law for the financial year 2017, and the Board of advisers to report after a period of three months to apply this The decision to the Committee on Economic Affairs on the process of importing gold and other precious metals and the problems and obstacles faced.   LINK