Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hoss: anyone else about ready to give up? hoping this Kurd business is smoke but ...???

Spectra: I don't think it is a game ..or smoke they are serious....

Hoss: that's not good for us

Spectra: i think it stinks....no stability ....
Hoss: too many enemies of the rv pulling the strings

Spectra: yes    sabotage

Hoss: and the strings are endless
Hoss: yup

Spectra: they will do anything to keep the currency surpressed it seems..
​Hoss: sure looks like it

Spectra: who and why i have no guess but ive got a idea who
Spectra: yes it's becoming obvious...

Hoss: painfully obvious   otherwise it would've been done long ago

Spectra: its a plan alright to make sure the currency never rises
Spectra: @Hoss Absolutly right too much time going by now!

Hoss: now everyone will get excited about Jan ... to no avail

Spectra: All that talk about lower denoms green light ...The CBI is full of crap..
Spectra: i wont get excited over nothing.... been waiting too long

Hoss: how can anyone get excited over an artic;e after all the bs?

Spectra: The CBI...probubly think we are as dumb as it gets...

Hoss: yes lol
Hoss: stringing us all along ...

Spectra: NOW we are a laughing stock ..........
Spectra: yes but they LOVE TO LET IT LINGER ,,,,just enough to keep the curiosity going...

Hoss: when will people realze that "coming days" ONLY means sometime in the future ... NOT DAYS

Spectra: just when people loose interest ...They will pop out abnother bullcrap article about the green light or denoms or drop the zero's...

Spectra: @Hoss thats right or years   or never
Hoss: yup

Spectra: @Hoss im pissed off at this stupid KURD CRP NOW....  AND BARZANI TOO
Spectra: @Hoss LOL   AND ABADI TOO

Hoss: me too ... all orchestrated crap
Hoss: should've been done long ago if that was the plan'

Hoss: I wonder if many people are still buying iqd ... I stopped 5 years ago

Hoss: all the newbies I guess
Spectra: @Hoss yES

Hoss: they keep taking our USD and laugh
Spectra: @Hoss Right
Spectra: @Hoss but i keep what i have ,because there is always a chance

Hoss: sooo sick of ot all
Spectra: @Hoss me too , it is a form of mental torture

Hoss: Me too ... I won't sell
Spectra: @Hoss like a taunt ...

Hoss: same with the VND ... maybe maybe not

Spectra: @Hoss ive been going off on it latly as well...

Hoss: the ZIM sure sounds like bs though ... ??

Spectra: @Hoss that VND ,,IT HAS BEEN 50 YEARS ............

Hoss: ya

Spectra: @Hoss OH YEH ZIM is trash

Hoss: what a joke

Spectra: @Hoss :yes:
Spectra: @Hoss all ive been saying lately is thanks alot KURDS...

Hoss: ya ... thanks for nothing

Spectra: @Hoss You couldnt have picked a better time

Hoss: this could put it all off indefinately

Spectra: @Hoss I wonder who told them to do it ? Rocafellers ???

Hoss: many more cards up theirs sleeves I'm afraid to say

Spectra: @Hoss yes ...it might.....i noticed no articles mentioning the fate of the iraq dinar since it begun...

Spectra: @Hoss Then dirty DOGS ......

Hoss: the months and years go by ... we still wait lol
Spectra: @Hoss Right insanity really

Hoss: 11 years for this sucker lol
Spectra: @Hoss jeez thats a long time ...me 14 years

Hoss: wow .. you remember them talking about HCL getting done in '06??

Spectra: @Hoss typical investment even long term should only take 10
​Romello: Iran-allied IMIS start war in Kirkuk, Federal Police heavily deployed October 15 2017 12:54 AMBreaking Breaking Iran-allied IMIS militias start hostile military operations against Kurdish forces in Kirkuk while Iraqi federal police are heavily deployed near the city, sources confirm.


Hoss: @Romello we're crying in our beer today lol
Romello: @Hoss I see. Lolol

Spectra: we are just talking about this dirty IRAQ CURRENCY CALLED THE DINAR

Hoss: @Romello if a war starts that's it ... were done

Romello: Barzani leads Peshmerga to repel Iraq, Iran attack on Kirkuk October 15 2017 01:08 AMBreaking Breaking Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani leads the Peshmerga forces to repel a combined Iraqi and Iranian attack on Kirkuk. More follows..


Romello: @Hoss Thats my thougts as well
Spectra: @Hoss i agree

Spectra: @Hoss i drop this then maybe come back in a year or two...
Spectra: @Hoss maybe????
Hoss: lol

Romello: @Spectra Like my friend said, This investment is soo CRAZY that it just might work. lolol

Spectra: We just might have gotton the screw job from the KURDS...

Romello: US warplanes seen in Kirkuk skies as IMIS starts war - sources October 15 2017 12:59 AM Breaking Breaking US warplanes have been seen in Kirkuk skies, sources confirm. This comes as Iraqi forces and Iran-backed IMIS militias are attacking Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk. US army warned to attack the side that will start hostile operations in the city.

Read More:

Spectra: @Romello RIGHT true

Hoss: these gurus that make a living selling their goods along the way must be in panic mode ... may have to get a real job like the rest of us

Romello: URGENT Iran to close border with Kurdistan Release date: 2017/10/15 9:38 News on Iran's closure of the land border with the Kurdistan region {International: Euphrates News} Agency quoted {fields] what it described as responsible sources in Iran that the Iranian authorities closed the land border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq ..

Follow http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=152030

Spectra: @Hoss nOW I WOULD LAUGH AT THAT..

Hoss: @Spectra that would serve them right

Spectra: @Hoss yes i agree

Romello: UK: Baghdad-Erbil crisis will lead to Iraqi civil war October 14 2017 10:54 PM Iraq's current crisis will lead to a civil war, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) MP Rizan Shiekh Dleir said on Saturday. Dleir urged the US-led Coalition to intervene and be neutral to solve this crisis before it evolves into a catastrophe In a statement,

Dlier said that the current situation needs neutral figures to solve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, calling on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be more diplomatic in solving this issue. She stressed on the necessity that this issue must be only solved by Iraq and not any foreign nations as they only seek their own interests noting that nobody wants to sacrifice more blood, whether from the Peshmerga forces, the Iraqi forces or from the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS)  

Read More:

Hoss: @Romello doesn't look good does it

Spectra: I can not say i like BARZANI one bit.......

Romello: Governor of the Central Bank heads to the United States to attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank 2017-10-15 at 12:33 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Sunday that the central bank governor went to the United States to participate in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank A delegation headed by the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali al-Alak, headed to the United States to participate in the IMF and World Bank meetings this week " the central bank said in a press release .

Read More:  LINK

Romello: @Hoss :Tup

Hoss: I'm all for being positive but at some point we have to face reality
Hoss: right now it does not look good

Romello: @Hoss hasn't done anything yet.

​Dave: HCL, art 140,Amnesty, Federal court laws, banking laws are the laws that we have been waiting for 12 years, alot has happened. except the passage of these laws, many which only require a final reading...Good on the Kurds,...putting the iron to Baghdads feet

                                                                                                                                                   Dave: Proof is the laws that go into the Gazette

Spectra: @Dave yes and until that day we can only assume ....

Romello: Foreign Ministry announces the closure of Iran's official border crossings with Kurdistan at the request of Baghdad Sunday, October 15, Alsumaria News / Baghdad The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday, the closure of Iranian official border crossings with the Kurdistan region at the request of the Iraqi government

At the request of the Iraqi government, the Islamic Republic of Iran closed today the official border crossings with the Kurdistan region of Iraq ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement received by Alsumaria News.

Mahjoub added that this comes "within the framework of the measures taken by the Iraqi federal government to impose full control over the border ports and airports in the region in order to ensure the unity of Iraq and its territorial integrity, after the holding of unconstitutional referendum by the authorities in the Kurdistan region


Dave: what I see is that quorum is the issue.....it is neck and neck good/vs bad and the kurds will no longer participate in anything unless their demands come up on the agenda...they could break this stalemate

Spectra: @Dave well good let's get it over with.

Hoss: they must really hate each other

Spectra: @Hoss i guess so,but to really know we need to be them..
Spectra: @Hoss much of the hate comes from the promotion of it..
Spectra: @Hoss and that starts at the top of the food chang..with goverment and politicians...

Hoss: the Kurd know they have most of the oil in their territory and they're holding out for all they can get ... and who cars about their people

Spectra: @Hoss true...

Hoss: @Spectra yes from those that want to promote hate]

Spectra: @Hoss but basara has more oil than the kurds i heard..

Hoss: @Spectra ya?
Spectra: @Hoss yes

Spectra: @Hoss and the kurds have about 1/4 OF THE OIL i might be wrong but i swear i read this,Bagdad can get by without them..

Spectra: @Hoss The imf recently said this it will not effect the economy in IRAQ if the kurds leave..Take that for what it is worth..

Spectra: @Hoss so who knows?

Hoss: @Spectra that could be but it has yo slow things down I would thinl

Spectra: @Hoss yes

Dave: the kurds have huge reserves much of which has yet to be touched

Spectra: well good for them..I AM not happy they are disrupting my investment.

Hoss: @Spectra and when it is finally done we'll find out out iqd will remain worthless
Hoss: @Spectra lol
Spectra: @Hoss i know

Dave: no hcl nor art 140 .....no rv

Spectra: @Dave ive been waiting for 14 years ..i refuse to jump for joy over the kurds leaving...

Spectra: @Dave especially at this time ..why not later after..?

Spectra: @Dave well from what i heard Abadi already made a deal with the kurds to give them 17 PERCENT they just keep demamding more and more...Now whats the man to do????

Dave: why later....its been over 12 years

Spectra: @Dave the 17 percent deal was last year...The Kurds ARE GETTING GREEDY AND THAT MY FINAL ANSWER...

Dave: Abadi is not all the GOI

Spectra: @Dave true

Spectra: @Dave i am not in this for the KURDS .i am in this for myself and my family............

Hoss: how in the world could they have come close back in 2012??

Hoss: more bs

Spectra: @Hoss true that a good question

Dave: 17 % out tikrit Kirkuk and the rest of the disputed territories I do not think so

Spectra: @Hoss i know more brainwash put out most likly ...

Hoss: "lets put out some encouraging article and soak more USD out of them"

Spectra: @Hoss lol right ....They have been feeding this speculation to the hilt .......

Dave: it should be going the other way Hoss

Spectra: @Hoss They have been lying to our faces literally

Hoss: and the whole world is paying for everything while they sit back and laugh

Spectra: @Hoss TRUE ...and know who the hell in their right mind will invest when they may be on the brink of a cival war???Now that the real kicker?

Spectra: @Hoss I KNOW i wouldn't

Hoss: @Spectra unbelievable isn't it
Spectra: @Hoss yes and disgusting really..
Spectra: @Hoss One group picks a critical time in IRAQ TO suddenly take a departure and screw up everything...
Hoss: @Spectra all gredd driven by all involve
Hoss: @Spectra greed

Romello: Ameri and Engineer arrive in Kirkuk to negotiate with Kurdish leaders 2017-10-15 at 16:04 (Baghdad time) Baghdad - Mawazine News The deputy head of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and the secretary-general of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, arrived Sunday to the headquarters of the axis of the mass in the province of Kirkuk to discuss the Kurdish crisis in the province with Kurdish delegations and control of the situation to prevent the escalation of events

On Sunday (October 15, 2017), the Popular Forces forces burned the two pits of the Peshmerga forces after trying to pick up the barriers in the Nineveh Plain "The leaders of the popular crowd, Abu Mahdi Mahdi and Hadi al-Amiri, arrived in Kirkuk province to negotiate with the Kurdish leaders on the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, in addition to the security problems in the province the reporter said.

The situation in the province to prevent the escalation of events and development The adviser to the president of the Kurdistan region, Hainam Hawrami said on Sunday (October 15, 2017) that the Kurdish leaders gathered in the province of Sulaymaniyah reject Baghdad's request to cancel the results of the independence referendum and military threats, while renewing their call for dialogue Ending 29/34


Spectra: @Hoss yes definatly greed driven and the real kicker is BARZANI will steal plenty of that oil money ....from the KURDS

Spectra: @Hoss Sad but true....

Hoss: @Spectra yes and I used to think he was a good guy lol

Dave: Recollect 8-19 years ago when Maliki and Barzani were at the brink of war over the disputed territories....

Romello: Masum won't return to Baghdad unless talks with Erbil end positively October 15 2017 03:05 PM Masum urges to end rift between Baghdad, Erbil Iraqi President Fuad Masum has met with Kurdistan Region’s President Masoud and leaders of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) during his visit to Sulaymaniyah city Spokesman said on Sunday. President Masum will not return to Baghdad unless he got 'positive' results for the negotiations with Erbil MP Ares Abdullah said.

Spectra: @Hoss i did too until studied him
Spectra: @Hoss lol really i kinda liked him actually .see how easily we can be fooled

Romello: Masum urged all political parties to put aside their differences and start a dialogue to end the referendum crisis The source also revealed that PUK leaders informed Masum with their willing to give a chance for the peaceful solution for the crisis

Dave: 8-10 years

Romello: Masum-Barzani meeting comes after Baghdad had agreed to extend a deadline for Peshmerga forces to withdraw from key sites in the disputed city of Kirkuk by 24 hours that ends Sunday midnight

Spectra: @Dave mailiki is old news now we have new BAD GUYS -lol

Hoss: @Spectra yup

Dave: Kurds are not moving would be my guess

Romello: Kurdish Peshmerga forces took control of much of the province in 2014 when ISIS terrorists swept across northern Iraq and the army collapsed Tensions between Erbil and Baghdad have escalated since the Iraqi Kurds overwhelmingly voted for independence in a referendum last month. The oil-rich Kirkuk Governorate has emerged as a flashpoint in the crisis as it is claimed by both sides


Romello: Barzani calls for US mediation to end Baghdad-Erbil crisis October 15 2017 02:44 PMB The silence of the international powers have emboldened Baghdad government and the neighboring countries to impose restricted measures against Kurdistan, especially after the Region has conducted the independence referendum Masrour Barzani, the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council, said Sunday.

Hoss: @Dave I agree .. but it's more stalling

Spectra: @Hoss Yes

Romello: He called the US to mediate to end Erbil-Baghdad crisis The referendum does not aim to harm the neighboring countries, confirming that it is the best solution end the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil he added.

Barzani pointed out that Kurdistan seeks to bolster its relation with Turkey, Iran, and Iraq after the independence, praising the US for its support to the region


Dave: HCL affects all of Iraq....Basra/Erbil.....

Hoss: @Romello they can "call for" things forever ... does not mean squat

Romello: @Hoss Been calling for years it seems

Hoss: @Romello yup ... pitifull

Romello: @Hoss I'm withcha buddy
Romello: I should of got bitcoin instead.
Romello: Lmaoff

Hoss: @Romello lol

Romello: @Hoss Would of been a millionaire by now. ;$$
Hoss: I make my pledge right now ... I WILL NOT GET EXCITED OVER JAN 2018 ... NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

Romello: @Hoss What happens Jan 2018?
Hoss: the next big time frame I would assume
Romello: @Hoss To invest in what?

Dave: Iraq is on path to Democracy...something that this region has never known........HCL and art 140 possibly been the missing factors/determinates for this elusive RV?

Spectra: We should not be here still in my opion. This should have happened ....Maybe when the IMF took it over it was the point that ruined it for us/

Hoss: @Dave this process has too many enemies Dave

Romello: @Hoss Oh I see

Spectra: Maybe in reality its the IMF who is not our friend and IRAQ has no control what so ever...


Romello: @Hoss We've seen soo many windows that I want a door now
Romello: @Hoss lolol
Spectra: @Hoss RIGHT WHY

Hoss: @Dave the question is why???
Dave: again HCL art !40 Amnesty, fed court laws banking laws.....etc

Romello: @Spectra What do you think about the Rial?

Hoss: @Dave yes but again ... why?

Spectra: @Romello a good chance, later on ..but might need to fly there to exchange
Spectra: @Romello unless Trump lightens up

Dave: many reasons....the corrupt maintain their status quo when there is instability
Romello: @Spectra He said that he leaves it u to Congress.

Spectra: @Romello Trump is kinda screwing it up.i hope he does...

Romello: @Spectra They got 2 months to decide

Spectra: @Romello OK INTERESTING it hurts investors who want to do business with iran alot.
Spectra: @Romello all of europe is investing with IRAN we loose .

Romello: @Spectra Yep. But it still will isolate US from P5 and other countries
Romello: @Spectra They are saying that we don't keep our word even in contracts

Spectra: wich is kinda weird since Trump IS SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT BUSINESS..YES i dont think its a good idea to sancvtion them .we dont keep our word .

Romello: @Spectra But the rest of the countries will still do business with Iran
Romello: @Spectra We will be on a island by ourselves

Spectra: a ballistic missile is not nuclear !a missile with a high, arching trajectory, that is initially powered and guided but falls under gravity onto its target.

Spectra: @Romello we dont have to be isolated
Spectra: @Romello to the point we hurt our own economy ​​

​Romello: @Spectra Trump does not want to be part of the P5+1 or the UN. Which will isolate us from the rest of the world.

Spectra: The subject of IRAN is a deep one ,many here will disagree

Dave: yeah all the foreigners are fleeing from the US to Canada

Spectra: @Romello i hear you -lol
Spectra: @Dave not a bad idea but canada only takes the wealthy and well educated people into there country

Dave: that may be a rumor

Spectra: @Dave you have to pay alot of money to get a dual passport my grammy did it
Spectra: @Dave not cheap    they dont want to support the deprived usa citizens
Spectra: @Dave :yes:

Dave: we are taking true refugees as well....

Spectra: @Dave i know but if i wanted to go there it would cost me at least 10,000 dollars plus a good steady income

Romello: He thinks that the money we pay to be a member of the UN is a waste of money and does not want to be a part of it but we need to be a member IMO cause we need other countries. They don't need us if they do business among themselves.


IMF urges G20 to ensure sustainable growth/USA will back Kurds


Weekend UPDATE for October 15, 2017

Posted by RayRen98

This weekend on Iraqi TV, CBI's Alaq and others, along with PM Abadi, are referencing a full Iraq liberation coming soon.

Daesh is surrendering at record volumes in the two remaining provinces.

Al-Rafidain (Rafi) bank continues to promote the use of their international MasterCard.

The Kurds supposedly have a new arrangement that should be presented on Wednesday.

At the conclusion of Monday's meeting, things should become more transparent. #wearethepeople

"Feedback and Status" by (Anonymous) - 10.15.17

Sunday, October 15, 2017
To the best of my knowledge, from Yesterday’s Intel:
· So, the IMF Meeting closes around noon, leaving plenty of time for closed door meetings all afternoon.
· World Markets open at 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM US ET, ready to trade the Dinar to the magic Set Point for Lock In and Release per HSBC.
· The Dinar is reported International via Qi Cards (?) and reported to be registered at $3.71 in Jordan, requiring announcement shortly.
· The USD is officially (?) closed on the books at midnight Sunday, October15, 2017 (from Oct. 1, 2017), ending the USD Fiat FRN forever.
· The (Gold\Asset Backed) USN $100 and $50 are supposed to be on the street at Tier 1 banks, obvious by their Red Ink serial numbers.
· It has been reported that they began issuing USN on Oct. 13 to Tier 1 Banks at Teller Level. Please report as you collect them at your banks.
Intel Providers: Please post or comment on the above information and current status.
Thank you.



Samson:  China: Iraq will be an important transit route for goods to Asia and Africa

 15th October, 2017

China said on Sunday that Iraq will be an important transit route for the shipment of goods from China to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe after the completion of the Silk Road, indicating its intention to assist Iraq in the reconstruction and reconstruction of liberated cities.

"China intends to participate in the construction and reconstruction process that Iraq is setting up in the coming periods in the liberated areas of the denigration of terrorism," said Lu Lin, assistant foreign affairs bureau of Fujian Province.

He stressed that "dozens of companies in his province are determined to invest in Iraq in various fields, especially industrial and technology," pointing out that "Fujian province has many productive capacity, industrial and commercial that will enable them to play a vital role in the industrial map of China in the coming years" .

"We have had discussions with Iraq to produce different types of ships that are used for different purposes, especially cargo," Li said. "We have reached important results in this regard with Iraq."

"The Beijing government is very keen to complete the Silk Road Trade Project, which links China with the West and East Asia regions," he said, adding that "large sums will be allocated for the completion of the project, where it will revive trade exchanges with many countries on this road, Especially Iraq, which will be an important corridor for the transport of goods from China to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. "

"China is seeking to strengthen cooperation with the East and West Asian countries via the Silk Road, not only in the economic and trade fields but also in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields with countries bordering on that important strategic road," Li said.

Fujian Province is the first commercial Silk Road and occupies an advanced position among the productive areas in China, especially after it achieved more than 28 billion dollars in total production volume, and is famous in many industries, productivity, technology and oil, which enabled it to attract investments Worth eight billion dollars



TNT Weekend UPDATE for October 15, 2017

This weekend on Iraqi TV, CBI's Alaq and others, along with PM Abadi, are referencing a full Iraq liberation coming soon.

Daesh is surrendering at record volumes in the two remaining provinces.

Al-Rafidain (Rafi) bank continues to promote the use of their international MasterCard.

The Kurds supposedly have a new arrangement that should be presented on Wednesday.

At the conclusion of Monday's meeting, things should become more transparent.

RVAlready:  I think they had to get Barzani neutralized. He was stealing too much money…. I don't know of anything else left to wait for.. The IMF is meeting in Iraq this week. Probably final meeting for RV.

Briona:  Between Maliki and Barzani, a tremendous amount of money stolen. How they get away with it is another thing.

RVAlready:  Well, Barzani controlled the his oil fields, so probably skimming off the top….there is a long history of what we would call corruption in Iraq…. Families in power grabbed government money for years…. That era is coming to a quick end

Phantom809:  rvalready -- The corruption is what is getting in the way of the RV...The Iraqies in power care less about their people.

RVAlready:  I don't think we have long to wait. I'm hoping for this week.

Phantom809:  Rvalready -- the way world events are shaping up It would be good if it happens soon....

Harambe:  AP News: Iraqi Kurds say border crossings with Iran closed

Harambe:  BBC: Iraq conflict: Kurdish leaders refuse to reject referendum result http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-41629334

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Kurdish Oil Keeps Flowing Despite Baghdad's Threats Over Ki​rkuk https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-15/kurdish-oil-keeps-f​lowing-despite-baghdad-s-threats-over-kirkuk

Did the CBI GOV and delegation really head to DC today???



DELTA:  October 15, 2017

The Governor of the CBI participates in the meetings of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment

The Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq participated in the meetings of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment on Wednesday 11 October 2017, which was headed by the Prime Minister.

The meeting dealt with the issues related to the advancement of reconstruction and investment projects in Iraq.


Frank26:  Excellent .................. Many Meetings right now.

Briscom: Article: “Rafidain will start issuing the "master card" for employees and retirees in the coming days

Doesn't some kind of 'rate' have to be announced/established 'before' one of these cards can be activated and used in/outside Iraq?


Samson:  Development Bank gets the Innovation and Excellence Award for 2017

 15th October, 2017

Won the International Development Bank, on Sunday, innovation and excellence award for financial institutions and entrepreneurship in 2017, awarded by Princess Taghreed Foundation for Development and Training and sponsored by the Union of Arab Banks based in Jordan.

The award was received by Ziad Khalaf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. The award was awarded as a result of the strategy adopted by the Bank's management in the practice of the latest banking technologies and its expansion, as well as the rehabilitation of the Bank's staff staff to be competitors to international banks.

The Development Bank is the first bank to receive this award from among the banks operating in Iraq, and the Iraqi banking system consists of 62 banks, including 7 government banks, one of which is a newly established Islamic.   LINK


Mark555:  Touch Down.....Ta..Da!

Samson: Governor of the Central Bank heads to the United States to attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank 

15th October, 2017

The central bank announced on Sunday that the central bank governor has gone to the United States to participate in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The central bank said in a press statement received by "Economy News", "headed a delegation headed by the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Ali al-Alak to the United States to participate in meetings of the IMF and the World Bank this week."

He added that "it is hoped that the meeting on the sidelines of the meetings of a number of central bank governors headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Holland and the Governor of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia," noting that "there will be a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Arab Monetary Fund in addition to meetings with a delegation from the Treasury and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And many other economic and financial figures




Actech424: I know that most of us thought this would be a quickie, like Kuwait, when we bought our 1st dinar. Not one of us thought we were buying into culture/transition/government.

 Now that I look back, I search for anticipation of exchanges, but I am amazed how much of our "investments" have saved the future of this country. We may never see this to the end, but look at how far they've come.

It's Sunday morning, I hope each of you say a prayer for all those that haven't seen this to the end, those that are sick and struggling. May our day be closer than we know.

Dinara:  Even if it doesn’t happen today or tomorrow we know that we’re going to be able to exchange our currency at a revalued rate And it’s going to be worth the wait!

OkRocks:  Regarding Iraq v Kurds... I believe this is more about Irans militia that has inserted itself into the kurdistan region... the IRGC that Trump placed sanctions on... what better way to have a buildup of kurdish forces and Iraq forces "under cover" of seemingly kurds fight when its really Iran IMO

Abadi has stated time and again, he will not go after the people and there are those who give out proganda for a reason...

Harambe:  AP News: Improving world economy still needs help from low rates https://apnews.com/5f075270e4e14cf7a09772cdbf8aa7fe

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 15 2017

Compiled 12:12 am EDT 15 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Oct. 14 2017 1:24 pm EDT GCR: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 14, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The expected date of a GCR/RV release was on Wed. Oct. 18.

2. Exchanges would begin the following day on Thurs. Oct. 19.

3. The Chinese National Congress meetings (held every 5 years) would also begin on Wed. Oct. 18.

4. Trump would discretely disclose several things up until the release date of Wed. Oct. 18, so pay attention to the news and read in between the lines.


B. Oct. 14 2017 4:00 pm EDT Oootahs Conference Call Intel, Tank: Oootahs Conference Call w/ Tank Intel Today at 4 PM EDT 10-14-17 https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/webrtc?phone=6417150873&access_code=599495&name=xxxx

playback: 641-715-3579 ext: 599495# (5+ hour call)

1. This would likely be the last Oootahs Conference Call before the RV.

2. We were told that the GCR/RV was imminent and could go at any time between now and Oct. 18.

3. Right now the Dinar was fluctuating .... it would automatically lock in and we would have the RV.

4. The Zim payout would be on a quarterly basis. Have an amount in mind that you would need for the first 90 days to start your humanitarian projects.

5. Function under the present tax code until you are assured that taxes were changed.

6. Right now the currency numbers were fluctuating. We don't know what the rates would be until we were in our appointments.

7. There would be no zeros off the Zim.

8. There would be no enforcement of a 80% for humanitarian, 20% for you. It was believed that was just a rumor. You would have access to all your money.

9. The Chinese would be gold backing their Yuan on Oct. 18.

10. The Dinar was already international on Iraqi Qi Cards.

11. The Dinar was $3.71 in Jordan right now.

12. Exchange Centers were up and running today.

13. They have been calling Zim holders in to exchange.

14. Zim was at least $1 and likely a lot higher.

15. Tank heard from a prominent Banker that the TDA accounts (Treasury Debit Accounts) were real and they would be made available.

16. The Operation Disclosure intel reports were factual and valid.


C. Oct. 14 2017 5:21 pm EDT:Forbidden Knowledge: Global Currency Reset Q&A

D. Oct. 14 2017 3:28 pm EDT: The Economic Reset w/ Lynette Zang for October 7-13, 2017


10-15-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   This weekend on Iraqi TV, CBI's Alaq and others, along with PM Abadi, are referencing a full Iraq liberation coming soon.  Daesh is surrendering at record volumes in the two remaining provinces.  Al-Rafidain (Rafi) bank continues to promote the use of their international MasterCard.  The Kurds supposedly have a new arrangement that should be presented on Wednesday.  At the conclusion of Monday's meeting, things should become more transparent.

10-15-2017   Intel Guru Frank26
   Article:  "The Governor of the CBI participates in the meetings of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment"   Quote:  "The meeting dealt with the issues related to the advancement of reconstruction and investment projects in Iraq."   Article:  "Governor of the Central Bank heads to the United States to attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank"   Quote:  "The central bank announced on Sunday that the central bank governor has gone to the United States to participate in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank."  Excellent ...Many Meetings right now.

10-15-2017   Intel Guru Delta   BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!  Article:  Wed, 10 Dec 2014  "Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar confirms that the introduction of ATM depends on  delete zeros of the currency."  "The introduction of ATM in the markets and banks is dependent on the implementation of the decision to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency, pointing out that the Iraqi currency suffers from large inflation in time Present."


10.14.17 A terrific storm devastated the island of my birth. All 3,525,000 souls now hurt. Many countries want to send us there help, but some asswipe in washington decided to impower the jones act. On day 22 after the storm they came to give me a small box of rations, what a joke right what about the 21 days before and from the 23rd day forward. Many have lost so much and are now force to leave, my son and his family are one of them. This action has devastated my whole enter life. For I now am left all alone and this hurts me so bad. 

I only pray that those charlatans who still are meddling with this rv would do that which is correct and liberate it. Puerto Rico needs to be secured,rebuilded to new standards, we need to restore the electricity and the water sources, we need need to get back to work by next week if not many will go hungry from lack of money and work. The road ahead is still hard,but I am staying just to make sure that I can comfort through my faith those just like I that have fallen down on one knee. All warriors touch the ground on one knee but beware of them when they arise for he will give the fight of his life. I am Bluwolf and both I and the people of Puerto Rico will rise again. Puerto Rico Se Levanta. God bless us all. Na'maste Bluwolf

Yosef says "We are now POST RV'"


Oootahs RV/GCR CALL REPLAY 10-14-2017


This duration of this record breaking call is 8 hours 10 Minutes!

Unfortunately, due to call duration , we are unable to provide the FÇ Link.

We apologize for this inconvenience. 

SATURDAY, October 14th, 2017

Playback number
641 715 3579

Access code 599495 #


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday PM   10-14-17  Part 1 of 2

Dave: On Wednesday, before the start of the session, the House of Representatives will hold a grand celebration marking the 12th anniversary of the referendum on the Iraqi constitution.

Dave: @Spectra Celebrate.....HCL, art 140, Amnesty, federal court laws, banking laws, fully seated govt ,I am sure a missed a few

Spectra: @Dave it is great news i agree.i just want to cautious ...lol

Baxter: Dave...These Muslims are always celebrating something... everything but an RV

Spectra: @Baxter your right -lol anything to get out work..

Baxter: yeh... they even cant work when its too hot...
Dave: ......so much talk of the constitution.....many of these major laws just require a final reading for their implementation

Spectra: @Baxter buts it hotter than **** over there too

Dave: @Spectra ....but it is a dry heat....

Spectra: @Baxter i dont blame them for not wanting to work i hate it hot
Spectra: @Baxter kuwait was kinda humid when i was there!

Baxter: thats interesting
Dave: humidity knocks me out

Spectra: @Baxter i never imagined it would be so humid actually
Spectra: @Baxter i think it might depend what time of the year

Baxter: could be

Dave: you dress for the cold but cant escape from the heat

Spectra: @Baxter i got out before summer thank God
Spectra: @Baxter true i prefer cold





Boomer:   any thoughts?

Spectra: @Dave ive only been to toronto and ontario

Dave: born that way

Dave: the west is the best.....

Spectra: @boomer this is strange im listening

Spectra: @boomer very bizzare

Dave: once this pops I wanna casa in San Diego

Spectra: @boomer a film about the global heritage assets and historic bonds at http://www.toogoodtobetrue.com.my/

boomer: @Spectra Strange yes but interesting

Spectra: @boomer historical bonds ??? cool

Spectra: @boomer ive got it on right now
Spectra: Utilizing Global Heritage Assets To Fund The Global Economy - TooGoodToBeTrue Interview Series 1--wow


Spectra: SKR!
Spectra: GOLD

Dave: got a bunch of the old German gold bonds......

Spectra: WELL you need to find out

boomer: @Spectra From what I could glean and it may have been the second video is the one to screw up the RV would be the United States.

Spectra: @boomer oh ................NO ..............SAY IT ISNT SO!

boomer: @Spectra I have to say if any of this isn't true they sure spent some money on this as it's professionally done.

Spectra: @boomer They are serious .....

Dave: @boomer to glean is to search high and low to find something

boomer: @Dave Whats in the Middle?
Spectra: @boomer i think theres something to it why not?

Dave: Bingo.....
Dave: I think the truth is somewhere in the middle

Spectra: @boomer wich brings to my mind where is LANDA GLOBAL /

Spectra: @boomer THEY WENT POOF!

boomer: @Spectra Got me, I had to watch that "CC" cause I was sitting in a coffee shop full of students spending their student loans on overpriced Latte and vegan health food and making alot of nonsensical Noise. I do plan to watch it again though along with some of the other stuff on their channel.

boomer: @Spectra Glad you like it, I did too.

Spectra: @boomer They are talking about humanitarian stuff as well.
Spectra: @boomer They are working with the chinese

boomer: @Spectra Yeah, they get into more of that in the other videos.

Spectra: @boomer REDEMPTION only with central banks
Spectra: They want to spread the wealth
DinarResearcher: Mobile companies .. When the money and secrets of Iraq become affordable! 10/14/2017

Spectra: 303 bunker settlment with china too

DinarResearcher: After 2003, the Internet and wireless communications were introduced to Iraq in a wide range and became accessible to all, with millions of mobile subscribers and many satellite Internet service providers.

DinarResearcher: The number of mobile phone lines in Iraq in the latest statistics issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics at the end of December 2016, about 33.5 million lines during the year 2015, while the number of mobile Internet service lines for companies operating in Iraq about 5.7 million lines.

Spectra: This is deep stuff

boomer: @Spectra What I had questions about is the US Capital Bank, there is a bank by that name in the SE US but it's not big enough to take on that kind of responsibility.

DinarResearcher: Iraq has three main telecoms companies, including Zain, Asasil and Cork, operating in all the southern and northern provinces of the country for high wages and poor service that does not achieve the lowest levels when compared to mobile services in non-Arab countries.

DinarResearcher: Iraq's telecoms companies are reaping billions of dollars in services they offer to citizens in exchange for a very small percentage of them given to the federal government that authorized them to work inside the country.

Spectra: To infuse new liquidity to avoid market crashes they say ??

DinarResearcher: 5 billion dollars annual profits

DinarResearcher:  In this regard, the MP revealed the mass of parliamentary virtue, Hassan al-Shammari, "the total amount of minimum profits to be obtained by the communications companies operating in Iraq about $ 3 billion and 456 million dollars, for a sum of up to one billion to pay the state."

DinarResearcher: Al-Shammari said that "the federal government's money resulting from the work of telecommunications companies in Iraq does not pay immediately, but within a year and a half."

DinarResearcher: "The waste of public money is that the three companies (Asiacell, Zain and Cork) are going to pay together to the state treasury very little, an estimated $ 921 million over the next seven years," Shammari said.

boomer: @Spectra Yup
Spectra: @boomer wow .....good sign

DinarResearcher: Al-Shammari said that this represents "a great loss for the state compared to the huge profits that companies earn and to clarify in figures and according to the data announced by the companies regarding the monthly profit rate obtained by the number of subscribers distributed to the three companies and the majority with Zain Kuwait and profit rate $ 12 per month About one subscriber for a call-only service without the profits of messages, advertisements and the Internet. "

BobS: October 14, 2017 16:47 Direct : An Iraqi economist, said that next year 's budget 2018 does not exceed 110 trillion dinars (92.285 million dollars), the government allocates 20% of which projects the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Daesh. Said Bassem Jamil Antoine, the Iraqi News Agency on Saturday that the 2018 budget will not differ from the current budget form or substance, ruling out the rise in oil prices in the near future.

Continues to the Iraqi Council of Ministers headed by "Haider al-Abadi," working to create a draft 2018 budget, in preparation to be sent to the Iraqi parliament during October, according to the constitutional timing, after it announced recently that the draft "in the final stages."

BobS: He stressed " the appearance of Saleh," the financial adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister , that the 2018 budget year tend to expand non - oil resources, referring to the orientation state to encourage employment through the private sector, and the development of lending to youth programs with soft loans, and the empowerment of engaging in the labor market .

The face of the "Haider al - Abadi" to conduct a thorough review of the proposed general budget of 2018, and to increase non - oil revenues, reduce government expenditures presidencies and ministries, securing wages and salaries of state employees, describing them as "austerity budget"

The IMF announced that the economic policies implemented by the appropriate Iraqi authorities, to deal with the shocks facing Iraq .. armed conflict with Daesh and the consequent humanitarian crisis and the collapse of oil prices.

He noted the Iraqi Central, in an earlier statement that he lent the Iraqi government $ 32 billion to fund its war on Daesh, with a statement that the rise in oil prices and dependence on non - oil revenues will pay the government 's debt to the Bank

boomer: @Spectra GTG, I'll post those links again later.

 Spectra: @boomer Thank you very much

BobS: October 14, 2017 16:29 Direct said group OMV Austrian oil and gas, in a statement on Friday that quarterly net operating results by the end of the third quarter of this year amounted to about 90 million euros (106.6 million dollars. The Austrian oil group showed that its quarterly profit came after the settlement of a dispute with the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government, last August, with respect Bhkulai gas "Khor Mor and Chemcel" Allowaqaan within the territory of the region of northern Iraq (Nabucco) pipeline.

The government of Erbil has reached a settlement with the alliance , "Dana Gas - listed on the Stock Exchange of Abu Dhabi" and "oil Pearl", provides for the payment of $ billion to the Austrian company, to settle a legal dispute between the parties for a long time, in a move to expand the portfolio ( the OMV ) through the acquisition of 10% of the "Pearl"
BobS: The Austrian company is engaged in the exploration of the Iraqi market since 2007, a major operator of privileges "Mala Omar and Shoresh" in the Kurdistan Region. The Austrian company, it received 60% of profits from "The Pearl" Pearl, out of the amount of 90 million euros, while the remaining quota allocation (40%) as an account for future investments in the "Khor Mor" field of Kurdish land.

The OMV largest provider of gas in Austria, with volumes storing 2.2 billion cubic meters, and the coverage for more than 25% of the annual gas consumption in Austria, according to the company statement.

Iraq warned against the exploitation of the different governments in Baghdad and Erbil, to try to control the oil wealth , calling for countries and companies operating in the market of oil, an inventory of dealing with the Government of Iraq with respect to oil files and contracts for investment and export.

BobS: In an attempt Iraq to crack down on the government of the region, Minister of Oil , "Jabbar Allaibi" announced the initiation of the use of the oil pipeline from the Kirkuk oilfields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan , passing through the provinces of Salah al - Din and Nino . , To avoid traffic in the territory of the province and then control "Arbil" on Iraqi oil flows out the source.

Two days ago, the Government of Irbil renewed its call for dialogue and the lifting of the Iraqi siege and regional reported , with regard to ports, internal trade , insurance services to citizens, banks and airports , under restrictions after the referendum secession of the province, and confirmed its readiness for any kind of negotiation under the Iraqi constitution.

BobS: 14/10/2017 0:00 He pledged to maintain the unity of the country and the application of the Constitution Baghdad / morning put Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces , Dr. Haider al - Abadi points on the letters on the crisis with the Kurdistan region and the recent allegations promoted by the advocates of separation, stressing that "our military , who achieved the miracle of the victory can not use it against our people or our citizens are fighting a war against the Kurds and others.

" This coincides with the exiled leadership of the joint operations on Friday what some of the media from the news about the launch of a military operation south of Kirkuk, indicating that our troops are still conducting clearance, inspection and musk operations in the liberated areas of the province.

BobS: A statement by the Office of the Prime Minister received the "morning", for Abadi said while chairing an expanded meeting to consolidate stability in Anbar province:

"We have achieved a miracle victory, and have come a long and arduous way, and made our heroine and all the Iraqis and the people of Anbar sacrifices expensive must keep it our national unity and I tell you the return of the last inch of Daesh in Anbar soon. "

 The prime minister said , "It is our duty also to maintain the unity of the country and the application of the Constitution and to protect citizens from any attack and the extension of federal authority and subjecting imports of oil and border ports controlled for the benefit of the Kurdish citizen and to protect national wealth , " noting that " the current crisis is not of our own making."


BobS: In the meantime, the Joint Operations Command said that " the security forces conducted clearance, inspection and musk in the liberated areas in the province of Kirkuk operations , " calling on everyone to "carefully and take the news from official sources."

 In turn, the Minister of Interior, Qasim al - Araji in a brief statement said on Friday that "there is no military operations in the Kirkuk sector." He explained that "what happened is the redeployment of the federal forces operation after the end of the presence of " Daesh "in the cutter down to what we were before June 9, 2014."

 For his part, Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabbar Yawar stressed, in a press statement that "continuous coordination with federal forces and the health of the presence of any military clash."

Peshmerga forces and handed over some of their positions (Taza and Bashir) south of Kirkuk to Iraqi forces on Friday, according to an agreement between the parties according to what was said by sources in the Peshmerga.


BobS: 15/10/2017 0:00 Baghdad / follow-up to the morning US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that the United States is closely watching what he described as the tension between the Iraqi government and the authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan region on Kirkuk, and is working to ensure that Tsaadh.omn on a plane was traveling from Miami, where he was visiting the command of US forces in Central and South America ( SOUTHCOM), Mattis told reporters: «we are working for it, Foreign Minister Rick Tillerson leads efforts, but we are also working to ensure that we keep any possibility of a conflict away from the table» 
orda a question about the message of the leaders in Baghdad and the region, Mattis said : «what everyone is still focused on defeating Tnzi M Daesh, we can not now we fight, we do not want it to develop into a shooting situation ». For its part, France called on the Federal Kurdistan government to show restraint toward the crisis in the French Foreign Krkk.oukalt through its official website on Saturday:

BobS: The «Paris is closely following the situation between Baghdad and Erbil», adding that «France reiterates its call for restraint and dialogue and calls on all parties to refrain from any initiative that would raise tensions» the To, it confirmed a researcher at the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, Michael Knights in the analysis, on Saturday, that the Kirkuk crisis gives a clear opportunity for emergency talks directly between the federal government and the Kurdistan region. According to the Knights in the analysis, published by the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, that «

Fortunately there is a third option more attractive between Erbil and Baghdad, since the referendum of the Kurdistan region on 25 September, were not Baghdad was ready to enter into unconditional negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government, demanding Erbil publicly abandon voting somehow before returning to the negotiating table, but the Kirkuk crisis gives Baghdad a clear opportunity for direct talks with emergency Arbil ». He said the Knights, he «can these discussions focused on the proposed settlement by the Patriotic

Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on the joint interim administration in Kirkuk, in the parts controlled by the Union as the base air main, the military and the base K1, and some energy facilities, and will be those discussions are good points for the development of a mechanism security shared between federal forces and the Peshmerga forces, "said the analysis that"

BobS: American mediators should call for measures to ease the escalation through the freezing of sending reinforcements to the area, and the removal of heavy weapons such as artillery and tanks to a mutual distance, and a ban on Night moves, contacts bi-directional each side aware of the movements of new forces, should also be a priority to solve part of the crisis in the near term given such as the return of federal military missions to sites controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Kirkuk, rather than a huge deal that requires immediate return of the large forces of the Federal to all regions

​BobS: 15/10/2017 0:00 It confirmed its commitment to assist in the reconstruction of the liberated areas Fujin / morning China has renewed its determination to assist Iraq in rebuilding and reconstruction operations liberated cities, and set up giant projects in many of the backing to ensure construction and reconstruction investment fields ..

Said Assistant Foreign Affairs Office of the District Fujin, Li Lin during a meeting with a number of Arab journalists , among them the "morning": that "China intends to participate out of construction and reconstruction , which is prescribed Iraq be set up during future periods in areas that have been liberated from the Conception of terrorism."

 Production capacity and stressed that "dozens of boycott companies seeking determined to invest in Iraq in various fields, especially industrial and technology", pointing out that the province Fujin has many productivity, industrial and commercial capabilities that will enable them to play a vital and important role in China 's industrial map in the coming years .. important results confirmed that Li Lin, said that "Fujin held talks with Iraq to produce various kinds of ships used for different purposes, particularly the shipment of goods, indicating to reach important results in this regard with Iraq."

BobS: He hinted the Chinese official, "The Beijing government is very keen to complete the project commercial silk, which China connects with the West and East Asia regions through", stressing the allocation of large sums of money for the completion of the project , which he will perform trade operations with many countries that are located on this road , especially Iraq , which will be an important conduit for the transfer of goods from China through to a number of Asian, African and European countries.

The Silk Road , said Li Lin, "China is seeking to strengthen cooperation with the East and West Asian countries by the Silk Road, not in the economic and trade fields, but also in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields with a rim that countries road strategic important."

BobS: The province Fujin premise first road commercial silk, and occupies an advanced rank among the productive areas of China, especially after achieving more than $ 28 billion in total production volume, and is famous in many industries, productivity, technology and oil, a feature that has enabled it to attract Ahnbeh investments worth eight billion dollars.

BobS: out.

DinarResearcher: I’m not here to bash anyone but this conversation is sounding like some GCR Mumbo Jumbo fallacy. Let’s just stick with Iraq

Spectra: we can talk about any subject we want didn't you know that????
Spectra: some people talk about the most trivial things like whats for supper ect
xyz: Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. [Lyndon B. Johnson]
xyz: When you think positive, good things happen. [Matt Kemp]

DinarResearcher: Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow
DinarResearcher: Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results

Spectra: Manly Hall - My Philosophy of Life https://youtu.be/RQcYb63hPng

DinarResearcher: Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

Spectra: @DinarResearcher very funny
DinarResearcher: George Burns
Spectra: @DinarResearcher he was a legend
Spectra: Gerald Celente Yesterday at 10:41am · SECOND MAJOR ALERT: Another “Well-Known” Swiss Bank Has Just Refused To Let A Client See The Gold The Bank Is Supposedly Storing For Them

Spectra: DZA Special Part 4 : Funding Announcement & Reminder Prior to Release of Funds 7,134 views https://youtu.be/vYouvWoFOCs

Spectra: China: Iraq is an important gateway for goods to Europe and Africa 15/10/2017 12:00 am Reaffirmed its commitment to assist in the reconstruction of liberated areas Fujin / Sabah China has renewed its determination to help Iraq in the reconstruction and reconstruction of liberated cities and the establishment of giant projects in many areas of investment to support the construction and reconstruction.

"China intends to participate in the construction and reconstruction projects that Iraq is planning to establish in the coming periods in the liberated areas of the suppression of terrorism," said Lu Lin, assistant to the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Fujian Province, during a meeting with a number of Arab journalists.

Production capacity He stressed that "dozens of companies in his province is determined to invest in Iraq in various fields, especially industrial and technology," pointing out that the province of Fujian has many productive capacity, industrial and commercial, which will enable them to play a vital role in the industrial map of China in the coming years.

Important results He stressed that Li Lin, "Fujian held talks with Iraq to produce different types of ships used for different purposes, especially cargo of goods, indicating the achievement of important results in this regard with Iraq."

 "The Beijing government is very keen to complete the Silk Road Trade Project, which links China with the West and East Asia regions," the Chinese official said, stressing that large sums would be allocated to complete the project, which he said would revive trade with many countries on the road. , Especially Iraq, which will be an important corridor for the transport of goods from China to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Silk Road "China is seeking to strengthen cooperation with East and West Asian countries via the Silk Road, not only in the economic and trade fields, but also in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields with countries b

Spectra: but also in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields with countries bordering on that important strategic road," Li said. Fujian Province is the first commercial Silk Road and occupies an advanced position among the productive areas in China, especially after it achieved more than 28 billion dollars in total production volume, and is famous in many industries, productivity, technology and oil, which enabled it to attract investments Worth eight billion dollars.

xyz: Kurdish delegation heading to Baghdad tomorrow


Spectra: @xyz good i hope they get it right this time
Spectra: @xyz The whole situation is getting very dumb......................

Spectra: Global Currency Reset - 1913 Chinese "Super Petchilis" Gold Bonds Explained https://youtu.be/vqw7U4JTrmg

xyz: URGENT: US threatens to hit any party starts attack in Kirkuk http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.shafaaq.com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/f78547ec-62a7-4bba-8635-af32daebaccb

xyz: @Spectra what's "Global Currency Reset"?

Spectra: @xyz That is the quadrillion dollar question ?
Spectra: @xyz who knows i have not come to any conclusion yet!
Spectra: @xyz The Bonds i think

Spectra: @xyz a GRAND SETTLEMENT

xyz: @Spectra and what have you so far studied?


Spectra: @xyz you are hearing me right ! im telling you

xyz: @Spectra yes i am

Spectra: @xyz The Gold that was going to be used to pay these bonds was hidden
Spectra: @xyz Marco's of the phillipines hid some of it...he stashed the gold

xyz: @Spectra should I get some yuan?

Spectra: @xyz i think i will i have none ...good idea
Spectra: @xyz they think the gold was stolen by the usa and stashed in the basement of the trade center?

Spectra: @xyz Chinas Gold ....
Spectra: @xyz 2010 code of reforms from the IMF!
Spectra: @xyz Brought in china

Spectra: @xyz board of directors china ...SDR is created by what all these nations put in and the number doubled

Spectra: @xyz Reconciliation has been going on for years,debt celing crisis may be deliberate....
Spectra: @xyz China by honering the bonds will be able to acsess their GOLD

Spectra: @xyz K
Spectra: @xyz They will only honor them at 10 percent
Spectra: @xyz The more bond holders come forward leaves less for others

Spectra: Japan even has some too
Spectra: This will be done in steps you will not see it overnight

Spectra: All countries will be pegged to the SDR!
Spectra: THE basket like Turki said in 2014

Spectra: i think the same will happen for IRAQ!

Spectra: We all should know this it is elementary we have been told......

xyz: Iraq ranked fifth in terms of proven oil reserves worldwide, with a 142.50 billion barrels.


It is noteworthy that Iraq is the second largest oil producer in the Organization of "OPEC" after Saudi Arabia

Spectra: yes terrific

Spectra: President Donald Trump "All Currencies will be on an Even Level" Global Currency Reset https://youtu.be/ubdGL0pPcwg

Spectra: The problem with most people is they have short memories!

Spectra: now this magazine is owned by the Ownership. The Economist Group is owned by the Cadbury, Rothschild,

TWW: @xyz I just received my yuan sent to me by a personal from Taipei. I have know him for over25 years. 100usd for 771CYN this is my 3rd purchase from him. Now my currencies in holding are complete. The rate USD I paid was based on the rate 4 wks ago.

xyz: @TWW ty

xyz: [ENJOY THE VIDEO] Understanding the difference between the IMF and World Bank https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/14/understanding-the-difference-between-the-imf-and-world-bank.html The annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are underway as policymakers from around the world gather in Washington.

chattels: Peshmerga refuse to hand over control of any territory: Kirkuk governor By Rudaw 6 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/141020176

chattels: Iraqi Kurds 'prepared to draw own borders', Barzani warns Baghdad 11 September 2017 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41189619

xyz: @chattels appear barzani maybe changing mind imho
chattels: @xyz I opined a few days ago that he may need to alter his position.

xyz: @chattels too much pressure on his shoulders

xyz: cream containing snakes to produce beauty tools capable of eliminating the wrinkles that women experience as they age. ... snake venom improved by 387%, or three times the triglycerides, Anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle


chattels: @xyz Abadi is between a rock and a hard place.
chattels: @xyz Barzani is just in a hard place.
chattels: @xyz

chattels: Iranian Guards with Iraqi forces near Kirkuk, Peshmerga claim By Rudaw 3 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/141020177

Spectra: Oh No lol
chattels: Mea culpa
Spectra: Heavy hand
xyz: what happened? did i cause that?
chattels: @Spectra And a light mind :)
Spectra: Silly

chattels: 10-14-2017 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan does not need to post again. The likely tax treatment of any profit on the IQD is that it is ordinary income. " Enuff said. "

chattels: Bottom line is hire a tax attorney / consultant. No brainer. End of story. Anything else is " hype ".

BREW: @chattels not sure we should even be worry about payong any taxes on something that has not even happened, sort of like putting the cart befor the horse.

BREW: @chattels paying

chattels: Peshmerga say given to midnight to leave Kirkuk, Iraq says no deadlines exist By Rudaw 1 hour ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/141020172


xyz: i put a cart in walmart with a horse. does that count?
xyz: without****

chattels: @BREW Agreed.


chattels: @BREW 50% of something is still something.

BREW: @chattels I WILL TAKE IT.

chattels: @BREW 100% of nothing is still nothing.
BREW: @chattels TRUE, LOL
Spectra: Hello
Spectra: You guys are being very funny
Spectra: Lol

chattels: The good news is that my partner and I are leading our filght in the golf tournament. :)

Spectra: Congratulations

chattels: $ 1,800 for first place in the calcutta and I own 100% 0f my team !

chattels: Abadi needs to pull Iraq back from destructive course against Kurds By Paul Iddon 4 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/141020172

chattels: KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – Kamal Kirkuki, a Peshmerga commander, claimed the Iraqi army stationed near Kirkuk has given the Peshmerga an ultimatum: leave their posts in areas surrounding Kirkuk by midnight on Saturday or face an attack. Iraqi officials have denied the existence of any deadlines.

xyz: They have already retaken a string of positions to the south of the city after Kurdish forces withdrew. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/kurds-iraqi-forces-in-standoff-as-baghdad-sets-deadline-9311282

chattels: “Their demand is to take over the airport, the oil factories, the urban areas. In short, they want to take over Kirkuk,” the Peshmerga general said. “We took these areas with blood,” he continued, vowing they will defend the areas with more blood.

xyz: appear deadline been extended by 24hrs ... await confirmation

Romello: Peshmerga say given to midnight to leave Kirkuk, Iraq says no deadlines exist http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/141020172

chattels: @xyz " dicey " times

ElmerFudd: Is the US still involved in the talks between the two?

chattels: @ElmerFudd I would think so.

xyz: @ElmerFudd yes US official arrived today
Romello: US envoy in Baghdad for post-referendum talks with Iraqi officials By Rudaw 3 hours ago US special presidential envoy Brett McGurk [L] meets with the head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim in Baghdad on October 14, 2017. We don’t want this to go to a shooting situation he said. http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/141020171

ElmerFudd: I wonder if they will pressure Baghdad to get Article 140 running and RV the currency to defuse the situation?

xyz: @ElmerFudd you are truly a dreamer haha

Romello: - Implement the agreements on authority and revenue in the form in question. - Implementation of Article 140. - Addressing other issues such as Peshmerga, civil aviation, diplomatic representations and other files. We believe that this message and your courageous decision to accept this proposal will become a historic opportunity between the US, the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government, and this is after our joint sacrifices and our victories against America, President Donald Trump and all the national security staff.


Romello: Full article in link
Romello: @chattels Ge my friend
Romello: Hello everyone

chattels: @ElmerFudd I wonder whether there is a tooth fairy.
chattels: @Romello good evening sir

xyz: @Romello thought it was based on a letter before 25th

Romello: @chattels All is well. Just waiting on the Cubs and Dodgers

chattels: @Romello We talking baseball !
chattels: @Romello The Babe, the Duke and Willy !

Romello: @xyz Reveal the contents of Telson's message to Barzani ahead of the referendum Editorial date: 2017/10/14 18:05 [Ayna-Erbil] Kurdish news agencies published the text of a letter from US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson to Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani before a referendum on September 25.

The letter included support for the United States for the negotiations between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad, which extends for a year to address all outstanding issues. The text of the message President Barzani ..

Romello: @chattels Gonna be a good one

chattels: @Romello America's game !

Romello: @chattels Can they do it TWICE?
Romello: @chattels lol. We'll see.
Romello: @chattels I hope they pull it off.

chattels: KR Security Council‏Verified account @KRSCPress Follow Follow @KRSCPress Iraqi forces have threatened to attack Peshmerga positions in South West of Kirkuk at midnight unless all forces stand down.

JoeSchmoe: Dodgers lost Seager for this series, gonna be hard

Romello: Haider Al-Abadi‏Verified account @HaiderAlAbadi Follow Follow @HaiderAlAbadi More Our armed forces cannot and will not attack our citizens, whether Arab or Kurd. The fake news being spread has a deplorable agenda behind it

​Romello: @JoeSchmoe I'm gonna watch it from beginning til end.

Romello: Al-Rafidain: MasterCard International allows granting advances and loans of all types October 14, 2017 Walter 1 Vote economy Since 2017-10-14 at 10:26 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News Al-Rafidain Bank said on Saturday that the MasterCard card offers its customers several banking advantages, including granting them advances and loans.

The Bank’s Information Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News that “the banking services provided by the bank through the electronic payment tools (Master Card) are the advances of all types and loans.”

The office added that “MasterCard’s advantages are the ability to withdraw money from anywhere inside and outside and enables its holder to use it in the purchase or promotion of all the websites, Facebook, shopping from international brands and the purchase of smart phone applications as well as technical and modern aspects used through them.”   LINK

xyz: its almost 4am in iraq and deadline was 2am

JoeSchmoe: @xyz deadline for what?

xyz: @JoeSchmoe Peshmerga to stand down

xyz: The Results of Financialization - "Nationalization" https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=9lMDfkHbPGY ----- The Endgame Of Financialization: Stealth Nationalization http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-14/endgame-financialization-stealth-nationalization