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Breitling Tidbit, 10 OCT

You have the kurds, what they are going through…but it’s not going to render what Iraq does with its currency…Let’s say they do separate and they do take some of that oil profits away from the rest of Iraq.  What would Iraq do?  You guys know the answer.  They would add value to their currency.  They’d have to make up for that.  How would that make up for the oil loss…? Because they can take that money and invest it in the interior of other countries…The overall key is their economy is being attacked…what to they [countries] do?  They invest in foreign entities, foreign bonds, foreign currencies…and what do they [countries] need to do to do that?  They need to raise the value of their currencies a little bit…So what can Iraq do?

What would allow Iraq to do that?  They can’t do it at a tenth of a penny.  They can’t give up all their dollars…then they take away the backing of the dinar in the first place.  This is what’s so phenomenal about this investment.  It’s such a great opportunity.  Huge opportunity.  That’s the worst case scenario I can see with going on with the Kurds and if they pull out.  How would Iraq be able to counter that?  Add value to their currency…

What if the value of the markets, the price per barrel goes down?  What would Iraq have to do to counter that?  They’d have to add value to their currency.  You guys getting the trend here?  That’s what’s going on.  That’s what’s happening.  That’s what’s part of the process here…There is nothing outside of that with the Kurds.  So it’s not a threat.  Does Iraq want that to happen?  No.  Is it optimal for the middle east?  Could it put the middle east in a civil war?  Sure.  The middle east will be busy for a while.


(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

October 9, 2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: Let me apologize to some of you because I put in chat I was going to be tied up in conference meetings and there would be no call unless there was a green light. There is no green light. Just finished up early.

Last week I referenced Abadi put out something indicating the end of November. Now this latest may change that. The last two provinces saying masses surrendering. . . So this may mean days, hours. You can forget about that November stuff.

IMF talking about developing Iraq currency to it’s real face value and having the value it deserves.

New oil fields found in Iraq. In the midst of Sadr, protests, Parliament is in a closed session today, which should accelerate the National Reconciliation. So . . . we wait.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: I don’t expect it today. At the earliest Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week. . . sources saying it could happen any time now. You can forget about that November stuff. . . It looks really good for us.

IRAQ: New oil fields found in Iraq. Ray: Publicly they are saying their intentions are to raise the value of their currency. 
Parliament is in a closed session today. 


IMF: Referring to developing Iraq currency to it’s real face value and having the value it deserves. 
Crypto-currencies: Ray sources do not talk to him about crypto-currencies and he did not offer a personal opinion on them. 


Banks: No longer on call. Bank personnel left work early on Friday. Ray: To my knowledge right now, no alert status, no looking for this to pop out today. 
Receipts: only needed if this is defined as a taxable event to show the date of purchase. 
Military Bases: A military ID card is required to get on the base to facilitate an exchange. 
FINCEN Form: An electronic form generated within the bank and most of us are not expected to see it. Ray: sometimes done in the underwriting process during their off hours. . . You won’t ever see it. It’s a report they send in about the transaction. 

EXCHANGING/CONTRACT RATES: Ray: I don’t have any official information other than the knowledge of the 59 banks. It will become our job to contact the banks in our close proximity to inquire and ask about that just as we would the true buy/sell rate. It’s the buy rate you are looking to negotiate on. Those of us not after the contract rate we won’t be calling that first day anyway and we will wait on the rest of you. Then we will collect that information and assimilate it in a fashion for the rest of us. We will network for all of us.

This is a business transaction. No matter how much the person behind the desk may smile at you this is still business. They need to get you in the door. Your not going in the way you used to, pleading and hoping you’ll be accepted. KNOW YOUR WORTH and that makes it easier to negotiate. . . .know your worth 5-10 times what I am exchanging to you (them). Know you can pick up your marbles and go somewhere else. AND they know it!

I firmly believe divine intervention has everything to do with this and why I don’t challenge what happens. Look what DI has done for us by making us wait! What we have learned! . . . We’ve had the opportunity to have people talk to us . . . it made us so much more prepared . . . so much more ready for this when it happens.

Q & A: TNT Forum

Forum Q & A is covered in the various categories above.

Q & A: Callers 

-What are your people saying and your feeling about crypto currencies? Ray: Nothing. We are having no conversations whatsoever about crypto currencies. 
-Ray: A trust is an entity when you create it just like a corporation. Corporations have by-laws. Trusts have indentures. Just a different name. They both serve the same purposes. Corporation has officers. Trust with it’s indenture has a Board of Trustees. Both are fully taxable entities. A foundation is an organization but it has to have a structure to sit on. Either it’s going to be formed as a corporation or in trust form like a trust. The foundation would make it a tax exempt status. A trust can donate money to a foundation in trust form . . . and the foundation can spend those monies according to the 501-C3 status. 


Hope you enjoy the rest of this week . . this day. Should anything happen you need immediate notification on I will rush to send a message, postings, etc.

Until the next time, keeping believing. I sure do. (played “I Believe.”)

TNT Rayren98 Dinar Call



TED1016: Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, Thank You for being with us during this day and the days leading up to today. At this time we are asking for protection for the family members of all those 58 people who were slain in Los Vegas and we also ask for protection for all those whose lives have been and will be affected by Hurricane Nate as it travels through our country. Many are still recovering from the last Hurricane.

Dear Lord God Almighty, The information received today was plentiful but difficult to understand at times. We still (or at least for the most of us) wait for documentable evidence about what information we have received. Lord we ask that lives of those who are feeling that they have reached to end of their rope to have their spirts refreshed and know that the blessings are still on track and heading our way. Amen and Amen.

So rest well my friends and know that our Lord is in control and working with many towards getting us through this rough period of our lives. As you head off to the church of your choice in the mooning keep the memory in your heart that our God is ultimately in control of everything no matter what those who would rob us from our dreams may believe. Our Lord is an awesome God! Remember, “Our Destiny Awaits”

I will try not to post fear and negative news unless it's vitally important. Enjoy the day God is doing his work . Get out in Nature it raises the vibration and is very healing. Find some joy today !

Sand enough is enough, please post positive things, people have enough negative in their lives.

Dang Lindar you only seem to post here to complain. Then in WSOMN you say how negative this room is, why do you even log in here. Sand brings in lots of info. Most folks want to read the news she brings almost daily people thank her n Halo both for their hard work. Just log off if it bugs you.

Hun, im one of those folks just getting by. Have lost almost everything this past year. But these ladies bring us stuff I learn from as well. No disrespect to you, just skip over that stuff if you dont want to see it.


Most folks thrive on negativity, makes their problems seem smaller. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, not intended. Enjoy

Everyone is going through a tough time and we all feel the collective consciousness which is chao right now so we need to do whatever it takes to keep calm and peaceful .I . will post the news that serves us to know

Man, I wish Blondie was here!!! Heh heh

i do not create the news I just post what is happening in the world 2x's a day. I do not choose to live with my head in the sand. If it offends you, don't read the articles I am a positive person but I do realize every coin has two sides. Get over yourselves. I try to post early as not to interrupt any conversations. I wish to hear your views and will not post if the majority wishes it. But I will tell you the few who don't like it, are far outnumbered by those who wish to read the headlines.

Who the hell is complaining about the news posted by Sand and Halo? Rhetorical. If you don't like it, don't read it. Choose another menu. I love it here and I loved it on the other site. Please keep it up Beautiful Ladies. I appreciate your hard work!

Self serving. The nerve!

1camman it's just a tough tamultrous time out there . Lots of fear and anger . The remedy love and understanding.

I agree Halo. Just ticks me off when people who don't contribute anything want to complain about how particulars of the board is running. I'm very protective of you and Sand. I'll go chill out in the lounge and get ready for my 2 hour massage.


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That is hopium no big answer there anyway .

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And his intel is as good as Yosef's. We like real intel in here lol


Beny gonna have religion this week. Beny sure does come out with some stuff

I think he got carried away with his alerts that were not substantiated like Korea declared War on US not something u just post!

OK folks, How about we stop bashing Intel providers? It is much like being a bully and I think we are better than that. Striking back at information that does not turn out to be of your liking can be carried out to other boards and before long out Dreamers Board will be placed in the same category as Dinar Daily. If you don't like what you here just don't listen to them anymore. Just a thought :0)

Ted have you listened to some of your comets and post do not throw rocks ....

Ted aren't you a member at Dinar Daily?

I never bash any person by name sure I have said that some information was false but never targeted at an individual. You know references to me being associated with DD has had me wrongly banned from boards in the past. I am merely attempting to offer a suggestion here for the betterment of our board.


Sorry Ted we do no harm if trolls want to post who cares . 006 makes the rules .

read your post you slam the info and then preach...something wrong with that thinking and then spread Gods words

If you have a problem with me, by all means address them with me via a PM. I have never been one to hide my identity from the members of this board or the WSOMN board as well. If you want my personal information I suggest you look up my file on WSOMN I have a full bio there that I choose not to bring here. I am hiding from nobody.

Ted if u think that sure is negative and accusing then why are U a part of it ?
That site


Ok then I found this out in the open over at DD. Just curious why you would want to be a part of that site or anyone in here for that matter. RamblerNash: Welcome Tweety. TED has 2 accounts here at DinarDaily and is very welcome here. There was another member here on DD that also did morning prayers, but that was awhile back.

It a negative site , talk about bashing ... that's the pot calling the kettle black .


I am not making any rules, I am making as ingestion to members that I feel very strongly about. So now we see who os visiting and giving credence to what is posted on the DD site. TROLL ALERT !

funny you bring that up looks you have many accounts and mutiple too??? JMO

My information is carried to many places that I have no associations if you choose to believe what you read on the DD site then just stay over there.

Howdy peeps what's shaken besides you all starting to bash each other

Im not the one with an account(s) there

The energy out there today is very volitale everyone is trying to work it off . Wow


no one needs to leave just do not throw rocks........

We all need to step back and relax for awhile

I was reading down and watz goin on In my absence? Do I do to get out my ruler


Ted, don't feel too badly, it was mt turn earlier to be slammed. You just have to consider the source.

I see the storm as people attacking each others and continuing back biting. Yes, I believe we are on the verge if not totally in the storm and some will allow themselves to be taken up into it lost. I feel it will get far worse than before it gets better...In my Opinion I speak for no others.

Everyone needs to lay low and be quiet- IMO Except our Turtle

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October 9, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So Bruce of the Bigcall - where is the RV you promised? Thought you said about a hundred times already Iraq would RV prior to your next call. Infact you also said your imaginary GCR would also happen. Really? So tomorrow (Tuesday) is call day once again and once again no RV. So I can hardly wait to hear your lame excuse and listen to you squirm on the call as to why the RV did not happen. This should be fun….loo…lol….

What a very beautiful fall day here in Bavaria. Yesterday I took a hike up my favorite mountain trail. We can already see signs of winter coming as the native animals can ready sense the shorter days and long, cold snowfalls. The colors on the trees is very nice and so underrated by the world. Yes – we do have a wonderful fall season in Bavaria too.

So many of you don’t like my bashing of others? Well then please tune to another intel site. I don’t mind. I want only intelligent people who can THINK reading my newsletters anyhow.

As I said previously, I am not going to change as my principle purpose of the newsletter and that is to bring the TRUTH and FACTS to you. No rumors, No hype ,,,, just the FACTS! Seems nobody else wants to do it or is mentally capable of it.

Anyone that is telling blatant, outright lies is a liar. Plain and simple! I can not sugar-coat their behavior. I punish my kinder for lying to me. I find it offensive. I find no excuses for them by now. They are fat liars and it is that simple. Recycling the same old nonsense over and over again by now is intentional and you can no longer blame anyone but yourself. You should all know better by now.

Oh! – They are not lying you say? Instead they are just passing on the intel? Really? Passing on the intel? How can you possibly be so stupid and ignorant to believe this garbage themselves with some of the crap that they put out. Why even share it since it is so ridiculously STUPID. Are they mentally retarded?

I know how this intel network works. One or two idiots spread rumors, then idiots like Bruce (Bigcall), Yosef, Frank25 or TNT pick up on them and spread them around. Often, they enhance the rumor with their own “customized” version to make it sound yet more believable. This is making a mountain of intel out of a grain of sand. Oh – but they always put in that grain of truth to try to hook you into believing it. This is their bait. Get it?

Why this desire to hook you?

Once you are hooked you are like a junky. You are addicted to these rumors and hype. Then comes the really big one that gets you floating on that roller coaster…the every day / any day RV bullshit. Oh- they claim “it could happen any minute”.

But first lets go down some dark rabbit holes that lead to nowhere….lol…lol… to really stress you out with anticipation and anxiety.

So once you are addicted you keep coming back for more and more. They get you to keep coming back to their site and conference calls. Over time you even pick your favorite guru (supplier of the addictive garbage intel). Then they can sell you something or get your donations.

Quite frankly, I don’t know why you have to donate $$ to keep a FREE conference call going. Get it? That is why they call it a FREE service! It cost nothing to set up the call and nothing to keep it activated. So where is the cost? Are you stupid enough to pay these guys for their FREE conference calls? But the reality is these donations are going into their pockets. Yes - they pay themselves for doing these ridiculous conference calls. If there are scams in this dinar investment, this is it. Do they give you sufficient intel warranting paying them for it?

The part that really, really bothers me is when they hide behind their religious mask, self-righteous, all holy religions. Oh – they are so holy, they would never lie to you or trick you! Really? Folks wake up?

Folks I have to tell you all these “gurus” are doing is re-cycling their own rumors around to each other. They are their own sources. Get it? There is no real source. They tell each other their own made up intel. One listens to other and copies it. This is their intel. So where is the truth?

I don’t know about you but I am also so sick and tired of hearing about “banks being on alert”. Alert for what? An RV was never recently scheduled to happen nor would the banks know if it was. They are not going to tell the banks to standby. I can assure you of this. Who is telling these gurus this? Maybe this is their first mistake, listening to some idiot.


Maybe it’s time you all wake up and start using the God given brain you have. THINK, THINK, THINK! Why would the IMF allow a high level of speculation on any rate change of any currency? Are you crazy? Are you nuts?

Another good one is they are gearing up the “exchange centers”. Folks there are no such centers. Get it? We can hear them now backpaddling on this intel too as they are now saying maybe they changed their plan. Really? Changed their plan? Maybe there was never a plan to begin with to exchange in some special centers. There is also not going to be any 800#s so all you idiots who keep asking about them on these calls- if you only knew just how foolish you sound. Yes- there are 800#s and they are already published. Just go out to the banking sites now and see them. Go ahead and call them. They are active. Afraid these are the only 800#s you are going to get….lol…lol….I can assure you of this.

More news….

06-10-2017 12:53 PM
The security forces launched a large-scale operation to clear the areas and villages between the provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin.

A security source said that a large security operation launched from two axes with the participation of the command forces of the Tigris operations to clear the areas of Borish and the famous road and the Hamrin mountain range between Diyala and Salahuddin.

He added that the axes of operations are going along the Zarka area in Salah al-Din to liberate them from remnants calling for the terrorist.

Just in on Sunday….

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haidar Al-Abadi, briefed on Sunday evening the latest developments in the liberation of the remaining land and securing the border.

The office of Abadi said in a statement received / Mawazin News that the latter "visited, this evening, the command of joint operations and met with their leaders."

He added that "Abadi briefed on the latest developments in the liberation of the remaining land and secure the border."

NORTHERN SYRIA -- Syrian forces backed by the U.S. military are beginning what's being called the final push to drive the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) out of Raqqa. The militant group has controlled the city for more than three years.

The U.S.-backed Syrian militia group that's leading the fight on the ground in Raqqa says victory is just days away.

ISIS is thought to have around 250 fighters left in the city -- and they are holed up in a handful of buildings including the main hospital and the sports stadium.

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


Officials from Baghdad and Erbil continue unannounced meetings to bring the views of the federal government and the region closer to the referendum held on the 25th of last month. (No one is going to tell me there are not many laws needed prior to the RV)
The bilateral meetings aim TO REACH SOLUTIONS ON THREE ISSUES:
1.the referendum,
2.the disputed areas,
3.the implementation of some articles of the constitution and the stalled legal provisions. (let’s see that includes Article 140, Federation Council, etc)

The (extent) has revealed on the third of this month about the existence of undeclared contacts brought together officials of the federal government with officials in the Government of the Territory IN PREPARATION FOR STARTING A DIALOGUE AND GET OUT OF THE REPERCUSSIONS OF THE REFERENDUM IN THE KURDISTAN REGION.

"The meetings between representatives of the federal government and officials in the Kurdistan region are continuing without interruption," said the MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc Tarek Siddiq in an interview with Al-Mada yesterday that "the meetings are looking at three files: the question of the referendum and the fate of the disputed areas And the implementation of all constitutional articles stalled, "asserting that" the Kurdistan region is still part of the federal Iraq was not separated from him. "

The United States, Britain, Germany and France are making great efforts to bring together the views of the federal government and the Kurdistan region against the background of the problem that arose between the two parties after the referendum on self-determination calls for calm and non-escalation.

"There are several initiatives put forward by the French president and the United Nations and America and even Russia to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil to remove all the obstacles left by the self-determination referendum conducted by the Kurdistan region."

At the local level, the Vice President of the Republic, Iyad Allawi, an initiative 11 days before the approval of the Kurds, while Baghdad did not talk about them. The initiative included calling for freezing the results of the referendum during a period of transition, whereby a responsible and constructive national dialogue will be held to deal with all differences in order to safeguard and preserve the common heritage and consolidate it, and devotes all that strengthens the Arab Kurdish brotherhood.

Baghdad refuses to recognize the results of the referendum, and refuses to freeze its results, because acceptance of the freeze necessarily means recognition of the referendum.

(I did not include the rest of the article. You can go out and red the res for yourself.)



Called the stream of parliamentary wisdom, on Thursday, a coalition of state law to withdraw the nomination of coalition president Nuri al-Maliki for the post of President of the National Alliance for the next session, NOTING THAT MALIKI’S NOMINATION AT THE MOMENT WILL CREATE A POLITICAL CRISIS WITHIN THE LEADERS OF THE COALITION.

“We call on the coalition of state law to withdraw the nomination of Vice President and the leader of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki to the post of president of the National Alliance.”
He added that “the candidate to fill the post of head of the coalition to be full-time political action and does not have any other links, as is the case with the Vice-President of the Republic as well as unacceptable to the leaders of blocs in the National Alliance.”

He continued that “the insistence of the blocks on the choice of al-Maliki is tantamount to firing a bullet of mercy on the coalition and the introduction of its forces in a new crisis,” noting that “the current situation, especially after the elimination of the criminal and the Kurdistan region to conduct the referendum we need a person capable of serious dialogue with those blocks Do not escalate with it on the basis of positions.



The Minister of Oil and Electricity and Water Minister Essam al-Marzouq said that THERE ARE DISCUSSIONS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY WITH IRAQ ON THE IMPORT OF IRAQI GAS IN RETURN FOR COMPENSATION OWED TO KUWAIT, amounting to more than 4 billion dollars as a result of the invasion of the former regime of the country.

In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the German Embassy in Kuwait on the occasion of the National Day of the Federal Republic of Germany, Marzouk said that “part of the ongoing talks on the import of gas to Kuwait and we will see the impact soon.”

“WE WILL SOON SIGN THE AGREEMENT WITH THE IRAQI SIDE AND THE UNDERSTANDING REMAINS ON THE VALUE,” he said, noting that “the volume of imported gas will start at 50 million cubic feet will increase to about 200 million feet.”

THE STATE OF KUWAIT PROVIDED FOUR OPTIONS TO MEET THE COMPENSATION INSTEAD OF CASH PAYMENT, and these proposed alternatives; the purchase of Iraqi gas at the agreed price between the parties and negotiate the reduction of the percentage of Iraq’s imports of oil and its derivatives.

(So they are saying in this article and I quote – “WE WILL SOON SIGN THE AGREEMENT”. As investors we have been waiting for some kind of agreement for months now to eliminate this debt as far as relieving Chapter VII sanctions go. Any agreement must also meet the criteria of the IMF and be acceptable by all parties. Let’s see how this plays out. This may be the end to Chapter VII sanctions very soon. WOW ! We all know what this means….lol….lol…)



Trend Press / Baghdad – The adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that the reopening of sugar factory Sumer is a step to restore Iraqi industry again, revealing the existence of 172 plants have been idle since 2003 and until today.

“The trend towards a market economy to be a strategic partner with the private sector is taking place for the first time in Iraq, which is a correct step to restore the movement of Iraqi industry again,” he said in a statement. % Since 2003 and so far.

He stressed that “the only solution to address the wheel of the Iraqi economy and the return of laboratories is to engage the private sector with the state in the market, noting that Article 14 of the Federal Budget Law 2017 provides for partnership between the State and the private sector.”
The Mini
ster of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani opened on Tuesday Sumer plant.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat