Friday, October 6, 2017

Floating the dinar/IQD not tradable in local markets










Doug_W: if U can't B nice B quiet I always say

BRipp: Read one of gurus notes saying when rv does happen going redemption ctr is going to make u payoff all debt before pay out.

BRipp: What if I don't to pay off my house at that moment. Anyone else read or hear this

Blackgold: @BRipp that sounds like a good thing, I want to live worry free from debt

Blackgold: @BRipp a house should not be considered debt
Blackgold: @BRipp or a car unless you are way behind in payments
BRipp: I would agree with paid in full too. Just not read any thing like this before.

Blackgold: @BRipp I haven't heard they were going to force us, but with computers today almost everyone you owe will know

Blackgold: @BRipp credit reports " that i feel are illegal " will tell on you

Blackgold: @BRipp After you clear your name, get some type of llc or trust fund and get all assets out of your name. A house or car are your biggest liabilities

bunny: Land Trust for any properties owned~
bunny: individual land trust for each owned property

Blackgold: @bunny ok thank you i'll look into that
Blackgold: @bunny thanks for that info

bunny: Bill Bronchik and many other savy investors state such. I used to be a member of Houston Real Estate Org. (but not now LOL)

bunny: easy to learn about via internet ~ I don't know how we (I) got along before rofl rofl

Blackgold: @bunny lol
Blackgold: @bunny thats not funny--lol

bunny: off to other demands ~ have a good day all

Blackgold: @bunny You could start a new ORG. Ocean Front Property

Blackgold: @bunny peace

Zig: "BRipp: Read one of gurus notes saying when rv does happen going redemption ctr is going to make u payoff all debt before pay out."............... ;crap;

xyz: why would anyone blinding follow any guru after their record over the years?

Zig: Exactly

Blackgold: @Zig hope not but its ok, i owe very little

xyz: @Zig you are reading my mind ha

Zig: @Blackgold : IT IS NONSENSE!!!!!!!!
Blackgold: @xyz I feel the same way but my wife is hooked on tnt

Zig: @Blackgold : ;mad

Blackgold: @Zig lol
Blackgold: @Zig we actually got into a heated arguement until i woke up and shut my mouth
Blackgold: @Zig lol

xyz: @Blackgold i stay away from name calling :crybaby

Zig: @xyz : And it's a very scary read.... ;oh;

BobS: I do not understand, maybe cause we were all conned into believing, what the gurus say.

BobS: One has to understand that NO one is going to talk to someone that runs a dinar site or does cc's in what "might" happen.

Zig: @BobS : Give us some of your wisdom oh learned one.... :yes:

BobS: It is all made up. These stories/lies have been around for many many years now.

Blackgold: That Benny character was talkinabout some type of mental sickness will accure after the chats shut down. Wonder if he is correct

BobS: Remember when we were told we had to wait for the 800#. We had to call and make an appointment and we should hire a security person to go with us to the bank.

xyz: @BobS i have never been conned and some gurus have tapped into my desperation. I bought into naked reserves.

Zig: @Blackgold : Well that is already true....LOL!!!!

Blackgold: @BobS lol yep
Blackgold: @Zig i guess you are right

Zig: People think "BobS" is negative....NO....just lives in the real world, folks....

BobS: They are making money off of your foolishness.

Blackgold: @xyz so did a lot of sensible people. I like things in my hand

BobS: Zig.....I really don't care what people think or say about me. People will believe what they want.....just look at how many "still" listen to these **. They take precious time out of their days to waste it on their lies. Unbelievable to me.

xyz: @Zig lol @BobS may think glass is half empty :sh

Zig: @xyz : Maybe but the glass still has something in it.... :Zig;

Blackgold: @BobS so true, I have many of their calls save from the last for years and its almost word for word for each month each year
BobS: I am a realist. Give me the proof, then maybe.....I say maybe....we can talk. The gentleman that brought me into this crazy dinar world has even told his CIA contact that they are full of ;crap;

Zig: Ouch

xyz: @BobS please don't let gurus touch your most sensitive nerves.

BobS: I'm not here to tell anyone what they should do with their lives, but come on how much CRAP do you want to listen to day after day after day.?

Blackgold: The Best one was the NDAs that were used to shut people up who gave their currency to crooks in reno and texas

BobS: @xyz Thanks for the laugh.

Zig: @BobS : It never ends and there will "always" be people who believe it.....

BobS: Yup Blackgold......and people still think they have to sign one.
BobS: I know Zig.....sad in my opinion.

Blackgold: @BobS lol its amazing

BobS: I remember a call way back at PTR where there was a guy that called in and he was suicidal. He devoted every minute of his day in hopes that the dinar would come out in his favor.

Zig: We are not negative here...we all have Dinar...so we have no reason to be negative....we just live in the real world here....I am optimistic about this in general....

Blackgold: Just praying for the day I can rest and go fishing and go in the back and cook a hotdog without worrying about living issues

BobS: When and If the dinar changes its value to our advantage......IT WILL BE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.....NO one will know ahead of time.

BobS: Jesus Zig

Zig: @BobS : I am not a god here....LOL

Blackgold: @BobS yu got that right

Zig: LOL

Blackgold: @Zig not what Doug told me lol

BobS: Well that was a surprise as I was reading a post and wham that long one popped in.

Zig: @BobS : You sometimes do the same thing here....LOL

xyz: @BobS I might know before everyone IF am awake @ 3am :laugh

BobS: I try to wait until people stop chatting.
BobS: AND I also do it to stop the nastiness that is going on.

Blackgold: lol

Zig: @BobS : LOL....You do have great timing....TY

BobS: We have a 200 mile garage sale going on today and tomorrow. Guess I need to see if there is anything someone doesn't want.....AND......I will bargain to get their junk......LOL

BobS: Enjoy your life, afterall it is the only one you have. Extend a helping hand and for pete's sake.............SMILE.

BobS: out.

Blackgold: @BobS peace
Blackgold: i'm usually smiling but sometimes my face gets in the way

Zig: "BobS: Enjoy your life, afterall it is the only one you have.".........Not if you believe in "Reincarnation"....Gurus will return as cockroaches......LOL

Blackgold: lol you give them that
Blackgold: amebas
Blackgold: back to work--peace

xyz: @BobS haha ... are you pulling my legs? Is it an inter-state garage sale covering 200 miles?

LeLe: Wow! I thought we were all adults here.

Zig: Probably meant it is 200 miles away....
Zig: All ages are welcome here.....from 2 to 100..... :312

LeLe: Oh may be I'm in the wrong room. I thought it was adults only.

xyz: :crybaby

Zig: "BobS: When and If the dinar changes its value to our advantage......IT WILL BE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.....NO one will know ahead of time."...........Keep repeating this and tell your Dinar friends to do so......it is all that you need to know.....Period......
Zig: @xyz : Are you 3 or 4?.....I forget....

xyz: months?

txbrand: i guess all of you saw the article were they mentioned a float ?
Blackgold: nope

txbrand: The alternative or fundamental solution is to float the dinar without hesitation


txbrand: TALKING,,, didnt say they were

txbrand: and no idea what they think floating is

txbrand: something about trading with another country

Blackgold: well I guess in Texas there might ne a lot of floating dinar
Blackgold: not funny i know

Blackgold: reading link

Dave: managed float.....rate can only fluctuate 2-4ish % every 90 days

Dave: free float...rates can change like a roller coaster

Spectra: my daughter did a ancestry .com test ...it was pretty interesting..

Spectra: has anyone ever tried it/

txbrand: didn't sound like it would be a currency that we can exchange

Blackgold: @Spectra did you find out you were related to zig

Spectra: @Blackgold oh ''** no ...i would jump off a bridge if that was true..

Blackgold: @txbrand don't know if they meant international

Blackgold: @Spectra lol
Blackgold: @Spectra sorry

Spectra: @Blackgold what did you do ??? -lol

Blackgold: @Spectra I fell on the keyboard lol

Spectra: @Blackgold too funny you lost it over that

Blackgold: @Spectra lol

Spectra: @Blackgold im going to go spy on frank 26 -lol see whats shacking over there ill be back...

Blackgold: @Spectra Peace

Spectra: @Blackgold more battle BS .JUNK ....Thats all i see?"The battles to clear the remaining areas of the Qa'im, Rawah and Okashat districts and secure the border between Iraq and Syria west of Anbar in the next few days after the completion of the restructuring of the combat units and the concentration of forces and readiness to launch the stages of penetration," Jaid told the Journal News.

Spectra: @Blackgold im just bloody tired of watching this battle here battle there crap...

Blackgold: @Spectra I hear ya

Spectra: @Blackgold my point is just when they have freed the whole darn country does not mean we get this Currnecy back in shape.

Spectra: @Blackgold That seems to simple to me..!

Dave: it would be a step forward I hope

Blackgold: @Spectra who knows

Spectra: @Dave I GUESS..?

Spectra: @Dave who knows the country goes from 1 problem to the next over night ...

Blackgold: @txbrand i hope the dinar floats right up to $4.00 and then floats into my account

Spectra: @Blackgold who doesnt

Dave: I would really happy at a buck.......

Spectra: i would be happy at a 10 cents
Spectra: im not greedy

Blackgold: me too

Spectra: but i might wish i bought more at that rate

Blackgold: me too

Dave: well at ten cents it would be 1000% ROI

Blackgold: gee this is good, I can chat and just say " me too"

Blackgold: i'll take it

Spectra: i just want the agony over with ...

Spectra: its like a form of torture]

Blackgold: me too--lol

Spectra: actually i dont care now after 14 years if the whole darn place go bankrupt ,ill live with it..just do something

Dave: tens cents........Had they Keywords and other notables mentioned The restoration of the dinar..........?

Spectra: make it IRAQ OR BREAK IT...JEEZ
Spectra: THEY talk out their Asses if ALAK..

Blackgold: @Spectra I hear ya, but we are already bankrupt they just haven't officially annonced it

Spectra: I KNOW
Spectra: dont leave money in the bank that worries me

Blackgold: @Spectra Owe as soon as I can, Gold silver and land to grow food

Spectra: they just might steal it the banks
Spectra: @Blackgold good idea

Blackgold: @Spectra Bail ins
Spectra: @Blackgold yes

Dave: Iraq federal reserve at 45 billion usd.....US federal reserve 20 trillion minus

Blackgold: @Dave lol that is scarey



10-6-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "CBI EASED FINANCIAL RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED ON THE KURDISTAN REGION OVER ITS INDEPENDENCE VOTE"  Quote:  "Iraq’s central bank on Wednesday eased financial restrictions imposed on the Kurdistan region over its independence vote AFTER RECEIVING A PLEDGE OF COOPERATION FROM KURDISH BANKS..."    I believe the CBI is exploiting the kickback from the referendum fiasco to get the banking industry in Kurdistan under the reforms (i.e. electronic banking) and to finds way of getting those 3 zero notes (under peoples mattresses) back to the CBI. This is actually turning out all good for us and the RV. 

10-6-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan 
  So if we look at the timing of events and the knowledge we have from the plethora of information we have been freely given by many people to use for to find a foundation in our investment that imo is not speculative at all. It is in fact, based on hard data that supports the Iraqi Dinar is by far under valued.  We can look at not only natural resources, taxes and tariffs, agriculture, claw back of stolen goods and monies, and to soon be a booming in tourism industry, etc., that supports the value of an international convertible currency at a market rate.  The above should give security to those investors even more now. Their money and persons will be safe to move freely! The expectation of Abadi to speak now about full liberation of Iraq is greater than ever before, imo.

10-6-2017   Intel Guru Bruce  I am thrilled to say you are in a very good place for this even though we thought we were going to receive this last night [Wednesday].   It didn’t happen.  What I understand is late last night countries all around the world all synched in, banks, countries, currencies, all that synched with the computer system...It was something that needed to be done.  Now I heard we are in position to go forward. We got a time window, couple of them and highly expected for things to go forward for us.  ...Abadi...made a speech...in France where he said that they had reclaim two coastal or border cities on the border with Syria.   In terms of what is going on with rates...They keep trading higher. Are they at a point right now that everybody is happy with them? Is the IMF happy with everything?  I don’t know. They are quite good. I would say probably they are where they needed to be. We are looking very good to get started. I do believe we are in the right place to get going now.

10-6-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Float the dinar .. or VAT Kodaf oaths"   The IMF can only lead them to water.  The Iraqi's have to follow the plan and do it right or they will lose it all.  So far, it's not been working out, the next few months will be interesting.

Trust Unlimited LLC Conference Call



Bruce:  Welcome, Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  We are glad you are here and coming in to the Big Call. I am thrilled to say you are in a very good place for this even though we thought we were going to receive this last night.  We had information that was pointing to that. I was highly expected to get something over night. It didn’t happen.

Bruce:  What I understand is late last night countries all around the world all synched in, banks, countries, currencies, all that synched with the computer system so we can proceed forward. It was something that needed to be done. There was certain software that had been added earlier a few days earlier that needed to be tested.  It tested out and there was some situations that needed to get squared away. It got squared away.  We had a sort of a reset if you will of sorts of last night with various banks around the world  reporting in. Now I heard we are in position to go forward. We got a time window, couple of them and highly expected for things to go forward for us.
Bruce:  Where is Prime Minister Abadi and other dignitaries?  They are not in Iraq.  They are in France. Why? What PM Abadi did today was made a speech around 2 to 3 pm in France where he said that they had reclaim two coastal or border cities on the border with Syria. He announced that today. There were some very positive things coming out of that. I don’t know what else he talked about, but maybe Iraq making a comeback and encouraging investment back in Iraq. It was interesting this had occurred, this take back of two border town s with Syria that occurred two days ago. He decided to announce it in France. That happed today.

Bruce:  In terms of what is going on with rates. We have seen rates on front and back screens that have really been higher than they were the last two times I talked to you about it. They keep trading higher. Are they at a point right now that everybody is happy with them? Is the IMF happy with everything?  Are we all set to go because we got the rates where they want them to be? I don’t know. They are quite good. I would say probably they are where they needed to be.

Bruce:  When we go back to the United States and see what has happened, we know things have moved out west the last several days where exchanges have taken place and people joining various platforms.  I think we are at the point and how many times I have said core groups, Fines and Penalties, are being paid or about to be paid? I have a feeling no one is getting paid yet because I believe they are waiting for this to go for us to receive that shot gun start where even the Internet Group of  about 5 to 6 million people get the go ahead and the toll free number to call and set their appointments.

Bruce:  Core groups have not been paid and Prosperity Packages and Fines and Penalties have not gone out, and are not quite ready to go. Something has held them back. Probably the reason they have not gone forward is we need to go approximately the same time. Same thing for humanitarian funding sources of tranches that are promised. Some of those people will be receiving those funds.  A lot of that is going to happen after we get started. Same thing with the bonds. Those need to happen after we get started with exchanges so they can have rates from the currency exchanges that they can apply to the bond redemptions. They whole thing is interconnected in that sense.  We are looking very good to get started. I do believe we are in the right place to get going now.

Bruce:  It was an almost false start last night because we really thought it was happening.  Maybe tonight will be a different story.  I do not know.  Let’s see what happens. As far as new Intel it is quiet. There is not a whole lot of new Intel.  I was thinking what I can bring new tonight.  Things are moving along beautifully to where are in a different place than we ever have been.  We don’t know if anything else needs to be done.

Bruce:   I believe the computer got synched on the super computer and everything got recalibrated or synched in late last night that puts us in a position to start. I believe it is the intention with the Treasury, and with the new dollar we have.  I did find out about a new 100 dollar bill today. There is some indicators on there it is gold and a different 100 dollar bill we ever had. I am not going to say it is a USN, but there are some indicators in it.  It looks like it is a different 100 dollar note than we have had. It is a new note even though it is a 2008 A series note.  There are some different things on it. Maybe it is a new note, or temporary one, or permanent. I do not know. It is different than they have had recently. It just came out yesterday or it was delivered to some banks yesterday. It may not be long before it is everywhere.

Bruce:  Holidays. There has been 6 days of holidays in China.  Banks are open for all these days for the holidays except Wednesday, the Fall celebration.  All of that is good. I don’t believe the holidays will hold this up or prevent this from going. I was concerned at first, but right now that is not what I am seeing.  Iraq is out there drumming up business and talking in France. I do not know how much longer Prime Minister Abadi will be there. He may be coming back. I do not know.  As far as I can tell everything should be ready to go.
​Bruce:  I am sorry this to be so limited Intel, but very little out there.  You will be thrilled with the rates, the screen rates. The back screen rates are what are known as the Privately Negotiated Rates. Which ones will show up for us at the Redemption Centers?  I am not sure, but we have the ability to negotiate the rates on the ZIM, the Dinar, the Dong, and the Rial higher than the so called screen rates. Just be prepared to do that because of the projects you have, and how well you are able to present yourself as someone who plans to do something with Humanity. the humanitarian projects.

Bruce:  What we plan to do are the projects Rebuild American and Veterans Retreat network which can be extended rebuild the Caribbean and Rebuild the World if we get that opportunity.   Just remember partner with us if you wish if you don’t have projects of your own or even if you do and if you want to be part of Big Call Universe going forward, keep that in mind.  Keep in mind we are going to do the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America.

Bruce:  That is it for tonight. I meant to keep this short. I want to let you know we are in a great position. I believe all we need to do is to wait for the toll free numbers.  Make sure you register at our website:  bigcalluniverse.com your email. So we can keep in touch with you for future calls.

Bruce:  Thank you all for tuning in for tonight. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and Kent for being a faithful team working with us on the Big Call. Thank you everybody and have a great night.  Good night Everybody. 


xyz: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

xyz: Plato: Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

xyz: William Shakespeare: A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

hornat: @xyz one and the same
​xyz: Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun.

xyz: A pessimist’s blood type is always b-negative.

chattels: Iraqi production continues to rise ERBIL - Iraq's production and exports are rebounding to levels the country has not achieved since January, before OPEC cuts began taking full effect. Iraq produced an estimated 4.659 million barrels of oil per day (bpd) in August, according to an Iraq Oil Report analysis of data gathered from each of the country’s producing fields - up from 4.604 million bpd in July.


chattels: Russia and Rojava autonomy By Paul Iddon


chattels: After Islamic State (ISIS) is finally defeated in Syria, Damascus says it is open to negotiating with the country's Kurdish minority over recognizing the country's de-facto autonomous Kurdish territories. It's the interests of Russia, a key backer of Damascus, to help make these negotiations a success.

chattels: ............ the “ultimate goal” of these Kurds “is to gain autonomy, and by proposing mediation in their talks with Damascus, along with limited international support, Russia may want to keep initiative.”

chattels: When it comes to autonomy for Syria's Kurds the elephant in the room is obviously Turkey. Ankara is staunchly opposed to the ruling Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Syrian Kurdish territories and has attacked them numerous times in recent years arguing that this group as no different than the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

“The best way for Russia to convince the Turks about autonomy will be if the US is brought into the negotiations,” Landis said. “Turkey is likely to listen to both Russia and the US.”

chattels: Abadi: 25 major French companies interested in investing in Iraq


chattels: The heads of French companies expressed their desire to work in Iraq and contribute to its reconstruction in accordance with the terms of reference of their companies, which are more than 25 major companies.

chattels: Invest capital or donate capital ?

chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi returned late Friday night to the homeland after concluding his visit to France. Abadi visited Paris on Sunday at the head of a ministerial delegation at an official invitation.


chattels: [Ayna-follow-up] The Pentagon said on Thursday evening that the audio recording of a terrorist leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is evidence that the latter is still alive. " http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66779

chattels: Thursday, October 5, 2017 Center of Hawija Taken As Operation Reaches Final Phase http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/10/center-of-hawija-taken-as-operation.html

chattels: Over the last two days the joint forces have continued their advance and reached the town of Hawija itself. They are also attacking the Riyad sub-district, while continuing to plow through the Hamrin and Makhoul Mountain ranges.

chattels: The campaign is now in its final phase. There is only one last section of the district to be assaulted, and Hawija itself will fall likely in a day or two. While this fighting has been going on the operation in western Anbar has been put on hold.

 That will re-start once Hawija is completed eventually leading to the end of the Islamic State’s control of territory in Iraq. That will be a huge victory for Baghdad after its ignominious defeat in 2014.
chattels: Pentagon stops paying peshmerga salaries amid Kurdish independence backlash Jack Detsch October 5, 2017

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/pentagon-stop-paying-peshmerga-salaries-iraq-kurdistan.html#ixzz4uiAegDlp

chattels: The US government has stopped paying Kurdish peshmerga fighters’ salaries after a yearlong agreement expired over the summer, and there are no current plans to renew it.

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/pentagon-stop-paying-peshmerga-salaries-iraq-kurdistan.html#ixzz4uiAn5gKi

chattels: There was a plan to renew and sign a new similar memorandum of understanding, but the United States discontinued it because of the referendum, Brig. Gen. Hajar Omer Ismail, director of coordination and relations for the Ministry of Peshmerga, told Al-Monitor. He said no weapons had been received for a while even before the memorandum of understanding expired.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/pentagon-stop-paying-peshmerga-salaries-iraq-kurdistan.html#ixzz4uiB55lms

chattels: Regardless, Pahon said the Pentagon continues to support the peshmerga with other forms of “military cooperation and security assistance” such as training and equipment. “The stipend is not the entirety, or even the bulk, of our support for peshmerga forces fighting [IS],” he said. “We are providing the necessary support to our partner forces, at the approval of the government of Iraq, for ensuring the defeat" of IS.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/pentagon-stop-paying-peshmerga-salaries-iraq-kurdistan.html#ixzz4uiBSNrS3

chattels: Experts expect military support to continue to the peshmerga once tensions around the referendum subside. “There are probably some hurt feelings,” Michael Knights, a Lafer fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Al-Monitor. “I think you would just wait for things to cool off.”

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/pentagon-stop-paying-peshmerga-salaries-iraq-kurdistan.html#ixzz4uiBf9o9O

chattels: Difficult to reconcile US concerns that the referendum would adversely affect the fight with Da'ash and then when the referendum occurs the US reduces support to the Kurdish Peshmerga.

chattels: Perhaps it is all optics ?

chattels: What Talabani's death means for the future of Iraq Cengiz Çandar October 5, 2017

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/turkey-iraqi-kurdistan-legacy-of-jalal-talabani.html#ixzz4uiCREUXy

chattels: Probably no president was ever called "uncle" by his eminent counterparts and by the people on the street. Yet in every Middle East country where Kurds live, "mam" ("paternal uncle" in Kurdish) was the honorific title of Jalal Talabani, a legend of Kurdish politics and former president of Iraq from 2005 to 2014.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/turkey-iraqi-kurdistan-legacy-of-jalal-talabani.html#ixzz4uiCZg1zg

chattels: Talabani’s death will also help to strengthen Barzani, at least for the foreseeable future. Without Talabani on the political stage and with the leaders of Turkey's Kurdish movement — from Abdullah Ocalan to Selahattin Demirtas — behind bars, Barzani is likely to emerge as the only Kurdish leader with national stature and international reputation. 
​That comes with a price: In the absence of Kurdish checks and balances, Barzani's aspirations could only be checked by a number of regional and international players. Until now, these players contributed to the further destabilization of the Middle East.

As a man who could build bridges, reach compromise and operate and establish balance, Talabani's absence would be felt more than ever. Mam Jalal was not only a larger-than-life figure, but he was a Kurd larger than Kurdistan itself. The Middle East, along with Kurdistan and Iraq, will become even more dangerous without him.

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/turkey-iraqi-kurdistan-legacy-of-jalal-talabani.html#ixzz4uiDep9qv

chattels: As Kurdish Leader And Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani Brought People Together


chattels: He said that, for his legacy, "I would be glad if they say I struggled for democracy, for Iraq and for Kurdish rights."


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 6 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Oct. 5 2017  "Evil Bankers" - - The Office of POOFness - 10.5.17

1. We were to get the funds today Oct. 5, but the bankers threw in one last delay, asking for more paperwork.

2. Last night Oct. 4 Zap received the call from China saying that the project funds release was scheduled to begin next week.

3. The bankers were up to about 50 contracts a day for currency holder exchanges.


B. Oct. 5 2017 morning Intel, Bruce:

1. We were positive our release would be this week.

2. The Forex has been shut down for 24 hours, which could mean they were ready to drop in the new RV rates.

3. The non-NDA international screen rates on the bank back screens were extremely good, very high.


C. Oct. 5 2017 evening The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin:123456#

1. No new intel per say, everything was very quiet.

2. Late last night Oct. 4 countries around the world all synced together into the new system. Some new programming was tested, corrected and then there was a reset of the system. Now we were in a position for the GCR to be released.

3. Currency rates on front and back bank screens continued to climb and now were even higher than reported in previous calls. It appeared that currency rates were where they needed to be.

4. It also appeared that we were going to have a shotgun start where everyone went at the same time - core groups, fines and penalities, humanitarian, funding sources, SKRs, bond redemptions, etc.

5. There has been six days of holiday celebrations in China that would be continued into Sat. Oct. 7.


D. Oct. 5 2017 5:27 pm EDT Operation Disclosure Intel RV Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 5, https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Yesterday Oct. 4 there were reports of appointments being made via invitation in Texas and Florida, but no exchanges occurred. Dunford did not give the order and somebody had jumped the gun. Their appointments were reset.

2. On Dunford's command the military remained on call and ready to initiate mass arrests.

3. On Oct. 3 the USNs were released by Trump's Executive Order, but not activated.

4. Dunford was waiting on one factor: activation of the USN.

5. Due to banking days USN activation would likely be on a Tues, Wed. or Thurs. Every Tues, Wed. and Thurs. there was an 85% chance of the GCR/RV occurring.

6. The Cabal were still attempting to use HAARP weaponry (to control weather conditions - hurricanes) via submarines, but to no avail.

7. Most of the Cabal's HAARP submarines were sunk by the SSP. There were not enough left to create waves of Category 5 hurricanes. Their remaining submarines were being hunted down and destroyed.

8. Apparently aware of pending doom, the Cabal appeared to be fighting to their very last breath.

9. The ultimate goal was to have the GCR/RV before the holiday season.

10. The Plan:

a. The USN would be officially activated and replace the USD.

b. Dunford would give the order and then mass arrests would begin.

c. The following day the GCR/RV would begin with exchanges occuring.

E. Oct. 4 2017 7 pm EDT Oootahs RV Call, Tank: Oootahs RV/GCR CALL! - OPEN INTEL SHARE WITH TANK AND GUESTS!, 4 OCT 641-715-3579 Code: 577374#

1. Word today Oct. 4 was that a lot of banks were on lockdown.

2. All tax issues were taken care of last month.

3. Under NESARA we would not have a Capitol Gains tax.

4. We were hearing a 15% tax across the board for new purchases (some say 17%).

5. Since this morning Oct. 4, the RV has been on an any moment basis.

6. The GCR could happen at any time between now until Oct. 15 when the public was scheduled to go in (this deadline might have been changed to Oct. 17).

7. As of last Sun. Oct. 1 the funds have been ready to go out from paymasters.

8. We have had a gag order on the RV for the past three weeks until today Oct. 4.

9. There was a major shift this morning Oct. 4. Everything including bank computers were being rebooted.

10. Any debt you owed would be paid at the time of your exchange.

11. We were hearing that there would not be a 80% (humanitarian), 20% (for us) split at all.


F. 10-4-17 TNT Update:

1. Rate changes were in effect and moving ever upwards.

2. (Dinar) Rates live on bank screens, although we cannot do transactions yet, were at $3.40 to $3.70.

3. The banking industry were on standby - on call - to be available at a moment's notice. We were just waiting for the green light.


G. Summary of this Past Week: Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of this Past Week 10-5-17


H. Oct. 3 2017 8:49 pm EDT Situation Report, Anna: "As We Enter the Home Stretch, Anna’s Situation Report" by Suzi - 10.3.17


I. Oct. 3 2017 10:50 pm EDT: More False Flag Operations as Deep State Loses on Every Battlefront




Yada: CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: Looking at a combination of: call centers on call, exchange locations on call . . . tie that into rates being seen . . .$3.40 -$3.70. . . and the .0025 rate in affect today. . . I would think before Oct 12. . . .I do think this should be over by the IMF meeting, which is next week… The indication the rates are climbing

BBoscana:  FYI - Monday is Columbus Day - it is a holiday for most banks

Harambe:  Reuters: Former Iraqi president Talabani's body returns to Kurdish region for burial https://reut.rs/2fOBksF

Harambe:  CNBC: IMF chief: Economic recovery takes hold in most of the world https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/05/watch-imfs-christine-lagardes-speech.h​tml

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil set to end multi-week bull run as oversupply concerns resurf​ace https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/05/oil-markets-cautious-as-another-storm-​heads-for-gulf-of-mexico.html


Sheila:  What a great time for a speech from Abadi to the citizens of Iraq

Samson:  Under the banner of (unite, free, work, we win) .. raise the longest Iraqi flag in Baghdad tomorrow (today)

 5th October, 2017

Iraq's longest-standing flag in support of the unity of the country will be lifted tomorrow in central Baghdad.

Where we will be a young elite on Friday under the slogan (unite, liberate, work, win) to raise the longest Iraqi flag in the arena of freedom in Baghdad in support of the unity of Iraq, and to strengthen the National Front to defend the unity of Iraq.

It is expected that the number of participants to carry the flag, which is 400 meters long between (300) to (400) people

Don961:    link


Frank26:  TY USA ................ But i STILL seek a SPEECH from A .............

Samson:  The US Embassy congratulates Iraq on the liberation of Hawija: It was a fierce battle

 6th October, 2017

The US Embassy in Iraq on Thursday congratulated Iraqi forces under the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of liberating the city and citizens of Hawija from the control of the Daish organization.

The embassy said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that "Hawija is considered one of the last bastions in Iraq, the liberation of Hawija represents a major step towards the expulsion of a full supporter of Iraqi territory."

"The battle for the liberation of Hawija was fierce and could not have been resolved without the courage and sacrifices of Iraqi forces on the ground and with the support of the coalition," she said, noting that "a final defeat will depend on continued close cooperation between all Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi army The federal and local police, the Popular Popular Forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga, united by a common goal against the violence and oppression that has afflicted the Iraqi people. "

"The United States stands proudly with the government and the people of Iraq and we are working together to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future," the embassy said.  LINK


Frank26:  As You said WS ........... More than half of today's Iraq population have NEVER seen their CURRENCY !!! They must NOT reject the MR !!!

Walkingstick:  Allawi warns of widespread illiteracy and child labor in Iraq

Deputy President of the Republic, Iyad Allawi, warned of the spread of illiteracy and child .labor in Iraq. Allawi said in a press statement, "Despite the enormous resources and wealth that Iraq has, the lack of vision in the planning and administration of the state, and the spread of corruption and nepotism, made nearly 35% of the population below the poverty line, while unemployment exceeds 31% of those able to work, About 13,328 workers and factories, while a large proportion of the workforce in the public sector fall under the description of .disguised unemployment The distortions do not stop at this point, beyond the large employment of children under the" age of 15, in addition to the loss of skills in a country where the number of illiterate people is six million," he said These figures show a real crisis in the future of the economy, which is the lifeblood of any" .society," he said


Aggiedad77:  What an incredible reminder of just how far Iraq has come for their citizens and how much further they have to go...again for their citizens.....I believe IMO the world is ready to help not only the country of Iraq but also the citizens of Iraq.....to lead them towards the promises of success for them as they prosper and learn about a new way of life....a life that will leave behind the poverty they have endured for decades.....their leadership knows what is expected and it is now time for them to bring honesty to the plate and hit a big one out of the park....IMO.....Abadi is the one who can start this process.....just do it.....IMO   Aloha   Randy

Frank26:  IMO ............... A is not allowing them to fail.
Walkingstick:  Government holiday farce

Friday, 06 October 2017

After the change of regime in 2003, many strange phenomena began to emerge in the field of government function, including an increase in the number of official and non-official holidays created by the employees themselves. This phenomenon has affected the Iraqi economy very much, as Iraq loses on the one day of the holiday of $ 10 million According to official reports and strange in the matter that this phenomenon has worsened in recent years with the knowledge that Iraq is going through a severe economic crisis.

The years before 2003 included a one-week holiday on Fridays with full time commitment of at least 6 hours and a very limited number of public holidays not exceeding 10 days a year.

The post-2003 years witnessed the addition of Saturday as a weekly official holiday, which made the week include two holidays and the commitment to full-time and began the cases of employee leaks and disregard for the continuity and increased official holidays approved by the government, especially religious ones as a result of manipulation of the parties feelings of people and mobilized for their benefit for the election and occurred many The phenomena that are ignored by employees such as the age of a strange rule (between the two vacations!). In the absence of legal sanctions and fair legislation, these matters have become very common in the career.

The calculation of the number of holidays in Iraq compared to the number of days of the year: the number of holidays per week 2 hit 51 (number of weeks during the year) produces 102 days.

Eid al-Fitr, 3 days, often 4 days due to different vision, Eid al-Adha 4 days and often 5 days due to different vision, Labor Day, 1 Muharram, 10 Muharram, July 14, 25 Rajab and its total of 18 days.

It is often added to the days of discretion (between the holidays) and the days of imposing the curfew on average at least two days a month and resulting in 24 days.

Approximate end result during one year = 102 + 18 + 24 = 144 days at least !!!

144 days out of 365 days a year and may be up to 150 days or more !! , Knowing that the salary remains unchanged without any deduction, it is a crime against the job and the economy.